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The North Dakota State Reform School was created by the North Dakota Constitution, Article IX, Section 12, in 1890 (S. L. 1890, Ch. 164). With the new administration building completed, the institution opened southwest of Mandan on May 1, 1903 with a land grant of 40,000 acres.  The Reform School was governed by a five member Board of Trustees appointed by the Governor and with the consent of the State Senate. The Board of Trustees had authority to manage the affairs of the State Reform School and to appoint the superintendent, teachers, and steward.  The State Reform School was charged with the “reformation” of boys and girls under 18 years of age through instruction in “morality,….useful knowledge and some regular course of labor, either mechanical, manufacturing, or agricultural….” Minors convicted of any crime except murder could be assigned to the State Reform School by the courts. 
The Board of Trustees was abolished and administration of the State Reform School passed to the Board of Control in 1911 (S. L. 1911, Ch. 62). Administration of the School came under the Board of Administration in 1919 (S. L. 1919, Ch.71) and in that same year, the name of the institution was changed to the State Training School. The Superintendent of the State Training School was appointed to a four year term by the Board of Administration. 
In 1961 (S. L. 1961, Ch.131) the name of the school was changed to the North Dakota State Industrial School. Management of the School was transferred to the Director of Institutions in 1969 (S. L. 1969, Ch.440). The Superintendent of the State Industrial School was appointed to a four-year term by the Director of Institutions. The Superintendent had the general responsibility for the detention, rehabilitation, and instruction of the institutionalized juveniles. 
In 1989 (S. L. 1989, Ch.156) the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation was created and the State Industrial School came under the authority of the Youth Services Division of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. In 1995 (S. L. 1995, Ch.120) the name of the Industrial School was changed to the Youth Correctional Center. 
In 2009 (S. L. 2009, Ch.273) the title of Superintendent was changed to Administrator, and the Director of the Juvenile Service Division could serve as the Administrator of the Youth Correction Center and designate officers and employees to carry out the administrative duties (S. L. 2009, Ch.271).

In 2005 (S. L. 2005, Ch.271) an age requirement law replaced a 1935 ruling (S. L. 1935,Ch.128) stating that no child under the age of twelve could be admitted to the State Training School and that at age eighteen a juvenile would be transferred to an alternative facility. In 2005, the age was extended to twenty.
The Division of Community Services cooperates with the Department of Human Services, the North Dakota Association of Counties, and the Department of Public Instruction to provide an array of placement options and services for troubled adolescents committed to its care and custody by the district courts. The programs include intensive in-home family services and intensive supervision and tracking that makes available frequent contact with youth. Day treatment offers assessment, counseling, therapy, aggression replacement training, behavior management, and academic remediation services. Additional programs include high risk drug and alcohol support groups and diversified occupational and vocational educational programs within school districts. The goal of the statewide detention support services is to reduce the number of juveniles held in adult jails.


1890                       North Dakota Constitution provides for the creation of the State Reform School.
1890-1911            Board of Trustees to govern the School.
1902-1903            Completion of Old Main Building allows School to open on May 15, 1903.
1903-1971            Agriculture taught as the chief vocation.
1911                       Board of Trustees abolished. Administration transferred to the Board of Control.
1919-1969            Board of Administration in charge of School.
1919                       Named changed to State Training School.
1920                       Marmot School building housed educational coursework.
1936                       Establish a goal to train and educate juvenile offender.
1950                       Becomes a member of the Training School and Juvenile Agencies Association.
1960-1961            Legislative Committee studies education issues on becoming become fully accredited.
1961                       Name changed from State Training School to State Industrial School.
1969                       Under the jurisdiction of the Director of Institutions.
1969                       State Youth Authority created by North Dakota Legislature.
1987                       Division of Juvenile Services created.
1989                       Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation created, administers the Division of Juvenile Services.
1995                       State Industrial School renamed Youth Correctional Center.
2005                       Age limit expanded to twenty.
2009                       Director of the Juvenile Services Division may serve as administrator of the Youth Correction Center.  Superintendent renamed to Administrator.  


30830    Minutes of the Board of Trustees
30831    Administrative Subject Files
30832    Budgets
30833    Biennial Reports
30834    Property Inventories
30835    Balance Ledger, Payment and Collection Record, Check Register
30836    Menus, Grocery Lists, Inventories
31894    Campus Meeting Minutes. CONFIDENTIAL
31895    NDPERS [Local Chapter] Minutes
31896    Project, proposals, and program files
31897    Surveys and statistical reports   


Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Website
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North Dakota Century Code
North Dakota State Laws, 1889-2009
North Dakota Secretary of State. Blue Book, 1995, 1999-2011

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