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State Agency Records - Historical Society - #30786

Title: State Historical Society, State Archives. Record of Pioneers on or Before 1889

Dates: 1929

Record Series: 30786

Quantity: .25 feet + microfilm

Abstract: Consists of data sheets containing information on pioneers of North Dakota on or before 1889.  Data sheets include information such as arrival in North Dakota, occupation, spouse’s name, and parents’ names and information. 

Copyright: Public records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

Access: These records are available for public inspection under provision of the North Dakota Century Code, 55-02.1-08.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the record group, series name and number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.


1 Typed alphabetical inventory of pioneer data sheets in collection
2 Data sheets of pioneers with the last name A-M, recorded July 1929
3 Data sheets of pioneers with the last name N-Z, recorded July 1929

Data sheets are on microfilm – Roll #16218

Alphabetical List of Pioneers on or before 1889
Aarhus, John A
Adams, Maude M
Aldrich, E.M.
Allen, Charles
Amb, Carl
Anderson, Mrs. Minnie Norton
Backstrom, Hugo
Bahi, Mrs. Albert
Bahi. Mrs. William
Baldwin, Mrs. Maria
Barlow, I.A.
Barry, E.E.
Baughman, Elizabeth Longworth
Beaupre, Mrs. Corinne Foubert
Bechtel, E.J.
Beneda. John F
Berg, Julius C.
Berthenson. Mrs. Mangor B
Bolack, I.U.
Braaten. Mrs. O.K.
Brenna, H.O.
Brenna, Mrs. Olie H
Bret, Mrs. Robert
Campbell, Mrs. Duncan
Campbell. S.R.
Clayton. Mrs. Carie Hughs
Coan, James
Coss, WilliamP
Coss, E.P.
Crain, Mrs. Elliott 0
Dahl, Mrs. Ed
Dalley, L.J.
Davis, S.L.
Deal, Mrs. Bessie Bredeson
De Long, Grace
De Long, W.E.
Desautel, L.I.
Dezell, Mrs. Mary English
Disbrow, A.O.
Eddie. George A
Eddie. William
Ellinson, Ellen
English. Charles M
Erickson. Edward
Evanson, Charles J
Fadden. John 0
Garvin, Mrs. C.E.
Gemmil. Mrs. R.E.
Georgeson. Hans
Giles. W.G.
Giles, William
Goodwater, Mrs. W.H.
Grassick, James
Grimson, Nels
Grinnell, Mrs. W.E.
Haarstad, John
Hall, Minnie A
Hallick, Mathilda Flatrude
Hanson. A
Hanson, Mrs. Christ
Hanson. Mrs. Martin
Hay. Mrs. Margaret Muir
Henry. W.J.
Hobbs, Mrs. John
Holien. Andrew
Hunter, Mrs. Arthur
Hurd, Mrs. Mary L.C.
Hyslop, Mrs. George
Jenson, John
Jenson, John
Johansen. H.S.
Johansen, Mrs. Lena
Johnson, Edna T
Johnson, Mrs. Matilda L
Jondahl, Mrs. .Laura
Jorgenson, Andrew
Kirk, Mrs. Anna Cunningham
Kirk, Erenst (Ernest?)
Kleven. O.M.
Kneeshaw, W.J.
Knutson, O.K.
Knutson. S.K.
Koehmstedt, Laurence
Koehmstedt. Valentine
Kopseng, Christopher L
Kortnes, Peter
Lacey, Mrs. Margaret Hart
Larson, L
Lee, T.O.
Lilleberg; Marcus
Link, H.G.
Linwell, Mrs. Anna
Luset. Mrs. Sarah
McCoffrey, J.D.
McOlaren. Mrs. Catherine
McIntyre, Lydia F
Mackhart, Elizabeth
McKenzie, Hector
McLaughlin, John
Mahon, Mrs. Ruth Ferguson
Malo, Mrs. Mary Oaugaur
Malvig, Mrs. Caroline
Marx, Anna
Moen, S.S.
Morey, Mrs. Issabella A
Morwood, Charles Ii
Murphy, Joseph G
Murphy, Michael F
Mutchler, R.C.
Myhre, Mrs. Julia
Nasines, Frank
Nelson. R.D.
Newgard, I.L.
Newgard, Mrs. I.L.
Nygard, T.S.
Oconner, Mrs. Thomas
Offerdahl, Mrs. William
Omang, Emil
Otten, John
Patterson. G.J.
Paulson, George
Peterson, Mrs. August
Pickard. Mrs. Walter
Plummer. Mrs. Elizabeth Fry
Poupore, J .R.
Quamme, Josph
Reeve, Bud, Jr.
Rio, Mrs. Eric
Rognlie, W.P.
Rukke, W.C.
Salt, Mrs. Edith
Sand, Herbert H
Sandin, Mrs. Oscar W
Sargent, Mrs. R.O.
Schultheis. A.G.
Scott, Mrs. J.W.
Scouton, W.A.
Shanks, Elenor
Sherva, Mrs. Marie Sime
Simon, Mrs. Nick
Simpson, Martha McCain
Sisson, Mrs. John
Sitzer, Mrs. Anna Foxe
Smith, Mrs. Christina
Smith, Mrs. R.R.
Sonsteng, T.O.
Stavens, Andrew H
Stavert, Mrs. Elizabeth Rain
Steen, Mrs. G.A.
Stewart, Mrs. G.F.
Stewart, R.R.
Stewart, John F
Stjern, Mrs. A
Strand, Andrew G
Strutz, Mrs. F.W.
Swendseid. Carl
Sylvester, C.R.
Thompson, Mrs. Edith Freeman
Thompson, Mrs. Josephine
Thompson, Mrs. Thor T
Thorson, O.J.
Tufte, John
Ulland, Mrs. Monsena Monson
Urness Ole
Van Camp, Gordon
Veitch, Mrs. Isabella Nelson
Wagar, Miss Francis M
Way, Mrs. R.M.
Weir, Arthur
Wessels, Percy
Whitney, George E
Williams, Catherine B.
Wilmott, Mary
Winch, Oliver

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