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State Agency Records - Water Commission - #32323

Title: Water Commission Photographs

Dates: ca. 1930s-1960s

Record Series: 32323

Quantity: 6 feet

Abstract: Photographs and presentation materials primarily of the Garrison Dam, and promoting the Garrison Diversion project. Images also include other North Dakota Dams, irrigation projects, and water related activity and structures. Many of the photographs contain additional information beyond the scope of this inventory. See the backs of photographs for more information.

Copyright: Public records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

Access: These records are available for public inspection under provision of the North Dakota Century Code, 55-02.1-08.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the record group, series name and number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


Box 1: Photographs 32323-001 – 32323-019 (not 32323-003)
Box 2: Photographs 32323-004, 32323-020 – 32323-027
Box 3: Photographs 32323-049 – 32323-066
Box 4: Photographs 32323-067 – 32323-085
Map Case Drawer (oversized): 32323-086 – 32323-102

32323-001            Aerial photograph of unidentified farm, ca. 1950s
32323-002            Aerial photograph of unidentified body of water, ca. 1950s
32323-003            Garrison Dam, ca. 1950s
32323-004            Drainage ditch near Adams, Walsh County (ND), owned by George Bennston, June 22, 1955
32323-005            Possibly Devils Lake (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-006            Garrison Dam spillway crest structure under construction, ca. 1956
32323-007            Irrigation vs. dry-land corn, Ransom County Development farm, ca. 1950s
32323-008            Garrison dam construction, ca. 1950
32323-009            Bismarck municipal water tower, n.d.
32323-010            Probably Garrison Dam spillway, ca. 1950s
32323-011            Sprinkler irrigation, ca. 1950s
32323-012            Construction of unidentified dam (probably not in North Dakota), ca. 1950s
32323-013            Might be Lake Sakakawea, ca. 1950s
32323-014            Garrison Dam and Lake Sakakawea, ca. 1950s
32323-015            Man standing in field, probably near Heart River, Mandan (ND), ca. 1960s
32323-016            Might be a sugar beet plant, ca. 1960s
32323-017            Large crowd, probably at Garrison Dam dedication
32323-018            Men inspecting carcasses in meat locker at butcher shop or meat packing plant, ca. 1950s
32323-019            Siphon irrigation, North Dakota, n.d.
32323-020            Earth moving equipment at Garrison Dam, ca. 1940s
32323-021            Equipment at Garrison Dam site, ca. 1950s
32323-022            Access bridge under construction at Garrison Dam site, ca. 1947               
32323-023            Possibly bird’s eye view of Riverdale (ND), ca. 1940s
32323-024-026   Access bridge under construction at Garrison Dam site, ca. 1947
32323-027            Earth moving equipment at Garrison Dam, ca. 1940s
32323-028            Access bridge under construction at Garrison Dam site, ca. 1947
32323-029-032   Works Project Administration (WPA) bridge construction, ca. 1930s
32323-033            Sivertson Dam, near Watford City (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-034-035   Yanktonai Dam, McLean County (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-036            Odland Dam, Golden Valley (ND), before 1956
32323-037            Strawberry Lake Dam, McLean County (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-038            Kathryn Dam, Barnes County (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-039            Regent Dam (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-040            Foogman Dam, Hillsboro (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-041            Hansen Dam, Barnes County (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-042            Cedar Dam, Slope County (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-043            Fort Ransom Dam, Ransom County (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-044            Bird’s eye view of Forman (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-045            River or stream, demonstrating “pollution abatement” as a result of irrigation, ca. 1950s
32323-046            Aerial view of farms, demonstrating “more farms” as a result of irrigation development which will result in a reduction in the size and increase in the number of farms in the state, ca. 1950s
32323-047            Man holding large sugar beet in field, demonstrating “stabilized production” as a result of increased irrigation, might be south of Mandan (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-048            Missouri River with caption about opportunities to develop North Dakota’s water resources and the resulting benefits as a result of the Garrison Diversion Project, ca. 1950s
32323-049-050   Civilian Conservation Corps Dam, location unknown, ca. 1950s
32323-051            Garrison Dam intake structure, ca. 1950
32323-052            Garrison Dam spillway section, ca. 1950
32323-053            View of three people water skiing with caption about new and improved recreation areas as a result of the Garrison Diversion Project, ca. 1950s
32323-054            Garrison Dam power house section, ca. 1950
32323-055            Governor Brunsdale presses button to start first Hydro Power production at the Garrison Dam, January 21, 1956
32323-056            Garrison Dam powerhouse under construction, ca. 1950
32323-057            Garrison Dam spillway section under construction, ca. 1950
32323-058            Aerial of Homme Dam, located on south branch of Park River four miles west of Park River (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-059            Irrigation pumping plant, Fort Clark Irrigation Project, Oliver and Mercer Counties (ND), ca. 1950s
32323-060            Garrison Dam intake and power house sections, ca. 1950s
32323-061            Garrison Dam power house section under construction, ca. 1950s
32323-062            Garrison Dam spillway section, ca. 1950s
32323-063            Two of the 80,000 KW generators that will be installed at Garrison, probably January 21, 1956
32323-064            Cattle grazing, “more diversified agriculture” as a result of increased irrigation, ca. 1950s
32323-065            Tractor pulling plow demonstrating the productive soil of dry-land farms, ca. 1950s
32323-066            Farm equipment submerged during flood, Casselton (ND), 1952
32323-067            Men standing on canal, ca. 1950s (caption reads “Project Canals: a series of major gravity canals and existing rivers will convey water from the Lonetree Reservoir to the irrigable lands. Water will be available for lake restoration, municipal and industrial supplies, fish and wildlife conservation and many other uses in addition to irrigation”)
32323-068            Garrison Dam and reservoir, ca. 1950s (caption reads “water for the multiple purpose Garrison Diversion Project will be diverted from the Garrison Reservoir eastward through a 80-mile long canal to the Lonetree Reservoir and then to the irrigable areas of about two million acres”)
32323-069            Aerial of Grand Forks (ND) demonstrating that the diversion project will generate “new economic wealth,” ca. 1950s
32323-070            Busy public swimming pool in summertime, demonstrating “improved community life” as a result of the expanded and stabilized economy that would result from the development of irrigation and other phases of North Dakota’s water resource program, ca. 1950s
32323-071            Marker showing lake levels at Devils Lake (ND) demonstrating “lake restoration” when water from the diversion project is utilized to restore various lakes and make them fresh water, ca. 1950s
32323-072            Construction of Heart Butte Dam, Grant County (ND), ca. 1946
32323-073            Bird’s eye view of dam construction (probably Garrison Dam), ca. late 1940s
32323-074            Photograph used for 32323-070
32323-075            Earth moving equipment during Garrison Dam construction, ca. late 1940s
32323-076            Garrison Dam, ca. 1950s
32323-077-078   Construction of Garrison Dam, ca. 1950
32323-079            Construction of Garrison Dam, ca. 1950 (hand colored)
32323-080            Construction of Garrison Dam, ca. 1950
32323-081            Construction of Garrison Dam, ca. 1950
32323-082            Interior of the Garrison Dam power house under construction, ca. 1950
32323-083-085   Aerial views of Garrison Dam construction, ca. 1950
32323-086            Bird’s Eye view of Garrison Dam construction, ca. 1950
32323-087            Garrison Dam, embankment operations on east terrace looking west, sheet piling operations at right center, ca. 1947
32323-088            Garrison Dam, view looking downstream showing tunnel inlets: completed embankment in background, ca. 1950
32323-089            Crew working on interior of Garrison Dam, ca. 1950
32323-090            Aerial view of Riverdale (ND), ca. 1946
32323-091            Heart River flood near Mandan (ND), 1950 (with a caption about flood prevention and protection)
32323-092-094   “Dryland”: man inspecting crops in field in Grant County (ND), ca. 1960s
32323-095            Garrison Dam Euclid loader excavating in spillway area, ca. 1950
32323-096            Earth moving equipment at Garrison Dam, bottom dump Euclid, ca. 1950
32323-097            Pembina County (ND) Drain No. 55, ca. 1950
32323-098            A North Dakota Lignite Coal strip mine, ca. 1950
32323-099            Dickinson Dam (ND), ca. 1950
32323-100            Before construction of flood protection facilities, Mandan (ND), spring 1948
32323-101            After construction of flood protection facilities, Mandan (ND), spring 1950
32323-102            Garrison Dam tunnel outlet works, ca. 1950
32323-103            Aerial view of Garrison Dam under construction, ca. 1950

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