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[NDCC 43-18-01 to 43-18-25]

The State Board of Plumbing was established in 1941, (S. L. 1941, Ch. 187) and consisted of three members, two gubernatorial appointees and the State Health Officer or a representative who served as the head of any division within the Health Department. By law, the Board membership had to consist of a master plumber and a journeyman plumber, each required members to be residents of North Dakota for five years preceding their appointment and to have practiced in the state for five years. Officers elected by the Board included a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer. The four-year terms were staggered, and the secretary-treasurer could be a non-board member.

In 1975, (S. L. 1975 Ch. 407) the Board expanded to five, and included the Chief Sanitary Engineer of the State Health Department or the head of any division within that department. The four appointed by the Governor included one master plumber, a journeyman plumber, a registered professional engineer, and a consumer representative. Another change required the secretary-treasurer to be a licensed plumber. The board continued to serve staggered four-year terms. All members had to be residents of the state for at least five years until 1995, when this requirement was changed (S. L. 1995, Ch. 243).

The Board supervises and inspects plumbing, drainage, sewage, and plumbing ventilation in all public and private buildings. It formulates, prepares, and circulates the state plumbing code to all plumbers, and prescribes the rules and regulations for the examination, regulation, and licensing of all classifications of plumbers. The Board is responsible for examination and licensing of water conditioning contractors and water conditioning installers. The Board is headquartered in Bismarck.


1941 Board of Plumbing established.

1973 Board provides for the examination, regulation, and licensing of water conditioning, sewer, and water installers.

1975 Board expanded to five, with the Chief Sanitary Engineer or designee replacing the State Health Officer.

1975 Board members elect president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer. Secretary-treasurer could be a non-board member.

1989 Continuing education requirement for master and journeyman plumbers as a part of license renewal.

1989 Advertising limited to businesses employing a master plumber or journeyman plumber.

1995 Residency requirements changed and secretary-treasurer must be a licensed plumber.

2017       Legislation allowed plumbers to be exempt from a septic tank permit fee issued by the State Water Board, if they were subject to department charges or renewal fees under [NDCC 43-18] and if they operated no more than one servicing unit (S.L. 2017, Ch. 425).


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30621 State Plumbing Board Minutes
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30622 License Collection Register

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