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Manuscripts by Subject - Indians of North America

10005 Charles Lemon Hall
Papers, 1879-1938
Diaries, Indian language dictionaries, correspondence, miscellany, and American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions records relating to Hall’s work at Fort Berthold. (2ft/1r/#16066)

10014 United States Office of Indian Affairs. Standing Rock Agency
Records, 1887-1888
Census schedules enumerating all Lower and Upper Yanktonai Sioux, Blackfeet, and mixed blood Indians at the agency. (6 items)

10044 United States Army Indian Scouts
Records, 1876-1880
Letterpress volume of letters sent by the various officers commanding the detachment of Indian Scouts at Fort Yates, ND most of which are routing requests and acknowledgments with few reports on efforts to disarm Indians and recover ponies. (.25ft/1v)

10059 Ernst R. Steinbrueck
Papers, 1904-1917
Correspondence, drawings, maps, and manuscripts including, "My Red Brother," primarily dealing with the Mandan Indians, written by former archaeologist and curator of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. (3.5ft/1r #16069)

10061 James H. Howard
Papers, 1950-1953
Notes and manuscripts entitled, “Dakota Winter Count as a Source of Plains History,” “Notes on Plains Ojibwa,” “The Ethnography of the Northern Ponca,” “The Like-a-Fishhook Village,” and “The Turtle Mountain Plains-Ojibwa and Metis.” (.75ft)

10066 A. C. J. Farrell
Papers, 1889- 1950
Correspondence, notes, a play, essays, newspaper clippings, printed material, and photographs concerning case work for the Turtle Mountain Chippewa and other Northern Plains Indians. Alfred Conover Farrell served as an attorney for the Blackfoot Indians. (1.75ft)

10078 Frank J. Hutchinson
Papers, 1870-1951
Correspondence with D. F. Barry concerning Barry’s Indian photographs and life in the west, an index and financial records relating to Barry photographs purchases by Hutchinson, newspaper clippings and publications concerning the Battle of the Little Big Horn, official military correspondence relating to Indian hostilities, suppression of sales of arms and ammunition to Indians, and a regimental library on forts along the Upper Missouri including Fort Buford, Fort Rice, Cheyenne River Agency, and photographs. (.75ft)

10093 Fort Stevenson Indian School
Records, 1884-1886
Progress reports on individual Indian children enrolled in the school. (.25ft/1v)

10105 Frank Bennett Fiske
Papers, 1896-1947
Cash books, studio registers, copy of a diary, correspondence, journals, notes, notebooks, court dockets from Standing Rock Indian Reservation Court of Indian Offenses, newspapers, and minute record of Fort Yates Catholic Order of Foresters of author, photographer, and writer. (5ft and audio disks)

10148 Paul Ewald
Papers, 1905-1980
Correspondence, photographs, printed material, subject files, reports, studies, and notes relating to Indians, archaeology, administration of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, historic sites, natural history, research, and personal and business affairs. Collection includes the diary and transcript of Joe Flying Eagle, 1913-1959 and over 12,000 slides, 1944-1957. (8.5ft + oversize)

10162 Frank Zahn
Papers, 1869-1948
Records relating to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, including correspondence between James McLaughlin and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, supply estimates, orders, contracts, receipts, a census schedule (1887), Indian passes, Indian scout discharges, a key to a winter count, photograph studio register from the Frank Fiske studio, a horse registration claim register, an account of the Ghost Dance Movement, an article by Frank Fiske on Red Tomahawk, who was a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and an autograph of Red Tomahawk. (.25ft)

10166 Gilbert Livingstone Wilson
Papers, 1915-1916
Copies of transcripts and original notebooks and reports on the Hidatsa and Mandan Indians at the Fort Berthold Reservation prepared for the American Museum of Natural History. (.5ft) Originals at the Minnesota Historical Society and the American Museum of Natural History.

10173 E. D. Mossman
Papers, 1925; 1953
Report to a Congressional Committee concerning the Standing Rock Reservation, photographs, an affidavit, and correspondence concerning the murder of Sitting Bull. Superintendent, U.S. Indian Service. (.25ft)

10259 Indian School Census Reports
Records, 1924-1925
Annual census reports of Indian schools at Fort Berthold, Fort Totten, and Turtle Mountain Indian Reservations. (.25ft)

10312 Austin G. Engel, Jr.
Papers, ca. 1900s-1982
Consists of former UCC Pastor and Executive Director of the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission Austin Engel's files relating to various organizations, including the North Dakota Indian Affairs Commission, United Tribes of North Dakota Development Corporation, Governor's Interstate Indian Council, American Indian Crafts Cooperative, New Town Industrial Development Corporation, Congregational Christian Conference of North Dakota, Northwestern Association of the Congregational Christian Conference of North Dakota, and the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party. (6.5ft)

10313 James McLaughlin
Papers, 1855-1937
Correspondence, notebooks, receipts, newspaper clippings, printed material, and Indian censuses relating primarily to Sioux Indians at the Fort Totten Indian Reservation and the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, Indian citizenship applications, Rodman Wannamaker Expedition (1913), inspections, investigations, and negotiations at numerous Indian reservations in many western states, Indian land disputes and patents, Sitting Bull, and the Messiah Movement. Contains correspondence concerning the arrest and activities of Sitting Bull while on the reservation, census abstracts for 1888, 1891, and 1892 of male Indians at the Standing Rock Agency, field notebooks, research notes, scrapbooks, a letter book, and books authored by McLaughlin.  The published guide and the microfilm edition of the Major James McLaughlin Papers were made possible by a grant from the Louis W. and Maud hill Foundation to Assumption College. The guide is copyrighted 1969 by Assumption Colllege, Richardton, ND.. (61ft/39r/#4329-4366)

10335 Frances Densmore
ca. 1912-1918
Notes, music manuscripts, indexes, and inventories of wax cylinder recordings of Arikara, Hidatsa, and Mandan songs and legends recorded by Densmore and Orin G. Libby at the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. (10.25ft)

10413 Frank J. V. Kiebert (1867-1940)
Papers, ca. 1908-1910
Field notes of Frank J. V. Kiebert as Surveyor of Oliver County, including Notes on Indian village surveys along the Missouri River. Original at the Oliver Conty Courthouse, Center, ND. Microfilm also includes Proceedings of the Board of County Commissioners of Oliver County, ND May 1885-May 1904. Microfilmed by the SHSND March 16, 1971. (1r/#7948)

10417 Mrs. Edward M. Johnson Indian Pictographs
Papers, n.d.
Ledger containing 135 pictographs of Indian warriors, hunts, and soldiers. (1r/#0220)

10483 Ledger Art
circa 1870-1881
Original drawings in a bound ledger depicting warfare scenes and horses. Includes photocopies from two collections at the National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution of similar ledger art signed and presumably rendered by Sitting Bull. One collection is Five Horns, Five drawings from the Life of Sitting Bull. The other is Sitting Bull Four Autobiographical Drawings. Another collection is a letter from missionary John P. Williamson to Geo. L. Andrews 25th U.S. Infantry Fort Randall (D.T.) 12/12/1881 stating that Williamson interviewed Sitting Bull about his 'Hieroglyphic Autobiography' of himself in pictured sketches, numbered 1 to 55. Copies of the sketches are here also. These copies were likely obtained to confirm the ledger in the SHSND collection was drawn by Sitting Bull. (3ff.)

10494 Robert C. Hollow
Papers, 1964-1973
Research notes, card files, lexicons, and audiotapes of research on the Dakota, Assiniboine, and Mandan languages. (12ft)

10497 Turtle Mountain Jewel Bearing Plant
Records, 1957-1972
Rolla, ND
Specifications and technical and production data concerning manufacture of jewel bearings. (.5ft)

10511 Three Affiliated Tribes. Tribal Business Council
Records, 1972-1977
New Town, ND, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ND
Reservation development reports and management manuals. (.5ft)

10512 Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council
Records, 1963; 1973-1979
Tribal Council minutes, resolutions and actions, financial statements, constitution, grant applications, and studies relating to resource development and protection, irrigation, and range management. (1ft)

10513 Fort Berthold Indian Reservation
Records, 1874-1963
Registry book containing names of agency visitors and an Indian census arranged by tribe (original and transcribed); an order issued by the agency superintendent restricting tribal dances and travel; correspondence, pamphlets, programs, drawings, printed material, and photographs that belonged to Roanna F. Challis, teacher with the Congregational Mission, ca. 1889-1892; a photocopy of the disbursing agent's journal, a record of daily events at the reservation; and miscellaneous printed materials and articles relating to the Reservation and the Congregational Mission. (1ft)

10608 Ben Reifel
Papers, 1950-1974
Two term papers, a dissertation, correspondence, and an abstract. The term papers are entitled, “Three Hundred Indian Families Behind the Garrison Dam Must Move,” and “The Social Structure of American Indian Reservations in the U.S.” His 1952 dissertation is entitled, Relocation on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation--Problems and Programs. (.5ft)

10645 Turtle Mountain Oral History Project
Records, 1992
Belcourt, ND; Rolette Co., ND
Interviews, photographs, and audio cassettes from a project of the North Dakota Humanities Council, the University of Mary, and the State Historical Society. (2ft)

10663 Alfred William Bowers
Papers, 1948-1949
Includes correspondence, notes, and a draft of Bowers's dissertation, entitled "A History of the Mandan and Hidatsa." Formerly 20367. (12 items/2r, #06914, 06946)

10771 North Dakota Oral History Collection
Records, 1998
Interviews with ten Standing Rock Sioux tribal members, entitled Wisdom of the Elders. Those inteviewed include: Sybil Iron Archambault; Arlene Red Door Benson; Reginald Bird Horse; Lillian Brown; Verna Cadotte; Evangeline Fast Horse; Alan Flying Bye; Joe Flying Bye; Agatha Fool Bear; Rose Good Left; Agatha Holy Bull; George Iron Shield; Grace Jamerson; Felix Kidder; Emma Lambert; Henry Lawrence; Zona Loans Arrow; Pete Looking Horse; Blanche Makes Him First; Helmina Makes Him First; Theresa Martin; Lillian Iron Bull Martinez; Ben One Feather; Ada Red Horse; and Leona Ryan. (10 video cassettes)

10781 Garrison Dam Relocation Oral Histories
Records, 1999
Six members of the Three Affiliated Tribes who had been teenagers during construction of the dam describe how they learned about the dam, how relocation was accomplished, and the economic, social, and cultural impact of relocation on their lives, the lives of their families and of the region. (6 audio cassettes, transcripts, and data sheets)

10835 Mandan Indian Language
 Records, 1970s
Visual aids flash cards created for the Indian Languages program of Mary College by artist David Ripley.  See also MS-10494. (.25ft)

10968 Alan Woolworth
Papers, 1878-1987
Copies of articles and writings on the history of Fort Berthold compiled by Alan Woolworth and bibliographies, correspondence, manuscripts and research articles by or about Melvin R. Gilmore. See also MS-20362 for archeological survey of Fort Berthold by Woolworth. (.75ft)

10983 KFYR Television. Meyer Broadcasting
Records, 1982-1983
Indian Country Today programs and selected excerpts from the original television news film collection recorded on  3/4" video tapes, including the following guests and subjects: Andrews, Senator Mark; Bellcourt, Vernon & Penn State Grads; Dog Eagle, Issac; Felix, Angelita; Fiske Photographs; Giago, Tim; Josephy, Alvin; Means, Russell; M.C.A. Annual Meeting; N.C.A.I. Convention at Bismarck; Savilla, Elmer; Skye, Harriet; Smith, Zoë; Thorpe, Dagmar; Witt, Shirley Hill;  Wilson, Mary Louise Defender. (2ft)

11064 Clara Zahn Ramey
Reminiscences, ca. 1944-2000s
Catholic devotional book written in Sioux, and “Born in a Tipi: Memories of My Childhood Days on the Dakota Prairie”: a compilation of writings, poetry and reminiscences by Clara Zahn Ramey combined with reminiscences by her granddaughter, Diane Partington Thomas, and other family members. (.25ft)

11068 Kaye Gudbranson
Two typescripts of the James H. Howard article: "Dakota Winter Counts as a Source of Plains History," published in the Smithsonian Institution, Bureau of Ethnology Bulletin 173, 1960. One of the typescripts is a copy and the other has original handwritten notes. Notebook 1935 with handwritten notes on Native American biographies, family trees, stories, customs, and language; notebook 1932-1935 with handwritten accounts and native American stories. Both notebooks may have belonged to Paul Ewald. Gudbranson found the materials in a trunk that belonged to her mother who lived in New Town, N.D. (.25ft)

11113 Bismarck Indian School
Yearbooks from the Bismarck Indian School, correspondence, printed material, and photographs of students, the BIS and Fort Yates schools, and Lydia Frerking. (1.5ft)

11236 Josephine Waggoner       
ca. 1925-1987
Manuscripts written by Josephine (McCarthy) Waggoner (1871-1943) including stories of Lakota and Dakota tribal members, their traditional customs and beliefs, Waggoner's own life experiences, and biographies of Lakota and Dakota chiefs. Information for many of the manuscripts was told to Waggoner by tribal members. Waggoner worked with several individuals, including Frank Herriott and George F. Will Sr. to edit her manuscripts for publication. The collection includes original manuscripts by Waggoner, edited versions by both men, and related correspondence. The collection also includes correspondence about litigation undertaken by Waggoner's descendants to reclaim her manuscripts. (2ft)

11295 Louis Garcia
Consists of photocopies of research on Dakota place names, Hidatsa place names in Montana, and newspaper clippings of Garcia's historical column in the Benson County Farmer's Press entitled "A Message from Garcia: The History and Culture of the Spirit Lake Dakota," a copy of "Where the Waters Gather" by Paul C. Durand, Durand's maps and research, correspondence with Alan Woolworth,  James H. Howard and Paul C. Durand, biographical information about Henry Two Bear Owa and translations of Two Bear's papers from the Sioux language to English, and Garcia's articles in Whispering Wind magazine (1.5 ft.).

11316 Peder Stenslie
Consists of four cassette recordings of Peder Stenslie's Mandan language lessons and interviews with Otter Sage and William Bell, and Stenslie's study, "The Lone Man Tradition," which explores the Mandan origin tradition that revolves around Numak Maxena ("Lone Man") and emphasizes the buffalo and hunting culture. The study examines various narratives collected by explorers and anthropologists over a 100 year period. The study also attempts to shed some light on Mandan history, world view, and relations with other peoples (especially the Hidatsa) in view of the narratives (.25 ft.)

11324 Gilbert Kills Pretty Enemy III
"WATER Protectors VS. OIL Protectors," drawing (pen/ink, marker, crayon) on "Frontier Scout" newspaper by Gilbert Kills Pretty Enemy III (Ta Sunka Gi Hetchia "Chamelion Horse"), Standing Rock Hunkpapa Lakota. According to the artist, the image was inspired by events which occurred during the #NODAPL occupation which took place during the months of September through late November, between Morton County and out of state police forces and the Water Protectors. (1 item oversize)

11372 Remembering Nishu
Includes interviews with 13 Arikara elders about living on the Missouri River bottomland communities of Nishu and Elbowoods. Also includes interviews with two Arikara people from younger generations who did not live in Nishu, but who learned about it from former residents. The interviews cover various themes that collectively illiustrate life on the Fort Berthold Reservation during the early to middle 20th century. Themes include gardening, ceremonies, childrens' chores, kinship, recreation, landscapes, Arikara identity, community, farming/cattle grazing, allotment, military service, transportation, reservation schools, Nishu, Elbowoods, Beaver Creek, Like-A- Fishhook, and family histories. Also includes transcripts, supporting documentation, photographs, and a copy of a published article about the project. (138 digital files, 40.3 GB)

20063 Henry Murphy
Papers, 1926-1928
Biographical sketches of Indians interviewed by Murphy, including Thomas Sees the Bear, Grover Eagle Boy, Henry Has Holy (Henry Own Medicine), Joseph No Two Horns, Mark Afraid of the Hawk, Cetanrota, Luke Shoots Buffalo, Albert Windy, Joseph Bob Tail Bear, Charles Walking Cloud, and Pierce High Dog. (11 items/1r/#16070)

20071 Crow Dog Murder Trial
Records, 1882
Court records, proceedings, and transcripts of testimony of the trial of Crow Dog for the murder of Spotted Tail. (1 item)

20072 Fort Berthold Indian Agency
Records, 1874-1875, 1899, 1922
Registry book containing names of agency visitors, an Indian census arranged by tribe, and an order issued by the agency superintendent restricting tribal dances and travel. (2 items)

20121 Edward Roan Bear
Papers, 1953-1954
Affidavit and reminiscences relating to Sitting Bull, the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and the Ghost Dance movement. (2 items)

20137 Martin Bears Arm
Papers, [ca. 1834-1886]
Photograph of a pictograph of Like-a-Fishhook Village. Includes a key to the features. (2 items)

20143 Fire Heart
Papers, 1865, 1867-1879
Letters from R. E. Johnson, S. R. Curtis, John Burke, Alfred Sully, and T. A. Stephan, U.S. Indian agent, concerning the recommendation and appointment of High Bird (Fire Heart) as chief of the Blackfoot Indians. (5 items)

20152 Horatio H. Larned
Papers, 1921-1922
Correspondence between Larned and Paul Fasthorse, Cannonball, North Dakota, newspaper clippings, post cards, drawings by Paul Fasthorse and Austin C. Wood of the Sioux sun dance, grass dance, a buffalo hunt and other related subjects, and a letter from Larned to James H. Cramer describing an Indian attack on the Fisk Expedition in 1864. (ca. 60 items/oversize)

20168 Mrs. Charles Crissey
Papers, 1879
Letter from Crissey to D. Irenaeus Prime, Sisseton Agency, Dakota Territory, concerning Christmas with the Indians at Sisseton Agency. (1 item)

20186 Henry Benjamin Whipple
Papers, 1863
Copies of letters from Episcopal Bishop Whipple of Minnesota to W. P. Dole, Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Reverend Thomas Williamson regarding relations with the Indians. (2 items)

20194 United States Court of Indian Offenses
Records, 1926-1936
Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, ND
Court docket containing names of plaintiffs and defendants, charges, and court action. (1 item/1r/#0314)

20219 Charles Eastman
Papers, ca. 1925
Copies of a report and affidavits concerning the life of Sakakawea and the location of her burial. (21 items)

20268 C. H. Foster
Papers, 1878
Transcript of a travel account of a trip between Jamestown, ND and Fort Totten, including descriptions of Indians and military personnel. (1 item)

20302 Frances Lee Majors
Papers, n.d.
Typescript history entitled, “The Chippewa Indians,” describing beliefs and customs. (1 item)

20366 Ten Bears
Papers, ca. 1940s
Typescript of a speech by Ten Bears, the Comanche Chief, before the Medicine Lodge Council, October 20, 1867, a speech by Weatherford to General Jackson after defeat at Tallapoosa in 1814, and a speech by Garangula of the Onondaga at a Council in 1684. (1 item)

20392 Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation
Records, 1911
Belcourt, ND; Rolette Co., ND
Census of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indians providing names, ages, and districts of residence. (1 item)

20411 J. R. Truscott
Papers, 1937
Description and drawings of a "stone serpent" constructed by Indians near present day Binford, ND. (1 item)

20416 Elsie Stark
Papers, 1923
High school essay entitled, “The Civilization of the Indian.” (1 item)

20448 George Selkirk
Papers, n.d.
Typescript and photocopy of a brief history of Chippewa customs, legends, education, religion, and recreation. (2 items)

20479 United States Office of Indian Affairs. Standing Rock Agency
Records, 1871, 1877
Outgoing letters from the Indian agent concerning administration of the agency, Indian relations, annual reports to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, and lists of Indians owning ponies. (1v)

20483 Big Elk
Papers, 1815
Transcript of a speech by Big Elk delivered at the Portage de Sioux Council. Omaha Indian Chief. (1 item)

20485 Northwest Indian Commission
Records, 1866
Copy of transcript of proceedings of the commission negotiating treaties with the Brule Sioux, Arikara, Mandan, and Gros Ventre. (1r/#6946)

20510 Standing Rock Indian Agency
Records, 1955
Tribal Council and Committee meeting minutes, reports from the appropriations committee to the board, and newsletters written by David Blackhoop, Tribal Council Chairman. See also MS-10512. (25 items)

20522 Catherine Marcotte
Papers, ca. 1889-1977
Consists of photocopies of notes, letters, legal documents, and a newspaper story concerning Jean Louis Legare's claims against the U.S. government for sustaining Sitting Bull's followers in Canada. (.05ft)

20552 Indian Drawings
Drawings and written explanations of the drawings on the front and back of a ledger page depicting hunting and warfare scenes and animals. (1 item)

20555 United States Indian Claims Commission
Records, ca. 1962
Exhibits, digests relating to claims against the U.S. government by the Little Shell Band of Chippewa Indians, the Chippewa Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy Reservation, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, the Red Lake Band and Pembina Band, and the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation. (3 items)

20566 Shirley Norum
Papers, 1965
Manuscript entitled, “Contemporary Problems of the Berthold Indian Reservation,” much of which was gleaned from the papers of Don Short who served in the North Dakota Legislature and the U.S. House of Representatives. (1 item)

20590 United States Army Indian Scouts
Records, 1875-1880
Fort Yates, ND
Copies of letters and reports sent by the Commander of the Indian Scout Detachment to the U.S. Adjutant General's office relating to enlistment and discharge of Indian Scouts, ordnance, Indian relations, horse sales, maneuvers, and reconnaissance activities. (1v)

20598 Fred Pearsall
Papers, 1951
Account of an Indian attack on a steamboat on the Missouri River in 1862. (1 item)

20602 Alfred Burton Welch
Papers, 1912-1915
Correspondence, transcripts of documents concerning fort Abraham Lincoln and the Battle of the Little Big Horn, transcript of a presentation at the 1912 Sioux Nation Pow Wow, petition from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation requesting that Welch be appointed curator of the State Historical Society, a manuscript entitled, “Short Sketch of the Red Invasion of North Dakota and Subsequent Withdrawal Before the Advance of White Civilization,” and newspaper clippings and other documents concerning Welch’s ‘adoption’ by the Sioux Nation. (45 items/1r/#16074)

20621 Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation
Records, 1880-1884
Letters from the General Land Office and the Secretary of Dakota Territory concerning land claims of the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, land surveys, and the establishment of reservation boundaries. (8 items)

20630 Foundation of North American Indian Culture
Records, 1963-1964
Brochures, news releases, newsletter, correspondence and a reprint of a Bismarck Tribune article. (8 items)

20663 Oki-ma-ma-kan (Chief Wolf)
Papers, 1905
Application for membership in the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa. (1 item)

20667 United States Volunteer Indian Scouts. Fort Berthold Post No. 1
Records, n.d.
Elbowoods, ND
Records consist of constitution and by-laws and letterhead. (2 items)

20670 Fort Berthold Indian Fair
Records, 1911
Copy of typescript of notes describing exhibits, competitions, and prizes. (1 item)

20708 P. H. Kermott
Letters relate to mismanagment of the Indian School at Fort Totten. (5 items)

20722 Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation Tribal Council
Records, 1976-1977
Constitution, water feasibility studies, and an alcohol treatment program report. (5 items)

20755 Emma H. (Hoiland) Zuger
Papers, 1930-1985
Clippings about the "Sakakawea Junior club" at the U.S. Indian School, Bismarck, ND, which was the only Girls Study Club in the country comprised of all Indian girls representing nine different tribes.  In appreciation of her work with North Dakota Indians, Mrs. Zuger was adopted into the Sioux tribe of Fort Yates, ND.  The album titled Zuger's Indian book has been transferred to the photograph collection. (13 items)

20789 Wounded Face
Papers, 1907
Drawings of the Mandan and Gros Ventre villages on the Missouri River. (2 items/oversize)

20831 Thad Hecker
Papers, 1938
Descriptive information about archaeological sites near Keever Butte and north of Menoken Indian Village in Burleigh Co., ND (2 items)

20848 Maa-baa-ho Ma-hac
Papers, 1992
 Audiocassette, brochure, and songbook of Arikara, Hidatsa, and Mandan songs originally recorded by Francis E. Densmore and Orin G. Libby. (2 items)

21085 Hopkins Family
Papers, 1917-1924
Post card of Harvey Hopkins in WWI uniform, a booklet (Bible Translations and Hymns in the Ree and Sanis Language) translated by Ernest Hopkins, and a biographical information sheet about the Harvey and Susie Hopkins family. Harvey Hopkins was born in Elbowoods, ND, to Ernest Hopkins and Ida Morsette on February 23, 1895. He served in WWI and was the first ordained minister on the Fort Berthold Reservation. He passed away on February 27, 1952. Ernest Hopkins was the son of Young Hawk and Otter Woman.(3 items)

21133 Mike and Linda Graham, Frank Zahn
Research Papers, 1932-2010
Digital scans and photocopies of correspondence, reminiscences, invitations, funeral programs, newspaper clippings, and photographs of the Zahn family of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. (.1ft, plus digital files)

21120 May Hinton
Four post cards of an unidentified woman (could be Hinton), Liberty Memorial Bridge in Bismarck, Bad Lands Scenery and Standing Rock Agency, and Hinton's copy of "Large Indian Cornfields in North Dakota Long Ago: An Indian Drama Petite for School Children." (5 items)

21196 Attendance Book, Fort Berthold (ND)
Book includes attendance of students at the Fort Berthold Mission School in the class of a Mrs. Williams (0.05 ft.).

21211 James McLaughlin Correspondence
Letters are addressed to James McLaughlin, Indian Agent for many years at Fort Totten and Standing Rock in Dakota Territory (later North Dakota).The first letter, written in 1872, concerns a land grant in Maryland that was given to a military ancestor. McLaughlin seems to have asked the author of the letter to research the grant in order to learn if McLaughlin held title to it. The letter provides initial results of the search. The second letter addressed to McLaughlin concerns a matter of law, and two are congratulatory wishes upon tow of his reappointments as Indian Agent at Fort Yates. The letters were transcribed by SHSND volunteer Janet Beltran (4 letters).

21267 Thomas Richards
Consists of Thomas Richards' certificate of appointment as Agent for the Fort Berthold Agency, 1897. Oversize in map case drawer (1 item).

21276 Ewald C. Witzleben
Consists of letters written to E. C. Witzleben upon his retirement from the Indian Service from students, friends, and colleagues. Digital scans of photographs of Agnes Victoria Witzleben, Ewald C. Witzleben, Jean Marie Witzleben, Father Bernard Strassmaier, Father Martin Kenel, Sister Bernadette, Dr. Meigs J. Drabelle, John W. Cramsie, unidentified nuns at Fort Yates (N.D.) and students at the Fort Yates Indian School (Fort Yates, N.D.). Also includes digital scans of a program for the Witzleben farewell at the Fort Yates Agency school, January 10, 1930, and a letter from W. S. Campbell to Ewald C. Witzleben requesting information about Sitting Bull. (0.05 ft. plus digital scans)

21350 Chris Hagen
Consists of Hagen's notepad with contacts, notes, observations and writings while investigating the Dakota Access Pipeline controversy. The collection also includes Hagen's articles published in the High Plains Reader, a printed copy of the article "Dakota Access Pipeline -- No More Huckleberries," and biography (0.05 ft.).

21361 Garrison Dam Contract Signing
Consists of the speeches of George Gillette, Chairman of the Tribal Business Council for the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation, regarding proposed relief legislation and his comments at the time of the Garrison Dam contract signing. Gillette requests a hearing on the effects of the dam, and outlines the purposes of proposed Senate Joint Resolution 909. The collection also includes a photocopy of the Associated Press photograph of Gillette and other Council Members watching Secretary of the Interior J.A. Krug sign the contract for the Garrison Dam (0.05 ft.).

21401 Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation food shortage
Consists of a resolution of the governing body of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians regarding a critical food and clothing supply shortage on the reservation during the winter of 1949-1950. The collection contains correspondence and telegrams between staff of the North Dakota Department of Instruction, Representative Usher L. Burdick, William Langer, Milton Young and others about getting supplies to the reservation. A news clipping from the Bismarck Tribune describes the situation from the perspective the author and from of C. H. Beitzel, Superintendent of the Turtle Mountain and Fort Totten Reservation (0.05 ft.).

21404 David “Doc” Brien
Circa 2014
Consists of the manuscript "An Improbable Adventure: From Indian Life in North America to Descendants in France." The manuscript includes the genealogy of Edward William Brien, his parents Gregoire and Betsy Brien, his grandparents Antoine and Josette Azure Brien (0.05 ft.).

21405 Catherine (Caroline) Weldon
Photograph depicting Caroline Weldon at age 71 at Mount Vernon (N.Y.) with her friend Aline Estoppey, in front of the Sauerland-Estoppey residence (1915), photograph of a portrait of Sitting Bull (oil on canvas), painted by Weldon during the summer of 1890 while living at Sitting Bull's camp on the Grand River on the Standing Rock Reservation (original resides at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock but the photograph was taken in 1997 while the painting was privately owned), transcripts of correspondence and news clippings by and about Weldon, a biographical sketch pertaining to Catherine (Caroline) Weldon's true identity, background, early and later life (written by Guggisberg), and family tree (0.05 ft.).

80017 George Milligan
Papers, 1874
Discharge as Indian scout for the U.S. Army. (1 item)

80048 United States Army Indian Scouts
Records, 1871-1893
Discharges. (68 items/1r/#16078)

80056 James McLaughlin
Papers, 1876-1913
Indian Inspection commissions. (10 items)

80065 Standing Rock Indian Reservation
Records, 1897-1926
Land patents for reservation land, a blank Indian marriage license, and blank last will and testament. (8 items)

80069 John M. Carignan
Papers, 1903
Appointment as agent for the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. (1 item)

80084 Wahnahtah
Papers, 1872, 1896
Two good conduct certificates (one signed by Henry Hastings SIbley) and an updated portion of a treaty between the Chippewa, the Sisseton, and the Yanktonai Sioux. (3 items)

80109 Crazy Walking
Papers, 1884
Office of Indian Affairs Certificate of Appointment naming Crazy Walking as Judge of the Court of Offenses at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. (1 item)

80113 Pratt Treaty Commission
Records, 1888
Two illustrated ballots providing for division and opening of the Sioux Reservation in Dakota Territory. One ballot is for approval and the other rejection of the measure. (2 items)


1200 Raymond V. Reed
Gerald Newborg
90 minute cassette
Consists of an oral history interview with Reed concerning Fort Yates and Frank Fiske. June 5, 1984

1202 Paul Ewald
122 min
Consists of conversations with various people concerning identification of Indian artifacts.

1228-1235 For Eagles to be Crows
750 minutes 6 tapes
Consists of 23 programs produced in 1978 by KDSU-FM, Fargo, on the history and other aspects of the native peoples of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation

1299 Angela Fiske
90 minute reel-to-reel master
An interview with Fiske on her 79th birthday. Recorded by KBOM radio on January 24, 1964.

1300-1309 Mandan Language Collection
Hollow, Robert C.
750 minutes - 10 reel-to-reel masters.
Consists of interviews with Mandans concerning the Mandan language, legends, music, and ethnobotany. Interviews by Robert C. Hollow in 1966 and 1967.

1312 Wotae
60 minute cassette
Recording of a Wotae sung by Sitting Bull at the Battle of Little Big Horn and commentary. Performed by Clara One Bull at Cannonball July 10, 1955

1319-1320 Arikara Sacred Bundle Songs
120 minute cassette. 2 tapes
Recordings of Arikara Sacred Bundle Songs recorded by Wilber Howard, August 1948

1339-1340 Plains Conference
180 min. 2 reel-to-reel masters
Recording of a symposium on tipi rings at the North Dakota Heritage Center on October 17, 1981 as part of the 39th Plains Conference.

1536 Frank Fiske Audio Disc Collection
90 minute cassette
Misc. radio and Native American songs/grass dances. ca. 1948. Folders 6-18

1537 Frank Fiske Audio Disc Collection
90 minute cassette
Native American Grass Dances, etc. ca. 1947.

1541 Wounded Knee: A Century Past
30 min
Jarck Bardon, Issace Dog Eagle, Pat Locke, Jay Taken Alive-continuum of culture: Education past, present, and future. (panel discussion) December 16, 1990.

1542 Wounded Knee: A Century Past
60 minute cassette
Carole Barrett. James McLaughlin and Sitting Bull. Dec. 16, 1990 Side 1. Issac  Dog Eagle-Sitting Bull Remembered. Dec. 16, 1990 Side 2.

1543 Wounded Knee: A Century Past
60 minute cassette
Issac Dog Eagle-Sitting Bull Remembered (conclusion from tape 1542). Dec. 16, 1990. Side 1. Michael Her Many Horses. Wounded Knee Survivors: Oral Histories. Dec. 16, 1990. Sides 1 & 2.

1544 Wounded Knee: A Century Past
30 MIN
Arthur Amiotte. Lakota Beliefs and Images of the Ghost Dance. Dec. 16, 1990.

1545 Wounded Knee: A Century Past
30 min
Beatrice Medicine. The Feminine Role in Lakota War. Dec. 16, 1990

1546 Wounded Knee: A Century Past
30 min
Issac Dog Eagle. Opening prayer ceremony. Michael Lawson-Remembering Lakota History: An overview. Dec. 16, 1990. Side 1.

1777-1780 Buffalo Bird Woman Shows
KMHA Radio, New Town, ND
Prairie Public Radio aired series. 40 segments. Arikara.

1795 Centennial History of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa, 1892-1992
Greg Camp
90 minute cassette
Six Super Sundays Starring Six Special Scholars. North Dakota Humanities Council lecture series. February 29, 1993.

1797-1798 To Lead and to Serve: American Indian Education, Reminiscence and Reflection
The Hampton Institute and the ND Experience. February 21, 1993
Mary Lou Hultgren, Wilbur Pleets, Paulette Fairbanks Molin
2 - 90 minute cassettes

1881 In Search of Four Bears
Dr. James McKenzie
90 minute cassette
North Dakota Humanities Council, February 13, 1994. 94-AV-19

1882 Every Picture Tells a Story: Historic Images, Tipi Camps, and Archaeology
Snortland, Signe/ Banks, Kimball
90 minute cassette
North Dakota Humanities Council, February 27, 1994. 94-AV-19

1975 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Pete Taken Alive
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Alvonne Gates, McLaughlin, SD. 5/19/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1976 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Alvina Alberts
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Timber Moser, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1977 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Peter Belgarde
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Shannon Cameron, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1978 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Phyllis Young
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Lane Droog, Fort Yates, ND. 5/19/75. Copy of 31875 master.

1979 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Grace Lambert
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Anissa Bordeaux, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1980 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Agnes Greene
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Susan Sevitts, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1981 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Bertha DeMarce
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Rhonda Weiss, Fort Totten, ND 5/12/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1982 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Christine Alex
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Jim Cudney, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1983 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Ben Benson
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Deb Bloom, Fort Totten, ND. 5/12/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1984 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Demus McDonald
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Luci Grosz, Fort Totten, ND, Little Hoop Community College, 5/12/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1985 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
William Village Center
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Susan Sevitts, McLaughlin, SD. 5/19/93. Copy of 31875 master.

1986 Indian Boarding School Oral History Project, SHSND
Margaret Shoestring
60 minute cassette
Interviewer: Alvonne Gates, Fort Yates, ND. May 1993. Copy of 31875 master.

2038 Mandan/Arikara/Hidatsa Traditional Gardening

3059 Fire Crow: Northern Cheyenne Flute. Joseph Fire Crow
Copyright 1996 Makoche Music/BMI.
96-AV-003. *Research copy only.

2045 Speed Variations in the Densmore Recordings, comparisons from “Teton Sioux Music”
Makoche Studios, Bismarck, ND. 1996 [via Gerald Newborg]

3008 Frances Densmore. Collection of Teton Sioux Music, n.d.

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