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Manuscripts by Subject - Indians of North America- #21276

Title: Ewald C. Witzleben

Dates: 1929-1930

Collection Number: MSS 21276

Quantity: 28 digital items

Abstract: Consists of digital scans of photographs of Agnes Victoria Witzleben, Ewald C. Witzleben, Jean Marie Witzleben, Father Bernard Strassmaier, Father Martin Kenel, Sister Bernadette, Dr. Meigs J. Drabelle, John W. Cramsie, unidentified nuns at Fort Yates (N.D.) and students at the Fort Yates Indian School (Fort Yates, N.D.).  Also includes digital scans of a program for the Witzleben farewell at the Fort Yates Agency school, January 10, 1930, and a letter from W. S. Campbell to Ewald C. Witzleben requesting information about Sitting Bull.

Genealogical information, news articles about the festivities surrounding Witzleben's retirement, and Witzleben's obituary were provided by the donor and are located in the collection case file.

Provenance: The Ewald C. Witzleben papers were donated to the State Historical Society of North Dakota by Donna Witzleben on May 15, 2015. Additional material was added in June 2015.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to the collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.  Permission to use any radio or television broadcast portions of the collection must be sought from the creator.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

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From the Sioux County Pioneer-Arrow, August 26, 1938

"Fort Yates Saddened by Death if E.C. Witzleben: Funeral Services Held at St. Peter's Church"

...Ewald C. Witzleben was born January 11, 1860 in Hoboken (N.J.). The family had lately come from Germany where they were numbered among the notable people of that country. Six years later they moved to St. Louis (Mo.), where both parents died of cholera in 1866. The children were placed in a Catholic home, where they received their early education. At the age of 15, Mr. Witzleben went to Chicago to complete his education and enter the teaching profession. At the age of 25 he moved to Detroit (Mich.), where he held a position for one year. He then located in St. Paul and from there went to Fort Totten as teacher in a government school. There he met Miss Agnes LaLieviere, and, though he returned to St. Paul for a time, it was not long before he was back at Fort Totten and on December 26, 1889, the young couple were married by the pioneer priest, Father Jerome. His bride was a niece of the late Mrs. Major James McLaughlin, and when there was a need of an efficient teacher on the Standing Rock reservation, Major McLaughlin sent for Mr. Witzleben and he and his wife arrived October 1, 1890 to take charge of the school at Cannon Ball. His work here was so ably performed that he was called to Fort Yates where he was made principal of the large agency boarding school, assuming his duties September 1, 1896. There for 34 years he gave his talents and full attention to the work of education thousands of Sioux Indian children. Reaching the retirement age, Mr. Witzleben stepped down from his duties on January 11, 1930, after more than 43 years of service. During the first week of that year, he was given a number of farewell parties by the Indians of Cannon Ball and Fort Yates, and on the 10th, a most impressive program was carried out at the agency school which was attended by a large number of his friends...


21276-00001 Agnes Victoria Witzleben Fort Yates (N.D.), Frank Fiske photograph, ca. 1910
21276-00002 Agnes Victoria Witzleben Fort Yates (N.D.), Frank Fiske photograph, ca. 1912
21276-00003 Unidentified children at Fort Yates Indian School (N.D.), n.d.
21276-00004 Dr. Meigs J. Drabelle and John W. Cramsie with unidentified woman and child Fort Totten (N.D.), before June 11, 1887
21276-00005 Ewald C. Witzleben retirement program, January 10, 1930
21276-00006 Ewald C. Witzleben, Father Bernard Strassmaier, Frank and Francine Fiske, Standing Rock Reservation, ca. 1930
21276-00007 Father Bernard Strassmaier and others at dedication of new church, Little Eagle (S.D.), Frank Fiske photograph, June 21, 1932
21276-00008 Father Bernard Strassmaier portrait Fort Yates (N.D.), Frank Fiske photograph, ca. 1900
21276-00009 Father Bernard Strassmaier portrait Fort Yates (N.D.), Frank Fiske photograph, ca. 1930s
21276-00010 Father Bernard Strassmaier, Ewald C. Witzleben, Agnes Witzleben and nuns Fort Yates (N.D.), ca. 1920s-1930s
21276-00011 Jean Marie and son Martin Ewald Bauman, Frank Fiske photograph, ca. 1917
21276-00012 Jean Marie Witzleben and Frank Fiske on horseback, ca. 1910
21276-00013 Jean Marie Witzleben Baumann Fort Yates (N.D.), Fansler photograph, ca. 1896
21276-00014 Letter from W. S. Campbell to Ewald C. Witzleben regarding Sitting Bull, March 13, 1929
21276-00015 Reverend Father Martin Kenel Fort Yates (N.D.), Frank Fiske photograph, n.d.
21276-00016 Reverend Father Martin Kenel Fort Yates (N.D.), Frank Fiske photograph, n.d.
21276-00017 Sister Bernadette, Fort Yates (N.D.), May 1914
21276-00018 Unidentified celebration at Fort Yates Indian School (N.D.), n.d.
21276-00019 Unidentified celebration at Fort Yates Indian School (N.D.), n.d.
21276-00020 Unidentified nun, Fort Yates (N.D.), 1924
21276-00021 Unidentified nun, Fort Yates (N.D.), 1924
21276-00022 Unidentified nun, Fort Yates (N.D.), 1924
21276-00023 Unidentified nun, Fort Yates (N.D.), ca. 1924
21276-00024 Unidentified nun, Fort Yates (N.D.), ca. 1924
21276-00025 Unidentified nun portrait, Fort Yates (N.D.), E. B. Baird photograph, ca. 1924
21276-00026 Unidentified nuns, Fort Yates (N.D.), ca. 1924
21276-00027 Unidentified nuns, Fort Yates (N.D.), ca. 1924
21276-00028 Unidentified nuns, Fort Yates (N.D.), ca. 1924
21276-00029 Fort Yates basketball team portrait, Leo Ewald Witzleben far right first row, ca. 1920s
21276-00030 Hermina Witzleben (Mrs. John Magloire "Jack" Carignan Jr.) wedding portrait, 1916
21276-00031 Unidentified Native American outside tipi, possibly at Fort Yates or Fort Berthold (N.D.), ca. 1910
21276-00032 Portrait of two boys in costume "arrested on the reservation," Frank Fiske photograph, ca. 1910
21276-00033 Shields (N.D.) baseball team portrait, Frank Fiske second row second from left, Lawfer Studio (Leith, N.D.), ca. 1908

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