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State Agency Records - State Historical Society. Picture North Dakota - #32398

Title: Historical Society. Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Picture North Dakota

Dates:  1995

Record Series: 32398

Quantity: 2.25 feet

Abstract: The Picture North Dakota project was developed to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the State Historical Society of North Dakota by organizing 100 centennial ambassadors from local and tribal historical societies and museums statewide to shoot 100 rolls of film of people, places, things, and events in the state. Each ambassador was sent one roll of color film with 36 exposures to be shot the weekend of June 23-25, 1995 by either themselves or someone else. Photographers were encouraged to document everyday life in their community, and were encouraged to be creative in their subjects.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Public Records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the researcher.

Access: The collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Box 1: Project files
1 Photograph Identification forms, Adams County-Dunn County
2 Photograph Identification forms, Eddy County-McHenry County
3 Photograph Identification forms, McIntosh County-Pembina County
4 Photograph Identification forms, Pierce County-Williams County
5 Centennial ambassador photos

Box 2: Adams County- Bowman County. Photographs: 32398-00001-32398-00305
Box 3: Burke County- Dunn County. Photographs: 32398-00306-32398-00681
Box 4: Dunn County- Griggs County. Photographs: 32398-00682-32398-01071
Box 5: Hettinger County-McLean County. Photographs: 32398-01072-32398-01428
Box 6: McLean County- Oliver County. Photographs: 32398-01429-32398-01791
Box 7: Oliver County- Renville County. Photographs: 32398-01792-32398-02197
Box 8: Richland County-Williams County (unprocessed photographs)



Photos by Mary Rowley
00001    Hettinger sign, Hettinger (N.D.)
00002 – 00003 Hettinger native opera singer Korliss Uecker signing autographs, Hettinger (N.D.)
00004    Horace Kim, rancher, Hettinger (N.D.)
00005    Elmer Dannenfelzer and Lenora Harris, Dakota Buttes Museum workers,              Hettinger (N.D.)
00006 – 00007 Possibly Norma Sipma, Lisa Beckman, or Tammy Kaufman, Hettinger (N.D.)
00008    Tom Secrest, attorney, Hettinger (N.D.)
00009    Kathy Jahner, postal employee, Hettinger (N.D.)
00010    Mrs. Manning, Hettinger (N.D.)
00011    Mark and Elmer Zimmerman with Darrel Papka, Hettinger (N.D.)              
00012    JoAnn Papka, auction clerk, and Diane Henderson, Hettinger (N.D.)
00013    Floyd Chalcraft, Super Valu manager, Hettinger (N.D.)
00014    Tracy Fordahl, Super Valu clerk, Hettinger (N.D.)
00015    Dave White and Clifford Olson, Hettinger (N.D.)
00016    Eldon Torgerson, farmer, Hettinger (N.D.)
00017    Charles Frisch, pharmacist, Hettinger (N.D.)
00018    Ardella Dschaak, Cozy Hut Café owner, Hettinger (N.D.)
00019    Norris Erickson repairing Chris Zimmerman's tractor, Hettinger (N.D.)
00020    Don Davidson, mayor, Hettinger (N.D.)
00021    JoAnn Papka, owner of DiAnn's Dress Shop and Loretta Anderson, Hettinger (N.D.)
00022    Gayle and Al Gomer, owners of Image Maker Print Shop, Hettinger (N.D.)
00023    Morris Nelson at his loom, Hettinger (N.D.)
00024    Teresa Nelson by stove she uses, Hettinger (N.D.)
00025    Morris and Teresa Nelson with Florence Houser, Hettinger (N.D.)              
00026    Morris Nelson by his tractor, Hettinger (N.D.)    
00027    Morris and Teresa Nelson with float for parade they made, Hettinger (N.D.)      
00028    Florence Houser with crocheted rug made from recycled yarn, Bucyrus (N.D.)   
00029    Shawn Hoffer, owner of Prairie Rose Floral, Hettinger (N.D.)      
00030    Jeff Seamonds in a grain elevator, Hettinger (N.D.)         
00031    Daniel Clayton on his bicycle, Hettinger (N.D.)   
00032 – 00033 Mr. and Mrs. Imhoff fishing with their grandson, Hettinger (N.D.)              
00034    Three boys playing in water, possibly Salseider and Paulson, Hettinger (N.D.)     
00035    Ruth Nelson and Bernice Hallon, Hettinger (N.D.)
00036    Man fishing in a boat on Mirror Lake, Hettinger (N.D.)   

Photos by Terry Gray
00037    Valley City sign, Valley City (N.D.)
00038    North Dakota Winter Show building, Valley City (N.D.)
00039    Ruth Nathan, Denise Hanson, Sharon Schmalz, and Mary Tangen golfing at the Valley City Town and Country Club, Valley City (N.D.)
00040    Lakota and Washburn playing baseball at Charlie Brown Field, Valley City (N.D.)
00041    North Valley, Highline Bridge in background, Valley City (N.D.)
00042    Maurice Wick home, Valley City (N.D.)
00043    Dean Ross cleaning up trimmed branches, Valley City (N.D.)
00044    Valley City State University footbridge, Valley City (N.D.)
00045    McFarland Hall, VCSU campus, Valley City (N.D.)
00046    Barnes County Courthouse, Valley City (N.D.)
00047    Valley City Public Library, Valley City (N.D.)
00048    Valley City Airport, Valley City (N.D.)
00049    Mike and J. J. Triebold home, Valley City (N.D.)
00050    Central Avenue, Valley City (N.D.)
00051    VCSU medicine wheel, Valley City (N.D.)
00052    Sheyenne Valley Riding Club cattle cutting competition, Valley City (N.D.)
00053    Judge John T. Paulson home, Valley City (N.D.)
00054    Ashtabula Crossing north of Valley City, Valley City (N.D.)
00055    Otto Kracht and Travis Gray servicing a Lincoln Town Car, Valley City (N.D.)
00056    Unidentified men balancing a tire, Valley City (N.D.)
00057    Tree moving truck, Valley City (N.D.)
00058    Fireworks stand, Valley City (N.D.)
00059    Bee keepers from San Joaquin Valley bringing their bees to Valley City (N.D.)
00060    Rainbow bridge at East Main, Valley City (N.D.)
00061    Powerhouse on East Main, Valley City (N.D.)
00062    Valley City Fire Hall, Valley City (N.D.)
00063    Valley City's first fire truck, 1917 Seagrave, Valley City (N.D.)
00064    Playground, Valley City (N.D.)
00065    City Park Bridge, Valley City (N.D.)
00066    Barnes County Historical Museum, Valley City (N.D.)
00067    New house construction, Valley City (N.D.)
00068    Sheyenne Care Center, Valley City (N.D.)
00069    Sheyenne River view with Mercy Hospital in background, Valley City (N.D.)
00070    Mill Dam, Valley City (N.D.)
00071    VCSU foot bridge, Valley City (N.D.)
00072    Occident Flour Mill, Valley City (N.D.)

Photos by Judy Schlecht
00073 – 00074 Wimbledon-Courtenay All-School Reunion Alumni Banquet, Wimbledon (N.D.)
00075 – 00077 Danny Tyler Band playing for Reunion, Wimbledon (N.D.)
00078 – 00079 Reunion Barbeque, Wimbledon (N.D.)
00080 – 00084 Reunion softball tournament at Victory Park, Wimbledon (N.D.)
00085    Wimbledon water tower, Wimbledon (N.D.)
00086 – 00090 Reunion street dance, Wimbledon (N.D.)
00091 – 00110 Parade, Wimbledon (N.D.)

Photos by Louis Garcia
00111    Sharon Georgeson teaching a youth bible class at Bdecan Presbyterian Church, Tokio (N.D.)
00112    Mike One Bear and Harland Blueshield building Dakota Oyate Lutheran Church, Tokio (N.D.)
00113    Casino in Tokio (N.D.)
00114    Tokio General Store, Tokio (N.D.)
00115    Tokio sign, Tokio (N.D.)
00116    Bell Brown, assistant postmaster, Tokio (N.D.)
00117    Hilda Redfox Garcia, parfleche maker, Tokio (N.D.)
00118    Highway 20 raised due to rising waters of Devils Lake, Tokio (N.D.)
00119    Buffalo herd owned by Devils Lake Sioux tribe, Tokio (N.D.)
00120    Robert Brown next to concrete plug keeping out rising water of Devils Lake, Tokio (N.D.)
00121    Robert Brown and Robert Redfox removing forms from plug, Tokio (N.D.)
00122    Evelyn Young, postmaster, Tokio (N.D.)
00123    Tipi set up for Sunday school class at Bdecan Church, Tokio (N.D.)
00124    Wood Lake Presbyterian Church, Tokio (N.D.)
00125    Hupahumazawin, Iron Wing Woman headstone, Tokio (N.D.)
00126    Sun Dance lodge for dance held at summer solstice, Tokio (N.D.)

Photos by Garvin Plummer
00127    Agnes Nelson Gronback in front of her rose bush, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00128    Supper honoring the National Guard, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00129    First American Bank, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00130    Milson Ball, center, on parade float, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00131    Elks Band of Devils Lake on parade float, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00132    Parade with Fire Hall in background, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00133    Garage sale, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00134    Plummer family reunion, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00135    Grain elevator, Devils Lake (N.D.)
00136    Memorial plaque, Devils Lake (N.D.)

Photos by Julie Powell
00137    Billings County sign on Interstate 94, Billings County (N.D.)
00138    Fryburg exit sign on Interstate 94, Fryburg (N.D.)
00139    Fryburg Elementary School, Fryburg (N.D.)
00140    Oil drilling rig at Painted Canyon, Billings County (N.D.)
00141    Theodore Roosevelt National Park sign, Billings County (N.D.)
00142    Painted Canyon Visitor Center, Billings County (N.D.)
00143    Overlook at Painted Canyon, Billings County (N.D.)
00144    View at Painted Canyon, Billings County (N.D.)
00145    Theodore Roosevelt National Park sign, Billings County (N.D.)
00146    Stark/Billings County 4-H picnic, Medora (N.D.)
00147 – 00148 Chimney Park, Medora (N.D.)
00149 – 00150 Visitor Center at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora (N.D.)
00151    Robin Powell and Marie Richards working at Hitching Post Gifts, Medora (N.D.)
00152    Medora Convenience Store, Medora (N.D.)
00153    Lara Thompson, Loretta Kessel, and Beth Dutchak at Burning Hills Gifts and Antiques, Medora (N.D.)
00154    DeMores Park, Medora (N.D.)
00155    Sara Thompson and Eric Lae in front of Rough Riders Hotel, Medora (N.D.)
00156    Visitors buying musical tickets at Harold Schafer Interpretive Center, Medora (N.D.)
00157    Museum inside of the Harold Schafer Interpretive Center, Medora (N.D.)
00158    DeMores School, Medora (N.D.)
00159 – 00160 Chateau DeMores Museum, Medora (N.D.)
00161    Coleen Hanes, Chateau guide, Medora (N.D.)
00162    Ed Sahlstrom addressing visitors at Chateau, Medora (N.D.)
00163    Mark Klemsrud portraying the Marquis DeMores at the Chateau, Medora (N.D.)
00164 – 00165 Burning Hills Amphitheater, Medora (N.D.)
00166    Medora Public Swimming Pool, Medora (N.D.)
00167    Billings County Museum, Medora (N.D.)
00168    Medora tourists, Medora (N.D.)
00169    Billings County Courthouse, Medora (N.D.)
00170    South Fairfield sign on Highway 85, South Fairfield (N.D.)
00171    Prairie Elementary School, South Fairfield (N.D.)
00172    St. Josephat Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery, Billings County (N.D.)
00173    St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church, Billings County (N.D.)

Photos by Colleen Carlson
00174    Registration at Lansford School Reunion, Lansford (N.D.)
00175    Wilbur Chambers, Delores, and Art and Vivian O'Connell visiting at reunion, Lansford (N.D.)
00176    Lansford sign, Lansford (N.D.)
00177    Threshers sign, Lansford (N.D.)
00178    Lansford Post Office, Lansford (N.D.)
00179    Miniature Lansford model, Lansford (N.D.)
00180    Miniature of the Lansford Flour Mill, Lansford (N.D.)
00181    Thresher men standing in front of Case steam engine, Lansford (N.D.)
00182    Glen Carlson's 1926 Model T truck, Lansford (N.D.)
00183    Lansford School, Lansford (N.D.)
00184    George Adams driving his team of llamas, Lansford (N.D.)
00185    Martin Undlin barn, Lansford (N.D.)
00186    Abandoned farm house, Lansford (N.D.)
00187    Grano Bar, Grano (N.D.)
00188    Lake near Grano (N.D.)
00189    Grain cleaning on Dave Brossart farm, Lansford (N.D.)
00190    Wyatt Brossart driving a four wheeler, Lansford (N.D.)
00191    Suzi Brossart with three kittens, Lansford (N.D.)
00192    Lansford thresher men threshing oats, Lansford (N.D.)
00193    Senator David O'Connell threshing, Lansford (N.D.)
00194    Kids coin hunt in straw pile, Lansford (N.D.)
00195    Verna Undlin birthday party, Mohall (N.D.)
00196    Morning coffee at the Lansford Café, Lansford (N.D.)
00197    Schepp's Dakota Deli, Lansford (N.D.)
00198    Lansford Stay and Shop grocery store, Lansford (N.D.)
00199    Lansford sign on Highway 83, Lansford (N.D.)
00200    Lansford centennial stone and time capsule, Lansford (N.D.)
00201    Trinity Lutheran Church, Lansford (N.D.)
00202    St. John Catholic Church, Lansford (N.D.)

Photos by Velma Wondrasek
00203    Welcome to Bottineau sign, Bottineau (N.D.)
00204    Bottineau airport with spray plane on apron, Bottineau (N.D.)
00205    Old Main, Bottineau branch of NDSU, Bottineau (N.D.)
00206    Thatcher and Mead Halls, Bottineau (N.D.)
00207    Bottineau County Courthouse, Bottineau (N.D.)
00208    Bottineau swimming pool, Bottineau (N.D.)
00209    High dive at the swimming pool, Bottineau (N.D.)
00210 – 00211 Fire truck responding to a fire, Bottineau (N.D.)
00212    Gymnastics class in the armory, Bottineau (N.D.)
00213    Coffee time in the bakery, Bottineau (N.D.)
00214 – 00215 Coffee party in the yard of Zelma Brandvold, Bottineau (N.D.)
00216    Bessie Hall, Bottineau (N.D.)
00217    Brad Woods and Kenny Berg in Sheriff's office, Bottineau (N.D.)
00218    Alicia Brandt and Sean Brandt climbing a tree, Bottineau (N.D.)
00219    Tractor and disc, Bottineau (N.D.)
00220    Tiffany Schuster climbing on her grandmother's dog, Bottineau (N.D.)
00221    Grain bins on Norman Glinz farm, Bottineau (N.D.)
00222 – 00223 Kids baseball league game, Bottineau (N.D.)
00224    People on bleachers watching ball game, Bottineau (N.D.)
00225    Tommy Turtle, Bottineau (N.D.)
00226    Lords Ranch Group, Bottineau (N.D.)
00227    Darci Jelleberg at desk, Bottineau (N.D.)
00228    Mayor M. H. Larson, Jr., Bottineau (N.D.)
00229 – 00230 Rod Hiatt conducting an auction, Bottineau (N.D.)
00231    Bob Saunders home, Bottineau (N.D.)
00232 – 00233 Rummage sale, Bottineau (N.D.)
00234    Old courthouse façade, Bottineau (N.D.)
00235    Elevators, Bottineau (N.D.)
00236    Main Street, west side, Bottineau (N.D.)
00237    Chaplain's Monument, Bottineau (N.D.)
00238    Old Settler's Monument, Bottineau (N.D.)
00239    Bottineau Historical Museum, Bottineau (N.D.)

Photos by Hazel Jostad
00240    Moving a shed, Bottineau (N.D.)
00241    House ready to move, Bottineau (N.D.)
00242    Men loading grass into a dumpster, Bottineau (N.D.)
00243    Horseback rider and three unsaddled horses, Bottineau (N.D.)
00244    Pond, Bottineau (N.D.)
00245    Sheriff by his squad car, Bottineau (N.D.)
00246    Methodist and Presbyterian United Church, Bottineau (N.D.)
00247    Elevators, Bottineau (N.D.)
00248    American Lutheran Church, Bottineau (N.D.)
00249    Mailman and truck, Bottineau (N.D.)
00250    Entrance to Bottineau Hospital, Bottineau (N.D.)
00251    First county courthouse, now a residence, Bottineau (N.D.)
00252    City Armory, Bottineau (N.D.)
00253    Main Street, looking north, Bottineau (N.D.)
00254    Entrance room of county library, Bottineau (N.D.)
00255    Children's story area of county library, Bottineau (N.D.)
00256    Lloyd's Super Value, Bottineau (N.D.)
00257    St. Mark's Catholic Church, Bottineau (N.D.)
00258    Man using a computer, Bottineau (N.D.)
00259    Artistic mail box, Bottineau (N.D.)
00260    Metigoshe Chapel, Bottineau (N.D.)
00261    Lake Metigoshe, Bottineau (N.D.)
00262 – 00263 Bottineau Country Club, Bottineau (N.D.)
00264    Elevator loading grain, Bottineau (N.D.)
00265    Woman hanging laundry, Bottineau (N.D.)
00266    House, Bottineau (N.D.)
00267    Recreational vehicle, Bottineau (N.D.)
00268    People playing basketball in a driveway, Bottineau (N.D.)
00269    Kids playing on a trampoline, Bottineau (N.D.)
00270    Family playing cards and eating watermelon, Bottineau (N.D.)
00271    Bottineau County Fair, Bottineau (N.D.)

Photos by Cris Fulton
00272    Welcome to Bowman sign, Bowman (N.D.)
00273    Lanny and Carol Vail with Stan and Sandra Segal in front of a house, Bowman (N.D.)
00274    Pond north of Bowman (N.D.)
00275    Twin Buttes, Bowman (N.D.)
00276    Farm six miles north of Bowman, Bowman (N.D.)
00277 – 00278 Slide Butte, Bowman (N.D.)
00279    Seventh Day Adventist Church, Bowman (N.D.)
00280    Grain bins north of town, Bowman (N.D.)
00281    Bob Becker and welded sculpture, Bowman (N.D.)
00282    Wild Flower Garden at Pioneer Trails Museum, Bowman (N.D.)
00283    Elevator, Bowman (N.D.)
00284 – 00287 Main Street, Bowman (N.D.)
00288    Bowman Sales and Service lot, Bowman (N.D.)
00289    Main Street, Bowman (N.D.)
00290    John Deere tractor, Bowman (N.D.)
00291    Talbot Butte, Bowman (N.D.)
00292    View from the south, Bowman (N.D.)
00293    Bowman City Park, Bowman (N.D.)
00294    Bowman Drug Store, Bowman (N.D.)
00295    Dale's Clothing, Bowman (N.D.)
00296 – 00299 Fort Dilts headstones, Bowman (N.D.)
00300    Gary's Jack and Jill Grocery Store, Bowman (N.D.)
00301    Cenex service station, Bowman (N.D.)
00302    Dakota Western Bank, Bowman (N.D.)
00303    Kum and Go convenience store, Bowman (N.D.)
00304    Twin Butte Liquor Store, Bowman (N.D.)
00305    Tourist Information building, Bowman (N.D.)

Photos by Ruth Mogren
00306    Tool display at Powers Lake Historical Museum, Powers Lake (N.D.)
00307    Our Savior's Lutheran Church altar, Powers Lake (N.D.)
00308    Entrance to Powers Lake Historical Museum, Powers Lake (N.D.)
00309    Church service in Our Savior's Lutheran Church, Powers Lake (N.D.)
00310    Senior Citizens Center, Powers Lake (N.D.)
00311    Two people fishing in Powers Lake, Powers Lake (N.D.)
00312    Campers parked at Powers Lake (N.D.)
00313    Smishick Lake, Powers Lake (N.D.)
00314    Rural church, Battleview (N.D.)
00315    Baseball game, Burke County (N.D.)
00316    Rural scenery, Burke County (N.D.)
00317    Cattle in a pasture, Burke County (N.D.)
00318    Elevators, Burke County (N.D.)
00319    Rural church, Coteau (N.D.)
00320    Abandoned farm, Burke County (N.D.)
00321    Missile base, Bowbells (N.D.)
00322    Burke County Courthouse, Bowbells (N.D.)
00323    Bowbells Senior Center, Bowbells (N.D.)
00324 – 00325 United Methodist Church, Bowbells (N.D.)
00326    Driveway basketball game, Burke County (N.D.)
00327    Oil well, Burke County (N.D.)
00328 – 00329 Northgate Dam, Burke County (N.D.)
00330    Men relaxing in the backyard, Flaxton (N.D.)
00331    Backyard scene, Flaxton (N.D.)
00332    Two people having coffee, Flaxton (N.D.)
00333    Flaxton Senior Center, Flaxton (N.D.)
00334    Flaxton Senior Center interior, Flaxton (N.D.)
00335    Hall in Flaxton (N.D.)
00336    People having coffee on the deck, Flaxton (N.D.)
00337    Flaxton School, now a home, Flaxton (N.D.)
00338    Baling hay, Burke County (N.D.)
00339    Parking for Swedes Only sign, Burke County (N.D.)

Photos by Joann R. Ellis
00340    Doc Stevens, owner of Stevens Welding shop, Lignite (N.D.)
00341    Cashiers and customers at DJ's Foods, Lignite (N.D.)
00342    Dr. Nandra and Naomi Nelson at the Lignite Clinic, Lignite (N.D.)
00343    Leon Engst cutting hair, Lignite (N.D.)
00344    Ashley and Cassidy Hoff blowing bubbles, Lignite (N.D.)
00345    Matt Knutson, Gabe Ellis, and Tyler Sandburg in front of old Lignite City Hall, Lignite (N.D.)
00346    Chester Oas, owner of Oas Implement, Columbus (N.D.)
00347    Olive Johnson, owner of Johnson's Café, Lignite (N.D.)
00348    Marlyn Thompson in Johnson's Café, Lignite (N.D.)
00349    Seniors waiting for dinner in the Lignite Senior Citizens Center, Lignite (N.D.)
00350    Maureen Chrest serving drinks at the 109 Club, Lignite (N.D.)
00351    Carol Olney and Cindy Larsen working at 1st National Bank, Lignite (N.D.)
00352    Joe Busch and Francis Zinmell getting their mail at the Lignite Post Office, Lignite (N.D.)
00353    Three men talking on Main Street, Lignite (N.D.)
00354    Allen Larson family having breakfast at Johnson's Café, Lignite (N.D.)
00355    Dale Nelson pumping gas at Wheatland Oil, Lignite (N.D.)
00356    Le Otis Alney, owner of Wheatland Oil, Lignite (N.D.)
00357    Kenny Berg mowing his lawn, Lignite (N.D.)
00358    Coffield family on playground at Lignite City Park, Lignite (N.D.)
00359    Derek and Bret Coffield playing at Lignite City Park, Lignite (N.D.)
00360    Three children with toy car, Lignite (N.D.)
00361    Abandoned farm, Lignite (N.D.)
00362    Mass at St. John's Catholic Church, Portal (N.D.)
00363    Don Knutson working at the Portal border crossing, Portal (N.D.)
00364    Jim Arnold and trucker at the Portal border crossing, Portal (N.D.)
00365    Rick Kirkpatrick and Donovan Ellen mowing grass, Lignite (N.D.)
00366    Kayla Blom digging at the Lignite Baseball Field, Lignite (N.D.)
00367    Tracey and Cameron Sandburg with Joan Dvorack gardening at the city park, Lignite (N.D.)
00368    Shayla and Justin Blom getting their boat ready, Lignite (N.D.)
00369    Sod house built in the 1970's, Lignite (N.D.)
00370    Tonset Church, Lignite (N.D.)
00371 – 00372 Minnie Campbell, Lignite (N.D.)
00373    Four children playing in a water-filled ditch, Lignite (N.D.)
00374    Donovan Ellis reading the Burke County Tribune, Lignite (N.D.)
00375    Two boys playing with a puppy, Lignite (N.D.)
00376    Sunrise, Lignite (N.D.)
00377    Silhouette of an elevator, Lignite (N.D.)
00378    Lignite Main Street, Lignite (N.D.)

Photos by Karen Williams
00379    Big Boy Restaurant, Bismarck (N.D.)
00380    Scotty's Drive-In, Bismarck (N.D.)
00381    CT Scan Room at MedCenter One, Bismarck (N.D.)
00382 – 00385 McQuade Softball Tournament 20th Anniversary Parade, Bismarck (N.D.)
00386    View of Bismarck from Hillside Park, Bismarck (N.D.)
00387    Ryan M. Ziegler at Hillside Park, Bismarck (N.D.)
00388    Dairy Queen by Custer Park, Bismarck (N.D.)
00389    People on bike path at Bismarck Marina, Bismarck (N.D.)
00390    Jet skier on Missouri River at Bismarck Marina, Bismarck (N.D.)
00391 – 00392 Sertoma Amusement Park, Bismarck (N.D.)
00393    People going into Wal-Mart, Bismarck (N.D.)
00394 – 00395 McQuade Softball Tournament, O'Brien's team, Bismarck (N.D.)
00396    McQuade Softball Tournament, fans watching the game, Bismarck (N.D.)
00397    McQuade Softball Tournament, O'Brien's team, Bismarck (N.D.)
00398    McQuade Recycling, Bismarck (N.D.)
00399    Welcome to Bismarck sign, Bismarck (N.D.)
00400    McGruff the Crime Dog at Dakota Zoo, Bismarck (N.D.)
00401    Roping activity for Children's Day at Dakota Zoo, Bismarck (N.D.)
00402    Ryan Ziegler feeding deer during Children's Day at Dakota Zoo, Bismarck (N.D.)
00403    Louie the Lightning Bug from MDU at Children's Day at Dakota Zoo, Bismarck (N.D.)
00404    Race car at Children's Day at Dakota Zoo, Bismarck (N.D.)
00405    Tree in the middle of Burleigh Ave., Bismarck (N.D.)
00406    Rummage sale, Bismarck (N.D.)
00407    Boy Scout car wash, Bismarck (N.D.)
00408    St. Mary's Church, Bismarck (N.D.)
00409    First United Methodist Church, Bismarck (N.D.)
00410    First United Methodist Church interior, Bismarck (N.D.)

Photos by Rhonda Brown
00411    Gopher, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00412    Swather mowing ditches, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00413    Schwan's man and truck, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00414    Sterling Post Office community board, Sterling (N.D.)
00415    Cenex service station, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00416    Mileage sign, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00417    Kids playing basketball, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00418    Boy washing a Ford Explorer, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00419    Menoken State Historic Site sign, Menoken (N.D.)
00420    Prairie Rose, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00421    Frontage road along Interstate 94, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00422    Threshing machine, McKenzie (N.D.)
00423    Woman gardening, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00424    Power lines, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00425    Children playing roller hockey, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00426    Duck and ducklings on the water, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00427    Abandoned house, Sterling (N.D.)
00428    Tyler Goetz, Joe Brown, Dustin Goetz fishing in Apple Creek, Sterling (N.D.)
00429    Bee hives, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00430    Barn swallow nests under a bridge, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00431 – 00432 Two boys in a raft on a stock pond, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00433    Abandoned farm machinery, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00434    Prairie landscape, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00435    Bones in the grass, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00436    Cattle grazing, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00437    Cow and calf, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00438    Cattle under a tree, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00439    Chaska State Historic Site, Driscoll (N.D.)
00440    Abandoned school, Driscoll (N.D.)
00441    Clouds over a grass filled ditch, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00442    Zion Lutheran Church altar, Driscoll (N.D.)
00443    Zion Lutheran Church, Driscoll (N.D.)
00444    Zion Lutheran Church cemetery, Driscoll (N.D.)
00445    Rural mail delivery, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00446    Boy on riding lawn mower, Burleigh County (N.D.)
00447    Boy climbing a tree, Burleigh County (N.D.)

Photos by Todd Strand
00448    Pat Jessen and her cat, Leo, working in a flower bed, Bismarck (N.D.)
00449    D. Joyce Photography taking photos of the Schmidt family on the ND Capitol grounds, Bismarck (N.D.)
00450 – 00451 Breakfast at The Drumstick Café  Bismarck (N.D.) Strand, Todd
00452    Two boys sword fighting in front of McCabe Methodist Church, Bismarck (N.D.)

Photos by Alta Beilke
00453    Buffalo sign, Buffalo (N.D.)
00454    Auctioneers Darwin and Karen Tabor, Buffalo (N.D.)
00455    Buffalo Cemetery, Buffalo (N.D.)
00456    45-45 Homemakers Club, Buffalo (N.D.)
00457    Buffalo Historical Society, Buffalo (N.D.)
00458    William Grieve spraying weeds in his crop duster, Buffalo (N.D.)
00459    Children's T-ball team, Buffalo (N.D.)
00460    Yard of the Month sign in a yard, Buffalo (N.D.)
00461    Deitz house, Buffalo (N.D.)
00462    First Presbyterian Church, Buffalo (N.D.)
00463    St. Thomas Catholic Church, Buffalo (N.D.)
00464    Buffalo Catholic Church, Buffalo (N.D.)
00465    Maple Valley Grade School, Buffalo (N.D.)
00466    Buffalo Farm Supply, Buffalo (N.D.)
00467    Babe Ruth baseball team, Buffalo (N.D.)
00468    Effie Miller Lakey, Buffalo (N.D.)
00469    Groceries Etc grocery store and employees, Buffalo (N.D.)
00470    First State Bank of Buffalo, Buffalo (N.D.)
00471    Little League baseball team, Buffalo (N.D.)
00472    Corner Café, Buffalo (N.D.)
00473    Buffalo Post Office, Buffalo (N.D.)
00474    Buffalo Creek Historic Site sign, Buffalo (N.D.)
00475    Peter Baasch cultivating corn, Buffalo (N.D.)
00476    Killoran Trucking employees, Buffalo (N.D.)
00477    PAK Ag Service owner Don Peterson, Buffalo (N.D.)
00478    J and P's Bar interior, Buffalo (N.D.)
00479    Kringler Family Reunion, Buffalo (N.D.)
00480    Senior citizens card club playing cards, Buffalo (N.D.)
00481    Gerald and Hattie Melvin farm, Buffalo (N.D.)
00482    Girls’ softball team, Buffalo (N.D.)
00483    Maple Valley Oil Co-op, Buffalo (N.D.)
00484    Buffalo Fire Department firefighters, Buffalo (N.D.)
00485    Jayne Anderson, Rodney Johnson, and Lana Nudell, Buffalo (N.D.)
00486    Kasowski-Gubrud Repair and employees, Buffalo (N.D.)
00487    Men's softball team, Buffalo (N.D.)
00488    Buffalo Housing, Buffalo (N.D.)
00489    Buffalo Day Care, Buffalo (N.D.)

Photo by Todd Strand
00490    Reid Strand waiting for dinner as his mother Heather finishes in the kitchen, Max (N.D.)

Photos by J. D. Bohnenblust
00491    West Fargo sign, West Fargo (N.D.)
00492    Three generations at the Gus Macker Basketball Tournament, West Fargo (N.D.)
00493 – 0499 Gus Macker Basketball Tournament, West Fargo (N.D.)
00500 – 00501 Kids waiting in line at the West Fargo Pool, West Fargo (N.D.)
00502    West Fargo Pool sign, West Fargo (N.D.)
00503 – 00504 West Fargo Pool, West Fargo (N.D.)
00505    Boy doing a back flip at the West Fargo Pool, West Fargo (N.D.)
00506    Family on a tire swing, Elmwood Park, West Fargo (N.D.)
00507 – 00509 Children on playground equipment, Elmwood Park, West Fargo (N.D.)
00510    Girl with a dog, Elmwood Park, West Fargo (N.D.)
00511 – 00512 Girl on roller blades, West Fargo (N.D.)
00513 – 00515 Family planting flowers, West Fargo (N.D.)

Photos by Hank Weber
00516    Casselton sign, Casselton (N.D.)
00517    Underground diesel tank pushed out of the ground by high water table, Casselton (N.D.)
00518    Chaffe sign and community celebration, Casselton (N.D.)            
00519    Rodney Hahn, lawn tractor pulling champion, Casselton (N.D.)  
00520    Day Care Play Corner children with Mrs. Sprunk, Casselton (N.D.)            
00521    Iris Garden at Sibley Crossing, Casselton (N.D.) 
00522    Burning brush piles, Casselton (N.D.)     
00523    Person on tractor spraying soybeans, Casselton (N.D.)  
00524    Airplane spraying fields, Casselton (N.D.)             
00525    Shed and grain bins, remnants of Governor Langer's boyhood home, Casselton (N.D.)  
00526    Hank and Harrison Weber in a golf cart in the parade, Casselton (N.D.)  
00527    Two men outside of Scheels Hardware, Casselton (N.D.)              
00528    Gill School, Casselton (N.D.)       
00529    Dilapidated farmhouse housing migrant farm workers, Casselton (N.D.)               
00530    Hank and Harrison Weber carrying water to headstone plantings, Casselton (N.D.)
00531    Todd Weber and Marlin Haugen loading grain, Casselton (N.D.)
00532    David Piper outside of his financial business, Casselton (N.D.)    
00533    Don Grotinski in his barber shop, Casselton (N.D.)            
00534    Wheatland sign, Casselton (N.D.)            
00535    Ed Holt and Brian Carlisle outside of Holt Implement Company, Casselton (N.D.)
00536    Kenny Habinger and Barbara Marschke outside of Casselton Ambulance, Casselton (N.D.)
00537    Red Baron Tavern sign and group of people at the bar, Casselton (N.D.)
00538    Gerry Moderow with tractors, Casselton (N.D.)
00539    Children playing while their parents hoe sugar beets, Casselton (N.D.)  

Photos by Bruce Rubin
00540 – 00549 Cavalier County Thresher's Breakfast, Dresden (N.D.)
00550 – 00562 American Legion baseball game between Langdon and Drayton, Cavalier County (N.D.)

Photos by Ralph Mangnall
00563    Oakes sign, Oakes (N.D.)
00564    Stagecoach relay historical marker, Oakes (N.D.)
00565    James River, Oakes (N.D.)
00566    Willow Park, Oakes (N.D.)
00567    Cummings Field, Oakes (N.D.)
00568    Oakes golf course, Oakes (N.D.)
00569    Main Street, Oakes (N.D.)
00570    Butcher Block, Oakes (N.D.)
00571    Irrigation Days parade float, Oakes (N.D.)
00572    Parade grand marshals in a convertible, Oakes (N.D.)
00573 – 00575 House, Oakes (N.D.)
00576    Apartment building, Oakes (N.D.)
00577    Dickey County Historical Society, Oakes (N.D.)
00578    Oakes Senior Center, Oakes (N.D.)
00579    Tennis Court, Oakes (N.D.)
00580    Oakes High School, Oakes (N.D.)
00581 – 00582 Hockenbery Park, Oakes (N.D.)
00583    Oakes Elementary School playground, Oakes (N.D.)
00584    Dickey County Museum park, Oakes (N.D.)
00585    Lutheran church, Oakes (N.D.)
00586    Old schoolhouse, Oakes (N.D.)
00587    First National Bank, Oakes (N.D.)
00588    Clinic, Oakes (N.D.)
00589    Oakes Hospital, Oakes (N.D.)
00590    Motel, Oakes (N.D.)
00591    Hardware store, Oakes (N.D.)
00592    Methodist church, Oakes (N.D.)
00593    Lutheran church, Oakes (N.D.)
00594    Oakes nursing home, Oakes (N.D.)
00595    Mary Roney, Oakes (N.D.)
00596 – 00597 Birthday party, Oakes (N.D.)

Photos by Don Frigen
00598    Wedell tree farm, Ellendale (N.D.)
00599    Art Wall stacking hay, Forbes (N.D.)
00600    Aurdal Norwegian Lutheran Church, Forbes (N.D.)
00601    Aurdal Cemetery, Forbes (N.D.)
00602    Lawrence Rall on his three wheeler, Forbes (N.D.)
00603    People's Store grocery store, Forbes (N.D.)
00604    Shimmin-Tviet Museum, Forbes (N.D.)
00605    Forbes School, Forbes (N.D.)
00606    Stone house, Forbes (N.D.)
00607    Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Forbes (N.D.)
00608    Couteau landscape, Forbes (N.D.)
00609    Weber's Gulch landscape, Forbes (N.D.)
00610    North and South Dakota state line marker, Dickey County (N.D.)
00611 – 00613 Johnson Gulch, Forbes (N.D.)
00614 – 00615 Case tractor pulling a cultivator, Ellendale (N.D.)
00616    Chemical truck, Ellendale (N.D.)
00617    Allen Mueller, owner of Mueller Trucking, Ellendale (N.D.)
00618    Elmer Shock, owner of Schock Oil, Ellendale (N.D.)
00619    Midcontinent Livestock Supplement, Ellendale (N.D.)
00620    Equipment at Midcontinent Livestock Supplement, Ellendale (N.D.)
00621    Larry Martinoski, owner of Larry's Repair Shop, Ellendale (N.D.)
00622    Man cutting hair in Joe's Barber Shop, Oakes (N.D.)
00623    Brenda Sand, parts manager at Ellendale Equipment, Ellendale (N.D.)
00624    Water over Maple Township Road, Dickey County (N.D.)
00625    Carroll House, Fullerton (N.D.)
00626    Ranch House Bar and Lounge, Ellendale (N.D.)
00627    Ranch House Bar and Lounge interior, Ellendale (N.D.)
00628    Wheat Growers grain terminal, Monango (N.D.)
00629    St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Monango (N.D.)
00630    Town Hall and Post Office, Monango (N.D.)
00631    Main Street, Merricourt (N.D.)
00632 – 0633 Whitestone Hill Battlefield Museum, Merricourt (N.D.)
00634    Wilson Dam, Monango (N.D.)

Photos by Perry Rosenquist
00635    Case tractor, Crosby (N.D.)
00636    Divide County Courthouse, Crosby (N.D.)
00637    Divide County Historical Society, Crosby (N.D.)
00638    Allis combine, Crosby (N.D.)
00639    Gleaner combine, Crosby (N.D.)
00640    Miniature oil well display, Crosby (N.D.)
00641    Tractor, Crosby (N.D.)
00642    John Deere 60 tractor, Crosby (N.D.)
00643    Earl Johnson and Perry Rosenquist, Crosby (N.D.)
00644    Main Street, Crosby (N.D.)
00645    P&H loading shovel, Crosby (N.D.)
00646    Community Hall, Crosby (N.D.)
00647    Great Northern Railroad roundhouse, Crosby (N.D.)
00648    Noonan Memorial Hall, Crosby (N.D.)
00649    Round barn on Hansen farm, Divide County (N.D.)
00650    Baukol-Noonan Recreation Area, Divide County (N.D.)

Photos by Dorothy Galyen
00651    Dunn County Courthouse, Manning (N.D.)
00652    Gus Mittlestadt, Dunn County (N.D.)
00653    Stone filling station, Dunn County (N.D.)
00654    Windmill at Dunn County Museum, Dunn County (N.D.)
00655    Calf branding at the Lefor farm, Dunn County (N.D.)
00656    Cattle at the Lefor farm, Dunn County (N.D.)
00657    Branded calves at the Lefor farm, Dunn County (N.D.)
00658    Abandoned schoolhouse, Dunn County (N.D.)
00659    Prairie rose bush, Dunn County (N.D.)
00660    Prairie rose bush and farm, Dunn County (N.D.)
00661    Water tower, Dunn County (N.D.)
00662    Brad Gjermundson sculpture, Dunn County (N.D.)
00663 – 00664 St. Martin's Church replica, Dunn County (N.D.)
00665    St. Martin's Church replica, interior, Dunn County (N.D.)
00666    Mailbox and gate, Dunn County (N.D.)
00667    Girls attending the Rodeo Bible Camp, Dunn County (N.D.)
00668    Metal gate sculpture at Pelton home, Dunn County (N.D.)
00669    Burros and horse and Pelton home, Dunn County (N.D.)
00670    Burros at Pelton home, Dunn County (N.D.)
00671    Antiques hanging on log cabin wall, Dunn County (N.D.)
00672    Badlands landscape, Dunn County (N.D.)
00673    Oil well in the Killdeer Mountains, Dunn County (N.D.)
00674    Polishing the Killdeer fire trucks, Dunn County (N.D.)
00675    Mary Hansen surprise birthday party, Dunn County (N.D.)
00676    Cliff Naylor and Monica Hannan family on steps of Iota No. 1 School, Dunn County (N.D.)
00677    Alice and Ed Darwin's 40th wedding anniversary party, Dunn County (N.D.)
00678    Livery Barn, Halliday (N.D.)
00679    Lake Sakakawea, Dunn County (N.D.)
00680    Del and Dorothy Galyen's living room with petrified wood and fossil fireplace, Dunn County (N.D.)
00681    Iota School No. 1 interior, Dunn County (N.D.)

Photos by Maria Murphy
00682    Killdeer sign, Killdeer (N.D.)
00683    Girl cooking on a fire while camping, Killdeer (N.D.)
00684    Lake scene, Killdeer (N.D.)
00685    Girl picking flowers, Killdeer (N.D.)
00686    Two girls on a merry-go-round, Killdeer (N.D.)
00687    Oil well, Killdeer (N.D.)
00688    Girl with a dog, Killdeer (N.D.)
00689    Boy on a bicycle, Killdeer (N.D.)
00690    Girl filling gas, Killdeer (N.D.)
00691    Two girls at a park, Killdeer (N.D.)
00692    Girl walking on top of a rock wall, Killdeer (N.D.)
00693    Battle of Killdeer Mountains sign, Killdeer (N.D.)
00694    Woman playing cards at a nursing home, Killdeer (N.D.)
00695    Man pointing at birds in an aviary in a nursing home, Killdeer (N.D.)
00696    Two men watching television in a nursing home, Killdeer (N.D.)
00697    Three children playing basketball, Killdeer (N.D.)
00698    Two children jumping into a swimming pool, Killdeer (N.D.)
00699    Boy riding a bicycle, Killdeer (N.D.)
00700    Piglets in a pen, Killdeer (N.D.)

Photos by Francis O’Connor
00701    Woman holding a birthday cake, New Rockford (N.D.)
00702    Seniors at a birthday party, New Rockford (N.D.)
00703    New Rockford sign, New Rockford (N.D.)
00704    Kiwanis Camp sign, New Rockford (N.D.)
00705    Ole Olson monument, New Rockford (N.D.)
00706    Walking bridge over the James River, New Rockford (N.D.)
00707    New Rockford canal, New Rockford (N.D.)
00708    Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial, New Rockford (N.D.)
00709    Eddy County Courthouse, New Rockford (N.D.)
00710    Bison processing plant, New Rockford (N.D.)
00711    Steam Threshers Show sign, New Rockford (N.D.)
00712    Water in fields, New Rockford (N.D.)
00713    Barn and windmill, New Rockford (N.D.)
00714    Shelter belt, New Rockford (N.D.)
00715    Abandoned schoolhouse, New Rockford (N.D.)
00716    Cattle, New Rockford (N.D.)
00717    Bison, New Rockford (N.D.)
00718    Lutheran Home, New Rockford (N.D.)
00719 – 00720 Pet day at Lutheran Home, New Rockford (N.D.)
00721    Eddy County Museum, New Rockford (N.D.)
00722    Garden, New Rockford (N.D.)
00723    Elderly woman, New Rockford (N.D.)
00724    Flower bed, New Rockford (N.D.)
00725    Pouring cement for new building, New Rockford (N.D.)
00726    Security State Bank, New Rockford (N.D.)
00727    Community Credit Union, New Rockford (N.D.)
00728    St. John's Catholic Church, New Rockford (N.D.)
00729    First Lutheran Church, New Rockford (N.D.)
00730    Antique washing machine, New Rockford (N.D.)
00731    Volunteers serving meals at senior center, New Rockford (N.D.)
00732    Seniors at a potluck, New Rockford (N.D.)
00733    Two men with museum exhibit, New Rockford (N.D.)
00734    Cultivating a sunflower field, New Rockford (N.D.)
00735    Elk in a shelterbelt, New Rockford (N.D.)
00736    James River, New Rockford (N.D.)
00737    New Rockford City Park and Pool, New Rockford (N.D.)
00738    Two bottom plow, New Rockford (N.D.)

Photos by Rosemary Schaefbauer
00739    Strasburg sign, Strasburg (N.D.)
00740    Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Strasburg (N.D.)      
00741    Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church interior, Strasburg (N.D.)      
00742    Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Strasburg (N.D.)      
00743    Lawrence Welk Homestead sign, Strasburg (N.D.)           
00744    Lawrence Welk Homestead, Strasburg (N.D.)    
00745    Lawrence Welk Homestead Dining Room, Strasburg (N.D.)          
00746    Lawrence Welk Homestead, Strasburg (N.D.)    
00747    Joe and Rosalie Mattern working in their garden, Strasburg (N.D.)           
00748    Home remodeling on the Tom Schaefbauer farm, Strasburg (N.D.)          
00749    Strasburg Annual Rodeo, Strasburg (N.D.)           
00750    Tom Schaefbauer cultivating corn, Strasburg (N.D.)         
00751    Tom Schaefbauer stacking alfalfa, Strasburg (N.D.)          
00752    Tom Schaefbauer swathing alfalfa, Strasburg (N.D.)        
00753    Strasburg Farmers Elevator, Strasburg (N.D.)     
00754    Lawrence Welk Park, Strasburg (N.D.)   
00755    Welk Park Pool, Strasburg (N.D.)              
00756    Veterans Memorial Gardens, Strasburg (N.D.)  
00757    Veterans Wall, Strasburg (N.D.)
00758    Strasburg's first fire truck, Strasburg (N.D.)         

Photos by Susan Sandwick
00759    Hazelton sign, Hazelton (N.D.)
00760    Story of Hazelton plaque, Hazelton (N.D.)
00761    Braddock sign, Braddock (N.D.)
00762    Main Street, Braddock (N.D.)
00763    Braddock Dam, Braddock (N.D.)
00764    Sharon Jutila outside of the Kintyre Post Office, Kintyre (N.D.)
00765    Jessie Laine with his tractor and rake, Emmons County (N.D.)
00766    Finnish Independent Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Emmons County (N.D.)
00767    Linton sign, Linton (N.D.)
00768    Allan Burke, publisher of the Emmons County Record, Linton (N.D.)
00769    Larry and Julie Wallace walking their dog, Linton (N.D.)
00770    Main Street, looking south, Linton (N.D.)
00771    Val Svensrud, postmaster of the Linton Post Office, Linton (N.D.)
00772    Main Street, looking south, Linton (N.D.)
00773    Emmons County Museum, Linton (N.D.)
00774    Linton Café and Lanes, Linton (N.D.)
00775    Men playing cards in Kelley's Bar, Linton (N.D.)
00776    Main Street, looking north, Linton (N.D.)
00777    Linton Swimming Pool, Linton (N.D.)
00778    Linton Hospital, Linton (N.D.)
00779    Calf branding on the Leslie Beck farm, Emmons County (N.D.)
00780    First Baptist Church picnic, Linton (N.D.)
00781    Nelson family reunion at Seeman Park, Linton (N.D.)
00782    The Rivery, Emmons County (N.D.)
00783    North and South Dakota state line marker, Emmons County (N.D.)
00784    Welcome to North Dakota sign, Emmons County (N.D.)
00785    St. Mary's Catholic Church, Hague (N.D.)
00786    Hope Reformed Church, Westfield (N.D.)
00787    Lawrence Welk Homestead, Strasburg (N.D.)
00788    Strasburg sign, Strasburg (N.D.)
00789    Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Strasburg (N.D.)
00790    Ben Wald and son Tobie on horseback at the Strasburg Rodeo, Strasburg (N.D.)
00791    Strasburg Rodeo grand entry riders, Strasburg (N.D.)
00792    Rob Gunther riding bareback at the Strasburg Rodeo, Strasburg (N.D.)

Photos by Jeff Strangeland
00793    Carrington sign in a park, Carrington (N.D.)
00794    Lutman House Moving lowering a house, Carrington (N.D.)
00795    Putnam House, Carrington (N.D.)
00796    Steve Eichele, employee at OK Tire Store, Carrington (N.D.)
00797    Carrington Post Office, Carrington (N.D.)
00798    Main Street, looking west, Carrington (N.D.)
00799    Main Street, looking east, Carrington (N.D.)
00800    Curtis Meyer, mailman, Carrington (N.D.)
00801    First American Bank, interior, Carrington (N.D.)
00802    Ed and Peggy Smith home, Carrington (N.D.)
00803    W. A. Rosenau home, Carrington (N.D.)
00804    Chieftain Motor Lodge, Carrington (N.D.)
00805    Businesses on highway, Carrington (N.D.)
00806    Dakota Grower's pasta plant, Carrington (N.D.)
00807    Harmon Farm, Carrington (N.D.)
00808    Cleaning up a railroad derailment, Carrington (N.D.)
00809    Farmer's Elevator, Grace City (N.D.)
00810    Main Street, looking south, McHenry (N.D.)
00811    Business district, Glenfield (N.D.)
00812    Outlaw Bar and Grill, Bordulac (N.D.)
00813    Barlow view, Barlow (N.D.)
00814    Two men mowing Foster County Fairgrounds, Carrington (N.D.)
00815    Flooded Jackson Highway, Carrington (N.D.)
00816    Blanche Strangeland, librarian, Carrington (N.D.)
00817    Don Klocke in his cabinet shop, Carrington (N.D.)
00818    Marcella Edinger, employee, and Don Morton, owner, of Rexall Drugstore, Carrington (N.D.)
00819    True Value Hardware, Carrington (N.D.)
00820    Erin Nelson rollerblading, Carrington (N.D.)
00821    Main Street, looking west, Carrington (N.D.)
00822    Leann and Joe Voglewede, owners of The Garden Gate, Carrington (N.D.)
00823    View from top of the water tower, north, Carrington (N.D.)
00824 – 00825 View from top of the water tower, northeast, Carrington (N.D.)
00826    Carrington Airport, Carrington (N.D.)
00827    Ann and Ernie Hoffert entertaining friends on the deck, Carrington (N.D.)

Photos by Mary Ellen Schoel
00828    Golden Valley County Museum, Beach (N.D.)
00829    Swimming Pool, Beach (N.D.)
00830 – 00831 Swimming Pool Park, Beach (N.D.)
00832 – 00833 Golf Course, Beach (N.D.)
00834    Evangelical Church, Beach (N.D.)
00835 – 00836 Golden Valley Manor nursing home, Beach (N.D.)
00837    Hospital, Beach (N.D.)
00838    Tobias House, Beach (N.D.)
00839    Super Valu grocery store, Beach (N.D.)
00840    Beach Medical Clinic, Beach (N.D.)
00841 – 00842 Fairgrounds, Beach (N.D.)
00843    West Plains Implement, Beach (N.D.)
00844    Bull statue, Beach (N.D.)
00845    Cedar Liquors, Beach (N.D.)
00846    Brengle’s Auto, Beach (N.D.)
00847    Jandt's, Beach (N.D.)
00848    Beach Green House, Beach (N.D.)
00849 – 00850 Beach Co-op Elevator, Beach (N.D.)
00851    Lincoln Elementary School, Beach (N.D.)
00852    Beach Post Office, Beach (N.D.)
00853    Main Street, Beach (N.D.)
00854    Farmers and Merchants Bank, Beach (N.D.)
00855    Seventh Day Adventist Church, Beach (N.D.)
00856    Beach High School, Beach (N.D.)
00857    Thompson House, Beach (N.D.)
00858    St. John's Catholic Church, Beach (N.D.)
00859    First Lutheran Church, Beach (N.D.)
00860    German Lutheran Church, Beach (N.D.)
00861    St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Beach (N.D.)
00862    Water Department, Beach (N.D.)

Photos by Dorothy Bevan
00863    Larimore sign, Larimore (N.D.)
00864    Centennial Park sign, Larimore (N.D.)
00865    Playground, Larimore (N.D.)
00866    Larimore Samaritan Center sign, Larimore (N.D.)
00867    Melby's Jack and Jill grocery store, Larimore (N.D.)
00868    Farmers Elevator, Larimore (N.D.)
00869    Senior Center and Library, Larimore (N.D.)
00870    Larimore sign and airport, Larimore (N.D.)
00871    Larimore sign and elevator, Larimore (N.D.)
00872    Elk Valley Potato Co., Larimore (N.D.)
00873    Elk Valley elevator and warehouse, Larimore (N.D.)
00874 – 00875 Swimming pool, Larimore (N.D.)

Photos by Heather Meyer
00876    Boy on bike riding past Weber's grocery store, Reynolds (N.D.)
00877    Main Street, Reynolds (N.D.)
00878    Reynolds Community Museum, Reynolds (N.D.)
00879 – 00881 Farmers Co-op elevator, Reynolds (N.D.)
00882    Reynolds Post Office, Reynolds (N.D.)
00883    Man in pickup, Reynolds (N.D.)
00884    Two men at filling station, Reynolds (N.D.)
00885    Man exiting post office, Reynolds (N.D.)
00886    Model A Ford frame, Reynolds (N.D.)
00887    Man on riding lawn mower, Reynolds (N.D.)
00888    Man in wheelchair with car he restored, Reynolds (N.D.)
00889    American Legion, Reynolds (N.D.)
00890 – 00891 Boys playing basketball, Reynolds (N.D.)
00892    Siblings doing laundry, Reynolds (N.D.)
00893    Man mowing his yard, Reynolds (N.D.)
00894    Boy riding a bicycle, Reynolds (N.D.)
00895    Boys riding bicycles, Reynolds (N.D.)
00896    Otto the Hog, taxidermied pig in grocery store, Reynolds (N.D.)
00897 – 00898 Woman shopping in grocery store, Reynolds (N.D.)
00899    Man on riding mower blading his driveway, Reynolds (N.D.)

Photos by Myron Halstenson
00900    Niagara Centennial City sign, Niagara (N.D.)
00901    Niagara sign, Niagara (N.D.)
00902    Marlowe Hanson auction sale, Niagara (N.D.)
00903    Marlowe Hanson auction sale, equipment at auction, Niagara (N.D.)
00904 – 00905 Historical Society picnic, Niagara (N.D.)
00906    Children on teeter-totter in Niagara Park, Niagara (N.D.)
00907 – 00908 Baseball game at Niagara Park, Niagara (N.D.)
00909    People having coffee at Niagara Café, Niagara (N.D.)
00910    Second Street, Niagara (N.D.)
00911    1923 Model T Ford in parade, Petersburg (N.D.)
00912    Fridtjof Lodge No. 80 parade entrant, Petersburg (N.D.)
00913 – 00914 Elk Valley Church, interior, Niagara (N.D.)
00915    Visiting outside Elk Valley Church, Niagara (N.D.)
00916    Parking lot outside Elk Valley Church, Niagara (N.D.)
00917 – 00918 St. Andrew church, interior, Niagara (N.D.)
00919    St. Andrew church, parking lot, Niagara (N.D.)
00920    St. Andrew church, Niagara (N.D.)
00921    Ellertson log cabin, Niagara (N.D.)
00922    Schoolhouse, Niagara (N.D.)
00923    Schoolhouse, interior, Niagara (N.D.)
00924    Woman holding sign for Niagara Historical Complex, Niagara (N.D.)
00925    Ellertson log cabin, interior, Niagara (N.D.)
00926    Vacant store building, Niagara (N.D.)
00927    Niagara Café interior, Niagara (N.D.)
00928    Debbie Behn, postmaster, and patrons inside post office, Niagara (N.D.)
00929    Carl Hanssen collecting his mail, Niagara (N.D.)
00930    Gordon and Myron Halstenson putting an engine in a pickup, Niagara (N.D.)
00931    Niagara Corner Station and Garage, Niagara (N.D.)
00932    View of Niagara from the west, Niagara (N.D.)
00933    Oldest and newest buildings in Niagara (N.D.)
00934    Church at Niagara Historical Complex, Niagara (N.D.)

Photos by Harriet Foss
00935    Northwood sign, Northwood (N.D.)
00936    Agvise Laboratories sign, Northwood (N.D.)
00937    Highway and businesses, Northwood (N.D.)
00938    Northwood welcome sign, Northwood (N.D.)
00939    Seed elevator, Northwood (N.D.)
00940    South Cemetery, Northwood (N.D.)
00941    North Cemetery, Northwood (N.D.)
00942    City Cemetery, Northwood (N.D.)
00943    Hotel Lincoln, Northwood (N.D.)
00944    Downtown businesses, Northwood (N.D.)
00945    Nursing home residents seated outdoors, Northwood (N.D.)
00946 – 00947 Cora Sather, Northwood (N.D.)
00948 – 00949 Nursing home, Northwood (N.D.)
00950    Golf course, Northwood (N.D.)
00951    Main Street, Northwood (N.D.)
00952    Elevator, Northwood (N.D.)
00953    Ebenezer Church, Northwood (N.D.)
00954    Wooded street, Northwood (N.D.)
00955    Wycliff Translating Team performing a skit, Northwood (N.D.)
00956    Community Bible Church, Northwood (N.D.)
00957    Northwood Evangelical Lutheran Church, Northwood (N.D.)
00958    American Federal Savings Bank, Northwood (N.D.)
00959    Northwood Airport, Northwood (N.D.)
00960    Northwood Museum, Northwood (N.D.)
00961    Main Street, Northwood (N.D.)
00962    One of the oldest homes in Northwood (N.D.)
00963    Bilden Funeral Home, Northwood (N.D.)
00964    Mic Mickel's Drive In and Restaurant, Northwood (N.D.)
00965    Northwood School, Northwood (N.D.)
00966    Northwood Museum, interior, Northwood (N.D.)
00967    Softball practice, Northwood (N.D.)
00968    Visitors in Northwood Museum, Northwood (N.D.)
00969    Church in Dan Campbell Park, Northwood (N.D.)
00970    House, Northwood (N.D.)

Photos by Milford Lager
00971    Four men in a diner, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00972    Grand Forks sign, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00973    Craft Guild women, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00974    Swimming pool, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00975    Water World slide, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00976    Shopping mall, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00977    State Mill, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00978    Girls washing a car, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00979    Horse watering trough in a park, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00980 – 00981 St. John's Block, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00982    Dakota Queen riverboat, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00983 – 00984 James Hill Bridge, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00985    Two people riding bicycle, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00986    GAR statue, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00987 – 00988 Lincoln Golf Course, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00989 – 00992 UND Park Festival, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00993    UND Park Festival, people playing volleyball, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00994    UND Park Festival, people playing tennis, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00995    UND Park Festival, children at face painting table, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00996    Richards Golf Course, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00997    Grand Forks first post office, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00998    Two children rollerblading, Grand Forks (N.D.)
00999    Model airplane field, Grand Forks (N.D.)
01000 – 01001 Concert at University Park, Grand Forks (N.D.)
01002 – 01003 Security Building, Grand Forks (N.D.)
01004    Demers Avenue, Grand Forks (N.D.)
01005    Third Street, Grand Forks (N.D.)
01006    Home on English Coulee, Grand Forks (N.D.)

Photos by Cindy Borgerson
01007    D & D Sheet Metal, Manvel (N.D.)
01008    Boys baseball game, Manvel (N.D.)
01009    Manvel Senior Center, Manvel (N.D.)
01010    Gerald Nagel, Manvel (N.D.)
01011    Turtle River Bean Company, Manvel (N.D.)
01012    Manvel Town Mart, Manvel (N.D.)
01013    Ag Systems, Inc., Manvel (N.D.)
01014    Manvel Community Center, Manvel (N.D.)
01015    American Legion Park, Manvel (N.D.)
01016    Manvel Museum, Manvel (N.D.)
01017    Manvel Post Office, Manvel (N.D.)
01018    Manvel Fire Department, Manvel (N.D.)
01019    Bessy Page Nagel, Manvel (N.D.)
01020    Shaun Montgomery farm, Manvel (N.D.)
01021 – 01022 Manvel Fire Department with volunteer cookout, Manvel (N.D.)
01023 – 01024 Manvel Golf Course, Manvel (N.D.)
01025 – 01027 Horse with colt, Manvel (N.D.)
01028    T-ball game, Manvel (N.D.)
01029    North Oaks Supper Club, Manvel (N.D.)
01030    Spraying sugar beets, Manvel (N.D.)

Photos by Vivian Usher
01031    Grant County Courthouse, Carson (N.D.)
01032    Grant County Courthouse, dedication ceremony, Carson (N.D.)
01033 – 01034 Grant County Veterans Memorial, Carson (N.D.)
01035 – 01036 Grant County Courthouse, dedication ceremony, Carson (N.D.)
01037    Grant County Fair Parade, 1929 Leith alumni float, Carson (N.D.)
01038    Grant County Fair Parade, Eldon Schock driving a team, Carson (N.D.)

Photos by Scott Tranby
01039    Groundbreaking at Griggs County Museum, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01040    Erickson family reunion, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01041    Ueland Dam on the Sheyenne River, Griggs County (N.D.)
01042    Griggs County Centennial Marker, Griggs County (N.D.)
01043    Saron Evangelical Free Church centennial celebration, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01044    Ness Church, Griggs County (N.D.)
01045    Griggs County Museum country western show, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01046    Cattle grazing, Griggs County (N.D.)
01047    Binford Farmers Elevator, Binford (N.D.)
01048    A. Francis playing baseball, Binford (N.D.)
01049    Red Willow Lake, Binford (N.D.)
01050    Rural teachers at Griggs County Pioneer Days, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01051    Draft horses pulling a haywagon at Griggs County Pioneer Days, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01052    Fog in the Sheyenne River valley, Griggs County (N.D.)
01053    Buck deer, Griggs County (N.D.)
01054    Broadview railroad depot, Broadview (N.D.)
01055    Hannaford (N.D.)
01056    St. Olaf Lutheran Church, Walen (N.D.)
01057    Windmill, Hannaford (N.D.)
01058    Cultivating sunflowers, Sutton (N.D.)
01059    Sutton (N.D.)
01060    Dry bean field, Griggs County (N.D.)
01061    LaPlanto family putting in a fencepost in the water, Griggs County (N.D.)
01062    Camp Atchison Historic marker, Griggs County (N.D.)
01063    Cooperstown Golf Course, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01064    Griggs County Courthouse, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01065    Opheim Log Cabin, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01066    Park gazebo, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01067    Griggs County High School, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01068    Lader Implement, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01069    Kevin Lande in his barley field, Cooperstown (N.D.)
01070    Sheyenne River valley, Griggs County (N.D.)
01071    Shawn Carlson wedding, Cooperstown (N.D.)

Photos by Darlene Gullickson
01072    New England sign, New England (N.D.)
01073    Don Rose putting up letters on a marquee, New England (N.D.)
01074    Oldest building in New England (N.D.)
01075    Gardner Hotel, New England (N.D.)
01076 – 01077 Elevators, New England (N.D.)
01078    Auction, New England (N.D.)
01079    Two men digging post holes, New England (N.D.)
01080    Backyard deck, New England (N.D.)
01081    Two boys with a homemade cart, New England (N.D.)
01082    Former hospital, New England (N.D.)
01083    People outside a Lutheran church, New England (N.D.)
01084    People exiting St. Mary's Church, New England (N.D.)
01085    Son of Danny Binstock by St. Mary's Church sign, New England (N.D.)
01086    Schaefer's Super Valu, New England (N.D.)
01087    Woman with twin girls and a boy, New England (N.D.)
01088    New England High School, New England (N.D.)
01089    Albert Schmidt's steam engine collection, New England (N.D.)
01090    Combine, New England (N.D.)
01091    Grocery store interior, New England (N.D.)
01092    People having Sunday dinner at the bowling alley, New England (N.D.)
01093    Jenny Hedlund and daughter with bike and cart, New England (N.D.)
01094    Woman on a riding lawn mower, New England (N.D.)
01095    Camper driving down a street, New England (N.D.)
01096    Landfill, New England (N.D.)
01097    Four men golfing, New England (N.D.)
01098    Man and boy fishing at Kary Dam, New England (N.D.)
01099    Sprayer behind a tractor, New England (N.D.)
01100    Man fishing under a bridge on the Cannonball River, New England (N.D.)
01101    Kenny and June Nielson sitting on a bench, New England (N.D.)
01102    Man riding a motorcycle, New England (N.D.)
01103    Jim Mellmer on a roof, New England (N.D.)
01104    Sue Mellmer gardening, New England (N.D.)
01105    Oscar Austin, New England (N.D.)

Photos by Fred Schumacher
01106 – 01111 Henry Luehr art construction, Kidder County (N.D.)
01112    Fred Schumacher self portrait with camera, Kidder County (N.D.)
01113 – 01117 Evan and Josh Martin on bicycles in tall grass, Kidder County (N.D.)
01118    Elaine Luehr sitting at a table, Kidder County (N.D.)
01119    Elevator, Lake Williams (N.D.)
01120    Lake Williams (N.D.)
01121 – 01126 Scenery along Highway 71, north of Highway 37, Kidder County (N.D.)
01127    Fields and storm clouds north of Medina, Kidder County (N.D.)
01128    Cows grazing with flooded pasture in the foreground, Kidder County (N.D.)
01129    Cultivating a field, Kidder County (N.D.)
01130    Henry Luehr art construction, Kidder County (N.D.)
01131    Bee hives north of Medina, Kidder County (N.D.)
01132    Lake and prairie scenery, Kidder County (N.D.)
01133    Janos Schumacher standing in the bed of a pickup with a camera, Kidder County (N.D.)
01134    Woodworth Wildlife Club sign, Kidder County (N.D.)
01135    Tony Jangula, manager of Cenex station, Woodworth (N.D.)
01136    Children's poster in Cenex station window, Kidder County (N.D.)
01137    Cenex station counter, Kidder County (N.D.)
01138    Cenex station shop, Kidder County (N.D.)
01139    Rain on pond on Highway 71, Kidder County (N.D.)
01140    Ducks on nesting ponds at Sink Lake, Kidder County (N.D.)
01141    Gulls on a raised roadbed, Kidder County (N.D.)

Photos by Jerry Renner
01142    Kidder County Courthouse, Steele (N.D.)
01143    Welcome to Steele sign, Steele (N.D.)
01144    Baling hay, Steele (N.D.)
01145    American Legion baseball game, Steele (N.D.)
01146    Schoeppner Shows carnival ride, Steele (N.D.)
01147    Golden Manor nursing home sign, Steele (N.D.)
01148    House, Steele (N.D.)
01149    Steele Drug interior, Steele (N.D.)
01150    Steele Drug, Steele (N.D.)
01151    Steele Community Building, Steele (N.D.)
01152    Camper pulling a boat, Steele (N.D.)
01153    Steele Farmers Elevator, Steele (N.D.)
01154    Fireworks sales trailer, Steele (N.D.)
01155    Kidder County Courthouse, Steele (N.D.)
01156    Gazebo in a park, Steele (N.D.)
01157    Coffee Cup Fuel Stop, Steele (N.D.)
01158 – 01159 Interstate 94, Steele (N.D.)
01160    Sunset, Steele (N.D.)
01161    Kidder County Museum, kitchen exhibit, Steele (N.D.)
01162    Summer fallow field, Steele (N.D.)
01163    Tellers working at Bank of Steele, Steele (N.D.)
01164    Telephone cooperative building, Steele (N.D.)
01165    Person working in office, Steele (N.D.)
01166    Office, Steele (N.D.)
01167 – 01168 American Legion baseball game, Steele (N.D.)

Photos by Marjorie Flegel
01169    Kulm highway sign, Kulm (N.D.)
01170    Evie Ost cooking at the Senior Citizens Center, Kulm (N.D.)
01171    Breakfast crowd at Kulm Café, Kulm (N.D.)
01172    First State Bank building, Kulm (N.D.)
01173    Rudolph Lemke and Norman Rost, Kulm (N.D.)
01174    Robert Fakler welding at Johnson Manufacturing, Kulm (N.D.)
01175    Robert and Dale Gackle in Gackle Brothers Hardware, Kulm (N.D.)
01176    Christina Woehl auction, Kulm (N.D.)
01177    Milton R. Young monument, Kulm (N.D.)
01178    LaMoure County Summer Theater rehearsal, Kulm (N.D.)
01179    Lowell and Carol Berntson with their semi-truck, Kulm (N.D.)
01180    Lowell Berntson at computer, Kulm (N.D.)
01181    Road closed sign and flooded road, Kulm (N.D.)
01182    Micah Scott delivering papers, Kulm (N.D.)
01183    House, Kulm (N.D.)
01184    Dale Gackle with a vacuum cleaner, Kulm (N.D.)
01185    Steve and Joleen Kinzler, owners of Kulm Standard filling station, servicing a car, Kulm (N.D.)
01186    Kulm Community Center, Kulm (N.D.)
01187 – 01188 Kulm City Band, Kulm (N.D.)
01189   Class of 1945 alumni, Kulm (N.D.)
01190    Class of 1935 alumni, Kulm (N.D.)
01191 – 01192 Members of Kulm Congregational Church, Kulm (N.D.)
01193    Tiger lilies, Kulm (N.D.)
01194    Herefords, Kulm (N.D.)
01195    Kelly Flegel connecting a corn cultivator to a tractor, Kulm (N.D.)
01196    Mural painted for the Kulm centennial, Kulm (N.D.)
01197    Leroy Kremlich, owner of L & J Super Valu, Kulm (N.D.)
01198    Main Street, Kulm (N.D.)
01199    The Village, low rent housing for seniors, Kulm (N.D.)
01200    Elevator, Kulm (N.D.)

Photos by Gerald Harris
01201    Welcome to LaMoure sign, LaMoure (N.D.)
01202    Woman laying out Toy Farmer magazine on computer, LaMoure (N.D.)
01203 – 01204 Field irrigation, LaMoure (N.D.)
01205    Gentrykow Trucking, LaMoure (N.D.)
01206    Equipment at LaMoure Implement, LaMoure (N.D.)
01207    Keri Sailer, employee at LaMoure Chronicle, LaMoure (N.D.)
01208    Bill Mangin running a press, LaMoure (N.D.)
01209    Omega City Plaza, LaMoure (N.D.)
01210    LaMoure Railroad Park, LaMoure (N.D.)
01211    Depot, LaMoure (N.D.)
01212    Elevators, LaMoure (N.D.)
01213    Flowers in a park, LaMoure (N.D.)
01214    Virginia Edmunds working in a hardware store, LaMoure (N.D.)
01215    Diane Wald working in Dakota Sampler gift shop, LaMoure (N.D.)
01216    First National Bank interior, LaMoure (N.D.)
01217    Les Nesvig, president of First National Bank, LaMoure (N.D.)
01218    LaMoure Department Store, LaMoure (N.D.)
01219    Judy's Hometown Café, LaMoure (N.D.)
01220    Bar in downtown LaMoure (N.D.)
01221    Center Street, LaMoure (N.D.)
01222    Installation of new flag pole, LaMoure (N.D.)
01223    Memorial Park, LaMoure (N.D.)
01224    Worker mowing in Memorial Park, LaMoure (N.D.)
01225    Campers in Memorial Park, LaMoure (N.D.)
01226    LaMoure County Summer Theater building, LaMoure (N.D.)
01227    LaMoure County Museum, LaMoure (N.D.)
01228    Two boys on a trampoline, LaMoure (N.D.)
01229    Golfing at Memorial Park Country Club, LaMoure (N.D.)
01230    Class of 1975 outside of LaMoure Country Club, LaMoure (N.D.)
01231    Seniors chatting, LaMoure (N.D.)
01232    LaMoure swimming pool, LaMoure (N.D.)
01233    Cenex anhydrous ammonia tanks, LaMoure (N.D.)
01234    LaMoure Omega Station facility, LaMoure (N.D.)
01235    Horseback riding, LaMoure (N.D.)
01236    James River Dam, LaMoure (N.D.)
01237    Mechanic working at L & E Equipment, LaMoure (N.D.)

Photos by Carmen Burgad
01238    Napoleon sign, Napoleon (N.D.)
01239    County equipment yard, Napoleon (N.D.)
01240    Oley T. Thompson monument, Napoleon (N.D.)
01241 – 01242 Auction, Napoleon (N.D.)
01243    Horses next to implement at the North Dakota Draft Horse Days, Napoleon (N.D.)
01244    Men working with horses at the North Dakota Draft Horse Days, Napoleon (N.D.)
01245 – 01246 Man on horse drawn implement at the North Dakota Draft Horse Days, Napoleon (N.D.)
01247    Logan County Museum machinery shed, Napoleon (N.D.)
01248    Logan County Community Church, Napoleon (N.D.)
01249    Logan County Museum, historic house with visitors, Napoleon (N.D.)
01250    Swimming pool, Napoleon (N.D.)
01251    Two women outside of the Napoleon Care Center, Napoleon (N.D.)
01252    Napoleon Elementary School, Napoleon (N.D.)
01253    Man golfing at the Napoleon Golf Course, Napoleon (N.D.)
01254    Trap shooting, Napoleon (N.D.)
01255    Baseball game, Napoleon (N.D.)
01256 – 01257 Golden Age Club, Napoleon (N.D.)
01258    Napoleon Livestock Auction sales barn, Napoleon (N.D.)
01259    Main Street, Napoleon (N.D.)
01260    Banking Day and Stock Growers Bank, Napoleon (N.D.)
01261    Elevators, Napoleon (N.D.)
01262    Cattle in a pasture, Napoleon (N.D.)
01263    Hay bales next to a dirt road, Napoleon (N.D.)
01264    Cemetery, Napoleon (N.D.)
01265    Napoleon Livestock Auction horse sale, Napoleon (N.D.)
01266    Coffee time at the local café, Napoleon (N.D.)
01267    Street work, Napoleon (N.D.)
01268    Man standing next to a tractor, Napoleon (N.D.)
01269    Logan County time capsule, Napoleon (N.D.)

Photos by Jack Jackson
01270    Eric Rossing, Velva (N.D.)
01271 – 01272 Velva sign, Velva (N.D.)
01273    Mowing hay, Velva (N.D.)
01274    Erv Anderson, owner of Erv's Garage, pumping gas, Velva (N.D.)
01275    Father Joseph Senger talking with parishioners, Velva (N.D.)
01276    Marcia Johnson-Kluk hanging laundry, Velva (N.D.)
01277    Jonathan Miller and Jessie Jemtrud riding bicycle, Velva (N.D.)
01278    Mike and Brittney Thingstad at the Velva Pool, Velva (N.D.)
01279    Lena Gonje trenching her garden, Velva (N.D.)
01280    Brent Weidler playing with a footbag, Velva (N.D.)
01281    Daniel Washburn drinking from the fountain in Velva Park, Velva (N.D.)
01282    Arlyce Forthun walking across Mouse River bridge, Velva (N.D.)
01283    Jonas Taxis and Brandon Keller climbing a tree, Velva (N.D.)
01284    August Peterson cabin, Velva (N.D.)
01285    Mouse River, Velva (N.D.)
01286    Underpass in south Velva (N.D.)
01287    Ryan Beeter airing up his bicycle tires, Velva (N.D.)
01288    Eric Severeid home, Velva (N.D.)
01289    Hagen House, Velva (N.D.)
01290    View from South Hill, Velva (N.D.)
01291    Hotel Barry, Velva (N.D.)
01292    Stuart Hammer building a fire in Velva Park, Velva (N.D.)
01293    Children on a merry-go-round, Velva (N.D.)
01294    Golfer on the Velva Golf Course, Velva (N.D.)
01295    Four girls walking a puppy, Velva (N.D.)
01296    Roofer putting up shingles, Velva (N.D.)
01297    Alma Taylor and Annie Harms reading The Valley Star, Velva (N.D.)
01298    Man working on a puzzle, Velva (N.D.)
01299    Rolance Pfeilschiefter playing pool, Velva (N.D.)
01300    Eric Rossing, Velva (N.D.)

Photos by Nordis Wanberg
01301 – 01305 Fourth of July Parade, Towner (N.D.)
01306    Welcome to Towner sign, Towner (N.D.)
01307 – 01330 Auction, Towner (N.D.)
01331    Senior craft show attendees, Towner (N.D.)
01332    Kathryn Miller holding quilt she made, Towner (N.D.)
01333    Towner Senior Center, Towner (N.D.)

Photos by Robert Wishek
01334    Ashley welcome sign, rosemaling design, Ashley (N.D.)
01335    Ashley Creamery building, Ashley (N.D.)
01336    Main Street, Ashley (N.D.)
01337    McIntosh County Courthouse grounds, Ashley (N.D.)
01338    Flooded county road, Danzig (N.D.)
01339    Stone house, Danzig (N.D.)
01340    Buffalo grazing, Wishek (N.D.)
01341    Lake Hoskins monument, Ashley (N.D.)
01342    Volunteer doing dishes after country club event, Ashley (N.D.)
01343    Horse show at Gold Star Saddle Club arena, Ashley (N.D.)
01344    Ashley Medical Center, Ashley (N.D.)
01345    House construction, Ashley (N.D.)
01346    McIntosh County Historical Site grounds, Ashley (N.D.)
01347    Farmstead on edge of town, Ashley (N.D.)
01348    Ashley Golf Course, Ashley (N.D.)
01349    Ashley High School, Ashley (N.D.)
01350    Ashley Municipal Pool and Playground, Ashley (N.D.)
01351    Rural fire department building, Ashley (N.D.)
01352    Ashley Centennial Park playground installation, Ashley (N.D.)
01353    Flooded farmstead, Ashley (N.D.)

Photos by Frances Olson
01354    Welcome to Watford City sign, Watford City (N.D.)
01355    Prairie rose flower, Watford City (N.D.)
01356    Wildflowers, Watford City (N.D.)
01357    Swimming lessons at Watford City Pool, Watford City (N.D.)
01358    Peewees baseball game, Watford City (N.D.)
01359    School buses, Watford City (N.D.)
01360    Midget baseball game, Watford City (N.D.)
01361    Dragonfly, Watford City (N.D.)
01362    Railroad fill across Madsen Flat, Watford City (N.D.)
01363    Community Park, Arnegard (N.D.)
01364    Oil well, Rawson (N.D.)
01365    McKenzie County Heritage Park, Watford City (N.D.)
01366    Pioneer Museum, Watford City (N.D.)
01367    Hay field, Watford City (N.D.)
01368    Swathing hay, Watford City (N.D.)
01369 – 01371 Boating on Lake Sakakawea, Watford City (N.D.)
01372    Banks Lutheran Church, Watford City (N.D.)
01373    McKenzie County Library under construction, Watford City (N.D.)
01374    McKenzie County Courthouse, Watford City (N.D.)
01375    Wildflowers, Watford City (N.D.)
01376    Cactus flowers, Watford City (N.D.)
01377    Spring Creek Lutheran Church, Watford City (N.D.)
01378    Spring Creek Lutheran Church, interior, Watford City (N.D.)
01379    Spring Creek Lutheran Church, Pastor Kerry Eversole at lectern, Watford City (N.D.)
01380 – 01381 Five generations of Donald Dodge family, Watford City (N.D.)
01382 – 01384 Dodge family reunion at Fair Exhibit Building, Watford City (N.D.)
01385    Art in the Park, Lillian Bergem at her rose making booth, Watford City (N.D.)
01386    Art in the Park attendees, Watford City (N.D.)
01387    Dick and Alma Luttrell's 50th anniversary, Watford City (N.D.)
01388    Lee and Judy Stenehjem, Watford City (N.D.)

Photos by Todd Strand
01389 – 01392 Pond with elevators in distance, Max (N.D.)

Photos by Dolores Staehr
01393    Welcome to Garrison sign, Garrison (N.D.)
01394    City Park and Wally the Walleye, Garrison (N.D.)
01395    Fishing Hall of Fame of North Dakota, Garrison (N.D.)
01396    Main Street, Garrison (N.D.)
01397    Dolores Staehr house, Garrison (N.D.)
01398 – 01399 Garrison's twin water towers, Garrison (N.D.)
01400    Peace Lutheran Church, Garrison (N.D.)
01401    McLean County Fair, Underwood (N.D.)
01402    McLean County Fair Parade, Underwood (N.D.)
01403    McLean County Fair, 4-H participants, Underwood (N.D.)
01404    Big Chief dragline, Underwood (N.D.)
01405    Garrison Auditorium and Library, Garrison (N.D.)
01406 – 01407 Elevators, Garrison (N.D.)
01408    Heritage Park and Garrison Depot, Garrison (N.D.)
01409 – 01410 Heritage Park, Garrison (N.D.)
01411    Fort Stevenson State Park sign, Garrison (N.D.)
01412    Fort Stevenson State Park, houses across the bay, Garrison (N.D.)
01413    High water on Lake Sakakawea, Garrison (N.D.)
01414    Pickup pulling boat, Garrison (N.D.)
01415    Two women in an office, Garrison (N.D.)
01416    Pepsi truck, Garrison (N.D.)
01417 – 01418 Tractor and tiller on the Schlichting farm, Garrison (N.D.)
01419    Calves on the Schlichting farm, Garrison (N.D.)
01420    Fort Stevenson State Park sign, Garrison (N.D.)
01421 – 01422 Fort Stevenson Marina, Garrison (N.D.)
01423    Fort Stevenson recycling bins, Garrison (N.D.)
01424    Fort Stevenson Campground, Garrison (N.D.)
01425    School buses, Garrison (N.D.)
01426    Adeline Anderson birthday party, Garrison (N.D.)
01427    Main Street, Garrison (N.D.)
01428    The Stone Inn, Garrison (N.D.)

Photos by Ernest Dierks
01429    Washburn sign, Washburn (N.D.)
01430 – 01431 Hyttinen wedding at Fort Mandan, Washburn (N.D.)
01432 – 01434 First Lutheran Church, Washburn (N.D.)
01435 – 01436 Ketterling donation of taxidermied animals to McLean County Historical Society, Washburn (N.D.)
01437 – 01438 Washburn Leader office, Washburn (N.D.)
01439    Two people in an office, Washburn (N.D.)
01440 – 01441 Auction, Washburn (N.D.)
01442 – 01443 Fort Mandan, Washburn (N.D.)
01444    New home construction, Wayne Heringer home, Washburn (N.D.)
01445    New home construction, Alton Krebsbach home, Washburn (N.D.)
01446    New home construction, Kim Klaudt home, Washburn (N.D.)
01447    Terry and Brent Peterson with their grain truck, Washburn (N.D.)
01448    Storm damage on Don Sorge farm, Washburn (N.D.)
01449    Jewel Café, Washburn (N.D.)
01450    Children holding flags at 4-H camp, Washburn (N.D.)
01451    McLean County Fair, 4-H float, Washburn (N.D.)
01452    McLean County Fair, Washburn Cowboys float, Washburn (N.D.)
01453    McLean County Fair, 4-H booth, Washburn (N.D.)
01454    McLean County Fair, FFA exhibits, Washburn (N.D.)
01455    Bill Reynolds mural on Washburn Museum, Washburn (N.D.)
01456    Cultivating beans on Goven farm, Washburn (N.D.)
01457 – 01459 Painted Woods Golf Course, Washburn (N.D.)
01460 – 01461 Tae Kwan Do class, Washburn (N.D.)
01462 – 01463 Washburn Swimming Pool, Washburn (N.D.)

Photos by Lonnie Buckman
01464 – 01465 Auction, Beulah (N.D.)
01466    Mercer County Courthouse and Veterans Memorial, Stanton (N.D.)
01467    Veterans Memorial, Stanton (N.D.)
01468    Mercer County Courthouse, Stanton (N.D.)
01469    Knife River Indian Village, sign and center, Stanton (N.D.)
01470 – 01471 Knife River Indian Village, ranger talk, Stanton (N.D.)
01472 – 01475 Knife River Indian Village, earth lodge, Stanton (N.D.)
01476    Main Street, Stanton (N.D.)
01477    Stanton sign, Stanton (N.D.)
01478    Mercer County Airport sign, Mercer County (N.D.)
01479    Hazen sign, Hazen (N.D.)
01480    John Moses memorial, Hazen (N.D.)
01481    Heritage Park, Hazen (N.D.)
01482    Main Street, Hazen (N.D.)
01483    Buffalo grazing, Hazen (N.D.)
01484    Beulah sign, Beulah (N.D.)
01485 – 01486 Concordia Lutheran Church, Beulah (N.D.)
01487    Main Street, Beulah (N.D.)
01488    Loren Dandberg house, Beulah (N.D.)
01489    Loading shovel in Heritage Park, Beulah (N.D.)
01490    Dakota Gasification Company plant, Beulah (N.D.)
01491    People standing next to dragline bucket, Beulah (N.D.)
01492    Dakota Gasification Company plant, Beulah (N.D.)
01493    Fish 'N Dakota building, Beulah (N.D.)
01494    Main Street, Zap (N.D.)
01495    Golden Valley School bell tower, Golden Valley (N.D.)
01496    Welcome to Golden Valley sign, Golden Valley (N.D.)
01497    Main Street, Golden Valley (N.D.)
01498    Welcome to Golden Valley sign, Golden Valley (N.D.)
01499    Cattle grazing, Golden Valley (N.D.)

Photos by Sig Peterson
01500    Muddy Creek Saloon interior, Almont (N.D.)
01501    Main Street, Almont (N.D.)
01502    Heritage Park, Almont (N.D.)
01503    Weighing Association Station, Almont (N.D.)
01504    Almont Lutheran Church, Almont (N.D.)
01505    Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Almont (N.D.)
01506    Almont Wesleyan Church, Almont (N.D.)
01507    Almont Museum, Almont (N.D.)
01508    Almont School, Almont (N.D.)
01509    Lover's Cliff, Almont (N.D.)
01510    Small park, Almont (N.D.)
01511    City Park, Almont (N.D.)
01512    People in Tari's Café, Almont (N.D.)
01513    People in front of Pat and Penny Floral, Almont (N.D.)
01514    New Salem Security State Bank, Almont (N.D.)
01515    Post Office, Almont (N.D.)
01516 – 01517 Singers in Teri's Café, Almont (N.D.)
01518    Sims Lutheran Church, Almont (N.D.)
01519    Sims Creek Ranch, Almont (N.D.)
01520    Almont Valley, Almont (N.D.)
01521    Welcome to Almont sign, Almont (N.D.)
01522    Memorial Building, Almont (N.D.)
01523    Farmer's Supply, Almont (N.D.)
01524    Muddy Creek Saloon, Almont (N.D.)
01525    Almont Service, Almont (N.D.)
01526    Marshall Lumber Company, Almont (N.D.)
01527    Dave Goetz, employee at Security State Bank, Almont (N.D.)
01528    Seniors having a meal, Almont (N.D.)
01529 – 01530 Almont Museum, interior, Almont (N.D.)
01531    Almont Museum, schoolhouse interior, Almont (N.D.)
01532    Almont Museum, farm equipment, Almont (N.D.)
01533    Almont Museum, fuel pumps, Almont (N.D.)

Photos by Ellen Feser
01534    Glen Ullin Post Office sign, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01535    Glen Ullin Post Office, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01536    Al and Jackie Feser laying scoria on road, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01537 – 01538 Ray Filibek loading scoria into truck, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01539    Twin Buttes, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01540    Clay hill, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01541    Fields, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01542    Dead rattlesnake, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01543    Al Feser with dead rattlesnake, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01544 – 01545 Mike and Jeff Duppong feeding calves, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01546    Basketball camp attendees, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01547    Bank of Glen Ullin, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01548    Bank of Glen Ullin, grand opening picnic, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01549    Two men talking on the sidewalk, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01550    Super Valu, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01551    Dirt hauling truck, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01552 – 01553 Alberta Feser family, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01554    Mark and Dan Feser sweeping the chimney, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01555    Jackie Feser picking strawberries, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01556 – 01557 Dirt processing plant, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01558    Marian Manor Nursing Home, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01559    Glen Ullin Museum buildings, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01560    Ronda's Café, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01561    Sacred Heart Church, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01562    Tillie Gittel, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01563    Cenex gas station, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01564    Day Care Center, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01565    Duppongs Inc., Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01566    Twin Buttes, Glen Ullin (N.D.)
01567    Log cabin at Glen Ullin Memorial Park, Glen Ullin (N.D.)

Photos by H. L. VendeVenter
01568    Cattle grazing in a field, Flasher (N.D.)
01569    St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Flasher (N.D.)
01570    St. Lawrence Shrine, Flasher (N.D.)
01571    Woman pushing baby stroller, Flasher (N.D.)
01572    Fairhill Cemetery, Flasher (N.D.)
01573 – 01574 Buffalo grazing, Flasher (N.D.)
01575    Grant County Historical Society buildings, Shields (N.D.)
01576    Two people fishing in the Cannonball River, Grant County (N.D.)
01577    Children playing on the playground, Shields (N.D.)
01578    Four children dressed for the powwow, Shields (N.D.)
01579 – 01580 Powwow, Shields (N.D.)
01581    Raleigh Reservoir, Raleigh (N.D.)
01582    Farm machinery, Flasher (N.D.)
01583    Flasher School, Flasher (N.D.)
01584 – 01585 Boy running during T-ball game, Flasher (N.D.)
01586    Seniors playing pool at the senior center, Flasher (N.D.)
01587    United Church of Christ, Flasher (N.D.)
01588    Swathing hay, Flasher (N.D.)

Photos by Phyllis Cross
01589    Fort Berthold Indian Reservation sign, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01590 – 01591 Four Bears Bridge, New Town (N.D.)
01592    Dennis Snow mowing lawn at Tribal Administrative Building, New Town (N.D.)
01593    Cora Baker pointing out exhibits at Three Tribes Museum, New Town (N.D.)
01594    Glenda Embry and staff at Fort Berthold Communications Enterprises, New Town (N.D.)
01595    Tino White reviewing layout at MHA Times, New Town (N.D.)
01596    Pete Coffey, Jr., manager and DJ at KMHA, New Town (N.D.)
01597    Monica Meyer and Brian Baker at Blue Water Clinic, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01598    Dragswolf sisters at Edwin Loe Elementary School, New Town (N.D.)
01599    Seniors having lunch in New Town (N.D.)
01600    Calvin Grinnell in chair outside of News office, New Town (N.D.)
01601    Corrine Deriana and Caroline Chase enjoying ice cream cones outside the Tastee Freeze, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01602    Neva Satermo and students in New Town Elementary School, New Town (N.D.)
01603    Tribal council members and interns in Council Office, New Town (N.D.)
01604    Catch and Release Derby, Van Hook Bay, Lake Sakakawea, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01605 – 01606 Pualine Nez and Sylvia Chase at earthlodge, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01607    Parshall Swimming Pool float in School Reunion Parade, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01608    James Johnson driving a Clydesdale team in School Reunion Parade, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01609 – 01610 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sand's 40th anniversary celebration in St. Anthony's Church,                Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01611    Christian Life Camp counselors at St. Anthony's Church, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01612 – 01613 Jarrett Johnson and colts in his corral, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01614    Jarrett Johnson overlooking his ranch, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01615    Brien family at the Three Tribes Museum Veterans’ Monument, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01616    Lucy Old Dog at her father’s grave, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01617    Oil well in Centennial Field, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01618    Elbowoods Community Hall, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01619    Veterans’ names written on wall of Elbowoods Community Hall, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01620    Forked Horn headstone in Scout Cemetery, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01621    Field of sweet clover, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01622    Lucy Old Dog on hill near Indian Hills Resort, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01623    Wild prairie rose, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)
01624    Sunset, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation (N.D.)

Photos by Russel Kilen
01625    Stanley sign, Stanley (N.D.)
01626    Main Street, Stanley (N.D.)
01627    Flowerpots on Main Street, Stanley (N.D.)
01628    Scandia American Bank, Stanley (N.D.)
01629    Welcome to Stanley sign featuring the Whirl-A-Whip machine, Stanley (N.D.)
01630    Flickertail Village, Stanley (N.D.)
01631    Fred Hynek and Freeman Sands in Flickertail Village building, Stanley (N.D.)
01632    County Fair Building, Stanley (N.D.)
01633    Stanley swimming pool, Stanley (N.D.)
01634    Tourist Park, Stanley (N.D.)
01635    Stanley High School, Stanley (N.D.)
01636 – 01637 Mountrail County Courthouse, Stanley (N.D.)
01638    Fire hydrant painted to look like Longfellow, Stanley (N.D.)
01639    Three boys enjoying a Whirl-A-Whip, Stanley (N.D.)
01640    American Legion, Stanley (N.D.)
01641    Golf course, Stanley (N.D.)
01642    Tourist Park, Stanley (N.D.)
01643    Church, Stanley (N.D.)
01644    Wilson Park, Stanley (N.D.)
01645    Regis Theater, Stanley (N.D.)
01646    Lila Thorlaksen outside of her shop, Stanley (N.D.)
01647    Mountrail Bethel Home, Stanley (N.D.)
01648    Stanley business district, Stanley (N.D.)
01649    Young girl playing computer games, Stanley (N.D.)
01650    Memorial Building, Stanley (N.D.)
01651    Repurposed building, Stanley (N.D.)
01652    Home, Stanley (N.D.)
01653    Stanley Community Hospital, Stanley (N.D.)
01654    Veterans Memorial Park, Stanley (N.D.)
01655    Stanley Airport, Stanley (N.D.)
01656    Farm equipment dealership, Stanley (N.D.)
01657    Stanley Elementary School, Stanley (N.D.)
01658    Burlington Northern train moving past Stanley Depot, Stanley (N.D.)
01659    Bailing hay, Stanley (N.D.)
01660    White Earth Valley, Stanley (N.D.)
01661    Dakota West convenience store, Ross (N.D.)

Photos by Mary Ellen Iverson
01662    Woman baking bread at Super Valu, New Town (N.D.)
01663    Woman cutting meat at Super Valu, New Town (N.D.)
01664    Eugenia's Beauty Salon interior, New Town (N.D.)
01665    Lakeside State Bank interior, New Town (N.D.)
01666    Rexall Drug, New Town (N.D.)
01667    Tim Moe working in Rexall Drug, New Town (N.D.)
01668    Women having coffee in Main Lanes Café, New Town (N.D.)
01669    Lakeside Auto Bank. New Town (N.D.)
01670    Nora Lenartz, New Town (N.D.)
01671    Static Soo Line locomotive display on Main Street, New Town (N.D.)
01672    Statue of Earl Bunyan, New Town (N.D.)
01673    Walleye derby participants, New Town (N.D.)
01674    Civic Center, New Town (N.D.)
01675    St. Anthony Church, New Town (N.D.)
01676    Group picnicing in City Park, New Town (N.D.)
01677    New Town High School, New Town (N.D.)
01678    Bethel Lutheran Church, New Town (N.D.)
01679    Men building a boat dock, New Town (N.D.)
01680    Old Sanish Townsite sign, New Town (N.D.)
01681    Fishermen cleaning fish, New Town (N.D.)
01682    Wolf's Trading Post, New Town (N.D.)
01683    Tastee Freeze, New Town (N.D.)
01684    Boat ramp at New Town Marina, New Town (N.D.)
01685    Two people on a water bike, New Town (N.D.)
01686    Ft. Berthold Community College, New Town (N.D.)
01687    Northrop Grumman, New Town (N.D.)
01688    Gospel Tabernacle Church, New Town (N.D.)
01689    Traynor Park, New Town (N.D.)
01690    View of New Town from the north, New Town (N.D.)
01691    Midget baseball practice, New Town (N.D.)
01692    New Town Health Center construction, New Town (N.D.)
01693    Main Street, New Town (N.D.)
01694    Four Bears Bridge, New Town (N.D.)
01695    Edgewater Golf Course, New Town (N.D.)

Photos by Patricia Danda
01696    First Strip mall in North Dakota on Main Street, Michigan (N.D.)
01697    Amtrak train running through town, Michigan (N.D.)
01698    Michigan Cemetery, Michigan (N.D.)
01699    Michigan Community Golf Course, Michigan (N.D.)
01700    Michigan Public School, Michigan (N.D.)
01701    St. Lawrence O'Toole Church, Michigan (N.D.)
01702    Nelson County Courthouse, Lakota (N.D.)
01703    Garage Sale, Michigan (N.D.)
01704    Good Samaritan Care Center, Lakota (N.D.)
01705    Aircraft at McVille Airport, McVille (N.D.)
01706    Lemonade stand outside of a bank, McVille (N.D.)
01707    Bee hives in a field, Michigan (N.D.)
01708    Grain elevator on a farm, Michigan (N.D.)
01709    New home on a farm, Michigan (N.D.)
01710    Congregational Church at Pioneer Village, Stump Lake (N.D.)
01711    Park, Stump Lake (N.D.)
01712    Rodeo grounds, Stump Lake (N.D.)
01713    One room schoolhouse, Melvin Township (N.D.)
01714    Road work to raise road due to Devils Lake flooding, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01715    Flooded trees due to Devils Lake flooding, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01716    High water at Graham's Island State Park, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01717    Storm, Michigan (N.D.)
01718    Children in front of tent on last day of school campout, Michigan (N.D.)
01719    Campers setting up a camp stove, Devils Lake (N.D.)

Photos by Kurt Quanbeck
01720    Outdoor craft show, Aneta (N.D.)
01721    Outdoor craft show, Donna Patterson of Patt's Crafts booth, Aneta (N.D.)
01722    Riding mower pulling a barrel train ride, Aneta (N.D.)
01723    Popcorn booth at outdoor show, Aneta (N.D.)
01724    Outdoor craft show outside of the Aneta Auditorium, Aneta (N.D.)
01725    Gene G. with the long row of roasting turkeys at the Aneta Turkey Barbeque, Aneta (N.D.)
01726    Crowd at the Aneta Turkey Barbeque, Aneta (N.D.)
01727    Aneta Turkey Barbeque, Aneta (N.D.)
01728 – 01729 Aneta Community Band performing at the Aneta Turkey Barbeque, Aneta (N.D.)
01730    Pekin Lutheran Church, Pekin (N.D.)
01731    Main Street, Pekin (N.D.)
01732    Trailer cooker, Pekin (N.D.)
01733    Pekin Lutheran Church interior, Pekin (N.D.)
01734    Main Street, Petersburg (N.D.)
01735    Welcome to Petersburg sign, Petersburg (N.D.)
01736    The Kite Café, Michigan (N.D.)
01737    Tractors at Joe Lamb Oil Supply, Michigan (N.D.)
01738    Lamb Brother's Lumber, Michigan (N.D.)
01739    Mapes Old West Tavern, Mapes (N.D.)
01740    Knetter Cheese, Lakota (N.D.)
01741    First log cabin in Nelson County, Lakota (N.D.)
01742    Pioneer Park at Stump Lake State Park, Pekin (N.D.)
01743    Pavilion at Stump Lake State Park, Pekin (N.D.)
01744    Harvey Schmiginske in front of his café at Stump Lake State Park, Pekin (N.D.)
01745    Stabbur on the Sherman Quanbeck farm, Pekin (N.D.)
01746    Norway Lutheran Church, Aneta (N.D.)
01747 – 01748 Main Street, McVille (N.D.)
01749    McVille Community Hospital, McVille (N.D.)
01750    McVille Auditorium, McVille (N.D.)
01751    McVille Lutheran Church, McVille (N.D.)
01752    New Luther Valley Church, Aneta (N.D.)
01753    McVille Public School, Aneta (N.D.)
01754    Center Lutheran Church, Aneta (N.D.)
01755 – 01756 Main Street, Lakota (N.D.)

Photos by Lawrence Porsborg
01757 – 01758 Main Street, Center (N.D.)
01759    Catholic Church, Center (N.D.)
01760    Air seeder, Oliver County (N.D.)
01761    Haybine, Oliver County (N.D.)
01762    New Holland tractor, Oliver County (N.D.)
01763    Gleaner combine, Oliver County (N.D.)
01764    Combine header, Oliver County (N.D.)
01765    Spra-Coupe crop sprayer, Oliver County (N.D.)
01766    Steiger four wheel drive tractor, Oliver County (N.D.)
01767    Karl Riedel, Oliver County (N.D.)
01768    John Deere four wheel drive tractor, Oliver County (N.D.)
01769    Fiberglass bull sculpture, Oliver County (N.D.)
01770    Caterpillar scraper, Oliver County (N.D.)
01771 – 01772 BNI Coal dragline, Oliver County (N.D.)
01773    BNI Coal dragline boom, Oliver County (N.D.)
01774 – 01775 Loader loading a Kress coal truck, Oliver County (N.D.)
01776    BNI Coal dragline, Oliver County (N.D.)
01777    Power shovel, Oliver County (N.D.)
01778    Coal miner's lunch room, Oliver County (N.D.)
01779 – 01780 Feeding cattle, Oliver County (N.D.)
01781 – 01782 Pigs, Oliver County (N.D.)
01783    Two boys having a drink while hauling hay, Oliver County (N.D.)
01784    Tractor baling hay bales, Oliver County (N.D.)
01785    Grain field, Oliver County (N.D.)
01786    Tree planter, Oliver County (N.D.)
01787    Oliver County courtroom, Center (N.D.)
01788    Law office, Center (N.D.)
01789    Bar and hall, Center (N.D.)
01790    Center School pool, Center (N.D.)
01791    Lutheran Church interior, Center (N.D.)

Photos by Robin Mulanax
01792    Center sign, Center (N.D.)
01793    Overlook of Center, Center (N.D.)
01794    Barb Fleming, city auditor, and Toddy Johnson, Center (N.D.)
01795    Amoco/Hot Stuff Pizza employees Yolanda Bittner and Arlene Allery, Center (N.D.)
01796    Doug Myers and Brandon Frank buying candy in the Amoco station, Center (N.D.)
01797    Hazel Miner monument, Center (N.D.)
01798    Oliver County Museum, Center (N.D.)
01799    Main Street, Center (N.D.)
01800    Mr. Moakes, Center (N.D.)
01801    Golden Age Club, oldest building in town, Center (N.D.)
01802    Lee's Bar, Center (N.D.)
01803    Ambulance fund marker, Center (N.D.)
01804    Supervalu grocery store, Center (N.D.)
01805    Oliver County Courthouse, Center (N.D.)
01806    Oliver County Fire Department, Center (N.D.)
01807    Marty Staigle with Jean and Katie Henke walking across the Square Butte Creek Bridge, Center (N.D.)
01808    Fraternal organization signs, Center (N.D.)
01809 – 01810 Wilmadean Zahn estate auction, Center (N.D.)
01811    Model of St. Martin's Catholic Church, Center (N.D.)
01812    St. Martin's Catholic Church, Center (N.D.)
01813    Mercella and William Sherwin playing on playground equipment, Center (N.D.)
01814    Swim team trophy case in Center School, Center (N.D.)
01815    School lunch prices, Center (N.D.)
01816    Elementary school hallway, Center (N.D.)
01817    Myrna Richards working at Katz's Kitchen, Center (N.D.)
01818    Interior of Katz's Kitchen, Center (N.D.)
01819    Anderson Cabinets, Center (N.D.)
01820    United Methodist Church, Center (N.D.)
01821    Isaak family reunion at the Civic Center, Center (N.D.)
01822 – 01823 Civic Center gym, Center (N.D.)
01824    Center Public School, Center (N.D.)
01825    Tree blown down into creek, Center (N.D.)
01826    St. Paul Lutheran Church, Center (N.D.)
01827    Community Center bus, Center (N.D.)

Photos by Carole Askew
01828    Cavalier welcome sign, Cavalier (N.D.)
01829    Cavalier City Library, Cavalier (N.D.)
01830    Pembina County Courthouse, Cavalier (N.D.)
01831    Wedgewood Manor nursing home, Cavalier (N.D.)
01832    Wedgewood Manor residents bowling, Cavalier (N.D.)
01833 – 01834 Kid's Townhouse daycare, Cavalier (N.D.)
01835    Cavalier School's interactive television classroom, Cavalier (N.D.)
01836 – 01837 Cavalier School computer classroom and students, Cavalier (N.D.)
01838    Gregory Ford dealership, Cavalier (N.D.)
01839    City crew replacing sewer and water lines, Cavalier (N.D.)
01840    Woman washing house windows, Cavalier (N.D.)
01841    Boys selling a puppy on Main Street, Cavalier (N.D.)
01842    School Election Board, Cavalier (N.D.)
01843 – 01844 Story time at the Library, Cavalier (N.D.)
01845    Baseball game, Cavalier (N.D.)
01846    Pembina County Memorial Hospital, Cavalier (N.D.)
01847    Nurses’ station at Pembina County Memorial Hospital, Cavalier (N.D.)
01848    Nurse checking a patient's blood pressure in the emergency room at Pembina County Memorial Hospital, Cavalier (N.D.)
01849    Case tractors at dealership, Cavalier (N.D.)
01850    Patricia's Dress Shop, Cavalier (N.D.)
01851    Men filling trench after hedge removal, Cavalier (N.D.)
01852    New home, Cavalier (N.D.)
01853    Kitchen in new home, Cavalier (N.D.)
01854    Living room of new home, Cavalier (N.D.)
01855    Cavalier Dental Office, Cavalier (N.D.)
01856    Dr. Mark Olson working on dental patient, Cavalier (N.D.)
01857    Main Street, Cavalier (N.D.)
01858    Presbyterian church service, Cavalier (N.D.)
01859    Cavalier Swimming Pool, Cavalier (N.D.)
01860    Two men in front of a Caterpillar Challenger tractor, Cavalier (N.D.)
01861    Woman painting an apartment wall, Cavalier (N.D.)
01862    Bjornson's gas station, Cavalier (N.D.)
01863    Woman quilting on a snap frame, Cavalier (N.D.)
01864    Women playing bridge, Cavalier (N.D.)
01865    Three women at a bridal luncheon buffet, Cavalier (N.D.)

Photos by Myrtle Hart
01866    Pembina sign, Pembina (N.D.)
01867 – 01868 Assumption Catholic Church, Pembina (N.D.)
01868    Assumption Catholic Church, Pembina (N.D.)
01869    Pembina State Park sign, Pembina (N.D.)
01870    Garage sale at Tom Maslaski home, Pembina (N.D.)
01871    Cultivating field of beans on Charles Hart farm, Pembina (N.D.)
01872    Federal building, Pembina (N.D.)
01873    Clinic remodel, Pembina (N.D.)
01874    Gift shop and Tastee Freeze, Pembina (N.D.)
01875    Log cabin, Pembina (N.D.)
01876    Monument in park, Pembina (N.D.)
01877    War memorial monument in park, Pembina (N.D.)
01878    City Park, Pembina (N.D.)
01879    Fort Daer Landing Recreational Area sign, Pembina (N.D.)
01880    Fish cleaning station, Pembina (N.D.)
01881    Bus manufacturer, Pembina (N.D.)
01882    Campground near City Park, Pembina (N.D.)
01883    Boat ramp, Pembina (N.D.)
01884    Golf course, Pembina (N.D.)
01885    Club house at golf course, Pembina (N.D.)
01886    Ukrainian Church, Pembina (N.D.)
01887 – 01888 City Cemetery, Pembina (N.D.)
01889    Softball game, Pembina (N.D.)
01890    Children playing on the City Park playground, Pembina (N.D.)
01891    Pembina Airport, Pembina (N.D.)
01892    Buster Kershaw's cattle, Pembina (N.D.)
01893    James Maris' cattle, Pembina (N.D.)
01894    Pembina State Museum under construction, Pembina (N.D.)
01895    Apartment building, Pembina (N.D.)
01896    Masonic memorial, Pembina (N.D.)
01897    United Methodist Church, Pembina (N.D.)
01898    Day Care Center, Pembina (N.D.)

Photos by Zelda C. Hartje
01899    Man on semi at border crossing, Neche (N.D.)
01900    Welcome to North Dakota sign at Neche (N.D.)
01901    Recess at Migrant School, Cavalier (N.D.)
01902    MacKenzie, Casey, Leighanna, and Shelby Helgoe, 10 months. Quadruplets of Floyd and Cathy Helgoe, Cavalier (N.D.)
01903    Man golfing, Cavalier (N.D.)
01904    Four people on a bench, Cavalier (N.D.)
01905    People by a house, Cavalier (N.D.)
01906    Tim, Todd, and Scott Hartje at Todd's wedding, Cavalier (N.D.)
01907    Melanie and Todd Hartje, Cavalier (N.D.)
01908    Todd Hartje wedding party, Cavalier (N.D.)
01909    Ponies pulling a homemade chariot, Cavalier (N.D.)
01910    Taylor Hartje at 14 months, Cavalier (N.D.)
01911    Man driving a homemade chariot, Cavalier (N.D.)
01912    Girls' softball practice, Cavalier (N.D.)
01913    Morgan Beattle standing on a bench, Cavalier (N.D.)
01914    Bjornson's gas station counter, Cavalier (N.D.)
01915    Chuck Robbins with sons Brady and Spenser, Cavalier (N.D.)
01916    Kaitlyn Timian and Emily Stibbe washing a 1930 Model A, Cavalier (N.D.)
01917    Pat and Nancy McFadden relaxing on their porch, Cavalier (N.D.)
01918 – 01919 Backhoe repairing the sewer system on Main Street, Cavalier (N.D.)
01920    Cavalier Public Library patrons, Cavalier (N.D.)
01921    Rendezvous Region highway sign, Cavalier (N.D.)
01922    Restoration work on the Hallson Church at Icelandic State Park, Cavalier (N.D.)
01923    Rendezvous Region meeting at Frost Fire Mountain, Walhalla (N.D.)
01924    Migrant workers working in a field, Cavalier (N.D.)
01925    Pembina County Museum visitors, Cavalier (N.D.)
01926    Farmers at Cenex, Cavalier (N.D.)
01927    Two girls taking a break from roller blading, Cavalier (N.D.)
01928    Four men hauling bales, Cavalier (N.D.)
01929    Gingras Trading Post visitors, Cavalier (N.D.)

Photos by Todd Strand
01930 – 01931 Maxine Strand with painting made by her grandmother, Anna Jacobs Sieber, Rugby (N.D.)

Photo by Richard Blessum
01932    Shop Rugby sign, Rugby (N.D.)
01933    Geographical Center of North America rock cairn, Rugby (N.D.)
01934    Fire watchtower at Pioneer Village, Rugby (N.D.)
01935    View of Pioneer Village from fire watchtower, Rugby (N.D.)
01936    View of Rugby from fire watchtower, Rugby (N.D.)
01937    Silo construction, Rugby (N.D.)
01938    Rugby Manufacturing, Rugby (N.D.)
01939    Robodyne, Rugby (N.D.)
01940    Pierce County Fairgrounds, Rugby (N.D.)
01941    Haaland Home Chapel, Rugby (N.D.)
01942    Haaland Manor, Rugby (N.D.)
01943    Ralph Miller, owner of Miller Drug, preparing a prescription, Rugby (N.D.)
01944    First American Bank, Rugby (N.D.)
01945    Main Street, Rugby (N.D.)
01946    Great Northern Depot, Rugby (N.D.)
01947 – 01948 Apartment construction, Rugby (N.D.)
01949    Johnson Field, Rugby (N.D.)
01950    Bonnie Teigen helping a customer at The Cottage, Rugby (N.D.)
01951    Pierce County Courthouse, Rugby (N.D.)
01952    First Lutheran Church, Rugby (N.D.)
01953    Rugby Golf Course, Rugby (N.D.)
01954    Woman putting at Rugby Golf Course, Rugby (N.D.)
01955    Heart of America Medical Center, Rugby (N.D.)
01956    The Cottage, Rugby (N.D.)
01957    Don McClairne reading the news at KZZJ, Rugby (N.D.)
01958 – 01959 North Dakota County Superintendants of Schools steak fry at Pioneer Village, Rugby (N.D.)
01960    Sunset, Rugby (N.D.)
01961    Hoffarts Inc., Rugby (N.D.)
01962    Rugby Equipment, Rugby (N.D.)
01963    Heritage Restoration, Rugby (N.D.)
01964    James Rothchiller, owner of Heritage Restoration, working on an antique, Rugby (N.D.)
01965    Hartley’s School Bus business, Rugby (N.D.)
01966 – 01967 Electric power sub-station, Rugby (N.D.)
01968    Pioneer Village, Rugby (N.D.)

Photos by Barbara McCormick
01969    Devils Lake sign, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01970    Horseback flag bearers in the Church's Ferry Days parade, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01971    Children's exhibit at Fort Totten, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01972    Fort Totten State Historic Site, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01973    View of Devils Lake from Sully's Hill, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01974    Children swimming and fishing on Lakewood Beach at Devils Lake (N.D.)
01975    Lakewood Beach cottages, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01976    Sheriff's House Museum, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01977    Episcopal Church, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01978    James McCormick farmhouse, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01979    James McCormick barn, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01980    Homemade weed sprayer, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01981    Two men fishing at Six Mile Bay on Devils Lake (N.D.)
01982    Softball game at Roosevelt Park, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01983    Baseball game at Roosevelt Park, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01984    Lake Region Heritage Center, old post office, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01985    Chamber or Commerce and Minnie H replica, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01986    Amtrak train at station, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01987    Great Northern Hotel, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01988    Main Street, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01989    Woman mowing a lawn, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01990    Backyard flower garden, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01991    Melonia Hedlund, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01992    Grand Army of the Republic monument, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01993    Petting Zoo, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01994    Devils Lake Sioux Tribe buffalo, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01995    Reservation landscape, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01996    Devils Lake (N.D.)
01997    St. Joseph's Academy, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01998    Checkout lines at the supermarket, Devils Lake (N.D.)
01999    Women getting their hair done at Salon 2000, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02000    Women playing bridge at the Country Club, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02001    Golfers, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02002    Stone house, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02003    Fairmont Creamery building, now a billboard, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02004    Home, Devils Lake (N.D.)

Photos by Trudy Jorde
02005    Chamber or Commerce and Minnie H replica, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02006    United Express Airlines airplane, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02007    Creel Bay flooded highway, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02008    Lake Region Heritage Center, old post office, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02009    New post office, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02010    Fairmont Creamery building, now a billboard, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02011    Burlington Northern depot and Great Northern Building, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02012    First National Bank, new, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02013    First National Bank, old  Devils Lake (N.D.)
02014    Carnegie Library, Central Middle School, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02015    Courthouse and Sheriff's Residence Museum, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02016    Fire Station, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02017    High School, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02018    Burton Driggs Pond, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02019    Willow tree on Fourteenth Street, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02020    Ruger Park swimming pool, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02021    Fifth Street, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02022    Fourth Street, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02023    St. Joseph Catholic Church, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02024    Lake Region Clinic, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02025    Mercy Hospital, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02026    Academy Park, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02027    Senior housing, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02028    Lutheran Home, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02029    Prairie View Elementary School, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02030    Odd Fellows Home, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02031    University of North Dakota, Lake Region, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02032    Sweetwater Elementary School, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02033    St. Olaf Lutheran Church, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02034    United Methodist Church, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02035    Westminster Presbyterian Church, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02036    Courthouse and Memorial Building, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02037    Fourth Avenue, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02038    Roosevelt Park, Devils Lake (N.D.)
02039    Third Street, Devils Lake (N.D.)

Photos by Jim Schiele
02040    Lawton sign with Ray and Phylis Schwan farm in background, Lawton (N.D.)
02041    Perry Schiele in front of Louis Bratt homestead barn, Lawton (N.D.)
02042    Minuteman Missile Site #J-50, Lawton (N.D.)
02043    Cenex Station, Lawton (N.D.)
02044    TLC Bar interior with LeeAnn Charon and patrons, Lawton (N.D.)
02045    Rosendahl and Hellekson’s in front of Wishbone Restaurant, Edmore (N.D.)
02046    Edmore sign, Edmore (N.D.)
02047    Elevator, Edmore (N.D.)
02048    Interior of scale model of Lutheran church on grounds of Wheatland Manor Museum, Edmore (N.D.)
02049    Wheatland Manor Museum, Edmore (N.D.)
02050    Edmore skyline, Edmore (N.D.)
02051    Welcome to Edmore sign, Edmore (N.D.)
02052    Coffee time at Edmore Memorial Rest Home, Edmore (N.D.)
02053    Vickie Grauman, Sheryl Nelson, and Ed Helle, owner, in the Johnson Store, Edmore (N.D.)
02054    Connie Helle with patron Colleen Kram in the Edmore Post Office, Edmore (N.D.)
02055    Main Street, Edmore (N.D.)
02056    Lamar Anderson, Paul Aslakson, and Leroy Howes watching Lavern Nyland install an air filter at the Cenex station, Edmore (N.D.)
02057    Edmore Fire Station, Edmore (N.D.)
02058    Edmore Public School, Edmore (N.D.)
02059    Patty Kuchar, owner, in the Hair Cellar, Edmore (N.D.)
02060    Jeffrey and Shirley Horn on their porch playing with cats, Edmore (N.D.)
02061    Hampden sign, Hampden (N.D.)
02062    Lunde Implement Co. Parts Department, Hampden (N.D.)
02063    Hampden Mall, Hampden (N.D.)
02064    Hampden Mall Café, Hampden (N.D.)
02065    Hampden Mall Market owner Dennis Miller, Hampden (N.D.)
02066    View of Starkweather (N.D.)
02067    Alden Pulst Auction, Starkweather (N.D.)
02068    Assumption Church Mass with Father Lawrence Haas, Starkweather (N.D.)
02069    Main Street, Starkweather (N.D.)

Photos by Ruth Harris
02070    Welcome to Enderlin sign, Enderlin (N.D.)
02071    Enderlin churches welcome you sign, Enderlin (N.D.)
02072    Fire Department, Enderlin (N.D.)
02073    Soo Line engine and caboose on display in park, Enderlin (N.D.)
02074    Clio Club community flower bed, Enderlin (N.D.)
02075    Enderlin Lions adopt a highway sign, Enderlin (N.D.)
02076 – 02077 Northern Sun Industries sunflower plant, Enderlin (N.D.)
02078    Enderlin Golf Course sign, Enderlin (N.D.)
02079    Glen Fuhrman painting his front door, Enderlin (N.D.)
02080    Man mowing the side of a hill, Enderlin (N.D.)
02081    Boy using a weed trimmer, Enderlin (N.D.)
02082    Rex Kriedeman on a tractor, Enderlin (N.D.)
02083    Megan Blocke cleaning goat pens, Enderlin (N.D.)
02084    Auggy and Rosemary, pygmy goats, Enderlin (N.D.)
02085    Donna Kriedeman baking cookies, Enderlin (N.D.)
02086    Orson B. Wells, the cat, taking a nap, Enderlin (N.D.)
02087    Man digging fence posts, Enderlin (N.D.)
02088    United States flag, Enderlin (N.D.)
02089    Man on motorcycle, Enderlin (N.D.)
02090    Soo Line train by baseball field, Hendrickson (N.D.)
02091    Baby with stroller, Enderlin (N.D.)
02092    Two people painting a house, Enderlin (N.D.)
02093    Two girls in swim suits having a snack at a picnic table, Enderlin (N.D.)
02094    Flower bed, Enderlin (N.D.)
02095    Enderlin kiddie pool, Enderlin (N.D.)
02096    Kids sitting on the edge of the Enderlin Swimming Pool, Enderlin (N.D.)
02097    Divers at the Enderlin Swimming Pool, Enderlin (N.D.)
02098    Enderlin Independent newspaper typesetters, Enderlin (N.D.)
02099    Dog sitting on a chair, Enderlin (N.D.)
02100    1926 City Hall, Enderlin (N.D.)
02101    Enderlin Museum, Enderlin (N.D.)

Photos by Nancylee Loftgard
02102    Two people in a T-ball outfield, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02103    Two teams preparing for a T-ball game, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02104    City of Fort Ransom, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02105    Alice Anderson weeding her flowers, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02106    Doris Henson riding her bike, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02107    Douglas Larson in Citizens State Bank, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02108    Kim Haarsager in Fort One Stop, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02109    Fort Café interior, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02110    Fort Ransom post office, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02111    J&S Corral Bar and Restaurant, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02112    One Stop and Citizens State Bank, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02113    Sheyenne Valley Arts and Crafts, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02114    Bjorne Ness Wakin Bridge, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02115    Bear Creek Hall, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02116    Fire Hall, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02117    Laundromat and Bait Shop, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02118    Senior Center, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02119    Scenic Heights, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02120 – 02121 Sheyenne River Dam, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02122    Fort Ransom School, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02123    Standing Rock Lutheran Church, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02124    Fort Ransom Ski Area, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02125    Ransom County Courthouse, Lisbon (N.D.)
02126    Welcome to Lisbon sign, Lisbon (N.D.)
02127    Downtown Lisbon, Lisbon (N.D.)
02128    Viking on Fort Ransom hill, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02129    View to the east, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02130    Kids playing dress up on a trampoline, Fort Ransom (N.D.)
02131    Family posed on a swing set, Fort Ransom (N.D.)

Photos by Audrey A. Keith
02132    Sherwood sign, Sherwood (N.D.)
02133    Nettie's Café patrons: Oran Keith, Harlan and Cliff Magnuson, Leonard Smith, and Erling Mogaas, Sherwood (N.D.)
02134    Softball practice with Mindy DesLavriers, Jessica Keith, and Katy Berglof, Sherwood (N.D.)
02135    Sherwood grocery store, Sherwood (N.D.)
02136    Engh's Hardware, Theater, Senior's Center, Sherwood (N.D.)
02137 – 02138 1954-1956 High School Reunion at the Northern Lights Supper Club, Sherwood (N.D.)
02139    Trail Riders at Mouse River Park, Sherwood (N.D.)
02140    Flooded fields west of town, Sherwood (N.D.)
02141    Wallstrum garage sale, Sherwood (N.D.)
02142    Goldie and Harvey Burtch garden, Sherwood (N.D.)
02143    Jean Perron working at the Sherwood Garden Club project, Sherwood (N.D.)
02144    Marge Thompson gardening, Sherwood (N.D.)
02145    Cody Nelson mowing lawn, Sherwood (N.D.)
02146    Fern Nelson hanging laundry, Sherwood (N.D.)
02147    Travis and Brittany Nelson with a Ford tractor, Sherwood (N.D.)
02148    Firefighter's Memorial, Sherwood (N.D.)
02149    Pat and Brett Hefter playing catch, Sherwood (N.D.)
02150    Stephanie Duerre pumping gas at Farmers Union, Sherwood (N.D.)
02151    Loading grain into a truck at the Farmers Union elevators, Sherwood (N.D.)
02152    Trash cans on curbs, Sherwood (N.D.)
02153    John Daeley working on school bus at Johnson Oil, Sherwood (N.D.)
02154    Oran Keith and Julie Rovik planting trees, Sherwood (N.D.)
02155    Deb Berglof checking a patient's blood pressure at Keith-Johnson Memorial Clinic, Sherwood (N.D.)
02156    Kathy Aaulund cutting Megan Trout's hair while Mabel Berglof waits under a hairdryer, Sherwood (N.D.)
02157    Girl with umbrella, Sherwood (N.D.)
02158    Main Street, Sherwood (N.D.)
02159    Boy riding a bike, Sherwood (N.D.)
02160    Man cutting plywood with a circular saw, Sherwood (N.D.)
02161    Jessica Keith making cookies, Sherwood (N.D.)
02162    Steve Keith doing bookwork, Sherwood (N.D.)
02163    Girl sleeping, Sherwood (N.D.)
02164    Jessica and Lacey in-line skating in the rain, Sherwood (N.D.)
02165    Jarret and Lacey Keith riding their bikes, Sherwood (N.D.)
02166    Girls playing basketball, Sherwood (N.D.)
02167    Brian Nehring filling a tank with water, Sherwood (N.D.)

Photos by Lois Berndt
02168    Monument to circus workers killed during a storm on July 10, 1897, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02169 – 02170 Over 90 club at Leach Home, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02171    Over 100 club at Wahpeton Health Care, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02172    Over 90 club at Wahpeton Health Care, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02173    Old Main, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02174    Ibsen Monument on NDSCS, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02175    Old Main and flags, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02176    Leach Library, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02177    Richland County Courthouse, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02178    WWI Monument, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02179    WWII, Vietnam, and Korean Monument, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02180    Dakota Ave., Wahpeton (N.D.)
02181    National Guard training, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02182 – 02183 Emily and Peter Brunold garden, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02184 – 02185 Company I reunion breakfast, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02186 – 02187 Wood carvers at NDSCS workshop, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02188 – 02189 Wild Rose carousel ride, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02190    Bears at Chahinkapa Zoo, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02191    Prairie dogs at Chahinkapa Zoo, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02192    Jenna Braun and Jordan Gutzner in front of monkeys at Chahinkapa Zoo, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02193    People playing horseshoes at Chahinkapa Park, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02194 – 02196 People leaving church, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02197 – 02198 Children listening to story time at Leach Library, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02199    Wood carvers at NDSCS workshop, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02200 – 02201 Men looking at a combine header at NDSCS Ag Summer School, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02202    Water slide at Chahinkapa Park, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02203 – 02204 Loretta Meyer as "Stay" in a museum program, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02205    Children visiting the Richland County Historical Society, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02206    Ellen Hill with her 95th birthday cake, Wahpeton (N.D.)

Photos by Sandy Link
02207    Welcome to Mooreton sign, Mooreton (N.D.)
02208    Alfred Thiel, former foreman at Bagg Bonanza Farm, Mooreton (N.D.)
02209    The Mooreton Midgets baseball team, Mooreton (N.D.)
02210    Aber Days Parade, Abercrombie (N.D.)
02211    Bois de Sioux Golf Course, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02212    George and Lori Dumont children on a swingset, Mooreton (N.D.)
02213 – 02214 Adams Fairview Farm, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02215    Kevin and Diane Krump with Ralph Althoff horseback riding on a gravel road, Mooreton (N.D.)
02216    Man trout fishing on Mooreton Lake, Mooreton (N.D.)
02217    Field, Mooreton (N.D.)
02218    View of Mooreton (N.D.)
02219    Shelly and Jessy Anderson and Ashley Alberts playing on a pile of dirt, Mooreton (N.D.)
02220    Manny Breuer raking hay, Mooreton (N.D.)
02221    Bagg Bonanza Farm, Mooreton (N.D.)
02222    Foreman's and Main House at Bagg Bonanza Farm, Mooreton (N.D.)
02223 – 02224 Link home, formerly the J. F. Downing Bonanza Farm, Mooreton (N.D.)
02225    Chelsey Link and a puppy, Mooreton (N.D.)
02226 – 02227 Prairie Rose Carousel, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02228    Anthony Smith, Wahpeton (N.D.)
02229    Sunset, Mooreton (N.D.)
02230    4-H Exchange Tour, Pennsylvania-ND at Bagg Bonanza Farm, Mooreton (N.D.)
02231    Wayne Egenes, grandson of F. A. Bagg, Mooreton (N.D.)
02232    Cindy Braun in the kitchen of City Centre Café, Mooreton (N.D.)
02233    Mike Freeberg, CENTROL employee, Mooreton (N.D.)
02234    Sharyn Bohn, Mooreton postmaster, Mooreton (N.D.)
02235    Senior group playing cards, Mooreton (N.D.)
02236    Paula and Doug McKay, owners of Paula's Place, Mooreton (N.D.)
02237    Megan Klosterman, Mooreton (N.D.)
02238    Loren and Diane Stack home, Mooreton (N.D.)

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