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Manuscripts by Subject - Transportation

10052 Carl Ben Eielson
Papers, 1901-1930
Scholarship application, examination papers, airline records, posthumous memorials, postal covers, documents, correspondence, awards and published materials. The scholarship application dates from 1919 to 1920 and consists of recommendation letters and forms for a Rhodes scholarship. The examination papers consist of two short papers submitted for entrance to an officer's training program. The airline records include schedules, agreements, reports, and correspondence from the Farthest-North Airplane Company and the Alaskan Air Transport Corporation. The posthumous memorials were written by friends and acquaintances relating Eielson's exploits. The postal covers consist of airmail covers from first flights in Alaska. The documents date from 1926 to 1929 and consist of pilot's licenses, a passport, and membership card. The correspondence dates from 1925 to 1930, and consists of personal letters from Eielson to Joe Snowfield, recommendation letters from military personnel, Arctic exploration congratulatory letters and telegrams, and letters to Ole Eielson concerning his son, Carl Ben. The awards date from 1928 to 1929 and consist of menus, speeches, and invitations to banquets honoring the arctic flight with Wilkins. The published materials consist of a booklet, periodicals, published federal documents, and newspapers. He had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Harmon Trophy. (.75ft/oversize)

10104 Great Northern Railway Company, Minot Division, Engineering Department
Records, 1904-1924
Field notebooks of survey work on railway bridges, grades, crossings, etc. Includes index. (6ft)

10124 F. Stewart Mitchell
Papers, 1972-1973, 1991
Correspondence, maps, time tables, and printed materials concerning the Midland Continental Railroad and the Fargo and Southern Railroad, and HAEB form architectural drawings of railroad depots. (3.5ft/oversize)

10201 Midland Continental Railroad Company
Records, 1906-1969
Correspondence, valuation reports, financial records, maps, annual reports, photographs, and agent and general office files. (109.75ft)

10219 North Dakota Railway Company
Records, 1907-1922
Minutes of the board of directors, annual reports, correspondence, financial records, employee records, contracts, stock subscriptions freight receipts, and railroad equipment catalogs. (3.75ft/4r #6942-6945)

10221 Harold E. Babcock
Papers, 1950-1952.
Devil’s Lake, Ramsey County, ND
Notes on Babcock's M.A. thesis concerning the historical geography of the Devils Lake region, and an article on steam boating on the Missouri River. (.25ft.)

10321 North Dakota Highway Construction
Records, ca. 1921
Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings concerning highway construction in North Dakota. (1v)

10346 Great Northern Railway Company
Records, 1920-1932
Station record, switch lists, and account book. (3v)

10369 James Flynn
Papers, 1878-1887
Receipts, financial accounts, and correspondence concerning the distribution of grain and supplies and the transfer of cattle by a wagon master of the North Western Express, Stage, and Transportation Company. (1r/#4381)

10419 Steamboat Helena
Records, 1880-1887
Account books, fuel book, and a letter press copy book (1r/#1690)

10507 Chester C. Morrison
Papers, 1951-1956
Notes, photographs, maps, publications, promotional materials, and the manuscript of Morrison's history of the Great Northern Railway Immigration and Agricultural Department. Morrison was an employee of Great Northern Railway, Immigration and Agricultural Development Department. (1ft)

10542 Edward E. Heerman
Papers, 1854-1984
Diaries, correspondence, financial accounts, business records, scrapbooks, reminiscences, newspaper clippings, photographs, family correspondence, family history, and scrapbooks. (13.5ft/oversize/1r/#4279)

10622 Northern Pacific Railroad Company
Records, 1959
Aerial photographs filmed by the Northern Pacific Railroad on right of way land. (250 10” X 10” negatives)

10659 Fred M. Roberts
Papers, 1902-1932
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence, diaries, financial information, photos, scrapbooks, and ephemera dealing with the Soo Line Railway, small aircraft, and air shows in North Dakota. (3ft and oversize)

10829 Hector Airport
Records, 1986-2000
Fargo, ND
Copies of an airport history, reports, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a video. (.5ft)

10846 Robert B. Tudor
Papers, 1999
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, a book, and copies of portraits compiled by Dr. Tudor about James J. Hill who he entered as a candidate for the North Dakota Rough Rider Award. (.25ft)

10848 Fort Benton Transportation Company
Records, 1867-1883
Financial records from the following steamers traveling up and down the Missouri River: Black Hills, Helena, and Benton. Statements and accounts from the Missouri River Transportation Company, and bills of lading from the T. C. Power and Brothers, the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway, and the Northern Pacific Railroad.  Some miscellaneous bills of lading are also included the materials. (1.25ft)

10883 Robert E. Watts
Papers, 1940-1980
Bismarck, ND
Photograph album contains photographs documenting the activities of the Capital Aviation Business owned by Mr. Watts and his brother Jack. (1v)

10898 Eric C. Jacobsen
Contains photographs and papers related to Eric C. Jacobsen’s family and work.  Consists of a photo album containing photos of bridge construction in North Dakota.  Bridges featured may include the Lost Bridge in Dunn County (N.D.), Lewis and Clark Bridge in Williston (N.D.), and the Four Bears Bridge at Elbowwoods (N.D.).  Also includes photographs of archaeological sites, the Mandan Fair, and the Fort Berthold area. Correspondence in the collection is from America Elmira Collins, Jacobsen’s grandmother, and Mary C. Collins, Jacobsen’s great-aunt.  Topics included in the correspondence include John Grass, Sitting Bull, and the Ghost Dance.  Digital scans of papers are also included in the collection. Digital scans include correspondence with Mary C. Collins, John Grass, Russell Reid, George F. Will Sr., the Department of the Interior and include topics like genealogy, land allotments, archaeology, songs and stories in the Lakota language, day school students and research for bridge work. (1.35 feet and digital)

10900 Leo M. Reinbold
Papers, 1980s-1990s
Material used for presentations including  a copy of a speech, photographs, maps, and selected publications relating to the Fairview bridge between Fairview and Cartright in McKenzie Co., ND. (.25ft)

10952 Chicago, Milwaukee, and Saint Paul Railway Company Drawings
Station maps for the following North Dakota line segments: Abercrombie, Christine, Fargo, Edgeley, Ellendale, Fairmount, Griffin, Hickson, Linton; New Leipzig, Brampton, Saunders, Strasburg, Tyler, and Zeeland. Includes depot drawings for: Abercrombie, Ellendale, and Hague. Includes prints for doors, windows, platform track scale, chimney, diesel oil pump house, and tool and hand car house. (60 items oversize)

11005 Dana F. Johnson
Papers, 1894-1926
Research materials on the history of motors or motoring in the Western Plains and Central Rockies including copies of photographs and patents. (.25ft)

11042 Vern L. Roberts
Papers, 1917-1953
CD of a paper written by Roberts and scans of a scrapbook documenting the feats of the early aviator. The scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings and ephemera tracing Roberts' aviation career and family history. (.25ft.)

11053 Dakota Northwestern Railway Company
Records, 1916
Consists of a certificate of incorporation of the Dakota Northwestern Railway Company, a leaflet about the project, two lists of subscribers and amounts pledged, correspondence about the project, legal documents and agreements, and two reports about the projects by Charles A. Palmer, Consulting Engineer, and W. C. Laughery. (.25ft)

11102 Railroad Depot Architectural Drawings
Records, 1885-1964
Includes plans for depots, platforms, telegraph offices, lunch buildings, and freight houses located in North Dakota, for the Northern Pacific, St. Paul Minneapolis & Manitoba, Great Northern, Burlington Northern, and St. Paul & Pacific railroads. (147 items)

11234 Northern Pacific Fargo Division Railroad Maps
The Fargo Division extended from Dilworth, MN to Mandan, ND and included the branch lines. These copies of maps show the mile posts from Dilworth to Mandan. (11 items)

11271 Jerry Masters and William Bursack
Drafts, notes, photographs and research compiled for the unpublished manuscript by William Bursack and Jerry Masters, entitled "The Northern Pacific Before the Last Spike: Locating the Route." (5.5 ft.)

20095 Henry O. Narum
Papers, 1908-1915
Copies of two diaries concerning navigation, weather, and daily events while traveling the Missouri River. (2 items)

20159 Silver Lake No. 4 (Steamboat)
Records, 1872-1883
Log book records trips on the Missouri River from Sioux City, IA, to Fort Buford, and intermediate points. (1 item)

20205 E. B. Trail
Papers, 1950
Items related to Missouri River history collected by Dr. Trail, a compiler of Missouri River steamboat history in the 1950s. (8 items)

20207 E. W. Bennett
Papers, 1929-1939
Typescript entitled "How the Northern Pacific Groped Its Way West" by James Cotter (describes the experiences of the Northern Pacific Railway survey party from Bismarck to the Yellowstone River, 1872) and printed material relating to the Northern Pacific Railway Veterans' Association. Cotter served as Secretary-Treasurer, Veterans' Association of the Northern Pacific Railway. (5 items)

20285 George K. Anderson
Papers, 1916
Train order issued by the Great Northern Railway Company ordering employees to stop work for five minutes to honor the memory of James J. Hill. Engineer for Great Northern Railway. (1 item)

20433 Robert Maskell Patterson
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, "A Short Account of the Preliminary Survey of the Northern Pacific Railway in 1871," describing Patterson's experiences on the survey, and reminiscences of W. G. Marshall concerning his activities as a Northern Pacific Railway employee and a casual laborer in North Dakota and Montana, ca. 1879‑1929. The collection also includes correspondence relating to the typescript and reminiscences. (5 items)

20444 Halica Naugle
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, “Captain Heerman and the ‘Minnie H.’ on Devils Lake from 1883 to 1908.” (1 item)

20459 Lester G. Budlong
Papers, 1916
Typescript paper from a Harvard University economics course, “The Relations Between Immigration and Railroad Development in North Dakota.” (1 item)

20460 Louis F. Hillman
Papers, 1924
Typescript entitled, “Hill and the Great Northern Railroad.” (2 items)

20569 Steve P. Goodall
Papers, 1965
Photocopy of a Dickinson State College history paper entitled, “Steamboats Up the Missouri’” describing the steamboat transportation industry ca. 1830s-1890s. (1 item)

20583 John Heiling
Papers, 1905
Correspondence with Northern Pacific Railway Company and the North Dakota Board of Railroad Commissioners relating to Heiling’s claim against the railroad for the killing of livestock near Oriska, ND (5 items)

20614 Neal C. O’Neil
Papers, 1985
An account of O’Neil’s father’s experiences working with railroads in Minnesota, North Dakota and Saskatchewan ca. 1900-1907. (1 item)

20692 Ed Seaburg
Letter, 1950
Photocopy and holographic transcript of a letter from Seaburg to Lloyd Cowan, Valley City, ND, concerning his experiences as a railroad worker in North Dakota and Minnesota, ca. 1900-1940.(2 items)

20699 Montgomery Meigs
Papers, 1986
Copy of Meigs’ sketchbook containing drawings of structures and geographical features in Minnesota and Dakota drawn while he was Northern Pacific resident engineer, an obituary, and an article on Northern Pacific Railroad history. (4 items)

20700 Thomas Cooper
Papers, 1895-1899
Letters relating to disposition of Northern Pacific Railroad Company land. (3 items)

20703 Frank Wilson
Papers, 1884
Letter to Wilson’s wife, Lizzie, describing a rail trip from Louisiana to Devils Lake, ND. (1 item)

20781 Northern Pacific Railroad Company
Records, 1875
Chromolithograph advertising railroad routes available from Bismarck, DT. (1 item/oversize)

20782 Dietrich's Express and Stage Line
Records, n.d.
Broadside advertising the departure of the stage from Bismarck and Mandan, ND to the Black Hills, SD. (1 item/oversize)

20787 Charles L. Hansen
Papers, 1909-1936
Steamboat inspection service license, U.S. Inspector’s license to special engineers/steamers, letter of recommendation for employment, and an obituary. (4 items)

20842 Norman W. Kittson
Papers, 1848
Photocopy of letters of Kittson, an early fur trader and partner of the American Fur Company who used oxcarts, steamboats on the Red River, and was involved in development of the railroad. (.5ft) Originals at the Minnesota Historical Society

20962 David Haney
Papers, 1960
Copy of Captain Haney's steamboat log dating from May, 1865 to September 5, 1865 detailing hauling freight and mail for the Army to the forts in the Dakotas and Montana, including Fort Berthold. Original logs and copies are located at various repositories along the Missouri River. (.05ft)

20977 J. H. Kast
Papers, 1919
Agreement drawn up by Bismarck lawyer Theodore Koffel asking that J. H.Kast of Bismarck be allowed to run a ferry boat across the Missouri River from Sioux County to Emmons County at or near Cannonball. The document includes the signatures of witnesses. (4 items)

21003 Great Northern Railway
Papers, 1917
Letter relating to routine matters of ticketing, daily routine, and weather conditions in Mohall, ND written to A. N. Tolan living in Lake Preston MN, from William Clifford who managed the Mohall depot. (1 item)

21037 Journal of a railroad section hand
Papers, 1926-1927
New Leipzig, ND
Journal details the activities of the hand during the work day. (.1ft)

21064 John M. Belk
Papers, 1847-1929
Typed interview, list of steamboats piloted, and various notes about the life of Captain John M. Belk. Belk was a steamboat captain or pilot from 1867-1925. The interview and material was compiled by his son, John B. Belk in 1926. (.2ft)

21225 Dakota Cup Regatta
Newspaper clippings, correspondence to 1964 winner C. B. Greene, printed material and promotional information for the Dakota Cup Regatta (Hydro plane competition), held on the Garrison Reservoir in 1964 and 1965 (.1ft).

21319 Narrow Gauge Railroad Lines in Black Hills
1901-ca. 1910s
Information about narrow gauge railroad lines in the Black Hills (South Dakota), including the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Line. Also contains manuscript material, photographs and timetables.Transferred from the Frank Vyzralek Papers (MSS 10553). (1 microfilm roll #4430).

21325 Frank J. Hoffman
ca. 1945-1954
Consists of the papers of Frank J. Hoffman, conductor for the Northern Pacific Railroad. Papers include correspondence about wearing glasses on duty, joining the Order of Railway Conductors of America union, and Senate Bill 94 (1959), a certificate of completion of the NPRR Freight Traffic Correspondence Course and a wedding photograph of Hoffman and his wife Frances Kathleen (Barry). Hoffman was born April 19, 1914 and served as a captain in the U.S. Army during World War II and Korea. He had one son, Robert Eugene Hoffman. Frank J. Hoffman died in his home in Mandan (N.D.) on February 16, 1995. The papers came to the archives with the Frank E. Vyzralek Papers (MSS 10553). How Vyzralek acquired the Hoffman papers is unknown. Several artifacts were offered to the Museum Division of the SHSND in July 2016 (.05 ft.).

21330 Delores Friesz
Consists of a photograph of Dolores Friesz (Fitzsimmons) and Annette Torrick (Torieck) beside an airplane, a student pilot certificate, and Delores' flight record book, which logs her flights and craft flown from July to November 1946.

Dolores was born April 15, 1923, in Mandan (N.D.), the fourth of five children and only daughter of Ralph and Pauline (Opitz) Friesz. She graduated from Mandan High School in 1940 and, after attending the College of St. Teresa in Winona (Minn.), graduated from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks in 1946, where she was a member of the Pi Beta Phi Sorority. In her 20s, Dolores took airplane pilot training and worked at several jobs in Bismarck and Miami Beach (Fla.). She returned to Mandan, married Pat Fitzsimmons on February 3, 1951, and they were blessed with three children. As Pat’s road construction business moved west, so did the family — to Dickinson in 1968 and Billings in 1972. Dolores Fitzsimmons, 92, passed away July 5, 2015, at Valley Health Care, Billings, Montana (.05 ft.).

80104 Herbert T. Burton
Papers, 1881, 1884, 1903
Three land patents and a land bill of sale to the Northern Pacific Railroad Company. (4 items/oversize)

80124 T. C. Power and Company
Records, 1884
Freight receipts for the steamboat Benton. (4 items)


1245 Elma Osking Eielson
120 minute cassette
An interview with Eielson on August 26, 1971 concerning Carl Ben Eielson and the Eielson home in Hatton, ND

1800 Rails West: Building the Northern Pacific from Bismarck to the Montana Line
Carl F.W. Larson
90 minute cassette
Six Super Sundays Starring Six Special Scholars. North Dakota Humanities Council lecture series. March 21, 1993

1852 Silk Trains on the Great Northern Railway. Six Super Sundays Starring Six Special Scholars
Gordon Iseminger
90 minute cassette
Larry Remele Memorial Fellows report to the people of North Dakota, Sponsored by the ND Humanities Council, Inc. 94-AV-4

1880 Richard Grace: North Dakota War Hero and Flying Ace, Hollywood Stuntman, Author
Greg Camp
90 minute cassette
North Dakota Humanities Council, February 6, 1994. 94-AV-19

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