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Manuscripts by Subject - Religion - #10156

Title: Johan August Johanson Papers

Dates: 1898-1990

Collection Number: 10156

Quantity: 2.75 feet

Abstract: Consists of diaries, photographs, Chinese language manuscripts, and printed material relating to mission work.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota received the Johan August Johanson Papers from Sheila Robinson in June 1972.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements are needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.



Johan August Johanson born March 9, 1863 in Lekvatten, Wermland, Sweden to Johan and Anika Johanson. He attended school in Karlstad, Sweden and Oslo, Norway, and later studies for two years in London, England. In 1894 he became a Methodist Episcopal missionary in Tibet for two years after which he was sent to the Chank-King Province in Sichuan, China until 1909 when ill health forced him to abandon this work. In his last six years in China he was presiding elder of the Methodist Mission and had 50 stations under his charge. He came to North Dakota in January 1909.
On November 2, 1909 he was married to Esther Johre in Wahpeton and they lived north of Garrison. He died on March 13, 1939 at the age of 76 in Garrison. Esther Johre was born in Norway on June 7, 1886 and moved to Casson, MN in 1893. She settled near Garrison ND in 1906 where she met Johan Johanson. Esther Johanson died on April 8, 1961.
When Mrs. Johanson died there was no surviving family and her estate was sold at auction. Mrs. Lenore Nordwall of Douglas ND bought a steamer trunk which contained these papers. She gave them to Norman L. Larsen of Garrison ND who gave them to Sheila Robinson of Coleharbor ND who gave them to the State Historical Society.


Box 1:
1 Diaries               1901-1902                           
2 Diaries               1903-1905                           
3 Diaries               1908-                    
4 Ledger               n.d.                       
5 Pledge Book   1905-1906                           
6 Receipt Book  1924-1988                           
7 Travel Expense Account            1904-1909                           

Box 2:
1 Chinese Letters (3)                                     
2 Chinese Misc. (4)                                         
3 Chinese Printed Tracts (25)                                     
Chinese Books (39)

Box 3:   
1 English Pamphlets (6)                                
What Is That To Thee?, Collingwood
Soldier-Pastor-Martyr, Gamewell, 1903
Information concerning Miyajima
One-Volume Commentary on Holy Scriptures, Paragraph
Bibles (A Price List)
Union in Educational Work in West China (partial pamphlet)
Banquet to the High Commissioners (Waldorf Astoria, 1906)       
Chinese Tract Society, Farnham, (sample copy)
2 English Misc. (13)                                         
1 postcard
3 envelopes
1 bookbinding advertisement
Confucianism (front page only)
Memorial of William Soutter, 1898
Passenger Information from Gus Broberg, passenger agent to Herr Nolen 1903.
Correspondence from Hagberg, 1901
Freight Charges and Information from Golberg, Bowen & Co.
Montgomery Ward Order Blank
Mail Steamship Line from Canadian Pacific Railway Co., 1908-1990           
Unfoldered English Books (see bibliography)

Box 4:
English Books (see bibliography)                                              

Box 5:
Chinese Books (4)                                           

Box 6:
1 Swedish Misc. (4)                                        
2 Swedish Periodicals (8)                             
3 Swedish Books (12)                                    

                SWEDISH MATERIAL
Trons Segrar (Februari 1909)
Hyrdestemmen (Mai 1910)
Hyrdestemmen (Juni 1910)
Svenska Morgonbladet Sondagsnummer (Maj 1909)
Svenska Morgonbladet Sondagsnummer (September 1908)
Epworth-Forbundets Jultidning 1909
Evangeliets Sendebud (Januar 1910)
Svenska Sandebudet (Oktober 1909)
Svenska Sandebudet (Juli 1909)
Katalog Fran Nya Bokforlags-Aktiebolaget Stockholm 5 (1923)
Nordstjarnan (Juni 1905)
Arsberattelse For Skandinaviska Sjomanshemmet I Shanghai (November 1905-06)
Scholander-Lutor Guitarrer Mandoliner Banjos Cittror Fioler (1903)
Metodist-Episkopal-Kyrkans I Sverige Arsbok 1918
Metodist-Episkopal-Kyrkans I Sverige Arsbok 1919
Metodist-Episkopal-Kyrkans I Sverige Arsbok 1921
Metodist-Episkopal-Kyrkans I Sverige Arsbok 1923
Carl Andersson Fran Vaxholm En Evangelii Harold (1903)
Eftermotena I Skriftens Ljus. Af F. Franson.
Frida. En Fortaelling af Sigurd Sivertson (1903)
Bibelkommissionens ofversattning af gamla testamentet (1902)
Magdalene Thoresen:Udualgte  Fortaellinger (1907)
Folder of Incomplete Information-1 Hand Written, 1 Periodical

Box 7:
1 Tibetan Stories and cards                                         
2 Tibetan Stories and cards                                         
3 Tibetan Pamphlets                                      
4 Tibetan Stories (6)                                       
5 Tibetan Booklets (10)                                 
6 Tibetan Stories hand written, with English Titles are:                   
                The dinner pp 1-12
                The Sacred Edict pp 1,7,8,9,11,12
                The Supper pp 1-4
                Untitled 7 pages
                The Pig 1-7
                Untitled 1-8 A
                Untitled 1-5
                Untitled 1-4 A
                Untitled 1-8 B
                Untitled 1-4 B
                Untitled 1-4 C
7 Tibetan Stories Continued:    
                        The Fire 5-8
                        The Narrow Gate pp 1-6
                        Untitled 1 page
                        The teacher 3 pp
                        The lamp pp 1-3
                        The Breakfast pp 11,12
               Photograph (1) (Chinese Men)
                Ephemera (misc ticket stubs etc.)
                Maps (Rand McNally 1885-Chicago)
                China (3 hand made n.d.)
                Tibetan (1 handmade n.d.)


Annual Report of the Board of Missions                1907
MacNeil, Rev. John         The Spirit-Filled Life       
Annual Report of the Board of Foreign Missions                1905
The West China Missionary News             Jan. 1910
Foreign Missions Board                 1902
West China Mission Annual Meeting Minutes     Jan. 1906
West China Mission Minutes      Jan. 1903
Banks, Rev. J.S.  A Preachers Library: Hints on Theological Reading           
Journal of the Senate     March 1939
Journal of the House      March 1939
Central Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church Minutes                1899
Foreign Missions Boards               1906
Opportune Investments in China
Foreign Missions Boards               1905
Foreign Missions Boards               1907                      
West China Mission Annual Meeting Minutes     1906
Annual Report of the Missionary Society               1904
Annual Report of the Missionary Society               1902
Popular New Novels 44
Ward, Mrs.  Humphry    1. The Art of Marriage
Corelli, Marie     2.The Sorrows of Satan
De Maurier, George       3.Trilby
Craik, Mrs.          John Halifax, Gentleman
Penny Popular Novels 129
Craik, Mrs.          John Halifax, Gentleman Part I
Penny Popular Novels 102
Pocock, Roger   The Blackguard
Penny Popular Novels 24
Verne, Jules       Five Weeks in a Balloon
Penny Popular Novels 144
Dumas, Alexandre           The Man in the Iron Mask
Penny Popular Novels 108
Pocock, Roger   Rules of the Game
Captain Cook and Australian Natives
Catalogue of Best Books
Penny Popular Novels 66
Austen, Jane      Sense and Sensibility
Judson and Bender's Graded Literature Readers              
Cunningham, Alfred       A History of the Szechuan Riots
The West China Missionary News             Jan. 1908
The West China Missionary News             Feb. 1908
The West China Missionary News             March 1908
The West China Missionary News             April 1908
The West China Missionary News             May 1908
The West China Missionary News             June 1908
The West China Missionary News             Aug. 1908
The West China Missionary News             Sept. 1908
The West China Missionary News             Dec. 1908
The West China Missionary News             Jan. 1909
The West China Missionary News             Feb. 1909
The West China Missionary News             March 1909
The West China Missionary News             May 1909
The West China Missionary News             Oct. 1909
Chungking High School Announcement
Foreign Missions Boards               1903
West China Missionary Conference         1908
Bashford, Bishop J.W.    Educational Institutions of the Methodist Episcopal Church in China         1907
West China Missionary News     1907
The Widening Horizon in China Foreign Missions Boards                1903
Bashford, Bishop J.W.    The Chinese Church       
Christian Education in China
Instruction For Probationers and Members of the China Inland Mission                
Foreign Missions Club Agency Dept. Price List    
Annual Report of the Missionary Society               1903
Annual Report  Sunday School Union      1905
Official Minutes for the Foochow Conference    1910
Pyper, Rev. John              Jesus Christ A Total Abstainer
Conger, Edwin H.             Christian Missions From a Statesman's Viewpoint
Leighton, Robert              The Love of God
West China Annual Meeting Minutes     1907      
The World's Cry for the Lord's Money    
Central Conference Minutes      1907
Missionary Society Handbook
West China Mission Conference Minutes             1909
Our Extreme Need of Illumination
West China Mission Conference               1908
Catalogue of Sunday School and Church Supplies             
The Life of Faith Vol. XXI               Feb. 1902
West China Messenger 3rd Quarter        1909
West China Messenger 2nd Quarter (2) 1908
West China Messenger 1st Quarter         1908
The Christian Witness    June 1910
The Christian Republic   Jan. 1907
World Wide Mission       Nov. 1909
World's Publications Supply        
The "Man of Sorrows"  8th Edition           n.d.
Mission Study for Young People                1905-1906
Reports of Gouldy Memorial for Men     1907
Adamson, Rev. William  The Land of Sinim
The Christian Educational Union of West China Minutes 1906
Bible Teacher's Training School
Bulletin Jan.-Feb.             1904
List of Protestant Missionaries in West China      1907
Hallock's Chinese Almanac and Miscellany            1909
Franson, Rev. F.                The Religion of Tibet and the True Religion           n.d
Prospectus of the Union Medical College Peking               1906-1907
Record of Christian Work Advertising      1908
A World Wide War           n.d.
With Kitchener to Khartum          n.d.
Catalogue of the World Famous J. James Tissot Collection             n.d.
Eighty Eighth Annual Report of the Missionary Society    1907
Primer of the Standard System of Mandarin Romanization           1905
Testimonials to Wang Hang T'ong's Text Books.  1907
Webster, J. Rev.               Times of Blessing in Manchuria  1908
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The Records of a Conference on Federation        1905
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West China Messenger, Vol VII, # 5         1909
Bulletin of the Chicago Training School Vol VI, # 2              April, 1909
Leighton, Robert              The Christian Estate       
List of Missionaries and their Stations     1899
Jacobs, S.P. Rev                The Design in Baptizo    
59th Annual Report of the New York Life Insurance Company     1903
The Sunday School Union, It's Work and Aims     n.d.
Vernon, J.R. Rev.             Manslaughter, if not Murder                      1895


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