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Manuscripts by Subject - Politics / Government

10001 Burleigh Folsom Spaulding
Papers, 1840-1931
Autobiography, correspondence, account books, autograph book containing signatures of delegates to the North Dakota Constitutional Convention, letterpress copy books, legal documents, poetry, speeches, and attorney dockets relating to law practice.. The Records primarily relate to Spaulding’s personal, business, and political activities. Includes records of the Capitol Commission (1883-1998)), the “Admission-As-A-Whole Commission” (1887), and a roster of North Dakota county political committee members 1904. (1.5ft)

10003 Benjamin Franklin and Linda Warfel Slaughter
Papers, 1871-1906
Correspondence, coroner’s records, financial records relating to politics, women’s suffrage, the Ladies Historical Society of Bismarck, and the Burleigh County Pioneers Association. (.5ft/1r/#16072)

10021 Arthur Guy Divit
Papers, 1920-1948
Correspondence speeches, newspaper clippings, poetry and an autobiography relating to the Nonpartisan League, politics, the legal profession, and the U.S. Constitution of a Fargo, ND attorney.

10027 John N. Hagan
Papers, 1919-1987
Autobiography, correspondence, Party platforms, financial records, and speeches, military items, newspaper clippings, and ephemera concerning the Nonpartisan League, politics, and agricultural issues. (.5ft)

10039 Thorward Mostad 
Papers, 1916-1959
Photographs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, Nonpartisan League campaign material and membership cards, a brief history of the Nonpartisan Leagues, and papers concerning organization of the Savings and Loan Trust Company. (.5ft)

10045 Jamestown Fire Company
Records, 1889-1915
Jamestown, ND
Constitution, member list, treasurer’s reports, fire reports, and minutes of the Artisan Hose Company No. 1 and No. 2, the Northern Pacific Hose Company, and the Rescue Hook and Ladder Company. (.5ft/7v)

10048 Erastus Appleman Williams
Papers, 1892-1923
Correspondence concerning political appointments and affairs, correspondence, blueprints, and documents pertaining to the acquisition of land at Bismarck, ND for the Soo Railroad, rough drafts of Williams' political platform, correspondence of the North Dakota Irrigation Association, specifications for the Bismarck Auditorium, copies of bills introduced into the legislature, resolutions of various organizations, campaign literature, pamphlets, photographs, newspaper clippings, and records, of the Surveyor General's office. (3.25ft)

10054 Adolph Marcus Christianson
Papers, 1921-1952
Reports, speeches, printed material, correspondence, concerning legal and welfare matters; the Emergency Relief Administrations, United Services Organization, Boy Scouts, National Defense Welfare Service, and the North Dakota Council on Human Relations. Christianson was a Justice on the North Dakota Supreme Court, 1915-1934. (8ft)

10083 Theodore Gilbert Nelson
Papers, 1904-1924
Records of the Independent Voters Association, including minutes, articles of incorporation, correspondence, reports, speeches, telegrams, petitions, transcripts of investigations and debates, political ephemera, drafts of legislative bills, news releases, newspaper clippings, publications, and a subscription list of The Independent; and records of the Lincoln Republican League and the Doyle for Governor Campaign Organization. The I.V.A. records relate primarily to Townleyism, the 1921 recall, Nonpartisan League, the Langer for Governor campaign (1920), and the investigation of the Home Building Association and other state industries. President, Equity Cooperative Exchange and Secretary, Independent Voters Association. (1ft/1r/#1242)

10100 North Dakota League of Municipalities
Records, 1912, 1931-1954, 1964-1972
Correspondence, reports, bulletins, financial statements, news releases, resolutions, directories, and printed material concerning municipal problems, conventions, ordinances, planning, engineering, and taxation. (34ft)

10106 Frank White
Papers, 1891-1953
Correspondence, business papers of the Middlewest Trust Company, photographs, proclamations, speeches, scrapbook, newspaper clippings, records of the 1st Regiment, North Dakota Infantry, including rosters, orders, memoranda, camp songs, papers relating to White's nomination to the U.S. Senate in 1920, ephemera, and genealogical materials. Collection includes papers of Edwin Lee White and Thomas Black. (.5ft/oversize)

10111 Edwin Fremont Ladd
Papers, 1891-1909
Correspondence, sugar beet seed applications, the “Benzoate of Soda Controversy” questionnaire documenting Ladd’s activities as chief chemist and Food Commissioner of North Dakota, President of North Dakota Agricultural College, and U.S. Senator. (8ft)

10118 Robert Byrne
Papers, 1916-1965
Correspondence, subject files, publications, notes, minutes of the State Planning Board (1934-1935), photographs, maps, and newspaper clippings relating to business and political activities, the State Historical Society and State Parks, National Association of Secretaries of State, National Youth Administration, William J. Bryant, and William Langer. (3.25ft)

10120 Gudmundur Grimson
Papers, 1923-1949
Correspondence, printed material, subject files, documents, and photographs relating to personal and business affairs, politics, judicial; affairs, cases before the ND Supreme Court, and the Martin Tabert murder case of an attorney, Justice of the ND Supreme Court, and editor/publisher of the Munich Herald. (53.5ft/2r/#16062-16063)

10129 Alfred Samuel Dale
Papers, 1921-1942
Correspondence, news releases, printed material and campaign files relating to political activity, records of the State Executive Committee of the Nonpartisan League of North Dakota (including minutes, ledgers, correspondence, platforms, membership records, and rosters of Nonpartisan League delegates and precinct committeemen), records of the North Dakota Progressive, records relating to Dale's term as State Treasurer, and platforms and news releases of the North Dakota Farmer-Labor Party. (6ft)

10134 Kenneth W. Simons
 Papers, 1933-1951
Correspondence, surveys, reports, studies, minutes, news releases, newspaper clippings, photographs, and printed material concerning the WPA (Works Progress Administration), FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Administration), CWA (Civil Works Administration), RRA (rural Resettlement Administration, North Dakota Water Resources Committee, North Dakota State Water Conservation Commission, Tri-State Water Commission, Interstate Conference on the Red River of the North, and the North Dakota Reclamation Association. Correspondents include John Moses, Fred Aandahl, William Lemke, William Langer, Usher Burdick, Francis Case, and Milton Young. (1.25ft)

10139 Kenneth Alfred Fitch
Papers, 1915-1963
Correspondence, photographs, printed material, newspaper clippings, financial records, and House bills relating to legislative activities. (12.5ft/oversize)

10146 John Peter Jungers
Papers, 1910-1953
Biography, obituary, business records of the Regent Grain Company, speeches, and political memorabilia of an implement dealer and Democratic candidate for North Dakota Insurance Commissioner. (88 items)

10154 James Morris
Papers, 1893-1973
Bismarck, ND
Correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, manuscripts, printed material, and speeches relating to Morris' legal and personal activities, and the Nuremberg War Crime Trials. (10.5ft)

10170 Clark W. McDonnell
Papers, 1921-1930
Correspondence, printed materials, newspaper clippings, and reports relating to administration of the State Historical Society, Arrowwood Lake Park, local history, and creation of a state park near Kensal, ND. (.25ft)

10175 John Burke
Papers, 1911-1921
Letters to Burke, Governor of North Dakota (1907-1912) and Treasurer of the United States (1913-1921), from Woodrow Wilson, invitations to various official functions, programs, and menus. (.25ft)

10182 Charles R. Robertson
Papers, 1941-1948
Correspondence and two guest books signed by office visitors. Robertson was a U.S. Representative from North Dakota. (.25ft)

10209 Warren A. Henke
Papers, 1964-2007
Consists of correspondence, memoranda, schedules, yearbooks, catalogs, research notes, and other printed material relating to Bismarck Junior College; political ephemera of a Bismarck Junior College History professor and author. (14ft)

10210 Wallin Family
Papers, 1878-1923
Correspondence and speeches of Judge Alfred M. Wallin (North Dakota Supreme Court Justice, 1889-1903), a childhood diary of George C. Sikes, 1878-1879, Dodge Center, MN, describing church, school, and recreational activities, photocopies of a timber culture claim file and other legal documents, and correspondence, essays, photographs, and newspaper clippings of Wallin's daughter and granddaughter Madeleine Wallin Sikes and Eleanor Sikes Peters. (.5ft)

10226 Rawson Post Office
Records, 1948-1972
Cashbooks, registry dispatch records, transit and registered mail records, window registration records, C.O.D. parcel delivery records, and a notification of closure. (.5ft)

10240 John Miller
Papers, 1925-1932
Correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings relating to Miller's efforts to secure a pardon and release from the State Penitentiary and family affairs. (.25ft)

10242 Farmers’ Educational and Cooperative Union of America, Estherville Local No. 11
Records, 1914-1920
Burleigh County, ND
Minutes, financial accounts, piano fund account, and minutes of a special meeting on the mill proposition. (1v)

10250 Fort Buford Post Office
Records, 1887-1892
Money order register and account book. (2v)

10266 Old State Capitol Cornerstone
Records, 1883
Consists of the contents of the cornerstone from the 1883 State Capitol including the dedication program, calling cards, North Dakota newspapers, a speech by Governor Nehemiah Ordway, and correspondence. (.25ft)

10267 North Dakota Hospital for the Insane
Records, 1888
Copies of newspapers, advertisements, biennial reports, and a letter from O. Wellington Archibald, hospital superintendent, to the future governor of Dakota placed in the cornerstone of the building. (.5ft)

10277 Harding in Canada
Papers, 1924
Letters from dignitaries concerning President Warren G. Harding's visit to Canada. (1v)

10292 Common Cause in North Dakota
Records, 1979-1981
Minutes, newsletters, legislative reports, guidelines, printed materials, reports, and publications from the national organization relating to administration, find raising, organizing, legislative issues, and lobbying for government and electoral reform. (.25ft)

10306 North Dakota Socialist Party. District 2 (McKenzie and Williams Counties) Organizing Department
Records, 1914
Account book documenting names of organizers and members, and cash receipts. Highlights Arthur C. Townley’s organizing and recruiting activities. (1v)

10317 State Capitol Cornerstone
Records, 1932
Correspondence concerning selection of contents of the cornerstone; copies of the dedication speeches, printed materials, programs, invitations, reports, tickets, and ribbons that were placed in the cornerstone; and photographs and an inventory of contents of the cornerstone. (.5ft)

10319 Bismarck Filter Center
Records, 1951-1956
Bismarck, ND
Printed material, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning aircraft spotting activities of the Bismarck Filter Center. (.25ft.)

10326 S. E. Elsworth
Papers, ca. 1882-1893
Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings concerning politics and world events. (1ft)

10329 North Dakota Political Scrapbook
Records, 1940-1941
Newspaper clippings regarding political events in North Dakota. (.5ft)

10336 Harvey N. Jensen
Papers, 1958-1966
Correspondence, financial statements, reports, petitions, precinct rosters and maps, convention credentials, and political advertisements of Jenson who was active in the Burleigh Co., ND Democratic-Nonpartisan League Committee. (.75ft)

10347 North Dakota Republican Party
Records, 1959-1982
State convention files, correspondence, legislative candidate files, RNC files, selection of delegates files, election data, and campaign materials. (6.25ft/oversize)

10355 Sims Post Office
Records, 1904-1920
Sims, ND
Postmaster's Account and Record Books, money order registers, and cashbooks. (1ft)

10377 National Nonpartisan League
Records, 1910-1928
Minutes, correspondence, legal documents, financial reports, speeches, notes, membership and subscription forms, mailing lists, and printed material. Includes the papers of Henry G. Teigan, Secretary of the National Nonpartisan League. (18r/#4404-4421)

10388 Raymond R. Smith
Papers, 1965-1966
Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings concerning reapportionment in North Dakota. (1r/#3693)

10406 United States District Court. North Dakota
Records, 1917-1918
Photocopy of case file #2737 relating to the prosecution and conviction of Kate Richards O'Hare Cunningham for sedition, consisting of transcripts of testimony, indictments, warrants, and other documents. (.25ft)

10416 William Lemke
Papers, 1942-1953.
Correspondence, bills, telegrams, and newspaper clippings relating to creation of the Theodore Roosevelt National Memorial Park. Correspondents include Russell Reid, Roy P. Johnson, the Medora Grazing Association, the Greater North Dakota Association, and Dickinson Chamber of Commerce. Lemke was U.S. Representative from North Dakota, 1933-1950 and North Dakota Attorney General, 1921. (1r/#9163)

10421 John Moses
Papers, 1900-1944
Biographies of Moses, personal and family papers, political materials, speeches, appointment books, newspaper clippings, and subject files relating to family affairs, political and Masonic activities, and Moses' tenure as Governor. (18r/#6172-6189) Originals at the University of North Dakota.

10443 Speakers of the North Dakota House of Representatives
Records, 1911-1983
Correspondence, census records, notes, biographical sketches, and printed material providing biographical information on Speakers of the North Dakota House of Representatives from 1911 to 1983. This information was collected for submission to the editors of American Legislative Leaders, a national dictionary of state legislative body leaders that was to be published by Greenwood Press in 1985. (.5ft)

10444 Harry Lashkowitz
Papers, 1907-1985
Papers relate primarily to Lashkowitz’s time as Secretary of the Cass County Democratic Committee and his fund raising for the Jewish Welfare Association (ND). Also included is a scrapbook and transcripts of testimony relating to William Langer's trial on a felony charge (1934-1935), transcripts of testimony and briefs relating to William Langer's libel suit against the Courier-News (1919-1923), and transcripts of testimony relating to Arthur C. Townley's bankruptcy proceedings. (1.25ft)

10449 Vernon R. Pederson
Papers, 1957-1982
Correspondence and legal papers of a Justice on the North Dakota Supreme Court. (5ft)

10457 North Dakota County Commissioners Association
Records, 1924-1976
Minutes, constitution, reports, and membership rosters relating to administration of the Association, taxation, legislation affecting local governments, and highways. (2v)

10459 North Dakota Association of Counties
Records, 1975-1987
Minutes of the State Council, Executive Committee, and Judicial Study Committees relating to administration, legislation concerning counties, and other activities and affairs. Records include subject files and correspondence. (1.5ft)

10463 Milo W. Hoisveen
Papers, 1954-1981
Reports, speeches, plans, legislative testimony, and publications relating to irrigation and water resource management in North Dakota, and the Garrison Diversion Project. Most reports were prepared by Hoisveen as State Engineer or as a consultant for various groups, including the North Dakota Water Users Association, North Dakota Water Management Districts Association, and the North Dakota Soil Conservation Committee. (1ft)

10474 Frank A. Wenstrom
Papers, 1927-2000
Committee minutes and reports, correspondence, memos, notes, newsletters, journals, programs, photographs, publications, newspaper clippings, and speeches relating to Wenstrom’s service as President of the Constitutional Convention, state senator and Lieutenant Governor. (9.25ft)

10482 Pat Curtiss
Papers, 1960-1982
Quentin Burdick 1982 campaign files containing correspondence, memos, notes, speeches, a 1970 public opinion survey, audio and videotapes,, and motion picture campaign advertisements for Burdick, Scott Anderson and William Guy. (1.75ft)

10489 William L. Guy
Papers, 1920s-2004
Consists of correspondence, political files, material on his unsuccessful 1974 U.S. Senate campaign, scrapbooks relating to Guy's terms as North Dakota Governor, desk calendars, photographs, photo albums documenting the 1972 Midwestern Governors' Conference in Bismarck, and publications. (51.5ft/2r/#16064-16065)

10492 Jay W. Bliss
Papers, 1936-1952
Minot, ND; Ward Co., ND
Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings, letters, programs, and ephemera relating to Bliss’ career and Minot city government. (4ft)

10496 Farmers’ Canal Protesters Association
Records, 1971-1982
Minutes, correspondence, certificates, petitions, and printed material concerning opposition to construction of the New Rockford Canal, Fessenden, ND. (.25ft)

10506 McKenzie County Weather Modification Board
Records, 1969-1983
Minutes, correspondence, contracts, reports, and financial statements. (1ft)

10514 North Dakota Water Users Association
Records, 1959-1983
Subject files, correspondence, reports, bylaws, project files, publications, photos, committee files, and legislative files of an organization dedicated to development of North Dakota's water resources. (13ft)

10518 Travis Nicholas
Papers, 1987
Scrapbook of promotional material compiled for a school project and presented to Governor George Sinner during the statehood centennial. (2v)

10526 North Dakota Democratic-NPL Women’s Club #3
Records, 1966-1975
McHenry Co., ND
Correspondence resolutions, journals, budget, and financial statements. Disbanded in 1975 and merged with District 7. (.25ft)

10537 Stutsman County Extension Service
Records, 1929-1965
General files, scrapbook of newspaper clippings, and publications on puppetry, marionettes, and masks. (4.5ft)

10612 Quentin N. Burdick
Film collection, 1959-1989
Reels of 16mm news film footage from the various campaign trips around North Dakota and two black and white photographs complete with pen sets of the Senator with President Johnson and congressmen during a bill signing ceremony at the White House. Biographical information available. Inventory list available. Segment level control. Negative film. (6ft)

10633 Ralph J. Erickstad
Papers, 1950-1993
Case files, legislative material, and publications of a North Dakota legislator and Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court from Devil’s Lake . (265ft/oversize)

10642 U.S. Department of Interior. Geological Division
Records, n.d.
Public survey maps identified by township, range, surveyor's name, and date of survey. (3 items/oversize)

10648 Civilian Conservation Corps
Records, 1937-1994
Individual forms completed for a 1994 survey conducted by the State Historical Society of North Dakota Museum Division completed by men who were part of the North Dakota CCC. Survey information includes enlistment location, date mustered in/out and rank, company, project information, camp location, dates, type of work performed, recreational activities, classes taken while in CCC, origin of men in company, and employment after the CCC. (.5ft/oversize)

10668 Mayme Hokana
Papers, 1919-1943
Records of the Burleigh County Federation of Nonpartisan Clubs and the Burleigh City Nonpartisan League, including constitution and by-laws, minutes, programs, financial records, political ephemera, membership lists, and correspondence. (.25ft)

10684 Roy H. (Andy) Andersen
Audio tapes, 1949-1975
Includes radio interviews by Andersen with Governor William Guy, President Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy, and businessman Robert McCarney. Also includes a recent oral history with Andy Andersen about his life and the changes in the radio broadcasting business. The collection also contains 29-16mm film clips that have been put together on two cores. The clips include Bismarck construction and demolition scenes, Mandan rodeo, Gene Autry, Sanish (ND), Buffalo Lake (ND), and Bismarck (ND) scenes.(2ft)

10699 Harvey B. Knudson
Papers, 1927-1974
Civil and criminal court cases, correspondence, graduate and bar examination material, legislative bills, newspaper clippings, photographs, a scrapbook, broadside, and ephemera of an associate justice of the Supreme Court. (12.75ft)

10706 Peter A. Lardy
Papers, 1964-1974
Sentinel Butte, ND
Correspondence, certificates, research notes, political interviews relating to his university activities, political organizations, and his Dickenson State University thesis entitled, "William L. Guy: Selected 1960 Campaign Addresses." (3.5ft/audio tapes)

10715 William E. Martin
Papers, n.d.
Copies of a bill relating to the secession of North Dakota from the U.S., correspondence from congressional delegates from other states, petition, photographs, and a Kass Kounty Klan blueprint. (.25ft)

10717 Bayert P. Jacobson
Design drafts, standards, reports maps, surveys, and publications of Jacobson’s work with the Bureau of Reclamation and the state. Also includes photographs from scrapbooks and albums from Jacobson’s work at the Kenmare (ND) CCC camp and as supervisor of the camp in Arkansas, (5ft)

10719 Bismarck Mayors Employment of the Handicapped Committee
Records, 1963-1995
Bismarck, ND
By-laws relating to the employment of the disabled, minutes, roll call lists, mayors’ committee newspaper clippings, photos, and memorabilia. (1ft)

10751 Erling Sannes
Papers, 1975-1998
Copies of articles and publications on the death penalty, amnesty, history of the Northern Great Plains, the labor movement, socialism, and the Nonpartisan League. (52ft)

10752 Corliss (Dodge) Mushik
Papers, 1971-1998
Consists of correspondence, budget materials, legislative bills, minutes, newspaper clippings, publications, reports, and subject files of a member of the North Dakota State Legislature from Mandan. Notable subjects include social welfare, abortion and reproductive rights, women's rights, healthcare, human services, Democratic-NPL, women in politics, North Dakota Centennial celebrations, North Dakota Heritage Center, education, Garrison Diversion, and Morton County. (63ft)

10757 Edward H. Barrett
Proceedings of the Board of Townsite Commissioners of the City of Bismarck and Bismarck City Council regarding claims to land lots within the original city. Also included is a register of town site claims and their disposition for the same dates and a listing of city officials. Barrett, the city clerk, created the books in 1891 from the original proceedings on file in the city clerk’s office. (4 volumes/ 1r. #13623)

10767 Edward C. Blackorby
Papers, 1998
Williston, ND; Williams County, ND
Manuscript of Usher L. Burdick biography, The Prairie Populist: Life Story of Usher L. Burdick (.5ft)

10787 Arthur A. Link
Papers, 1970-1972
Records reflect daily operations of Congressman Link who served as representative from North Dakota to the 92nd Congress and consists of correspondence relating to House committees, politics, personal letters, invitations, greeting cards, constituent concerns, statements by Link to House and Senate committees, speeches, news releases, legislative and lobbyist materials, photographs, ephemera, maps, pamphlets, and radio tapes and scripts. (55ft)

10790 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Garrison District Drawings
Records, 1952, 1961
Blueprints for powerhouse, switch yard and line terminal specifications. (3 items/oversize)

10794 Clinton A. Denison
Papers, 1933-1937
The papers include a biography and photograph of Clinton Denison, office files which consist of applications for aid, case work files, memoranda, minutes, personnel files, regulation notices, correspondence, and financial records. Correspondence files contain letters and memoranda written by or to Denison. Newspaper clippings detailing the work of the FERA (Federal Emergency Relief Administration) and county offices and the concerns of county residents about the running of Denison’s office. Financial records consist of ledgers detailing the expenditures of the office, detail order forms, and receipt books. (2ft)

10795 Frances Daniels
Papers, 1937-1980
The papers consist of correspondence, NPL minutes, political materials, financial records, district reports, pamphlets, scrapbook, and newspaper clippings. (2ft)

10805 Gerald Saxerud
Papers, 1950-1956
Correspondence, stockholder materials, newspapers, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, publications, an oral interview, and certificates of the editor of the Leader relating to the Nonpartisan League, North Dakota Farmers Union, and national and state politics. (1.5ft)

10825 Civilian Conservation Corps
Photographic prints of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp at Medora (N.D.).  Photographs were taken along the Little Missouri River and near the Chateau de Mores and document the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during 1934-1937. (81 items)

10864 John E. Davis
Papers, 1911-1973
Black and white and color photographs including autographed photographs, composites,  group photographs, and individual portraits relating to  Davis as legislator, Governor and former Governor of North Dakota, Head of the American Legion, and director of the U.S. Civil Defense/Civil Defense Preparedness Agency. The collection also contains certificates and distinguished service medals. (3ft)

10890 Community Access Television
Video recordings of the North Dakota State Legislature, 1995-2003
Community Access Television made video recordings of the North Dakota State Legislature, alternating House and Senate every other day. Also includes VHS tapes of Red River slides and 125th Anniversary of Bismarck. (376 tapes or 10ft.)

10930 Blanche O'Berg
Papers, 1943-1994
Certificates, memorabilia, and templates of form letters used by O'Berg who served as a secretary for Senator Gerald P. Nye of North Dakota,  Senator Robert Taft of Ohio, and Representative Clarence Brown of Ohio.  O'Berg also served as a staff assistant Senate Agricultural Committee and the executive secretary for President Eisenhower's Commission on Foreign Policy. (1.75ft)

10955 Roger Allin Bond
Papers, 1950s-1995
Correspondence, photographs, and other material related to Mr. Bond and to his namesake Territorial Governor Roger Allin.  Includes video of the presentation of the material to Governor Schafer in 1995.(.25ft)

10956 E. Bruce Hagen
Office correspondence, political materials, publications, and recordings relating to the North Dakota Public Service Commission. (77ft)

10961 Howard J. Snortland
Papers, 1940s-2000
Correspondence, business records, campaign material, photographs, publications, and political ephemera of Snortland who served as the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, a founding member of the Capitol Credit Union, and served as a lobbyist for AARP.  His business files for ETKO Tubes are also included. (6ft)

10962 Congressional Newsletters
Records, 1935-2001
Newsletters and mailings from U.S. Senators and Representatives: Andrews, Mark; Burdick, Usher L.;  Burdick, Quentin N.; Conrad, Kent;  Dorgan,  Byron; Kleppe, Tom; Link, Art; McCue, Thomas F.; Pomeroy, Earl; Redlin, Rolland; Short, Don L.; Stambaugh, Lynn; Young, Milton R. (.5ft.)

10967 James Blunt
Video collection, 1930-1932
16 mm film footage shot by James Blunt of the Capitol Fire (2 reels) December 28, 1930, Demolition of the State Capitol (3 reels) 1931 and Capitol Cornerstone Ceremonies (2 reels) October 8, 1932. See also MS-10620 and 87-AV-004. (7 reels of 16mm film)

10971 Mark E. Nelson
Papers, 1853-1995
Collection consists of material related to the history of Dakota Territory and North Dakota. Files primarily consist of correspondence, biographies, clippings, autographs, and photographs of many ND and DT Governors and politicians. Collection also includes miscellaneous early correspondence, assorted Territorial contracts and receipts, biographical clippings of various people (mostly early ND political candidates), a early map of Dakota and a U.S. House of Representatives Report. Files on William “Bill” Langer and Senator Gerald Nye include FBI files requested by Nelson in 1995 under the Freedom of Information Act. (3.75ft. + oversize)

10973 Michael Heyd
Papers, 1981-1982
Two Grand Opening Programs from the North Dakota Heritage Center, a Bismarck Tribune special section on the Heritage Center, two issues of Voices from 1981-82, a publication with activities for children based on Heritage Center exhibits produced by the Department of Public Instruction, State Historical Society of North Dakota and United Tribes Technical College, a "ND Native" bumper sticker, political ephemera from the June 2008 elections for Bismarck City Commissioner and Park Board, the U.S. Presidential race, and various state-wide races and measures. (.25ft)

10987 Harold Schafer
Interviews by Rod Tjaden, n. d.
(.50 ft/9 tapes, 8 BETA and 1 1/2" VHS)

10990 Hettinger County Court House Anniversary Celebration
Records, 2007
Mott, ND
Documentation related to the courthouse celebration including a list of items originally placed inside the cornerstone, an event program,  a copy of the Courthouse basement floor plan, and  a vhs and dvd recording of the event. (.25ft)

10993 Don Levingston Short
Papers, 1959-1965
Beach, ND; Dickinson, ND; Medora, ND
Legislative files of a Republican U.S. Representative from North Dakota. Files are arranged chronologically by congressional session. (49.5ft)

10994 Gilbreath Family
Papers, 1910, 1970
A group photograph of the North Dakota Agriculture Department including the grandfather or father, W. C. Gilbreath, Agriculture Commissioner in 1910 and a scrapbook of G. Roy Gilbreath containing newspaper clippings, letters, photographs,  and information relating to the 1970 U.S. Census. Gilbreath was West District census manager. (2 items)

10998 League of Women Voters of North Dakota
Records, 1952-2007
Contains records of the state organization and of local chapters, including: bylaws,
minutes and agenda, correspondence, records of activities, printed material, publications, notes, study project materials, ephemera, financial material and publications. MSS 10287 Bismarck League of Women Voters was added to MSS 10998 on November 21, 2011. (6.5ft)

11004 Jack D. Quam
Records, 1930s
Quam's office files from his work with the WPA containing correspondence, questionnaires and reminiscences of North Dakota pioneers. (.25ft)

11014 Kirk Smith
Papers, 1910-2010
Correspondence; personal, professional and organizational material; publications; speeches and presentations; campaign and election material; genealogical and biographical information; notebooks from North Dakota Agricultural College (NDAC); commencement program from University of North Dakota (UND); and news clippings and photographs of a judge of the county, district and state Supreme Courts. (4.5ft)

11035 Clarence Norman Brunsdale
Papers, ca. 1889-1976
Papers consist of material of, and related to, Clarence Norman Brunsdale's
family, childhood, school years, personal life, and political career, including: correspondence, report cards, family histories, speeches, scrapbooks, a resolution, certificate, award, flyer, news clippings, broadside, programs, printed material, photographs, negatives, and slides. (16ft)

11036 Susan Wefald
Papers, 1989-2009
Consists of materials from Wefald's political campaigns in 1994, 1996, and 2002, for the office of Public Service Commissioner, and from her 1989 campaign for the Bismarck School Board. Also included in the collection are Wefald's papers toward a Master's degree in Public Administration from the University of North Dakota, from 1997-2001; she graduated in 2002. (2ft)

11038 Job Wells (J. W.) Brinton
Papers, 1918-1924
Includes correspondence, financial information, and speeches dealing with Brinton's involvement in the U.S. Sisal Trust and the Non-partisan League. (.25ft.)

11054 Burke County Re-districting
Records, 1920-1923
Court case transcription, re-districting board minutes, county plat maps showing number of voters before and after re-districting, an abstract of votes cast at the General election, Burke County, ND, November 2, 1920, and 33 petitions for re-districting. (.25ft)

11062 Albert L. Nelson Family
Papers, ca. 1880s-1957
Correspondence, copy of a marriage certificate, obituaries and newspaper clippings, reminiscences, wall hangings (poetry and epigram), a certificate, photographs, and post cards. Nelson served in the Senate of the North Dakota Legislature from 1913-1916. He was also the owner of the Rolette County Examiner from 1905 to 1916. (2ft)

11065 Walter Welford
Papers, 1901-1937
Consists of Welford's oath of office, wedding announcement, marriage certificate, passport, medal, ribbon, newspaper clippings, post cards, and photographs. Welford served as the 20th Governor of North Dakota, 1935-1937, a member of the North Dakota State House of Representatives, 1906 & 1908, a member of the North Dakota State Senate, 1916 & 1918, and was Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota in 1934. (2.25ft)

11075 Myron H. Bright
Photographs and Ephemera, 1960-2008
Consists of photographs of politicians and political events attended by Myron Bright. Some notable people in the photographs include Myron Bright, John F. Kennedy, Quentin Burdick, Stuart Symington, Byron Dorgan, Kent Conrad, Earl Pomeroy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and William Guy.  Several photographs are signed and have written personal messages to Bright. Also included are a signed letter from Kennedy to Bright and invitations to the 1992 inaugural ball and parade for President Clinton. (4ft)

11078 North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party
Records, 1906-2009
Consists of by-laws and materials from committees, conventions, elections, campaigns, political events, individuals, and district files; records of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Women, Democratic Legislative Spouses, Kennedy Foundation, Kennedy Memorial Center; financial material, records of the party’s activities, scrapbooks, news releases, newsletters, guest books, printed material, photographs, negatives, slides, and audio visual material. (37.75ft)

11084 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Garrison Dam Construction
Films, 1947-1960.
Consists of 58 films or film segments produced by or for the Corps of Engineers ca. 1947-1960. Six films relate to projects in other states; two to McNary Dam in Oregon and four to Quake Lake in Montana. The films range in length from under 1.5 minutes to approximately 30 minutes. All of the film is 16mm and all has been transferred to a high quality digital format. Except for some completed programs, the film has no sound. Most film was shot in color; however, a number of films are in black and white. (4ft)

11115 Robert O. (Bob) Wefald
Files from his 1980 Attorney General campaign, his term as Attorney General, 1992 Supreme Court campaign, and 1998 and 2004 campaigns for the District Court Judgeship No. 5 (South Central Judicial District). Files include correspondence, excerpts from Wefald's autobiography, reports, advertising, news releases, speeches, newspaper clippings, printed material, photographs, and financial records. (2ft)

11117 Fred Bott
Files of Fred Bott, former Mayor of Devils Lake include correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, organizational material, meeting minutes and extensive information on the 1997 flood, compiled during Bott's time in office. (1ft)

11120 Robert (Bob) Stenejhem
Correspondence, speeches, legislation, notes, newspaper clippings, publications, printed material and photographs of a North Dakota State Senate Majority Leader. (3ft)

11126 Ardell Tharaldson
Correspondence, writings and research on ND political figures, the NPL, William Langer, ND Federal Judges, legal issues concerning Native Americans and the environment, the ND AFL-CIO, correspondence and papers of Hon. William A. Falconer, papers from James Jungroth’s 1974 bid for the U.S. Senate and subsequent office files of Jungroth. (2.5ft)

11128 Captain Charles L. Anderson
Correspondence, material relating to Anderson's retirement from the Bismarck Police Department, awards, certificates, diplomas, training information, miscellaneous printed material, news clippings, a scrapbook, and photographs. (1.25ft)

11145 Robert Vogel
Working files of Robert Vogel, which focus on William Langer and the NPL for Vogel’s 2004 book Unequal Contest: Bill Langer and his Political Enemies, but also include laws, court cases, and miscellaneous topics. Files contain a combination of research materials, copies of primary and secondary sources, writings, and notes by Vogel. Includes the files of Robert’s father Frank A. Vogel which cover NPL, political material and Langer. (3ft)

11168 Senator Kent Conrad
Consists of material from U.S. Senator Kent Conrad’s Bismarck and Washington D.C. offices. The material includes photographs, posters, copies of legislation important to Conrad, magazine articles, certificates, and correspondence. The collection documents Conrad’s activities and major events that occurred during his time in office such as the 1997 Red River flood and the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

11192 Marie Durey
ca. 1906-1969
Photographs of Marie and her husband Ernest, a biography questionnaire compiled for the Bismarck Tribune, records of the Bismarck Women’s Chorus, and two scrapbooks documenting the North Dakota Nonpartisan League. (1ft)

11247 Ben Meier
Consists primarily of Meier's speeches, and includes correspondence with William Langer, certificates, a resolution, newspaper clippings and a portrait of Meier. (1.75ft)

11279 Minnie D. Craig
ca. 1928-1955
Consists of a draft and typed autobiography by Minnie (Davenport) Craig (1883-1966) detailing her childhood and education in Maine, her life in North Dakota, and her political experiences, including the agricultural and economic situation in North Dakota during the depression of the 1920s-1930s, the creation of the North Dakota Mill and Elevator, and the founding of the Bank of North Dakota. The collection also includes a speech given at the 1928 Indian Fair, Fort Totten (N.D.) about the history of Fort Totten and Devils Lake, a speech against a 1928 proposed constitutional amendment that would have required the state to cover the $25 million worth of deposits lost by insolvent banks, a speech by Edward O. Craig advocating against the Independent Voters Association (I.V.A.), the manuscript "How the State Protects Its Children," and part of a speech about the history of public schools (common schools). (.25ft.)

20013 Halvor Halvorson
Papers, 1943
Manuscript entitled, “The Inside Story of the Alaskan Highway,” describing much of the political maneuvering required to obtain funding and other support for construction of the highway. (1 item)

20030 Walter Earnest Spokesfield
Papers, 1916-1929
Letters from Burleigh F. Spalding, M. M. Quaife, R. Sykes, C. M. Bruce, and Doane Robinson concerning the removal of the territorial capitol from Yankton to Bismarck, and biographical sketches of Spokesfield and Dr. James W. Cloes. (7 items)

20073 Pinkerton's National Detective Agency
Records, 1890
Report to the North Dakota Legislative Assembly regarding the investigation of the Louisiana lottery and the attempt to legalize the lottery in North Dakota. (2 items)

20080 Patrick C. Donovan
Papers, 1934
Letter from Donovan, a territorial legislator and physician, to Sam Clark, Bismarck, ND regarding politics and the 1887 Dakota Territory Legislature. (1 item)

20086 William McKendree Springer
Papers, 1887
 Transcript of a letter from Springer to L. G. Johnson, Aberdeen, DT, concerning Springer's opposition to the division of Dakota Territory into two states. Springer was a U. S. Representative from Illinois. Original in Burleigh Spalding Papers, MS-10001. (1 item)

20089 William Langer
Papers, 1896-1953
School report cards, a letter to R. H. Landon, St. Paul, MN and a petition from farmers in Logan County requesting that Langer, Governor and U.S. Senator from North Dakota, address the problem of obtaining parity value of loans on wheat.  (9 items)

20092 Frederick W. Cathro
Papers, 1926, 1932, 1937
Letters concerning the return of the U.S.S. North Dakota’s silver service to the state of North Dakota, a history of the Department of Public Instruction, and an historical sketch of the Bottineau delegation to the North Dakota Constitutional Convention in 1889. (10 items)

20093 William Roylance
Papers, 1921
Reports concerning the organization of state agencies by the Nonpartisan League. (23 items)

20100 O. E. Lofthus
Papers, 1920
Affidavits concerning the examination of the Bank of North Dakota and the United States Sisal Trust Bank of Miami, Florida. Lofthus was North Dakota State Examiner. (2 items)

20107 J. Henry Newton
Papers, 1963
Lecture concerning the history of the North Dakota Supreme Court. (1 item)

20115 George F. Shafer
Papers, 1932
Letter from Governor Shafer to Mrs. D. R. Jones, Wahpeton, North Dakota, concerning defeat of Republican candidates in the 1932 primary elections. (1 item)

20124 North Dakota Statehood Convention
Records, 1888
Announcement of the statehood convention and resolution adopted by the Jamestown convention advocating the division of Dakota Territory and admission of North Dakota to the Union. (2 items)

20126 Thomas Hall
Papers, 1919
Correspondence concerning the dedication of the Whitestone Hill Battlefield Monument and preparation of the monument for the 1919 “Blue Book” entry. (19 items)

20138 Otto Furst von Bismarck
Papers, 1884, 1883.
Letter to Governor Nehemiah Ordway expressing interest in the development of Bismarck, DT, several facsimiles of the letter, a translation, and a telegram from the German Foreign Office, Chancellor of the German Empire. (6 items and oversize)

20162 Richard L. Bennett
Papers, June 5, 1939
Letter from Bennett, a member of the Dakota Territory Legislative Assembly of 1889, to Governor John Moses relating Bennett’s experiences as a member of the last Territorial Legislature. (1 item)

20170 E. J. Thomas
Reports, 1940
Reports of the State Engineer relating to the Missouri River Diversion Project, North Dakota water systems, and the history and scope of the project. (2 items)

20171 Granville G. Bennett
Papers, September 29, 1877
Letter from U.S. Circuit Judge Bennett to John L. Pennington, Governor of Dakota Territory, dealing with court affairs and the high incidence of crime in the Sheridan area. (1 item)

20190 George P. Flannery
Papers, n.d.
Biographical sketch of Flannery and an essay concerning Alexander McKenzie’s role in the removal of the territorial capitol from Yankton, DT to Bismarck, DT. (2 items)

20195 Henry Holt
Papers, 1943
Correspondence concerning the ND Water Resources Board, Tri-State Waters Commission, Conference of Governors, War Manpower Commission, legislation, political appointments, and a speech on farm labor, by a Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota. (84 items)

20202 Abraham Lincoln
Papers, October 1, 1863
Copy of a letter from Lincoln appointing Newton Edmunds Governor of the Dakota Territory. (1 item)

20213 J. S. Knauss
Papers, n.d.
Satirical poems on Bismarck politics. (2 items)

20214 Committee for the Cross Ranch
Records, 1979
Correspondence, reports, drawings, transcript of testimony, and printed material relating to the establishment of Cross Ranch State Park. (14 items)

20216 Leslie C. Hulett
Papers, 1974
Reminiscences of the William Langer trial in 1934. (1 item)

20225 Carl B. Knutson
Papers, 1942
Dunn Center, ND
Resolution calling for world peace and cooperation. (1 item)

20231 Robert Norheim
Copies of a brief supporting arguments to sustain organization of McKenzie County, a paper concerning the preparation of legislative appropriations in New York and North Dakota, and 7 photographs. Images of the ND House Committee on Tax and Tax Laws 1913, Alexander (N.D.) 1909, UND Class of 1904 and the Buford Ferry. (.05ft.)

20245 Oscar Zetter
Papers, 1957-1958
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and printed materials concerning the Nonpartisan League. (10 items)

20252 Water Control and Conservation Association
Records, 1954
Statement submitted to the North Dakota Water Conservation Commission requesting a thorough engineering study of water control and conservation in the Red River Valley. (1 item)

20274 Charles Pilling
Papers, 1905-1906
Diary documents Pilling's daily activities and efforts to promote migration to Canada from the United States. Agent of the Canadian Colonization Service stationed at Grand Forks, ND. (1 item)

20281 Missouri River Diversion Association
Records, September 18, 1933
Devils Lake, ND; Ramsey Co., ND
Letter urges the public to support the program of the Missouri River Diversion Association. (1 item)

20292 J. L. Page
Papers, 1922
Report to the Bottineau Board of County Commissioners concerning the Irrigation Congress and newspaper clippings. (1 item)

20293 John Moses
Papers, 1936
Scrapbooks containing political memorabilia, including photographs, tickets, letters, and buttons relating to state and federal elections in 1936. (1 item)

20300 Mabelle Williams
Papers, 1930s
Political manuscripts entitled, “Lest We Forget,” “The Un-American Tide,” and “The Union of the Nonpartisan League and the Democratic Party.” (3 items)

20310 Donald L. Kinzer
Papers, n.d.
Typescript concerning the admission of North Dakota to the Union entitled, “The Congress and State-Making, 1889: Centennials and Precedents.” (1 item)

20314 Kathleen Shearin
Papers, n.d.
Manuscript entitled, "Fancy Meeting You Here, Abe, describing the presentation of a bust of Abraham Lincoln to Norway by the State of North Dakota. (1 item)

20334 Margaret L. Watts
Papers, 1947-1979
Scrapbook concerning politics and the North Dakota Legislative Assembly. (45 items)

20342 Corbin Waldron
Papers, n.d.
Poem entitled, "Let's Back Him," written in support of Richard Nixon during the Watergate investigation. (1 item)

20359 North Dakota Socialist Party, Williams County, ND
Records, 1913-1916
Record book listing names of members, receipts, and disbursements. (1v)

20360 William T. Hughes
Papers, 1883, 1912
Deed of conveyance of the capitol grounds property from the Northern Pacific Railroad Company to Dakota Territory, and invoices for materials used in renovation of the N. O. Ramstad house in Bismarck. (11 items)

20361 Walter A. Smith
Papers, n.d.
Outline of the Medora Historical Pageant, a program, and a historical sketch of Medora, ND. (3 items)

20364 National Frazier for President Club
Records, n.d.
Copies of nine completed membership applications. Lynn J. Frazier was a U.S. senator and governor from North Dakota. (9 items)

20371 Ray P. Speer
Papers, 1916
 Typescript entitled, "Running a Whizzer on Congress," consisting of a history of J. S. Murphy's activities as Indian agent at Fort Berthold Indian Reservation 1880, immigration agent with the Soo Line, and clerk of the North Dakota Constitutional Convention, 1889. (1 item)

20376 Bismarck Water Company
Records, 1886-1893.
Bismarck, ND
Minutes of the Board of Directors relate to administration of the Company and planning and construction of the water works. (1 item)

20383 Martin S. Hagan
Papers, 1921-1929
Scrapbook containing notes, financial statements, and annual reports of the State Hail Insurance Department. (1v)

20463 Adam A. Lefor
Papers, February 4, 1935
Bismarck, ND
Typescript of a brief history entitled, "The Bank of North Dakota" by a North Dakota State Examiner and Episcopalian minister. (1 item)

20467 Richard Christen
Papers, 1975
Typescript of a Minot State College history paper entitled, “Personal Reflections on the Nonpartisan League.” (1 item)

20474 Howard Holmgren
Papers, 1932
Typescript brief history of water diversion plans and activities entitled, “Missouri River Diversion Project.” (1 item)

20491 Guy Carleton Haynes Corliss
Papers, 1937-1941
Transcript of a memorial service for Corliss, former Chief Justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court, newspaper clippings, notes on family history, and photographs. (1 item)

20527 Farmers’ and Worker’s Cancellation League
Records, 1935
Flaxton, ND; Burke County, ND
Newsletter, petitions, a contribution list, and a poster relating to tax protest activities of the League and efforts to support an initiative measure to exempt certain farm property from taxation and foreclosure. (7 items)

20528 Farmers’ Defense Committee
Records, 1935
Fortuna, ND; Burke County, ND; Divide County, ND
Press release describing mass rally held in support of farmers indicted for holding a “penny sale” auction of the Victor Nelson farm near Westby, ND. (1 item)

20532 North Dakota Federation of Nonpartisan Clubs
Records, 1944-1952
Programs, club history, and song book. (7 items)

20537 Women’s Legislative Council of North Dakota
Records, 1927
Minutes, constitution, and by-laws. (4 items)

20538 Citizens Committee for Justice
Records, 1933-1934
Copy of The Leader subscription form used by William Langer to obtain contributions from his governmental appointees, a newspaper clipping, and a letter sent to state agency employees requesting contributions to support Langer’s appeal of his conviction of solicitation of money from federal employees for political purposes. (3 items)

20547 Laura Sanderson
Papers, 1930-1931
Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings concerning the old North Dakota State Capitol and state politics. (1v)

20553 National Nonpartisan League. North Dakota Branch
Records, 1920
Letter and booklet containing propaganda for League speakers and boosters. (2 items)

20572 Larry Remele
Papers, 1975
Photocopies of papers entitled "The North Dakota Farm Strike of 1932" and "The Nonpartisan League and “The North Dakota Press: Organization Period, 1915-1916." Papers detail the relationship between the Nonpartisan League and North Dakota newspapers during the early years of the League. (2 items) See also MS-10600.

20581 Federation of Women’s Nonpartisan Clubs, North Dakota Branch
Records, 1920
Blank membership forms and instructions for township organizing crews. The instructions direct organizers to recruit pro-Nonpartisan League women and to urge them to vote for Nonpartisan League candidates and oppose the initiated measures against the state industries sponsored by the Independent Voter’s Association. (.5ft)

20591 James E. Bangs
Papers, 1873-1876
Letter and diaries kept by Bangs while the Commission was in North Dakota and Montana. Secretary to Archibald Campbell, Commissioner, U.S. Northern Boundary Commission (3 items)

20593 Harry Ward
Papers, 1888-1892
Two autograph albums containing autographs obtained at the last Territorial Assembly and at the Constitutional Convention of North Dakota. (2 items)

20605 David Harmon
Papers, 1882-1888
Administrative history of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. (1 item)

20607 Ora (Mrs. William E.) Martin
Papers, 1916-1936
Letter from William Langer concerning the death of William Martin, a concurrent resolution from the North Dakota Legislative Assembly concerning William Martin, poem, leaflet encouraging women to support the Nonpartisan League, ephemera, photograph, and newspaper clippings. (13 items)

20612 W. T. Hughes
Papers, 1877
Letters to Hughes, Indian Agent at Standing Rock Indian Reservation, from the Contract Transportation Company and McLean and Macnider regarding purchase and transport of supplies. (2 items)

20620 Independent Voters Association
Records, 1921-1924
Letters, bulletins, notes, and other documents relating to the 1921 audits of the Bank of North Dakota and the Home Building Association, the 1921 recall election, and other IVA issues. (14 items)

20626  Luther Lathrop Twichell
Papers, 1944
Two eulogies of State Representative L. L. Twichill. (2 items)

20672 Wyoming Territory
Records, 1869
Photocopy of a Wyoming Territorial Council bill granting rights of suffrage and holding political office to women. (1 item)

20691 Bert Nolan
Papers, 1937
Sheyenne, ND
Contracts for use of a team of Nolan's horses or mules to work on a WPA project. (6 items)

20711 Fred Schaal
Papers, 1936-1938
Civilian Conservation Corps instruction certificates, operators’ reports, company memoranda, and stationery. Schaal served in CCC Company 4727, 1937-1939. (50 items)

20731 Ralph Hall
Papers, 1893-1937
Letters from state Leaders concerning Hall’s appointment as Indian agent at Fort Totten, copies of newspaper clippings, and specifications for the building planned by Hall. (9 items)

20768 Democratic Nonpartisan League
Records, 1971-1976
Minutes from District 38 and a newspaper clipping insert of the 1974 general election abstract of votes for Hettinger Co., ND. (2 items)

20770 Workers Communist Party
Records, 1928, n.d. 
Belden, ND; Burleigh Co., ND; Mountrail Co., ND
Propaganda sheet and broadside notices of meetings by the agricultural district campaign committee of the Workers Party who sponsored vice-presidential candidate Benjamin Gitlow. (6 items)

20793 Dakota Territory District Court
Records, 1887
Photocopy of the original photograph or engraving of the Cavalier County courthouse and a copy of the court order appointment of Langdon, ND as the county seat. (2 item)

20836 Bismarck Board of City Commissioners
Records, 1949
Bismarck, ND
Newsletter entitled "Local Government News: Taxes." (1 item)

20837 Milton R. Young
Papers, 1978
Ward Co., ND
Newsletter entitled, "Citizens United to Save the Valleys," relating to the anti-Burlington Dam campaign. Young was U.S. Senator from North Dakota, 1945-1980. (3 items)

20846 Jack Dalrymple
Papers, 1992
Biographical information, position statements, speeches, newspaper clippings of an unsuccessful candidate from Cass County for U.S. Senate. (15 items)

20849 Robert Bly
Papers, 1993
Autographed broadside, “Poem for the revival of the Democratic Party.” (1 item)

20850 John M. Baer
Papers, 1920
Speech on flood control for the Red River Valley given to the U.S. House of Representatives by the Honorable John M. Baer, Republican elected July 10, 1917, in a special election to fill the unexpired term of Henry Helgesen. Re-elected in 1918 and defeated in 1920. (5 items)

20880 North Dakota Legislative Assembly
Papers, 1950
Drafts of skits about members of the North Dakota Legislature by area high school students. (2 items)

20882 Jack Nystul
Papers, 1949
Correspondence from William Lemke, a Union Party membership card, and political ephemera from the campaigns of Lemke and Landon-Knox. (7 items)

20888 Luella Aandahl
Papers, 1945-1949
Bismarck, ND
Guest book for a valentine tea held at the Governor’s Mansion for legislators’ wives. (1v)

20907 Elmer D. Wallace
Papers, 1860-1922
Photographs, certificate of election, pension certificate, military appointment, and publications from the period when Wallace was Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota. (7 items)

20914 Frank A. Briggs
Papers, 1898
Scrapbook contains death notices and obituaries from various newspapers in North Dakota and the United States for a governor who died in office on August 10, 1898. Scrapbook contains eulogies, a description of Briggs' nomination for governor in 1896, copies of campaign speeches, and details of his inaugural ceremony, including the notices of the death of his daughter which occurred in Minneapolis, MN while he was taking the oath of office. Clippings of the Republican convention in 1894 when Briggs was nominated for State Auditor are followed by newspaper clippings about that campaign. Letters of recommendation about Brigg’s ability as a printer, a picture of the Briggs cemetery monument, presumably in Howard Lake, MN where the governor was buried, social notes concerning Mrs. Briggs' life in Bismarck, ND after the governor's death, and a marriage announcement of the 1905 remarriage of Mrs. Briggs. (1v)

20933 Frederick C. Angliss
Papers, 1914, 1926
Dickinson, ND
Letters of appreciation from Governor L. B. Hanna to Angliss, a fellow Republican, member of the North Dakota National Guard, and Dickinson, ND businessman. (2ff)

20934 Frances E. Bjerklin
Papers, 1950-1951
Oakes, ND; Dickey Co., ND
Correspondence, a report, certificates, and publication pertaining to North Dakota Girls State. (.05ft)

20941 Rebecca Quanrud
Papers, 1961
Script of a humorous political presentation, titled Mock Session of the Third House. (.05ft)

20942 Louise (Aandahl) Stockman and Mary (Langer) Gokey
Papers, 1970-1980
Transcript of interviews with daughters of former governors William L. Langer and Fred Aandahl, Louise Stockman and Mary ‘Mimi’ Gokey. The oral history conducted by Larry J. Sprunk in May, 1983, concerns the daughters’ views of the governors mansion. (.25ft)

20946 James Else
Papers, 1887, 1905
Letters are written by Roger Allin, fourth governor of North Dakota, to a friend and former employee, James Else, about being a territorial legislator and about mutual friends in the Park River, ND area. (2 items)

20954 Davis Family
Papers, 1911-1912, 1960s
Letters of John and Pauline Davis, political photos of John E., and a collage of family snapshots. Davis was Governor of North Dakota from 1957-1961. (.25ft/oversize)

20976 Morton Alexander
Papers, n.d.
Typewritten reminiscence, entitled, "The Dream of the White Ghost." Morton Alexander was a candidate in 1924 for the U.S. Senate from Colorado on the Farm Labor Progressive Ticket and defeated by Lawrence C. Phipps, the republican candidate. (1 item)

20990 Sakakawea Statue Dedication. U.S. Capitol Rotunda. Washington, D.C.
Records, 2003
Invitations to the ceremony and reception, a program, 100 digital photographs on cd of the event, and transcripts of speeches. (.2ft)

21035 Ronald H. Ringsrud
Papers, 1941
Photographs and newspaper clippings of Company 796 of the Civilian Conservation Corps stationed at Foxholm, ND. The newsclippings are from South Dakota newspapers detailing command changes and events at the camps where Ringsrud was stationed. (.05ft)

21179 Morton Alexander
ca. 1920s
Photocopy of an unidentified newspaper that includes an image of Alexander and some information about his candidacy for U.S. Senate, and his short manuscript "The Death of White Ghost" that includes a hand drawn map. Provenance unknown (3 items).

21181 Thomas J. Brakke
Four audio cassettes about the North Dakota Constitutional Convention. Three of the tapes are of state politicians speaking on issues on the floor, and one tape is titled "Proposed 1972 Constitution for North Dakota." Thomas Brakke farmed near Aneta, Steele County (ND), and was a state representative for the district (4 items).

21186 Al Wolf
Copy of the film “John F. Kennedy in Germany” about President John F. Kennedy's 1963 trip to Germany, which include Kennedy’s famous June 26, 1963 speech with the line "Ich bin ein Berliner"; a disc of 217 jpeg images of the military memorial service for Commander Frank Joseph Wikenheiser at the Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C. (October 19, 2012); and Wikenheiser's obituary. (.05ft) FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY

21187 Edward Engerud (1868-1921)
A minute order and a memoriam jointly issued by Richland County and the North Dakota Supreme Court, letters of appointment to the offices of City Attorney of Lisbon (ND) and Assistant to the US Attorney for the District of North Dakota, newspaper articles about Engerud, a photograph of Engerud in his office, and a family portrait (.05 ft.). Formerly MSS 10758. See also "Legal Opinions for Bankers," by Engerud (1917) in the SHSND publications. Justice Engerud served as Ransom County State’s Attorney (1897-1900), Cass County State’s attorney (1900), U.S. District Attorney (1900-1904), ND Supreme Court Justice to replace John Cochrane (1904), elected to the ND Supreme Court (1904, resigned in 1907), appointed U.S. District Attorney (1910-1914) and worked in private practice with several firms in Fargo (ND) during his lifetime. He was a member of the Republican party who sought nomination for the Republican U.S. Senate position in 1910 but lost to A. J. Gronna. He was the ND Bankers Association attorney (1912-1921), secretary of the Cass County Bar Association, member of the ND Bar Association, American Bar Association and a deacon at eh First Congregational Church in Fargo (ND).

21191 Henry Mattie National Nonpartisan League Membership
A certificate of membership to the National Nonpartisan League with a corresponding letter from president A. C. Townley to Mattie, Donnybrook (ND) (3 items).

21209 North Dakota Socialist Party, Garrison (ND) Chapter
Consists of one ledger and loose correspondence and minutes from the Local Garrison (ND) Chapter of the Socialist Party. The ledger contains membership information, minutes, and financial information. Dr. E. C. Stucke, party chairman in 1916 and was elected to the ND Senate in 1931 (0.10 ft).

21210 North Dakota Men Who Served in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in South Dakota
ca. 2011
The spreadsheet lists names, place of residence, CCC company, year entered into the CCC, and position. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (on a disc) and the printed list reside with the collection. The spreadsheet is also located on the Q server. The data was compiled by Peggy Sanders (Oral, SD).

21234 John Munsch
Papers, ca. 1941
Consists of a photograph of Munsch in his Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) uniform and his record of service in the CCC. (2 items)

21240 Emil Jahnel
ca. 1950
Letter from Senator William Langer about the Nonpartisan League, offering assistance to Emil Jahnel and asking for a photograph of himself. Jahnel apparently wrote to Langer criticizing the Nonpartisan League (NPL). In addition to the letter is a printed Christmas card with the North Dakota flag and a statement that illustrates Langer's belief in non-interventionism (.05 ft).

21268 Liberty Bell Reproduction
Consists of a certificate of donation of a reproduction of the Liberty Bell to the State of North Dakota during the 1950 Independence Drive of the U.S. Savings Bonds program. Oversize in map case drawer (1 item).

21271 Norway Jubilee Exhibition
Certificates from the exhibition at Frogner Park in Oslo, Norway, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution. One certificate is for the State of North Dakota, and the other is for Governor Louis B. Hanna. The certificates are printed in the Norwegian language. Oversize in map case drawer (2 items).

21272 William J. Hoskins
Consists of certificates appointing William J. Hoskins Postmaster of Rolla (N.D.), 1897, 1903, 1907 and 1911. Oversize in map case drawer (4 items).

21275 North Dakota Soldiers' Home
ca. 1890s
Broadside with rules and regulations for the government of the Soldiers' Home of North Dakota, Lisbon (N.D.) by W. W. McIlvain, Commandant. Oversize in map case drawer (1 item).

21279 Lydia Langer         
Consists of a broadside promoting the campaign of Lydia Langer for Governor. The original portrait on the poster was taken by Andreas Risem (Bismarck, N.D.). (1 item).

21292 North Dakota Taxpayers Association
Bulletins, addresses (speeches), petitions, and promotional flyers regarding tax measures. (.1ft)

21299 Clifford Local Cooperative Union
One ledger which contains minutes, membership and financial information, annual reports and orders for seeds, twine and other merchandise, maintained by the Clifford (N.D.) Local Cooperative Union No. 2932, American Society of Equity, later the Local Cooperative Union No. 5 and the Clifford Shipping Association. The American Society of Equity was an American agricultural cooperative and political organization, founded in 1902, which aimed to organize farmers as a "Third Power" in the United States, able to compete with capital and organized labor on equal terms. Equity inspired the creation of many farmers' cooperatives still in existence. Equity forces became involved in the politics of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota, leading in the latter state to the eventual rise of the Nonpartisan League (0.05 ft.).

21403 Ben Kubischta
Consists of correspondence, awards received, information about the Centennial Trees Commission, Turtle River State Park Woodland Lodge and Bridge Dedication, US 2 Hefti Rest Area, dedication of the Viking Bidge (Traill County, N.D.), ribbon cutting for the Bismarck Liberty Memorial Veterans park, Kubischta's notes on Ed Schafer's 1992 letter to State Employees, photographs of the 1993 "Discover the Spirit" license plate award ceremony, and photographs and a count of staples pulled from motor vehicle documents that were microfilmed in the 1970s-1980s (0.05 ft.).

30180 Governor Allen I. Olson
Records, 1971-1984
Legislative files and records, subject files, minutes, correspondence, memoranda, proclamations, executive orders, news releases, appointments, printed material, speeches, and constituent correspondence primarily relating to administration of state government agencies and state institutions. (88ft)

30181 Governor Arthur A. Link
Records, 1947-1981
Administrative subject files, correspondence, news releases, proclamations, clippings, publications, and extraditions covering Link's career as state representative, member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and two-term North Dakota Governor. (328ft)

31233 Governor William L. Guy
Records, 1961-1973
Legislative files and records, subject files, minutes, correspondence, memoranda, proclamations, executive orders, news releases, appointments, printed material, speeches, and constituent correspondence primarily relating to administration of state government agencies and state institutions. (169ft)

32227 Public Service Commission, Commissioner Records. Susan Wefald
Records, 1993-2008.
Consists of minutes, correspondence, speeches, testimony, bills and legislation, conference materials, letters to the editor, programs, news articles, weekly planners, and photographs.(3 ft.)

32346 Governor Jack Dalrymple
Contains correspondence with federal and state agencies and political subdivisions, meeting materials from board and commissions, publications, policy statements, and all documentation exchanged between the Governor's office and various associations (i.e. National Governor's Association), scheduling records and correspondence, executive orders and proclamations, legal correspondence, legislation, extradition papers, special programs and projects, awards and recognitions, petitions, thank yous, recommendations, requests, speeches, and constituent concerns. Some of the records in this series were created during the Governors Sinner, Schafer, and Hoeven administrations. (32 ft.)

50696 Political Ephemera
ca. 1960-2016
Consists of political flyers and pamphlets, mostly for Democratic candidates. The collection is arranged by the candidate's last name (0.75 ft.).

80005 J. C. Bushby
July 18, 1883
Subscription receipt for $100.00 issued to Bushby for contribution to the $100,000 Burleigh County fund to pay Dakota Territory for relocation of the Territorial Capitol to Bismarck. (1 item)

80013 National Nonpartisan League
Records, 1917
Membership certificates issued to John and Peter H. Larson. (4 items)

80039 North Dakota Game and Fish Department
Records, 1935
Resident hunter’s license. (1 item)

80111 Dwight D. Eisenhower
Papers, 1953
Registration sheet signed by Eisenhower on the occasion of a visit to the Theodore Roosevelt cabin. Document includes the signatures of:  C. Norman Brunsdale, Tom Kleppe, Francis Case, Heber L. Edwards, Robert T. Stevens, Harold O. Lovre, Carl Mundt, and E.Y. Berry. (1 item)


1127A&B, 1128A Student protests in North Dakota during the Vietnam War
Remele, Jacobs, Carlson, Vyzralek, Sprunk
March 1, 1977

1130-1133 Quentin Burdick
Remele, Gray, Newborg
4 - 60 minute cassettes
Consists of two interviews with Senator Quentin Burdick. August 7, 1985 and February 13, 1986.

1134 John E. Davis
Diane Thueson
60 minute cassette
Consists of an oral history interview with former Governor John E. Davis, November 13, 1984

1205 Pauline H. Rowell
Ann Alexander
90 minute cassette
Oral history interview with Rowell concerning residence in the North Dakota Governor's Mansion as the wife of Governor John Davis. May 25, 1984

1206 William Guy Speech
90 minute cassette
Speech delivered by Guy during his Congressional campaign in Devils Lake, ND on November 1, 1972

1227 Milton Young Tribute
90 minute cassette
Consists of a recording of tributes to Young on his 35th anniversary as a U.S. Senator on March 12, 1980

1242 Northern Great Plains History Conferences
120 minute cassette
Consists of a recording session on the New Deal in 1973

1246 Statewide Planning Conference
30 minute cassette
Recording of a speech by William Guy

1268-1273 Agora of the Air
360 minute cassette 6 tapes
Recordings of University of North Dakota talk show broadcasts featuring faculty members discussing current events and issues. Twelve broadcasts from 1980-1981

1274-1275 North Dakota Constitutional Convention, Opening Session
180 min. 90 minute cassette each
Recording of the opening session of the Constitutional Convention on April 6, 1971

1276 North Dakota Constitutional Convention Records
90 minute cassette
Consists of a taped conversation between James Sperry, Frank Vyzralek, and Frank Wenstrom, President of the North Dakota Constitutional Convention, concerning preservation of records of the Convention.

1290 Democrats. Leaguers, and ROC's: The Politics of the 1950's in North Dakota
Lloyd B. Omdahl
90 minute cassette
State Historical Society of North Dakota program, June 8, 1986

1296 John Davis. Press Conference
60 minute reel-to-reel masters
Consists of two press conferences concerning oil prices, trip to USSR, State Training School, and appointment of Sen. Aandahl. Recorded May 20, 1959 and November 19, 1959.

1297 Republican Campaign Rally, 1958
90 minute reel-to-reel master
Republican campaign rally in Jamestown, May 24, 1958. Gov. John E. Davis introduces Math Dahl, A.J. Jensen, Leslie Burgum, John Erickson, Curtis Olson, Ben Meier.

1298 Arthur Link. Inauguration
90 minute reel-to-reel master
Contains Gov. William Guy's final speech as governor and Governor Arthur Link's first speech as governor at the Link inauguration. Recorded by KBOM radio in January 1973.

1310 Link-Sanstead Campaign Advertisements
1976, 1980
60 minute reel-to-reel masters
Consists of 22 political ads dealing with various campaign issues from the 1976 North Dakota gubernatorial races.

1311 Usher Burdick. Speech
90 minute reel-to-reel master
Recording of Burdick addressing the Roosevelt Nature and Historical Association meeting on October 30, 1954.

1314 Dorgan for Congress campaign advertisements
90 minute reel-to-reel masters
Recordings of 12 advertisements from Byron Dorgan's Congressional Campaign.

1321 Burdick Campaign Advertisements
1964, 1982
60 minute cassette
Recordings of Quentin Burdick campaign advertisements from the 1964 and 1982 senatorial races. Reel-to-reel masters

1348 North Dakota Politics Since 1940: Four Personal Views
90 minute reel-to-reel master
Quentin Burdick, John Davis, Art Link, G. Longmeir, and Mike Jacobs discuss North Dakota politics. State Historical Society of North Dakota program, June 12, 1981.

1356 Political Advertisements
90 minute reel-to-reel masters
Recordings of radio political advertisements from the 1978 general elections (from KFYR-AM) and 1976 Gerald Ford presidential campaign advertisements.

1362-1369 John E. Davis
420 min. 7 tapes
Series of interviews recorded May 20, 1987; May 29, 1987; June 3, 1987; June 10, 1987; and August 12, 1988. Interviewer: David Gray.

1370-1372 Frank Wenstrom
180 min. 3 tapes.
Series of interviews recorded August 4, 1986 and October 9, 1987. Interviewer: David Gray.

1373-1387 William Guy
900 min. 15 tapes
Series of interviews recorded January 8, 1987; January 13, 1987; January 15, 1987; January 19, 1987; January 22, 1987; May 19, 1987; June 4, 1987. Interviewer: David Gray.

1392-1399 Eugene A.  Burdick
480 min  8 tapes
Series of interviews recorded September 29, 1987; October 8, 1987; June 21, 1988. Interviewer: David Gray.

1400 Eugene A.  Burdick
90 minute cassette
Interview with James Sperry and Gerald Newborg, October 1, 1982. Re: Collection. Side 2 is blank.

1401 Garrison Dam Dedication, June 11, 1953
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
60 minute cassette.
From Larry Knutson, State Water Commission, Planning Division. (Sound is bad on segments of this tape.)

1403 Arthur C. Townley  Address
60 minute cassette.
1958 address. Same both sides.

1404 Clarence Haggard on A. C. Townley and ND Politics
90 minute cassette
Interviewed by Larry Remele, 4-13-88

1405 Political Speeches of William Langer and Clyde Duffy
90 minute cassette
Introduction of William Langer by Clarence Haggard. Introduction of Clyde Duffy by Norman Brunsdale.

1407-1408 Senator Quentin Burdick
120 minute cassette. 2 tapes
Biographical interview. 8/28/86. Interviewed by Gerald Newborg.

1538 The Communist Russian New Deal Game to Bankrupt the U.S.A.
A. C. Townley
45 min
Townley delivering his point of view. Taped from disc recording. August 1956.

1539 The Communist Russian New Deal Game to Bankrupt the U.S.A.
A. C.Townley
45 min
copy 2

1665 William Guy
Series 10489
60 minute cassette.
McCarney, n.d., no label

1666 William Guy
Series 10489
15 min
Governor's Press Conference 1970. McCarney exchange with NDSU students 10/1/68

1715 Washington, D.C.
William Langer. National news program shortly after his death.
A3155 from WDAY newsfilm collection.

1716 KKAA Radio
Arthur Link. KKAA radio spot. 6-20-74

1718 Garrison Diversion Meeting
Governor Arthur Link,  2-25-74

1796 From Communism to Nationalism
David G. Rowley
90 minute cassette
Six Super Sundays Starring Six Special Scholars. North Dakota Humanities Council lecture series. March 7, 1993

1799 The Iconoclast: Fighting for the Underdog
Perry Hornbacher
90 minute cassette
Six Super Sundays Starring Six Special Scholars. North Dakota Humanities Council lecture series. March 14, 1993

1877 North Dakota Enforcement League: Bringing Bootleggers and Blind Piggers to the Bar of Justice
Dr. Warren A. Henke
90 minute cassette
North Dakota Humanities Council, March 6, 1994. 94-AV-19

1879 Did the Nineteenth Amendment Destroy the Nonpartisan League? The Role of Women in the Nonpartisan League and the Independent Voters Association
Dr. Kathleen Moum
90 minute cassette
North Dakota Humanities Council, March 20, 1994. 94-AV-19

2051 Governor William Guy. “Cleaner and Greener”

2090-2094 Keep North Dakota Clean
91-AV-09. Acc. 91-05-20

3003 A. C. Townley, on WDAY-TV during the 1956 election campaign
Oct. 19, 1956

3006 Quentin Burdick, John Davis, Art Link, George Longmire. North Dakota Politics since 1940: Four Personal Views

3020 North Dakota Politics Since 1940: Personal Views
June 12, 1981

3022 Marty Perry. Governors’ Mansion
June 11, 1985

3025 Initiative and Referendum
Series of 5 broadcasts, Oct. 16-21, 1980. Note: Recorded by Donna Wright, KBMR Radio.

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