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Manuscripts by Subject - Religion - #10468

Title: North Dakota Baptist State Convention Records

Dates: 1865-1982

Collection Number: 10468

Quantity: 32 feet / 4 rolls microfilm #13691-13694

Abstract: Minutes, convention proceedings, correspondence, memoranda, subject files, congregation files, pastor files, audit reports, list of pastors, ledgers, journals, convention files, scrapbooks, bulletins, histories, photographs, and publications. Records relate to the administration of the Baptist State Convention and churches, missionary work, women's organizations, youth camps, conventions, and ministerial affairs.

Provenance:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the North Dakota Baptist State Convention Records as a gift from the Convention in September 1985.  This collection was processed and the inventory prepared by Grace Wanttaja, Bonnie C. Sheldon, and Kari Rombs Kohlhoff, December 1987.

Property rights:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights:  The North Dakota Baptist State Convention has dedicated such copyrights as it possesses in this collection to the public.  Consideration of all other copyrights is the responsibility of the author and  publisher.

Access:  This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation:  Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer: Three feet of publications were transferred to the State Archives Publications. Several ephemera items were transferred to the ephemera collection.

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MS 10077 First Baptist Church Records, 1881-1900, .5 ft. Bathgate, ND. Consists of minutes, treasurer's account book, financial ledger, and minutes of the Fuller Regular Baptist Church.

MS 10086 Church History Collection, ca. 1930's, 1 ft. Contains, among other things, photographs, newspaper clippings, and histories of various Baptist Churches in North Dakota.

MS 10393 Venturia Baptist Church Records, 1912-1964, 1 microfilm roll. Venturia, ND. Consists of minutes, baptism register, annual reports, membership record, burial register, and a church history.

10401 Ashley First Baptist Church Records, 1954-1977, 1 microfilm roll.  Ashley, ND. Includes membership record, church minutes, and constitution and bylaws.

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MS 10403 Berlin Baptist Church Cemetery Records, 1931-1961, 1 microfilm roll. Berlin, ND. Includes letters and a plat book.

MS 20447 Benjamin Stites Terry Manuscript, October 4, 1923, 1 item. Consists of a transcript of an address before the Baptist State Convention at Fargo, North Dakota, entitled "The History of One Frontier Family." The manuscript provides the history of the family of Elijah Stites Terry, a Baptist missionary to Dakota Territory.


The history of the North Dakota Baptist State Convention begins with the first Baptist missionaries to what is now North Dakota.  Elijah Stites Terry and James Tanner arrived in Walhalla in March, 1852, to establish a mission among the Indians.  Terry and Tanner proposed to build a log structure in which they could conduct services and teach Native Americans.  On June 27, 1852, while in the woods preparing timber for the building, Terry was shot and scalped by a band of Sioux Indians.  Soon after, James Tanner left Walhalla and the proposed mission.  Baptists did not return to missionary activity in present-day North Dakota for nearly a quarter of a century.

The next attempt by Baptists to evangelize the area, though less dramatic, was successful.  To meet the needs of recent immigrants, the First Baptist Church in Fargo was organized on January 27, 1879. The ethnic groups which settled in North Dakota, e.g. Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Germans, and Russians, immigrated in numbers large enough to enable them to establish their own ethnic churches and associations.  Despite the value placed on local organizations, the North Dakota Baptist Association was organized in Grand Forks on November 5, 1881.  Three years later, in early November, 1884, the North Dakota Baptist State Convention was organized, its constitution adopted, and officers elected. The Convention's object, as stated in its constitution, was "to promote religious and educational interests in North Dakota."  Power of the Convention to interfere with or implicate the independence of member churches was expressly prohibited by the constitution.  For nearly its first decade the organization of a Convention seemed insignificant.  As the churches grew in strength, and a few of them became self-supporting, the need and value of the Convention were more fully appreciated.  In 1892 a plan of cooperation between the Convention and the American Baptist Home Mission Society (ABHMS)--set-up to finance the "Mission of the West" and dependent largely on Baptists of the eastern United States--was adopted.  Incorporation in 1911, in addition to several amendments to the Convention's constitution, allowed the Convention to act as a legal entity.  Eleven years later, on March 1, 1922, the North Dakota Baptist State Convention changed its relationship with the ABHMS from a "dependent state," to become an "independent convention."  The North Dakota Baptist State Convention cooperates with the Conference of Churches and participates in the United Ministries Higher Education Commission.  Since 1969, the North Dakota Convention has contracted with and provided the secretariat and other ministries for the South Dakota Baptist State Convention.

Opportunities found in railroad expansion, wheat farming and cattle ranching, coal mining, and oil production brought people to North Dakota, but economic depression and drought had often brought the reverse.  By 1905, twenty-five of the churches established under the leadership of Rev. G. W. Huntley were extinct.  Early church leaders blamed the lack of money to build church edifices, but in later years, churches disappeared due to dwindling population in rural areas and small towns.  Also, some congregations chose to be independent of the convention.  Dr. Fred E. Stockton, General Baptist Superintendent of North Dakota from 1920 to 1938 and author of North Dakota Baptist Half-Century Book, 1934, listed one hundred and seventy-one churches that had been organized in North Dakota with approximately one hundred alive and related to the Convention in 1934.  By 1984 nineteen churches made up the North Dakota Baptist State Convention. Those nineteen local churches are grouped into two associations: the Sheyenne River Association, formerly known as the North Dakota Association, and the Northwest Association.  Baptist congregations still belonging to the North Dakota Baptist State Convention are listed below.

Sheyenne River Association

Bismarck First Baptist Church
Ellendale First Baptist Church
Fargo First Baptist Church
Grand Forks Federated Church
Lisbon First Baptist Church
Rutland First Baptist Church

Northwest Association

Berthold Baptist Church
Bottineau First Baptist Church
Dickinson Immanuel Baptist Church
Drake Baptist Church
Glenburn First Baptist Church
Greatstone Baptist Church
Kenmare First Baptist Church
Kief Liberty Baptist Church
Killdeer Baptist Church
Minot Immanuel Baptist Church
Powers Lake Bethel Baptist Church
Sawyer First Baptist Church
Stanley First Baptist Church

Shanafelt, T. M. Baptist History of North Dakota 1879-1904, Huron, SD:  Huronite Printing Co., 1904.

Shoemaker, JoAnne and Don Shoemaker.  North Dakota Baptist State Convention  1884-1984:  A History, Barre, VT:  Northlight Studio Press, Inc., 1985.


The North Dakota Baptist State Convention Records date from 1865 to 1982 and measure 24 feet.  This collection documents the persons involved with and the activities pursued by the Convention to achieve its objective, promoting religious and educational interests in North Dakota.  The North Dakota Baptist State Convention Records are divided into two record groups and contain eight record series.  The first record group, State records, contains the following record series:  Series 1, convention proceedings, 1882-1982, 2 ft.; series 2, minutes, 1899-1967, 1/3 ft.; series 3, subject files, 1875-1967, 2 2/3 ft. and one oversize volume; series 4, congregation files, 1890-1958, 5 ft.; series 5, personnel files, 1919-1961, 5 2/3 ft.; series 6, financial records, including audits (1924-1969, 1/2 ft.), ledgers (1920-1968, 1/2 ft.), and journals (1911-1967, 1 1/3 ft. and 8 oversize volumes); and series 7, scrapbooks, 1865-1965, 1/4 ft. and one oversize volume.  The second record group, congregation (local) records, measures 1/4 ft. and dates from 1888 to 1955.

Series 1, convention proceedings, measures 2 ft. and dates from 1882-1982.  The series consists of bound volumes of the North Dakota Baptist Annual which contains minutes of North Dakota Baptist State Conventions; Baptist Ministerial Union of North Dakota minutes; North Dakota Baptist Young People's Union minutes; Sunday School Conventions minutes; Sheyenne River Association minutes; Northwest Association minutes; ethnic Baptist Conference minutes,  including Norwegian and German Conferences; governing documents of the above organizations including articles of incorporation, bylaws, and constitutions; lists of Convention staff, officers, boards of managers, committees, councils, and representatives; church letters; financial reports; church statistics; church directory; convention anniversaries; ministerial data; and obituary notices.  The major focus of the records in Series 1 is the progress of the Convention's evangelical mission both within and outside of the church. The series is arranged chronologically.

Series 2, minutes, measures 1/3 ft. and dates from 1899 to 1967.  Contained in this series are minutes of the Convention's Executive Committee and Board of Managers, denoted by "Minutes" in the box/folder list, as well as minutes of the Sheyenne River Association, and minutes of women's and men's organizations within the Convention.  Some files also contain correspondence. The focus of this series is administrative, primarily concerned with applications for aid, appropriations, appointments to committees, and planning for church programs and events.  Arrangement for this series is chronological.

Series 3, subject files, dates from 1875 to 1967 and measures 2 2/3 ft. and one oversize volume.  The series consists of agenda, correspondence, newspaper clippings, typewritten manuscripts, e.g. biographies and articles, pamphlets, programs, and reports.  Included are files on congregational histories, missions and missionaries, pastors' monthly reports, church statistics, the Elijah Terry Memorial at Walhalla, Women's American Baptist Foreign Mission Society reports, and an oversize volume of a summary of reports.  Series 3 is arranged alphabetically by key word.

Series 4, congregation files, measures 5 ft. and dates from 1890 to 1958.  The majority of files consist of correspondence, though files also contain newspaper clippings, programs, and reports.  This series is concerned mainly with financial matters, e.g. loans to churches from the American Baptist Home Mission Society, mortgages on church properties, and upkeep of church properties.  The congregation files are arranged alphabetically by place name.

Series 5, personnel files, dates from 1919 to 1961 and measures 5 2/3 ft.  The Convention's personnel files consist of correspondence and telegrams between officers of the North Dakota Baptist State Convention and pastors of member congregations. This series covers a variety of topics including salaries for pastors and missionaries, collections for State Conventions, pastoral vacancies and recommendations to fill vacancies, travel expenses for pastors, and special meetings and church events. Arrangement of the personnel files is alphabetical.

Series 6, financial records, consists of audit reports, ledgers, and journals.  Audit reports of the North Dakota Baptist State Convention measure 1/2 ft. and date from 1924 to 1969.  Also included are a 1965 audit of the Northwest Baptist Home Society and 1969 recommendations to the Convention board of managers.  Information provided by Convention audit reports may include:  general operating fund receipts and disbursements, church edifice receipts and disbursements, permanent and trust fund balances, annuity fund balances, investments, loans to churches, real estate and buildings owned, real estate and buildings equities, insurance in force, Convention edifice funds, Home Mission edifice funds, Camp Bentley funds, Home Mission edifice fund mortgages, and missionary funds.  The audit reports are arranged chronologically.
The ledgers measure ½ ft. and date from 1920 to 1968. Included are ledgers for individual congregations, missionary giving, the Convention, missions, and the Forward for Christ Campaign, as well as two general ledgers.  Information found in these ledgers may include credits, debits, salaries paid, expenses paid, loans, interest insurance, annuities, cash accounts, investments, and edifice funds.  The ledgers are arranged chronologically, with foldered material preceding bound volumes.

The journals date from 1911 to 1967 and measure 1 1/3 ft. and 8 oversize volumes. Included are four treasurer's journals, an operating accounts journal, one general journal, a Youth Fellowship journal, four cash books/journals, one journal of apportionments, a general operating and edifice accounts journal, one promotional expense account journal, and one journal of donations received.  Arranged chronologically with foldered material preceding bound volumes, the journals contain information on salaries paid, insurance, annuities, general operating funds, trust funds, permanent funds, interest, costs of bulletins and literature, refunds paid, edifice funds, relief funds, budgets, and donations.

Series 7, scrapbooks, date from 1865-1965 and measure 1/4 ft. and one oversize volume. Consisting of three scrapbooks which contain clippings, some photographs, and several programs and bulletins, this series focuses on theological issues, mainly in the form of letters to the editor.  Several clippings of obituaries and special meetings are also included.  The photographs found in one scrapbook are black and white and of various subjects such as summer camp, missionaries, and the annual institute for pastors. The scrapbooks are arranged chronologically with foldered material preceding bound volumes.

Record group two, congregation records, measures 1/4 ft. and dates from 1888 to 1955.  This series consists of several local congregation record books; those congregations are Aneta, Coleharbor, and the Stillwell branch of Langdon.  Minutes, Sunday School class books, and correspondence may be found in the congregation records.  Administration of the local congregations is the major subject.  The congregation records are arranged alphabetically by place name.


Box 1:
1 Annual Convention Proceedings            1882-1894           
2 Annual Convention Proceedings            1886-1898           
3 Annual Convention Proceedings            1887      
4 Annual Convention Proceedings            1891      
5 Annual Convention Proceedings            1899-1904           
6 Annual Convention Proceedings            1899-1904           
7 Annual Convention Proceedings            1905-1908           
8 Annual Convention Proceedings            1909-1913           
9 Annual Convention Proceedings            1914-1920           
10 Annual Convention Proceedings         1921-1930           

Box 2:
1 Annual Convention Proceedings            1891-1910           
2 Annual Convention Proceedings            1912-1929           
3 Annual Convention Proceedings            1930-1939           
4 Annual Convention Proceedings            1940-1949           
5 Annual Convention Proceedings            1950-1959           
6 Annual Convention Proceedings            1960-1970          
7 Annual Convention Proceedings            1967-1978           

Box 3:
1 Annual Convention Proceedings            1979      
2 Annual Convention Proceedings            1980      
3 Annual Convention Proceedings            1981      
4 Annual Convention Proceedings            1982      
5 Minutes            1899-1910           
6 Minutes            1915-1924           
7 Minutes            1958-1961           
8 Minutes            1961-1966           
9 Minutes, Sheyenne River Association 1942-1967           
10 Minutes, Women's and Men's Organization   1945-1960           

Subject files

11 American Baptist National Conventions           1914-1957           
12 Associations 1945-1958           
13 Bulletin Post Office Reports   1952-1964           
14 Churches for New Frontiers  1954-1956           
15 Clippings        1945-1965           
16 Colporter-Missionary Department     1939-1941           
17 Congregational Data 1950      
18 Congregational Histories         1933      
19 Congregational Histories         1933-1936           
20 Congregational Histories`        1907-1939           
21 Congregational Histories         1929-1942           
22 Congregational Histories         1921-1957           
23 Convention   1920-1937           
24 Convention   1942-1948           

Box 4:
1 Convention     1922-1953           
2 Convention Headquarters        1961-1963           
3 Correspondence           1926-1931           
4 Correspondence           1930-1932           
5 Correspondence           1931-1933           
6 Correspondence           1919-1949           
7 Correspondence           1923-1957           
8 Correspondence Concerning Histories                1929-1930           
9 Correspondence Concerning Histories                1930-1935           
10 Correspondence Concerning Histories              1920-1958           
11 Dedications and Installations 1948-1966           
12 Edifice Funds, Home Mission Society 1920-1932           
13 Evangelism    n.d.       
14 Foreign Languages, Baptist Bodies Using         1938      
15 Golden Anniversary  1925-1938           
16 Golden Jubilee            1934-1935           
17 Historical Documents                1927-1951           
18 Historical Documents                1926-1954           
19 Men's Work, State     1966-1967           
20 Mimeograph and Circular Letters        1924-1954           
21 Miscellaneous             1921-1949           
22 Miscellaneous             1929-1955           
23 Missionary Applications           1958-1961           
24 Missionary Education Reports              1925-1930           

Box 5:
1 Missionary Publicity     1929      
2 Missionary Quota Reports        1932      
3 Missions and Missionaries        1945-1951           
4 Missions and Missionaries        1961-1967           
5 Missions, Rural and Indian        1948-1954           
6 Mormonism    1962      
7 Mortgage Assignments              1922      
8 Names Under Consideration   1927-1958           
9 Pastoral Roster              1875-1960           
10 Pastors' Monthly Reports       1957-1958           
11 Plays, Stage and Radio             n.d.       
12 Promotion     1940-1955           
13 Publicity         1925-1940           
14 Statistics, Church        1957-1960           
15 Summer Assembly    1941      
16 Terry, Elijah, Memorial             1923-1927           
17 Terry, Elijah, Memorial             1923-1927           
18 Walhalla Memorial     1927      
19 Women's Missionary Society                1922-1937           
20 Women's Missionary Society                1937-1945           
21 Women's Missionary Society                1947-1967           
22 Women's Missionary Society Reports               1917-1933           

Box 6:
1 Youth Fellowship          1947-1959           
2 Youth of North Dakota               1937-1941           

Congregation files

3 Action                1920-1921           
4 Aneta                1931-1944           
5 Appam              1929      
6 Barton               1919-1936           
7 Bathgate          1919-1935           
8 Beaulieu           1925-1934           
9 Benedict           1921-1922           
10 Bismarck First               1926-1954           
11 Bismarck First               1955-1957           
12 Bismarck Second (Colored)    1920-1928           
13 Bismarck Swedish      1926      
14 Bottineau      1921-1957           
15 Butte               1932-1957           
16 Calvin              1916-1939           
17 Calvin Property           1940-1957           
18 Cavalier          1915-1951           
19 Coleharbor    1916-1949           
20 Cooperstown               1920-1927           
21 Crystal             1917-1958           
22 Deapolis         1926-1951           
23 Devils Lake Mt. Zion  1922      
24 Dogden          1915-1923           
25 Donnybrook 1921-1935           
26 Drake              1944-1957           
27 Drayton          1920-1949           
28 Ellendale        1918-1957           
29 Esmond          1921-1932           
30 Fairmount Parsonage               1923-1950           

Box 7:
1 Fargo Calvary  1926-1949           
2 Fargo First        1921-1954           
3 Fargo First        1945-1957           
4 Fargo Immanuel            1921-1925           
5 Fargo Swedish               1920-1925           
6 Flasher              1932-1936           
7 German Churches        1922-1926           
8 German Churches        1919-1957           
9 Glenburn         1921-1957           
10 Grafton          1919-1937           
11 Grand Forks First        1918-1925           
12 Grand Forks First        1914-1944           
13 Grand Forks First        1945-1957           
14 Grand Forks Scandinavian      1921-1935           
15 Guthrie (now Drake)                1920-1942           
16 Hamilton        1914-1952           
17 Hillsboro         1916-1937           
18 Jamestown   1890-1927           
19 Jamestown   1926-1932           
20 Jamestown   1933-1956           

Box 8:
1 Kenmare          1919-1923           
2 Kenmare          1921-1948           
3 Kief Russian    1949-1950           
4 Killdeer             1933-1956           
5 Kulm  1919-1937           
6 Langdon           1903-1927           
7 Lidgerwood     1919-1923           
8 Lisbon                1891-1957           
9 Lone Tree        1920-1923           
10 Lone Tree      1924-1937           
11 Lone Tree      1940-1947           
12 Mandan         1915-1932           
13 Max Russian 1919      
14 McClusky Prophet Mountain                1920-1934           
15 Minnewaukan             1920-1929           
16 Minot First    1920-1940           
17 Minot First    1943-1953           
18 Minot Immanuel        1953-1958           
19 Minot Second (Colored)          1922-1954           
20 Napoleon      1922-1957           
21 New Rockford             1914      
22 New Town    1951-1958           
23 Newport        1922-1957           
24 Niobe              1920-1954           
25 Oakes              1924-1946           
26 Page                1937-1958           
27 Page First       1920-1950           
28 Palermo         1920-1926           
29 Park River      1920-1928           
30 Park River      1929-1947           
31 Plaza                1922-1926           

Box 9:
1 Powers Lake   1915-1954           
2 Powers Lake   1953-1958           
3 Riverdale Project          1946-1955           
4 Rolla   1919-1931           
5 Roseglen          1921-1924           
6 Roseglen          1924-1952           
7 Rugby                1926-1932           
8 Russian Churches         1933-1937           
9 Russian Churches         1937-1944           
10 Russian Churches       1944-1946           
11 Russian Churches       1946-1953           
12 Russian Conference  1922-1929           
13 Russian Conference  1930-1933           
14 Rutland           1920-1927           
15 Rutland           1927-1944           
16 Rutland           1946-1958           
17 Ryder              1921-1931           
18 Saline (near Glenburn)            1911-1947           
19 Sanish             1921-1935           
20 Sanish             1938-1951           
21 Sawyer           1924-1927           
22 Sawyer           1927-1958           
23 Scranton Goldfield Baptist      1916-1917           
24 Souris              1930-1936           
25 St. Thomas    1921-1927           

Box 10:
1 Stanley              1920-1938           
2 Stanley              1938-1944           
3 Stanley              1944-1957           
4 Still Mission     1927-1928           
5 Stillwell (near Langdon)             1903-1936           
6 Tioga  1953-1958           
7 Tioga Project  1953-1954           
8 Tuttle 1925-1926           
9 Valley City        1914-1925           
10 Valley City     1926-1930           
11 Valley City     1930      
12 Valley City     1935-1946           
13 Valley City     1946-1955           
14 Van Hook       1928-1935           
15 Vang                1920-1941           
16 Velva               1920-1946           
17 Walhalla         1920-1924           
18 Westhope     1912-1922           
19 Williston         1925-1944           
20 Williston         1939-1951           
21 Wilson             1920-1938           
22 Zahl  1920-1938           
23 Zahl  1940-1945           

Personnel files

24 Anderson, Rev. A. G.                1925-1928           
25 Anderson, Frank R.    1928-1931           

Box 11:
1 Bibelheimer, Rev. A. W.             1945-1947           
2 Bibelheimer, Rev. A. W.             1948-1949           
3 Bibelheimer, Rev. A. W.             1950-1961           
4 Breding, Rev. Olaf        1920-1932           
5 Brown, Rev. C. F.          1926-1928           
6 Brown, Rev. C. F.          1931-1932           
7 Brown, Rev. C. F.          1932-1935           
8 Brown, Rev. C. F.          1936-1938           
9 Brown, Rev. C. F.          1939-1940           
10 Brown, Rev. C. F.        1941-1942           
11 Brown, Rev. C. F.        1933-1943           
12 Bucknell, Rev. John   1923-1927           
13 Bucknell, Rev. John   1931-1956           
14 Carlson, Carl H.            1922-1923           
15 Courts, Rev. R.             1928-1932           
16 Crawford, Isabel         1921      
17 Dodgson, Arthur S.    1929-1937           
18 Dryden, Rev. J. G.      1922-1923           
19 Ekstrom, Rev. P. O.    1922-1932           
20 Entner, Chas. L.           1930-1933           
21 Feldus, Rev. A. J.        1930-1936           
22 Finwall, Rev. C. W.     1922-1932           
23 Flaming, Rev. J. H.      1929-1953           
24 Gamble, Rev. J. H.      1930-1936           

Box 12:
1 Gregg, Rev. S. E.            1925-1930           
2 Hallgrimson, Rev. O. H.               1926-1935           
3 Hanson, Rev. Ray O.    1935      
4 Hill, Rev. C. J.  1920-1922           
5 Hill, Rev. C. J.  1925      
6 Hill, Rev. C. J.  1926-1927           
7 Hupp, Rev. J. M.            1928-1930           
8 Jacobson, Rev. O. S.    1920-1932           
9 Johnson, Rev. Howard               1928-1932           
10 Johnson, Rev. L. R.     1921-1926           
11 Johnson, Paul E.          1924-1929           
12 Johnson, Reinhert J. 1926      
13 Jordan, Dr. Edward F.               1920      
14 Jorgenson, Rev. H.     1934-1935           
15 Karns, Chester             1927      
16 Kjenstad, Rev. B.        1921-1937           
17 Koslow, Henry             1935-1937           
18 Kruschwitz, Rev. Reuben        1954-1956           
19 Larson, Rev. Ole          1923-1924           
20 Lenning, Lloyd             1928-1930           
21 Lorentzen, Rev. P. F. 1928-1929           
22 Lorentzen, Rev. P. F. 1929-1932           
23 Lorentzen, Rev. P. F. 1922-1934           
24 Lowlow, Rev. C. C.     1924-1926           
25 McBain, Rev. I. D.       1922-1932           
26 McCoy, Rev. Noah E.                1923-1947           
27 McDermid, Rev. J.      1919-1929           
28 McGahey, A. A.           1921-1924           
29 McKinnon, Rev. L.      1921-1932           
30 Monnes, Rev. Erling  1922-1926           
31 Monnes, Rev. Erling  1926-1927           
32 Monnes, Rev. Erling  1927-1929           
33 Monnes, Rev. Erling  1928-1930           

Box 13:
1 Monnes, Rev. Erling    1929-1930           
2 Monnes, Rev. Erling    1931-1932           
3 Monnes, Rev. Erling    1933-1934           
4 Monnes, Rev. Erling    1935-1939           
5 Monnes, Rev. Erling    1936-1937           
6 Monnes, Rev. Erling    1937-1952           
7 Nelson, Rev. Kenneth                1935      
8 Nesdoly, Rev. Nestor  1919-1921           
9 Nesdoly, Rev. Nestor  1922-1925           
10 Newcomb, Rev. George          1920-1929           
11 Nystrom, Rev. Phillip E.            1923-1925           
12 Nystrom, Rev. Phillip E.            1925-1926           
13 Osborn, Rev. Willard 1930-1943           
14 Peterson, Rev. A. E.  1920-1923           
15 Peterson, Rev. Fredrick C.      1943-1945           
16 Peterson, Rev. Fredrick C.      1943-1945           
17 Pielstick, Rev. Don F. 1938-1950           
18 Pilcher, H. B. 1922-1926           
19 Pool, Rev. Wm. E.       1925-1927           
20 Pool, Rev. Wm. E.       1928-1932           
21 Preston, Rev. Roy      1946-1947                           
22 Rabine, Rev. Edwin    1928-1929           
23 Radke, Rev. Walter C.               1937-1945           

Box 14:
1 Rahn, Rev. Henry S.     1939-1945           
2 Romick, Rev. Wilbur    1958-1959           
3 Rothery, Rev. George 1945-1953           
4 Rueb, Rev. Dan J.          1939-1943           
5 Rueb, Rev. Dan J.          1943-1947           
6 Rueb, Rev. Dan J.          1944-1945           
7 Sandberg, Rev. LeRoy H.           1953-1957           
8 Sanford, Rev. Arthur L.               1935-1937           
9 Schmidt, Rev. Robert J.              1944-1947           
10 Schock, Rev. Adolph 1921-1922           
11 Schroeder, Rev. G. P.               1936-1938           
12 Schroeder, Rev. G. P.               1937-1938           
13 Schroeder, Rev. G. P.               1939-1940           
14 Schroeder, Rev. G. P.               1941-1943           
15 Seaquist, Rev. Carl J. 1941-1943           
16 Sharp, Rev. W. E.        1920-1922           
17 Siemers, Rev. John A.               1942-1944           
18 Siemers, Rev. John A.               1945-1947           
19 Simko, Rev. Andrew 1938-1943           
20 Sivertson, Olaf             1923-1925           
21 Smith, Rev. Gordon C. V.        1944-1948           
22 Spiller, Rev. J. R.          1923-1931           
23 Sprong, Rev. G. E.      1924-1926           
24 Stackhouse, Rev. Aaron          1943-1945           
25 Start, Rev. J. N.            1919-1926           

Box 15:
1 Steffenson, Rev. John                1941-1945           
2 Stockton, Rev. F. E.      1920-1938           
3 Stolberg, Rev. L. M.     1919-1920           
4 Stolberg, Rev. L. M.     1921      
5 Stolberg, Rev. L. M.     1922      
6 Stolberg, Rev. L. M.     1922-1924           
7 Stolberg, Rev. L. M.     1925-1930           
8 Stolberg, Rev. L. M.     1923      
9 Stull, Rev. Chas. W.      1928-1931           
10 Stull, Rev. Chas. W.    1932-1936           
11 Stump, Rev. John S.  1920-1925           
12 Stump, Rev. John S.  1925-1928           
13 Summer Pastors         1949-1953           
14 Swanson, Rev. F. H.   1936-1943
15 Swanson, Rev. F. H.   1944-1948           
16 Swenson, Rev. Birger               1935-1947          
17 Teske, Rev. Arthur Wm.          1944-1948           
18 Thorlakson, Rev. B. H.              1927-1930           
19 Thorlakson, Rev. B. H.              1931      

Box 16:
1 Thorlakson, Rev. B. H. 1931-1934           
2 Thorlakson, Rev. B. H. 1935-1937           
3 Thorlakson, Rev. B. H. 1937-1938           
4 West, Rev. North E.     1939-1945           
5 Weyhrauch, Rev. W. A.              1922-1924           
6 Widen, Rev. Henry F.  1931-1938           
7 Wiegand, Rev. Roy E.  1942-1947           
8 Wiegand, Rev. Roy E.  1948-1949           
9 Wiegand, Rev. Roy E.  1951-1954           
10 Wiegand, Rev. Roy E.                1954-1955           
11 Wiegand, Rev. Roy E.                1950-1956           
12 Wiegand, Rev. Roy E.                1957-1960           
13 Williams, Dr. C. C.       1920-1951           
14 Wyrick, Rev. H. M.     1924-1941           
15 Yeend, Rev. David      1955-1957           
16 Young, Clifford Y.        1938-1958           

Financial records

17 Audit               1924-1929           
18 Audit               1930-1935           
19 Audit               1936-1939           
20 Audit               1940-1942           
21 Audit               1943-1946           

Box 17:
1 Audit  1947-1949           
2 Audit  1950-1953           
3 Audit  1954-1955           
4 Audit  1956      
5 Audit  1957-1960           
6Audit   1961-1963           
7 Audit  1964-1965           
8 Audit  1966-1969           
9 Congregational Ledger               1927-1939           
10 Missionary Giving Ledger        1954-1959           
11 Convention Ledger    1925-1961           
12 Missions Ledger          1962-1968           
13 Forward for Christ Campaign Ledger  1963-1968           
14 Treasurer       1918-1937           
15 Clippings Scrapbook  1880-1899           
16 Ledger, General          1924-1927           
17 Account Book              1920-1960           

Box 18:
1 Operating Accounts     1924-1925           
2 Journal, General           1930-1960           
3 Youth Fellowship Journal          1947-1960           
4 Clippings Scrapbooks  1865-1933           

Congregation records

5 Aneta Record Book      1888-1900           
6 Coleharbor Community Baptist Class Books      1953      
7 Coleharbor Community Baptist Class Books      1953-1955           
8 Coleharbor First Baptist Record Book   1932-1945           
9 Coleharbor First Baptist Record Book   1936-1946           
10 Stillwell Branch (of Langdon) Record  1900-1901           

Box 19:
1 Cash Book        1943-1953           
2 Cash Book        1953-1955           
3 Cash Journal   1955-1961    

Box 20:
1 Northwest Baptist Association minutes, June 1946-March 1978
2 Northwest Association minutes, 1975-1977 (loose)
3 Miscellaneous printed materials:
Thirty-Fourth annual meeting, Bismarck (ND), July 14-16, 1914
Fortieth Anniversary program, Fargo (ND), October 3-7, 1923
Sheyenne River Association (Ellendale, ND) program, May 1934

Box 21: Photographs 10468-001 – 10468-094 (SEE PHOTOGRAPH INVENTORY BELOW)
Box 22: Photographs 10468-095 – 10468-173
Box 23: Photographs 10468-174 – 10468-249
Box 24: Photographs 10468-250 – 10468-318
Box 25: Photographs 10468-319 – 10468-403
Box 26: Photographs 10468-404 – 10468-484
Box 27: Photographs 10468-485 – 10468-560
Box 28: Photographs 10468-561 – 10468-647
Box 29: Photographs 10468-648 – 10468-726
Box 30: Photographs 10468-727 – 10468-816
Box 31: Photographs 10468-817 – 10468-920
Box 32: Photographs 10468-921 – 10468-1000
Box 33: Photographs 10468-1001 – 10468-1089
Box 34: Photographs 10468-1090 – 10468-1130
Box 35: Photographs 10468-1131 – 10468-1221
Box 36: Photographs 10468-1222 – 10468-1237
Box 37: Photographs 10468-1223, 1230, 1231, 1233

Box 38:
 “North Dakota Baptist Half-Century Book: Churches and Biographies,” Fred E. Stockton, 1934 (10468-1238 – 10468-1330)
“A Golden Jubilee Project: Authorized by the Board of Managers of the North Dakota Baptist State Convention,” Fred E. Stockton (General Superintendent), 1934 (Photographs 10468-1331 – 10468-1359)

Box 39: Negatives 10468-1360 – 10468-1526

- 1928 Baptist Church history chart
- Missions budget poster
- Missions quota poster
- certificate of corporation for the Rolla Baptist Church, 1903

Photograph Inventory:
10468-01              (unlabeled) panoramic
10468-02              Bird’s Eye View of Lake Metigoshe
10468-03              Baptist Service Assembly – Valley City Chautauqua Grounds – 1929
10468-04              Baptist World Alliance Fourth Congress – Toronto Canada – June 1928
10468-05              Rev. Ben Armstrong
10468-06              M. Forest Ashbrook
10468-07              Rev. William Axling
10468-08              Homer J. Armstrong
10468-09              Mrs. Ben W. Armstrong
10468-10              Rev. John S. Anderson
10468-11              Rev. Bengt I. Anderson
10468-12              Ralph T. Andem
10468-13              W. W. Adams
10468-14              Elmer C. Adams
10468-15              (unlabeled)
10468-16              C. G. Brownville
10468-17              Rev. M. E. Bratcher
10468-18              Miss Emma Brodbeck
10468-19              Mrs. J. W. Bradbury
10468-20              Rev. Lewis A. Brown
10468-21              Rev. Earl E. Brock
10468-22              Helen Benjamin
10468-23              Rev. August A. Berg
10468-24 – 25     Rev. G. Pitt Beers
10468-26              Rev. Edwin A. Bell
10468-27              Noble Y. Beall
10468-28              Elmer W. Bostow
10468-29 – 31     (unlabeled)
10468-32              Dr. C. Boddie
10468-33              Miss Dorothy Bucklin
10468-34              Fabian Bachrach
10468-35 – 36     (unlabeled)
10468-37              Rev. B. P. Browne
10468-38              Alice Bixby
10468-39              Rev. Orville R. Chapman
10468-40              Dr. Charles Carman
10468-41              E. H. Clayton
10468-42 – 43     Rev. Charles L. Conrad
10468-44              Paul Converse
10468-45              Lavinia Crocker
10468-46              Miss Victoria Christenson
10468-47              G. D. Creasman
10468-48              Miss Lettie G. Archer
10468-49              Dr. E. S. Downs
10468-50 – 51     Rev. Roy B. Deer
10468-52              Edwin T. Dahlberg
10468-53              Miss Esther Davis
10468-54              Rev. Alfred C. Davis        
10468-55              W. A. Diman
10468-56              Miss Barbara Dodson
10468-57              Dr. W. A. Diman
10468-58              Rev. John P. Davies
10468-59              Esther Davis
10468-60              Miss Lea B. Edgar
10468-61              Lea Blanche Edgar
10468-62              Nils J. Engelson
10468-63              Frederick L. Essex
10468-64              Beatrice Ericson
10468-65              Edwin Erickson
10468-66              Dr. H. M. Freas
10468-67              S. S. Feldmann
10468-68              Sandford Flemming
10468-69              Mrs. Elmer A. Fridell
10468-70 – 71     Miss Mary Beth Fulton 
10468-72              Art Gilmore
10468-73              Rev. E. H. Geidt
10468-74              Rev. John E. Geil
10468-75              Franklin Gering
10468-76              Rev. Dean Goodwin
10468-77              Mrs. A. LeGrand
10468-78              (unlabeled)
10468-79              Dr. Randolph Howard
10468-80              Richard Hoiland
10468-81              Mrs. John A. Howard
10468-82              Mrs. Maurice B. Hodge
10468-83 – 85     Miss Anne Hansen
10468-86              Lewis M. Hale
10468-87              Clifford Hansen
10468-88              Frithjov Iversen
10468-89 – 90     Alice Jorgenson
10468-91              Emil P. Johnson
10468-92              C. Oscar Johnson
10468-93              Elsie Kappen
10468-94              James B. Kent
10468-95              Dr. Kepner
10468-96              James B. Kent
10468-97              Dr. Haakon Knudsen
10468-98              Rev. Perry L. Jackson
10468-99              (unlabeled)
10468-100            Rev. Dr. Wilfred Jarvis
10468-101            Rev. Raymond P. Jennings
10468-102            Rev. Harold V. Jensen
10468-103            Elsie Kappen
10468-104            Mrs. E. H. Kinney
10468-105            J. C. Killian
10468-106            Rev. Emil Kontz
10468-107            Dr. C. W. Koller
10468-108            Rev. Marple Lewis
10468-109            A. D. Merrill
10468-110          Rev. Carrol Oscar Morong, B.D. – On May _____ I will receive my Doctor of Theology degree (ThD) from Boston University                    
10468-111          A. M. Merga
10468-112          Dr. Jitsuo Morikawa
10468-113          (unlabeled)
10468-114          Miss Estelle Marlin
10468-115          Rev. C. O. Mardug
10468-116          Augustin Masa
10468-117          Rev. Luman F. Marsh
10468-118          Mrs. Charles R. Manley
10468-119          Miss Clara Olds
10468-120          Rev. Thorbjorn Olsen
10468-121          Russell S. Orr
10468-122          Dr. Curtis Nims, N.B. Seminary
10468-123          Rev. J. Nicholson
10468-124          Rev. Otto Nallinger
10468-125          Reuben E. Nelson
10468-126          Ada L. Nelson
10468-127          Rev. W. Hubert Porter
10468-128          Edwin W. Parsons
10468-129          Mrs. W. A. Petzeldt
10468-130          Dr. Bredahl Peterson
10468-131          Sidney W. Powell
10468-132          Edwin Phelps
10468-133          J. C. Robbins
10468-134          Ezra Roth
10468-135          Dr. Mark Rich
10468-136          Miss Miriam Robinson
10468-137          Rev. Edwin H. Tuller
10468-138          George W. Swope
10468-139          (unlabeled)
10468-140          Ada P. Stearns
10468-141          Mr. Leonard Autajay
10468-142          Ernest E. Smith
10468-143          Rose Williams
10468-144          Dr. W. S. Shanks
10468-145          Mrs. J. B. Schurtzgebel
10468-146          Rev. John Selander
10468-147          Miss Hazel Shank
10468-148          Rev. Arthur L. Sanford
10468-149          Milton R. Schroeder
10468-150          Rev. Harold A. Schlink
10468-151          Rev. Dr. Edwin H. Tuller
10468-152          Glen W. Tuttle
10468-153          C. A. Thunn
10468-154          Rev. John Thomas
10468-155          Rev. Fred Robert Tiffany
10468-156          Rev. J. E. Lanquist
10468-157          W. Drew Varney
10468-158          Rev. James M. Wood
10468-159          Dorothy M. Wiseman
10468-160 – 161 (unlabeled)
10468-162 – 163 Rev. Thorleif Wathne
10468-164          Mrs. Milo E. Wenger
10468-165          Dr. E. B. Willinghom
10468-166          V. Young
10468-167 – 168 (unlabeled)
10468-169          Dr. Frank A. Smith
10468-170          Dr. John W. Decker
10468-171          Dr. Paul T. Losh
10468-172          W. H. Bowles
10468-173          (unlabeled)
10468-174          Leslie Gibson – Left
10468-175          Rev. John Carnegie
10468-176          Bethel Baptist Church - Powers Lake, ND
10468-177          Rev. Charles McClain (head of table) and Rev. Clifford Nuss (raised finger)
10468-178          Rev. Ray Reeder of Berthold
10468-179          Rev. David Wisthoff – Glenburn Church
10468-180          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Men eating ice cream for lunch on a hot day in July, after the tar roof had been removed and floor laid
10468-181          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Original setting of the basement
10468-182          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Resting and lunching
10468-183          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Erick Ek, Glen Rolfe, and Rev. Knuth wheeling and dumping the cement
10468-184          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Reuben Enander, William Nelson, and Erick Ek working with forms
10468-185          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Laying roof boards
10468-186          First Baptist Church of Stanley – At work on the steeple
10468-187          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Building forms – Men, D.V.B.S. teachers, and cooks – 1941
10468-188          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Building of forms
10468-189          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Men in tower after bell was set in place
10468-190          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Placing of rafters
10468-191          First Baptist Church of Stanley – After the bell was hoisted
10468-192          Ruby (Enander) Walters from Stanley
10468-193          Boston N.B.C. (Center rear) Dr. Roy Hodges (Right) Rev. Roy Weigand
10468-194          (Foreground) Rev. Alfred Bibelheimer
10468-195          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Parsonage – Wrecker with bell, moving it to hoist the bell in the tower
10468-196          First Baptist Church of Stanley – Parsonage – front view
10468-197          David Wisthoff (speaking) November 1965
10468-198 – 201 First Baptist Church of Rutland, ND – Building was purchased from another
congregation and moved into town.
10468-202          Rev. Roy Weigand standing in front of new building of First Baptist Church of Bismarck at 3rd and Divide
10468-203          Rev. and Mrs. Andy Sinko – Rutland Baptist Church
10468-204          Rev. Earl Grubb (right)
10468-205          Gene Spichke- Kief (left) and Arwayne Dexter (right)
10468-206 – 207 Rodney Kephardt
10468-208          Rev. David Wisthoff (mostly hidden by Mervin Anderson’s head in front of window) Mervin Anderson of Williston (in front of Rev. Wisthoff) Earl Nelson of Stanley (to right of Mr. Anderson) Rev. Bob Foster of Berthold (to right of Mr. Nelson) and Rev. Glenn Bradford (far right)
10468-209          N.D. Baptist Convention registration at First Baptist Church of Fargo.  Rodney Kephardt standing at table
10468-210          (left to right) Rev. Bob Foster, ?, Rev. Charles McClain, Clifford Nuss
10468-211          Dr. John Barbour
10468-212          Fred Maack – Lisbon (left)
10468-213          Ellendale
10468-214          First Baptist Church Lisbon
10468-215          Construction is proceeding rapidly on the new edifice in which American Baptists in Killdeer will worship.  The Killdeer Baptist Church, in the heart of North Dakota ranching country, was organized in 1913.  The Rev. Theodore Hopkins is pastor.
10468-216          Rev. Clifford A. Nuss (extreme left) visits with an American Baptist Fellowship group in rural Newport.  Within three miles of the Canadian border this group of interested American Baptists contributed more than $800 to American Baptist mission causes in 1964.
10468-217          The Rev. Clifford A. Nuss (1) and the Rev. Howard Amstutz and Rodney Kephart talk with contractor O. W. Fors (next to Mr. Nuss) outside the new boys’ shower building at Camp Bentley. This and similar girls’ facilities as well as accommodation for the dining hall and kitchen have been made possible by the North Dakota Forward for Christ program.  As churches continue their campaign remittances, other Forward for Christ projects can be completed across the state.
10468-218          New Baptist Youth Fellowship officers in North Dakota. (l to r) Sharon Erickson, Parshall, 1st vice president; Penny Witt, Minot, secretary; Maryanne Satterthwaite, New Town, treasurer; Lee Tangedahl, Bismarck, president; and Rev. Benjamin A. Friend, Powers Lake, pastor advisor.
10468-219          North Dakota Baptist Convention Executive Secretary, Dr. John A. Barbour, (1) accepts $1000 check from Virgil Fegley, Berthold Baptist Finance Committee chairman ad Rev. Ray Reeder (center) pastor looks on.
 10468-220          (l to r) Mark Bekkedahl, LaDonne Damson and Jeff Bekkedahl, members of the Williston Baptist Sunday Church School, examine fruit on the “attendance tree.”
10468-221          Jose
10468-222          Camp Bentley Calls – Indian youth ready for home after a week at Camp Bentley
10468-223          Camp Bentley Calls – A class in the open air beside Camp Bentley bell
10468-224          New church dedicated at Lisbon – Exterior view of the new First Baptist Church, Lisbon
10468-225          New church dedicated at Lisbon
10468-226          Baptist Pastor Meet – (left to right) The Rev. Earl V. Grubb, president of the North
Dakota Baptist State Convention; the Rev. Albert Lamm, North Dakota Superintendent of Missions for Southern Baptists; and the Rev. Clarence Larson, General Conference Baptist pastor, visit at all-Baptist
Pastors’ Conference at Jamestown College, Jamestown, ND
10468-227          The Rev. and Mrs. David Lydecker, Bottineau
10468-228          Killdeer dedicated the Killdeer Baptist Church
10468-229          Mrs. Leonard Potter (left) and Mrs. Jack Brophy (right) give a hair-do to a resident of Sheyenne Manor, Valley City, ND.  For the past two and a half years women of the First Baptist Church have spent Thursday afternoons on this errand of good will in the Lutheran Home.
10468-230          Registration of delegates and visitors to 81st annual meeting of the North Dakota Baptist Convention was well handled by Williston ladies
10468-231          Convention officers elected were; (left to right) Rev. Arthur Deneui, Minot, 2nd vice president; Miss Irene Froehlich, Fargo, secretary; Rev. Earl V. Grubb, Tioga, president; and Leslie Gibson,
Lisbon, 1st vice president.  Not shown in picture:  Boyd Knox, Fargo, treasurer
10468-232          Mrs. Dan Breding, Kenmare, presided at Women’s session
10468-233          What would a convention be without a book store and displays?  Mrs. Mervin Anderson (left) checks off a book for Mrs. Earl V. Grubb.
10468-234          New church dedicated at Lisbon – Interior view of the new First Baptist Church, Lisbon
10468-235          Dr. John A. Barbour (standing) and Dr. Roland Metzger of the ABFMS confer at Bismarck session of the Orientation conference.
10468-236          President-elect Mrs. Earl Satterthwaite.  Mrs. Earl Satterthwaite, New Town, was
elected president of the American Baptist Women of North Dakota during the women’s session of the state convention at Williston on October 4. She will take office at the time of the Women’s Conference next June. 
10468-237          Three well attended Orientation Conferences were held at Stanley, Bismarck, and Fargo with guest leadership including Rev. Dale Merrill, American Baptist Home Mission Societies, Rev. Lawrence Janssen, also of ABHMS, Miss Florence Stansbury, Board of Education and Publications, and Dr. Roland Metzger of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Societies.  (Seated far right, Dr. John A. Barbour)
10468-238          In spite of late harvesting operations, men’s meeting was well attended
10468-239          Rev. Cecil Robinson, Federated Church, Grand Forks, studies prospectus for School of Religion
10468-240          Berthold parsonage nears completion
10468-241          Rev. and Mrs. Ray Reeder, Berthold hold check for $1000, a contribution to the Forward for Christ Program by the Berthold Baptist Church of which Mr. Reeder is pastor.
10468-242          Boxes of clothing being sorted and packed for Church World Service at First Baptist Church, Fargo.  Packers are (left) Mrs. Robert Rust, president of the Women’s Mission Society, and (right) Mrs. Ralph Boggs, wife of the pastor.
10468-243          Kansas City will host annual convention
10468-244          Visiting another classroom
10468-245          Conference participants:  Rev. Glen Bradford, American Baptist, host pastor; Rev. Albert Lamm, Southern Baptist District missionary; and Rev. Clarence Larson, General Conference Baptist
pastor at Minot.
10468-246          Dr. John A. Barbour, Executive Secretary of the NDBSC confers with guest speaker Dr. J. Winston Pearce
10468-247          Baptist Chaplain Erickson discusses a counseling situation tape
10468-248          Young men at Pre-Military Conference in Minot toured Minot Air Force Base
10468-249          Dr. Orlandon Tibbetts spoke
10468-250          Retiring Sheyenne River Moderator Leslie Gibson of Lisbon (left) and newly elected moderator Rev. Douglas Morroe, Rutland.
10468-251          A spacious lounge
10468-252          The Rev. Hans G. Jorgenson stands beside on of his original painting which he presented to the First Baptist Church, Lisbon, on the last Sunday of his interim ministry there.  Mr. Jorgenson’s artistry has been acclaimed widely.
10468-253          They will enjoy their new classroom
10468-254          New table tops were much appreciated at Camp Bentley.  Carl Maack and Irvine Purdy were part of the volunteer work crew.
10468-255          Have you ever tried to put on one hundred mattress covers? – Camp Bentley – 1966
10468-256          First Baptist Church, Bismarck
10468-257          Camp Bentley 1966
10468-258          Barbara Swanson is congratulated by Mrs. Benjamin A. Friend, wife of the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Powers Lake
10468-259          A $225 contribution from the young people of North Dakota helped put up a new sign at Camp Bentley – 1966
10468-260          Killdeer
10468-261          Girls Trio
10468-262          John R. Parrish
10468-263          Sioux Falls College honors Executive Secretary – Ronald Kruschwitz is congratulated on his B.A. degree by the Rev. John A. Barbour
10468-264          Sioux Falls College honors Executive Secretary – North Dakota’s Executive Secretary congratulates Bonnie Anderson of Williston on her Cum Laude B.A. degree
10468-265          Capital funds campaign bears fruit – Building and Grounds Committee check blue prints for camp construction project
10468-266          Capital funds campaign bears fruit – Construction in progress at Camp Bentley
10468-267          Last service held in 82 year old building – A portion of the Lisbon congregation at worship in the last service in their 82 year old building
10468-268          Association dates set – (left to right) Host pastor, the Rev. Benjamin A. Friend, Powers Lake, and Northwest Association moderator, the Rev. Howard Amstutz, Drake, check over tentative program for annual association meeting.
10468-269          North Dakota study was two-year job
10468-270          Participants in ground breaking
10468-271          Improvements at Kenmare – Volunteer labor reduced the cost of major renovation of Kenmare Baptist Church to $3500, a saving of several thousand dollars
10468-272          Improvements at Kenmare – A portion of sanctuary showing new window, drapes and lighting.
10468-273          North Dakotan in Nurses’ Chorus – Priscilla Amstutz (left), daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Howard Amstutz of Drake, North Dakota, assists Mounds-Midway Chorus Director James P. Davies and other members of the nurses’ singing group move risers in preparation for a concert.  The nurses will visit three states presenting 17 concerts this spring.
10468-274          Canadian and American flags stand guard at the Peace Gardens on the border north of Bottineau.  American Baptists have a church at Bottineau.
10468-275          Chalk art by Rev. Hans G. Jorgenson, Williston, was special feature of association gathering
10468-276          Ministers meet across denominational lines - A male quartet at the banquet
10468-277          Ministers meet across denominational lines – The Rev. Theodore Hopkins, Killdeer (left) and the Rev. Ralph T. Boggs, Fargo (right) chat with area minister, the Rev. Clifford A. Nuss
10468-278          Ellendale
10468-279          Riverdale
10468-280          Bismarck
10468-281          Site of new ? – P. L. Carter Friend?
10468-282          Building at Camp Bentley
10468-283          State Capitol
10468-284          Bethel Baptist – Powers Lake
10468-285          Camp Sulley
10468-286          Clifford Nuss (left) Howard Amstatz (right)
10468-287 – 292 1964
10468-293          Karbenson Sangma – 1967
10468-294          Lisbon ND
10468-295 – 302 Killdeer new church  
10468-303          Miss Malvina Johnson, American Baptist Home Mission Societies, was association speaker
10468-304          Rev. Glen Bradford, Bismarck pastor, was speaker at pastor-laymen seminar at association
10468-305          Carl Elofson, Fargo, ND lawyer and vice president of North Dakota Baptist Men moderated pastor-laymen seminar
10468-306          Ministers meet across denominational lines – North American Conference and American Baptist pastors chat with Dr. Francis E. Whiting, director of evangelism for the Michigan Baptist Convention, one of the speakers at the Pastors’ Institute
10468-307          Director of the Study, Rev. Lawrence H. Janssen, checks some of the more than 150 pictures taken for the filmstrip which formed part of the report
10468-308          Pastors present and past attend the dedication:  Rev. and Mrs. Glen Bradford, Rev. and Mrs. R. E. Wiegand (now of Sparks, Nevada), and Rev. and Mrs. Clifford A. Nuss, Minot, North Dakota
10468-309          Rev. Glen Bradford visits with Mrs. Norma Rue
10468-310          Sioux Falls College honors executive secretary – Midwestern threesome:  Dr. Clifford F. Perron (left), Minnesota’s executive secretary, and Dr. Ralph Cobb (right) South Dakota’s executive, congratulate Dr. John A. Barbour, North Dakota’s executive, on the honor conferred on him.
10468-311 – 316 First Baptist Church – Kenmare ND
10468-317          Clifford C. Schaeffer (Rev.)
10468-318          The Larsons and Dr. Chester J. Jump
10468-319          Woodbury
10468-320          Glen H. Bradford – 1956
10468-321          Carry? Building from boat on Sakakawea
10468-322          Drayton Organizations – July 7, 1918
10468-323          Boating
10468-324          Picnic on shore
10468-325          Picnic
10468-326          July 1957
10468-327          The Faculty:  Miss Anne Meronuck, Miss Rose Samson, John Bucknell
10468-328          Arsene Meronuk’s home in Max, ND
10468-329          Bostov’s home south of Benedict
10468-330          The senior class – All of them confessed Christ.  P.S. there is Anne Meromuck who already confessed Christ before
10468-331          Some Russian Baptists – Martin, ND
10468-332          Jamestown Ministers’ Summer School – 1941
10468-333          Jamestown Pastor’s Summer School – 1940
10468-334          Not a toy car
10468-335          First Baptist Church, New Town
10468-336          Taken at Madison, S.D. during the Golden Jubilee Convention
10468-337          Car thieves did not dig this car out
10468-338          Fargo, ND
10468-339          Snow plow
10468-340          Williston chapel
10468-341          J. N. Jensen – Manchester Biscuit Co.
10468-342          Rev. Stockton – From Margaret Greenwood
10468-343          Steam and snow and frost in ND
10468-344          more eating
10468-345          Church at right of center – Boy’s dorm at left
10468-346          Rev. and Mrs. Liud? – 1st Swedish church
10468-347          Sawyer Sunday School – 1934
10468-348          Commandant’s Headquarters – Fort Buford
10468-349          Guthrie
10468-350          Mrs. C. F. Brim’s? first school held in the summer of 1934, 19 miles from Westerheim, ND
10468-351          A group of us working on the foundation and floor of John Danillson’s home.  Stanton, July, 1946
10468-352          Mrs. Darling (3) Mrs. Hirshby? (2) 1933
10468-353          Nordell’s house – Kenmare
10468-354          Group at Little Missouri Horse Co. Ranch
10468-355          Northwestern Association 1917
10468-356          Delegates and visitors at the Northwestern Baptist Association (North Dakota) annual meeting, June 9th and 10th, 1936.  Photograph taken in front of improvised threshing machine “cook cars” standing beside the parsonage.  Photo by Henry F. Widen, Minot, ND at Newport, ND.
10468-357          Mrs. Stafford, Mrs. Kippen, Mrs. Hoceston, myself at 50th anniversary of Tongue River Church
10468-358          Taken August 21st, 1930 on the S. ? place west of Killdeer, ND.  It shows Albert, Elmer, John, and Alec Dvimak?, whom I baptized September 8th, 1929 on the Diamond C. Ranch. They are exceptionally fine boys – good Christians and hard workers.  It is taken in a wheat field where two of the boys are helping thresh. 
10468-359          ND Baptist Camp – Chapel being set on foundation
10468-360          Cole Family – Roseglen
10468-361          Original basement – 1910              
10468-362          ND Baptist Golden Jubilee
10468-363 – 365 Taken at the time of dedication of the Four Bears Bridge – June 1934
10468-366          Commandant’s House – Fort Buford
10468-367          Moe – Valley City
10468-368          Scene of Custer Massacre 1876
10468-369          Calling for religious ceremonial
10468-370          From Thorlakson
10468-371          Pastors’ Summer School – Jamestown College – 1936
10468-372          Brother John Colson and myself.  He was led to Christ May 24th, 1931 at the age of 72 and is a happy convert.  This is his house where he has “batched” it for some 26 years.
10468-373          Deacon C. R. Reed – Fargo – First Baptist Church in the early 1880’s
10468-374          Rev. Johnson – 1st Pastor
10468-375          Minot Immanuel
10468-376          Taken April 19, 1936 at Powers Lake at the dedicating service of the new V8 to  Colporter? work under Charles F. Brown.  The car was bought of Mr. Sellie who stands with a hat in his hand.  The Brown family stands around him.           
10468-377          December 1948
10468-378          Stanley Baptist Church, December 15, 1948.  After Tower was build and first coat of paint
10468-379          Stanley Baptist Church as it stands
10468-380          Stanley Baptist Church as it stands today – November 21, 1942
10468-381          Stanley Baptist Church - June 1948 – Before sidewalks were laid
10468-382          Stanley Baptist Church – July 25, 1948.  After sidewalks were laid – L. R. Michelson – Pastor
10468-383          Stanley Baptist Church – June 1948 – Before sidewalks were laid
10468-384          Baptism – Sanish – July 9, 1933
10468-385          Baptism scene at Sanish this summer, 1933.  24 baptized into the church.  Some of the men in the water waiting their turn.  People looking on only part of the crowd.
10468-386          Sawyer Baptist Church – Gordon D. Mohr, Pastor – March 1947
10468-387          Rev. Hodges – 60th Anniversary
10468-388          C. F. Brown leaves home – Colporter Brown and his family in front of his home in Dickinson, ND
10468-389          Mr. and Mrs. Nels Johnson – Calvary Baptist Church – United with Scandinavian Church in 1887 or 1889
10468-390          Gibb ranch north of Sanish
10468-391          South of George Rogers (White Earth) Missouri River – Car faces east and a little north – arrow on picture shows a large slice of land sagging, ready to fall in the river.  Wheat shocks have disappeared and others ready to go down.  It has been expected for years the river will cut across to the southeast and leave a big island there.
10468-392          Mrs. D. Maxwell, responsible for organization of church – Roseglen
10468-393          Rev. R. C. Barry in baptistery in Bottineau Baptist Church.
10468-394          Myrtle, Mrs. Mary Williams and Mrs. H. F. Graves – Cavalier
10468-395          Backwaters of the Missouri River west of Sanish taken early in the spring of 1932
10468-396          Group picture taken at Plaza after afternoon service.  The attendance has ranged from 30 to 36.  Rev. Frank Anderson
10468-397          S. O. Borsheim and Family – Zahl
10468-398          Medical clinic on wheels – Philippines – Summer of 1947 – Auto purchased with WMC   funds – Doctors and nurses conduct evangelistic services each evening.
10468-399          I was visiting our churches on the Islands of the Inland Sea, Japan, when I took this picture last August.  Young man is a Baptist Theological student. Dr. John Foote in background – 1947
10468-400          State Sanitarium, Dunseith, ND
10468-401          Near Max, ND
10468-402          Northwestern Association, Bottineau 1935
10468-403          Cavalier Church
10468-404          Taken August 9th, 1932.  Myself, Brother Stolberg, and old Swedish missionary, Mrs. Stolberg, and their youngest child Florence
10468-405          Charter members of Newfort? Church – Taken June 1936
10468-406          Minister since 1930
10468-407          Taken August 9th, 1932 at the Russian Baptist Church, Killdeer, ND – about 60 people were present
10468-408          Taken at Fryburg, ND, September , 28, 1930 – the schoolhouse
10468-409          This is a bazaar meeting.  Here we reach all classes of people.  We usually sell a dozen or more gospels each time and give away great number of tracts
10468-410          A charter member of Bottineau Baptist Church – previous to her death donated $200  towards paying for a heating plant.
10468-411          I crossed Little Missouri across from Scott Gare ranch October 14, 1932.  It was quite safe but “must keep-a-going while in the water.”  Picture taken after sundown
10468-412          Mrs. Eleanor Lurner – A charter member of the First Baptist Church – Bottineau – still living age 97 years
10468-413          Roseglen
10468-414          Primary class of Baptist church  - Agnes Mortenson, Teacher – Roseglen – Willie Cole in rear, Ruth, Dorothy on porch, Edwin next to Agnes
10468-415          Roseglen – Tent meeting held at Raub?
10468-416          Mr. Sellie and the new Ford V8 with the Brown family inside
10468-417          John Nordel – Kenmare
10468-418          Rev. Charles W. Stull
10468-419          Erling Monnes – Pastor Bethel Norwegian Baptist Church
10468-420          Rev. Charles F. Skager on his birthday, March 12.  81 years old.
10468-421          Larson
10468-422          Dr. Z. B. Palmer
10468-423          C. Bischof – Interim Pastor – 1920-1921
10468-424          We are standing on the very spot which is considered the highest spot in North Dakota, 3,468 feet.  The background is land several hundred feet below
10468-425          Berg
10468-426          Taken at Golden Jubilee Celebration Tongue River Church, July 7, 1933.  Rev. A. Sullivan of Mapleton Oregon pastor here 40 years ago standing in center John F. Kippen seated in shirt sleeves
10468-427          Mrs. E. B. Larson and children
10468-428          Road Agents’ graves, Virginia City, Montana
10468-429          (unlabeled) We welcome you tonight and hope to see you every Sunday night at our young people’s meeting at 7:00 pm
10468-430          (unlabeled)
10468-431          Opened for settlement 1912
10468-432          Opened for settlement 1916
10468-433          Bethel Baptist Church
10468-434          Back of this sign a row of old fort buildings used to stand.  The foundations and basements are still visible.  Fort Rice, ND, August 9th, 1932
10468-435          (unlabeled)
10468-436          One way traffic in ND
10468-437          Picture taken on the High Stevenson ranch south of Alexander
10468-438          Round log house – Arikara Indians
10468-439          Sawyer Sunday School – 1934
10468-440          Newport church
10468-441          First Baptist Church – Kenmare, ND – Taken spring 1951 – Rev. Wayne Gordon, Pastor
10468-442          Pastor’s Institute Leaders – Bismarck 1928.  Stockton, Kuhn, McDonald, Griffin
10468-443          Baptist Parsonage, Stanley, ND
10468-444          Kenmare Summer Assembly Delegation – 1930 1. Daphne Erickson 2. Otto Carlson 3. Ruth Hjort 4. Evelyn Jones 5. Emil Benson 6. Ella Hanson 7.  Carol Anderson 8. Carl Oberg 9. Mrs. Irvin Purdy 10. Edward Janes
10468-445          Niobe? Baptist Church – Rev. Wayne Gordon, Pastor – Spring 1951
10468-446          Greetings from your KRMC radio pastor Rev. E. McCoy with Mrs. McCoy and Arva Dell
10468-447          Mrs. Christina Wehr – Anamoose, ND
10468-448          Camp Bentley 1947
10468-449          The girl with me is Miss Sze (say “s” and “z” in one motion of mouth) our Chinese music teacher, my coworker.  She is a peach of a girl and a very earnest Christian.
10468-450          Rev. Lester Pech
10468-451          Northern Baptist Convention
10468-452          Akinson?, Hale, Mueller
10468-453          Epps
10468-454          Sanford
10468-455          Rev. S.O. Haram Family
10468-456          Baptist Summer Camp – Lake Metigoshe, ND – The President of the State Convention gets to know his regional director
10468-457          Erickson’s – Kenmare – This was taken in Spokane. We are not dressed up; I have an apron and Mr. E. his old clothes – notice the boots.
10468-458          John Guken – 50 year boys
10468-459          C.W.C.L. Tree
10468-460          J. H. Flaming
10468-461          Rev. G. M. Sutherland – Cardiff, Sask. Canada – Newport
10468-462          J. C. Schweitzer – Cathay
10468-463          This is our wedding photo but I’m sure it will serve the purpose for which I sent it
10468-464          Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Knuth
10468-465          Noah McCary
10468-466          Rev. Perry L. Jackson
10468-467          Valley City Park
10468-468          Teske’s
10468-469          Baptism Summer Camp – Lake Metigoshe, ND – Denominational leaders and local pastors get to know one another as Christian brothers
10468-470          Henry S. Rahn – Ellendale
10468-471          Olaf Carl Hogfelt – Rutland
10468-472          James L. Kraft
10468-473          Rev. and Mrs. Carlton Christianson
10468-474          Lester D. Peek – Powers Lake
10468-475          Camp Bentley Bible Camp – Drake, ND
10468-476          Surveying – March 1947
10468-477          Mess Hall while still at Trenton
10468-478          December 1965
10468-479          Great Northern Reservoir – Stanley 1933
10468-480          First Baptist Church – Ellendale ND
10468-481          Rev. George W. King – Fargo
10468-482          Mr. and Mrs. Lenning and John
10468-483          Rev. D. M. Jorgensen
10468-484          C. F. Brown
10468-485          Newport
10468-486          Norma, ND
10468-487          Koslow
10468-488          Roseglen Church
10468-489          Gerhard and Gertrude Schoeder
10468-490          A. F. Sivanson – Newport
10468-491          Community Skating Rink – Bottineau, ND
10468-492          (unlabeled)
10468-493          Rev. Francis Cook – taken Nov. 1954
10468-494          Laying of cornerstone
10468-495          Rev. E. A. Valiant – Pastor of Bottineau Baptist Church at one time – now Pastor of  Brainard, MN
10468-496          Mrs. and Mrs. P. O. Bohin, Alexandria, Minnesota; Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Lindh
10468-497          Harold Harris, Stepson, Mrs. Anna Bentley, donor, Oscar Benson, Attorney, Roy W.  Hodges, Executive Secretary
10468-498          Boston N.B.C. – A Klenisason, Mrs. Carl Maack, Rev. Roy Weigand
10468-499          Rev. George Kline
10468-500          Birds eye view of the country west of the “Mountains”
10468-501 – 502 Bank of ND
10468-503          Morton County
10468-504          Spring Rye 1917 Crop – I. P. Baker Farm, Bismarck, ND
10468-505          Western ND
10468-506          Black Oats – Seed from New Zealand – I. P. Baker Farm, Bismarck, ND
10468-507          Missouri Bottom – 3rd Cutting Alfalfa
10468-508          North Dakota
10468-509          Spring Rye – 1917 Crop - I. P. Baker Farm, Bismarck
10468-510          View of the Medicine Hole Point which is above the village of Oakdale
10468-511          Traill County
10468-512          The Burnstad Family – North Dakota
10468-513          Morton County Bad Lands Stock Ranch
10468-514          Wheat – Stark County
10468-515          State Convention
10468-516          Burleigh County Flint Corn
10468-517          West of river
10468-518          Flax
10468-519          Calvary Baptist Church – Bethel Theological Seminary Class of 1922
10468-520          Calvary Baptist Church – Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Hanson – Morehead
10468-521          Calvary Baptist Church – Watching Races 1917
10468-522          Calvary Baptist Church – One of the Races 1917
10468-523          Calvary Baptist Church – 1929
10468-524          Calvary Baptist Church – Waiting for the eats – 1917
10468-525          Calvary Baptist Church – Nelson 4
10468-526          Calvary Baptist Church – 1929
10468-527          Calvary Baptist Church – Rev. Fullto (where x is) 1917
10468-528          Calvary Baptist Church – 1929
10468-529          Calvary Baptist Church – 1929
10468-530          Calvary Baptist Church – Mr. Nels Johnson watching the coffee boil – 1917
10468-531          Calvary Baptist Church – 1921
10468-532          Calvary Baptist Church – Ready to start 1921
10468-533          Calvary Baptist Church – Race 1921
10468-534          Calvary Baptist Church – Boy Scouts 1917               
10468-535 – 536 10th Anniversary Greetings – Radio Pastor N. E. McCoy and Family – Monday to Friday 9:45 – Saturday & Sunday 8:30 – 600 on your dial
10468-537          View of Education building – First Baptist Church, Williston, ND
10468-538          First Baptist Church, Williston, ND
10468-539          Glenburn
10468-540          Grafton
10468-541           (unlabeled)
10468-542          Walhalla Memorial
10468-543          Rev. & Mrs. Bulchelor
10468-544          This picture is of the Vany? Baptist Church, Taken the 17th of July, 1917 at a Sunday School gathering
10468-545          Fairmount Church and Parsonage
10468-546          Sanish from Crow High
10468-547          Taken at the time of dedication of Four Bears Bridge – June 1934
10468-548          General Scott as an Indian Chief – Fort Union, July 17-26 
10468-549          Nordell
10468-550          U.S. Indian School Glee Club, Bismarck, ND
10468-551          White-Man-Runs-Him - The last of four famous Crow Scouts attached to the command of Major-General George A. Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn
10468-552          Loren Briar 1930
10468-553          Rev. and Mrs. A. Guenther – Served from September 1st, 1918 to March 1st, 1920
10468-554 – 555 (unlabeled)
10468-556          White Stone Hill Battle Monument
10468-557          Rev. O. S. Jacobson – Bismarck
10468-558          Rev. George Rotheny 1953
10468-559          Romick Boys 1959
10468-560          Mrs. Romick – 1959 – there are 3 children 8, 6, and 1 year old
10468-561          Romick
10468-562          Rev. F. C. Peterson – Northern Seminary
10468-563          Rev. F. C. Peterson
10468-564          Rev. R. Courts – Cavalier – 1928
10468-565          Indian Chiefs – Fort Union – July 17 – 26
10468-566          A group of Fiselle’s? Indian Pictures         
10468-567          This picture was taken July 27th, 1917 at my farm in the river where I and my 2 daughters and 3 of George Jorgenson’s girls, and Mrs. A. Peterson were baptized.  It was a very beautiful day and there sure was a big crowd out for the occasion.  There was much over 200 people to witness the baptismal.  It is Rev. C. J. Hill that was doing the baptismal.
10468-568          (unlabeled)
10468-569          The Zemick family of Ukrainian nationality who lived in the large house where we held meetings April 4th – 11th, 1937.  They are Greek Catholics
10468-570          The 63 people who were present at the last Sunday morning service in the log house April 11, 1937.  The house is in the background – Grassy Butte, ND
10468-571          The Colporter car after the funeral
10468-572          Easter Sunday afternoon service at the Deapolis Baptist Church, March 28th, 1937, when 53 people were present. Stanton, ND
10468-573          Rev. Olaf Enget
10468-574          Rev. Jakob O. Modahl
10468-575          Valley City
10468-576          Mr. and Mrs. Antan Quells and family – Valley City
10468-577          Winter scene in North Dakota village
10468-578          Fun after the picnic supper.  First Young People’s Assembly held at new Camp Bentley, Drake, North Dakota
10468-579          Winter time in North Dakota
10468-580          Rev. and Mrs. Alfred S. Wakefield Pastor Community Church – Riverdale, ND
10468-581          The Riverdale Community Church – Riverdale, North Dakota
10468-582 – 584  Rev. Roy L. Wiegard – 1960 – Bismarck, ND
10468-585 – 590  Lisbon Construction
10468-591          ? Crawford
10468-592          We baked a cake!  North Dakota women helped Missionary Anne Hansen celebrate her birthday at their conference
10468-593          Juliet P. Kline
10468-594          On the church steps
10468-595          Ann Kludt
10468-596          The Sanish church and Sunday school
10468-597          Reno Hill Monument
10468-598          Part of old Trading Post building – Walhalla, ND
10468-599          Church as it is today – Consolidated school in the distance
10468-600          Rev. A. Stoeton – Licensed – January 1st, 1910
10468-601          Parsonage just east of church
10468-602          Original church before basement was put in.  Built fall of 1907
10468-603          Elmer Pederson?
10468-604          The laying of the corner stone – Tukunga church – is native project
10468-605          Home of Win Campbell where Rev. G. W. Huntley held his first preaching service in this part of the country.  Aug. 1881.  1 ½ miles north of the present town of Bathgate
10468-606          Charles David Nicholas – my Telegu Evangelist.  He gets rupees – 22 per month – about $8.14 as salary, yet he is tireless in his efforts to win his own countrymen, and writes the best “English” of all my workers
10468-607          Rev. Ole Larfen
10468-608          McLean County harvesting
10468-609          Mrs. A. H. Smith – Walhalla
10468-610          Bottineau
10468-611          Ecklunds
10468-612          Yule, ND
10468-613          January 1, 1908
10468-614          (unlabeled)
10468-615          Guthrie’s One Horse Shay – July 1916
10468-616          Old Indian tepee found by men cutting cedar for Re-settlement posts in the Badlands southwest of the Roosevelt bridge.
10468-617          West of Sanish
10468-618          A family of 5 live in this dug-out along White Earth Creek
10468-619          Gate – Diamond C Ranch
10468-620          Baptist Church, Stanley, ND
10468-621          Dr. Stockton and Frank Zahn in front of the log building where Gen. Leonard Wood lived at Fort Yates, North Dakota.  August 10, 1932
10468-622          The Missionary room – 1949
10468-623          A monument erected in honor of six Indian Police who went to arrest Sitting Bull  December 15th, 1891 and were killed that morning
10468-624          Reading from left to right – Chief Spotted Horn, Indian Scout Birdsville, Chief Drags Wolf, Gros Ventres Indians
10468-625          Mrs. A. H. Smith – Walhalla
10468-626          Roseglen Church
10468-627          Lawrence Nelson
10468-628          Home Sweet Home
10468-629          W.W.G. picnic – Stanley – 1934
10468-630          Walter Benton
10468-631          Sadie Pichet
10468-632          No speed laws needed
10468-633          Northwestern Association C.W.C. Rally held at the Lone Tree Baptist Church June 30, 1936.  Only 2 churches were represented.
10468-634          Taken at Fryburg, ND September 28, 1930
10468-635          Carl Broschat – Cathay
10468-636          The North Dakota Great White Canyon
10468-637          Train stalled in snow in North Dakota
10468-638          Stanley Church
10468-639          Near Sanish Bridge – June 1930 – myself – Rud
10468-640          Another view of the group running cement, teaching Bible School, and the cooks
10468-641          The Baptist Chapel
10468-642          Sanish, ND service station
10468-643          Bible school at Sanish 1931
10468-644          Adolf Larson – Sanish, ND
10468-645          Ladies Aid to ?
10468-646          Mrs. Evaline Stewart – 417 E. Delcott Ave. – Fergus Falls, MN  - Half century Baptist and  a charter member of First Baptist Church, Bottineau
10468-647          Mr. Charles F. Skager – taken 1931
10468-648          Taken September 28, 1930 at Fryburg, ND.  The occasion is the organizing of the Fryburg Baptist Church which is the first American Baptist Church west of the Big Missouri River in this state or about 19,500 square miles or more than Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Delaware combined.  About 40 people are present.  Dr. Stockton is in the center in front.  The building in the back is the consolidated school building.
10468-649          Newport Association
10468-650          Man, wife, five dogs in their log cabin
10468-651          “Dick” and his 13 year old son
10468-652          “Harry” lives by the side of the road
10468-653          Crow Agency Church
10468-654          Indian Men
10468-655          Autos in front of ? German Conference – 1917 – Martin, ND
10468-656          Hill in badlands
10468-657          The first session in June holding the Bibles presented by the A. B. P. Service
10468-658          Bottineau men (hands in pockets) Pres. Cliff Dinwoodie, Norman Hoffland, Lester Foss.  Kenmare men – Mr. Purdy (with mop in center), and other member of Kenmare Club
10468-659          Two days of worship, work, and fellowship at new Camp Bentley, Drake, North Dakota – 1948
10468-660          ND Baptist Camp – Mess Hall at Trenton
10468-661          An outdoor service held near the Little Missouri River – Summer of 1931 – the members of our family are checked
10468-662          Crystal 1925
10468-663          “Tom” and his Uncle Tom’s Cabin
10468-664          Taken August 9th, 1932 south of Cannon Ball, ND.  It is an Indian family. Mr. Charles Foolbear in the center and Charles Foolbear, Jr. to his left. This young man was president of the high school graduating class at Fort Yates this spring. Thin pieces of meat hang over a pole back of them sun drying and flies all over it. The lady sitting down was pounding up choke cherry pits and all between two stones under a tent to the left. She had two or three bushels of them pounded up and laying on the ground and fleas all over.
10468-665          (left) Mrs. M. Stafford (right) Mrs. H. F. Graves  - The only charter members present at Golden Jubilee Celebration at Tongue River Church, July 7, 1933
10468-666          May family at Ryder
10468-667          Bethel Baptist Church
10468-668          Bethel Baptist Church  - Powers Lake, ND
10468-669          H. B. Pelcher, student pastor who was first to preach in new church building.  He also helped to shingle roof and helped on other jobs – Roseglen
10468-670          The beaver dam on the Stone Ranch where five candidates were baptized June 8, 1932.  Westerheim, ND
10468-671          Baptismal candidates all but one of whom were baptized at the Odessa Dam May 27, 1934
10468-672          The 21 people who braved swollen streams to get down to the beaver dam on the Stone Ranch June 8, 1932, to see five people baptized.  They came in one lumber wagon, one topless buggy and 2 on horseback.
10468-673          Mrs. Ralph Davis who was baptized at the State Convention at Bismarck September 30, 1932
10468-674          Taken June 26, 1932 at the Diamond C Ranch about 120 people present and 16 baptized. Rev. Bostow and Brother Bucknell speak. A beautiful day.
10468-675          The 16 who were baptized June 26, 1932 at the Diamond C Ranch when about 120 people were present. They were all Russians.
10468-676          Candidates who were baptized November 1, 1931 in Beaver Creek 18 miles north of Beach, ND. There was ice on the water that morning, but it thawed off right where we baptized.
10468-677          Grace and Wave? Arrison just before baptism taken August 9, 1931 at Layton George’s sheep ranch northwest of the Killdeer Mountains.
10468-678          Candidates baptized July 19,1931 at Layton Georges sheep ranch.  Mrs. Snow and Eleanor, and Lloyd Eggert.
10468-679          Take July 12th, 1931 at Layton George’s sheep ranch at a baptismal service when 11 were baptized.  A hundred or more were present. A beautiful day. Four cars of Russians came.
10468-680          Mrs. George Eggert (right) and Mrs. Mary Eggert (left) 17 years old, taken July 1, 1931 in the Badlands north of the Killdeer Mountains. Mary is the one I baptized after dark, June 30th.  This is the dugout they were living in. 8 x8 feet about with stove, bed, cupboard with table set outside for lack of room. A buffalo head is in the foreground.
10468-681          11 baptismal candidate I had at Layton George’s sheep ranch – July 12, 1931
10468-682          Mrs. Alec Sahaydak who was Baptized on June 4th, 1933 at the Diamond C Ranch when about 250 people were present
10468-683          One of the eight who were baptized in the Knife River, just south of Hazen, ND, August 13, 1933.  About 200 people were present
10468-684          Two of the eight who were baptized just south of Hazen, ND in the Knife River on August 13, 1933.  About 200 people were present
10468-685          The five people who were baptized in the beaver dam on the Stone Ranch June 8, 1932
10468-686          Agnes Skager of Center, ND, whom I baptized with 7 others in the Knife River just south of Hazen, ND on August 13, 1933.  About 200 people were present
10468-687          Four of the eight who were baptized in the Knife River just south of Hazen, ND on August 13, 1933.  About 200 people were present
10468-688          A baptismal service held July 6, 1930 in Elmer King’s pasture about 3 miles northwest of Belfield, ND, near the source of the Heart River. Five were baptized: Frank Goins, Neal Goins, Mrs. Nagle, Harry Nagle, Charlotte Boggass. About 65 people were present, Brother O.S. Jacobson assisted me.
10468-689          Ladies Aid Social – Roseglen
10468-690          Mrs. C. F. Brown’s second school held at the Rhoades School House at Grassy Butte, ND about 30 miles from a R.R.
10468-691          Harry Halvorson who had charge of the cement mixer
10468-692          Full Gospel Tabernacle at Crosby – very dog-matic
10468-693          ND Baptist State Headquarters
10468-694          Vacation time 1925 – our children
10468-695          All were not in this picture that were to the morning service.  At least a dozen people did not get into the picture
10468-696          Daily Vacation Bible School.  Ellendale, ND June 1934 – Baptist Church – Rev. O. H. Hallgrimson, Principal
10468-697          Do you know the council?  E. B. Johnson, Bernard Aalber, Fr. M. ?
10468-698          Sarah Digna Mercer – Independent candidate for Superintendent of Schools – Williams County
10468-699          December 24, 1922 – Evangelist J. E. Naylor conducting meetings
10468-700          1001 10th St N. Fargo, ND - O. Larson
10468-701          This is a banquet held in our church basement for honor of Sr. Jas. White when he was here conducting B.Y.P.N. institute last year
10468-702          Green Lake, Wisconsin – July 3, 1945
10468-703          Taxi waiting
10468-704          Mrs. Byron Mott
10468-705          Mrs. Christina Wehr with her granddaughter of Anamoose
10468-706          Mr. and Mrs. John Bentz – Golden Wedding November 10, 1931
10468-707 – 1061              (unlabeled)
10468-1062          Senior Camp 1952
10468-1063          (unlabeled)
10468-1064          Junior Camp July 10 – 16, 1949
10468-1065          Rev. Wrigand, Mayor Evan Lips, Mr. C. M. Craven, Bayert Jacobson, Mrs. Charles Staley
10468-1066          Baptist State Convention – October 14-17, 1929 – 50th Anniversary First Baptist Church – Fargo, ND
10468-1067          North Dakota Baptist Golden Jubilee – September 25-29, 1934
10468-1068          1954
10468-1069          Golden Jubilee of Baptist – North Dakota – September 26-28, 1934
10468-1070          1954
10468-1071          1942
10468-1072          1943
10468-1073          1945
10468-1074          Baptist Camp 193?
10468-1075          North Dakota Baptist Golden Jubilee – September 25-29, 1934
10468-1076          Jr. High 1952
10468-1077          1946
10468-1078          Baptist Summer Assembly – Pilgrim Park – 1940
10468-1079          A gathering near Kenmare in the early days
10468-1080          Lake Bentley
10468-1081          Russian Baptists
10468-1082          Lake Bentley
10468-1083          1954
10468-1084          Jr. High 1955
10468-1085          Jr. High 1952
10468-1086          Camp Bentley Bible Camp – Drake, ND
10468-1087          Camp Bentley 1947
10468-1088          1947 – First Summer Assembly held at new Camp Bentley – Drake, ND
10468-1089          1953 Senior Camp
10468-1090          1954
10468-1091          Junior High Camp 1952
10468-1092          1949
10468-1093          1951 Senior Baptist young people – Camp Bentley
10468-1094          A snow avalanche from the skies
10468-1095          Junior High 1952
10468-1096          Junior Camp July 10-16, 1949
10468-1097          1954
10468-1098          Jamestown Pastors Summer School – 1939
10468-1099          Russian thatched roof, sod house near Max, ND.  Paul Bucknell
10468-1100          Rev. A. H. Carman – Pastor, Ellendale, ND – 1887-1891 and 1902-1903.  He built the church which burned
10468-1101          William A. Waldo.  Student pastor of Page church summers of 1887 & 1889
10468-1102          Rev. Herman Danielson.  Taken middle age – died 1924
10468-1103          Rev. Olberg
10468-1104          Rev. J. Rasmuson – Valley City
10468-1105          Mrs. John Crawford
10468-1106          Mr. Foley – Rev. C.W. Foley – Eleventh pastor of Page October 1905 – April 1911
10468-1107          Hakland Zahl
10468-1108          Langdon Baptist Church – 1st at left Rev. T. H. Robertson – 2nd P.W. Longfellow – 1st woman at right Mrs. Blades
10468-1109          1906? Taken at S. B. Babcock home 702 13th St. S. in Fargo.  “What I Can” Mission Circle. 1. Mrs. Luella Jones Spicer 2. Mrs. May Thompson Langley. 3. Mrs. Mable Marner Peterson. 4. Mrs. Mona Thompson Pierson 5. Mrs. Eleanor Gerken Thorson 6. Mrs. Gertrude Gerken Kild 7. Mrs. Nellie Ball Larson 8. Lillian Duerner? 9. Ruth Babcock Richardson 10. ? 11. Beth St. Orr 12. Mrs. Irene Thompson Sweet
10468-1110          Mrs. Johnson – 1st Pastorate
10468-1111          Rev. Oscar Purington – First Pastor at Page September 1, 1883 to March 1886
10468-1112          Kenmare
10468-1113          Mrs. Thomas Stephenson
10468-1114          First Scandinavian Baptist Church at Kenmare, ND  
10468-1115          Bardo O. Breding – Father to the Bredings at Powers Lake – also one of the first deacons of Powers Lake Church
10468-1116          Col. Alva J. Brasted
10468-1117          Rev. Peter Mitchell, Bottineau, ND
10468-1118          Sidney Clarke, Grand Forks, Treasurer North Dakota Baptist Convention.  1899-1901
10468-1119          Rev. Raymond G. Pierson
10468-1120          Rev. Edward P. Johnson, State Sunday School Missionary, Member of the Convention Board
10468-1121          Rev. Ole Larson
10468-1122          Rev. Ezra Turner
10468-1123          Judge F. P. Allen, Lisbon
10468-1124          Rev. C. G. Carter, Pastor of Page church, December 1892 – October 1894
10468-1125          Rev. T. M. Shanafelt, D.D.  Corresponding Secretary and General Missionary
10468-1126          The Late Rev. G. W. Huntley, The first General Missionary of North Dakota
10468-1127          Rev. and Mrs. Lorentzen
10468-1128          Lonson Ford
10468-1129          Rev. G. R. Davies
10468-1130          F. Hermann, State Missionary, Served occasionally 1908-1910
10468-1131          Picture of the Sheyenne River Association held May 7-8, 1934 in Ellendale, ND
10468-1132          Mrs. J. M. Evans, Ellendale, ND
10468-1133          Rev. O.H. Hullgrimson, Ellendale, ND
10468-1134          Rev. M. Cook, President North Dakota Baptist State Convention
10468-1135          South Dakota Baptist Convention – 1911
10468-1136          Mrs. J. Stewart, Charter member of Bottineau Church - now Fort Francis Canada
10468-1137          John A. Barbour – Executive Secretary
10468-1138          Judson Window dedicated at First Baptist Church in Salem
10468-1139          Window installed in Memorial Chapel in the New England Baptist Church in Boston
10468-1140          American Baptist News Service Photo
10468-1141          Valley Forge, PA. – Two new nylon flags were raised December 27, 1961 at the new national offices of American Baptist churches, here, after being presented by the largest manufacturer of flags in America, John C. Dettra.  One flag is the Christian flag, the other is the flag of the United States.  Left to right:  W. Frederic Shedinger, executive vice president and general manager of the Dettra Flag Co., Inc., Oaks, Pennsylvania; Roy I. Madsen, project coordinator and representing the American Baptist Convention; John C. Dettra, president of the Dettra Flag Co.; and George Rantanan, representing the Turner Construction Company, builders.
10468-1142          Valley Forge, PA. – This photo of the new National Offices of American Baptist Churches taken in early March, 1962, by American Baptist Aerial Newsphoto photographer Swain Mason.
10468-1143          Valley Forge, PA. – Rev. Dr. Edwin H. Tuller, general secretary of the American Baptist Convention signing a document establishing occupancy of the new National Offices of American Baptist Churches at Valley Forge.  Mr. Roy I. Madsen headquarters project coordinator, American Baptist Convention, is standing behind Dr. Tuller.
10468-1144 – 1145 (unlabeled)
10468-1146          Standing row (left to right) Harold E. Stassen, Philadelphia, Pa.; Leland C. Lehman, Granville, Ohio, chairman of the department of economics at Denison University; Corad E. Ronneburg, Arlington, Virginia, program director for secondary schools for the National Sciences Foundation; Windsor H. Roberts, Hillsdale, Michigan, professor in the Department of History at Hillsdale College; D. Gale Johnson, Chicago, Ill., Dean of the Division of Social Sciences at the University of Chicago; John Stewart, Washington, D.C., graduate student at the University of Chicago, studying political science through practical experience in the office of a congressman; Robert H. Corey, Granville, Ohio, professor of International Relations at Denison University; Kenneth L. Maxwell, New York, N.Y., executive director of the Department of International Affairs of the National Council of Churches; and C. Worth Howard, Houlton, Maine, president of Riker College.  Sitting (left to right) Miss Lenore Kruse, New York, N.Y., staff assistant in the Division of Evangelism, American Baptist Home Mission Societies; the Rev. Dr. Jitsuo Morikawa, New York, N.Y., director, Division of Evangelism, ABHMS; the Rev. Dr. Elmer G. Million, New York, N.Y., director, Department of Schools and Colleges, American Baptist Board of Education; and William S. Litterick, Keuka Park, N.Y., President of Keuka College
10468-1147          New York – The Rev. Dr. Edwin H. Tuller (center) accepting the Freedoms Foundation Award, presented to the American Baptist Convention for its radio program “The Laymen’s Hour”, from (left) Dr. Kenneth D. Wells, president, Freedoms Foundation, and (right) Admiral Felix B. Stump, USN (Ret.) vice-chairman and chief executive officer, Freedoms Foundation
10468-1148          Salem, Mass. – Ann Hasseltine Judson and her husband the Rev. Adoniram Judson, first missionaries of the Baptists of America.  They sailed in 1812, from Salem, Mass., as pioneers for Christ in the Orient.  They are at the “headwaters” of the movement that is being celebrated now as the Baptist Jubilee Advance.
10468-1149          Miss Ruth Carr
10468-1150          Dr. A. Stanley MacNair
10468-1151          Rev. Dr. Forest Ashbrook
10468-1152          Rev. Dean R. Wright
10468-1153          Rev. Dr. Victor Kane
10468-1154          Rev. Elder B. Hicks
10468-1155          Rev. W. Hubert Porter
10468-1156          Miss Estelle Marlin
10468-1157          Rev. Dr. Selwyn Smith
10468-1158          Green Lake, Wis. – Leading American Baptist Men for the year 1961-1962 are, left to right, James B. Kent, Kansas City, KS, president; Clifton E. Mack, Dayton, OH, executive vice president;  and Matthew A. Crawford, Kittaning, PA, treasurer. 
10468-1159          Valley Forge, PA – A side view of the national offices of the American Baptist Convention
10468-1160          Miami, FL – Dr. Russell Stevenson, resident director for the Protestant Latin American
Emergency Committee, and Paul A. Tate of the Protestant Episcopal Church, make final arrangements
for the purchase and distribution of $5,000 worth of food for Cuban refugees.                      
10468-1161          Rev. and Mrs. Wesley Brown and family
10468-1162          Buck Hill Falls, PA – Chaplain and Mrs. Alvin D. Koons, Vallejo, CA
10468-1163          Rev. Dr. Frank A. Sharp
10468-1164          Interdenominational Peace Center
10468-1165          Buck Hill Falls, PA – Front row (left to right) Miss Estelle Kelsey, Miss Jessie Bates, Miss
Eva Edwards.  Back row (left to right) Miss Elizabeth Kitka, Mrs. Anna Laubner, and Mrs. Alice Sanchey                 
10468-1166          Rev. Dr. Robert Middleton
10468-1167          Valley Forge, PA – Materials of the American Baptist Publication Society being moved
into the Graphic Arts building here September 30.
10468-1168          Robert Pierce
10468-1169          Rev. Harvey A. Everett
10468-1170          Rev. A. Ray Appelquist
10468-1171          Richard E. Ice
10468-1172          Rev. Lynn E. Hodges
10468-1173          David D. Raycroft
10468-1174          Chap. William E. Flood
10468-1175          Lewis Woodson
10468-1176          Philadelphia, PA – Planning Committee for the Cavalcade of Freedom.  (left to right) Dr.
Richard Hoiland, the Rev. Hubert Porter, the Rev. Dr. Claibourne Johnson, the Rev. Dr. Adam Baum, and
the Rev. Dr. Anthony Vasquez. 
10468-1177          Bruce E. Mills
10468-1178          Rev. Newtone E. Woodbury (right) and Rev. Dr. Edwin H. Tuller (left)
10468-1179          Miss Marguerite Shank (left) and Mrs. Helen Woodbury
10468-1180          Dr. William H. Rhoades
10468-1181          Rev. John W. Thomas
10468-1182          Dr. Josef Nordenhaug
10468-1183          Malcolm R. Carey
10468-1184          Prof. Charles L. Major
10468-1185          Berthold Church
10468-1186          Rev. Dr. Thomas B. McDormand
10468-1187          Rev. Dr. Paul O. Madsen
10468-1188          Map of the greater Boston area showing point of historical interest in connection with the Judson 150th Anniversary Observance in Massachusetts
10468-1189          Dr. Slemp holding Judson Anniversary Issue
10468-1190          Rev. Dr. Ronald V. Wells
10468-1191          Ground Breaking “Northern”
10468-1192          Dr. Angus C. Hull
10468-1193          Robert E. Davis
10468-1194          Dr. Milton C. Froyd
10468-1195          Joseph J. Hanson
10468-1196          Rev. Chris E. Lawson
10468-1197          Douglas Eadie
10468-1198          Clasper
10468-1199          Pastors Convention 1963
10468-1200          Senior Camp 1967
10468-1201          Parshall Baptist Church erects new highway sign – June 1962
10468-1202          A class by the Lake – Rev. Grubb was leader of this group
10468-1203          Grand Island Memorial Hall
10468-1204          San Francisco Convention
10468-1205          View of San Francisco looking toward the Golden Gate Bridge.
10468-1206          Civic Auditorium – San Francisco
10468-1207          57th Annual Meeting of the American Baptist Convention
10468-1208          Cable cars – San Francisco
10468-1209          (L to R) president the Rev. Dr. J. Lester Harnish, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Portland, OR; second vice president, Mrs. Howard L. Roach, Plainfield, IA; and first vice president, Mr. Carl W. Tiller, Cheverly, MD 
10468-1210          Carol Goodman (left) and Diane J. Forsberg
10468-1211          Ellendale Baptist Church
10468-1212          1st Baptist Church, Bismarck, ND
10468-1213          Pictures taken at Mayville State Normal School, ND
10468-1214          (unlabeled)
10468-1215          Rev. and Mrs. August Kludt – served 1906-1908
10468-1216          Junior Camp 1951
10468-1217          First Baptist Church – Bismarck
10468-1218          Rev. Thomas Stephenson – First pastor of the Baptist Church at Bathgate – Dakota  Territory
10468-1219 – 1220 Junior High Camp 1953
10468-1221          Dr. Reuben P. Jeschke (left) confers with North Dakota’s executive secretary on detail of program at Sioux Falls College, where the Rev. John A. Barbour delivered the baccalaureate address May 31.
10468-1222          Rev. E. A. Kelford, pastor, Ellendale, ND 1913-1916 – He was pastor when the church burned
10468-1223          1954
10468-1224          Elijah Stites Terry, Massacred June 28, 1852.  Mrs. Sarah Philena Barnard, died from exposure, Oct. 22, 1853.  Mrs. Cornelia Leodard Spencer, Massacred August 20, 1854.          
10468-1225          Chief Fire Cloud
10468-1226          Edgar (22), Mrs. E.P. (46), Rev. Johnson (52), Althea (3), Ruth (16), Alvin (24), Wilbur (12), Richard (9), Ulysses (14), Dorothy (7), Marion (5) – This was taken after Owen’s funeral – Owen was 18.  Ira is missing – he was 20 – could not get home.
10468-1227          World Mission Crusade – Historic meeting of Baptist Ministers and Lay leaders at Aberdeen, South Dakota, August 13-14, 1945, both North and South Dakota being present – object – “The World Mission Crusade.”
10468-1228 – 1229 Elijah Stites Terry – First Baptist and also Firs Protestant in Dakota Territory – Massacred by the Indians, June 28, 1852
10468-1230 – 1237 (unlabeled)
10468-1238          Unidentified building, Bismarck (ND)
10468-1239          Reverend P. E. Lorentzen portrait, pastor at First Baptist Church of Bottineau (ND)
10468-1240          Reverend Ezra Turner portrait, past at First Baptist Church of Bottineau (ND)
10468-1241          First Baptist Church of Bottineau (ND)
10468-1242          Reverend P. E. Lorentzen and baptismal group, Lake Metigoshe (ND)
10468-1243          Reverend P. E. Lorentzen preaching to a baptismal group and crowd, Lake Metigoshe (ND)
10468-1244          Reverend I. D. McBain portrait, pastor at First Baptist Church of Bottineau (ND)
10468-1245          Reverend E. Bibelheimer portrait, pastor at Cathay (ND) German Baptist Church
10468-1246          Coleharbor (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1247          Deapolis Baptist Church, Fort Clark (ND)
10468-1248          First Baptist Church, Ellendale (ND)
10468-1249          Reverend O. Hallgrimson portrait, pastor at First Baptist Church, Ellendale (ND)
10468-1250          Group of four unidentified men
10468-1251          Reverend C. W. Finwall, pastor at Calvary Baptist Church of Fargo (ND)
10468-1252          Church organ, First Baptist Church, Fargo (ND)
10468-1253          German Baptist Church of Germantown Township, Wells County (ND)
10468-1254          First Baptist Church of Glenburn (ND)
10468-1255          First Baptist Church of Glenburn (ND) dedication portrait
10468-1256          R. B. Griffith portrait, trustee of the First Baptist Church of Grand Forks (ND)
10468-1257          Congregation in front of German Baptist Church, Grand Forks (ND)
10468-1258          Reverend G. Sprock, pastor at German Baptist Church, Grand Forks (ND)
10468-1259          Bill’s Auto Repair building, where German Baptist Church, Grand Forks (ND) was organized in 1907
10468-1260-1      First Baptist Church of Lisbon (ND)
10468-1260-2      Church choir portrait, First Baptist Church of Lisbon (ND), ca. 1905-1910
10468-1261          Interior of the First Baptist Church of Lisbon (ND)
10468-1262          Reverend Archie Alex McGahey portrait, pastor at First Baptist Church of Lisbon (ND)
10468-1263          Reverend Car O. Hogfelt and baby, pastor at First Baptist Church of Lisbon (ND)
10468-1264          Reverend Charles L. Entener, pastor at First Baptist Church of Lisbon (ND)
10468-1265          Reverend Albert Beasley and his wife in graduation caps and gowns portrait, pastor at First Baptist Church of Lisbon (ND)
10468-1266          Reverend Maurice M. Powers, pastor at First Baptist Church of Lisbon (ND)
10468-1267          Reverend Karl Gieser portrait, pastor at Martin (ND) German Baptist Church (P. A. Helm photograph, Anamoose, ND)
10468-1268          Sunday School group portrait, Martin (ND) German Baptist Church
10468-1269          Ladies Aid group portrait, Martin (ND) German Baptist Church
10468-1270          Baptism in a lake, member of Martin (ND) German Baptist Church, 1930
10468-1271          First Baptist Church of Minot (ND)
10468-1272          Emmanuel Baptist Church of Newport (Melville, ND)
10468-1273           Emmanuel Baptist Church of Newport (Melville, ND) and congregation
10468-1274          Congregation of the Baptist Church of Niobe (ND), near Kenaston (ND)
10468-1275 – 1276 First Baptist Church, Page (ND)
10468-1277          Reverend W. W. Osborn and his wife portrait, pastor of First Baptist Church, Page (ND)
10468-1278          Charter members of Bethel Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND) portrait, 1934
10468-1279          Pastors of Bethel Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND) and their wives
10468-1280          Reverend H. G. Jorgenson portrait, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND)
10468-1281          Unidentified house, North Dakota
10468-1282          Church choir portrait, Bethel Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND), 1933
10468-1283          Missionaries from Bethel Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND)
10468-1284          Bethel Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND) orchestra, directed by Dr. C. A. Landgren, 1933
10468-1285          Building were the Roseglen (ND) Baptist Church was organized
10468-1286          Roseglen (ND) Baptist Church and congregation
10468-1287          Baptismal service of member of the Roseglen (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1288          Roseglen (ND) Baptist Church under construction
10468-1289          First Swedish Baptist Church of Rutland (ND)
10468-1290          First Swedish Baptist Church of Rutland (ND) congregation
10468-1291          Baptism of a member of the First Swedish Baptist Church of Rutland (ND), in Silver Lake, near Rutland (ND)
10468-1292          Horses and carts traveling the road near Rutland (ND)
10468-1293          Sanish (ND) Baptist Church under construction
10468-1294          Congregation of Sanish (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1295          Stanley (ND) Baptist Church parsonage
10468-1296          Stanley (ND) Baptist Church Association meeting participants, 1932
10468-1297          First Baptist Church, Valley City (ND)
10468-1298          Unidentified man portrait
10468-1299          German Baptist Church of Washburn (ND)
10468-1300          House in which the German Baptist Church of Washburn (ND) was organized in June, 1902
10468-1301          Reverend F. E. Klein and family, pastor of the German Baptist Church of Washburn (ND)
10468-1302          Unidentified man portrait
10468-1303-1      Unidentified woman portrait
10468-1303-2      Unidentified man and woman pushing the wheelchair of the wife of Reverend H. G. (Arnold) Bens, after 1928
10468-1304          Peter Breding portrait, charter member of Bethel (Norwegian) Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND), church deacon, and first Sunday School Superintendent of Bethel Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND)
10468-1305          Jacobine (Okert) Brodel, charter member of the Cathay (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1306          John Carl William Broscat, member of Cathay (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1307          John A. Braese, member of the First Baptist Church of Ellendale (ND)
10468-1308          Lillie A. Campfield portrait, member of Lisbon (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1309          Lillian (Long) Crabtree portrait, wife of B. R. Crabtree, charter member of Ellendale (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1310          Susanna (Piet) Edigner, wife of Frederick Edinger, members of Cathay (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1311          Erick Erickson, member of Drayton (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1312-1      Eva Hodson Graves, wife of H. F. Graves, member of the First Baptist Church, Cavalier (ND)
10468-1312-2      John Herringer, member of the Cathay (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1313          Gertrude Jane (Beeman) Hicks, member of the Baptist Church, Lisbon (ND)
10468-1314          Mary J. (Campbell) Houston portrait, charter member of the Bathgate (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1315          Victor Johnson, member of Calvary Baptist Church, Fargo (ND), ca. 1933
10468-1316          Anne (McFarlin) Kippen and J. F. Kippen
10468-1317          Mr. and Mrs. Magne Larson portrait, members of the First Baptist Church of Valley City (ND)
10468-1318          Reverend August G. A. Liebig portrait, pastor at the German Baptist Church, Washburn (ND) and the Baptist Church of Denhoff (ND)
10468-1319          Maria McBain portrait, member of the Bottineau (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1320          Mrs. Murray Moore, member of the First Baptist Church, Bottineau (ND)
10468-1321          Nettie Moore, member of the Lisbon (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1322          William Leonard Papen portrait, deacon of the Fargo (ND) First Baptist Church
10468-1323          Mary Reid Porter, member of the Beaulieu Township (Pembina County, ND) Baptist Church, charter member of the Calvin Baptist Church
10468-1324-1      Mina (Ankarberg) Skager and Charles F. Skager, members of the Baptist Church of Deapolis (ND)
10468-1324-2      Reverend L. M. Stolberg and his wife
10468-1325          Gust Swedlund, deacon of Bethel Baptist Church of Powers Lake (ND)
10468-1326          Rosetta Snyder portrait, age 83, member of the First Baptist Church, Bottineau (ND)
10468-1327          Effie V. Walter portrait, wife of S. A. Walter, member of the Glenburn (ND) Baptist Church
10468-1328          Mary A. (McDonald) Warner portrait, wife of W. T. Warner, member of the First
Baptist Church of Fargo (ND)
10468-1329          Bella M. (Thomson) Webster portrait, wife of C. E. Webster, member of the First Baptist Church of Fargo (ND)
10468-1330          Daniel and Karolina Zimbelman
10468-1331          North Dakota State Baptist Convention group portrait, Fargo (ND), 1929
10468-1332          E. R. Pratt, president of the North Dakota State Baptist Convention
10468-1333          W. H. Aymar portrait, President of the North Dakota State Baptist Convention
10468-1334          R. B. Griffith portrait, member of the First Baptist Church, Grand Forks (ND)
10468-1335          Dr. H. M. Wyrick portrait, President of the North Dakota State Baptist Convention in 1928-1929
10468-1336          James N. Jensen portrait
10468-1337          Dr. Olaf Enget portrait, President of the North Dakota State Baptist Convention in 1930-1931
10468-1338          J. H. Burkhart portrait, President of the North Dakota State Baptist Convention
10468-1339          Reverend Myron Cooley portrait
10468-1340          Reverend Dr. Charles Edward Hemans portrait
10468-1341          Reverend C. E. Tingley portrait (unknown photographer, Champlain, NY)
10468-1342          Reverend Fred E. Stockton portrait
10468-1343          North Dakota Association (Sheyenne River Association) group portrait, Page (ND), 1915
10468-1344          Red River Valley Baptist Association group portrait, Bathgate (ND), June, 1896
10468-1345          Northwestern (Baptist) Association group portrait, Bottineau (ND), 1926
10468-1346          Colporter J. O. Modahl and his wife portrait, Valley City (ND)
10468-1347          Coporter Reverend P. E. Nystrom and his Gospel Car, Bismarck (ND)
10468-1348          Colporter Revered E. P. Johnson portrait, Rolla (ND)
10468-1349          Colporter Reverend B. H. Thorlakson and his American Baptist Publication Society automobile, Stanley (ND)
10468-1350          Reverend C. C. Heidenberg and his family portrait
10468-1351          Dr. Frank Peterson portrait, Minneapolis (MN)
10468-1352          Reverend Oscar D. Purington portrait
10468-1353          Dr. Frank A. Smith portrait, New York City (NY)
10468-1354          Pastors’ Institute group portrait, Bismarck (ND), 1928
10468-1355          Vacation Bible School group portrait, with Pastor Reverend Vance H. Webster, Calvary Baptist Church, Fargo (ND), June, 1933                    
10468-1356          First Life Service League group portrait, Minot (ND) Convention, 1921
10468-1357          Summer (Baptist) Assembly group portrait, Lake Metigoshe (ND), 1934
10468-1358          Dakota College building, Tower City (ND)
10468-1359          Reverend William H. Bayles portrait, Director of Religious Education for South Dakota
10468-1360 – 1526           Unidentified negatives
10468-1527 Baptist Assembly, Valley City (ND), ca. 1930 panorama (digitized, the original is damaged and too fragile to handle)

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