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Athletic Trainers, Board of
[Authorized: NDCC 43-39]

Legislation in 1983 created the Athletic Trainers Act for the purpose of licensing certain activities provided by an athletic trainer. [NDCC 43-39-05]. Since 1983 the Board of Athletic Trainers has been composed of five members appointed by the Governor. The consumer member and the three athletic trainers are appointed from a list submitted to the Governor. The first list came from the North Dakota Athletic Trainer Association and the State Board of Medical Examiners provided a list for the selection of a physician.  The consumer member could not be licensed in any health care field. Each trainer member was required to have not less than two years experience as a trainer and be actively employed in the profession during a term on the Board.  Meetings continue to be held at least one time per year unless a special request is made by either the Chairman or three Board members (S. L. 1983, Ch. 490) and selection of the Chairman and Secretary-Treasurer is by Board members. Duties of the Board include determining fees for applications and prescribing examinations and certificates of licensure. Along with maintaining a record of all proceedings the Board keeps a record of the name of every living licensee and license certificate information [NDCC 43-39-02]. Initially qualifications for an athletic trainer license required an applicant to meet all the requirements of certification established by the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification. Nothing in the Century Code [NDCC 43-39-10] authorized an athletic trainer to practice of medicine, however, legislation gave to the State Board of Medical Examiners certain authority relating to licensing and license terms (S. L. 1983, Ch. 490) and required that an athletic trainer practice under the guidance of licensed medical doctor [NDCC 43-17].

Potential athletic trainers are required to pass an examination and requirements for certification as implemented by the Board of Athletic Trainers. According to the Century Code [NDCC 43-39-05] an athletic trainer is one who provides athletic training in the practice of prevention, recognition, and evaluation during physical training. Athletic trainers also practice management treatment and disposition of athletic injuries during rehabilitation under the order of a licensed physician. Trainers also provide organization and administration of educational programs and athletic facilities along with a program of education and counseling to the public [NDCC 4-39-01]. "Physical activity" means any moderate or vigorous activity that requires physical strength, agility, range of motion, repetitive motion, speed, or stamina during participation in exercise, sports, games, recreation, performance arts, stretching, wellness, fitness, military, industrial, or public safety activities. Since 1983 the National Athletic Trainer Association has had two name changes including the National Athletic Association Incorporated (S. L. 1993,  Ch. 437) and later in 2013 it became the Board of Certification Incorporated (S. L. 2013,  Ch. 332).  Legislation in 2015 rewrote many of the definitions and added new ones concerning athletic training (S.L. 2015, Ch. 306).

1983       Legislation provided for the licensure of certain athletic trainers and established the North Dakota Board of Athletic Trainers consisting of five members who were appointed by the Governor from the recommendations submitted by the North Dakota Medical Association and the Dakota Athletic Trainers Association. Legislation established the major duties of the Board as examining and licensing (S.L. 1983, Ch. 490).

1991       The Board was required to be audited every two years instead of annually (S. L. 1991, Ch. 475).

1993       Legislation amended the Code relating to regulation of athletic trainers.  Requirements for certification included the definition of an athletic trainer.  The term rehabilitation of athletic injuries under the care of a licensed physician was added (S. L. 1993, Ch. 437).

2013       Legislation no longer allowed the “grandfather clause” concerning the examination process of athletic trainer applicants [NDCC 43-39-07]. 

2015       Legislation expanded changes to athletic training regulations and “physical activity” was added to definitions along with six additional legislative changes. One allowed for licensed trainers with a degree in a health-related field to consult, teach, or supervise athletic training curricular courses (S. L. 2015, Ch. 306).  Other legislation changed the name of the Board of Medical Examiners to the Board of Medicine (S. L. 2015, Ch. 297).  


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