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Manuscripts by Subject - Mining / Drilling

10268 Hansen Evesmith
Consists of Zenith Coal Company Daily reports concerning shipments and receipts and disbursements for a coal mine, correspondence, notes,photos, coal mine blueprint and information, and newspaper clippings. Also includes correspondence and newspaper clippings concerning procurement of North Dakota stone for the Washington Monument.. (.25ft. and 1v.)

10300 Williston Lignite Coal Mine
Records, 1909
Account book. (1v)

10451 Clarence E. Staff
Papers, 1946-1973
Notes, printed materials, drawings, Montana Dakota Utilities-IBEW labor contracts, MDU annual reports, Staff's attaché case (containing notes, pens, pencils, slide rules, conversion charts, drawings, a measuring tape, sun-glasses, and other memorabilia) and photographs of MDU employees, substations, various construction projects, and the Garrison Dam.  Relates primarily to the construction and operation of electric transmission systems in central and western North Dakota.  Staff was an electrical engineer and the photographer for MDU. (4ft)

10524 Walter P. Macomber
Papers, 1911-1923
Telegrams from various individuals regarding the 1919 miners’ strike, lists of salaries and wages at Washburn Lignite Coal Company, a list of stockholders, notice to creditors regarding the action if the Governor were to take over the mines, a copy of the text to John L. Lewis canceling the strike, letters, and articles. (.25ft)

10556 Burr A. Dickinson
Papers, 1918-1939
Correspondence, contracts, stocks, and leases relating to ventures in gold mining and oil exploration during the 1920s and 1930s, ephemera, and one publication by Charles Coulter. B. A., as he was known, was the first settler of Ryder, ND, and was a member of the state legislature. In 1924, he moved his law practice to Minot, ND distinguishing himself in the practice of law litigation. He served as Ward County States Attorney and county judge. A reconnaissance geologic, topographic, and economic survey of the great North Dakota auriferous glacial deposits, and appraisal of values therein. (3.5ft)

10534 Thomas W. and Frances V. Leach
Papers, ca. 1930-1960
Personal and business records, including correspondence, contracts, surveys, maps, minutes, and related materials involving North Dakota counties as well as several other states and Canadian provenances where Leach had business interests. Also includes personal and business records of independent oil well operators Thomas and Frances, including partnership records, information on leasing and oil exploration, North American Royalties, Inc., the Leach ranch, North Dakota Wood Preserving Company, and other business ventures documenting the oil industry, business history and the Leach family. (33ft)

10571 North Dakota Williston Basin Energy Festival
Records, 1950-1989, 1991
Correspondence, news releases, newspaper clippings, publications, broadsides, pamphlets, certificates of proclamation, and ephemera. Formerly called the Billion Barrel Oil Celebration records. (1.25 ft. and oversize)

10692 Robert L. Stroup
Papers, 1967-1976, 1996
Hazen, ND
Files of the Energy Development Board, coal mining reclamation issues and resolutions, files relating to Stroup’s service in the North Dakota legislature, aerial photos of coal mine activity, and an oral history with Mr. Stroup. (13ft)

10858 Nels E. Becklund
Papers, 1905-1994
Almont, ND; Morton Co., ND
Correspondence, financial records, personal, and business papers of the land and rented property managed by Becklund, including: Almont Oil Company; Banner Oil Company; Farmers’ State Bank; Hartford Insurance Company; Saint Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company; Mobile Oil Corporation; Provident Life Insurance Company Stockholders Realization Corporation; and Western Dakota Land & Loan Company. (6ft)

10957 Thomas E. Levi (Northwest Mapping Company)
Records, 1880s-1980
Correspondence and original maps created by Levi and sold to oil companies and speculators arranged by region, county, and fields, copies of the land ownership records on microform, soundings of individual oil wells arranged alphabetically and copies of the soundings unarranged, federal survey of each county, USGS, BLM and Corps of Engineers (copies); hunting and fishing maps; architectural blueprints; posters (State Tourism); index cards (have well information), and miscellaneous maps. (27.25ft/oversize)

11020 North Dakota Petroleum Council
Records, 1953-1999 
Correspondence, historical materials, newsletters, news clippings, scrapbooks, and publications. (3ft)

11040 Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Records, 1963-1983
Color slides, three films on DVD, and photographs of coal mining at the Glenharold Mine, groundbreaking ceremonies for Basin Electric's Leland Olds Station Unit 1, and the Basin Electric 1980 annual meeting. (.5ft)

11041 R. J. Sailer
Papers, 1937-1963
.5 feet
Correspondence to and from R. J. Sailer, legislation, editorials, testimony and newspaper clippings relating to water development and irrigation projects, material of the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), the Oliver-Mercer Electric Cooperative, Inc., Cass County Electric Cooperative, Inc., Missouri River Basin Project, Missouri River Development, Garrison Dam, Heart River Project, irrigation meetings across the state, National Reclamation Association, ND Political Action Committee, ND Reclamation Association, ND Resources Award, and ND State Water Conservation Commission. Sailer was involved in the establishment of the Oliver-Mercer Electric Cooperative, Inc.

11049 Hess Corporation
Records, 1951-1969
Consists of 80 volumes and two folders of newspaper clippings from regional papers documenting the discovery and production of oil in North Dakota. In 1969, the Hess Corporation merged with the Amerada Petroleum Corporation. (15ft)

11055 Steele Light and Power Company
Records, 1917-1919
Steele, ND
Ledger containing minutes and general information about the company and its stockholders. (.25ft)

11166 State Historical Society of ND Foundation, Oral History
Interviews include people involved with the SHSND Foundation and the oil industry in North Dakota.  Interviewees include: Al Golden, Bill Schott, Bob Hammond, Dick Broschat, Leon "Tude" Gordon, Wally Beyer, Walt Braun, and  A. Kirk Lanterman. Interviews were conducted by Gerald Newborg. (1 ft/12 DVCAM + MiniDV)

20313 Abraham Maricle
Papers, 1866-1869
Letters, receipts, and a diary describing the journey of the Davy wagon train from St. Cloud, MN to the gold fields of Montana Territory. (1 item/1r)

20503 Byron Hanson
Papers, 1954
Brief history of gas plant operations of Fargo Gas, Light, and Fuel Company. (1 item)

20520 International Resources Corporation
Records, 1958
Report and proposal for construction of a uranium mill in Bowman Co., ND. (5 items)

20523 George L. Johnson
Papers, n.d
Copy of brief history of coal mining in the Burlington, ND area (1 item)

20579 Missouri Slope Coal Company
Records, 1889-1893
Sims, ND; Morton Co., ND
Ledger. (1v)

20819 Andrew L. Freeman
Papers, n.d.
Instruction sheets and pamphlets for various models of the Freeman engine/head bolt heaters manufactured by the Five Star Manufacturing Company of Grand Forks, ND. Freeman utilized coal reserves as an inexpensive source of generating electric power. (9 items)

20841 Glenharold Coal Mine
Papers, 1983
Mercer, Co., ND
Three oral history interviews entitled, “Report of findings resulting from phase I mitigation of adverse impacts to cultural resource sites in mine area I of the Glenharold mine,” conducted for Basin Cooperative Services, Bismarck, ND by Historical Research Associates of Missoula, MT. (3 audiocassettes)

20999 Madison Mounts
Papers, 1930s
Drawings and photographs of the Knife River Mine tipple, photos of the Tuttle Land Company, and a letter to his sister in which he makes reference to William Langer. (.2ft)

80002 Amerado Petroleum Corporation
Records, 1951
Photocopy of heck documenting purchase of the first commercially produced oil and gas in North Dakota. Check was issued to the Bank of North Dakota. (1ff)

80078 Gust A. Johnson
Papers, 1926-1933
Photocopies of oil and gas leases (4ff)


1219-1225 Rural Electric Cooperatives Oral History Project
630 min. 7 tapes
Consists of oral history interviews with a number of North Dakotans concerning Rural Electrification. 1984

1350 Energy Development in North Dakota: An Issue of Controversy
90 minute reel-to-reel master
Discussion of energy development in North Dakota featuring Earl Strinden and Rick Maixner. State Historical Society of North Dakota program, June 25, 1981.

1775-1776 Mrs. Wilbur (Freda) Stephens and George Moorman Oral History Interview
2 - 60 minute cassettes
Glenharold, ND Coal Mines Oral History Interview, 7/20/83, Mss 20841

3002 50th Anniversary of REC in North Dakota
March 10, 1985. Note: Prepared by Al Setka.

3017 Energy Development: An Issue of Controversy
Rick Maixner, Earl Strinden and Gerald Waldera, moderators.June 25, 1981

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