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Photographs - Collections - A Collection

Title: A Photographs

Dates: 1832-1973

Collection Number: A

Quantity: ca. 7,300 items

Abstract: At some point in time the State Historical Society separated photographs into collections by size. The A collection consists of items 4 X 5” or less, the B collection consists of items 5 X 7” or less, the C collection consists of items 8 X 10” or less, the D collection consists of items 11 X 14” or less, and the E collection consists of items larger than 11 X 14”.

Provenance: The provenance for these photographs is listed in the ReDiscovery database with each item.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.
Transfer: Many photographs were returned to the collections they were earlier removed from and others were separated out to make new collections.

Photographs Inventory - Partial

A0001-00001 – 00009 Custer Battlefield, Garryowen, (Mont.) 1922   
A0001-00010 – 00013 Custer Battlefield, (Mont.) 1922
A0002-00001 Frederic Francis Gerard 1821-1900                  
A0003-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Cabin, Medora, (N.D.) 1926                              
A0003-00002 Theodore Roosevelt Cabin, Bismarck, (N.D.)  XX/XXXX                   
A0003-00003 Theodore Roosevelt Cabin               XX/XXXX                         
A0004-00001 Mrs. Gilbert A. Pierce, Fragment, Bismarck XX/XXXX                       
A0004-00002 Dr. W.P. Corbett and Mrs. Gilbert Pierce XX/XXXX
A0005-00001 Danish Spinning Wheel belonging to C. Westgard, (N.D.)  1878                   
A0005-00002 Danish Spinning Wheel, (N.D.)          XX/XXXX                      
A0006-00001 Fort Malate      XX/XXXX                
A0007-00001 Carl Herigstad, Chicago, (Ill.)        XX/XXXX           
A0008-00001 Sioux Indians dancing, Fort Yates, (N.D.) XX/XXXX                 
A0009-00001 Writing Rock Description               1931           
A0009-00002 – 00003 Writing Rock Flash Light Photo         01/1931              
A0009-00004 Writing Rock Time Exposure             01/1931               
A0009-00005 Writing Rock     11/1930                
A0009-00006 Writing Rock, Divide County, (N.D.)  05/1927              
A0009-00007 – 00008 Writing Rock     XX/XXXX              
A0010-00001 Crow's Heart Ceremonial Lodge, Fort Berthold, (N.D.)  XX/XXXX                
A0010-00002 – 00002 Crows Heart Lodge XX/XXXX                      
A0010-00004 Earth Lodge      XX/XXXX              
A0010-00005 – 00007 Crows Heart Earth Lodge  XX/XXXX                         
A0010-00008 Earth Lodge      XX/XXXX              
A0011-00001 Jos. H. Eagle and Spotted Weasel ca. 1910                            
A0011-00002 Spotted Weasel   ca. 1910                            
A0011-00003 Joseph H. Eagle  ca. 1910             
A0011-00004 – 00006 Sakakawea statue with Spotted Weasel and Joseph H Eagle ca. 1910
A0012-00001 Fort Totten, (D.T.)XX/XXXX                         
A0013-00001 Laura L. Perrine, Valley City, (N.D.)  XX/XXXX                      
A0014-00001 Royal D. Ross    XX/XXXX              
A0015-00001 Andrew Sebeluis  XX/XXXX
A0015-00002 John A. Brubank  XX/XXXX                          
A0016-00001 Gallatin Post Office XX/XXXX                      
A0017-00001 Missouri River on Reservation, (S.D.)  08/24/1911             
A0018-00001 Sugarloaf Butte  08/30/1911                       
A0019-00001 Oldest House in Nelson County, (N.D.)  XX/XXXX                              
A0020-00001 – 00002 The Digger Gang, Ft. Lincoln, (N.D.)   XX/XXXX
A0020-00003 Gathered for the Races                 07/04/1903             
A0020-00004 Wagons at Camp   XX/XXXX             
A0020-00005 The Digger Gang  XX/XXXX               
A0020-00006 Camp on River    1903          
A0020-00007 Moving Camp      XX/XXXX                
A0021-00001 Early view of Winnipeg, (Man.)         XX/XXXX                      
A0022-00001 Steamer Expansion at Washburn (N.D.)   1900-1909                         
A0023-00001 Dhoukobor Pilgrims, Winnipeg, Manitoba 07/1907                           
A0024-00001 Home of Jas. H. Eagle 06/07/1911             
A0025-00001 John Grass and Herbert C. Fish at the Sakakawea Statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)               1910-1915                            
A0026-00001 Crook City (D.T.) from the east 1875                       
A0027-00001 Bull Train from Bismarck to Crook City 1875                          
A0028-00001 Bear Butte       1875                         
A0029-00001 Ernst Reinhold Steinbrueck ca. 1910                        
A0030-00001 John E. Haggart  1880                     
A0031-00001 William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody ca. 1900                     
A0032-00001 E. W. Sims       XX                              
A0033-00001 Alfred Conover Jack Farrell 05/20/1907                  
A0033-00002 A. C. J. Farrell with signature 05/20/1907               
A0034-00001 Governor Nehemiah G. Ordway 1880-1884              
A0035-00001 Fat Bear         XX/XXXX                    
A0036-00001 Governor Ragnvald A. Nestos ca. 1924
A0037-00001 John L. Bjorkquist ca. 1890
A0038-00001 Abraham Lincoln  1865                 
A0039-00001 A dancing Chippewa, Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union    07/1926       
A0039-00002 Two Indian men in dance costumes, Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926         
A0039-00003 Crow Indians talking things over, Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union  07/1926       
A0039-00004 Watching the moccasin game, Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union  07/1926       
A0039-00005 In holiday attire, Great Northern Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926     
A0040-00001 Monument to Meriwether Lewis, Meriwether (Mont.) XX                          
A0041-00001 Thomas Richards  ca. 1897                           
A0042-00001 Standing Rock and seated Indian woman  XX/XXXX                         
A0043-00001 Kenny's outfit, (Ariz.)                XX/XXXX                  
A0044-00001 Alex Falconer    XX/XXXX                              
A0045-00001 Jonas Ostland, Hillsboro, (N.D.)       XX/XXXX
A0046-00001 Gudmundur Einarsson XX/XXXX              
A0047-00001 Johann P. Hallsson XX/XXXX                       
A0048-00001 David Gorden     XX/XXXX                            
A0049-00001 Bird's eye view of Walhalla, (N.D.)    XX/XXXX                     
A0050-00001 Curator H. C. Fish's Party, Camp at the mouth of Oak Creek  08/24/1911
A0051-00001 Thomas Crayon, (D.T.)                  1900                       
A0052-00001 Buffalo in Canada XX/XXXX                         
A0053-00001 Brower Indian Village Site             XX/XXXX                             
A0054-00001 Ernest W. Brenner portrait, Ft. Totten 1868-1882              
A0055-00001 James H. Bosard  XX/XXXX                          
A0057-00001 Big Indian and Little Duck             XX/XXXX                              
A0058-00001 C. J. Atkins portrait                  XX/XXXX                     
A0059-00001 Arikara fireplace XX/XXXX                           
A0060-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Park, Sr.          XX/XXXX                      
A0060-00002 Mrs. Andrew Park Sr.                   XX/XXXX              
A0061-00001 Danish Woolen Feather Bed Tick         ca. 1878                     
A0062-00001 Sylvan Lake, Black Hills, (S.D.)       08/04/1926                       
A0063-00001 Deapolis, (N.D.) ca. 1905             
A0064-00001 Holding Eagle in buffalo dance dress   ca. 1911                    
A0064-00002 Holding Eagle, Battle Creek 08/28/1911                 
A0065-00001 Hebron Brick Works XX/XXXX                    
A0066-00001 Red Bear         XX/XXXX                  
A0067-00001 E.D. White, engineer at Fort Yates, (D.T.)  XX/XXXX
A0068-00001 Tomb of Sakakawea, Wind River, (Wyo.)  06/11/11                          
A0069-00001 Sakakawea statue on capital grounds, Bismarck, (N.D.)  01/1911
A0069-00002 Sakakawea statue on capital grounds, Bismarck, (N.D.)   XX/XXXX
A0069-00003 Sakakawea statue on capitol grounds    ca. 1911                
A0069-00004 Sakakawea Monument, Mobridge, (S.D.)   09/12/1929                   
A0070-00001 Father Andre LaCombe                   XX/XXXX                           
A0071-00001 Chippewa Indians of Roseau River       XX/XXXX                  
A0072-00001 Polychrome Bead, Duluth, (Minn.)       XX/XXXX                 
A0073-00001 Enmegahbowh      XX/XXXX                         
A0074-00001 Turtle Mountain Powwow, Rolla, (N.D.)  05/31/1908                       
A0075-00001 Adam Nichol      XX/XXXX        
A0076-00001 Gumbo Lily School, Hettinger County, (N.D.) ca. 1910                     
A0077-00001 School district rally, Morton Co., (N.D.) XX/XXXX              
A0078-00001 Automobile trip, Bottineau, (N.D.)     ca. 1914                     
A0079-00001 – 00005 Elbowoods and Killdeer rodeo, Elbowoods, (N.D.) 1926          
A0080-00001 – 00003 Billings County Snapshots, Billings Co., (N.D.) ca. 1918            
A0080-00004 Billings County Snapshots, Billings Co., (N.D.) 02/1918             
A0081-00001 Quain and Ramstad Clinic color postcard, Bismarck, (N.D.)    1964
A0082-00001 Red Trail Roundup Medora (N.D.) XX/XXXX                         
A0083-00001 Antelope         XX/XXXX                 
A0084-00001  Sitting Bull's grave, Fort Yates, (N.D.) XX/XXXX       
A0085-00001 Sioux Tipis      XX/XXXX       
A0086-00001 Yellow Eye       ca. 1906        
A0087-00001 Chippewas playing game of Puk-kaa-san, Rousseau Rapids, Manitoba, (Canada) XX/XXXX
A0088-00001 Alfred W. Prater XX/XXXX
A0089-00001 Ree Village site, trench and earth wall, Pierre, (S.D.)      ca. 1915                 
A0089-00002 Ree Village house sites near Mobridge, (S.D.) ca. 1915                   
A0089-00003 Ree Village house site south of railroad tracks, Pierre (S.D.) ca. 1915
A0089-00004 Ree Fort and Lookout Hill, Pierre, (S.D.)ca. 1915                
A0089-00005 Trench and earth wall, Ree Fort, Pierre, (S.D.) ca. 1915                   
A0089-00006 Ree Indian Village, Mobridge, (S.D.)   ca. 1915                    
A0089-00007 Part 2 Panorama of Ree Indian Village near Mobridge (S.D.) ca. 1915  
A0089-00008 – 00009 Large house site, Pierre, (S.D.) ca. 1915                 
A0089-00010 – 00012 Ree Fort,  Pierre, (S.D.) ca. 1915               
A0089-00013 Ree Village, Mobridge, (S.D.) ca. 1915                    
A0089-00014 Boy standing at Ree Village site, Mobridge (S.D.) 04/25/1915                      
A0089-00015 – 00016 Ree Village waste heap, Mobridge, (S.D.) 04/25/1915                    
A0089-00017 Ree Village house site, Mobridge, (S.D.) 04/25/1915                       
A0090-00001 Brown House, Brown's Valley, (Minn.)   XX/XXXX
A0091-00001 Minnesota Historical Society building, St. Paul, (Minn.) XX/XXXX
A0091-00002 Museum of the Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, (Minn.) XX/XXXX
A0091-00003 Museum Corridor in Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, (Minn.)  XX/XXXX
A0091-00004 Room in Museum of the Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, (Minn.) XX/XXXX
A0091-00005 Entrance Hall Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, (Minn.) XX/XXXX
A0091-00006 Reading Room of the Minnesota Historical Society, St. Paul, (Minn.) XX/XXXX
A0092-00001 Spotted Weasel head and shoulders profile portrait in regalia XX/XXXX 
A0092-00002 Spotted Weasel full length standing portrait in regalia XX/XXXX
A0092-00003 Spotted Weasel seated portrait         XX/XXXX                     
A0093-00001 – 00002 Norman Kittson Trading Post, Walhalla, (N.D.) 1890-1920              
A0094-00001 – 00002 Street view of McCauleyville, (Minn.) ca. 1880                   
A0095-00001 Indian Trails, Deapolis, (N.D.)        XX/XXXX                           
A0096-00001 Lieutenant Henry Bull Head Indian Policeman who shot Sitting Bull ca. 1890
A0097-00001 Red Horse portrait, Bismarck, (D.T.)   XX/XXXX                     
A0098-00001 W. A. Pannebaker  XX/XXXX                       
A0098-00002 Miss. Clara O. Pindall                  XX/XXXX                  
A0099-00001 Budd Reeve, Bismarck, (N.D.)           XX/XXXX  
A0100-00001 Congressional Indian Affairs Committee, Standing Rock Reservation, Fort Yates, (N.D.) 07/16/1925
A0101-00001 Ball's pet wolves on Beaver Creek      XX/XXXX                      
A0102-00001 7th Cavalry monument, Little Bighorn Battlefield, (Mont.)    XX/XXXX
A0103-00001 – 00003 Leonard Crunelle and the Nagel Family taken at John Nagel's house 1905
A0104-00001 – 00002 Creek Woman Dancers XX/XXXX                              
A0105-00001 T. E. Cooper      XX/XXXX              
A0106-00001 Basil Claymore Clement, Sr.            XX/XXXX                          
A0107-00001 Basil Clement, Sr. and Joseph and Basil Jr. 1890-1910                       
A0108-00001 Chief Gall's Mother, Yankton, (S.D.)   XX/XXXX                    
A0109-00001 W.W. Robinson    ca. 1888                
A0110-00001 Penitentiary dining room               XX/XXXX                            
A0111-00001 The Maruder and son of Crows Breast, Fort Berthold, (D.T.)    1872
A0112-00001 J. A. Stephan, Fargo, (D.T.)            XX/XXXX                               
A0113-00001 – 00008 War parade views, Tioga, (N.D.)        1919
A0114-00001 Fort Lincoln Indian Village Site       08/31/1926              
A0115-00001 Wahalla martyr's graves                XX/XXXX                             
A0116-00001 Bronze plaque in memory of Colonel Fletcher Webster  XX/XXXX
A0117-00001 Alexis Montraille & Joseph Rolette, Jr XX/XXXX                 
A0118-00001 Fort Clark Indian site                 XX/XXXX                   
A0119-00001 Dan and Frank Chase, Elbowoods         XX/XXXX                 
A0120-00001 – 00002 Chief Voice      XX/XXXX                
A0121-00001 – 00005 Chippewa Sun Dance Lodge, Turtle Mountains, (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
A0121-00006 – 00007 Group resting inside Chippewa Sun Dance Lodge, Turtle Mountains, (N.D.)          XX/XXXX                             
A0121-00008 Chippewa Sun Dance Leaders, Turtle Mountains, (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A0122-00001 General George Armstrong Custer        ca. 1873                    
A0123-00001 Alfred Chase with his wife and children XX/XXXX                              
A0123-00002 Alfred Chase, two women and Dancing Bull XX/XXXX                     
A0123-00003 Alfred Chase and his wife in regalia   XX/XXXX                    
A0123-00004 Alfred Chase and Scattered Corn        XX/XXXX                   
A0123-00005 Alfred Chase with his wife and children XX/XXXX                              
A0124-00001 – 00002 Black Eagle      1900-1905               
A0124-00003 Black Eagle and family 1900-1905              
A0124-00004 Black Eagle      1900-1905               
A0125-00001 Gun Guarding House Mandan Indian       XX/XXXX                            
A0125-00002 – 00003 Bad Gun          XX/XXXX                  
A0126-00001 Bear-on-the-water and wife Yellow Nose XX/XXXX                         
A0127-00001 Ben Benson and family                  1900-1910                           
A0128-00001 Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Boman, Harwood, (D.T.) 1872                                  
A0129-00001 – 00002 Indian Method of carrying baby, Fort Berthold, (N.D.)        XX/XXXX
A0130-00001 – 00002 A-na-shi-u, Chippewa                   XX/XXXX                              
A0131-00001 A-wa-ni-pi family and house, Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, (N.D.) 1900-1930
A0131-00002 A-wa-mi-pi (Chippewa) Young Elk, Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, (N.D.)      1900-1930                        
A0132-00001 Antelope Woman and her sister          XX/XXXX                   
A0132-00002 Antelope Woman   XX/XXXX                      
A0133-00001 – 00002 Mink Woman with child XX/XXXX                            
A0133-00003 Mink Woman       XX/XXXX                           
A0133-00004 – 00005 Mink Woman with child XX/XXXX                            
A0133-00006 Mink Woman       XX/XXXX                           
A0133-00007 Mink Woman profile XX/XXXX                   
A0133-00008 Mink Woman       XX/XXXX                           
A0134-00001 – 00004 Chippewa Sun Dance campsite, Turtle Mountains, (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A0135-00001 Tobacco Woman    11/06/1911                  
A0136-00001 Packs Wolf       XX/XXXX                
A0136-00002 Packs Wolf and wife XX/XXXX                    
A0137-00001 – 00004 Poor Wolf        XX/XXXX
A0137-00005 Poor Wolf with daughter Mrs. White DuckXX/XXXX
A0137-00006 Poor Wolf with White Duck, daughter Mrs. White Duck and her son XX/XXXX
A0137-00007 – 00008 Poor Wolf        XX/XXXX
A0138-00001 Ta-Tanka-Nazin   ca. 1862                  
A0138-00003 Ta-Tanka-Nazin   ca. 1862                  
A0139-00001 Po-Go-Na-Ghe-Shick ca. 1858           
A0140-00001 Little Duck      XX/XXXX                  
A0141-00001 – 00002 Ta-oyate-duta (Little Crow) ca. 1862            
A0142-00001 – 00002 Red Bear         1900-1910               
A0143-00001 – 00003 Mad Bear         1900-1915              
A0144-00001 Edward Haney, Devils Lake, (N.D.)      1908                           
A0145-00001 Sitting Rabbit, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, (N.D.)     XX/XXXX 
A0145-00002 Sitting Rabbit, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation,            XX/XXXX                
A0146-00001-1 – 2 Sitting Crow     1900-1910                   
A0146-00002 Sitting Crow     1900-1910              
A0146-00003 Sitting Crow and his wife              1900-1910                           
A0146-00004 – 00005 Sitting Crow and family 1900-1910                            
A0147-00001 Little Crow      1900-1910               
A0147-00002 Little Crow profile 1900-1910                      
A0147-00003 – 00004 Little Crow, Independence, (N.D.)      1900-1910                
A0147-00005 Little Crow and Spotted Weasel         1900-1910                  
A0147-00006 Little Crow and wife recording on Victrola ca. 1915  
A0147-00007 Little Crow      1900-1910               
A0148-00001  Mandan girdle, pipe, and gourd rattle 1900-1910    
A0149-00001 Won-e-quot and wife1900-1910               
A0150-00001 Young Snake with his wife and daughter 1900-1910                         
A0150-00002 Indian policeman Young Snake with his wife and son 1900-1910                 
A0150-00003 Young Snake in regalia with pipe       1900-1910                   
A0151-00001 Little Owl or Sitting Rabbit, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, (N.D.) 1900-1910
A0151-00002 Little Owl, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, (N.D.) 1900-1910      
A0151-00003 Little Owl with his wife and baby      1900-1910                    
A0151-00004 Little Owl's mother-in-law             1900-1910                          
A0152-00001 Chippewa Sun Dance leaders, Turtle Mountains, (N.D.) 1870-1890
A0153-00001 Circle of tent stones on White Earth River, (N.D.)           1870-1890              
A0154-00001 – 00002 Turtle 1870-1890
A0155-00001 White Duck, Fort Berthold Reservation, (N.D.) 1900-1910
A0155-00002 White Duck double exposure, Fort Berthold Reservation, (N.D.) 1900-1910
A0155-00003 White Duck, Fort Berthold Reservation, (N.D.)                1900-1910
A0155-00004 White Duck and family, Fort Berthold Reservation, (N.D.)     1900-1910
A0156-00001 – 00002 Sam Jones, Independence, (N.D.)        1900-1910              
A0157-00001 Gun-that-Guards-the-House and wife     1890-1900                         
A0157-00002 Gun-that-Guards-the-House with wife and child 1890-1900     
A0157-00003 – 00004 Gun-that-Guards-the-House              1890-1900                  
A0158-00001 – 00002 O-mi-ni-ha-ne-she or Buffaloes-going-by-in-a-line-look-nice-to-a-Mandan-at-his-tepee-entrance Oldest Mandan Indian Woman     1900-1910                   
A0159-00001 – 00002 Scattered Corn, Mandan Indian          ca. 1920                  
A0159-00003 – 00004 Scattered Corn, Mandan Indian          1900-1920                 
A0159-00005 – 00006 Scattered Corn, Mandan Indian          ca. 1920                  
A0160-00001 – 00002 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ironroad, daughter Josephine and Chase the Bear or Cecil Atkinson adopted son      07/1931                             
A0160-00003 – 00005 Cecil Atkinson with beaver and minks, Mandan, (N.D.) 1931
A0161-00001 W Ranch Hands, Wibaux, (Mont.)         ca. 1890                   
A0162-00001 Benton Packet Company boats on Ways, Bismarck, (N.D.) 1910-1914          
A0162-00002 – 00004 Benton Packet Company boats on Ways, Bismarck, (N.D.)  ca. 1914
A0163-00001 Stone Club or rock formation, Minot, (N.D.)  1900-1920                 
A0164-00001 – 00002 James Holding Eagle, Holding Eagle and Sitting Crow at Sacred Rock, Fort Berthold, (N.D.) 1900-1910
A0165-00001 – 00002 Indian Trail, Deapolis, (D.T.) 1900-1910                  
A0166-00001 Man standing behind Signal Tower1900-1910              
A0166-00002 Signal Tower rock structu 1900-1910                        
A0167-00001 – 00002 Man holding two Mandan Indian fish traps 1900-1910                    
A0167-00003 Man holding Indian fish basket 1900-1910                    
A0168-00001 – 00005 Mr. and Mrs. Holding Eagle demonstrating Adoption Ceremony 1900-1910
A0169-00001 Roger St Pierre, Dunseith, (N.D.)      1900-1910                   
A0169-00001-02 Roger St. Pierre, Dunseith, (N.D.) 1900-1910                 
A0169-00002 Roger and Mary Pepin St. Pierre with daughter, Dunseith, (N.D.) 1900-1910
A0169-00003 Roger and Mary Pepin St Pierre with daughter and relatives, Dunseith, (N.D.) 1900-1910
A0170-00001 Abandoned townsite, Mardell, (N.D.)    02/20/1908                  
A0171-00001 Ice jam and high water, Mandan, (D.T.)   1884                       
A0172-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad decorations for Golden Spike Excursion, Fargo, (D.T.)    1883                       
A0173-00001 – 00002 Street View, Fargo, (D.T.)  1873
A0174-00001 Esquimau Dog Train on the Red River, (D.T.)1871                                 
A0175-00001 Snowplow on the Northern Pacific Railroad 1888
A0176-00001 – 00002 Methodist excursion on Undine to Fort Abraham Lincoln, (D.T.) 08/21/1885
A0177-00001 – 00002 Red Star with son and wife, daughter of Little Sioux 08/23/1915
A0177-00003 Red Star Arikara 08/23/1915
A0178-00001 Little Sioux Arikara   1900-1910  
A0178-00002 Little Sioux Arikara   1900-1910  
A0178-00003 Little Sioux Arikara   1900-1910  
A0178-00004 Little Sioux and wife  1900-1910  
A0179-00001 Young Hawk1900-1910  
A0179-00002 Young Hawk full length standing portrait 1900-1910  
A0179-00003  Young Hawk   1900-1910  
A0179-00004 Young Hawk with wife and daughter1900-1910  
A0180-00001 Strikes Two (Arikara)  1900-1910  
A0180-00002 Strikes Two (Arikara)  1900-1910  
A0180-00003 Strikes Two working in his tobacco field 1900-1910  
A0180-00004 Strikes Two working in his tobacco field 1900-1910  
A0180-00005 Tobacco field of Strikes Two1900-1910  
A0181-00001 Octave LaRose, first Postmaster of Graham's Island1775
A0182-00001 Soldier (Arikara Chief) ca. 1910
A0182-00002 Soldier (Arikara Chief) ca. 1910
A0182-00003 Soldier (Arikara Chief) ca. 1910
A0182-00004 Soldier (Arikara Chief) ca. 1910
A0182-00005 Soldier (Arikara Chief) ca. 1910
A0183-00001 Louie, Sitting Bull's son   XX
A0184-00001 Martin Rolette, interpreter, Kanic and wife (Chippewa), Antoine Wilke, Indian judge   XX/XXXX
A0185-00001 Badlands scene near Peaceful Valley Ranch, Medora (N.D.) ca. 1922
A0185-00002 Peaceful Valley Ranch, Medora (N.D.) ca. 1922
A0186-00001 SEE - 00200-5X7-00155  x 
A0186-00002 SEE - 00200-5X7-00154  x 
A0186-00003 SEE - 00200-5X7-00153  x 
A0187-00001 Old Blossom and Good Voice playing a Mandan women's game ca. 1910
A0187-00002 Old Blossom and Good Voice playing a Mandan women's game ca. 1910
A0187-00003 Old Blossom and Good Voice playing a Mandan women's game ca. 1910
A0188-00001 Rain-in-the-Face   1904
A0189-000 -SEE - 00105-00455-00459x 
A0190-00001 Leonard Crunelle and Spotted Weasel looking at the Sakakawea statue in Portland (Ore.)ca. 1910
A0190-00002 Sakakawea statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1935
A0190-00003 Sakakawea statue on Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930
A0191-00001 Sitting Bull's deserted tipi, Qu'appelle (Sask.) ca. 1881
A0192-00001 Binando Church, Manila (P.I.)   ca. 1898
A0193-00001 Washing clothes in the Passig River (P.I.)   ca. 1898
A0194-00001 Major Frank White, Captain Charles F. Mudgett, Lieutenant C. Getchell, Capt Eddy ca. 1898
A0195-00001 Stage house, Quincy (D.T.) ca. 1880
A0196-00001 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00002 Badlands (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00003 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A0196-00004 Man standing in front of a badlands formation ca. 1910
A0196-00005 Three people stand on top of a badlands formation, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00006 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A0196-00007 Little Badlands, Elbowoods (N.D.)ca. 1910
A0196-00008 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00009 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00010 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00011 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00012 Two people stand on top of a badlands formation, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00013 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00014 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00015 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00016 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00017 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00018 Standing stones, Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00019 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00020 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00021 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00022 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00023 Man stands on a high point overlooking badlands ca. 1910
A0196-00024 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00025 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00026 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00027 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00028 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00029 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00030 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00031 Ranch and horse pasture, Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00032 Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00033 Man stands on a high point holding a rifle, Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0196-00034 Horse pasture, Badlands, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0197-00001 First frame house, Quincy (D.T.) 1877
A0197-00002 First frame house, Quincy (D.T.) 1877
A0198-00001 Enmegabowh Church, possibly at White Earth Reservation (Minn.) XX
A0199-00001 George Sanger ca. 1920
A0200-00001 Jim-us-shas (Shoshone) XX
A0201-00001 Mannhaven (N.D.)   1911
A0202-00001 Clement Augustus Lounsberry 1864
A0203-00001 Antoine Moise (Kahlup-skwal-chi, Flathead Sub-Chief)  XX
A0204-00001 Chief Koostata, Josh Chiefhat, and Mose Auld, Flathead Reservation (Mont.) ca. 1910
A0204-00002 Chief Koostata, Flathead Reservation (Mont.) ca. 1910
A0205-00001 Bob Tail (Kees-kai-yoo, Cree)  ca. 1910
A0206-00001 Na-soo-ken (Kootenai Chief) ca.1910
A0207-00001 Sam Baptiste (Kootenai Chief) ca. 1910
A0207-00002 Sam Baptiste (Kootenai Chief) ca. 1910
A0207-00003 Sam Baptiste and Josh Chiefhat  ca. 1910
A0207-00004 Kootenai Indians   ca. 1910
A0207-00005 Sam Baptiste  ca. 1910
A0208-00001 Coal vein 7 miles SE of Williston (ND) XX
A0209-00001 Crow Ghost (Arikara)   XX
A0210-00001 Danish foods display   XX
A0211-00001 Clover  XX
A0212-00001 Reverend J. O. Cavillin XX
A0213-00001 John M. Cochrane  ca. 1900
A0214-00001 E. C. Butler  XX
A0215-00001 C. H. Honey   ca. 1895
A0216-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Hoglund   ca. 1895
A0217-00001 Charles J. Fiskca. 1895
A0218-00001 James C. Gill ca. 1895
A0219-00001 Schwab family, Turtle Mountain Agency, Belcourt (N.D.) XX
A0220-00001 Indian Mounted Police, Turtle Mountain Agency, Belcourt (N.D.) XX
A0221-00001 Steamer J. L. Grandin on Red River   1879-1880  
A0222-00001 Spotted Eagle's village, Tongue River Valley (M.T.)   11/00/1879 
A0223-00001 M. H. Sewell of Bismarck in the Hole in the Wall (M.T.)   XX
A0224-00001 Frank Desjariais  1909
A0225-00001 Anna Estrop McKendry   1918
A0226-00001 8th grade graduates, Grace Township, Grand Forks County (N.D.) 1920
A0227-00001 George Faribault, Interpreter   ca. 1880
A0227-00002 George Faribault   1879
A0228-00001 Edward Tohnes 1889
A0229-00001 James K. Swan ca. 1890
A0230-00001 Marshall Henry Jewell  1892
A0231-00001 August Landblomca. 1885
A0232-00001 Opening of the Bridge over the Red River at Drayton (N.D.)XX
A0233-00001 Eagle Woman beading at Mandan Lodge  ca. 1895
A0234-00001 One Feather   ca. 1890
A0235-00001 Thunder Hawk  XX
A0236-00001 Mr. Meyers, husband of Catherine Meyers-Nelson, Buffalo Co. (Wisc.) XX
A0237-00001 Black Eagle, Mandan Chief   ca. 1890
A0238-00001 Philip Snow and two small children   ca. 1910
A0239-00001 Member of Company G, 1st North Dakota Infantry in full marching order   ca. 1898
A0240-00001 Adoption ceremony articles XX
A0240-00002 Adoption ceremony articles XX
A0240-00003 Adoption ceremony articles XX
A0241-00001 Turtle boulder mosaic  XX
A0241-00002 Turtle boulder mosaic  XX
A0242-00001 Francois Jeanotte  XX
A0243-00001 Crows Heart and young boy 1900-1910  
A0243-00002 Crows Heart and young boy 1900-1910  
A0244-00001 Antoine Girard XX
A0244-00002 Antoine Girard XX
A0245-00001 Antoine Gerard's ferry on the Red River, 2 miles N of Acton (N.D.)10/10/1907 
A0246-00001 Frank Palmer  1878
A0247-00001 Major William H. Forbes XX
A0248-00001 Big Indian, Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation ca. 1905
A0248-00002 Big Indian, Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation ca. 1905
A0249-00001 William Zahn, Cannonball (N.D.) ca. 1905
A0250-00001 Anton Klaus   XX
A0251-00001 Christian M. Dahl ca. 1905
A0252-00001 Dr. Dwight Moore ca. 1895
A0253-00001 Augustus Haight ca. 1900
A0254-00001 Bailey W. Fuller ca. 1900
A0255-00001 Charles A. Klaus ca. 1900
A0256-00001 Professor W. H. W. Comer 1872
A0257-00001 Dead Man's Gulch, Killdeer Mountains ca. 1905
A0258-00001 Leonard Edward Algeo   1918
A0259-00001 J. G. Holland XX/XXXX
A0260-00001 Alexander Duncan   ca. 1905
A0261-00001 Blockhouse, Fort Berthold (D.T.) XX
A0262-00001 John A. Sorley ca. 1895
A0263-00001 R. B. Foster  ca. 1905
A0264-00001 S. G. Swanson ca. 1900
A0265-00001 Colonel Charles H. Graves ca. 1880
A0266-00001 C. E. McElroy ca. 1900
A0267-00001 Mrs. Charles E. Leslie ca. 1900
A0268-00001 Mrs. Cora Ross Clark   ca. 1900
A0269-00001 Graduating Class, State Normal School, Mayville (N.D.) ca. 1900
A0270-00001 U.S. Senator Henry Clay Hansbrough's residence, Devils Lake (N.D.) 1891
A0271-00001 Gjesvold Family sod house, Nome (D.T.) ca. 1887
A0272-00001 Caupauchin Convent after the battle, Manila, Philippines 09/12/1898 
A0273-00001 Site of Mason Block1873
A0274-00001 John F. Mager ca. 1880
A0274-00002 John F. Mager ca. 1880
A0275-00001 H. A. Soliday ca. 1880
A0276-00001 Finger T. Gronvold ca. 1900
A0277-00001 William D. Allen ca. 1900
A0278-00001 Walter W. Tousley  ca. 1900
A0279-00001 General Brookeca. 1880
A0280-00001 J. H. Hanson  ca. 1900
A0281-00001 George K. McEwen ca. 1900
A0282-00001 Edward C. Branch ca. 1900
A0283-00001 Charles H. Lee ca. 1900
A0284-00001 Edward Griffin ca. 1900
A0285-00001 L. R. Casey   ca. 1900
A0286-00001 Mark E. Wilson ca. 1880
A0287-00001 Thomas Lincoln Beiseker ca. 1900
A0288-00001 J. T. Perigo  1896
A0289-00001 Marcus H. Norman ca. 1900
A0290-00001 Herbjorn H. Strom ca. 1900
A0291-00001 William J. Belden ca. 1900
A0292-00001 James J. Dougherty ca. 1900
A0293-00001 Hayden M. Williams ca. 1900
A0294-00001 Robert J. Mitchell ca. 1900
A0295-00001 Treadwell Twichell ca. 1900
A0296-00001 Thorstein E. Tufte ca. 1900
A0297-00001 A. C. Swain   ca. 1900
A0298-00001 O. C. Hanson  ca. 1900
A0299-00001.db  Miller, John (Gov.) - missing   x 
A0300-00001 Aaron McGaffey Beede's log cabin XX
A0301-00001 Examples of Winnipeg taxidermy  XX
A0301-00002 Examples of Winnipeg taxidermy  XX
A0302-00001 Buckskin hunting shirt, front   XX
A0302-00002 Buckskin hunting shirt, backXX
A0303-00001 John S. Johnsonca. 1900
A0304-00001 John Shippam  ca. 1900
A0305-00001 P. Ostboe ca. 1900
A0306-000 -Drags Wolf, Shell Creek - not the correct image number x 
A0306-00001 Richard McCarten   ca. 1900
A0307-00001 Bartlett, Druggist of Forman (D.T.)  ca. 1885
A0308-00001 Lutz, George (Hon.)ca. 1900
A0309-00001 W. O. Whipple ca. 1900
A0310-00001 Charles H. Davidsonca. 1900
A0311-00001 Democratic Campaign Eagle of North Dakota 1894
A0312-00001 George E. Nichols  ca. 1900
A0313-00001 Seth Harvey   ca. 1900
A0314-00001 M. W. Barnes  ca. 1900
A0315-00001 Cora M. Rawlins  ca. 1900
A0316-00001 Victor Landquist  ca. 1900
A0317-00001 C. F. Jacobs  ca. 1900
A0318-00001 Front Street, Moorhead (Minn.)  ca. 1878
A0319-00001 John D. Wallaceca. 1900
A0320-00001 Dr. William A. Bentley ca. 1900
A0320-00002 Dr. William A. Bentley ca. 1900
A0321-00001 E. A. Lambca. 1900
A0322-00001 Edward G. Pattersonca. 1900
A0323-00001 A. C. Nedrud  ca. 1900
A0324-00001 Reverend M. P. Burns   ca. 1900
A0325-00001 Major J. S. Murphy ca. 1900
A0326-00001 John Burke1875-1890  
A0326-00002 John Burke1875-1890  
A0327-00001 Judge E. C. Chase  ca. 1900
A0328-00001 Fred Falley   ca. 1890
A0329-00001 Miss Moorhead ca. 1900
A0330-00001 William K. Moorheadca. 1890
A0331-00001 Tracy Bangs   ca. 1900
A0332-00001 Ahimaz Wood   ca. 1890
A0333-00001 Good Voice Eagle   ca. 1900
A0334-00001 Amzi W. Thomas ca. 1900
A0335-00001 James Z. Fullerca. 1900
A0336-00001 S. G. Sarles  ca. 1900
A0337-00001 Leslie A. Simpson  ca. 1900
A0338-00001 Old Zack ca. 1900
A0339-00001 John Thomas   ca. 1900
A0340-00001 John B. Richards   ca. 1900
A0341-00001 Reverend Rhodes, Fairmont (N.D.) ca. 1900
A0342-00001 Cowboy Relay Race ca. 1910
A0343-00001  Wah-ba-ne-gwe-wis, Chippewa Chief 128 yrs old XX
A0344-00001 Judge S. G. Robertsca. 1900
A0345-00001 Alfred White  ca. 1900
A0346-00001 Waterfront and grain elevator Fargo (D.T.)   1881
A0347-00001 Steamer Dacotah, Moorhead levee ca. 1880
A0348-00001 High Eagleca. 1880
A0349-00001 Clarence Belden Little 1883
A0350-00001 Senator Asle J. Gronna, Lakota (N.D.) 1911-1921  
A0351-00001 Senator Porter James McCumber   ca. 1900
A0352-00001 General Samuel Davis Sturgisca. 1880
A0353-00001 Steamer Minnesota on the Red River   06/12/1884 
A0354-00001 Governor Gilbert A. Pierce  ca. 1885
A0355-00001 Roger Allin   ca. 1895
A0356-00001 B. S. Russell ca. 1895
A0357-00001 Charles F. Simsca. 1900
A0359-00001 Earth Lodge, Fort Berthold  1910
A0360-00001 Joe Young Hawk and Myles Horn   ca. 1930
A0361-00001 Clarence A. M. Spencer ca. 1888
A0362-00001 Post Office, home of Charles Cavileer, Pembina (D.T.) 1863
A0363-00001 Fort Abercrombie (D.T.) 1863ca. 1910
A0364-00001 Letter to Miss Hannah H. Holton  03/04/1897 
A0366-00001 SEE - C0928   X 
A0367-00001 General Alfred Sully   ca. 1860
A0368-00001 Louie Sitting Bull ca. 1885
A0368-00002 Louie Sitting Bull ca. 1885
A0369-00001 Bison skin tipi near Camp Supply, I.T. (present day Okla.)1868
A0370-00001 Ben Arnold (Connor)ca. 1870
A0371-00001 Beef corral, Standing Rock Reservation   1902
A0372-000 -SEE - 2018-P-025-00099 x 
A0373-00001 Blanche Kenyon ca. 1900
A0374-00001 J. D. McKendry ca. 1880
A0375-00001 M. W. Hutchinson   ca. 1900
A0376-00001 Seneca De LaVergne ca. 1900
A0377-00001 Albert N. Carlblom ca. 1900
A0378-00001 C. E. Putman  ca. 1900
A0379-00001 James Johnson ca. 1890
A0380-00001 Nelius G. Eggenca. 1905
A0381-00001 Martin Johnsonca. 1900
A0382-00001 J. Austin Reganca. 1905
A0383-00001 Mr. and Mrs. (Matie E. Sheldon) Frank C. Davies ca. 1895
A0384-00001 Axtle Johnson ca. 1896
A0385-00001 W. C. Dresser ca. 1895
A0386-00001 Hugh Peoples  ca. 1895
A0387-00001 Dr. Thomas Storey  ca. 1895
A0388-00001 Joseph J. Hughes   ca. 1890
A0389-00001 Ole I. Hegge  ca. 1900
A0390-00001 Walter A. Laidlaw  ca. 1900
A0391-00001 O. O. Johnson ca. 1895
A0392-00001 John A. McDougal   ca. 1900
A0393-00001 Ole Gilbertson ca. 1900
A0394-00001 Knute O. Brotnov   ca. 1900
A0395-00001 David N. Greenca. 1900
A0396-00001 William W. Glasgow ca. 1900
A0397-00001 Henry McLean  ca. 1900
A0398-00001 Peter P. Chaceyca. 1900
A0399-00001 Gilbert O. Gulack  ca. 1900
A0400-00001 William R. Johnstonca. 1900
A0401-00001 John Thorardsonca. 1900
A0402-00001 Christian J. Ovind ca. 1900
A0403-00001 Edwin P. Day  ca. 1890
A0404-00001 Alexander B. McDonald  ca. 1895
A0405-00001 William Henry Fleming  ca. 1895
A0406-00001 Joseph Schafer, State Normal School, Valley City (N.D.)   ca. 1895
A0407-00001 Reverend W. C. Hunter, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1890
A0408-00001 James B. Sharpeca. 1890
A0409-00001 George M. Wilson   ca. 1890
A0410-00001 Dave Harris   ca. 1895
A0411-00001 F. J. Iwenca. 1895
A0412-00001 Frank S. Dunhamca. 1895
A0413-00001 P. P. Lee ca. 1890
A0414-00001 Frederic O. Getchell   ca. 1890
A0415-00001 George J. Schwoebell   ca. 1895
A0416-00001 Thomas L. Johnson  ca. 1890
A0417-00001 Walter Moore  ca. 1890
A0418-00001 Ralph E. Walkerca. 1890
A0419-00001 C. K. Wingca. 1890
A0420-00001 Nels Sorumca. 1890
A0421-00001 Sivert S. Bjelde   ca. 1890
A0422-00001 O. G. Barnes  ca. 1890
A0423-00001 H. J. Nyhus   ca. 1890
A0424-00001 T. E. Metcalf ca. 1890
A0425-0000-A. J. Hutchinson   ca. 1890
A0426-00001 Winthrop H. Pinkerton  ca. 1890
A0427-00001 I. T. Johnsrud ca. 1890
A0428-00001 Oliver Knudson ca. 1890
A0429-00001 Judge H. D. Fruit  ca. 1890
A0430-00001 Edward S. Peterson ca. 1890
A0431-00001 Herman Kroeger ca. 1895
A0432-00001 James K. Swan ca. 1890
A0433-00001 Original State Capitol and Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1926
A0434-00001 H. R. Yorkca. 1890
A0435-00001 John W. Wise  ca. 1890
A0436-00001 Christopher L. Lindstrom  ca. 1895
A0437-00001 Robert Butler ca. 1890
A0438-00001 Charles F. Wilbur  ca. 1890
A0439-00001 Judge Freeman Orcutt   ca. 1890
A0440-00001 B. W. Schonweiler  ca. 1890
A0441-00001 John L. Cashel ca. 1890
A0442-00001 J. H. Severn  ca. 1890
A0443-00001 L. Lyon ca. 1890
A0444-00001 Marion Conklin ca. 1890
A0445-00001 Egbert Gilbertson  ca. 1890
A0446-00001 Mary St. Clair (Mrs. J. M.) Bartholomew  ca. 1890
A0447-00001 Horatio G. Merritt ca. 1890
A0448-00001 Ernest H. Kent ca. 1890
A0449-00001 Samuel Thal   ca. 1890
A0450-00001 Robert L. Metcalf ca. 1890
A0451-00001 A. E. Sheets  ca. 1890
A0452-00001 Dr. William Bertram Coyle   ca. 1890
A0453-00001 John M. Hartin ca. 1890
A0454-00001 John Hennessy ca. 1890
A0455-00001 William M. Fleming 1895
A0456-00001 O.B. Olsonca. 1895
A0457-00001 N. A. Colby   ca. 1895
A0458-00001 David W. McCanna   ca. 1895
A0459-00001 J. A. Johnson ca. 1890
A0460-00001 S. G. Comstockca. 1895
A0461-00001 D. W. Clendenanca. 1895
A0462-00001 W. F. Honey   ca. 1895
A0463-00001 O. C. Sarles  ca. 1895
A0464-00001 Judge Augustus Roberts ca. 1895
A0465-00001 Annie Oakley  ca. 1885
A0466-00001 Olaf Hazenca. 1895
A0467-00001 L. H. Bailey  03/20/1890 
A0468-00001 Fred HuberXX
A0469-00001 Henry A. Armstrong ca. 1895
A0470-00001 Florence Woodward  ca. 1895
A0471-00001 Nicolai Swensonca. 1895
A0472-00001 Nelson F. Boucher  ca. 1895
A0473-00001 Charles A. Currier ca. 1895
A0474-00001 C. D. Edick, Bismarck Superintendent of Schools   ca. 1895
A0474-00002 C. D. Edick, Bismarck Superintendent of Schools   ca. 1895
A0475-00001 Urba Parker Dixon  ca. 1895
A0476-00001 Alexander Stewart  ca. 1895
A0477-00001 Timothy J. Dwire   ca. 1895
A0478-00001 Nils O. Brakke ca. 1895
A0479-00001 Thorstein E. Tufte ca. 1895
A0480-00001 Samuel S. Aas ca. 1895
A0481-00001 William Engelter   ca. 1895
A0482-00001 David E. Towleca. 1895
A0483-00001 Ernest H. Restemayer   ca. 1895
A0484-00001 Christian S. Deisemca. 1895
A0485-00001 John S. Johnsonca. 1895
A0486-00001 John D. Wallaceca. 1895
A0487-00001 Alex C. McGillivrayca. 1895
A0488-00001 Thomas Baker, Jr.  ca. 1895
A0489-00001 John S. Knauf ca. 1895
A0490-00001 I. J. Corry   ca. 1895
A0491-00001 John A. Honey ca. 1895
A0492-00001 Dr. W. F. Corbett  ca. 1895
A0493-00001 Shaw and Charlton Store, Pembina (N.D)   ca. 1890
A0494-00001 John F. Cowan ca. 1895
A0494-00002 John F. Cowan ca. 1895
A0495-00001 Jeremiah D. Bacon  ca. 1895
A0495-00002 Jeremiah D. Bacon  ca. 1895
A0496-00001 Christian M. Dahl  ca. 1895
A0497-00001 Custer Monument, Monroe (Mich.) ca. 1920
A0498-00001 F. H. Langer  ca. 1895
A0499-00001 The artist Angell in front of Bruns and Finkle's store and Orleans Club Saloon, Moorhead (Minn.)    08/21/1872 
A0500-00001 Wesley Baker  ca. 1895
A0501-00001 Julius C. Hallum   ca. 1895
A0502-00001 Harry D. Hurleyca. 1895
A0503-00001 Charles Young ca. 1895
A0504-00001 James S. Campbell  ca. 1895
A0505-00001 A. H. Loughlinca. 1895
A0506-00001 Horace B. Doughty  ca. 1895
A0507-00001 Judson LaMoureca. 1880
A0508-00001 Judson LaMoureca. 1895
A0509-00001 J. R. Cooper  ca. 1895
A0510-00001 Bruno Charbonneau and his daughter Susie, Willow City (N.D.)  ca. 1895
A0511-00001 Louis Heckler, old timer at Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1880
A0512-00001 Employees at Fort Tottenca. 1895
A0513-00001 Glen Probert, old settler, Fargo (N.D.)  ca. 1895
A0514-00001 H. A. Stickney, Steele (N.D.)   04/15/1891 
A0515-00001 Luther L. Walton   ca. 1895
A0516-00001 William J. Watts   ca. 1895
A0517-00001 Harlan J. Miller   ca. 1895
A0518-00001 Charles A. Sanford ca. 1895
A0519-00001 Edgar B. Thomson   ca. 1895
A0520-00001 Robert B. Boyd ca. 1895
A0521-00001 John Loganca. 1895
A0522-00001 William E. Mansfield   ca. 1895
A0523-00001 William P. Clark   ca. 1895
A0524-00001 James Michels ca. 1900
A0525-00001 Thomas W. Allshouseca. 1900
A0526-00001 Hans T. Ugland ca. 1895
A0527-00001 Charles A. Everhartca. 1895
A0528-00001 Knudt P. Levangca. 1895
A0529-00001 John H. Wishekca. 1895
A0530-00001 William A. Gorden  ca. 1895
A0531-00001 Fingal Enger  ca. 1890
A0532-00001 Ole Syvertson ca. 1895
A0533-00001 Methodist Episcopal Church, Cando (N.D.) ca. 1895
A0534-00001 James Ryanca. 1895
A0535-00001 Sven N. Heskin ca. 1895
A0536-00001 Frank M. Hammond   ca. 1895
A0537-00001 Charles A. Ericksonca. 1985
A0538-000 -SEE - 00055-00049  x 
A0539-00001 G. O. Stommer ca. 1895
A0540-00001 O. J. Dahlca. 1895
A0541-00001 John A. Williams   ca. 1895
A0542-00001 John W. Carr  ca. 1895
A0543-00001 C. J. Maddux  ca. 1895
A0544-00001 H. A. Hogue   ca. 1895
A0545-00001 Kate Needham  ca. 1895
A0546-00001 Alfred Leifson ca. 1895
A0547-00001 J. J. Youngblood   ca. 1895
A0548-00001 Roy T. Porte  ca. 1895
A0549-00001 Herbjorn H. Strom  ca. 1895
A0550-00001 James C. Gill ca. 1895
A0551-00001 Abner L. Hanscom   ca. 1895
A0552-000 -SEE - A0531   x 
A0553-00001 James T. Blacklock ca. 1895
A0554-00001 John S. Murphy ca. 1895
A0555-00001 Jacob B. Wineman   ca. 1895
A0556-00001 Decoration Day Whitestone Hill  1910
A0557-00001 Tree on the parade ground of old Fort Yates that stood in front of the Commanding Officer's quarters         XX
A0558-ASEE - 00042-00054  x 
A0558-BSEE - 00042-00103  x 
A0558-CSEE - 00410-00007  x 
A0559-00001 Historic Cannon of Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)   XX
A0560-00001 Robert Butler ca. 1895
A0561-00001 Garrett Ruring ca. 1895
A0562-00001 Allen S. Truax ca. 1895
A0563-00001 W. A. Douglas ca. 1895
A0564-00001 J. Y. Winnings ca. 1895
A0565-00001  Louis Benjamin Hanna  ca. 1895
A0566-00001 J. N. Hemmy   ca. 1895
A0567-00001 Frank L. Dwyer ca. 1895
A0568-00001 James Purdon  ca. 1895
A0569-00001 C. O. Nelson  ca. 1895
A0570-00001 Frank Wilson  ca. 1895
A0571-00001 John L. Johnsonca. 1895
A0572-00001 Gunder Howard ca. 1895
A0572-00002 Gunder Howard ca. 1895
A0573-000 -SEE - 00834   x 
A0574-00001 Two Native American men, Fort Totten Reservation (N.D.)   XX
A0575-00001 Blockhouse and Magazine, Fort Yates (N.D.)   1908
A0576-0586         000 -SEE -00834x 
A0587-00001 Log cabin, New Ulm (Minn.)  ca. 1900
A0588-00001 Battle scene, New Ulm, Minn. August 23, 1862 1912
A0589-00001 Four surviving settlers at 50th Anniversary, New Ulm (Minn.)  1904
A0590-00001 New Ulm as it was before Indian massacre XX
A0591-00001 Anpetu - Tokeka (John Other Day) 1912
A0592-00001 Refugees camping on prairie, Sioux Massacre New Ulm (Minn.) 1862  ca. 1912
A0594-00001 Marie Louise Buisson (Mrs. James) McLaughlin, Fort Yates (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A0595-0599         000 -SEE - 00834   x 
A0600-00001 Log cabin, Nelson County (N.D.) ca. 1915
A0601-00001.db  Cavileer, Charles J. - missing  x 
A0602-00001 Elijah Stites TerryXX
A0603-00001 Father Alonzo Barnard, pioneer missionary age 86  XX
A0604-00001 Screech Owl (Gray phase)11/21/1923 
A0605-00001 Melville C. Bacheller  1908
A0606-00001 Mellon Brothers Bank, Bismarck (N.D.) 1882-1887  
A0607-00001 Yellow Eye (Gray Earth) 1906
A0608-00001 Like-A-Fishhook Village, Fort Berthold (D.T.) ca. 1880
A0609-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Bear-on-the- Flat  1890-1910  
A0610-000 -SEE - A0143   x 
A0611-00001 Little Bear Women  XX
A0612-ASakakawea statue on Capital grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX
A0612-BSakakawea statue on Capital grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX
A0612-CSakakawea statue on Capitol grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX
A0613-00001 Red River Carts1863
A0614-00001 Arikara earth lodge08/26/1897 
A0615-000 -SEE 00041-0359 x 
A0616-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Montclair, Fort Berthold (N.D.)   ca. 1905
A0617-00001 Saddle Butte  1907
A0618-00001 Mound in badlands below Fort Berthold (N.D.) 1902
A0619-00001 Shell Creek School house1907
A0620-00001 SEE - 00041-00389  x 
A0621-00001 Rolla Banks   1903
A0622-00001 F. J. Graham  XX
A0623-00001 Isabelle Murry (Mrs. Charles) Cavileer and Minnie Jean Nielson08/24/1915 
A0623-00002 Mrs. Henry Vick, Isabelle (Mrs. Charles) Cavileer, and Minnie Jean Nielson   08/24/1915 
A0623-00003 Isabelle (Mrs. Charles) Cavileer and Minnie Jean Nielson examine the shawl   08/24/1915 
A0624-00001 Luther C. Ives ca. 1865
A0625-000 -SEE - 00060-00009-1x 
A0626-000 -SEE 00060-00009-2  x 
A0627-00001 Aldyth, Ward Bismarck (N.D.)1920
A0628-00001 Louis Burkhardt, Hebron (N.D.)  ca. 1890
A0629-00001 John Henry Worst   ca. 1895
A0629-00002 John Henry Worst   ca. 1895
A0629-00003 John Henry Worst   ca. 1895
A0630-00001 Laura L. Perrine   1911
A0631-00001 Dr. W. F. Crewe, Bismarck (N.D.) XX
A0632-00001 M. J. Englert  XX
A0633-00001 Dr. Hugo Victor Stickney1917-1919  
A0634-00001 Ola Westley   XX
A0635-00001 Edward Stai   XX
A0636-00001 C. W. Andrews' Red River Cart, Walhalla (N.D.) 11/28/1923 
A0636-00002 C. W. Andrews' Red River Cart, Walhalla (N.D.) 11/28/1923 
A0637-00001 Independence Station on the west bank of the Missouri River, Dunn County (N.D.) 09/00/1904
A0638-00001 W. E. Klingler's sod house 1 1/2 miles W of Werner (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0639-00001 T. E. Ostlund, Hillsboro (N.D.) ca. 1895
A0640-00001 George Angus Fraser, Adjutant General of ND National Guard, Fargo (N.D.) 1917
A0641-00001 Olaf E. Lofthus, State Examiner ca. 1900
A0642-00001 Minnie C. Budlong, Secretary of the Public Library Commission ca. 1900
A0643-00001 William F. Redmond ca. 1895
A0644-00001 W. C. MacFaddenca. 1895
A0645-00001 Andrew Blewettca. 1895
A0646-00001 George A. Totten   ca. 1900
A0647-00001 Sam J. Aandahlca. 1900
A0648-00001 Fred Bremur   ca. 1900
A0649-00001 Robert T. Muir ca. 1900
A0650-00001 C. A. Johnson ca. 1895
A0651-00001 John Grass ca. 1880
A0652-00001 Threshing oats, Elbowoods (N.D.) 09/00/1907 
A0653-00001 Pony skulls at Long Bear's, Fort Berthold Reservation 08/00/1987 
A0654-0000-William Laist ca. 1900
A0655-00001 P. A. Petersonca. 1900
A0656-00001 Ole Johnson   ca. 1900
A0657-00001 M. J. O'Connorca. 1900
A0658-00001 Charles Liessman   ca. 1920
A0658-00002 Charles Liessman   1941
A0659-00001 P. M. Casey   ca. 1930
A0660-00001 Main Street, Killdeer (N.D.) ca. 1915
A0661-00001 Officers' Quarters at Fort Abercrombie (D.T.) ca. 1875
A0662-00001 First Methodist Episcopal Church, Fargo (N.D.) 1909
A0663-00001 Interior of Congregational Mission School, Elbowoods (N.D.)   1899
A0664-00001  Fort Abercrombie from Minnesota side of Red River XX
A0665-00001 Model of dairy barn and silo at North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo 1917
A0666-00001 Homer State Park looking east, near Jamestown (N.D.)  04/00/1921 
A0666-00002 Homer State Park looking east, near Jamestown (N.D.)  04/00/1921 
A0666-00003 Homer State Park looking Southeast, near Jamestown (N.D.) 04/00/1921 
A0668-00001 SEE - A3554   x 
A0669-000 -SEE - 00834-00508  x 
A0670-000 -SEE - 00834-00560  x 
A0671-000 -SEE - 00834-00511  x 
A0672-000 -SEE - 00834-00513  x 
A0673-000 -SEE - 00834-00517  x 
A0674-000 -SEE - 00834-00499  x 
A0676-00001 Little children at Colton Cottage Congregational Mission School, Elbowoods (N.D.)06/00/1901 
A0677-00001 Leggings and his wife in regalia ca. 1902
A0678-00001 Obert A. Olson01/30/1919 
A0679-00001 Carl R. Kositzky   ca. 1917
A0680-00001 A. D. Gunderson ca. 1920
A0681-00001 Frank Milhollan ca. 1920
A0682-00001 Coal Mine, Lehigh (N.D.) 1890-1900  
A0683-00001 Breaking brush land in North Dakota  ca. 1920
A0684-00001 Squatters log cabin, Western (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A0684-00002 Squatters log cabin, Western (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A0685-00001 Log cabin near Fish Lake, Turtle Mountains (N.D.) XX
A0686-00001 Cowboy camp in Badlands (N.D.)  ca. 1890
A0687-00001 Threshing, Pembina County (N.D.) ca. 1900
A0687-00002 Threshing, Pembina County (N.D.) ca. 1900
A0688-00001 Drilling wheat in the Red River Valley (N.D.)ca. 1890
A0689-00001 5th Ave. S, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0690-00001 New and old High Schools, Jamestown (N.D.)   1900-1920  
A0691-00001 Courthouse and Jail, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0692-00001 Harvesting corn on the Dalrymple Farm near Casselton (N.D.)   ca. 1890
A0692-00002 Harvesting corn on the Dalrymple Farm near Casselton (N.D.)   ca. 1890
A0693-00001 St. Luke's Hospital, Fargo (N.D.) 1909
A0693-00002 St. Luke's Hospital, Fargo (N.D.) 1909
A0694-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0695-00001 Cass County Courthouse and Jail, Fargo (N.D.) 1890-1903  
A0695-00002 Cass County Courthouse, Fargo (N.D.) 1890-1903  
A0695-00003 Cass County Courthouse, Fargo (N.D.) 1890-1903  
A0695-00004 Cass County Courthouse, Fargo (N.D.) 1890-1903  
A0696-00001 Island Park and Red River, Fargo (N.D.)  1909
A0697-00001 Tombstone of Jefferson Dilts, Fort Dilts, 8 miles NW of Rhame (N.D.) XX
A0699-00001 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Bismarck (N.D.)  1900-1910  
A0700-00001 Grand Pacific Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0701-00001 Main Ave. at 4th St. looking east, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1929
A0702-00001 Original State Capitol from the SW, Bismarck (N.D.)   1905-1910  
A0703-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot & Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1905
A0704-00001 Fodder corn, Northeastern (N.D.) ca. 1900
A0705-00001 Grain field in the Red River Valley (N.D.)   ca. 1900
A0706-00001 Plowing for a new crop, Western (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A0706-00002 Plowing for a new crop, western (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A0707-00001 Disc plowing, Western (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0707-00002 Disc plowing, western (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0708-00001 Lignite coal mine, western (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0709-00001 Wheat field, northern (N.D.) ca. 1900
A0709-00002 Wheat shocks, western (N.D.) ca. 1900
A0709-00003 Breaking sod in early days, Towner County (N.D.)  ca. 1900
A0710-00001 Island Park, Mayville (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0711-00001 Kalita E. Leighton ca. 1910
A0712-00001 J. E. Fisk, Williston (N.D.) XX
A0713-00001 Sveinung A. Olsness ca. 1920
A0713-00003 Sveinung A. Olsness ca. 1920
A0714-00001 Alexander G. Burr  ca. 1930
A0715-00001 Portrait of a man  03/1902
A0716-00001 James Baldwin XX
A0717-00001 Tom Cartin and Sergeant Mullen, Fort Rice (D.T.)  ca. 1865
A0718-00001 Sergeant Frank Clark, Fort Rice (D.T.)   ca. 1865
A0719-00001 Valdemar Klubben   XX
A0720-00001 Frithof Greenland  XX
A0721-00001 A. J. FiskXX
A0722-00001 Betnel Herigstad   XX
A0723-00001 Gen. Oscar Malmros XX
A0724-00001 Capt. Dennis Cavanaugh, Devils Lake (N.D.)   XX
A0725-00001 James Brooks, Sr.  XX
A0726-00001 Sergeant Logne, Fort Rice (D.T.) ca. 1865
A0727-00001 George Hose, Fort Rice (D.T.)   ca. 1865
A0728-00001 Sergeant Martin, Fort Rice (D.T.) ca. 1865
A0729-00001  Melvin Randolph Gilmore XX
A0730-00001 James Bennett Gayton   ca. 1889
A0731-00001 John H. Atchison, Sr., first postmaster of Gallatin (N.D.) 1881
A0732-00001 Andrew Park. Sr.   XX
A0733-00001 George H. Johnson  XX
A0734-00001 St. Mary's Cathedral, Fargo (N.D.)   XX
A0735-00001 Masonic Temple, Fargo (N.D.) XX
A0736-00001 Courthouse and bird's eye view, Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0737-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Bismarck, N.D.   06/00/1911 
A0737-00002 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Bismarck, N.D.   ca. 1915
A0737-00003 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Bismarck (N.D.)  1910-1919  
A0737-00004 SEE 00055-00038 x 
A0738-00001 State Reform School, Mandan (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A0739-00001 Threshing grain in North Dakota ca. 1910
A0740-000 -SEE - 11065-20 x 
A0741-00001 Northern Pacific Park, Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0741-00002 Northern Pacific Park, Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0742-00001 Robert McCradie ca. 1880
A0743-00001 Nels P. Rasmussen  ca. 1890
A0744-00001 Edward F. Porter   ca. 1900
A0745-00001 Linn B. Ray   ca. 1895
A0746-00001 Ole A. Rodca. 1895
A0748-00001 J. Adolph Johnson  ca. 1910
A0749-00001 William H. Robinson ca. 1900
A0750-00001 Joseph L. Tracy ca. 1895
A0751-00001 F. J. Oeltjen ca. 1895
A0752-00001 J. A. Cameron ca. 1895
A0753-00001 C. U. Romning ca. 1895
A0754-00001 Olaf Hagen ca. 1895
A0755-00001 John L. Hooker ca. 1895
A0756-00001 G. A. McFarland ca. 1890
A0757-00001 J. S. Watson  ca. 1890
A0758-00001 N. A. Colby   ca. 1895
A0759-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Leggings  ca. 1902
A0760-00001 Execution of 38 Sioux Indians, Mankato (Minn.)12/26/1862 
A0761-000 -SEE - 00834   x 
A0763-00001 J. O. Kjelsberg ca. 1895
A0764-00001 Rock Haven snag boat port near Mandan (N.D.) 09/03/1955 
A0765-00001 Joe LaFramboise ca. 1890
A0766-00001 Thomas E. Nelson   ca. 1895
A0767-00001 Frank H. Prosser   ca. 1895
A0768-00001 Main Street, Rolla (N.D.)   ca. 1907
A0769-00001 Bernt O. Paulson cooking in his sod house, Divide County (N.D.)   1904-1920  
A0770-00001 Townley Day at Willow Lake (N.D.) 1910-1919  
A0771-00001 Kjorlien Hardware Store, Crosby (N.D.)   1912-1918  
A0772-00001 Bernt O. Paulson baking bread in his sod house, Divide County (N.D.) 1904-1920  
A0773-00001 Henry Grindeland picking up coal from the mine near Hanks (N.D.)  ca. 1920
A0774-00001 Building a road S of Ole Hagen's farm, Coalfield Township (N.D.)  ca. 1920
A0775-00001 Crew working at Kimball's mine, Divide County (N.D.)  1910-1919  
A0776-00001 Louise Guthrie inside her claim shack in Writing Rock Township, Divide County (N.D.) 1909
A0777-00001 SEE - 00032-WD-08-00009x 
A0778-00001 Morris F. Brown ca. 1890
A0779-00001 Thomas Guinan ca. 1895
A0780-00001 George S. Roberts  ca. 1895
A0781-00001 Dewitt C. Tufts ca. 1895
A0782-00001 Eben Young ca. 1895
A0783-00001 Charles W. Plain   ca. 1895
A0784-00001 Charles N. Valentine   ca. 1895
A0785-00001 Gunder P. Feihn ca. 1895
A0786-00001 Albert Pottrud ca. 1895
A0787-00001 1st Sergeant Robert Thompson ca. 1895
A0788-00001 1st Lieutenant Melvin A. Hildreth ca. 1895
A0789-00001 2nd Lieutenant E. C. Geary  ca. 1895
A0790-00001 Captain Frederick Keye ca. 1895
A0791-00001.J. Tudor Gravesca. 1895
A0792-00001 Robert M. Pollock  ca. 1895
A0793-00001 John C. Miller ca. 1895
A0794-00001 Joseph P. Fahnlender   ca. 1895
A0800-00001.db Snow Drifts on Fourth Street looking south Bismarck (ND) – missing   
A0803-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) 1890-1905  
A0803-00002 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) XX
A0803-00003 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) XX
A0806-00001 Levi C. Goplerud   ca. 1895
A0807-00001 Daniel E. Willard  ca. 1895
A0808-00001 F. M. Putnam  XX
A0809-00001 A. Steenson   ca. 1895
A0810-00001 Duane York Sarles and Doris York Sarles  ca. 1895
A0811-00001 James F. Brodie ca. 1895
A0812-00001 O. E. Brekke  ca. 1895
A0813-00001 Jacob M. Gaard ca. 1895
A0814-00001 Colonel Robert Bergh   ca. 1895
A0815-00001 E. E. Kaufman ca. 1895
A0815-00002 E. E. Kaufman ca. 1895
A0816-00001 George W. Wasem ca. 1895
A0817-00001 Amun M. Tofthagen  ca. 1895
A0818-00001 Mrs. Ann Fitzgerald ca. 1895
A0819-00001 S. A. Danford ca. 1895
A0820-00001 Rev. H. Peyton Cooper  ca. 1895
A0821-00001 J. O. L. Moeller   ca. 1895
A0822-00001 Edwin James Taylor ca. 1895
A0823-00001 Donald M. Smith ca. 1895
A0824-00001 Charles L. Grandin, Mayville (N.D.)  ca. 1895
A0824-00002 Charles L. Grandin ca. 1895
A0825-00001 Porter James McCumber  ca. 1885
A0826-00001 John Carmody  ca. 1895
A0827-00001 Mrs. A. Hagersca. 1895
A0828-00001 Dr. Henry Hardesty Critchfield  ca. 1895
A0829-00001 Thomas R. Sloan ca. 1895
A0830-00001 Will A. Marvinca. 1890
A0831-00001 Episcopal Church, Casselton (N.D.)   ca. 1895
A0832-00001 Abram Olin Whipple ca. 1895
A0833-00001 W. J. Mooney  ca. 1895
A0834-00001 E. C. Sargent ca. 1895
A0835-00001 Willis E. Johnson  ca. 1895
A0836-00001 Colonel W. H. Brown ca. 1880
A0837-00001 David W. McCanna   ca. 1895
A0837-00002 Mr. and Mrs. David W. McCanna   ca. 1895
A0838-00001 Syver Vinje   ca. 1895
A0839-00001 W. O. Baird   ca. 1895
A0840-00001 Porter James McCumber  ca. 1885
A0841-00001 Henry Hancock ca. 1895
A0842-00001 Mrs. Jennie Hall Stebbins   ca. 1893
A0843-00001 Steer shot with arrow by North Dakota Indian ca. 1910
A0844-00001 Eric A. Stafne ca. 1895
A0845-00001 Frank N. Chaffee   ca. 1895
A0846-00001 Andrew Slotten 1896
A0847-00001 Professor C. H. Hall   ca. 1895
A0848-00001 Peter H. Stenersen ca. 1895
A0850-000 -SEE - 00041-00465  x 
A0851-00001 A. Steenson   ca. 1895
A0852-00001 Indian children in hayloft at Dr. C. L. Hall's Mission School, Elbowoods (N.D.) 06/1909
A0853-000 -SEE - 00041-00497  x 
A0854-0000-SEE 00041-00413 XX
A0855-000 -SEE - 00041-00368  x 
A0855-00001 Old issue house, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)  08/1898
A0856-000 -SEE - 00041-00393  x 
A0857-00001 General view of Congregational Mission, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)02/27/1897 
A0857-00002 Construction of the Congregational Mission House, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) 08/1901
A0857-00003 Congregational Mission House, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1901
A0858-00001 Sven Lunde XX
A0859-00001 Royal Daniels Ross 1882
A0860-00001 Government buildings, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, Elbowoods (N.D.) ca. 1915
A0861-00001 Dr. B. C. Taylor   ca. 1895
A0862-00001 E. W. Neeland ca. 1895
A0863-00001 E. Berg ca. 1895
A0864-00001 Indian women at the Chautauqua grounds, Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0865-00001 Fishing in the Mouse River, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0866-00001 Motoring the Mouse River, Minot (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A0867-00001 Leland Hotel, Minot (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A0868-000 -SEE - B0756-00076  x 
A0869-000 -SEE - B0756-00077  x 
A0869-00002 Bucyrus shovel digging coal, Truax-Traer Lignite Coal Co., Minot (N.D.) 1910-1945
A0870-00001 Russell-Miller Milling Company, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0871-000 -SEE - B0756-00040  x 
A0872-00001 High and Central Schools, Minot (N.D.)   ca. 1905-1930
A0873-00001 Great Northern Railroad Bridge, 6 miles W of Minot (N.D.) ca. 1925
A0874-000 -SEE - B0756-00042  x 
A0875-00001 Gladstone Hotel, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1915
A0876-00001 State Hospital, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0877-00001 City Park, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0878-00001 Killdeer Mountains, Killdeer (N.D.)  ca. 1915
A0879-00001 Wilcox ranch on Little Missouri River near Killdeer (N.D.) ca. 1915
A0880-00001 Badlands, Killdeer (N.D.)   ca. 1915
A0881-00001 A picturesque butte of North Dakota  ca. 1910
A0882-0883-000 -SEE - 00834   x 
A0884-00001 Sun Dance, Indian Day, Chautauqua, Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0885-00001 Monument commemorating the massacre at New Ulm (Minn.) in 1862 ca. 1910
A0886-00001 First white settlers at New Ulm (Minn.) in 1854   ca. 1910
A0887-00001 St. John's Hospital, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0888-00001 Central High School, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0889-00001 SEE - B0717-00103  x 
A0890-00001 Dakotah House, New Ulm (Minn.)  ca. 1910
A0891-000 -SEE - 00834-00588  x 
A0892-000 -SEE - 00834-00587  x 
A0893-000 -SEE - 00834-00586  x 
A0894-000 -SEE - 00834-00585  x 
A0895-000 -SEE - 00834-00584  x 
A0896-00001 Duncan McFarlane   XX
A0897-00001 E. P. Rhinehart XX
A0898-00001 H. P. Thompson XX
A0899-00001 Orrin W. Francis   ca. 1895
A0900-00001 Mrs. Albert Formanek, Sr.   XX
A0901-00001 Father Jean Baptiste Marie Genin 1860
A0901-00002 Father Jean Baptiste Marie Genin 1860
A0901-00003 Father Jean Baptiste Marie Genin 1860
A0902-00001 David DeNoyer 1905
A0903-00001 James Eugene Robinson  ca. 1920
A0904-00001 Waraju Distillery ruins after 1862 massacre, New Ulm (Minn.)  ca. 1910
A0905-00001 Fort Ridgley (Minn.)   ca. 1910
A0906-00001 Saddle Butte  1907
A0907-0912-000 - SEE - 00834   x 
A0913-00001 Distant view of Square Buttes   ca. 1910
A0916-00001 Dr. A. C. Bachmeyer near Renville (N.D.) 1910
A0917-00001 Main Street, New England (N.D.) 1911
A0918-000 -SEE - 00834   x 
A0919-00001 Branding calves on a Western North Dakota ranch   ca. 1915
A0920-00001 Model of a dairy barn, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.)  1917
A0921-00001 Cave at Cave Hill, Harding County (S.D.) XX
A0922-00001 Decoration Day, Whitestone Hill (N.D.)   05/31/1910 
A0922-00002 Lake at Whitestone Hill (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A0923-00001 St. Leo's Catholic Church, Minot (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A0924-000 -SEE - 2011-P-048-00008 x 
A0925-00001 Coal mining in western North Dakota  ca. 1910
A0926-0927-000 -SEE - 00834   x 
A0928-00001 Lieutenant Ambrose Freeman grave in Big Hills north of Tappen (N.D.) 1896
A0930-00001 John F. Wallace ca. 1880
A0931-00001 Medicine Buttes (Mont.), W of Marmarth   XX
A0931-00002 Medicine Buttes (Mont.), W of Marmarth   06/15/1924 
A0931-00003 Medicine Buttes (Mont.), W of Marmarth   XX
A0932-00001 Joseph Crele, oldest man in the world 1865
A0933-00001 1st Lieutenant John F. Wallace  04/00/1861 
A0934-00001 Great Northern Railroad Depot Devils Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A0935-00001 Chautauqua Auditorium Building, Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1910
A0936-00001 Luellen Ladbury XX
A0937-00001 William Bratzel XX
A0938-00001 Andrew H. Laughlin ca. 1895
A0938-00002 Mrs. Andrew H. Laughlin ca. 1895
A0939-00001 Octave LaRose 1900
A0940-00001 James Johnson ca. 1895
A0941-00001 B. S. Russell XX
A0942-00001 Reverend C. B. Stevens XX
A0943-00001 Father Joseph Goiffon  ca. 1858
A0944-00001 Ola Stokka ca. 1880
A0945-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider statue, Mandan (N.D.)  XX
A0946-00001 Nolan's Hotel, McCauleyville (Minn.) XX
A0947-00001 George A. McFarland ca. 1900
A0948-00001 Alex Stern ca. 1918
A0949-00001 Harrison A. Bronson ca. 1920
A0950-00001 Mr. and Mrs. George Saunders, Sr. XX
A0951-00001 Reverend and Mrs. A. Schoenhut  ca. 1885
A0952-00001 F. A. Van Ostrant  XX
A0953-00001 Peter G. Swenson   ca. 1895
A0954-00001 Alton D. Hurley ca. 1895
A0955-00001 John F. Selby ca. 1895
A0956-00001 A. G. Foogman ca. 1895
A0957-00001 E. Smith-Petersen  ca. 1895
A0958-00001 Belle Bond ca. 1895
A0959-00001 Frank Hughes  ca. 1895
A0960-00001 Robert E. Wessell  ca. 1895
A0961-00001 Joseph Deschenes   ca. 1895
A0962-00001 Jorgen Howard ca. 1895
A0962-00002 Jorgen Howard ca. 1895
A0963-00001 Charles E. Leslie  ca. 1895
A0964-00001 North Dakota Indian children and their tipi playhouse 1911
A0965-00001 Indian paddling a bull boat 1911
A0966-00001 Trio of North Dakota Indians telling war stories  1911
A0967-00001 Miss Fannie Birdsbill Benson 1911
A0968-00001 Old Dog 1911
A0969-00001 Yellow Wolf   ca. 1910
A0970-00001 Red River cart ca. 1900
A0971-00001 Indian Wigwam or Tipi  1880
A0972-00001 Mrs. Goes Out 1911
A0973-00001 War saddle and garden hoe   1911
A0974-00001 A North Dakota Cowboy  1911
A0975-00001 Dancing Bull  ca. 1910
A0976-00001 Frank Veits   ca. 1895
A0977-00001 Mrs. Frank Veits   ca. 1895
A0978-00001 Two women on horseback at the Indian Fair, Elbowoods (N.D.)   09/18/1911-09/24/1911
A0979-00001 Buffalo bone war club, tomahawk, stone war club   1911
A0980-00001 Indian war drum and owner   1911
A0981-000 -SEE - 2013-P-005-00021 x 
A0982-000 -SEE - 00086-01124  x 
A0983-00001 Remains of an Indian warrior found on the North Dakota plains 1911
A0984-00001.db Chippewa Woman – missing x 
A0985-00001 Virginia Grant, granddaughter of Sakakawea   XX
A0986-00001 George F. Blackburn ca. 1895
A0987-00001 A. T. Patterson ca. 1895
A0988-00001 Alfred Leifson ca. 1895
A0989-00001 Colonel William Cochran ca. 1895
A0990-00001 J. J. Rofer   ca. 1895
A0991-00001 John Knauff   ca. 1895
A0992-00001 S. K. McGinnis ca. 1895
A0993-00001 Thomas Wadge  ca. 1895
A0994-00001 Fort Berthold flour mill burning, Elbowoods (.ND.) 05/19/1904 
A0995-00001 Mrs. Porcupine 1903
A0996-00001 Emma Baker and infant  12/14/1903 
A0996-00002 Emma Baker and infant  12/14/1903 
A0997-00001 Women sewing tent cloth at 4th of July camp  ca. 1903
A0998-00001 Church at a North Dakota Indian village  ca. 1910
A0999-00001 Harry and Blossum White Calf and family  08/1903
A1000-00001 William Hawk  ca. 1910
A1000-00002 William Hawk  ca. 1910
A1001-00001 Mandan Indian women08/18/1901 
A1002-00001 Buffalo shoulder blade hoe, digging stick, and buffalo skull spade ca. 1910
A1003-00001.db Northern Pacific Railroad tour - missing x 
A1004-00001 North Dakota School of Agriculture and Forestry Bottineau (N.D.)  1906-1907  
A1005-000 -SEE - 1952-00057   x 
A1006-00001 Old Fort Sisseton, Britton (S.D.)ca. 1885
A1007-00001 Moves Slowly, Last Mandan Corn Priest 02/20/1901 
A1007-00002 Moves Slowly, Last Mandan Corn Priest 02/20/1901 
A1007-00003 Moves Slowly, Last Mandan Corn Priest 02/20/1901 
A1008-00001 Holding Eagle in Buffalo Dance Dress ca. 1890
A1009-00001 Sioux Indian camp  09/00/1918 
A1010-00001 Lake Storman, International Peace Gardens ca. 1960
A1011-000 -SEE - 1952-5476 x 
A1012-000 -SEE - 1952-0138 x   
A1013-000 -SEE - 1952-0095 x   
A1014-00001 Standing Rock fairgrounds and a portion of Indian camp XX
A1015-00001 Antelope Woman ca. 1910
A1016-00001 Wolf Head wearing Buffalo Dance dress ca. 1890
A1017-000 -SEE - A0124-00003  x 
A1018-00001 Mrs. Goes Out ca. 1910
A1019-00001 - SEE - 00041-1366 x
A1020-00001 Artesian well and pond from the well, Mayville (N.D.) XX
A1021-00001 Mr. and Mrs. John Freyberger 1915
A1022-00001 Native American couple in a horse drawn wagon ca. 1910
A1022-00002 North Dakota Indians on their way home from a powwow  ca. 1910
A1023-00001 North Dakota Indians in the midst of an Owl Dance ca. 1910
A1024-00001 Log cabin, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)  1911
A1025-00001 Crow Breast   1911
A1026-000 -SEE - 00041-0456   x 
A1027-00001 New Bear, Hidatsa, Fort Berthold (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A1028-00001 Vegetables raised by at Fort Berthold ca. 1910
A1029-00001 Fetching a bronco after it has thrown its rider   ca. 1910
A1030-00001 A young Indian boy on a horse   ca. 1910
A1031-00001 Tipi framework ca. 1910
A1032-000 -SEE - 2013-P-005-00015 x 
A1033-00001 Two men wrestle in a Dakota camp ca. 1910
A1034-000 -SEE - 00041-0392   x 
A1035-00001 Mr. John and Mrs. Mollie (Agard) Lock XX
A1036-00001 Aerial view of North Dakota Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  1925
A1039-00001 Horse racing, a favorite pastime among North Dakota Indian women  ca. 1910
A1040-00001 Hog tying a steer  1911
A1040-00002 Saddling a green broncho 1911
A1040-00003 Indians broncho busting  ca. 1911
A1040-00004 Cowboy amusement camp in North Dakota ca. 1911
A1040-00005 Cowboy roping a steer  1911
A1040-00006 Cowboys holding the steers  1911
A1040-00007 A bunch of North Dakota cowboys 1911
A1040-00008 North Dakota cowboys lining up to hold a bucking broncho   1911
A1041-00001 A North Dakota Indian chief and his favorite pinto ca. 1910
A1042-00001 War signs painted on a pony ca. 1910
A1043-00001 Indians youths ca. 1910
A1044-00001  Louis Baker and James Holding Eagle outside a log cabin  1920-1930  
A1045-00001 Calhoun Dining Hall, Fort Berthold Reservation, Elbowoods (N.D.)  1899
A1045-00002 Matrons' rooms, Calhoun Dining Hall, Fort Berthold Reservation, Elbowoods (N.D.) 12/03/1903 
A1046-00001 Beaver dam ca. 1910
A1047-00001 Short chaining through Badlands near Bullion Butte (N.D.) 1902
A1047-00002 George K. Dike, Tyler the famous cook, and a horse on the Little Missouri River Badlands (N.D.) 1902
A1047-00003 George K. Dike climbing one of the bluffs in the Little Missouri Badlands (N.D.) 1902
A1047-00004 George K. Dike setting up a compass on the 10th Standard Parallel in the Badlands (N.D.)  1902
A1047-00005 Stone markers on Badlands survey1902
A1047-00006 Stone marker on Badlands survey 1902
A1048-00001 Shocks of grain near Osnabrock (N.D.) ca. 1920
A1049-00001 John and Tilda Bakken's sod house, Milton (N.D.) ca. 1897
A1050-00001 Chippewa dance lodge   ca. 1905
A1051-00001 Pottery made by North Dakota Indians ca. 1910
A1052-00001 Three Native American girls ca. 1910
A1053-00001 Indian herder on the North Dakota plains ca. 1910
A1054-00001 A North Dakota Cowboy and his faithful steed 1911
A1055-00001 Coffee, Weasel Woman and family, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation ca. 1910
A1056-00001 One of the oldest log cabins on Fort Berthold Reservation 1910
A1057-00001 Native American family outside a tent ca. 1910
A1058-00001 Broncho busting in (N.D.)   1911
A1059-000 -SEE - 00124-00117  x 
A1060-00001 Indians coming into camp, Fort Berthold Reservation   ca. 1910
A1061-00001 Indians in Mud Dance costume ca. 1910
A1062-00001 Frederick H. Abbot, Commissioner of Indian Affairs posed with Indians in North Dakota 1911
A1063-00001 SEE - 2018-P-076-00043 x 
A1064-00001 Roger Allin farm, Fertile Township, Walsh County (N.D.)   ca. 1893
A1065-00001 Elk Valley Farming Company, Larimore (N.D.)  ca. 1893
A1066-00001 Earl Wyoming Bateman, Elbowoods (N.D.)   1911
A1067-00001 Indian dancers ca. 1910
A1068-00001 Chippewa Indian baby   1911
A1069-00001 Group of Indian women and children   1911
A1069-00002 Indian women and children on their way to pick buffalo berries ca. 1910
A1069-00003 Indian women dancing   ca. 1910
A1069-00004 Indian women sing a song of praise   ca. 1910
A1069-00005 Indian women watch a moccasin game   ca. 1910
A1069-00006 Indian camp   ca. 1910
A1070-00001 Indian warrior and his wife and staff of 5 scalps 1911
A1071-00001 Mrs. Sherman's log house, Elbowoods (N.D.)   1898
A1072-00001 Girls at a Mission home school  08/00/1903 
A1073-00001 Alfred Blaisdell   ca. 1905
A1074-00001 Sod house near Garrison (N.D.)  1907
A1075-00001 Corral  ca. 1910
A1076-00001 Indian children playing with a swing 1911
A1077-00001 Phil Atkins on a bucking broncho, Fort Berthold (N.D.)1911
A1078-00001 Mrs. Legging  1911
A1079-00001 Devils Tower, Cook County (Wyo.)XX
A1080-00001 Traders Store, Fort Abraham Lincoln (N.D.)   1886-1891  
A1081-00001 Crow Heartca. 1890
A1082-00001 Crow Heart's earth lodge near the mouth of the Little Missouri River ca. 1890
A1083-000 -SEE - A1241-00003  x 
A1084-000 -SEE - 1952-5396 x 
A1085-00001 Parade, Moorhead (Minn.) ca. 1885
A1086-000 -SEE - A0318   x 
A1087-00001 Colonel J. M. Woodhull and a boy ca. 1895
A1088-00001 S. Marty and family ca. 1895
A1089-00001 Casselton (D.T.)   1880
A1090-00001 U.S. Dredge Unser Fritz on Red River near Fargo (D.T.) 1879
A1091-00001 Officers' Row looking north, Fort Yates (N.D.) 1900-1930  
A1091-00002 Officers' Row looking south, Fort Yates (N.D.) 1900-1930  
A1091-00003 SEE - 1952-3443 x 
A1092-00001 Fort Pierre (S.D.) view from across the Missouri River XX
A1093-000 -SEE - 1952-5479 x 
A1094-00001 Thunder Nest, McKenzie County (N.D.) ca. 1900
A1095-000 -SEE - 1952-0141 x 
A1096-00001 Mrs. David Martin  XX
A1097-000 -SEE - 00834   x 
A1098-00001 Old Fort Ransom spring and road leading up to the buildings   XX
A1098-00002 View of Fort Ransom and the old spring from Writing Rock  XX
A1099-00001 Arntz family of Burnstad (N.D.) XX
A1100-00001 Lynn W. Sperry ca. 1925
A1101-00001 Ober A. Kobs  ca. 1930
A1102-00001 Idella R. (Mrs. Lynn) Sperry 1925
A1103-00001 J. R. Harmon and horn spoon ca. 1930
A1104-00001 Joseph D. Byrne ca. 1935
A1105-00001 Constantine Ginakes 1937
A1106-00001 John C. Spare ca. 1930
A1107-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Raber ca. 1935
A1108-00001 Father Henry W. J. Holleman of St. Mary's Church, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930
A1109-00001 Mrs. Walter Worner ca. 1930
A1110-00001 Mary Barnes (Mrs. Walter K.) Williams ca. 1930
A1111-00001 Gilbert Simonson   ca. 1930
A1112-00001 May Direct, winner of the 218 Pace harness race, Bismarck (N.D.)  1928
A1113-00001 Yellow Cab wreck, Bismarck (N.D.) 06/30/1927 
A1114-00001 Mormon Crickets ca. 1930
A1114-00002 Work crew sweeping up Mormon Crickets ca. 1930
A1115-00001 Ray R. Smith  ca. 1930
A1116-00001 American Legion Auxiliary Quartet of Bismarck, state contest winners   ca. 1930
A1117-00001 Center Band, Center (N.D.)  ca. 1925
A1118-00001 Oakes High School All Girl Band march in parade, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930
A1119-000 -SEE - 00124   x 
A1120-00001 Ox team pulling covered wagon at Bismarck Airport with Northwest Airlines airplane ca. 1950
A1120-00002 Ox team pulling covered wagon at Bismarck Airport with airplane   ca. 1950
A1121-00001 Harvesting oats on the Charles E. Metelman farm, Walhalla (N.D.)  08/22/1953 
A1121-00002 Harvesting oats on the Charles Metelmann farm, Walhalla (N.D.) 08/22/1953 
A1121-00003 Harvesting oats on the Charles Metelmann farm, Walhalla (N.D.) 08/22/1953 
A1121-00004 Harvesting oats on the Charles Metelmann farm, Walhalla (N.D.) 08/22/1953 
A1121-00005 Harvesting oats on the Charles Metelmann farm, Walhalla (N.D.) 08/22/1953 
A1121-00006 Harvesting oats on the Charles Metelmann farm, Walhalla (N.D.) 08/22/1953 
A1122-00001 Vikur Lutheran Church, Mountain (N.D.)   ca. 1950
A1123-1124-000 -SEE - 2018-P-025-00100-00101x 
A1125-00001 Nellie White  1902
A1126-00001 Bismarck High School, Bismarck (N.D.) 1911
A1126-00002 Bismarck High School, Bismarck (N.D.) 1911
A1127-00001 Marshall Oil Company   XX
A1128-00001 Bismarck Auditorium interior, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920
A1129-00001 A. W. Lucas Company hearse  ca. 1917
A1130-00001 Will School, Bismarck (N.D.) 1905
A1130-00002 Will School, Bismarck (N.D.) 1905
A1131-00001 Bishop John Wehrle residence, Bismarck (N.D.) 1920
A1132-00001 State Federation of Women's Clubs planting evergreens in memory of Carl Ben Eielson   ca. 1930
A1133-00001 Floating pier on east end of Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge XX
A1134-00001 Elks candidates XX
A1135-00001 Marching band in parade on Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930
A1136-00001 National Traffic Safety Award presented to North Dakota   1937
A1137-00001 Robert Stanley, Caledonia (N.D.) ca. 1920
A1138-00001 Sunday dinner at W. D. Henry's, Wahpeton (N.D.)   XX
A1138-00002 W. D. Henry and a group of girls sit on the grass in front of a tip iXX
A1138-00003 W. D. Henry and a group of girls stand between two tipis  XX
A1139-00001 Sheep camp, Davis Creek, Billings County (N.D.)   XX
A1139-00002 Sheep camp, Davis Creek, Billings County (N.D.)   XX
A1140-00001 A. L. Wentworth XX
A1141-00001 O. M. Dickerson, Winona (Minn.) XX
A1142-00001 Christian Weidenhoffer 1883
A1143-00001 Paul C. Phillips   XX
A1144-00001 Walter J. S. Traill XX
A1145-00001 John Walker JacksonXX
A1146-00001 Mr. Eberhardt and Mrs. Hannah E. Floberg XX
A1147-00001 R. E. Reyerson XX
A1147-00002 Mrs. R. E. Reyerson, now Mrs. K. S. Groat XX
A1148-00001 Larkin S. Safford  XX
A1149-00001 Carl Mergenthal, Hillsboro (N.D.) XX
A1150-00001 John Philip Kuhn   XX
A1151-00001 Louis Munter and A. W. Frendburg XX
A1152-00001 Mrs. Gilbert Halvorsen ca. 1880
A1152-00002 Gilbert Halvorsen  XX
A1153-00001 K. G. Springen XX
A1154-00001 Mrs. A. W. Frendburg   XX
A1155-00001 Farm residence of J. H. Johnson of Hillsboro, (N.D.)  XX
A1156-00001 An early day home near Hillsboro (N.D.)  XX
A1157-00001 Samuel Torrison XX
A1158-00001 Hugh L. Thompson   1883
A1159-00001 Henry Tanner  1885
A1160-00001 James Stetsel XX
A1161-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Friedolin Krueger  XX
A1162-00001 Alex Newton   XX
A1163-00001 Reverend Wellington Salt XX
A1164-00001 Chapel of St. Denys, Dunseith (N.D.) XX
A1165-00001 Steamer Majestic   10/07/1914 
A1166-00001 Robert C. Matthews XX
A1167-00001 First School, New Salem (D.T.)  1885
A1168-00001 John Moltzen  XX
A1169-00001 Society of Hermanns Soehne, New Salem (N.D.) XX
A1170-00001 Seraphine Renville or Antoine Zephier Recontre Siouan, Santee Tribe, Devils Lake Reservation 1869
A1171-00001 John Beid family of New Salem (N.D.) XX
A1172-00001 George Griseka XX
A1173-00001 Professor Arland D. Weeks   ca. 1920
A1174-00001 Petrified tree, Truax Township, Williams County (N.D.) 06/19/1920 
A1175-00001 Chief Lazy White Bull (Ptesan hunke) XX
A1176-00001 Blizzard formations, winter of 1922-1923  
A1176-00002 Blizzard formations, winter of 1922-1923  
A1176-00003 Blizzard formations, winter of 1922-1923  
A1177-00001 Indian dugout canoe XX
A1177-00002 Indian dugout canoe XX
A1177-00003 Indian dugout canoe XX
A1178-00001 Main Street looking north, Russell (N.D.) 1909
A1179-00001 Sacred Buffalo of Malta, Phillips County (Mont.)  XX
A1180-00001 Man in a corn field, Catholic Mission, Pine Ridge (S.D.)  08/02/1916 
A1181-00001 D. N. Holmes  XX
A1182-00001 Green Grass (Waunksuk Chanekak) (Winnebago)  XX
A1183-00001 Jim King XX
A1184-00001 Mill stone used in flour mill operated at St. Joseph by Father G. A. Belcourt 1841-1846  
A1185-00001 Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union  07/1926
A1185-00002 Indians dance and drum at Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00003 Tipi camp at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00004 Crowds at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union  07/1926
A1185-00005 A man speaks to a group of Indians at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00006 An Indian wearing medals, holding an eagle feather at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00007 Two people talking by decorated tipis at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00008 Indian dance at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00009 Soldiers raising the flag at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00010 Indian dance at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00011 Decorated tipi at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union   07/1926
A1185-00012 Indian group with a flag at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union 07/1926
A1185-00013 Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union  07/1926
A1186-00001 Goes Ahead (Mandan) ca. 1915
A1187-00001 Flat Bear on horseback, Shell Creek (N.D.)   1927
A1187-00002 Flat Bear on horseback, Shell Creek (N.D.)   06/1927
A1188-00001 Clarence Little Soldier, Sr., Arikara Scout  XX
A1188-00002 Clarence Little Soldier, Sr., Arikara Scout  XX
A1188-00003 Clarence Little Soldier, Sr., Arikara Scout  XX
A1188-00004 Clarence Little Soldier, Sr., Arikara Scout  XX
A1189-00001 Young Hawk, Soldier, Strikes Two, and Sitting Bear, Arikara Scouts 1872-1890  
A1190-00001 Little Brave, Arikara Scout XX
A1191-00001 David Hand ca. 1900
A1192-00001 Stesta Ka+¡t or Sweet Corn (Sahnish) 1915
A1192-00002 Sweet Corn 1915
A1193-00001 Standing Soldier (Arikara)  ca. 1915
A1193-00002 Standing Soldier (Arikara)  ca. 1915
A1194-00001 Running Wolf (Arikara) XX
A1194-00002 Running Wolf (Arikara) XX
A1194-00003 Running Wolf (Arikara) ca. 1915
A1194-00004 Running Wolf (Arikara) ca. 1915
A1195-00001 Three Foxes (Arikara)  ca. 1915
A1195-00002 Three Foxes (Arikara)  ca. 1915
A1195-00003 Mr. and Mrs. Three Foxes (Arikara)   ca. 1915
A1196-00001 Four Stick game pieces of the Mandan XX
A1197-00001 Black Buffalo and Long Knife (Arikara)   XX
A1198-00001 Kari w¡ or Curly Head (Sahnish) ca. 1880
A1199-00001 Wagon (Arikara)XX
A1200-00001 A line of cars parked at Pigeon Point, Ransom County (N.D.)   ca. 1920
A1200-00002 Meadow and forest, Pigeon Point, Ransom County (N.D.) ca. 1920
A1200-00003 Looking downhill, Pigeon Point, Ransom County (N.D.)  ca. 1920
A1200-00004 Meadow and forest, Pigeon Point, Ransom County (N.D.) ca. 1920
A1200-00005 Open area at Pigeon Point, Ransom County (N.D.)   ca. 1920
A1200-00006 Ransom County 8th grade graduates visit Pigeon Point, Ransom County (N.D.) ca. 1920
A1201-00001 Reverend Francis M. Wood ca. 1880
A1203-00001 Turtle mosaic near Ring Hill, Oliver County (ND.) XX
A1203-00002 Turtle mosaic near Ring Hill, Oliver County (N.D.) XX
A1203-00003 Turtle mosaic near Ring Hill, Oliver County (N.D.) XX
A1203-00004 Turtle mosaic near Ring Hill, Oliver County (N.D.) XX
A1204-1222-000 -SEE - 10059   x 
A1223-00001 Chief Joseph  ca. 1880
A1224-00001 Dr. Charles L. Hall and Indians, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1910
A1225-00001 July 4th celebration, Indian Camp, Bullhead (S.D.)07/04/1950 
A1226-1237-000 -SEE - 10059   x 
A1238-00001 Pageant, Belle Mehus Auditorium, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX
A1239-00001 Spotted Tail (Sintegaleska) 1883-1890  
A1240-00001 Red Bear (Chippewa) ca. 1908
A1240-00002 Red Bear (Chippewa) ca. 1908
A1241-00001 Interior of Crow Heart's earth lodge near the mouth of the Little Missouri River ca. 1890
A1241-00002 Interior of Crows Heart's Lodge ca. 1890
A1241-00003 Interior of Crows Heart's lodge ca. 1890
A1242-00001 Sitting Crow and his wife   1900-1910  
A1243-00001 Alfred Chase and wife  ca. 1910
A1243-00002 Alfred Chase and wife  ca. 1910
A1244-00001 Sitting Rabbit (Mandan) with his wife (Gros Ventre) and child ca. 1910
A1245-00001 John Sitting Bear Chief of Arikara ca. 1908
A1245-00002 John Sitting Bear Chief of Arikara   ca. 1908
A1245-00003 John Sitting Bear Chief of Arikara   ca. 1908
A1245-00004 John Sitting Bear Chief of Arikara and wife Black Calf ca. 1908
A1245-00005 Sitting Bear family ca. 1908
A1245-00006 Black Calf (Mrs. John Sitting Bear) holding an elkhorn handled hide scraper in front of her home     08/00/1916 
A1246-000 -SEE - 00124-00137  x 
A1247-000 -SEE - A0150-00003  x 
A1248-00001 Indian camp Pine Ridge Agency (S.D.) 01/17/1891 
A1249-00001 - SEE - A0124-00004  x 
A1249-00002 - SEE - A0124-00001 x 
A1250-00001  Gun-Guarding-House and wife ca. 1910
A1251-000 -SEE - A0127   x 
A1252-1261-000 -SEE - 10059   x 
A1262-00001 North Dakota State Senate   1915
A1262-00002 North Dakota State House of Representatives  1915
A1263-00001 Governor John Miller   1889-1890  
A1265-00001 Fort Dilts, 2 miles W of Ives (N.D.) XX
A1265-00002 Fort Dilts, 2 miles W of Ives (N.D.) XX
A1265-00003 Fort Dilts, 2 miles W of Ives (N.D.) XX
A1265-00004 Fort Dilts, 2 miles W of Ives (N.D.) XX
A1266-00001 Willow basket making and Indian suspension foot bridge models ca. 1910
A1267-000 -SEE 00834-00620 x 
A1268-00001 Charlie Reynolds, General Custer's Scout ca. 1875
A1269-00001 Captain Tom Custer, 7th Cavalry ca. 1875
A1270-00001 Margaret (Mrs. David F.) Barry  ca. 1880
A1271-00001 Lake Jessie, campsite of Joseph Nicollet and John C. Fremont in 1839 XX
A1272-00001 Storm Lake, Milnor (N.D.)   XX
A1273-00001 Site where Dr. Weiser was shot by Indians in 1863, John Burman State Park (N.D.) XX
A1274-00001 Big Mound Battlefield from Camp Sibley on Kunkel Lake 1923                   
A3661-00001 Women's Civic League, Williston (N.D.) 1940-1941                   
A3662-00001 John Mercer and piano salvaged from fire, Fort Buford (D.T.)   XX/XXXX
A3663-00001 Items salvaged after fire, Fort Buford (D.T.) XX/XXXX            
A3664-00001 Ferry Pearl near Williston (N.D.) XX/XXXX                   
A3665-00001 Brick plant, Williston (N.D.) 1887-1900           
A3666-00001 Brick plant under construction, Williston (N.D.) 1887-1900                   
A3667-00001 Great Northern Railroad engine, Williston (N.D.) 1912           
A3668-00001 Main Street, Tioga (N.D.) 1910          
A3669-00001 Williston Graphic print room, Williston (N.D.) 1903                  
A3670-00001 First newsboys, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1903                      
A3671-00001 Main Street, Williston (N.D.) 1962  
A3672-00001 High School, Williston (N.D.) 1962    
A3673-00001 James J. Hill on Great Northern steam engine William Crook 1908    
A3674-00001 Construction crew on the Great Northern Railroad, Montana Territory 1887
A3675-00001 Aerial view of business district, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1962
A3676-00001 Henry Snippen farming outfit, Roseglen (N.D.) 1906
A3677-00001 Threshing, Burleigh County (N.D.) ca. 1900
A3678-00001 Hicks' Cafe, Williston (N.D.) 1908
A3679-00001 Great Northern Hotel, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1890
A3680-00001 Business blocks on Main Street, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1900
A3681-00001 Wayne and Maude Martin in a buggy 1908
A3682-00001 Greetings from Springbrook (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3683-00001 Birds eye view of Mondak (Mont.) 1903-1920
A3684-00001 Windmill XX/XXXX
A3685-00001 Bruegger Mercantile delivery wagon, Williston (N.D.)  XX/XXXX
A3686-00001 Steamer OK on the Missouri River 1906
A3687-00001 Book and Thimble Club, Williston (N.D.)   XX/XXXX
A3688-00001 Business district in winter, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1900
A3689-00001 Looking north on Main Street, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1898         
A3690-00001 Williston (N.D.) looking south ca. 1900
A3691-00001 4th of July parade, Williston (N.D.) 07/04/1905          
A3692-00001 Horse drawn fire truck, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1900      
A3693-00001 West side of Main St. from 2nd St., Williston (N.D.) ca. 1898               
A3694-00001 W. P. 'Dad' Hollar  XX/XXXX                
A3695-00001 Great Northern Hotel, Williston (N.D.)    XX/XXXX                    
A3696-00001 Steamer City of Fort Pierre on Missouri River at Williston (N.D.)XX/XXXX
A3697-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Hard Horn in Metzger's yard XX/XXXX               
A3698-00001 Excavating for Graphic building, Williston (N.D.) 1908             
A3699-00001 Firemen's Tournament, Williston (N.D.)    06/12-13/1912    
A3700-00001 Main St., Wildrose (N.D.) 1900
A3701-00001 Main St. looking N after the fire, Epping (N.D.) 07/11/1912                  
A3702-00001 Cattle swimming across Missouri River near Williston (N.D.)    XX/XXXX         
A3703-00001 Bruegger's delivery truck, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1910                  
A3704-00001 One of the first schoolhouses in Williston (N.D.) ca. 1896                     
A3705-00001 I.O.O.F. Convention, Williston (N.D.)     06/04-06/1912
A3706-00001 Public School, Tioga (N.D.) 1940-1948
A3707-00001 James B. Gayton sod house, Selfridge (N.D.) ca. 1900            
A3708-00001 Tipis 1931
A3709-00001 Odd Fellows Hall, Walhalla (N.D.) XX/XXXX                 
A3710-00001 Morin's Drug Store, Walhalla (N.D.)  ca. 1935              
A3711-00001 Heart Mound, Pembina County (N.D.)XX/XXXX
A3712-00001 The Slides, Walhalla (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3713-00001 The Martyrs of Walhalla (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3714-00001 Chautauqua Auditorium, Walhalla (N.D.)    XX/XXXX
A3715-00001 Bridges over Pembina River, Walhalla (N.D.) 1930    
A3716-00001 High School, Walhalla (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3717-00001 Main Street, Walhalla (N.D.) ca. 1925
A3718-00001 Main Ave. looking west from 6th St., Bismarck (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3719-00001 Looking west on Main Ave. between 3rd and 4th Sts., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1910
A3720-00001 T. Frank Roberts, 88 years old, Medora (N.D.) 1947
A3721-00001 Kittson Trading Post, Walhalla (N.D.)     XX/XXXX
A3722-00001 Williams Electric Co-op, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1960      
A3723-00001 Plainsman Hotel, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1955                    
A3724-00001 Aerial view of Williston (N.D.)   05/1958       
A3725-00001 Parade, Williston (N.D.) 07/04/1917
A3726-00001 Business district, Mondak (Mont.) ca. 1910                 
A3727-00001 Aerial view of Williston (N.D.)   1961               
A3728-00001 Fort Buford 6th Infantry Regiment Association marching in a parade, Williston (N.D.) 1962
A3729-00001 Williston Experiment Station exhibits at the Fair, Williston (N.D.) 1909
A3730-00001 Broadway, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1890                
A3731-00001 After the storm, Williston (N.D.) 07/20/1907              
A3732-00001 Main Street, Arnegard (N.D.)ca. 1910            
A3733-00001 Roames ferry, Williston (N.D.)ca. 1910
A3734-00001 Dust storm, Raymond (Mont.) 1938               
A3735-A3736 Like-A-Fishhook Village, Arikara Section  10/1872    
A3737-00001 Lucy (Mrs. Matt) Vanderberg's homestead shack  1906        
A3738-00001 Fort Berthold II    XX/XXXX                  
A3739-00001 Dr. Edward J. Hagen XX/XXXX           
A3740-00001 Pioneer Hose Co. horse drawn fire wagon on 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.) 1890
A3741-000 -SEE 2018-P-015-00013XX        
A3742-00001 Buffalo hunter taking robes and tongues, Smokey Butte (Mont.)  ca. 1879   
A3743-00001 Cows and spike buffalo killed near Smokey Butte (Mont.)1879
A3744-0000 -SEE 00055-0040      XX             
A3745-0000-SEE 00055-0041      XX              
A3746-00001 Birdseye view of Fisher's Landing (Minn.) drawing1880         
A3747-00001 I.O.O.F. building, Williston (N.D.)       1919    
A3748-00001 G. M. Hedderich & Co., Hedderick Block, Williston (N.D.) 1919           
A3749-000 -SEE 2018-P-015-00017XX        
A3750-00001 Officers' quarters, Fort Buford (D.T.)    ca. 1880         
A3751-00001 German Lutheran Church, Center (N.D.)     XX/XXXX              
A3752-00001 Line of 7 tractors plowing, Williams County (N.D.) ca. 1960
A3753-00001 Turning sod, Williams County (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3754-00001 Grace (Mrs. Carmon) Jayne and Clara (Mrs. William) Monroe ca. 1960
A3755-00001 Group of young women, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1903
A3756-00001 West Broadway, Williston (N.D.)   ca. 1958
A3757-00001 Elks Lodge #1214, Williston (N.D.) 1948         
A3758-00001 Masonic Marker, Fort Buford (N.D.) ca. 1960
A3759-00001 Williston High School Championship football team, Williston (N.D.) 1917
A3760-00001 Williston High School Girls Basketball Team, Williston (N.D.)  1903    
A3761-00001 Harvesting, Williams County (N.D.) ca. 1910                
A3762-00001 River bottom farm S of Williston (N.D.)   XX/XXXX
A3763-00001 Old time threshing crew with steam engine and separator, Williams County (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3764-00001 J. T. Johnson plowing rig S of Zahl (N.D.) 1909
A3765-00001 Threshing, Williams County (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3766-00001 Leo Knutson hauling grain from Mont Twp. to Williston (N.D.) ca. 1910          
A3767-00001 North Dakota Press Association, Williston (N.D.) 08/05-06/1910
A3768-00001 Oil well, Tioga (N.D.) ca. 1958
A3769-00001 Main Street looking south, Williston (N.D.) 1907
A3770-00001 Main Street looking north, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1907
A3771-00001 Oscar W. Bell, Williston (N.D.)   XX/XXXX   
A3772-00001 Larkin Hart others with dual purpose cattle, Williams County (N.D.) ca. 1910
A3773-00001 Baseball team, Williston (N.D.) 1910
A3774-00001 J. Paul Frederick   XX/XXXX
A3775-00001 Walt Krukeberg driving Vohs Meat Market delivery wagon, Williston (N.D.) 1904
A3776-00001 Plowing, Williams County (N.D.) 1962            
A3777-00001 Man driving a four cattle team plow, Williams County (N.D.)    XX/XXXX       
A3778-00001 Mont Twp. prairie and horse drawn transportation 1912      
A3779-00001 Ross E. French, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1917      
A3780-00001 William F. "Candy' Snyder, pioneer merchant, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1940
A3781-00001 Great Northern Railroad train XX/XXXX       
A3782-00001 Horse race crowd, Williams County (N.D.) ca. 1900                  
A3783-00001 Oil well north of Tioga (N.D.) 1955  
A3784-00001 Old Time Party, Williston (ND) 1898                
A3785-00001 Charlie Storseth's threshing crew mowing, Williams County (N.D.) ca. 1900
A3786-00001 Harvesting with horses and binders, Williams County (N.D.) ca. 1900
A3787-00001 Degree of Honor Lodge, Williston (N.D.)   1962
A3788-00001 I.O.O.F. Fort Buford Lodge no. 18, Williston (ND) 1899-1900                
A3789-00001 Shrine Bell Ringers, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1960               
A3790-00001 Saddle Club, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1960             
A3791-00001 Mrs. Gibbs  XX/XXXX            
A3792-00001 Williams County Experiment farm 1954        
A3793-00001 Lewis & Clark bridge, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1955            
A3794-00001 Early Williston (N.D.) ca. 1898            
A3795-00001 Great Northern Railroad bridge on main line 1897  
A3796-00001 Great Northern power plant smoke stack being dismantled, Williston (N.D.) 1961
A3797-00001 Congregational Church and parsonage, Williston (N.D.)  ca. 1895
A3798-00001 Line of tractors, Williams County (N.D.)  1962             
A3799-00001 C. P. Heller breaking sod 1914           
A3800-00001 W. H. Posey using a walking plow north of Williston (N.D.) ca. 1900
A3801-00001 Mercy Hospital, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1940                      
A3802-00001 Old power plant on the Missouri River, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1910        
A3803-00001 Sarah Barnfather log cabin, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1900               
A3804-00001 Band Day, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1960                 
A3805-00001 Mrs. William (Lettie) Freeman reunion with some of her pupils ca. 1948      
A3806-00001 Borstead's Limited hauling freight between Williston and Bonetraill (N.D.) ca. 1915
A3807-00001 Reception for Judge Leonhardy 63rd Anniversary 08/21/1910            
A3808-00001 Opera House, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1910          
A3809-00001 C. P. Heller hauling coal, Williston (N.D.) 1911            
A3810-00001 Harold Kjorstad hauling wheat with four horse team, Williston (N.D.) 1909
A3811-00001 4-H calf scramble, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1960                  
A3812-00001 Saddle Club, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1960             
A3813-00001 Frederick Randolph Zahl Ranch house 1907                
A3814-00001 Early Williston (N.D.) ca. 1890            
A3815-00001 4th of July Parade, Williston (N.D.) 07/04/1905          
A3816-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Carl Groseth with friends off for a celebration, McKenzie County (N.D.) ca. 1905
A3817-00001 Williams County champion baseball team, Rudser (N.D.)  1907
A3818-00001 Mrs. Josephine Grinnell at Fort Union     1925            
A3819-00001 Teachers in Williams County (N.D.) 1904      
A3820-00001 W. I. Bell and his new Studebaker 1913        
A3821-00001 McKrill's Livery to Mondak (Mont.) ca. 1915               
A3822-00001 Three hay wagons at Post Office, Squires (N.D.) ca. 1905                     
A3823-00001 Ivar Randklev contributes $100,000 for new wing at Bethel Lutheran Home, Williston (N.D.) 11/07/1961
A3824-00001 Third Street looking north, Grand Forks (D.T.) 1876
A3825-0000-SEE 00042-0080      XX              
A3826-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   ca. 1960              
A3827-0000-SEE 00042-0189      XX              
A3828-00001 Medora - Deadwood Coach ca. 1880              
A3829-00001 Arthur Clarke (A. C.) Huidekoper ca. 1900                    
A3830-00001 Red River of the North ca. 1870        
A3831-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad, Rosser's first engineer camp, Fargo (D.T.) 1871
A3832-00001 Ellen Falconer McLean ca. 1870        
A3833-00001 Mrs. David F. (Margaret) Barry ca. 1910          
A3834-00001 George Armstrong Custer ca. 1870                   
A3835-00001 Luther Sage Kelly standing by a horse  ca. 1880           
A3837-00001 Fort Buford, Dakota Territory watercolor illustration 1871      
A3838-00001 David F. Barry self portrait with camera  ca. 1860                      
A3839-00001 Steamers Mandan and McPherson 1891-1925           
A3840-00001 Clarence Belden Little ca. 1940         
A3841-00001 David F. Barry Studio at Fort Buford ca. 1880              
A3842-00001 Sioux Indian Camp   ca. 1900
A3843-00001 White Face  ca. 1900
A3844-00001 Lieut. John J. Crittenden ca. 1875                      
A3845-00001 Lieut. Luther Hare  ca. 1875                  
A3846-00001 Indian dancers      ca. 1880                     
A3847-00001 White Face and family ca. 1900
A3848-00001 Sitting Bull's tipi ca. 1885                        
A3849-00001 Lieut. Benjamin H. Hodgson ca. 1875               
A3850-00001 Capt. Henry James Nowlan  ca. 1875                
A3851-00001 Wolf Chief and Harry Eaton ca. 1900                 
A3852-00001 Major John Wesley Powell  ca. 1867                 
A3853-00001 Red Cloud   ca. 1900                 
A3854-00001 Like-A-Fishhook Village, Arikara Section, Fort Berthold (D.T.) 10/1872   
A3855-00001 Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Benedict at their sod house, Temvik (N.D.) ca. 1905
A3856-00001 Lawton Family group ca. 1885    
A3857-000 -SEE 2018-P-015-00024XX        
A3858-000 -SEE 2018-P-015-00023XX        
A3859-00001 Sioux July 4th parade, Bullhead Sub-agency, Standing Rock Reservation (S.D.) 1910-1925
A3860-00001 First school in Towner (N.D.) XX/XXXX          
A3861-00001 Barn on Lord Edmund H. Thursby ranch, Towner (N.D.)09/04/1937
A3862-00001 Arikara Indians in front of Chapel, Elbowoods (N.D.) ca. 1900
A3863-00001 First picture of Hebron (D.T.) 1886                  
A3864-00001 Sitting Bull's camp ca. 1890
A3865-00001 Rutherford B. Hayes ca. 1875
A3866-00001 Snag boat USS Mandan on the Missouri River in Montana ca. 1920
A3867-00001 John D. Anderson and family ca. 1929
A3868-00001 Jefferson Smith, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation 01/22/1963
A3869-000 -SEE - 00092-00044   XX             
A3870-A3873 Unveiling of the John Burke statue in U.S. Capitol Statuary Hall 02/15/1963
A3874-00001 S. T. Parke store, Sterling (N.D.)ca. 1900      
A3875-A3880 Northern Pacific train wreck, McKenzie (N.D.)  01/27/1910                 
A3881-00001 Knappen House, Moorhead (Minn.)   1872                 
A3882-00001 George Ingram Foster 1874               
A3883-00001 National Guard parade on Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1945
A3884-A3885 Construction of reservoir, Bismarck (N.D.) 08/11/1950          
A3886-00001 Interior, First National Bank, Mandan (N.D.) 1881-1900         
A3887-00001 Four men in front of the First National Bank, Mandan (N.D.) 1881-1900
A3888-00001 Bismarck Tribune delivery vehicles ca. 1940                
A3889-00001 St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.)     ca. 1915         
A3890-00001 Congregational Mission, Fort Berthold Reservation 07/1901               
A3890-00002 Congregational Mission, Fort Berthold Reservation ca. 1900               
A3891-00001 Mrs. C. L. Hall, Evan and Deborah at the Congregational Mission, Fort Berthold Reservation    ca. 1900
A3892-A3896 Congregational Mission, Fort Berthold Reservation ca. 1900               
A3897-00001 Harvesting flax, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A3898-00001 Mrs. John Raymond, wife of U.S. Marshal Raymond ca. 1877             
A3899-00001 John Raymond, U.S. Marshal, Yankton (D.T.) ca. 1877            
A3900-00001 Lieut. Alex Sharp   1879        
A3901-00001 Mrs. Alex Sharp     ca. 1880                 
A3902-00001 Major Alex Sharp    1878      
A3903-00001 Robert Burns 1878
A3904-00001 Mrs. Robert Burns, Yankton (D.T.) ca. 1878   
A3905-A3910 Moving a pier under the Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) 05/26/1918
A3911-00001 Lignite mine ca. 1930             
A3912-00001 Grand Forks County Courthouse ca. 1879
A3913-00001 Steamer Selkirk at Grand Forks (D.T.)     1882             
A3914-00001 Steamer John L. Grandin, Grand Forks (D.T.) ca. 1890            
A3915-00001 Crow Heart on earth lodge XX/XXXX              
A3916-00001 Hannah Levings carrying a child on her back 1900-1910          
A3917-00001 Mrs. Red Star and her son, Alex Sage 07/00/1908                    
A3918-00001 Holding Eagle 1900-1910     
A3919-00001 Black Eagle family  1900-1910             
A3920-00001 Alice Bluestone and Nagel girl 1900-1910                     
A3921-0000-SEE A0146-00004     XX            
A3922-00001 Hidatsa Indian secret society, Fort Berthold (N.D.) 1900-1910             
A3923-A3294 Sacred Rock, Deapolis (N.D.) XX/XXXX         
A3925-00001 Boulder Mosaic, turtle effigy XX/XXXX          
A3926-00001 Trails, Deapolis (N.D.)XX/XXXX         
A3927-00001 Hannah Levings, Mink Woman 1900-1910                    
A3928-00001 Three Arikara Indians 1900-1910     
A3929-00001 Earth lodge, Elbowoods (N.D.) 1911
A3930-00001 Threshing scene  ca. 1900                   
A3931-00001 Cecil Atkinson holding beaver and trap    ca. 1930                     
A3932-00001 Cornerstone laying, World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1930      
A3933-00001.db                Two Bears - Missing XX                   
A3934-00001 T. C. Ross plowing with 5 oxen, Steele County (D.T.)   1887                  
A3935-00001 Ranch House near Slim Buttes (S.D.)       XX/XXXX                     
A3936-00001 Ranch buildings near Slim Buttes (S.D.)   XX/XXXX                    
A3937-00001 Shack possibly belonged to Kreider family who was murdered near Cando (N.D.) 1894
A3937-00002 Newspaper clipping 1st half Cando ND 1894
A3937-00003 Newspaper clipping 2nd half Cando ND 1894
A3938-A3939 Scaffold for hanging of Kreider family murderer, Cando (N.D.)  01/19/1894
A3940-00001 – 00003 Hanging of Albert Bomburger for Kreider family murder, Cando (N.D.)      01/19/1894
A3941-A3942 Missouri River flood 1890-1910
A3943-000 -SEE 00044-00026     XX              
A3944-00001 Sibley's Indian expedition crossing the James River (D.T.) 07/23/1863
A3945-00001 Dedication of Joseph Rolette Memorial, Pembina (N.D.) 10/13/1937              
A3946-00001 Tombstones of soldiers killed at Killdeer Mountain 1864 ca. 1960
A3947-00001 Melvin Hunter, State Highway Patrol ca. 1940
A3948-00001 Looking southeast on Main Ave. to Sheridan House, Bismarck (ND) ca. 1890
A3949-00001 Main Avenue, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1890        
A3950-00001 Steamboat Ways and Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1890
A3951-00001 Post Office, Frettin (N.D.) ca. 1890                  
A3952-00001 Halvor Rolfsrud ca. 1955
A3953-00001 Halvor Rolfsrud 1959             
A3954-00001 John Jeffrey, Chief of Highway Patrol ca. 1940
A3955-00001 Drawing of Eppinger House, Bismarck (D.T.) 1890-1899   
A3956-00001 Curtis Olsonca. 1965
A3957-00001 Barn and garage at the foot of Killdeer Mountain, Dunn County (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A3958-00001 Traux Traer Coal Mine ca. 1950 
A3959-00001 Truax Traer coal mine near Hazen (N.D.) ca. 1950 
A3960-00001 Red Buffalo Cow and Bad Gun ca. 1870
A3961-A3962 Packet Boat Benton  1905-1920       
A3963-00001 Mad Bear Ma-To-Weet-Ko, Yanctonai Sioux   1872                    
A3964-00001 Mad Bear, Hunkpatina Band, Lower Yanktonais 1872
A3965-000 -SEE 00047-00017     XX              
A3967-00001 Row of Massey Harris combines, Stutsman County (N.D.) ca. 1955
A3968-00001 Indian Police monument, Fort Yates (N.D.) XX          
A3969-000 -SEE 00088-00027     XX              
A3970-00001 Lehigh briquetting plant, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1955 
A3971-000 -SEE - 00252-00007   XX             
A3972-000 -SEE - 00252-00008   XX             
A3973-000 -SEE - 00252-00009   XX             
A3974-000 -SEE - 00252-00010   XX             
A3975-000 -SEE - 00068-00008   XX             
A3976-000 -SEE - 00068-00007   XX             
A3977-000 -SEE - 00068-00003   XX             
A3978-000 -SEE - 00068-00004   XX             
A3979-000 -SEE - 00068-00002   XX             
A3980-000 -SEE - 00068-00005   XX             
A3981-000 -SEE - 00068-00006   XX             
A3982-00001 – 00004 Gingras Trading Post, Walhalla (N.D.) 06/1962
A3983-00001.db                Kittson Trading post – Missing XX
A3984-00001 Harve Robinson and friend at his ranch cabin near Medora (N.D.) ca. 1893
A3985-00001 Interior of Harve Robinson's ranch cabin near Medora (N.D.)    ca. 1893         
A3986-000 -SEE - 00092-00035   XX             
A3987-000 -SEE - 00092-00036   XX             
A3988-000 -SEE - 00092-00037   XX             
A3989-000 -SEE - 00092-00038   XX             
A3990-000 -SEE - 00092-00039   XX             
A3991-000 -SEE - 00092-00040   XX             
A3992-00001 Bodmer painting of Fort Pierre 1832-1834
A3993-00001 Father Jean Pierre de Smet meeting with the hostile Sioux on the Powder River XX
A3994-00001 Mandans on the Frozen Missouri 1832-1834              
A3995-00001 Two Company Forts at Pembina on the Red River, Peter Rindisbacher painting 1822
A3996-00001 Truax Traer Coal Mine, Hazen (N.D.) ca. 1955 
A3997-000 -SEE - 00091-00534   XX             
A3998-00001 Dr. Henry R. Porter on bicycle ca. 1898          
A3999-00001 Louis Paul Primeau grave marker, Fort Yates (N.D.) XX/XXXX             
A4000-00001 Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and Parsonage, Bismarck (N.D.) XX/XXXX
A4005-00001 Smugglers Point, Neche (N.D.) 1925              
A4006-00001 H. N. Ross, first man to discover gold in the Black Hills XX/XXXX
A4007-00001 Ray Elliott, State Parks Director 11/1961                       
A4008-00001 Sod house near New Salem (N.D.)   XX/XXXX            
A4009-00001 Mercy Hospital, Devils Lake (N.D.)       XX/XXXX
A4010-00001 Earl Bunyan Shop, New Town (N.D.) ca. 1960             
A4011-00001 Sioux Indian Parade, Fort Yates (N.D.)    09/20/1918                
A4012-00001 Steamer Selkirk     XX            
A4013-00001 Bob Ashley's sod house in South Dakota    XX/XXXX                
A4014-00001 Sod house, Wishek (N.D.)  1900       
A4015-00001 Rain-in-the-Face in issue wagon   ca. 1905
A4016-00001 Sod house in ruins  XX          
A4017-00001 I.O.O.F., Williston (N.D.) XX               
A4018-00001 Muddy Valley Helping Hand Club 50th Anniversary 1958       
A4019-00001 Lutheran Bible camp, Epping Springbrook Dam XX                   
A4020-00001 Saddle & bicycle riders, Williston (N.D.) 1894              
A4021-000 -SEE -  00221-00066  XX             
A4022-00001 Horse race, Williston (N.D.) 07/04/1903        
A4023-00001 Elks Lodge no. 1214, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1955             
A4024-00001 Gathering of women, Williston (N.D.)      XX                
A4025-00001 Main Street, Grenora (N.D.) ca. 1960             
A4026-A4031 Missouri River flood04/08/1917       
A4032-A4036 Lexington Day parade, Bismarck (N.D.) 04/19/1917
A4037-A4038 Looking east on Main Street, Mandan (N.D.)1958
A4039-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad depot, Mandan (N.D.) 1958
A4040-00001 Griggs House, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1892   
A4041-00001 Railroad bridge, Grand Forks (D.T.) 1882
A4042-00001 St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba Railroad bridge, Grand Forks (D.T.) 1882
A4043-00001 Steamer Selkirk docked on 3rd St., Grand Forks (D.T.)  1882
A4044-00001 St. Patrick's Day parade, Grand Forks (D.T.) 1884
A4045-00001 Third Street looking north, Grand Forks (D.T.) ca. 1884   
A4046-00001 Fourth Ward schoolhouse, Grand Forks (D.T.) 1872-1882  
A4047-00001 Steamer Selkirk on the Red River  1880-1887  
A4048-00001 Earl's Hotel, Tower City (D.T.)   ca. 1880             
A4049-00001 North Front Street, Tower City (D.T.)     ca. 1880          
A4050-00001 Grassy Butte Post Office  1964          
A4051-00001 Gun Guarding House and family XX                
A4052-00001 Mrs. Gun Guarding House and daughter XX               
A4053-A4055 Gun Guarding house  XX                    
A4056-A4057 Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Nielson's golden wedding anniversary, Valley City (N.D.) 04/09/1923
A4058-A4059 Jerome Elk, Mandan (N.D.) XX
A4060-00001 Jerome Elk  XX
A4061-00001 Sod house replica 10/30/1934           
A4062-A4063 Marc Thrane XX      
A4064-00001 Marc Thrane 08/1877            
A4065-00001 Christian Westergaard ca. 1909        
A4066-00001 Bust of John Grass by Frank Micka XX           
A4067-A4068 John Grass  XX
A4069-00001 Emit S. Lovelace    ca. 1900
A4070-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Holt  XX
A4071-00001 Mrs. Emit S. Lovelace and daughter, Fort Ransom (N.D.) 1897
A4072-A4073 Threshing rig on the Anderson farm, E of Christine (N.D.)      XX        
A4074-00001 Arikara medicine lodge, Like-a-Fishhook village 10/1872
A4075-00001 Arikara earth lodge ca. 1900               
A4076-00001 Threshing near Casselton (N.D.)   ca. 1950 
A4077-A4078 Avery tractors      1913          
A4079-00001 Seeding flax with Avery tractor, Fort Peck Indian Reservation near Wolf Point (Mont.) 1927
A4080-00001 Threshing outfit on the Jones and Brinker farm 1892              
A4081-00001 Threshing outfit, Storm Lake, Iowa 1902      
A4082-00001 Horse drawn steam threshing unit at Enderlin, north side of tracks 1888
A4083-00001 Threshing rig used by Montgomery Brothers Hugh, Robert and Tom 1901-1921
A4084-00001 I. N. Jones' homestead shack between Harvey (N.D.) and Antelope Lake ca. 1890
A4085-00001 Hunters at Rice Lake (N.D.) 1906      
A4086-00001 Hunter at Rice Lake (N.D.) 1906        
A4087-00001 Hunters at Rice Lake (N.D.) 1906      
A4088-00001 State Land Department employees   1915  
A4089-00001 George Armstrong Custer ca. 1870                 
A4090-00001 Painting of George Armstrong Custer       XX               
A4091-00001 William F. Cody seated in uniform ca. 1880                  
A4092-00001 Passenger dining cabin, Steamer Montana   XX         
A4093-00001 Red River carts with loads of bones, Devils Lake (N.D.) XX                   
A4094-00001 Avery tractors      1913          
A4095-00001 Thresher 1913          
A4096-00001 Lars threshing rig  1907         
A4097-00001 Steamer Montana wrecked by tornado at Bismarck Landing, Bismarck (D.T.)  06/30/1879
A4098-00001 Sentinel Rock, Badlands (D.T.)ca. 1880              
A4099-00001 Maiden Rock, Badlands ca. 1880
A4100-00001 Moore's Point, Badlands (D.T.)ca. 1880
A4101-00001 Watchdog of the Bad Lands ca. 1880
A4102-00001 Pictured Rocks, Badlands (D.T.)   ca. 1880
A4103-00001 Scenes in the Bad Lands ca. 1880
A4104-00001 Sioux war dance     XX 
A4105-00001 Ice gorge, Missouri River 1872
A4106-00001 Ice gorge, Missouri River at Yankton (D.T.) 1872
A4107-00001 Crook's Expedition in the Black Hills (D.T.) 1876
A4108-00001 Travois with wounded man from Battle of Slim Buttes 1876
A4109-00001 Looking for buffalo in Montana1870
A4110-00001 Steamer Nellie Peck lying on 9 feet of ice on railroad track, Yankton (D.T.)  1881
A4111-00001 Heart Arch, near Fort Keogh (Mont.)       XX 
A4112-00001 Original State Capitol on fire, Bismarck (N.D.)12/28/1930      
A4113-00001 Walsh County Agricultural and Training School, Park River (N.D.) ca. 1910
A4114-00001 C. B. Little at the removal of the Original State Capitol cornerstone, Bismarck (N.D.) 1931
A4115-00001 Scene at Territorial Capitol cornerstone laying, Bismarck (D.T.) 09/05/1883
A4116-00001 Burleigh Folsom Spaulding 10/10/1930          
A4117-00001 Edwin Traynor       1930         
A4118-00001 George M. McKenna   11/12/1930                  
A4119-00001 Lieutenant Governor John W. Carr  1930      
A4120-00001 C. N. Lee   1930        
A4121-00001 D. L. Peters1930      
A4122-A4133 SEE 00151                  
A4134-A4136 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge construction, Bismarck (D.T.) 1882
A4140-00001.db Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge – missing XX       
A4141-00001 Fourth of July celebration, Congregational Mission, Fort Yates (N.D.) 07/04/19XX
A4142-00001 Congregational Mission, Fort Yates (N.D.) 07/04/19XX           
A4143-00001 Congregational Mission Hospital, Fort Yates (N.D.) XX           
A4144-00001 Army Band, Fort Yates (N.D.) ca. 1890           
A4146-00001 Reverend Charles L. and Mrs. Susan W. Hall, Elbowoods (N.D.)   ca. 1898
A4147-00001 Plat of Biesterfeld site on Louis Biesterfeld farm, Ransom County (N.D.) 06/17/1908
A4148-000     SEE - 00055-00059 
A4149-00001 Hunters game on rack, Davis Creek, Billings Co. (N.D.) 10/1881          
A4150-00001 Boys fishing on the Pembina River near Walhalla (N.D.) ca. 1960 
A4151-00001 O. H. Hall  XX             
A4152-00001 Clara (Rublee) Hall XX           
A4153-00001 Clara Josephine Hall as a young woman XX
A4154-00001 Judge James Hall    XX           
A4155-00001 James O. Hall       XX               
A4156-00001 Ceres Hall, Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) 1911    
A4158-00001 Sandstone with inscription from Sully Expedition 1863  XX                   
A4159-00001 Mrs. Charles Williams in parlor   XX                 
A4160-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad yard under flood waters, Mandan (N.D.) 03/03/1923
A4161-00001 Agriculture and Labor Department, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1900              
A4162-00001 Secretary of State office, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1900                   
A4163-00001 Excursion train to Chautauqua, Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1915                   
A4164-00001 J. H. Gerbracht home, Hettinger (N.D.)    XX               
A4165-00001 Theodore Roosevelt's Maltese Cross cabin, Billings Co. (N.D.)  XX
A4166-00001 Theodore Roosevelt cabin, Bad Lands (N.D.) XX
A4167-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Maltese Cross cabin on original site, Medora (N.D.)   XX
A4170-00001 Officers Quarters, Fort Buford (D.T.)     XX                   
A4171-00001 Col. Brinkerhoff's Co. A, 15th Infantry   ca. 1880        
A4172-00001 Soldiers in camp, Fort Buford (D.T.)      1872                
A4173-00001 Fort Buford water wagon ca. 1876                  
A4174-00001 Quartermaster's Office, Fort Buford (D.T.) 1872-1873            
A4175-00001 Soldiers in camp, Fort Buford (D.T.)      ca. 1872          
A4176-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Honiere Peltier ca. 1890
A4177-00001 Major Frank White in uniform in Manila (P.I.)  1898-1899     
A4178-00001 Frank Briggs ca.1885
A4179-00001 Frank A. Briggs ca. 1890
A4180-00001 Frank A. Briggs ca. 1895
A4181-00001 Harley Ellsworth French XX                
A4182-00001 Standing Rock State Historic site marker, Ransom County (N.D.) XX
A4183-00001 John Sitting Bear Family  XX               
A4184-A4185 Looking west on Main Ave. between 5th and 6th Sts., Bismarck (N.D.) 09/26/1955
A4186-00001 North side of Main Ave. between 3rd and 4th Sts., Bismarck (N.D.) 09/26/1955  
A4187-00001 North side of Main Ave. between 4th & 5th Sts., Bismarck (N.D.) 09/26/1955  
A4188-00001 North side of Main Ave. between 2nd and 3rd Sts., Bismarck (N.D.) 09/26/1955  
A4189-00001 NE corner of the intersection of Main Ave. and 3rd St., Bismarck (N.D.) 09/26/1955  
A4190-00001 Looking east from 3rd St. on the N side of Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) 09/26/1955  
A4191-00001 Looking W on the N side of Main Ave. at the 3rd St. intersection, Bismarck (N.D.) 09/26/1955  
A4192-00001 Swan Anderson homestead, Clement (N.D.)   XX    
A4193-00001 Weller stage stop, McLean County (D.T.)  1883-1889              
A4194-00001 Group standing in front of quarters at Fort Stevenson (D.T.)   1867-1883       
A4195-00001 (Unknown) Stanley, Fort Stevenson XX       
A4196-00001 Hospital steward, Fort Stevenson (D.T.)   1867-1883               
A4197-00001 J C Penney Company building under construction, Bismarck (N.D.)03/1956     
A4198-00001 Broadway and 6th, Bismarck (N.D.) 03/1956     
A4199-00001 Sod House on Knife River used a store and post office, Fayette (N.D.)  ca. 1950
A4200-00001 Map of Fort Clark and Mih-toutta-hang-kouche  1833-1834                 
A4201-00001 Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk       1800
A4202-00001 Byron Wylde house, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation1953                 
A4203-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad tracks under water in Missouri River flood, Bismarck (N.D.) XX
A4204-00001 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wakeman ca. 1930                  
A4205-00001 Thorwald Mostad     ca. 1940
A4206-00001 St. George's Episcopal Church, Bismarck (N.D.) 1957               
A4207-00001 Governor Arthur G. Sorlie ca. 1930                 
A4208-00001 Flood, Bismarck (N.D.) 1952               
A4209-00001 Andrew Hansen, librarian, Bismarck (N.D.) 1957-1963   
A4210-00001 Scattered Corn and Holding Eagle adoption ceremony XX                    
A4211-00001 Catholic Church, Velva (N.D.) XX      
A4212-00001 Badland City, Little Missouri (D.T.)      ca. 1890                
A4213-00001 Steamboat Burkesville in Ice Harbor, Dubuque (Iowa) ca. 1880          
A4214-00001 Steamers Minnesota and Cheyenne   ca. 1880          
A4215-00001 Steamers Western, E. H. Durfee and Nellie Peck ca. 1880                     
A4216-00001 Steamer Andrew Ackley ca. 1880                    
A4217-00001 Steamer Helena      ca. 1880                
A4218-00001 Steamboat Yellowstone ca. 1880                     
A4219-00001 Steamer Judith      ca. 1880                  
A4220-00001 Selkirk at Moorhead (Minn.) landing       1874             
A4221-00001 Wreck of Steamer Western at Yankton (D.T.) 03/31/1881                    
A4222-00001 Camp Wharton bluffs on the Sibley Trail   XX              
A4223-00001 Steamer Cheyenne    ca. 1880           
A4224-00001 Steamer Deer Lodge  ca. 1880           
A4225-00001 Steamer Dacotah     ca. 1880              
A4226-00001 Steamer Importer    ca. 1880              
A4227-00001 Steamer Wm. J. Lewis ca. 1880         
A4228-00001 Steamer St. Ange    08/07/1851        
A4229-00001 Steamer Wyoming     ca. 1880            
A4230-00001 Steamers Courier and Abner O'Neal ca. 1880             
A4231-A4233 Steamer Josephine   ca. 1880            
A4234-00001 Steamer F.Y. Batchelor at landing, Fort Buford (D.T.) 08/13/1878      
A4235-00001 Steamer F.Y. Batchelor from the stern     ca. 1880                     
A4236-00001 Steamer Denver at Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)  1876            
A4237-00001 Steamer Denver      ca. 1880               
A4238-00001 Steamer Rosebud     ca. 1880             
A4239-00001 Steamer Rosebud at landing ca. 1880            
A4240-00001 Steamboat DeSmet    ca. 1880           
A4241-00001 Steamer DeSmet at a landing ca. 1880           
A4242-00001 Steamer DeSmet, Fort Benton (D.T.) ca. 1880            
A4243-00001 Steamer Key West    ca. 1880             
A4244-00001 Steamer Key West sinking  ca. 1880                
A4245-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad crew digging cut through Sweet Briar Valley (D.T.)  ca. 1879
A4246-00001 Officers' Quarters, Fort Buford (D.T.) - SEE A4170 XX              
A4247-00001 Officers, Fort Buford (D.T.) 1872      
A4248-00001 Soldiers in camp, Fort Buford - SEE 4175  1872            
A4249-A4250 International Peace Garden XX
A4251-00001 Governor John Miller 1896-1908
A4252-00001 Lawn Fete, State School for the Deaf, Devils Lake (N.D.)  06/03/1916
A4253-A4254 State School for the Deaf, Devils Lake (N.D.)  ca. 1915           
A4255-00001 Lawn Fete, School for the Deaf, Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1915
A4256-A4260 State School for the Deaf, Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1915
A4261-00001 Plowing on Dalrymple Farm ca. 1880                  
A4262-00001 Harvesting on Dalrymple Farm ca. 1880
A4263-00001 Harvest Hands on Dalrymple Farm   ca. 1880                   
A4264-00001 Sakakawea Statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) XX
A4265-00001 Long Dog, Medicine Man ca. 1880                   
A4266-00001 Like-A-Fishhook Village1872
A4267-00001 Tom Duncan's homestead shack, Divide County (N.D.) ca. 1906        
A4268-00001 John Pope   XX         
A4269-00001 John Pope   1860-1865
A4270-00001 Construction of Missouri River Highway Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) 1922
A4271-00001 Wagon train leaving St. Cloud for Fort Ransom (D.T.)   1867                 
A4272-00001 Mackinaw boat on the Missouri River       XX               
A4273-00001 Tractor, "Flour City" 06/13/1910       
A4274-00001 John Sitting Bear, Arikara Chief  ca. 1910                      
A4275-00001 G. L. Spear, his dog and the Brown Brothers Grocery International delivery truck 07/00/1915             
A4276-00001 Wreck of the Oriental Ltd. Great Northern Railway near Bartlett (N.D.)   04/14/1907  
A4277-00001 Mrs. Lydia (William) Langer speaking at Standing Rock Indian Fair 10/1934
A4278-00001 Ice jam on the Missouri River at Mandan   ca. 1880                      
A4279-00001 Buildings under construction at Garrison Dam ca. 1950 
A4280-00001 Missouri River flood near Mandan (N.D.)   XX            
A4281-00001 Steamboat Landing, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1890             
A4282-00001 James W. Foley      XX
A4283-00001 Chief Justice John Burke, Dr. Thomas, Gov. Walter Welford, James W. Foley, C. B. Little, George Schafer, F. D. Kendrick at Pioneer Days Festival, Bismarck (N.D.) 07/03/1936
A4284-00001 James W. Foley      ca. 1890                 
A4285-00001 Dan Williams ca. 1880              
A4286-00001 Mrs. Dan Williams   ca. 1880                 
A4287-00001 E. H. Allison, noted Indian Scout ca. 1881    
A4288-00001 Norman Black, Jr.   01/1964                
A4289-00001 John D. Paulson 01/1963                     
A4290-00001 Thomas Moodie ca. 1935                    
A4291-00001 Aerial view of Annunciation Priory, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1955
A4292-00001 William Langer ca. 1916        
A4293-00001 William Langer 1940-1959                    
A4294-00001 Annunciation Priory Chapel interior, Bismarck (N.D.)   02/17/1964
A4295-00001 Annunciation Priory exterior, Bismarck (N.D.)  02/17/1964                   
A4296-00001 Harvesting North Dakota in August ca. 1880               
A4297-00001 Governor William Langer and Chief Justice Luther E. Birdzell   ca. 1933-1939
A4298-00001 Governor George F. Shafer 1929-1933          
A4299-00001 Bishop's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1900                
A4300-00001 Methodist Episcopal Church, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915           
A4301-00001 St. George's Episcopal Church, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1910        
A4302-00001 Federal Building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920                   
A4303-00001 William Moore School, Bismarck (N.D.)     ca. 1925                    
A4304-00001 Bismarck Evangelical Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930         
A4305-00001 Public Library, Bismarck (N.D.)   ca. 1930      
A4306-00001 Will School, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1925              
A4307-00001 High School, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930            
A4308-00001 First Presbyterian Church, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1925                 
A4309-00001 Dunham residence, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930             
A4310-00001 Sakakawea Statue, Capital Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930            
A4311-00001 5th St. looking north, Bismarck (N.D.)    ca. 1920        
A4312-00001 St. Mary's School, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930                 
A4313-00001 St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.)     ca. 1930         
A4314-00001 St. Mary's Church, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930                
A4315-00001 International Harvester Building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930                   
A4316-00001 Bismarck Indian School ca. 1930      
A4317-00001 St. Mary's Rectory, Bismarck (N.D.)       ca. 1930         
A4318-00001 Lahr Motor Sales Co., Bismarck (N.D.)     ca. 1930                      
A4319-A4320 Government Weather Bureau, Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.) 1909-1912
A4321-00001 McKenzie Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.)   1920-1929             
A4322-00001 Wachter School, Bismarck (N.D.)   1918-1930              
A4323-00001 Trinity Lutheran Church, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1920                   
A4324-00001 Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bismarck (N.D.)   ca. 1930
A4325-00001 Evangelical Church, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1930             
A4326-00001 Masonic Temple, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930                  
A4327-00001 Bismarck Business College, Bismarck (N.D) ca. 1915                
A4328-00001 State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920               
A4329-00001 Warden's residence, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920
A4330-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Station, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915                  
A4331-00001 Roosevelt Cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915                
A4331-00002 Roosevelt Cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915                
A4332-00001 Roosevelt Cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1910                
A4333-00001 Wrought iron gate entrance, Roosevelt Cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) 1909-1959   
A4334-00001 Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920                    
A4335-00001 Rueben N. Stevens ca. 1890              
A4336-00001 Andrew Sandager ca. 1900                 
A4337-00001 Danish windmill, Kenmare (N.D.) XX              
A4338-00001 Steamboat Washburn on the Upper Missouri River 1904                      
A4339-00001 Leggings, a Mandan Indian 1904      
A4340-00001 Teacher and students outside a school on the Fort Berthold Reservation 1904
A4341-00001 View of Minot (N.D.) 1893                  
A4342-00001 Mandan family, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation XX             
A4343-00001 French-Canadian Trapper 1902         
A4344-00001 Method of plowing in North Dakota XX        
A4345-00001 Harvesting scene in North Dakota  XX           
A4346-00001 Decoration for Elks' Convention, Minot    1914           
A4347-00001 Fort Abraham Lincoln site 1904         
A4348-00001 Mandan earth lodge 1904  
A4349-00001 Mandan graves in the hills near Fort Berthold Indian Agency 1904  
A4350-00001 Mandan log cabin and earth lodge ca. 1900                 
A4351-000 -SEE - C1780 XX            
A4352-00001 Fort Union drawing by a soldier in Sully's expedition 1864    
A4353-000 -SEE - C1777 XX            
A4354-00001 View down Main Street, Minot (D.T.)       1887
A4355-00001 First house built in Burlington (D.T.)    04/1883           
A4356-00001 First post office, Burlington (D.T.)      ca. 1885             
A4357-00001 Twamley & Grove, retail merchandise, Grand Forks (D.T.) ca. 1880
A4358-00001 Log cabin near Velva (D.T.) 1886      
A4359-00001 Corn cutting in Missouri River district, Burleigh County (N.D.) ca. 1900
A4360-00001 Cattlemen from the vicinity of Killdeer (N.D.) ca. 1930           
A4361-00001 Burlington House    1884      
A4362-00001 Officers' Quarters, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 06/1877           
A4363-00001 Guard mounting, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 06/1877              
A4364-00001 McCormick Header, North Dakota harvest scene ca. 1900                    
A4365-00001 Metis family and Red River carts 1883           
A4366-00001 USS North Dakota   1908-1923           
A4367-00001 Public School, Mott (N.D.) ca. 1915                 
A4368-00001 First National Bank, Mott (N.D.) ca. 1915                      
A4369-00001 Opera House, Jamestown (N.D.) 1909          
A4370-00001 White Earth Valley, White Earth (N.D.)    ca. 1913                     
A4371-00001 Street view of Mott (N.D.) 1908       
A4372-00001 Dam on the Pembina River at Walhalla (N.D.) 1908                  
A4373-00001 Main Street, Park River (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A4374-00001 First elementary grade school building in Sherwood (N.D.) ca. 1905
A4375-00001 Fourth of July Celebration, Sherwood (N.D.) 07/03/1909      
A4376-00001 Roosevelt Cabin at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition   1904               
A4377-00001 Clergy at the Investiture of Right Reverend Monsigner Quillivan as a Domestic Prelate (N.D.) XX                
A4378-000 -SEE - 00032-LM-15-63              
A4379-00001 Charades at Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)   ca. 1875                   
A4380-00001 Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930          
A4381-00001 World War Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1930        
A4382-00001 Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915          
A4383-00001 Pheasant ca. 1930                  
A4384-00001 St. Alexius Nurses Home, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1920                 
A4385-A4386 Roosevelt Cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915               
A4387-00001 Wrought iron gate at entrance to Roosevelt Cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915            
A4388-00001 Roosevelt Cabin and gate, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1935
A4389-00001 Aerial view of quarters looking west, Fort Totten (N.D.) XX               
A4390-00001 Dr. Henry R. Porter ca. 1900               
A4391-00001 Curley, Crow Indian Scout ca. 1880    
A4392-00001 Taking the census at Standing Rock (D.T.) ca. 1880                     
A4392-00002 Taking the census at Standing Rock (D.T.) ca. 1880                     
A4393-00001 Ration Day at Standing Rock Agency ca. 1880               
A4394-00001 Okipa ceremony drawing XX             
A4395-00001 Great Camp of the Piekanns near Fort McKenzie, Bodmer painting 1832-1834
A4395-00002 Encampment of the Piekann Indians near Fort McKenzie, Bodmer painting 1832-1834
A4396-A4397 Philo G. Harrington 1899     
A4398-00001 Philo G. Harrington 1923      
A4399-00001 Philo G. Harrington in House of Representatives Chamber, Bismarck (N.D.) 1923
A4400-00001 Bel-Vu Motel, Belfield (N.D.)
A4400-00001 Bel-Vu Motel, Belfield (N.D.)     ca. 1960                     
A4401-00001 Ferry at Bismarck below the NPRR Bridge XX
A4402-00001 Ferry at river bank with NPRR Bridge in background, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1918
A4403-00001 Pembina Portland Cement mines near Milton (N.D.) 1907
A4404-00001 Chautauqua Hotel, Devils Lake (N.D.)07/19/1907                   
A4405-00001 Great Northern Railroad Bridge, Mayville (N.D.)  1907
A4406-00001 Post Traders Store Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 1873
A4408-00001 Mission School, Belcourt (N.D.)   ca. 1895                   
A4409-00001 Arlington Hotel, first boarding house in Mandan (D.T.)  1881
A4410-00001 Construction of the Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1880
A4411-00001 President Theodore Roosevelt Senator Fairbanks at Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay (N.Y.)  ca. 1905
A4412-00001 View from hill on west side, Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1904
A4413-00001 Mink Woman, Hannah Levings, Hidatsa model for Sakakawea Statue carrying child ca. 1904              
A4414-A4419 Mink Woman, Hannah Levings, Hidatsa model for Sakakawea Statue ca. 1904
A4420-00001 Earth lodges, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Mandan (N.D.) XX
A4421-00001 Block house, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Mandan (N.D.)  XX
A4422-00001 Earth lodge interior, Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Mandan (N.D.) XX
A4423-00001 Reverend Charles Lemon Hall ca. 1930
A4424-00001 Building the dam at Halliday (N.D.) XX
A4425-00001 Miss Pittman, Congregational Missionary, with bull boat in front of log cabin, Elbowoods (N.D.)     XX
A4426-00001 Robert Lincoln, Mandan Pastor of Nueta Congregational Church, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.) XX
A4427-00001 Lawrence Howling Wolf, Arikara Pastor of Arikara Congregational Church, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)           XX
A4428-00001 Edward Goodbird, Hidatsa Pastor of Independence Congregational Church, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)            XX
A4429-00001 Pembina River mouth               1952       
A4430-00001 – 00002 Running Antelope, Onkpapa Sioux   1880                     
A4431-00001 Sod house, Rexin Township, 6 miles north of Pettibone (N.D.) 1965
A4432-00001 Sod house, Rexin Township, 6-7 miles north of Pettibone (N.D.)  1965
A4433-00001 Leland Olds Power Station, 4 miles SE of Stanton (N.D.) 1950-1960
A4434-00001 Site of Father Belcourt's chapel in what is now Walhalla (N.D.) ca. 1960
A4435-00001 Race track, Grand Forks (D.T.)    1887-1888                
A4436-00001 Hilary Baumann Hacker, Bishop of Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1960                  
A4437-00001 Bud Anderson owner and Ole Kjorvestad drilling well near Kasmer (N.D.) 1912
A4438-00001 Seven Oaks House Museum, West Kildonan, Manitoba 1965
A4439-A4440 Oak Lawn Church, Concrete (N.D.)  ca. 1955       
A4441-00001 Cavalry Square, Fort Totten (N.D.)ca. 1955       
A4442-00001 Governor William Langer ca. 1935         
A4443-00001 William Langer ca. 1930         
A4444-00001 Governor William Langer           ca. 1933         
A4445-00001 Governor John Burke and William Jennings Bryan, Fargo (N.D.) 09/01/1908
A4446-00001 Sitting Bull with favorite wife and twin children, Fort Randall (D.T.)  1882
A4447-00001 Brigadier General Alfred Sully    1864                            
A4448-00001 Russell Reid holding Pugsley Award Medal  1954        
A4449-00001 John A. Williams of Fessenden (N.D.)1894                                
A4450-A4451 Tellers who counted votes on removal of Wells County seat from Sykeston to Fessenden (N.D.)  1894          
A4452-00001 Fort Mandan painting by Ralph Smith XX
A4453-00001 Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1951             
A4454-00001 Mrs. Margaret Barr Roberts        1900                               
A4455-00001 Captain Grant Marsh               1886-1916          
A4455-00002 Captain Grant Marsh               ca. 1905            
A4456-00001 Sophia Shepherd Strong            XX      
A4457-00001 Arthur Clark Townley at Prince Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.)   1959
A4458-00001 Sitting Bull's grave              1952   
A4459-00001 Alexander George Burr             ca. 1945                        
A4465-00001 Inscription in stone by Joseph Nicollet near Pipestone Falls (Minn.) XX
A4466-00001 Painting of Lewis and Clark meeting Sakakawea and Charbonneau at Mandan Village XX       
A4467-00001 Shier Ranch, Emmons County (N.D.) XX
A4468-00001-negative Yellowstone Expedition Summer 1873                     
A4469-00001 Sam Hardwick Clark                ca. 1910            
A4470-00001 Joseph T. Purcell                 1911                        
A4471-00001 John C. Adamson                   1911                     
A4472-00001 Edwin James Taylor                1911                    
A4473-00001 Gunder Olson 1911                              
A4474-00001 John Flittie 1911                    
A4475-00001 Frank S. Henry 1911                             
A4476-00001 James B. Sharpe 1911                       
A4477-00001 C. A. Johnson 1911                               
A4478-00001 James Jerome Hill 1903                      
A4479-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   1960         
A4480-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   1965          
A4481-00001 View of Troy farm buildings, Tappen (N.D.) 1894
A4482-00001 Aerial view of Annunciation Priory, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1965
A4483-00001 Annunciation Priory bell tower, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1965
A4484-00001 Baseball team, Scranton (N.D.)    ca. 1910
A4485-00001 Jean Mason Guy 1965         
A4486-00001 Lynn Stambaugh 1944                        
A4487-00001 Ferry Marion on Ways at Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1920
A4488-00001 Steamer Expansion underway at Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1906
A4489-00001 William Krueger homestead farm, Niagara (N.D.)  ca. 1920
A4490-00001 Turtle Rock, 22 miles east of Williston (N.D.)          XX            
A4491-00001 Steamers Ida Rees, Western and E. H. Durfee  ca. 1871                       
A4492-00001 Ralph Erickstad 1962
A4493-00001 Walter C. Taylor ca. 1915
A4494-00001 El Rancho Motor Hotel Cafe & Lounge, Williston (N.D.) 1964
A4495-00001 James J. Hill speaking at conservation convention in Bismarck (N.D.)  1909
A4496-00001 Fishing party in Emmons County (N.D.) 1916  
A4497-00001 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad train wreck, Linton (N.D.) 09/20/1913
A4498-00001 Congregational Church, Tappen (N.D.) XX
A4499-00001 Baby carriage on display at Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.) 1935
A4500-00001 Bedroom of Marquise, Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.) 1935
A4501-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   1925
A4502-00001 Chevrolet auto parked in front of Chateau DeMores, Medora (N.D.) 1925
A4503-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   1935
A4504-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   XX
A4505-00001 Capitol Cornerstone laying, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/08/1932
A4505-00002 Vice President Charles Curtis speaking at Capitol Cornerstone laying, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/08/1932                          
A4506-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   1935                  
A4507-00001 Dining room, Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)  1935      
A4508-A4509 Park, Medora (N.D.)               1935
A4510-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   XX
A4511-000 -SEE - 00200-5X7-0557              XX
A4512-00001 Contact station and caretaker's house, Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.) 1935
A4513-000 -SEE - 00200-5X7-00923 and 00200-5X7-00926               XX
A4514-00001 Bedroom of Madame De Mores as she left it in 1883, Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.) 1945
A4515-00001 Farmers Elevator, Temvick ND 12-1962                       
A4516-00001 View of Temvik (N.D.) 11/1920                           
A4517-00001 Chief Henry Oscar One Bull        1940                             
A4518-000 -SEE 2018-P-015-00007  XX
A4519-000 -SEE 2018-P-015-00016  XX
A4520-000 -SEE - 00042-00157 XX
A4521-00001 – 00002 St. Mary's Catholic Church, Medora (D.T.) 1886
A4522-00001 Girdle of buffalo hair            XX
A4523-00001 Mary Westensee's millinery shop, Lakota (N.D.) 1915-1916
A4524-00001 Gerald Prentice Nye 1925-1945
A4525-00001 Senator Gerald Nye home in Washington (D.C.) 1926-1945
A4526-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   XX
A4527-00001 Margaret Mirrill  ca. 1874
A4528-00001 Petrified stump, Badlands (N.D.)  ca. 1960       
A4529-00001 State Hospital, Jamestown (N.D.)  XX
A4530-00001 Major James M. Hanley speaking at an outdoor podium ca. 1940   
A4531-00001 F. R. Stockton at Custer's grave  12/1929                    
A4532-00001 First parsonage in Williston (N.D.) in 1893  11/13/1924
A4533-00001 Old Congregational Church built in 1895 where the post office now stands, Williston (N.D.) 11/13/1924
A4534-00001 Benton Packet boats laid up at landing, Bismarck (D.T.) 1913-1914
A4535-00001 Soldiers leaving boat at the landing for Spanish American War 1898-1899
A4536-00001 Steamer Washburn in ice blockade at Bismarck landing 1910
A4537-00001 Unloading boat at Bismarck landing XX
A4538-00001 Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.)        1890                             
A4539-00001 Father Sloan, Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1875
A4540-00001 Main Ave., Bismarck (D.T.)        1880                              
A4541-A4542 Fire, Bismarck (N.D.)             08/09/1898                       
A4543-00001 Steamers Expansion, Washburn and Rosebud at boat landing, Bismarck (N.D.)     XX
A4544-00001 Steamer Expansion on a sandbar on the Yellowstone River ca. 1907
A4545-00001 Gas boat Benton underway on Missouri River              XX
A4546-00001 Steamer Deapolis at landing       XX
A4547-00001 Airport around S. 9th St., Bismarck (N.D.)              ca. 1917                    
A4548-00001 Bismarck Brewery, landmark since 1884, torn down in 19321884-1932
A4549-4555  SEE - 2018-P-023                  XX
A4556-00001 Ojibwe Mission on Madeline Island, Lake Superior (Wisc.) XX
A4557-000 -Continental Hose Co., Fargo (N.D.) dance card - moved to Ephemera XX
A4558-00001 Two Native American men           XX
A4585-00001 Locomotive in yards at Mandan (ND) 1905                                
A4586-4593  Unidentified portraits            XX
A4594-00001 Landscape   XX
A4595-00001 Sheep grazing XX
A4596-4600 Unidentified portraits            XX
A4601-00001 John H. McTavish                  XX
A4602-00001 James J. Hargrave                 XX
A4603-00001 George McTavish                   XX
A4604-00001 Andrew G. B. Bannatyne            XX        
A4605-00001 Robert Logan XX
A4606-00001 James Sinclair XX
A4607-00001 Man on a horse XX           
A4608-000 -SEE - C00353-00002                XX
A4609-4611  Unidentified portraits            XX
A4614-00001 St. Alexius Hospital in Lamborn Hotel building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1910-1920
A4615-00001 Man on a horse fording a river    XX
A4616-00001 William H. Webb, store owner, Bismarck (N.D.)           XX
A4617-00001 Clarence Belden Little            XX
A4618-00001 Paul Calvin Remington             1910                
A4619-00001 Edward G. Patterson, hotel owner, Bismarck (N.D.)       XX
A4620-00001 Clyde L. Young, Assistant Attorney General of North Dakota XX
A4621-00001 Isaac Post Baker                  ca. 1930                  
A4622-00001 Fred L'Amoreaux Conklin, President of Provident Life 1930
A4622-00002 Fred L. Conklin and unknown man 1935
A4623-00001 R. C. Batty?1930                    
A4624-00001 American and Canadian solders disembark and head to American Red Cross Canteen in England  1917-1918                      
A4625-00001 American Red Cross Convalescent Hospital for Officers at Lingefield, England  1919
A4626-00001 St. Katharine's Lodge American Red Cross Hospital No. 23, Regents Park, London 1917-1918             
A4627-00001 American Red Cross General Headquarters staff at foot of Léon Gambetta statue, Paris, France 1917-1918                           
A4628-00001 American Red Cross workers crossing field of Waterloo after retreat of Germans 1917                
A4629-00001 American Red Cross Convalescent Hospital for Officers at Lingefield, Surrey, England 1917-1918                           
A4630-00001 Officers' dining room, American Red Cross Hospital, Mossley, Hill, Liverpool, England 1917-1918                           
A4631-00001 Corner of one of nine hutment wards, American Red Cross Hospital, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, England  1917-1918                      
A4632-00001 A mother brings her children to the American Red Cross Children's dispensary, Paris, France 1917-1918                           
A4633-00001 U.S. Cavalry on parade on horses World War I 1917-1918
A4634-00001 Reviewing the U.S. Cavalry in formation on horses World War I  1917-1918
A4635-00001 Es-Salt Syrian refugees shelter in Carmelite Monastery on Mount of Olives with aid of American Red Cross  04/1918               
A4636-00001 Colonel Storrs, Military Governor of Jerusalem, arriving at American Red Cross Headquarters 07/04/1918                          
A4637-00001 Grand Mufti Mohammedan Church head and Mayor of Jerusalem arriving at American Red Cross Headquarters for formal inauguration of work in Palestine 07/04/1918
A4638-00001 Gen. Allenby received by Col. Finley, head of Commission to Palestine, for July 4th celebration at American Red Cross Headquarters, Jerusalem  07/04/1918
A4639-00001 Armenian refugees find shelter, food and clothing from Syrian and Palestine Relief Fund assisted by American Red Cross, Jerusalem 04/1918
A4640-00001 Bishop of Jerusalem at formal opening of American Red Cross activities in Palestine on July 4th     07/04/1918                          
A4641-00001 Syrian, Armenian, Jewish and other orphans cared for by Syrian and Palestine Relief Fund and Red Cross at Austrian Hospice building, Jerusalem 04/1918
A4642-00001 American Red Cross Headquarters near Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem 07/04/1918
A4643-A4644 Unknown Civil War soldier         1861-1865                 
A4645-00001 Joe Bezenek, pioneer of Wahpeton (D.T.)  1880                      
A4646-00001 Mrs. Albert (Louisa D. Gassen) Formanek, Jr., Wahpeton (N.D.) 1900
A4647-00001 Mrs. Albert (Anna M. Formanek) Chezik, Wahpeton (N.D.) 1890
A4648-00001 Frank J. Formanek, Wahpeton (N.D.)1900                
A4649-00001 Unidentified woman 1880-1900                      
A4650-00001 Frank Novotny, Lidgerwood (D.T.)  1880                    
A4651-00001 Mrs. Joe (Marie Katherine Dvorak) Bezenek, Wahpeton (D.T.) 1880
A4652-00001 Mrs. Frank (Annie Eliash Elias) Novotny, Lidgerwood (D.T.) 1880
A4653-00001 Albert J. Formanek, Jr., Wahpeton (N.D.)  1900
A4654-00001 Mrs. Albert J. (Anna Stetina) Formanek, Wahpeton (D.T.) 1873
A4655-00001 Dr. Frederick Formanek, Wahpeton (N.D.) 1910
A4656-00001 Grandpa Albert J. Formanek, Wahpeton (D.T.)             1873                
A4657-00001 Thomas Crayon, mail carrier for Fort Totten (D.T.)      1867                  
A4658-00001 John W. Willet, Island Park, Fargo (N.D.)               1870                            
A4659-00001 Edward Blake Vandewater           1930                          
A4660-00001 Cora Luella Vandewater and Dad James Henry Vandewater   08/30/1936
A4661-00001 Frances and Cora L. Vandewater    08/30/1936                        
A4662-00001 Jude Marshall (Samuel Sheridan Marshall)                ca. 1910                
A4663-00001 Unidentified portrait of a man    1868-1882                    
A4664-00001 – 00002 John P. Bray XX  
A4665-00001 John Yegen and an unidentified man ca. 1900            
A4666-00001 Unidentified man                  1883                     
A4667-00001 Houghteling - unidentified man    XX
A4668-00001 Son of Piatt Dunn?                XX          
A4670-4673 Unidentified portraits            XX
A4674-00001 Portrait of a man in a top hat    XX           
A4675-00001 Unidentified man                  XX  
A4676-00001 Unidentified man - same man, different image as A4675   XX  
A4677-00001 Unidentified man                  XX 
A4678-00001 Unidentified man                  XX 
A4679-00001 Portrait of a 1st Lieutenant, 7th Cavalry, Fort Lincoln (D.T.) 1870-1879
A4680-00001 Portrait of a 2nd Lieutenant, 7th Cavalry, Fort Lincoln (D.T.) 1870-1879
A4681-00001 Unidentified basketball player    ca. 1920                   
A4682-00001 Unidentified woman, Fort Lincoln (D.T.) 1870-1879                    
A4683-00001 Unidentified woman                XX
A4684-00001 Woman on a postcard with drawing of windmills and Dutch people  XX
A4685-00001 Mrs. Livermoor XX           
A4686-00001 Woman with a young child on her lap ca. 1940                         
A4687-00001 Ruth Dunn?  ca. 1890                          
A4688-00001 Unidentified woman                ca. 1940         
A4689-00001 Unidentified woman                XX           
A4690-00001 Unidentified woman                XX
A4691-00001 Unidentified woman                XX
A4692-00001 Rita Dunlevy1902                  
A4693-00001 Unidentified woman Ida?           XX
A4694-00001 Woman seated in a parlour         XX
A4695-00001 Two women sitting on rocks under trees                  XX
A4696-00001 Little girl sitting on a porch step holding a doll      XX
A4697-00001 Muriel Ann  XX
A4698-00001 Unidentified Indian man           XX       
A4699-00001 Native American in loin cloth with cartridge belt holding gun coup stick on horse 1880-1890
A4700-00001 Indian boy  1880-1890                                 
A4701-00001 Three Indian men                  XX      
A4702-00001 – 00002 Rain-in-the-Face                  ca. 1890                        
A4703-00001 Portrait of an Indian couple      ca. 1890                               
A4704-00001 Young Indian man                  XX      
A4705-A4706 Portrait of an Indian woman       XX           
A4708-00001 Ralph Wells, Jr. and his mother, Polly Plenty Fox Wells XX
A4709-A0712 Portrait of an Indian man         XX
A4713-00001 Portrait of a young Indian woman  XX
A4714-00001 Portrait of a young Indian man    ca. 1890                       
A4715-00001 Portrait of an Indian man         XX
A4716-000 -SEE - A1192-00001                 XX
A4717-A4720 Portrait of an Indian man         XX
A4721-00001 Frank Zahn  ca. 1930                            
A4722-00001 Indian seated in front of a tipi  XX
A4723-00001 Portrait of an Indian man         ca. 1915                         
A4724-00001 Indian, side view, in front of a log building           XX
A4725-00001 Portrait of an Indian man         XX
A4726-00001 Indian man, side view, in front of a log building       XX
A4726-00002 Indian couple seated              XX
A4727-00001 Indian man, side view, in front of a wood building      XX
A4728-00001 Indian man, rowing a boat         XX
A4729-00001 Gall        ca. 1890           
A4731-00001 Group outside a tipi              XX
A4732-00001 North Dakota Mandan Indians of Prominent Character      XX          
A4733-00001 An Indian couple standing outside a log home            XX
A4734-00001 Three Indian men in front of tents and tipis            XX
A4735-00001 Unidentified Indian group         XX
A4737-00001 Portrait of two young Indian men  XX
A4738-00001 Indian woman XX
A4739-00001 Two Indian women                  XX
A4741-00001 Iowa Chief  XX
A4742-00001 All brothers: Imitates Bear, Poor Wolf, Son-of-the-Star, American Horse, John Smith, and John B?    XX
A4743-00001 Governor L. B. Hanna, Rev. James Austin, Shoots Holy, General A. C. Fraser, Chief His Road, Usher Burdick, Major A. B. Welch -02/26/1929                 
A4744-00001 Louis Sitting Bull                ca. 1885                            
A4745-00001 Red Tomahawk, Sioux Indian Chief  ca. 1930                                         
A4746-00001 Deborah Hall1920-1930                      
A4746-00002 Three men with buffalo dance mask standing in front of Earthlodge 1920-1930
A4747-00001 James and Louis Baker             1920-1930                      
A4748-00001 Good Bird and family              XX
A4749-00001 Son of the Star and Moves Slowly  XX
A4750-00001 Two Indian men "waiting their turn" possibly to dance at the Great Northern Railway Historical Expedition, Fort Union     07/1926                    
A4751-00001 Hilda Beckdoldt                   XX
A4752-00001 Mrs. Jack Frolich                 XX
A4753-A4759 Museum Diorama, State Historical Society                XX
A4760-00001 U.S.S. North Dakota Silver Service XX
A4761-00001 Theodore Roosevelt statue in Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck  XX
A4762-00001 Indian busts by Ida Prokop Lee in the Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck     XX
A4763-00001 Pictographs in basalt rocks, Rock Island Rapids in Columbia River 12 miles S of Wenatchee  1917
A4764-00001 Wood frame and log house          XX
A4765-00001 Loving cup  1950                                   
A4766-00001 William H. Spear with his team and spring wagon ca. 1912                  
A4767-00001 Chateau de Mores                  XX
A4768-00001 Driving Park, Minto (N.D.)        1907                               
A4769-00001 Earth lodge model in Historical Society Museum, Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck  XX
A4770-00001 19th Century home interior        XX
A4771-00001 Group outing with four automobiles ca. 1920                          
A4780-00001 David E. Morgan District and Supreme Court Judge with Landaulette carriage, Devils Lake (D.T.)      XX
A4781-00001 David E. Morgan District and Supreme Court Judge with Landaulette carriage, Devils Lake (D.T.)      ca. 1900                            
A4782-00001 Clay Red Flour corn identified by George Will           06/1955               
A4783-00001 Yellow Flour Corn identified by George Will             06/1955
A4784-00001 Assiniboine variety of corn identified by George Will 06/1955
A4786-00001 Murray's Rock, Great Falls (Mont.)ca. 1955               
A4787-00001 Diver, Devils Lake (N.D.)         XX
A4788-00001 Students from Margaret Rooney's school at Wildwood Park on Burke County Play Day, Flaxton (N.D.)    05/29/1920                        
A4789-A4793 View near old Fort Mandan, McLean County (N.D.)  07/18/1923     
A4794-00001 Custer National Cemetery, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument  ca. 1920
A4795-00001 Picnic group near site of old Fort Mandan, McLean County (N.D.)               07/18/1923          
A4795-00002 Hon. J. A. Kitchen speaking at a picnic near old Fort Mandan, McLean County (N.D.) 07/18/1923
A4796-00001 Chuckwagon, Killdeer (N.D.)       XXHarris, Leo D        
A4798-00001 Ruins of Dunlap Ranch on Cedar River, Lemmon (S.D.) ca. 1900
A4799-00001 Chimney Butte, a rock formation 2 miles N of Lemmon, Adams County (N.D.)  ca. 1900
A4800-00001 Moving day on [Standing Rock] Reservation  06/1911
A4801-00001 Schulze Post Office and General Store  ca. 1900                     
A4802-00001 Valley City Public Library        06/1956                            
A4803-00001 Fort Astor, Astoria (Ore.)        XX
A4804-000 -SEE - 00047-00019                 XX
A4805-000 -SEE 00047-00020                   XX
A4806-00001 Train buried in snow              XX
A4807-000 -SEE - A3454 XX
A4808-000 -SEE - 00047-00021                 XX
A4809-00001 Petroglyphs XX
A4810-00001 Statue of Buddha in Ida Prokop's Japanese garden, Lidgerwood (N.D.)  XX
A4811-00001 U.S. Highway 10 in North Dakota Badlands                XX    
A4812-00001 Wool wagons lined up for market, Dickinson (N.D.)       ca. 1910       
A4813-00001 Boat landing, Chautautqua, Devils Lake (N.D.)           ca. 1910
A4814-00001 Charlie Merrill and family        XX    
A4815-A4816 Old powder magazine, Fort Buford, Williams County  (N.D.) 07/00/1948     
A4817-00001 View from military cemetery toward Fort Buford          07/1948         
A4818-00001 Fort Buford cemetery              07/1948        
A4824-4843 SEE -  2018-P-025                 XX
A4844-00001 Parade, Mandan (N.D.)             XX
A4845-00001 Parade, Bismarck (N.D.)           ca. 1890                         
A4846-00001 Earle Herbert Tostevin, Mandan (N.D.)                   12/13/1926             
A4854-4880  SEE - 2018-P-011                  XX
A4891-00001 Portrait of a man                 XX
A4892-00001 Portrait of a woman               XX
A4893-00001 Portrait of a young boy           XX
A4894-00001 Portrait of a young girl          XX
A4895-A4896 Portrait of a woman               XX
A4897-00001 Portrait of a young boy           XX
A4898-00001 Group portrait XX
A4899-00001 Portrait of a man                 XX
A4900-00001 Portrait of a young man           XX
A4901-00001 Portrait of a man                 XX
A4902-00001 Portrait of two women             XX
A4903-00001 Portrait of a man and woman       XX
A4904-00001 Portrait of two men posed by a gate XX
A4905-00001 Portrait of a young girl          XX
A4907-00001 Portrait of a man and woman       XX
A4918-00001 Original State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.)                 1907                              
A4919-00001 John A. McLean XX
A4920-00001  Two women and young boy          XX
A4921-00001 Harry Falconer McLean riding a donkey                   XX
A4922-00001 Portrait of a woman               XX
A4923-00001 Portrait of 5 men                 XX
A4924-00001 Portrait of a young man           XX
A4925-00001 Portrait of a young woman         XX
A4927-00001 Robert MacNider                   XX
A4928-00001 John A. McLean's home, Bismarck (ND) 1961                           
A4929-00001 Portrait of a man                 XX
A4930-00001 Portrait of a boy                 XX
A4931-00001 Clarence McLean                   XX         
A4932-00001 William B. Falconer and daughter, Hazel                 XX
A4933-00001 Unidentified couple               XX
A4934-00001 Pioneer Family statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) 1961 
A4935-00001 Harry Falconer McLean's private railroad car            XX
A4936-00001 Portrait of a woman               XX
A4937-00001 Portrait of a man                 XX
A4938-00001 Large residence                   XX
A4939-00001 William J. McLean, Harry Falconer McLean, and Clarence McLean XX
A4940-00001 Elkhorn Ranch House and deeds of purchase 1884-1886    
A4940-00002 Unknown young man in album        XX
A4941-00001 West view of Chimney Butte near Medora (N.D.)           XX
A4941-00002 Portrait of a woman               XX
A4942-00001 Robert Arthur Gooding age 27 years 1883-1884                      
A4942-00002 Robert Arthur Gooding             ca. 1880                         
A4943-00001 Running Antelope                  1880                       
A4944-00001 Unidentified couple               XX
A4944-00002 Helen Knight Gooding at age 18, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1905
A4945-00001 – 00010  Excavation at military cemetery, Fort Yates (N.D.)  04/25/1963-04/26/1963
A4946-00001 Pehriska-Ruhpa in the Costume of the Dog Band 1833 
A5001-00001 First View of the Tetons          ca. 1883                              
A5002-A5003 Indian Reception to President Arthur 1883     
A5004-00001 West entrance to Natural Bridge   1883                           
A5005-00001 Down Snake River from Camp Hampton 1883                              
A5006-00001 The President's Quarters, Camp Arthur                   1883                             
A5007-00001 Leigh Lake and the Tetons         1883                                 
A5008-00001 Teton Range from Snake River      1883                            
A5009-00001 St. Elmo Hotel (formerly old Army Hospital) Fort Buford, (D.T.) 1895
A5010-00001 North Dakota Memorial Stone placed in the Washington Monument 03/28/1928
A5010-00002 North Dakota State Seal           XX
A5011-00001 Senator Henry Clay Hansbrough     1891-1900                           
A5012-00001 Ford Peace Ship                   12/05/1915                          
A5014-00001 45-70 Springfield rifle           XX
A5015-00001 Poster carried by Ford Peace Ship - Stop the War        1915                 
A5016-00001 Site of Eagle Nose Butte (Bird's Bill or Bird's Beak) Indian Village 12/30/1966
A5017-00001 View to the north from Eagle Nose Butte Mandan Indian Village site 12/30/1966
A5018-00001 1800 head of Stiles Cattle Co. prime beef crossing on treacherous Missouri River ice, Fort Yates (N.D.)  02/20/1916                                     
A5019-00001 J. B. Smith, Sr. 12/15/1966               
A5020-00001 Bird's eye view of Hebron (N.D.)  ca. 1900                 
A5021-00001 Northern Pacific Bridge over the Missouri River in the winter 03/00/1879  
A5022-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge over Missouri River and freight house, Bismarck (N.D.) 1890-1900                           
A5023-00001 Original Capitol building from south, Bismarck (N.D.)   1905-1910
A5023-00002 Original Capitol building from southeast, Bismarck (N.D.) 1905-1910
A5024-00001 Officer's Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967
A5024-00002 Historic Park Sign, Fort Totten (N.D.)  05/05/1967
A5025-00001 – 00012 Russell Reid 1950   
A5026-00001 Officers' Quarters Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967
A5026-00002 Officers' Row Fort Totten (N.D.)  05/06/1967
A5026-00003 Hospital building, Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967
A5026-00004 Enlisted Men's Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5026-00005 – 00008 Enlisted Men's Barracks, Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967
A5026-00009 Surgeon's and Chaplain's Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5026-00010 Enlisted Men's Barracks, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963                 
A5027-00002 Surgeon's Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967                 
A5027-00005  Enlisted men's barrack's Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967                 
A5027-00008 Hospital building, Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967                 
A5027-00009 Hospital building, Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967                 
A5027-00010 – 00011 Enlisted Men's Barracks, Fort Totten (N.D.) 05/06/1967
A5028-00001 Winter scene behind Dr. Charles Hall's home, Elbowoods (N.D.)  1890-1900
A5029-00001 Windmill irrigation system exhibit, Jamestown (N.D.)    1896                
A5030-00002 – 00003 Officers' Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5030-00004 Officers' Row at Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5030-00005 Hospital, Fort Totten (N.D.)      10/00/1963                 
A5030-00006 Quartermaster's store house, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5030-00007 Commanding Officers' Quarters,  Fort  Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5030-00008 Surgeon's and Chaplain's Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963    
A5030-00009 Officers' Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963                 
A5030-00010 Commanding Officer's Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5030-00011 Missing     XX
A5030-00012 Quartermaster's storehouse, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5030-00013 Quartermaster's house, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5030-00014 Firehouse, Fort Totten (N.D.)     10/00/1963                 
A5030-00015 Commissary storehouse, Fort Totten (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5031-00001 Lavern Larson, microfilmer, State Historical Society, Bismarck (N.D.) 02/13/1957
A5031-00002 Lavern Larson, microfilmer, State Historical Society, Bismarck (N.D.) 1967
A5031-00003 Vern Erickson working on a bear mount for exhibit, State Historical Society, Bismarck (N.D.)        1967                                
A5031-00004 Archaeologist Jim Sperry in workroom, State Historical Society, Bismarck (N.D.) 1967                            
A5032-00001 Dr. James Grassick, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1935-1940                
A5033-00001 Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)   07/00/1059                 
A5034-00001 Elmer Halvorson working on clay figure for Assinboin Indian Village diorama, Buffalo Trails Museum, Epping (N.D.)         1967-1970   
A5035-00  -SEE - 00200-4X5-C0173-00001       XX
A5035-000 -SEE - 00200-4X5-C0171-00001       XX
A5035-0000-SEE - 00200-4X5-C0171-00002       XX
A5035-00000 SEE - 00200-4X5-C0172-00001       XX
A5036-000 -SEE - 00123-00030                 XX
A5037-00001 Decorations for ball, 15th US Infantry, Fort Buford (D.T.) 1882
A5038-00001 – 00004 Non-commissioned Officers' Quarters, Fort Buford (N.D.) 1968     
A5038-00005 Front view Non-commissioned Officers' Quarters, Fort Buford (N.D.)  1968     
A5038-00006 Non-commissioned Officers' Quarters, Fort Buford (N.D.) 1968     
A5038-00007 Back and side view Non-commissioned Officers' Quarters, Fort Buford (N.D.)    1968     
A5039-00001 Supply wagons for Black Hills Expedition assembling in Bismarck (N.D.) 1874
A5040-00001 Fort Union from a drawing by Alexander H. Murray, American Fur Company employee 1844-1845
A5041-00001 Fort Mortimer from a drawing by Alexander H. Murray     ca. 1845
A5042-00001 Fort Union at the mouth of Yellowstone sketch by Rudolph F. Kurz 1852
A5043-00001 Fort Union Upper Missouri Sketch by Isaac Sprague       XX
A5044-00001 – 00003 Unidentified house                XX
A5045-00001 Young boy holding the handlebars of a bicycle           ca. 1910            
A5046-00001 – 00002 Portrait of a woman               XX
A5047-00001 Saloon and residence of Mr. Lynch 1872                    
A5047-00002 Person in a rowboat on a river    XX
A5047-00003 Cow nursing calf                  XX
A5047-00004 Car in parade with signs: Guam, Samoa, Virgin Islands   XX
A5047-00005 Approaching the Institution       XX
A5047-00006 Margaret taking the calf to water XX
A5048-00001-00003  Three Morton County homesteads    XX
A5049-00001 Businessmen's picnic, Grand Forks (N.D.)                06/1901                  
A5050-00001.db   Snow Plow - missing               XX
A5051-00001 Beaver dam  XX
A5052-00001 Main Ave, Bismarck (N.D.) after a snow storm ca. 1895
A5053-00001  - 00006 Lower Hidatsa River Site          05/16/1967              
A5054-00001 Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.)     05/16/1967              
A5054-00002 Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.)     05/16/1967              
A5054-00003 Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.)     05/16/1967              
A5055-00001 David Thompson memorial, McHenry County (N.D.)          XX
A5056-00001 Theodore Roosevelt holding thieves at bay, Badlands ca. 1886
A5057-00001 Blockhouse, Fort Abercrombie (N.D.) ca. 1965                        
A5057-00002 Blockhouse, Fort Abercrombie (N.D.) ca. 1965                        
A5058-0000-SEE - 01952-1591                  XX
A5059-00001 Coal mine, Wilton (N.D.)          XX
A5060-00001  - 00003 Comanche, Captain Myles Keogh's horse 1887
A5061-00001 Drawing of Fort Union             02/04/1852                    
A5062-00001  Medora & Black Hills Stage & Forwarding Co. poster     1884
A5063-000 -SEE - A4047 XX
A5066-00001 Lithograph of Bismarck scenes     1879                         
A5067-000 -SEE - A5033 XX
A5068-00001 Troop summer camp,  Fort  Buford (D.T.)                 1875   
A5069-000 -SEE - 00123-00031                 XX
A5070-00001 Blueprint showing the layout of Fort Buford (D.T.)      12/31/1873                   
A5070-00002 Drawing showing layout of buildings at Fort  Buford (N.D.) 04/1893                
A5071-00001 Old post trader's store Leighton, Jordan & Hedderich at  Fort Buford, Dakota Territory 1856-1872                           
A5072-00001 Company G, Sixth United States Infantry, at Fort Buford Dakota Territory 1870
A5073-00001 Looking NW over Fort Buford (N.D.) 1880-1895                       
A5073-00002 View of Fort Buford (N.D.)        1889-1895                   
A5074-00001 Camp of Grosventres Indians at Fort Buford (D.T.)       1874   
A5075-00001 State Mill and Elevator, Grand Forks (N.D.)             1922-1950             
A5076-000 -SEE - C0549-00001                 XX
A5077-00001 Newspaper, The Bismarck Tribune   07/11/1873                     
A5078-000 -SEE - A4275-00001                 XX
A5079-00001 Portion of stockade and blockhouse, Fort Abercrombie (N.D.) 10/00/1963
A5080-00001.db Fort Abercrombie - missing        XX
A5081-00001.db Fort Abercrombie - missing        10/00/1963                 
A5082-00001 Pembina Museum, Pembina (N.D.)    1961-1962                     
A5083-00001.db Dedication of Liberty Memorial Bridge - missing         XX
A5084-00001 – 00002 Presidential Medal brought on the Lewis and Clark Expedition  XX
A5085-00001 Comanche with Gustave Korn, Company I 7th Cavalry, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) ca. 1885            
A5085-00001 Comanche with blacksmith Korn of Company I of the 7th Cavalry 1874-1876
A5086-00001 The great Missouri River flood    04/01/1881-04/27/1881                 
A5087-00001 SEE - 1952-6483                   XX
A5088-00001 George Roth sod house 10 miles W of Ashley (N.D.) 1889   
A5089-00001 James Murray Hammond              ca. 1915                   
A5090-00001 Great Northern Hotel, Williston (N.D.)                  ca. 1910        
A5090-00002 Residence district, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1915 
A5091-00001 Cathedral Buttes, North Dakota Badlands1945
A5092-00001 Bird's eye view, Rugby (N.D.)     1906
A5093-00001.db  Col. Clement A. Lounsberry in uniform - missing         XX
A5094-000 -SEE - E0107
A5095-00001 – 00007 Theodore Roosevelt National Park dedication 06/06/1949
A5096-000 -SEE - 00055-00058
A5097-00001 John Buford 07/1863
A5098-00001 George Crook 09/1864
A5099-00001 Sherman and his Generals 1863-1864
A5100-00001 Nelson A. Miles 1866
A5101-00001 Alfred H. Terry ca. 1865
A5102-00001 Sherman and his generals, close up of John A. Logan and W. T. Sherman 1864-1865
A5103-00001 William B. Hazen 1864-1866
A5104-00001 Captain James L. Fisk 1864-1866
A5105-00001 – 00002 Enlisted men's barracks, Fort Totten (N.D.) 03/00/1968 
A5106-00001 Hospital building, Fort Totten (N.D.)  10/00/1963 
A5107-00001 Fort Berthold Indian Mission School, Elbowoods (N.D.) 05/1949
A5108-00001 Indian dance house near Lucky Mound Community, Fort Berthold Reservation         08/01/1951 
A5109-00001 Byron Wilde and his wife in front of their first home near the Fort Berthold site 05/1949                 
A5110-00001 Mandan ceremonial shrine at Crow's Heart Settlement, Fort Berthold Reservation   05/1949                 
A5111-00001 Panoramic view looking west from high bluff toward Four Bears Bridge and mouth of the Little Missouri River, Fort Berthold Reservation             05/1949                 
A5112-00001 Judge Charles F. Amidon                XX                        
A5113-00001 State Historical Society museum exhibit, basement of the Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)    ca. 1926                             
A5114-00001 Sketch of Fort Berthold by Regis DeTrobriand 06/1868
A5115-00001.db  DeTrobriand sketch of Devils Lake (D.T.) - missing  06/1868
A5116-00001 Entrance to grounds Fort Totten ca. 1898                  
A5117-00001 – 00002 Sketch of Fort Pembina (D.T.) 1860
A5118-00001 Replica of Dakota Territorial Grand Seal XX
A5119-00001 Fort Dilts - neg. only 1966
A5120-00001 – 00002 Walter Clarence Gooding       1884
A5121-00001 Reconstructed block house at Fort McKeen XX
A5122-00001 Ben Mills' Type One Rambler car manufactured in 1901 at old Kindall homestead W of Braddock (N.D.) ca. 1915                  
A5123-00001 June Fox posed with Sakakawea statue    ca. 1965                 
A5123-00002 June Fox posed with Sakakawea statue    ca. 1965                 
A5124-00001 Looking north Fort Totten (D.T.) - neg. only      XX
A5125-00001 – 00003 Paul Broste Rock Museum, Parshall (N.D.) 1968     
A5126-00001 Old Fort Stevenson XX
A5127-00001 Bottom lands where the Fort Mandan site was located 3 miles below the first Mandan village near Deapolis (N.D.)  ca. 1900                 
A5127-00002 Bottom lands where the Fort Mandan site was located looking down river ca. 1900               
A5128-00001 Oil painting of Manuel Lisa   1818
A5129-00001 Sketch of Fort Manuel Lisa    1812
A5130-000 -SEE - A4434-00001  XX
A5131-000 -SEE - 00135-00039  XX
A5132-000 -SEE - 00135-00040  XX
A5133-000 -SEE - 2018-P-025   XX
A5134-000 -SEE - 2018-P-025-00045 XX
A5135-000 -SEE - 2018-P-025-00046 XX
A5137-00001 Soldiers on parade ground at Fort Pembina (D.T.)  1870-1889           
A5138-00001  U.S. Army Corporal, Fort Pembina (D.T.) 1870-1889             
A5139-00001 Water tower, Fort Pembina (D.T.)1870-1889            
A5140-00001 Officers residences Fort Pembina (D.T.) 1870-1889               
A5141-00001 Soldiers on parade ground at Fort Pembina (D.T.)  1870-1889           
A5142-00001 Pembina House, Pembina (N.D.) XX
A5143-00001 International Peace Gardens   07/21/1950
A5143-00002 Stone cairn and flags, International Peace Gardens07/21/1950
A5143-00003 Stone cairn and flags, International Peace Gardens07/21/1950
A5143-00004 Construction of a wall with stone blocks, International Peace Gardens  07/21/1950
A5143-00005 Cairn with U.S. and Canadian flags, International Peace Gardens07/21/1950
A5143-00006 Construction of wall with stone blocks, International Peace Gardens    07/21/1950
A5143-00007 – 00008 Lodge building, International Peace Gardens       07/21/1950
A5144-00001 Fort Ransom (N.D.) 07/10/1950
A5144-00002 Log building, Fort Ransom (N.D.)07/10/1950
A5144-00003 Fort Ransom (N.D.) 07/10/1950
A5144-00004 Log house from a distance, Fort Ransom (N.D.)     07/10/1950
A5144-00005 Entrance sign, Fort Ransom Historic Site (N.D.)   07/10/1950
A5145-00001 – 00003 Franklin Gulls     07/20/1950
A5146-00001.db North Dakota traveling exhibit sponsored by the Department of Agriculture and Labor - missing  -1907-1908                 
A5147-00001 – 00003 Whitestone Hill    07/11/1950  
A5147-00004 Stone shelter, Whitestone Hill07/11/1950
A5147-00005 – 00008 Whitestone Hill    07/11/1950
A5148-00001 Horseshoe Bend on Highway 85, North Dakota Badlands ca. 1940
A5149-00001 Harvesters at work in North Dakota      1909
A5150-00001 Island Park and Red River, Fargo (N.D.) 1905
A5150-00002 Great Northern Depot, Fargo (N.D.)      ca. 1909      
A5150-00003 Fargo College and Dill Hall, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1909     
A5150-00004 Front Street, Fargo (N.D.)    ca. 1909             
A5150-00005 First Methodist Church, Fargo (N.D.)    ca. 1909       
A5151-00001 Clarence Belden Little - neg. only      XX
A5152-00001 Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)05/15/1967
A5153-00001 State Highway Department building under construction, Bismarck (N.D.)  05/16/1967
A5154-00001 John James Audubon ca. 1841        
A5155-00001 Edwin Smyth Hall   1885
A5156-00001 Horsehead "Medicine" 1902
A5157-00001 Corner of Main Ave. and 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.) - neg. only 1906
A5157-00002 Roosevelt Cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) - neg. only1906
A5158-00001 Steam Laundry, Bismarck (N.D.) - neg. only1906
A5159-00001 Looking southeast from corner of 4th St. and Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) 1906
A5160-00001 Looking north up 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.) 1906
A5161-00001 Birdseye view of Bismarck from the Weather Bureau 1906
A5162-00001 East and west sides of 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.)   1906
A5163-00001 Looking northeast from 5th St. crossing, Bismarck (N.D.)     1906
A5164-00001 French & Welch Hardware, Bismarck (N.D.) 1906
A5165-00001 Livery stables of A. C. Hinckley, 4th and Broadway, Bismarck (N.D.)    1906
A5166-00001 John Yegen inside his grocery store, 418 Main St., Bismarck (N.D.)     1906
A5167-00001 The deserted Brewery, Bismarck (N.D.)   1906
A5168-00001 E. G. Field's Store (Furniture) at the corner of Main and 3rd Sts., Bismarck (N.D.)  1906
A5169-00001 Drug Store of B. E. Jones, Bismarck (N.D.)1906
A5170-00001 Glimpse from the park, Bismarck (N.D.)  1906
A5171-00001 Depots of the Soo Line, Bismarck (N.D.) 1906
A5172-00001 Bismarck Grocery Company, Wholesale     1906
A5173-00001 Bird's eye view of a part of the business center of Bismarck (N.D.)    1906
A5174-00001 Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck (N.D.)       1906
A5175-00001 Part of the A. W. Lucas Company's Department store, Bismarck (N.D.)    1906
A5176-00001 Department Store of Webb Brothers Bismarck (N.D.) 1906
A5177-00001 Gussner's Grocery and Meat Market, 312 Main St., Bismarck (N.D.)       1906
A5178-00001 Rhud's Lumber Yard, Bismarck (N.D.)     1906
A5179-00001 George Will stands in the Hugh Glass tied up at shore06/1925 
A5180-00001 Ernest Thompson-Seton, George Will, Russell Reid and others around a campfire     07/1927 
A5180-00002 Woman prepares meal on chuckwagon cabinet on automobile on Southwest Trip 07/1927 
A5180-00003 Russell Reid and Ernest Thompson-Seton sit in front of Woodcraft Indian tipi, Santa Fe (N.M.)  -1927    
A5180-00004 Automobiles weave through landscape on dirt trail on Southwest Trip    07/1927 
A5180-00005 Ernest Thompson-Seton holds court at campfire on Southwest Trip 07/1927
A5180-00006  Russell Reid stands in front of juniper bushes on Southwest Trip, Santa Fe (N.M.) 07/27/1927
A5180-00007 Automobiles parked at campsite on Southwest Trip  07/1927 
A5180-00008 Automobile stuck in mud, Southwest Trip, Denver (Colo.)      07/29/1927
A5181-00001 Russell Reid at his desk      ca. 1950                
A5182-00001 Officers' Row, Fort Totten (N.D.)       1964
A5182-00002 Hospital, Fort Totten (N.D.)  ca. 1964           
A5182-00003 – 00004 Rear of Officers' Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.)    ca. 1964      
A5182-00005 Rear of Recreation Hall, Fort Totten (N.D.)       ca. 1964         
A5182-00006 Enlisted Men's Barracks, Fort Totten (N.D.)       ca. 1964       
A5182-00007 Officers' Quarters, Fort Totten (N.D.)  ca. 1964        
A5182-00008 Rear of Enlisted Men's Barracks, Fort Totten (N.D.) ca. 1964             
A5183-00001 – 00002 Man standing in front of Powder Magazine, Fort Buford (N.D.) 1960
A5183-00003 – 00005 Powder Magazine, Fort Buford (N.D.)    1960
A5184-00001 General John Buford, Jr.      ca. 1860             
A5185-00001 Lucky Mound Community garden  1939
A5185-00002 Lucky Mound School, 10 miles WSW of Raub (N.D.)   1939
A5185-00003 Person standing on a clay mound, near Lucky Mound  (N.D.)    1939
A5186-00001 Like-A-Fishhook Village, 17 miles E of Elbowoods  1872
A5187-00001 Son of the Star, Arikara Chief ca. 1874         
A5187-00002 Son of the Star and Peter Beauchamp     ca. 1874  
A5188-00001 Government buildings on Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)     ca. 1915
A5189-00001 Congregational Mission, Elbowoods (N.D.)ca. 1920               
A5191-00001 C. H. Post and his coal crew  1908
A5192-00001 Burning Coal Vein, Theodore Roosevelt National Park South Unit 1964
A5193-00001 John Henry Worst, President of North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.)    ca. 1900
A5194-00001 J. H. Sheppard, President of North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1920
A5195-000 -SEE - 01952-1415   XX
A5196-000 -SEE - 01952-3373   XX
A5197-000 -SEE - 01952-3108   XX
A5198-000 -SEE - 01952-1893   XX
A5199-00001 Group posed on northeast porch steps of the Chateau DeMores, Medora (D.T.) XX
A5200-00001 Dr. James Grassick, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1940
A5201-000 -SEE - C1311 XX
A5202-00001 Painting of Fort Dilts ca. 1965           
A5203-00001 Justice Charles F. Amidon     ca. 1930
A5204-00001 Advertisement  for Spaulding & Templeton, Attorneys at Law, Fargo, Dakota XX
A5206-00001 Flaxton (N.D.)     ca. 1914  
A5207-00001 Sketch of Fort Ridgely (Minn.)12/08/1864
A5208-00001 Watercolor of Fort Ridgely (Minn.) by Alfred Sully 1855 
A5209-00001 General view of Fort Ridgely (Minn.)    XX
A5210-00001 Sketch of Fort Ridgely (Minn.)XX
A5211-00001 Advertisement for John J. Skuse, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Fargo, Dakota    XX
A5212-000 -SEE - C1614XX
A5213-000 -SEE - A0253XX
A5214-00001 Public School, Ray (N.D.)     1908Fuoter, Donald R.
A5215-00001 Steam tractor - neg. only     XX
A5216-00001 Painting of Sioux Indian Village below Fort Pierre by Alfred Sully     1857 
A5217-00001 Painting of Fort Pierre by Alfred Sully 1911
A5218-00001 Prairie Battery, Battle of Killdeer Mountains     07/28/1864
A5219-00001 Theodore Roosevelt ca. 1915          
A5220-000 -SEE - 00009-00013  XX
A5221-00001 SEE - 00009-00011  XX
A5222-00001 Looking south along east side of Broadway near 2nd Ave. N., Fargo (D.T.) ca. 1880
A5223-00001 Tyler, Richard S. Tyler       XX
A5224-00001 Looking north on Broadway from Front St., Fargo (D.T.)       ca. 1880
A5225-00001 Norman W. Kittson's fur warehouse, Walhalla (N.D.) 1907
A5226-00001 Artesian Well, Lisbon (N.D.)  XX  
A5227-00001 Gall     XXBarry, D. F.--(David Francis),--1854-1934
A5228-00001  Kittson Trading Post Souvenir card     06/22/1899-0624/1899
A5229-000 -SEE - A2876XX
A5230-00001 Mrs. Jerome W. (Fannie J. Metzgar) Riley 07/03/1939          
A5231-00001 North Dakota Swedish Churches ca. 1920                  
A5232-00001 House, McVille (N.D.) XX
A5233-00001 Original Capitol building, Bismarck (N.D.)1905
A5235-000 -SEE - 00739-v1-P30e XX
A5236-000 -SEE - A2774 XX
A5237-00001 Theodore Roosevelt painting   ca. 1907       
A5238-00001  Theodore Roosevelt painting  XX
A5239-00001 Governor John Burke standing in front of the original Capitol with men on horses ca. 1910
A5240-00001 Homesteaders - neg. only      XX
A5241-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive, Mandan (D.T.) 1879
A5242-000 -SEE - A2713 XX
A5243-00001 Buffalo Wolf killed by Oscar Soma 14 miles southwest of Finley (N.D.)  04/09/1950
A5244-00001 Ned Cavileer with his famous hunting dog XX
A5246-00001 Sheep grazing in Badlands (N.D.)XX
A5247-00001 Mr. and Mrs. Hyacinthe Villeneuve ca. 1885
A5248-00001 Sketch of the Marquis DeMores XX
A5248-00002 Statue of the Marquis De Mores, Medora (N.D.)     XX
A5248-00003 Living Room Chateau  De Mores, Medora (N.D.)      XX
A5248-00004 Dining Room, Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)      XX
A5248-00005 Marquis De Mores' clothes, Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)   XX
A5248-00006 Old-fashioned bathtub, Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)       XX
A5248-00007 Marquise De Mores' bedroom, Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)  XX
A5248-00008 Pack saddles used by Marquis De Mores on his hunting trips   XX
A5248-00009 Madame De Mores' side saddle on a model horse     XX
A5248-00010 Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.) XX
A5248-00011 Baby carriage, Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)    XX
A5248-00012 Living room, Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)      XX
A5248-00013 Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.) XX
A5248-00014 Fireplace, Chateau De Mores (N.D.)      XX
A5248-00015 Some of Madame De Mores' clothes on mannikins     XX
A5248-00016 Shipping time at Medora (N.D.) XX
A5248-00017 Pioneers now living in Medora personally knew both the Marquis De Mores and Theodore Roosevelt XX
A5248-00018 More of Marquis De Mores' saddles XX
A5249-00001 Part of business district Rolla (ND)    ca. 1905            
A5250-00001 Looking north on 6th St., Wahpeton (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5251-00001 Indian on horseback on the Morton County fairgrounds, Mandan (N.D.) 1910
A5251-00002 Indian drummers in front of grandstand, Morton County Fair, Mandan (N.D.) 1910
A5251-00003 Man in wagon and Indian on horse in front of tents, Morton County Fair, Mandan (N.D.)       1910
A5251-00004 Crowd milling around parade route, Morton County Fair, Mandan (N.D.)   1910
A5251-00005 Harness racing, Morton County Fair, Mandan (N.D.) 1910
A5251-00006 Indian on horse in front of tents, Morton County Fair, Mandan (N.D.)   1910
A5251-00007 Crowds watching Indians on horses on parade route, Morton County Fair, Mandan (N.D.) 1910
A5251-00008 Indians on horses approaching grandstand, Morton County Fair, Mandan (N.D.) 1910
A5252-00001 Stagecoach Dickinson to Leff Ranch, Adams County (N.D.) ca. 1907
A5253-00001 Charles Cavalier - neg. only  XX
A5254-00001 Beef Corrals, Fort Yates (N.D.) XX
A5255-00001 Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) XX
A5256-00001 Soup Dance, Fort Yates (N.D.) XX
A5257-000 -SEE - C0313 XX
A5258-00001 St. Alexius Hospital, Bismarck (N.D.)   1910-1920
A5259-00001 Original Capitol building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920
A5260-00001 Like-A-Fishhook Village       ca. 1870
A5261-00001 High water, Missouri River Sioux home   04/1943                      
A5262-00001 Governor Lynn J. Frazier signing Women's Suffrage bill, Bismarck (N.D.) 01/23/1917
A5263-00001 NPL Headquarters, Hotel Northwest, Bismarck (N.D.) 1917-1918    
A5264-00001 Bird's eye view of Standing Rock Agency, Fort Yates (N.D.)   XX 
A5265-00001 Newton Edmunds     ca. 1865           
A5266-00001 William A. Howard  1878-1880         
A5267-00001 Andrew  J. Faulk   1866-1869            
A5268-00001 Law School, University of North Dakota Grand Forks XX
A5269-00001 Bob Tail Bull, Sioux Warrior  XX 
A5270-00001 Mandan Indian lodge XX 
A5271-00001 Sitting Bull's grave Fort Yates (N.D.)  1951 
A5272-00001 Indian Grass Dance, Fort Yates (N.D.)   1912 
A5273-00001 Brave Buffalo      XX 
A5274-00001 Mary Black Tongue, Sioux maiden XX 
A5275-00001 Catholic Cemetery, Fort Yates (N.D.)    XX 
A5276-00001 Standing Rock Agency, Fort Yates (N.D.) XX 
A5277-000 -SEE - 2018-P-023-00008XX
A5278-00001 Block house, American Fur Trading Co., Fort Berthold (D.T.)  1878
A5279-00001 Red Above, Sioux   XX 
A5280-00001 Roosevelt cabin, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1915               
A5281-00001 Yellow Eyes, Sioux Woman      1940-1950       
A5282-00001  Poor Wolf 1900-1920          
A5284-000 -SEE - 00151-00375  XX
A5285-00001 – A5286-00001 Original Capital building after wing additions, Bismarck (N.D.)1880-1890
A5287-00001 Fannie Dunn Quain outside house, Bismarck (D.T.)  1880-1890         
A5288-00001 Original State Capitol and Liberty Memorial Buildings, Bismarck (N.D.) 1926
A5289-00001 Survivors of the Little Big Horn: Bear Soldier, Little Soldier, One Bull at Standing Rock Monument 1931 
A5290-00001 State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)     1910
A5291-00001 Missouri Valley Clinic, 9th and Rosser, Bismarck (N.D.)      1959
A5292-00001 WWI Veterans salute graves from Battle of Killdeer Mountain  1920-1930
A5293-00001 John Van Arnum in the doorway of the Little Brown Church in the Vale, Nashua, Iowa 1940
A5294-00001 Chief John Grass   1904 
A5295-00001 Honorable James McKay Deer, Lodge (Mont.) 1874
A5296-000 -SEE - 00200-5x7-0205 XX
A5297-00001 Louis Benjamin Hanna 1913-1917 
A5298-00001 Indians digging pipestone at Pipestone (Minn.)    1900-1910             
A5299-00001 Bird's eye view of Hebron (N.D.)1909
A5300-00001 Drawing, "Half-Breed Dance Devils Lake" (D.T.)    1870
A5301-00001 5th St., Bismarck (D.T.)1880-1890
A5302-00001 Dragline bucket strip mining for coal   1930-1940
A5303-00001 – 00005 Construction of Leland Olds Power Plant, Stanton (N.D.) 07/00/1963
A5303-00006 Aerial of construction of Leland Olds Power Plant, Stanton (N.D.) 12/31/1963
A5303-00007 – 00009 Construction of Leland Olds Power Plant, Stanton (N.D.) 02/04/1964
A5304-00001 – 00004 Football game University of North Dakota vs North Dakota Agricultural College ca. 1890                 
A5305-00001 – 00002 James Holding Eagle on top of Crows Heart's earth lodge, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)   ca. 1905                  
A5305-00003 Group of men on Crow's Heart's earth lodge, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.) ca. 1905        
A5305-00004 James Holding sitting on Crow's Heart's earth lodge, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)       ca. 1905                  
A5306-00001 Henry T. Helgeson  ca. 1889             
A5307-00001 Gilbert A. Pierce  ca. 1889                 
A5308-00001 Poster for Seeds of Forests and Fruit Trees in the North Dakota Exhibit, World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago (Ill.)        1892-1893           
A5309-000 -SEE - 01952-00104  XX
A5310-00001 Archaeological workroom (SHSND) - Neg. only       XX
A5311-00001 Ralph Thompson - Neg only     XX
A5312-00001 James Sperry, archaeologist, in State Historical Society workroom - Neg only      XX
A5313-00001 – 00003 Henry R. Martinson ca. 1970
A5314-00001 Dr. O. C. Hibbs Dental Office in the Lucas Block, Bismarck (N.D.) - Neg. only 1905
A5315-00001 A. C. Townley speaking - Neg. only      XX
A5316-00001 Arthur LeSueur - Neg. only    XX
A5318-00001 Francis Henry Register ca. 1880
A5319-00001 M. J. O'Connor and the Capitol Street Car, Bismarck (N.D.)   03/23/1917      
A5320-00001 Log Cabin, Wadeson State Historic Site near Kathryn (N.D.)   10/01/1963     
A5321-00001 Discing with Pehl's steam plow, Ellendale (N.D.)  ca. 1906  
A5322-00001 Three who rode with Custer    ca. 1910       
A5324-000 -SEE - 2018-P-011-00122XX
A5325-00001 Fred Kungel threshing outfit - Neg only 1914
A5326-00001 Custer's first house, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) - Neg. only 1875-1876       
A5326-00001-negative   George Armstrong Custer's first house, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 1875-1876
A5327-00001 Pembina County Courthouse, Pembina (N.D.) 1881-1911   
A5328-00001 Party in buggy and girls on bike, Fort Abraham Lincoln in the background ca. 1910        
A5329-00001 Thinning elm trees on the Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)   1970
A5329-00002 View of State Capitol Building from the bottom of the Mall, Bismarck (N.D.) 1970
A5330-00001 Earth lodge in winter XX
A5331-00001 Ed McCarty on 'Over the Top'  1918
A5331-00002 'Let her buck'     1917-1918
A5331-00003 Lee Caldwell on Flying Devil at the Miles City Roundup 1914
A5331-00004 Nichols tying Medora 1917-1918    
A5331-00005 Calgary Red on Skyrocket      1917
A5331-00006 Skyrocket that's all 1917
A5331-00007 Riding straight up 1915Doubleday Studio (Dickinson, N.D.)    
A5332-00001 Badlands, western (N.D.)      XX
A5332-00002 Beaver destruction on Garne Creek, Badlands (N.D.) XX
A5332-00003 Little Missouri River, Badlands (N.D.)  XX
A5332-00004 On the Little Missouri River (N.D.)     XX
A5332-00005 General formation of Badlands, Billings County (N.D.) 1908
A5332-00006 Dutchman's Barn, Badlands (N.D.) 1908
A5332-00007 Little Missouri River Badlands near Killdeer Mountains, (N.D.) XX
A5333-00001 William S. Arthur - Neg. only XX
A5334-00001 Dedication of North Dakota's Oldest Concrete Pavement historic marker, Grand Forks (N.D.)   10/01/1950
A5335-00001 Binder crew on the Alex Widdicker farm, Bowden (N.D.) 1941
A5336-00001 Building at International Peace Garden, Dunseith (N.D.)      XX
A5337-00001 Threshing wheat in the Red River Valley (N.D.)    ca. 1900
A5338-000 -SEE - 01952-7745   XX
A5339-000 -SEE - C1635XX
A5340-00001 Fur Trader Kenora (Rat Portage) at landing - Neg. only       XX
A5341-00001 Steamer Colville, Fur Trader - Neg. only XX
A5342-00001 Flood, Yankton (D.T.) 1881
A5343-000 -SEE - 01952-5221   XX
A5344-00001 Senator Frank H. Beaton ca. 1945                  
A5345-00001 Walter Burleigh - Neg. only   XX
A5346-00001 A group of Indian Policeman at Fort Berthold (N.D.) 1905
A5347-00001 Native American artifacts     02/20/1904      
A5348-00001 – 00006 Thompson Indian burial XX
A5349-00001 – 00002 Henry R. Martinson at a typewriter in the Temple Labor office, Fargo (N.D.) 01/1969
A5350-000 -SEE - E0264XX
A5351-00001 William A. Bentley ca. 1880               
A5352-00001 Street car, Bismarck (N.D.) - missing   XX
A5353-00001 Prairie Railroad Town - Neg. only       XX
A5354-00001 Streetcar, Fargo (N.D.) - Neg only      XX
A5355-00001 Chateau De Mores Christmas greeting card ca. 1965             
A5356-000 -SEE - 00149-00053  XX
A5357-00001 Ski Area, Devils Lake (N.D.) 10/30/1968      
A5358-00001 Scaffold burial, Grandmother's Lodge    09/18/1901
\A5359-00001 7th Cavalry as escort to the wagon train, Black Hills Expedition 1874
A5360-00001 Steamboat Minnie H XX
A5361-00001.dbCl  De Mores Memorial, Cannes, France - missing       XX
A5362-00001 Old Settlers Legion Memorial blockhouse, Fort Abercrombie State Park (N.D.) 08/1948
A5362-00002 Sketch of Fort Abercrombie (D.T.) from the south  1862
A5362-00003 Sketch of Fort Abercrombie (D.T.) 1862
A5362-00004 Lithograph of Fort Abercrombie (D.T.)   08/1860     
A5362-00005 Sketch of view from Minnesota side of Red River, Fort Abercrombie (D.T.) ca. 1862
A5362-00006 Old Dutch-type windmill built at Abercrombie (D.T.) ca. 1880           
A5363-000 -SEE - A5112XX
A5364-00001 – 00005 Cement Plant, Concrete (N.D.) XX
A5365-00001 Hotel and church, Medora (D.T.) 1882-1883
A5366-00001-00005         Aerial views of Winona (N.D.) XX
A5367-00001 Deapolis landing - Neg only   XX
A5368-00001 Steamers Expansion and Scarab at Deapolis - Neg only XX
A5369-00001 Deapolis - Neg only XX
A5370-00001 Steamer Expansion at Deapolis or Washburn - Neg only XX
A5371-00001 Steamboat - Neg only XX
A5372-00001 Steamers Benton and Frayne at Deapolis (N.D.) - Neg only     1916 
A5373-00001 – 00004 Bus - auto accident between Minot (N.D.) and Aberdeen (S.D.) 09/22/1928
A5374-00001 Stutsman County Memorial Museum, Jamestown (N.D.) XX
A5375-00001 Scott Bredell, Co. A 1st North Dakota Infantry of Hunter (N.D) ca. 1917
A5376-00001 – 00003 Military Girls, Walthill Chautauqua     1913
A5376-00004 Mountain goats     1913
A5376-00005 – 00010 Military Girls, Walthill Chautauqua     1913
A5377-00001 Dickinson (N.D.) from the west1902
A5378-000 -SEE - 00106-00112  XX
A5379-00001 James Neilson - Neg only      XX
A5380-00001 Vermillion (D.T.) - Neg only  1862
A5381-00001 Yankton (D.T.) - Neg only     1862
A5382-00001 Carl Ben Eielson - Neg. only  XX
A5383-00001 The Big Sioux River Falls, Sioux Falls (D.T.) - Neg only     1859
A5384-00001 Deapolis elevator and village site ca. 1904
A5385-00001 Sitting Bull - neg. only      XX
A5386-00001 SEE - 00196-00017  XX
A5387-00001 Ox carts hauling buffalo bones, Devils Lake (D.T.) 07/19/1885          
A5388-00001 Red River cart loaded with bones near Devils Lake (D.T.) 07/19/1885            
A5389-00001 Mrs. Beardsley, druggist's wife XX
A5390-00001 Plan of post buildings Fort Totten (D.T.) XX
A5391-00001 Historical Society meeting, Grand Pacific Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/05/1968
A5392-00001 Public school house, Carrington (N.D.)  1903
A5393-00001 Alfred C. Burrill  1915
A5394-000 -Souvenir Booklet of buildings in Williston (N.D.) 1907
A5394-00001 First Jail, Williams County (N.D.)      ca. 1907               
A5394-00002 Williams County Courthouse, Williston (N.D.)      ca. 1907    
A5394-00003 High School, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1907           
A5394-00004 Great Northern Hotel, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1907       
A5394-00005 Bruegger Mercantile Company's Department Store Williston (N.D.) ca. 1907
A5394-00006 Union Block, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1907          
A5394-00007 G. M. Hedderich and Company's Store, Williston (N.D.) ca. 1907     
A5394-00008 Ferry crossing the Missouri River       ca. 1907            
A5395-00001 State Historical Society staff picking up newspapers and archival material, Washburn (N.D.) ca. 1956
A5396-00001 High School Latin class, Carrington (N.D.) 1903
A5397-00001 High School Economics class, Carrington (N.D.)    1903
A5398-00001 Arthur T. Packard  ca. 1885               
A5399-00001 Jacob Brauch, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session from Yankton (D.T.)   ca. 1875
A5400-00001 Phillip Chandler, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, from Clay County (D.T.)    ca. 1875
A5401-00001 Benton Fraley, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Bon Homme County (D.T.)    ca. 1875
A5402-00001 John Lawrence, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Yankton (D.T.)   ca. 1875
A5403-00001 Mark W. Sheafe, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Union County (D.T.)       ca. 1875
A5404-00001 Marion Pace, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Union County (D.T.) ca. 1875
A5405-00001 Horace J. Austin, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Clay County (D.T.)      ca. 1875
A5406-00001 Clark S. West, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Yankton (D.T.)   ca. 1875
A5407-00001 G. W. Harlan, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Minnehaha County (D.T.)     ca. 1875
A5408-00001 Erastus A. Williams, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Burleigh County (D.T.)  ca. 1875
A5409-00001 Andrew D. McHench, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Cass County (D.T.)     ca. 1875
A5410-00001 O. F. Stevens, member of the Council of Dakota, 11th Session, of Union County (D.T.) ca. 1875       
A5411 – A5412 Jack Lyon's Hamburger stand, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1925    
A5413-000 -SEE - A0093XX
A5414-00001 Theodore Roosevelt Letter to Jacob Siegel 12/28/1940       
A5415-00001 Theodore Roosevelt and Jacob Siegel in front of the Roosevelt statue at the Depot, Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1940                  
A5416-00001 Young Indian girl  XX 
A5417-00001 Edith Wakeman Hughes ca. 1905  
A5419-00001 Dining room, Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)      1935    
A5420-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive and tender at Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/1955
A5420-00002 Railroad track laid for Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive at Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.)  10/1955        
A5420-00003 – 00004 Moving the Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive onto the railroad track at Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/1955                  
A5420-00005 Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive on a side track ready to move to Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.)10/1955                   
A5420-00006 Moving the Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive to Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/1955            
A5420-00007 Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive at Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.)  10/1955                   
A5420-00008 Moving the Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive to Camp Hancock Bismarck (N.D.)   10/1955           
A5421-00001 – 00003 Northern Pacific Railroad locomotive at Camp Hancock, Bismarck (N.D.)  10/1955   
A5422-5452         000 -SEE - 2018-P-050   XX
A5453-00001 Chautauqua train, Devil's Lake (N.D.)    ca. 1920      
A5454-00001 Joseph M. Kelly, President of the North Dakota Chautauqua Association  ca. 1900                 
A5455-00001 Buffalo Pitts steam tractor   ca. 1900
A5456-00001 Soldiers Home, Lisbon (N.D.)  ca. 1891
A5457-00001 Public School, Lisbon (N.D.)  1893-1911
A5458-00001 D. H. King 1955
A5459-00001 Iron Road01/26/1938
A5462-00001 Louis Riel monument, St. Boniface Cathedral Church cemetery, Winnipeg, Manitoba ca. 1970
A5463-00001 Residential street, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1910
A5463-00002 Trolley line down residential brick street, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1911
A5464-00001 – 00002 Benedict (N.D.)    ca. 1919                 
A5465-00001 – 00002 Fort Clark (N.D.)  ca. 1927                 
A5466-00001 Steam engine used for threshing grain   1890-1910
A5467-00001 Threshing crew in the field   ca. 1880
A5468-00001 Threshing crew at work ca. 1880
A5469-00001 Threshing grain closeup       ca. 1880
A5470-00001 Threshing grain    ca. 1880
A5471-00001 Parade for Roosevelt Roughrider statue dedication, Mandan (N.D.) 09/11/1924
A5472-00001 Parade for dedication of Roosevelt Roughrider statue, Mandan (N.D.)    09/11/1924
A5473-00001 Placing the base boulder for the Theodore Roosevelt Roughrider statue, Mandan (N.D.) 06/14/1924
A5474-00001 Mandan Hotel, Main St. Mandan (N.D.)    06/18/1924
A5475-00001 Looking east on Main St., Mandan (N.D.) 07/04/1924
A5476-00001 Everett Elsworth Nelson       ca. 1940            
A5477-00001 St. George Episcopal Church interior, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1940         
A5478-00001 Historical map near the southwest corner of the Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  1971
A5479-00001 Parking area behind Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1971
A5479-00002 Parking lot behind the Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)      1971
A5479-00003 Liberty Memorial Building parking lot, Bismarck (N.D.)       1971
A5480-00001 Liberty Memorial Building columns       1971
A5483-5503         000 -SEE - 2013-P-004   XX
A5504-00001 – 00006 Demolition of Lamborn building, 6th St. and Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/19/1973
A5505-00001 – 00003 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Bismarck (N.D.)  02/28/1973
A5506-00001 Plaque near Northern Pacific Railroad Depot dedicated to Lounsberry's Bismarck Tribune coverage of Custer's defeat ca. 1973  
A5507-00001 Ornamentation near front entrance to the Patterson Hotel, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1973  
A5508-00001 Patterson Hotel, Main Ave. at 5th St., Bismarck (N.D.)      02/19/1973
A5509-00001 Patterson Lounge and Bar and Capitol Theatre, Main Ave. between 5th and 6th Sts., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/19/1973
A5510-00001 North side of Main Ave. between 3rd and 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/19/1973
A5511-00001 Corner of Main Ave. and 3rd St., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/19/1973
A5512-00001 Looking east on Main Ave. at 4th St., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/19/1973
A5513-00001 Looking west on Main Ave. from 6th St., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/28/1973
A5514-00001 Auto Dine Hamburgers, Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.)  02/28/1973
A5515-00001 Looking west on Main Ave. from 6th St., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/28/1973
A5516-00001 Looking northwest on Main Ave. between 5th and 6th Sts., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/28/1973
A5517-00001 Patterson Hotel entrance, corner of 5th St. and Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/28/1973
A5518-00001 East side of 5th St. between Braodway and Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.)   02/28/1973
A5519-00001 Bank of North Dakota, corner of 7th St. and Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/28/1973
A5519-00002 Bank of North Dakota and Auto Dine Hamburgers, corner of 7th St. and Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) 02/28/1973
A5520-00001 Band playing on Main Ave. between 4th and 5th Sts., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1898
A5521-00001 River bottom and Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)  08/28/1969
A5522-00001 Plaque marking tree dedicated to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)08/28/1969
A5523 – A 5526 Sakakawea statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5527-00001 Sakakawea statue plaque, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)    08/28/1969
A5528-00001 Badlands scenery near Medora (N.D.)     08/28/1969
A5528-00002 Little Missouri River, Badlands near Medora (N.D.)08/28/1969
A5528-00003 Little Missouri River near the Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5528-00004 Badlands scenery near Medora (N.D.)     08/28/1969
A5528-00005 Little Missouri River and Badlands bluffs near the Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5528-00006 Badlands scenery near Medora (N.D.)     08/28/1969
A5528-00007 Little Missouri River and Badlands near Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5528-00008 Badlands scenery near Medora (N.D.)     08/28/1969
A5528-00009 River bottom near Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5528-00010 – 00013 River bottom shrubbery near Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5528-00014 River bottom near Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5528-00015 River bottom shrubbery near Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)  08/28/1969
A5528-00016 River bottom with Chateau De Mores in upper center 08/28/1969
A5528-00017 Badlands scenery near Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5528-00018 Car parked at river bottoms near Medora (N.D.)    08/28/1969
A5528-00019 Badlands scenery near Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5528-00020 – 00021 River bottom shrubbery near Chateau De Mores, Medora (N.D.)  08/28/1969
A5528-00022 – 00030 Badlands scenery near Medora (N.D.) 08/28/1969
A5529-00001 Upper Sanger site rectangular house excavation by Dana College 1973
A5530-00001 First Spiritual Assembly for the Baha'i of Bismarck 04/21/1973
A5531-00001 Jim Benjaminson    ca. 1975              
A5532-00001 Robert James Leonard ca. 1975      
A5533-00001 H. Umber ca. 1975                
A5534-00001 Father Louis Pfaller ca. 1970             
A5535-00001 Senator Gerald Prentice Nye   03/23/1943
A5536-00001 William Borah      XX
A5537-00001 Andrew W. Mellon   XX
A5538-00001 J. D. Ream XX
A5539-00001 D. S. Sheets       XX
A5540-00001 Alfred Johnson     XX
A5541-00001 Governor Keith Neville of Nebraska ca. 1917           
A5542-00001 Douglas A. Bakken  03/30/1973      
A5543-00001 Lewis O. Saum      XX
A5544-00001 Wells County Courthouse, Fessenden (N.D.) 1972
A5545-00001 James Sperry, Superintendent of the State Historical Society of North Dakota ca. 1970
A5546-00001 George Ellsbury, Tower City (N.D.)      XX
A5547-00001 George Ellsbury and unidentified man, Tower City (N.D.)      XX
A5548-00001 George Ellsbury home, Tower City (N.D.) ca. 1960                 
A5549-00001 Second schoolhouse, Tower City (N.D.)   ca. 1885                  
A5550-00001 Map from Tower City Topics    07/27/1889
A5551-00001 Sketch of Tower City (D.T.)   1879-1884       
A5552-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1900                  
A5553-00001 Old Missouri River freight house, interior view, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1900     
A5554-00001 Gas boat Expansion at unknown landing   ca. 1920                 
A5555-00001 Steamboat Washburn unloading Case steam tractor   1901-1918     
A5556-00001 Central High School, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1909
A5557-00001 Burning Coal Vein, South Unit Theodore Roosevelt National Park (N.D.)  ca. 1965  
A5558-00001 Badlands formations, Killdeer Mountains (N.D.)    1922
A5559-00001 Man standing on rock formation, Killdeer Mountains (N.D.)    1922
A5560-00001 Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)       ca. 1965             
A5561-00001 Cairn and flags, International Peace Garden       ca. 1965      
A5562-00001 Mercy Hospital, Devils Lake (N.D.)      ca. 1965
A5564-00001 Entrance, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5565-00001 Burleigh County Courthouse, Bismarck (N.D.)       ca. 1911                  
A5566-00001 Burnt Creek near Bismarck (N.D.)ca. 1916                 
A5567-00001 Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)ca. 1960
A5568-00001 Colonel Heber Mansfield Creel ca. 1905     
A5569-00001 George H. Bingenheimer, Morton County Sheriff     1885
A5570-00001 1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry     ca. 1898      
A5570-00002 Major Frank White  ca. 1898            
A5570-00003 – 00005 Unidentified officer, 1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry ca. 1898
A5571-5590         000 -SEE - 2018-P-055   XX
A5591 – A5592 Alfred Dickey Public Library, Jamestown (N.D.)    ca. 1973               
A5593-00001 Eighth St. N., Fargo (N.D.)   1915
A5594-00001 McFarland Hall, Valley City State Teachers College, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1970
A5595-00001 Frank Jaszkowiak's auto       ca. 1905             
A5596-00001 Frank Jaszkowiak's well drilling rig    ca. 1905             
A5597-00001 Frank Jaszkowiak home, 421 12th St., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1910        
A5598-00001 Henry R. Martinson 08/09/1973     
A5599-00001 Northern Pacific #3 train leaving Bismarck for Mandan 10/1940       
A5600-00001 Edwin S. Booth     ca. 1900                 
A5601-000 -SEE - C3102X
A5602-00001 J. D. Reams' sod house, Custer Co. northwest of Broken Bow (Neb.) 1886
A5603-00001 Thomas J. Walsh    XX
A5604-00001 – 00002 Construction of railroad water tank, Sterling (N.D.) ca. 1920             
A5605-00001 Automobiles on Ferry Marion at Bismarck (N.D.)    ca. 1920               
A5606-00001 Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Parke of Sterling (N.D.) in their 1905 Cadillac ca. 1905      
A5607-00001 4th St. looking north from Main Ave., Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1885        
A5608-00001 Oil rig in western (N.D.)     1950-1960            
A5609-00001 Math Dahl (in cab of tractor) breaking sod with steam powered Reeves tractor near Pollock (S.D.) 1907
A5610-00001 Twin City Tractor pulling six wagonloads of grain to elevator, Ryder (N.D.) 1915
A5611-000 -SEE - A4455-00001 - 00002     X
A5612-00001 Steamboat Captain Charles W. Blunt      1886
A5613-00001 1st Cavalry Battalion National Guard Troop A during annual summer encampment, Jamestown (N.D.) 1894
A5614-00001 T. C. Power and Brothers Co.  XX
A5615-00001 Charlie Heck Anstrom boys NPL Socialist Organizers ca. 1917            
A5616-00001 John "Honey" Hall, NPL troubleshooter   ca. 1920  
A5617-00001 Nonpartisan League Organizers 1917
A5618-00001 Indian children riding horses, Cheyenne River Reservation (S.D.) XX
A5619-00001 Major James McLaughlin with Chief Kai Kai She, St. Ignatius Mission (Mont.) 1890-1920
A5620-00001 Crazy Bull and Prairie Chicken XX
A5621 – A5622 Looking west on Thayer Ave. from 3rd St., Bismarck (N.D.)    1930
A5623-00001 Nonpartisan League  member certificate 1917 - missing
A5624-00001 Voyageurs in the camp for the night     ca. 1892
A5626-00001 A Fur-Trader in the Council   ca. 1892
A5627-00001 Du Bois, Courier   1890
A5628-00001 Du Bois greeting Indian ca. 1890
A5629-00001 Father Louis Pfaller 1975
A5630-00001 Arthur C. Townley  ca. 1930              
A5631-00001 Archer Jones       ca. 1975  
A5632-00001 Jerry Vanderlinde  ca. 1975              
A5633-00001 B. B. Brooks       XX
A5633-00002 Rev. Isaac O. Sloan outside Glencoe Church, Glencoe (N.D.) ca. 1885
A5633-00003 Rev. Isaac Oliver Sloan       ca. 1885                
A5634-00001 Frank Mondell      XX
A5635-00001 Pawhuska (Okla.)   1906
A5636-00001 Henry Teigen       ca. 1930                  
A5637-00001 Henry R. Martinson ca. 1975            
A5638-00001 A Hudson Bay Man (Quarter Breed) ca. 1890
A5639-00001-negative   David Thompson Monument, northeast of Velva (N.D.) XX
A5640-00001 Thomas Franklin (T. F.) Roberts ca. 1885
A5641 – A5645 Construction of new entrances for Capitol building, Bismarck (N.D.)    05/00/1975               
A5646-00001 A Medora-Deadwood stagecoach once owned by A. C. Huidekoper  1900-1920      
A5646-00001-negative   Medora-Deadwood stagecoach owned by A. C. Huidekoper1900-1920 
A5647-00001 Homestead of Christian and Minnie (Siegele) Essig near McClusky (N.D.) 1900-1920 
A5648-00001 Homestead of Konrad F. and Friederike Siegele near Schiller (N.D.) 1900-1920
A5649-00001 Homestead of Ernst G. and Rose (Hubele)  Siegele near Mclusky (N.D.) 1900-1920
A5650-000 -SEE - 00022-H-00025 X
A5651-00001 Ivan Dmitri (Levon West) 1900-1967
A5652-00001 Lieutenant William Winer Cooke ca. 1875
A5653-000 -SEE - 00022-H-00113 X
A5654-00001 Soldiers on parade ground, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 1875-1890
A5655-000 -SEE - 00988-00014  X
A5656-00001 Governor John E. Davisca. 1960      
A5657-00001 John Elsworth Davis, American Legion Commander - neg. only   XX
A5658-00001 Jay Bryant - Harriet Ritchie wedding party in front of the Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.) 08/05/1929        
A5658-00002 Harriet and Jay Bryan, newlyweds outside the Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.) 08/05/1929    
A5658-00003 Jay and Harriet Bryant, newlyweds, outside the Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.) 08/05/1929
A5658-00004 Jay Bryant - Harriet Ritchie wedding party outside the Former Governor's Mansion, Bismarck (N.D.) 08/05/1929        
A5660-000 -SEE - 00160-00010  X
A5661-00001 Standing Holy, daughter of Sitting Bull - neg. only XX
A5662-00001 Sitting Bull - neg. only      XX  
A5663-00001 Chief Gray Eagle - neg. only  XX
A5664-00001 Steamer Expansion near Washburn (N.D.) ca. 1906               
A5665-00001 Model of Fort Union as it was in 1829   XX
A5666-00001 Indian village at Fort Clark  ca. 1835
A5667-00001 Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1975
A5668-00001 Sitting Bull portrait-negative ca. 1885
A5669-00001 Sakakawea Statue, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1970          
A5670-00001 Foster County Courthouse, Carrington (N.D.)       ca. 1914
A5671-00001 Forrest W. Daniel  ca. 1975               
A5672-00001 Home of General George Custer, Monroe (Mich.)     1917
A5673-00001 Quain and Ramstead Clinic doctors, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1927
A5674-00001 Ingvard Henry Eide 03/1976             
A5675-00001 Fort Berthold Indian Agency Band 1886-1887           
A5676-00001 Ferryboat Ida on the Missouri River     1911-1919    
A5677-00001 John Leakey XX
A5678-00001 U.S. Senator Henry Clay Hansbrough of North Dakota ca. 1900        
A5679-00001 John Satterlund    XX
A5680-00001 Man on sidewalk, Capitol Grounds, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1925            
A5680-00002 Teddy Roosevelt Roughrider statue in the Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1925
A5680-00003 Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1925              
A5680-00004 Wildlife diorama, Historical Society museum, Liberty Memorial Building, Bismarck (N.D.)     ca. 1925               
A5681-00001  Ivan Dmitri
A5682-00001 Yegen Grocery, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1905    
A5683-000 -SEE - A5633X
A5684-00001 – 00002 Looking northeast at Fort Rice Historic Site      08/09/1973  
A5684-00003 Looking west at Fort Rice Historic Site 08/09/1973  
A5684-00004 Looking east at Fort Rice Historic Site 08/09/1973   
A5685-00001 Commanding Officer's living room, Fort Abraham Lincoln 1873-1891             
A5686-00001 Fort McKeen blockhouse built by the CCC ca. 1950                
A5687-00001 Halvor Sunderland  ca. 1905             
A5688-00001 Southeast business section, Maxbass (N.D.) 1910
A5689-00001 Main St. looking north, Minot (N.D.)    1909     
A5690-00001 Overview of Mandan (N.D.)     1909
A5691-00001 Edmund C. Stucke   02/01/1941      
A5692-00001 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Christianson, Mr. and Mrs. Wakken, early Fargo residents XX
A5693-000 -SEE - D0727 X
A5694-00001 Dayton Earl Shippley ca. 1920          
A5695-00001 Double Ditch Historic Site looking northwest      07/23/1973               
A5695-00002 Double Ditch Historic Site looking west 07/23/1973               
A5696-00001 – 00003 itting Bull's grave site looking northwest       08/07/1973      
A5697-00001 Bismarck River Warehouse historic marker 07/23/1973       
A5698-00001 Fort Lincoln State Park historic marker 07/23/1973                
A5700-00001 Anna Erickson holding reins of her neighbor's white horse, Old Tom, Hettinger County (N.D.) 1910
A5701-00001 Anna Erickson feeding chickens on her homestead, Hettinger County (N.D.) 1910
A5702-00001 Erickson, Ethel    1910
A5703-00001 Anna Erickson      1910
A5704-00001 Fourth of July celebration, Bentley (N.D.) 07/04/1910          
A5705-00001 A. A. Bentley Store, Bentley (N.D.)     ca. 1909          
A5706-00001 Making and eating ice cream on the John Chin farm, Hettinger County (N.D.) 1909-1911     
A5707-00001 Anna and Ethel Erickson in a buggy pulled by Old Tom 1910
A5708-00001 Anna and Ethel Erickson in their flax field, Hettinger County (N.D.)   1910
A5709-00001 John Chin family, Hettinger County (N.D.) ca. 1916                
A5710-00001 Masquerade ball, Bentley (N.D.) 04/23/1911           
A5711-00001 Anna and Ethel Erickson       08/1911             
A5712-00001 Anna Erickson's homestead shack, "Rock Hollow," Hettinger County (N.D.) 1910
A5713-00001 Anna Erickson feeding a puppy 1910
A5714-00001 Teacher and pupils outside the first school in Bentley (N.D.) 1910
A5715-00001 Anna Erickson stands holding a rifle in one hand and a jackrabbit in the other    1910
A5716-00001 Ethel Erickson, "Rock Hollow" carpenter 1910
A5717-00001 Anna Erickson's homestead shack, "Rock Hollow," Hettinger County (N.D.) 1910
A5718-00001 After the Shower, Bentley (N.D.) 07/31/1911          
A5719-00001 Anna Erickson holding the infant, Mildred Chinn   1910
A5720-00001 Aerial view of Liberty Memorial Building and Theodore Roosevelt Cabin, Bismarck (N.D.)      ca. 1930             
A5720-00002 Governor Louis B. Hanna       1913-1917       
A5721-00001 View from top of Capitol building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1933
A5722 – A5723 Capitol building under construction, Bismarck (N.D.)1933
A5724-00001 Father William C. Sherman     1979
A5725-00001 Congressman William Williamson of South Dakota    1921
A5726-00001 Governor Peter Norbeck of South Dakota  ca. 1925;
A5727-00001 Congressman Charles A. Christopherson of South Dakota ca. 1915
A5728-5799         000 -Numbers not used   X
A5800-00001 Riverboat building Red River (D.T.)     1877
A5801-00001 Southeast from the Headquarters Hotel, Fargo (D.T.) 1877
A5802-00001 1st Cass County Courthouse, Fargo (D.T.) 03/1877
A5803-00001 Headquarters Hotel, Fargo (D.T.) 1877
A5804-00001 Looking east from Headquarters Hotel, Fargo (D.T.) 1877
A5805-00001 Steam flour mill, Moorhead (Minn.)      1877
A5806-00001 Northern Pacific Depot, Moorhead (Minn.) 1877
A5807-00001 Northern Pacific Bridge interior view, Red River  1877
A5808-00001 Sporting results and Northern Pacific hunting car 1877
A5809-00001 Hunting Along The Red River   1877
A5810-00001 Northern Pacific Hunting Car  1877
A5811-00001 Plowing on Dalrymple Farm (D.T.) 04/1877
A5812-00001 Plowing on the Dalrymple Farm 04/1877   
A5813-00001 Cheyenne Grade     1877
A5814-00001 Levee Depot, Bismarck (D.T.)  1877
A5815-00001 Seeding on the Grandin Farm   05/01/1877               
A5816-00001 Harrowing on the Grandin Farm 05/01/1877             
A5817-00001 Loading the Steamers Benton, Western on Bismarck Levee (D.T.) 06/12/1877-06/22/1877 
A5818-00001 Steamer John M. Chambers, Bismarck Levee (D.T.)   06/12/1817    
A5819-00001 Cavalry Quarters, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.)     06/12/1877             
A5820-00001 Myles Keogh's war horse "Comanche" with caretaker Gustave Korn 06/12/1877    
A5821-00001 Ferry Landing, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 06/12/1877        
A5822-00001 Blockhouse, Fort Abraham Lincoln (D.T.) 06/12/1877            
A5823-00001 Black Hills Express leaving Bismarck (D.T.) 06/12/1877-06/22/1877  
A5824-00001 Black Hills Express Co. buildings, Bismarck (D.T.) 06/12/1877             
A5825-00001 Moorhead Levee from the north 06/12/1877          
A5826-00001 Residence of C. F. Kindred, Brainerd (Minn.) 07/1877
A5826-00002 Waiting for the ferry, Mississippi River 07/00/1877                
A5827-00001 South from ferry landing, Brainerd (Minn.) 1877
A5828-00001 Boom Lake, Brainerd (Minn.)   07/1877
A5829-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad car shops office, Brainerd (Minn.) 07/1877
A5830-00001 Brainerd (Minn.) from the east 07/1877
A5831-00001 Northern Pacific round house, Brainerd (Minn.)    07/1877
A5832-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad car shops     07/1877
A5833-00001 Harvesting on Dalrymple farm, Casselton (D.T.)    08/1877
A5834-00001 Harvesting on the Dalrymple farm, Casselton (D.T.) 08/1877             
A5835-00001 Threshing on the Dalrymple farm, Casselton (D.T.) 08/00/1877        
A5836-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad car shops, Brainerd (Minn.) 07/1877
A5837-00001 Main Street, Moorhead (Minn.) 08/00/1877            
A5838-00001 Cannonball Valley near Dog Teeth 10/00/1877        
A5839-00001 E. S. Tyler & Co., Casselton (D.T.)     1877
A5840-00001 Steamer J. L. Grandin at farm 1877
A5841-00001 Grand Forks Levee  ca. 1878
A5842-00001 Harrowing ca. 1878
A5843-00001 Seeding  ca. 1878
A5844-00001 Breaking sod       ca. 1878
A5845-00001 Grandin Brothers S. H. Derham ca. 1878
A5846-00001 Breaking sod       1878
A5847-00001 Haying   ca. 1878
A5848-00001 Cass Farm #2       ca. 1878  
A5849-00001 Editorial Excursion Party, Dalrymple Farm, Casselton (D.T.)  08/06/1878       
A5850-00001 Union Depot, Glyndon (Minn.)  ca. 1878    
A5851-00001 Boat building, Red River      ca. 1878
A5852-00001 Elevator, Moorhead (Minn.)    ca. 1878
A5853-00001 City of Worcester railroad car ca. 1878
A5854-00001 Hunting party train, Crystal Springs (D.T.)       ca. 1878
A5855-00001 Sherman House, Fargo (D.T.)   ca. 1878
A5856-00001 First National Bank, Fargo (D.T.) 1879-1893
A5857-00001 Chapin Hall, Fargo (D.T.) 11/21/1878
A5858-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad ice bridge over the Missouri River, Bismarck (D.T.) 01/1879
A5859-00001 Sheridan House, Bismarck (D.T.) ca. 1878
A5860-00001 Big Cut and Beaver Creek Valley (D.T.)  1879
A5861-00001 The Big Cut, (D.T.) 1879
A5862-00001 Clark's Camp, the Big Cut (D.T.) 1879
A5863-00001 Geo. Brandenburg's Wheatland  ca. 1878
A5864-00001 Farm machinery depot, Fargo (D.T.)      ca. 1880
A5865-00001 Threshing on Tenney and Barnes farm, Glyndon (Minn.) ca. 1880
A5866-00001 Headquarters Hotel and Northern Pacific Park, Fargo (D.T.)   1874-1889       
A5867-00001 Main Street, Fargo (D.T.)     ca. 1878
A5868-00001 Buying wheat, Fargo (D.T.)    ca. 1878
A5869-00001 Broadway, Fargo (D.T.) ca. 1880
A5870-00001 Threshing scene    ca. 1878               
A5871-00001 W. F. Steele farm, Kidder County (D.T.) ca. 1878
A5872-00001 Presidential Excursion party on the Northern Pacific Railroad 09/06/1878   
A5873-00001 Harvest hands on Dalrymple farm, Casselton (D.T.) ca. 1880
A5874-00001 Street scene, Brainerd (Minn.) ca. 1880
A5875-00001 Brainerd (Minn.)   ca. 1871 
A5876 – A5877 View in the City of Brainerd (Minn.)    ca. 1870
A5878-00001 NPRR docks and harbor improvements, Duluth (Minn.) 05/1872
A5879-00001 Reception house for immigrants to Duluth, Brainerd, Glyndan (Minn.) ca. 1870
A5880-00001 View of Sanish (N.D.) from Crow Flies High 07/1958;
A5900-00001 Bird's eye view of Kempton (N.D.) ca. 1920
A5901-00001 Andrew Johnston 1968
A5901-00002 Andrew Johnston ca. 1950
A5901-00003 Andrew Johnson on horseback   1955
A5902-00001 John W. Scott      ca. 1860
A5903-5908   SEE - 2018-P-063   x
A5909-00001 Seeding 200 acres, Beach (N.D.) XX
A5910-00001 Street scene, Casselton (N.D.) ca. 1920      
A5911-00001 First National Bank, Casselton (N.D.)   ca. 1920        
A5912-00001 Casselton High School, Casselton (ND)   ca. 1920     
A5913-00001 Alfalfa field, Casselton (N.D.) ca. 1920         
A5914-00001 Front Street and City Park, Casselton (N.D.)      ca. 1920       
A5915-00001 Casselton High School, Casselton (N.D.) ca. 1920    
A5916-00001 Great Northern Hotel, Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1920                  
A5917-00001 Aerial view of Teachers College, Dickinson (N.D.) 1943
A5918-00001 Dickinson State Teachers College, May Hall with rock wall, Dickinson (N.D.) ca. 1943
A5919-00001 Federal Building, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1943        
A5920-00001 North Dakota State University, YMCA, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1943             
A5921-00001 Central High School, Fargo (N.D.)       XX
A5922-00001 Federal Building, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910        
A5923-00001 Young Women's Christian Association, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5924-00001 City Hall, Fargo (N.D.)       ca. 1910
A5925-00001 Crystal Ballroom, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910        
A5926-00001 First Presbyterian Church, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910     
A5927-00001 Ceres Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A5927-00002 Babcock Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Old Main, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)   ca. 1910             
A5928-00001 Campus vista, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910        
A5929-00001 First Ave. N, looking west, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910     
A5930-00001 Carnegie Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5931-00001 Old Main, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5932-00001 Riverview Boat Livery, Moorhead (Minn.) XX
A5933-00001 Fargo College, Fargo (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A5934-00001 Cass County Courthouse, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5936-00001 Northern Pacific Park, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1898
A5937-00001 Carnegie Library, Fargo College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5938-00001 Northern Pacific Park, Fargo (N.D.)ca. 1910
A5939-00001 Fargo College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5940-00001 Festival Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5941-00001 Old Main, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5942-00001 Gardiner Hotel, Fargo (N.D.)  ca. 1910         
A5943-00001 Masonic Temple, U.S. Post Office, Fargo (ND)      ca. 1910  
A5944-00001 Carnegie Library at Fargo College, Fargo (N.D.)   ca. 1910    
A5945-00001 South dam and footbridge over Red River, Fargo (N.D.)and Moorhead (Minn.) XX
A5946-00001 Old Main, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5947-00001 Minard Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1920
A5948-00001 Island Park, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5948-00002 Putnam Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5949-00001 Henrik Wergeland statue, Island Park, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5950-00001 Ceres Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5951-00001 Ladd Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5952-00001 Campus view, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5953-00001 Agassiz School, Fargo (N.D.)  1910Unknown
A5954-00001 Ceres Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A5955-00001 Building, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5956-00001 Old Main, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5957-00001 Van Es Hall (old), North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5958 – A5960 Ceres Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5961-00001 Island Park, Fargo (N.D.)     ca. 1910
A5962-00001 Island Park scene, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910     
A5963-00001 Main Entrance, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5964-00001 Ceres Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5965-00001 Ladd Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5966-00001 Ceres Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5967 – A5868 Campus view, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5969-00001 Ceres Hall, North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A5970-00001 Sacred Heart Convent of the Benedictine Sisters, Garrison (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A5971-00001 Walsh County Courthouse, Grafton (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5972-00001 Chase School, Grafton (N.D.)  ca. 1910        
A5973-00001 First Baptist Church, Grand Forks (N.D.)ca. 1895     
A5974-00001 Old Main, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)     1907
A5975-00001 Security Building, Grand Forks (N.D.)   ca. 1910        
A5976-00001 First Presbytrian Church, Grand Forks (N.D.)      ca. 1898      
A5977-00001 Ontario Store, Grand Forks (N.D.)       1907
A5978-00001 Swedish Lutheran Church, Grand Forks (N.D.)       ca. 1910                 
A5979-00001 DeMers Ave. bridge, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1907
A5980-00001 Clifford Block, Grand Forks (N.D.)      ca. 1910           
A5980-00002 John Deere Implements, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910          
A5981-00001 Central School, Grand Forks (N.D.)      1907
A5982-00001 Lindsay Block, Park, Grant and Morris Grocery Company, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910          
A5983-00001 Clifford Block, University of North Dakota Law School, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5984-00001 St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1907
A5985-00001 Grand Forks College, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1907
A5986-00001 First Church of Christ Scientist and First Norwegian Lutheran Churches, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A5987-00001 Dacotah Hotel, Grand Forks (N.D.)       1907
A5988-00001 Antlers Hotel, Grand Forks (N.D.)       1907
A5989-00001 Metropolitan Theater, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1907
A5990-00001 Central School, Grand Forks (N.D.)      1907
A5991-00001 Belmont School, Grand Forks (N.D.)      1907
A5992-00001 De Mers Avenue Bridge, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1907           
A5993-00001 Belmont School, Grand Forks (N.D.)      ca. 1907      
A5994-00001 Carnegie Library, Grand Forks (N.D.)    1907
A5995-00001 Central School, Grand Forks (N.D.)      ca. 1907         
A5996-00001 3rd St. looking north, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910                  
A5997-00001 YMCA, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910               
A5998-00001 Ontario Store      ca. 1910  
A5999-00001 Third St. looking south, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1907              
A6000-00001 University of North Dakota crest ca. 1910                  
A6001-00001 Gustafson Hall on English Coulee, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6002-00001 Federal Building, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910        
A6003-00001 Railroad bridge, Grand Forks (N.D.)     ca. 1910         
A6004-00001 Sayre Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6005-00001 Larimore Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910        
A6006-00001 Mines Building, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910     
A6007-00001 Law School building, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6008-00001 Merrifield Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910      
A6009-00001 Chemistry Building, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6010-00001 Woodworth Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6011-00001 Montgomery Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6012-00001 Old Main, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)     1907
A6013-00001 President's House, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks   ca. 1910         
A6014-00001 Merrifield Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910      
A6015-00001 Farm Scene, Grand Forks (N.D.)1907
A6016-00001 Red River Scene, Grand Forks (N.D.)     ca. 1910      
A6017-00001 Hotels, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910           
A6018-00001 Gustafson Hall on English Coulee, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6019 – A6020 Red River Scene, Grand Forks (N.D.)     1907
A6021-00001 Businesses, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910     
A6022-00001 Central High School, Wilder School, and Belmont School, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6023-00001 Buildings, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A6024-00001 Railroad bridges, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910        
A6025-00001 Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910             
A6026-00001 – A6029 Red River Scene, Grand Forks (N.D.)     1907
A6030-00001 Tennis Courts, Town and Country Club, Grand Forks (N.D.)     1905
A6031-00001 Grand Forks Lumber Mill, Grand Forks (N.D.)       1907
A6032-00001 First Church of Christ Scientist, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1907
A6033-00001 Red River, The Forks, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1907
A6034-00001 Belmont School, Grand Forks (N.D.)      1907
A6035-00001 Great Northern Railroad Bridge, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1905
A6036-00001 Building, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1907
A6037-00001 Great Northern Railroad bridge, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1907
A6038-00001 University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910                  
A6039-00001 Deaconess Hospital, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910  
A6040-00001 University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910                  
A6041-00001 Gustafson Hall on English Coulee, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6042-00001 Science Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1907
A6043-00001 Woodworth Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6044-00001 Commons Building, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6045-00001 Federal Building, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910        
A6046-00001 Entrance to Campus, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6047-00001 Building, University of North Dakota (UND), Grand Forks (ND) ca. 1910       
A6048-00001 Street scene, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6049-00001 Cottonwood Community Church, Grand Forks (N.D.)   ca.1910        
A6050-00001 Carnegie Library, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910       
A6051-00001 Bank building, Grand Forks (N.D.)       ca. 1910          
A6052-00001 Red River scene, Grand Forks (N.D.)     ca. 1910       
A6053-00001 DeMers Ave. with rail trolley, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6054-00001 St. Michael's Hospital and Nurses' Residence, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6055-00001 Scandinavian American Bank - Northwestern Trust Company, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6056-00001 Masonic Temple, Grand Forks (N.D.)      ca. 1915     
A6057-00001 St. Michael's Catholic Church, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6058-00001 Y.M.C.A., Grand Forks (N.D.)  1909
A6059-00001 Pavilion in a park, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910        
A6060-00001 Grand Forks County Courthouse ca. 1915                  
A6061-00001 Church Composite, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910  
A6062-00001 Gustafson Hall on English Coulee, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6063-00001 Building, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6064-00001 Campus entrance, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6065-00001 Town and Country Club, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910            
A6066-00001 St. Bernard's Academy, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910             
A6067-00001 Downtown business district, DeMers Ave., Grand Forks (N.D.)   1912
A6068-00001 Central High School, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910    
A6069-00001 Building, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910          
A6070-00001 Campus buildings, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (ND) ca. 1910
A6071-00001 City Hall, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1915           
A6072-00001 Gymnasium, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910       
A6073-00001 Building on University of North Dakota campus, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6074-00001 DeMers Ave. with rail trolley, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6075-00001 Building on the University of North Dakota campus, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910    
A6076-00001 Babcock Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A6077-00001 River scene, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910    
A6078 – A6079 Montgomery Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1915
A6080-00001 Residential area, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910        
A6081-00001 Street scene, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6082-00001 Street scene, residential area, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910                
A6083-00001 Carnegie Library, Grand Forks (N.D.)    ca. 1910
A6084-00001 Science Hall, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6085-00001 Outdoor event at English Coulee, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6086-00001 S. 3rd St., Grand Forks (N.D.)ca. 1910
A6087-00001 Residential street, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6088-00001 Building, University of North Dakota campus, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6089-00001 Residential street, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910      
A6090-00001 Residential stree, Grand Forks (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A6091-00001 Residential street, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910      
A6092-00001 Town and Country Club, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910> A6093-00001 Town and Country Club, Grand Forks (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6094-00001.db Broadway Fargo (ND) - missing XX
A6095-00001 Residential street, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910      
A6096-00001 Residential street, Grand Forks (N.D.)  ca. 1910      
A6097-00001 South 3rd Street Grand Forks (N.D.)     1912
A6098-00001 N. 5th Ave., looking south, Jamestown (N.D.)      ca. 1910  
A6099-00001 Stutsman County Courthouse and Jail, Jamestown (N.D.) 1908
A6100-00001 St. James Catholic Church, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910  
A6101-00001 Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)     ca. 1910                 
A6102-00001 Sanford Dormitory, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910       
A6103-00001 Old Main, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)     ca. 1910            
A6104-00001 Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)     ca. 1925                 
A6105-00001 St. James Catholic Church, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910  
A6106-00001 Library Hall, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910             
A6107-00001 Old Main, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)     ca. 1910            
A6108-00001 Residential street, Jamestown (N.D.)    ca. 1910      
A6109-00001 Old Main, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)     ca. 1910            
A6110-00001 State Hospital, Jamestown (N.D.)ca. 1910                 
A6111-00001 River scene, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910     
A6112-00001 Sanford Dormitory, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910       
A6113-00001 President's house, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910        
A6114-00001 House, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910         
A6115-00001 Residential street, Jamestown (N.D.)    ca. 1910      
A6116-00001 State Hospital, Jamestown (N.D.)ca. 1910                 
A6117-00001 Old Main, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)     ca. 1910            
A6118-00001 Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)     ca. 1910                 
A6119-00001 St. John's Academy, Jamestown (N.D.)    ca. 1910                  
A6120-00001 Tabor and Sanford Dormitories, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6121-00001 4th Ave. S., Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910       
A6122-00001 Stutsman County Courthouse and Jail, Jamestown (N.D.) 1908
A6123-00001 Bird's eye view, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910        
A6124-00001 Jamestown College campus, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910    
A6125-00001 State Hospital, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910                
A6126-00001 St. James Catholic Church, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910  
A6127-00001 Taber Hall, Jamestown College, Jamestown (N.D.)   ca. 1910             
A6128-00001 City Hall and Fire Station, Jamestown (N.D.)      ca. 1910       
A6129-00001 State Hospital, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910                
A6130-00001 Gladstone Hotel, Capitol Hotel, Jamestown (N.D.)  ca. 1910              
A6131-00001 High School, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1910     
A6132-00001 Franklin School, Jamestown (N.D.)       ca. 1910        
A6133-00001 Company H Armory, Jamestown (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6134-00001 Residential street, Leeds (N.D.) ca. 1910    
A6135-00001 North Prairie Lutheran Church, rural Leeds (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6136-00001 Church, Leeds (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A6137-00001 School, Leeds (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6138-00001 Business district, Leeds (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6139-00001 Hotel Nigey interior, Mandan (N.D.)     ca. 1910       
A6140-00001 Use Electric Light sign, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1910       
A6141-00001 Hudson & Huff, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1910    
A6142-00001 Opera House and Post Office, Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1915        
A6143-00001 Dining Room, Hotel Nigey, Mandan (N.D.) ca. 1910               
A6144-00001 Horse roundup, Mandan (N.D.)  ca. 1910  
A6145-00001 Main Street, Mandan (N.D.)    ca. 1910        
A6146-00001 Hotel Nigey, Mandan (ND)      ca. 1910         
A6147-00001 Minot High School, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1910  
A6148-00001 Minot Armory, Minot (N.D.)    ca. 1910        
A6149-00001 Soo Line Depot, Minot (N.D.)  ca. 1925        
A6150-00001 Leland Hotel, Minot (N.D.)    ca. 1915           
A6151-00001 Ladies Dormitory, Minot State Normal School, Minot (N.D.)    ca. 1910         
A6152-00001 Elks Building, Minot (N.D.)   ca. 1910             
A6153-00001 Old Main, State Normal School, Minot (N.D.)       ca. 1915    
A6154-00001 Residential scene, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1910    
A6155-00001 Federal Building and Post Office, Minot (N.D.)    ca. 1912    
A6156-00001 Night street scene, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1915                  
A6157-00001 St. Leo's Catholic Church, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1915      
A6158-00001 Residential street, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1915    
A6159-00001 St. Leo's Catholic Church, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1915      
A6160-00001 Mouse River, Minot (N.D.)     ca. 1915          
A6161-00001 Residential area, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1915       
A6162-00001 Mouse River, Minot (N.D.)     ca. 1915          
A6163-00001 View of Minot (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A6164-00001 View of Minot (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A6165-00001 Mouse River scene, Minot (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6166-00001 Assumption Abbey, Richardton (N.D.)     ca. 1910  
A6167-00001 Good Samaritan Hospital, Rugby (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A6168-00001 Pierce County Courthouse, Rugby (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6169-00001 Cramond Hotel, Rugby (N.D.)   ca. 1910
A6170-00001 Pierce County Jail, Rugby (N.D.) ca. 1910    
A6171-00001 Rugby School, Rugby (N.D.)    ca. 1910
A6172-00001 Main Street looking north, Rugby (N.D.) ca. 1915
A6173-00001 Lincoln School and High School, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6174-00001 Lincoln School, Valley City (N.D.)      ca. 1910             
A6175-00001 Riverside Hospital, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1910          
A6176-00001 City Hall, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910               
A6177-00001 Elks Building, Valley City (N.D.)       ca. 1915                
A6178-00001 Platou Hospital, Lion Courts, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1915      
A6179-00001 Ladies dormitories, State Normal School, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6180-00001 State Normal School campus, Valley City (N.D.)    ca. 1910                  
A6181-00001 Bird's eye view, Valley City (N.D.)     ca. 1910            
A6182-00001 A Shady Nook, Valley City (N.D.) ca.1910                   
A6183-00001 Lincoln School and High School, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6184-00001 Building, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1910              
A6185-00001 Sheyenne Apartments, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910                 
A6186-00001 Russell Mill and Sheyenne River, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910               
A6187-00001 Bird's eye view, Valley City (N.D.)     ca. 1910            
A6188-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910               
A6189-00001 Bear on a platform in a cage, City Park, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6190-00001 Sidewalk, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1910            
A6191-00001 American National Bank, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910              
A6192-00001 Hotel Rudolph, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910                  
A6193-00001 Park scene, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A6194-00001 Park scene, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A6195-00001 Elk, City Park Zoo, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1910           
A6196-00001 Park scene, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910         
A6197-00001 Elk, City Park Zoo, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1910           
A6198-00001 Sheyenne River, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910               
A6199-00001 Sheyenne River, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910               
A6200-00001 Elk, City Park Zoo, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910            
A6201-00001 State Normal School, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910      
A6202-00001 State Normal School walk way, Valley City (N.D.)  ca. 1910                 
A6203-00001 A Shady Nook, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910                  
A6204-00001 State Normal School campus, Valley City (N.D.)    ca. 1910                  
A6205-00001 Entrance to State Normal School, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 1910             
A6206-00001 State Normal School, Valley City (N.D.) ca. 19190   
A6207-00001 Walhalla Milling and Electric Light Company, Walhalla (N.D.) ca. 1910 
A6208-00001 Estabrook Hall, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Tenn.)   ca. 1910            
A6209-00001 David Thompson Monument, Verendyre (N.D.) ca. 1930  
A6210-00001 Harvest scene      ca. 1910                  
A6211-000 - SEE - A6210XX
A6212-000 -SEE - A6210XX
A6213-6558 - SEE 00388
A6559-00001 Broadway, looking north, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1955
A6559-00002 Rollon statue and Great Northern Depot, Fargo (N.D.) ca. 1955
A6559-00003 Red River between Fargo (N.D.) and Moorhead (Minn.)   ca. 1955
A6559-00004 Looking west toward Fargo (N.D.) from atop Frederic Martin Hotel, Moorhead (Minn.) ca. 1955
A6559-00005 U.S. Highway 10 Bridge between Fargo (N.D.) and Moorhead (Minn.) ca. 1955
A6559-00006 Rapids and dam, Island Park, Fargo (N.D.)  ca. 1955
A6560-00001 Devils Lake (N.D.) ca. 1965
A6561-00001 Snow geese, Devils Lake (N.D.) 1960-1980
A6561-00002 Bison herd, Sullys Hill National Game Preserve, Spirit Lake Indian Reservation (N.D.)1960-1980     
A6562-000 -SEE -- A4503       X   
A6563-000 -SEE -- A5419       X   
A6564-00001 Aerial view of the Chateau de Mores, Medora (N.D.)    ca. 1960        
A6565-00001 Marquis de Mores statue, Medora (N.D.) 1938-1950
A6566-00001 Marquis de Mores statue, Medora (N.D.) 1938-1950
A6567-00001 Highway through the Badlands (N.D.)    ca. 1960        
A6568-00001 Father John F. Malo, missionary and founder of St. Claude Chapel, St. John (D.T.) 1881
A6569-6621 000 -SEE - 2018-P-076   X   
A6622-6667 000 -SEE - 2018-P-077   X   
A6668-6693 XXX -SEE - 30241        XX  
A6695-6710 000 -Returned to Maryland State Archives    XX  
A6711-00001 P. J. Bott house in flood, Marmarth (N.D.)  05/29/1929
A6712-00001 W. A. Cleveland driving a horse drawn Fire Department wagon, Bismarck (N.D.) 1916-1917
A6713-00001 First house between Fargo and Bismarck built by Oliver Dalrymple XX  
A6714-00001 Hope Fitzgerald    1860-1900
A6715-00001 War saddle and garden hoe1911 
A6716-00001 Dan Slattery and four children in front of their house, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1908
A6717-00001 Sarah Slattery 1st Communion portrait  ca. 1908
A6718-00001 Catherine Switzer(Mrs. William) Blanchard and her daughter Minnie Alice 1890   
A6719-00001 South Main St., Minot (N.D.)ca. 1909
A6720-00001 Original State Capitol building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1905        
A6721-00001 Judge David E. Morgan    1900-1912
A6722-00001 Emma Gaines' sod house near Deering (N.D.)  ca. 1909
A6723-000 SEE - 2019-P-028-00001
A6724-00001 Chippewa Sun Dance lodge, Turtle Mountains (N.D.)06/00/1908
A6725-000 -SEE - 00410-00012 X
A6726-00001 Chippewa Sun Dance lodge, Turtle Mountains (N.D.)06/00/1908
A6727-000 -SEE - A1247-00001  x   
A6728-000 -SEE - A0137-00005  x   
A6729-00001 Little Duck, Gros Ventre ca. 1908
A6730-00001 Mandan earth lodge ca. 1908
A6731-000 -SEE - A0137-00006  x   
A6732-000 -SEE - A0610-00001  x   
A6733-00001 Mandan Young Women's Secret Society ceremonial dance  ca. 1908
A6734-000 -SEE - 00410-00020  x   
A6735-00001 Hannah Levings, Mink Woman 1906-1908
A6736-000 -SEE - A0155-00004  x   
A6737-000 -SEE - A4414-00001  x   
A6738-00001 Gun Guarding House and wife ca. 1908
A6739-00001 Little Crow and family, Mandan ca. 1908
A6740-00001 SEE 00041-1366     XX  
A6741-000 -SEE - A0152-00001  x   
A6742-00001 Crow Belt and wife ca. 1908
A6743-00001.db  Red Bear, Chippewa - missing x   
A6744-000 -SEE - 00410-00022  x   
A6745-00001 Red Hail, Dakota   ca. 1908
A6746-00001 Four men at Mandan earth lodge         ca. 1908
A6747-00001 Cannon, Fort Berthold Reservation (N.D.)    ca. 1910
A6748-00001 Cattle grazing     ca. 1910
A6749-00001 Bison skull by a pile of rocks         XX  
A6750-00001 Homemade packer    XX  
A6751-00001 Cattle grazing     XX  
A6752-00001 Tents near grazing cattle XX  
A6753-00001 Cattle herd and corral   XX  
A6754-00001 Cattle grazing     XX  
A6755 – A6756 Cattle grazing and corral XX  
A6757-000 -SEE - A0103-00001  x   
A6758-00001 Young girl with a stuffed animal sitting on the step of a house, Turtle Mountain Reservation, Belcourt (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6759-00001 Family group on steps of house, Turtle Mountain Reservation, Belcourt (N.D.)       ca. 1910
A6760-00001 Home of Basil Clement    1890-1910
A6761-00001 Laura Perrine      XX  
A6762-000 -SEE - A1474        XX  
A6763 – A6765 Air circus outfit, Grand Forks (N.D.)  1916-1918
A6766-00001 Poor Wolf          ca. 1902
A6767-000 -SEE A2791          XX  
A6768-00001 Farm home          XX
A6769-00001 Badlands ranch     XX  
A6770-00001 Cattle grazing     XX  
A6771-00001 People standing in a field of grain    XX
A6772-00001 House XX
A6773-00001 Large home with people standing on the porch.    XX
A6774-00001 Will and Hattie (Shaw) Lanterman residence, Mandan (N.D.)        XX
A6775-00001 Unknown man speaking to crowds at Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Bismarck (N.D.) XX  
A6776-00001 Spring rye crop on I. P. Baker farm, Bismarck (N.D.)  1917   
A6777-00001 Governor Louis B. Hanna and private secretary in Governor's office, Bismarck (N.D.) 06/00/1916
A6778-00001 Grand Theatre, Bismarck, N.D.          ca. 1915
A6779-00001 Theodore Roosevelt speaks from train, Bismarck (N.D.) 04/09/1903
A6780-000 -SEE - A5262        XX  
A6781-00001 Governor John Burke addressing State Legislature, Bismarck (N.D.) 1907-1912
A6782-00001 Hogs & Hominy Exposition 10/04/1915-10/16/1915
A6783-00001 Governor L. B. Hanna's private secretary    1916   
A6784-00001 Sheep yards        XX  
A6785-00001 Cattle at a watering hole XX  
A6786-00001 Two men standing in a field of grain   XX  
A6787-00001 Potato field       XX  
A6788-00001 Shocks of grain in a field XX  
A6789-00001 Shocks of grain in a field XX  
A6790-00001 Cutting hay        XX  
A6791-00001 Two men standing in a field of grain   XX  
A6792-00001  Waiting for train Northern Pacific Railroad Depot Bismarck ND   1911-1928
A6793-00001 Hospital examining room  XX  
A6794-00001 Main building, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)    ca. 1915
A6795-00001 Cell block interior, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)         ca. 1930
A6796-00001 State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)    ca. 1920
A6797-00001 Cummins, Thorberg and Theis Company, Mandan (N.D.)    ca. 1890
A6798-00001 Bloodhounds, State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920
A6799-00001 Group of people standing on and around boat Iantha    XX  
A6800-00001 Loading motorized vehicle onto ferry   XX  
A6801-00001 Aerial view of Sandven farm, York (N.D.)    1982   
A6802-00001 Old schoolhouse, Page (N.D.)05/30/1959
A6803-00001 Telle Rudser at Telle's Hobby Lab, McKenzie (N.D.)    1945   
A6804-00001 Sadie and John O. Ryan   ca. 1940
A6805-00001 USS North Dakota   XX  
A6806-00001 USS Orion coaling USS North Dakota at Copenhagen, Denmark 06/29/1923
A6807 – A6810 Flood, Bismarck (N.D.)   XX  
A6811-00001 First train in Bowman (N.D.) 1907
A6812-00001 Minot (N.D.)       1890   
A6813-00001 Train on Front St., Fargo (N.D.)       XX  
A6814-00001 Bird's eye view of Buffalo (N.D.)      1909   
A6815-00001 Leith (N.D.)       09/20/1910
A6816-00001 Pupils on the steps of Brisbane Consolidated School, Brisbane (N.D.) 1923-1924
A6817-00001 Brisbane High School Basketball Team, Brisbane (N.D.) 1923-1924
A6818-00001 Brisbane (N.D.)    ca. 1920
A6819-00001 Pupils and teacher in front of a school 7-9 miles SW of Brisbane (N.D.) 1912-1914
A6820-00001 Indians friends S of the Cannonball River   1916   
A6821-00001 Indian circle dance on the main street of a town ca. 1915
A6822-00001 Farmhouse and barn, Tower City (D.T.)  1886
A6823-00001 Colonel Elmer E. Ellsworth ca. 1860
A6824-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Bridge, Bismarck (N.D.) 1890-1910
A6825-00001 State Penitentiary, Bismarck (N.D.)    XX
A6826-00001 Northern Pacific Railroad Depot, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1920
A6827-00001 John W. Dwight     ca. 1920
A6829-6831 000 -SEE - 00225 Frances Wold XX  
A6832-00001 Carroll House, Fullerton (N.D.)        ca. 1968
A6833-00001 Rock carving by J. Clayton Russell, 10 miles S of Sentinel Butte (N.D.) XX  
A6834-00001 Lake Metigoshe State Park, Bottineau (N.D.) XX
A6834-00002 Kitchen and Dining Room, Lake Metigoshe State Park, Bottineau (N.D.)    XX
A6834-00003 Lake Metigoshe State Park, Bottineau (N.D.) XX
A6835-00001 Lodge at Lake Metigoshe State Park, Bottineau (N.D.)  XX
A6835-00002 Lodge, Lake Metigoshe State Park, Bottineau (N.D.)    ca. 1955
A6835-00003 Lodge at Lake Metigoshe State Park, Bottineau (N.D.)  XX
A6836-00001 Lodge at International Peace Gardens, near Dunseith (N.D.)       ca. 1960
A6837-00001 Museum and Administration Building, Fort Lincoln State Park, Mandan (N.D.) XX
A6838-ASEE - A4500        x   
A6838-BSEE - A4503        x   
A6838-CSEE - A6564        x   
A6838-DSEE - A4504        x   
A6838-ESEE - A5248F       x   
A6838-FSEE - A5248K       x   
A6838-GSEE - A5419        x   
A6839-00001 Unidentified portrait of a woman       x   
A6840-00001 First National Bank, 4th St. and Main Ave., Bismarck (D.T.)      1879-1898
A6841-00001 Maze Lyons' tombstone    ca. 1884
A6842-00001 – 00002 Parade, Mandan (N.D.)    ca. 1940
A6843-00001 Bismarck to Mandan bus line ca. 1930
A6844-6849 000 -SEE 2019-P-006     x   
A6850-00001 Queen Victoria     XX  
A6851-00001 – 00011 Corpus Christi procession, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Bismarck (N.D.) 06/02/1922
A6852-00001 St. Mary's Catholic Church and Parsonage, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1904
A6853-00001 – 00002 Vice President Charles Curtis laying cornerstone for the State Capitol, Bismarck (N.D.) 10/08/1932
A6854-00001 Wilson L. Richards XX  
A6855-00001 Roanoke Hotel and Presbyterian Church, Bismarck (N.D.) ca. 1910
A6856-00001 Ice blockade, Bismarck (N.D.)          ca. 1880
A6857-00001 Northern Pacific train wreck, Blue Grass (N.D.)  1910   
A6858-00001 Parochial residence, Mantador (N.D.)   XX  
A6859-00001 Band at the Indian School, Wahpeton (N.D.)  ca. 1910
A6860-6865 000 -SEE - 2019-P-007   x   
A6866-00001 Oak Lawn Cemetery, Pembina County (N.D.)    07/27/1981
A6866-00002 Oak Lawn Cemetery  historical marker, Pembina County (N.D.) 07/27/1981
A6867-00001 Co-op Store, Dazey (N.D.)1920-1929
A6868-00001 Portrait of a man  XX  
A6869-00001 Mrs. Mary Ellen McDonald and Sadie Meritt, teacher, Forest River (N.D.) 1898   
A6871-00001 Studio portrait of 5 women ca. 1890
A6872-000 -SEE - 00515-00007  x   
A6873-00001 Original State Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.) 1905   
A6874-00001 Wright Street, Donnybrook (N.D.)       1910   
A6875-00001 Hunting prairie chickens with dogs, Donnybrook (N.D.) 1908   
A6875-00002 Cattle grazing at the W. B. Stowen farm, Dazey (N.D.) 01/19/1934
A6876-00001 Cattle grazing at the W. B. Stowan Farm, Dazey (N.D.) 01/19/1934
A6877-00001 Turkeys on the W. B. Stowman Farm, Dazey (N.D.)  01/19/1934
A6878-00001 Laura Bender Stowman and classmate at State Normal School, Valley City (N.D.) 1920-1929
A6879-00001 WPA Project building a water tower     1933-1939
A6880-7002 000 -SEE - 00057-00013 - 00057-00036        x   
A7003-00001 Portrait of a woman XX  
A7004-00001 Reverend and Mrs. Jerome Earl Webber, Reverend and Mrs. Guy Wallace Simon, Reverend and Mrs. Ward Boyd ca. 1920
A7005-00001 Reverend David C. Lyon, 1st minister to preach in Jamestown (D.T.) 1870-1880
A7006-00001 Reverend Cicero B. Stevens, Presbyterian minister in Fargo and Jamestown (D.T.)    1878   
A7007-00001 Henry James Baldwin, organizer of the first Presbyterian Church  1879-1880
A7008-00001 Reverend Newville D. Fanning1880-1889
A7009-00001 Dr. Arthur William Ratz  1947   
A7010-00001 Reverend Daniel David Jamsen1935-1945
A7011-00001 Reverend Ward Franklin Boyd 1919-1926
A7012-00001 Reverend Jerome Earl Webber 1927-1934
A7013-00001 Reverend Guy Wallace Simon ca. 1910
A7014-00001 Reverend John Proctor Davis 1904-1905
A7015-00001 Reverend Henry George Gunn 1898-1901
A7016-00001 Reverend Charles M. Taylor 1901-1903
A7017-00001 Reverend Eberle Willis Thomson 1893-1896
A7018-00001 Reverend William Gibb    1889-1893
A7019-00001 Presbyterian Church, Jamestown (N.D.)  XX  
A7020-00001 First Presbyterian manse, 1020 7th Ave. SE, Jamestown (N.D.) ca. 1955
A7021-00001 Presbyterian Manse, 519 2nd St. NE, Jamestown (N.D.)  XX  
A7022-00001 Presbyterian Manse, 619 2nd Ave. SE, Jamestown (N.D.) 1919-1920
A7023-00001 Presbyterian Manse, 209 3rd Ave. SE, Jamestown (N.D.) XX  
A7024-00001 First Presbyterian Church, Jamestown (N.D.) XX  
A7025-00001 Dog Tooth Way Station on the Black Hills Trail   XX  
A7026-00001 Stanley High School basketball team, Stanley (N.D.)   04/05/1920
A7027-00001 Tom and Bessie Cuddigan, Tagus (N.D.)  XX  
A7028-00001 Great Northern Depot, Tagus (N.D.)     1960-1969
A7029-00001 Walking trail through woods, International Peace Garden 1933-1938
A7029-00002 Earth moving for man made lake, International Peace Garden 1933-1938
A7029-00003 Water pump and gazebo, International Peace Garden1933-1938
A7029-00004 Earth moving for man made lake, International Peace Garden 1933-1938
A7029-00005 Camp sites, International Peace Garden 1933-1938
A7029-00006 Trails to picnic area, International Peace Garden1933-1938
A7029-00007 Workers laying rip rap for man made lake, International Peace Garden 1933-1938
A7030-00001 Rugby High School bus    XX  
A7031-00001 Rugby School bus   ca. 1960
A7031-00002 Children standing by school bus, Rugby (N.D.)    ca. 1960
A7031-00003 Rugby School bus   ca. 1960
A7032-00001 President's home, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks        XX  
A7033-00001 Governor John Davis presenting the Economic Development Award 1959
A7034-00001 Medora Pageant, Episode 1 Baptizing Medora  07/04/1937
A7034-00002 Medora Pageant, Episode 1 Scene 6 Roosevelt entering the cattle business 07/04/1937
A7034-00003 Medora Pageant, Episode 1 Scene 7 The First Roundup   07/04/1937
A7034-00004 Medora Pageant, Episode 1 Scene 8 Medora-Deadwood Stagecoach     07/04/1937
A7034-00005 Medora Pageant, Episode 2 Scene 4 Wedding dance Roughrider Hotel 07/04/1937
A7034-00006 Medora Pageant, Episode 11 Mademoiselle Athenais de Mores on horseback  07/04/1937
A7038-7077 000 -SEE - 00388        XX  
A7078-000 -SEE - 00055-00072  x   
A7079-000 -SEE - 00055-00073  X   
A7080-000 -SEE - 00055-00074  x   
A7081-000 -SEE - 00055-00075  x   
A7082-000 -SEE - 00055-00076  x   
A7083-000 -SEE - 00055-00077  x   
A7084-000 -SEE - 00055-00078  x   
A7085-000 -SEE - 00055-00065  x   
A7085-002 -SEE - 00055-00066  x   
A7085-003 -SEE - 00055-00067  x   
A7085-004 -SEE - 00055-00068  x   
A7085-005 -SEE - 00055-00069  x   
A7085-006 -SEE - 00055-00070  x   
A7085-007 -SEE - 00055-00071  x   
A7086-00001 Red River Valley Transportation Co. loading freight, Grand Forks (N.D.) 1910  Johnson & Olson (Alexandria, Minn.)
A7087-00001 Husa and Johnson Store, Belden (N.D.)  1916   
A7088-00001 City Park, Kenmare (N.D.)1916
A7089-000 -SEE - 2012-P-064-0102    x   
A7090-00001 Irvin Hotel, Kenmare (N.D.)ca. 1930
A7091-00001 Garrison Dam construction1950   
A7092-00001 Garrison Dam construction1950   
A7093-00001 Loading Euclids at Garrison Dam spillway site    1950
A7094-00001 South haul road from Garrison Dam spillway to embankment area    1950   
A7095-00001 West view of steel sheet pile driving, Garrison Dam   1950   
A7096-00001 Garrison Dam construction1950   
A7097-00001 Garrison Dam construction1950   
A7098-00001 Garrison Dam intake portals under construction   1950   
A7099-00001 Garrison Dam construction1950   
A7100-00001 Euclid loaders excavating Garrison Dam spillway area  1950   
A7101-00001 Euclid loaders excavating in Garrison Dam spillway area          1950   
A7102-00001 Pre-assembly of tunnel lining forms for 22 foot diameter tunnel, Garrison Dam      1950   
A7103-00001 22 foot diameter steel form for Garrison Dam tunnels 7 and 8     1950   
A7104-00001 Placing reinforcing steel for Garrison Dam monoliths 3 and 10    1950   
A7105-00001 Garrison Dam intake structure          1952   
A7106-00001 Back side of intake structure, Garrison Dam 06/18/1952
A7107-00001 Intake structure. Garrison Dam         06/18/1952
A7108-00001 Outlet wings, power house foundation, Garrison Dam    06/18/1952
A7109-00001 Garrison Dam construction1952   
A7110-00001 Intake structure, Garrison Dam         1952   
A7111-00001 Intake structure, Garrison Dam         1952   
A7112-00001 Completed spillway, Garrison Dam       04/13/1956
A7113-00001 Missouri River bridge near Garrison Dam construction site 04/23/1948
A7114-00001 Tailrace, Garrison Dam   ca. 1954
A7115-00001 Garrison Dam power plant 1955
A7116-00001 Garrison Dam power plant 1956
A7117-00001 Garrison Dam construction1950-1955
A7118-00001 Tour of Garrison Dam construction      1950-1955
A7119-00001 Aerial view of Garrison Dam and Lake Sakakwea    ca. 1955
A7120-00001 Aerial view of rising waters after construction of Garrison Dam  ca. 1955
A7121-00001 Garrison Dam powerhouse foundation, stilling basin and outlet    06/11/1953
A7122-00001 Tunnelling, Garrison Dam 04/23/1948
A7123-00001 Intake structure, Garrison Dam         06/11/1953
A7124-00001 Aerial view of Riverdale (N.D.)        ca. 1953
A7125-00001 Spillway construction, Garrison Dam    ca. 1953
A7126-00001 Rock and earth fill dike at work bridge, Garrison Dam 04/21/1953
A7127-00001 Pulling plug at outlet end of new channel created by Garrison Dam 04/21/1953
A7128-00001 Powerhouse foundation and surge tanks, Garrison Dam   08/05/1952
A7129-00001 Ambrose Hardy      ca. 1900
A7130-00001 Elevators, Hannaford (N.D.)ca. 1912
A7131-00001 James L. Prashek   XX  
A7132-00001 Family in front of a sod house         XX  
A7133-00001 Painted Canyon, Badlands ca. 1935
A7134-00001 Eight horse team pulling 3 bottom plowsca. 1900
A7135-00001 Typical harvesting scene in North Dakota    1907
A7136-00001 Harvey, Feed Mill, first manager       1950   
A7137-00001 Midcontinental Railroad construction, Beaver Creek, Jamestown (N.D) 09/09/1909
A7138-00001 Mains Street looking north, Balfour (N.D.)  ca. 1900
A7139-00001 Section of Main Street, Van Hook (N.D) ca. 1910
A7140-00001 – 00004 Fire at 3rd. St. and Broadway, Bismarck (N.D)    03/24/1984
A7141-00001 Mandan (D.T.) 18 months old ca. 1875
A7142-000 -SEE - 2018-P-078   x   
A7144-000 -SEE - 00174-00010  x   
A7145-00001 Thad C. Hecker and son Steve6/1947
A7146-00001  Frank Fiske       ca. 1945
A7147-00001 Sitting Bull's grave, Fort Yates (N.D.)1931 
A7148-00001 Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX  
A7148-00002 Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  XX  
A7148-00003 Original Capitol Building, Bismarck (N.D.)  ca. 1920
A7149-00001 Farmhouse near Wheatland (D.T.)        1880-1889    Hamlin, John R.      
A7150-00001 Andrew and Caroline Netzer and children, Russian immigrants to the Krem area XX
A7151-00001 Roy Cochrane's homestead shack, Bowman (N.D.)    1908-1911
A7152-00001 Lyle Cochrane's sod house built 1908, Bowman (N.D.)   1908-1911
A7153-00001 Roy Cochrane standing on 6-bottom plow, Bowman (N.D.) 1911   
A7154-00001 Roy Cochrane's ranch, Bowman (N.D.)    1908   
A7155-00001-00015         SEE - 2018-P-039   x   
A7156-00001 Bird's eye view of  Edgeley (N.D.)     1907   
A7157-00001 Football team      1927   
A7158-00001 Portrait of a man  XX  
A7158-00002 Portrait of a man  XX  
A7158-00003 Portrait of a man  XX  
A7158-00004 Two men standing by a table XX  
A7158-00005 Portrait of a woman XX  
A7158-00006 Portrait of a man  XX  
A7158-00007 Portrait of a woman XX  
A7158-00008 Portrait of a man  XX  
A7158-00009 Portrait of a woman XX  
A7158-00010 Portrait of a man  XX  
A7158-00011 Portrait of a man  XX  
A7158-00012 Portrait of a woman XX

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