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State Agency Records - Historical Society - #30785

Title: State Historical Society, State Archives. Biographies and Portraits of Prominent Citizens of the State

Dates: 1917-1929

Record Series: 30785

Quantity: 1.50 ft. + microfilm

Abstract: Consists of biographies and portraits of prominent North Dakotans prior to 1929.  Biographies include information such as residence, birthplace, occupation, education, political records, family information, club memberships, and religious affiliations.  Portraits of prominent citizens of the state have been separated from biographies and are located in boxes 2-6

Copyright: Public records are not subject to copyright restrictions, although record series may contain copyrighted material. Consideration of such copyrights is the responsibility of the author and publisher.

Access: These records are available for public inspection under provision of the North Dakota Century Code, 55-02.1-08.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the record group, series name and number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Data sheets are on microfilm – Roll #16218

1 Inventory
2 Biographies A-C
Aandahl, S.J. (portrait in Box 3)
Allen, Lewis B.
Allen, Paul N.
Allen, Stephen O. (portrait in Box 3)
Allensworth, James Harvey (portrait in Box 3)
Anderson, Mrs. John D
Anderson, O.C.
Arduser, J.C.
Arnold, Bert D. (portrait in Box 3)
Bailey, Lester D. (portrait in Box 3)
Baird, La Roy
Baker, Flora E.
Baker, William S.
Barr, John Christie (portrait in Box 3)
Beck, John A.
Berg, George E.
Bleick, Charles W. (portrait in Box 3)
Bond, Walter R.
Bowman, Eric A. (portrait in Box 3)
Brown, G.J. (portrait in Box 3)
Brown, James A. (portrait in Box 3)
Bruns, August D.
Bryans, Ernest E. (portrait in Box 3)
Budlong, Minnie Clarke (portrait in Box 3)
Burkhart, John Henry (portrait in Box 3)
Burnham, John W.
Burns, John H.
Byrne, Robert (portrait in Box 3)              
Cahill, J. I. (portrait in Box 3)
Campbell, Dugald
Carey, Charles W. (portrait in Box 3)
Carignon, John M.
Carr, Burl (portrait in Box 3)
Carroll, John Willis
Charles, John
Chase, Mrs. Kate
Chenery, Mrs. Jennie M.
Christenson, C. I. (portrait in Box 3)
Church, William James (portrait in Box 3)              
Cole, L. E.
Cotter, Charles
Craig, Minnie D. (portrait in Box 2)
Crawford, Lewis F.
3 Biographies D-F
DeNault, A. B.
DeNault, Wilbert B. (portrait in Box 3)
Dettler, Otto (portrait in Box 3)
Dillon, Charles Hall
Dimpfl, Father Clement
Doyle, P.F.
Drown, Charles Edwin (portrait in Box 3)
Dungan, John W. (portrait in Box 3)
Dunne, E. W.
Eastgate, J. E.
Eckert, Fred (portrait in Box 3)
Eddy, Porter W.
Eibel, C. H.
Ellingson, Charles (portrait in Box 3)
Englund, John A. (portrait in Box 3)
Erb, Jacob E. (portrait in Box 3)
Erickson, Andrew E.
Erickson, Oscar Edwin (portrait in Box 3)               
Ettestad, Ole (portrait in Box 3)
Everson, E. W. (portrait in Box 3)
Fedje, Andrew A.
Fedje, Ben
Ferguson, Alexander (portrait in Box 3)
Flint, Robert Francis (portrait in Box 2)
Foley, H. P. (portrait of house in Box 2)
Fraser, Robert L.
Frazier, Lynn
Fredrickson, Lars O. (portrait in Box 3)   
Freeman, John T.
Friskop, Andrew A.
4 Biographies G-H
Garberg, P.B.
Gardiner, Robert J.
Geiger, Henry (portrait in Box 3)
Geiszler, Christian (portrait in Box 3)
George, Melville James
Glomseth, Lars J. (portrait in Box 3)
Goen, Richard (portrait in Box 6)
Goranson, C.H.
Gronvold, Fingar T. (portrait in Box 3)
Gross, O. C.
Gunhus, Henning (portrait in Box 3)
Hamerly, Edward (portrait in Box 3)
Hanson, Charles A.
Harding, Fay A. (portrait in Box 3)
Hardy, J. W.
Harrington, Philo George
Hart, J. L.
Haugland, Lewis J.
Havens, Paul R. (portrait in Box 3)
Heaton, L. E.
Heckle, Charles O. (portrait in Box 3)
Hemmingsen, Jorgen P. (portrait in Box 3)
Hempfel, J. W. (portrait in Box 2)
Henne, Michael
Henry, Frank S. (portrait in Box 3)
Hoare, Frank A. (portrait in Box 3)
Hodge, C. R.
Hoghaug, Martin A. (portrait in Box 3)
Huidekoper, Arthur Clarke
Humphreys, Guy F. (portrait in Box 3)
Hunt, George F.  (portrait in Box 3)
Hyland, F. H. (portrait in Box 3)
5 Biographies I-K
Ingalls, Francis (portrait in Box 4)
Ingalls, Mrs. Francis
Ingerson, Ralph (portrait in in Box 4)
Isaak, August (portrait in Box 4)
Iverson, E. E.
Jacobsen, H. P. (portrait in Box 4)
Jacobson, Niels
Johnson, Hans
Johnson, John B.
Johnson, John O.
Johnson, Paul
Johnson, Robert Henry (portrait in Box 4)
Johnson, Roy
Johnston, W. R. (portrait in Box 4)
Jorgenson, Carl Oscar
Kaldor, Theodore (portrait in Box 2)
Kellogg, Edgar Burtice (portrait in Box 4)
Kellogg, William Ross
Kelsh, Timothy J.
Kendall, Ervin Henry (portrait in Box 4)
Kenel, Rev. Martin
Kietzman, F. W. (portrait in Box 4)
Kirkeide, Andrew J. (portrait in Box 4)
Knauf, Judge John S. 
Knox, Charles E. (portrait in Box 4)
Koller, Martin (portrait in Box 4)
Kositzky, Carl Reinholt (portrait in Box 4)
Kraabel, Anton T, (portrait in Box 4)
Kretschman, P. T. (portrait in Box 4)
Kurtz, Edward E. (portrait in Box 4)
6 Biographies L-M
Lageson, Omund K. (portrait in Box 4)
Laird, George D. (portrait in Box 4)
Lakie, George
Larsen, Martin (portrait in Box 4)
Larson, Lewis A.
Larson, Martin (portrait in Box 4)
Lathrop, Richard A. (portrait in Box 4)
Laughlin, Andrew Hugh
Lazier, Frank E. (portrait in Box 4)
Levang, Christ (portrait in Box 2)
Lowe, Albert G. (portrait in Box 4)
Lutz, George (portrait in Box 4)
Lynch, M. H.
Lynch, W. D.
MacDonald, Neil C. (portrait in Box 4)
Mackoff, Herbert, A. (portrait in Box 4)
Maddock, John R. (portrait in Box 4)
Maddock, Walter J. (portrait in Box 4)
Malone, George Arthur (portrait in Box 4)
Marsh, Joseph A.
Marshall, A. S. (portrait in Box 4)
Maxwell, Arthur L. (portrait in Box 4)     
McBride, Morton Lewis (portrait in Box 4)
McCartin, Richard (portrait in Box 4)
McCay, Jesse Homer
McCoy, J. H.
McDonnell, Clark W. (portrait in Box 4)  
McKechnie, Andrew
McKechnie, Mrs. Hattie
McLachlin, Peter
McLaughlin, James
McLean, Henry (portrait in Box 4)
McManus, James (portrait in Box 4)
McNiece, John W.
Mees, F. W. (portrait in Box 4)
Meyer, Paul (portrait in Box 4)
Miller, Joseph C. (portrait in Box 4)
Moen, Albert G. (portrait in Box 4)
Moen, Henry (portrait in Box 4)
Morkrid, C. I. (portrait in Box 4)
Morrill, Fred B. (portrait in Box 2)
Mostad, Thorwald (portrait in Box 4)
Murphy, P. J. (portrait in Box 4)
Muus, Einar, (portrait in Box 4)
Myhra, H. C. N.
7 Biographies N-R
Nathan, John (portrait in Box 5)
Newbold, L. B. 
Newell, Daniel
Nims, Fred
O’Conner, J. F. T. (portrait in Box 5)
O’ Conner, J. J. (portrait in Box 5)
Oksendahl, Andrew H. (portrait in Box 5)
Olsness, Sveinung Annudsen (portrait in Box 2)
Olson, Binnie H.
Olson, C. J.
Olson, Martin C. (portrait in Box 5)
Olson, O. H.
Olson, Obert A. (portrait in Box 5)
Olson, Otto C. (portrait in Box 5)
Olson, William O. (portrait in Box 5)
Opland, O. H. (portrait in Box 5)
Orange, Albert L.
Osterboe, O. H. Olson (portrait in Box 5)
Patten, R. W.
Pendray, Thomas
Peters, David L.
Peterson, C. P. (portrait in Box 5)             
Petterson, Nils (portrait in Box 5)
Pingrey, Joseph F.
Pitts, William R.
Pleasance, William (portrait in Box 5)
Ployhar, Frank E. (portrait in Box 5)         
Polson, Earl W.
Porter, Charles H. (portrait in Box 5)
Porter, William H.
Power, J. H.
Power, James Buel
Putnam, Thomas N. (portrait in Box 5)
Quade, A. T.
Quain, Dr. Eric P. (portrait in Box 5)    
Quam, John E. (portrait in Box 5)
Rowe, Hazekiah John (portrait in Box 5)
Reid, John H.
Renauld, Joseph (portrait in Box 5)
Riba, Frank (portrait in Box 5)
Rice, James (portrait in Box 5)
Rott, John Jr. (portrait in Box 5)
8 Biographies S-V
Sagen, Clarence Albert
Sanford, Frank
Sathre, P. O.
Schick, Charles F. (portrait in Box 5)
Schrag, J. J. (portrait)
Seibel, Rev. Ludwig (portrait in Box 5)
Seiler, Oscar Joseph
Sethre, John O.
Sherman, John C. (portrait in Box 5)
Short, Augustus
Siegele, Ernest (portrait in Box 5)
Sikes, Edsell H. (portrait in Box 5)
Slominski, Frank D.
Smith, G. M.
Smith, Sidney F. (portrait in Box 5)
Steen, Ludwig H.
Stenmo, Albert (portrait in Box 5)
Stevens, J. E.
Stinger, Henry J. (portrait in Box 5)
Storstad, A. G. (portrait in Box 5)
Strassmaier, Fr. Bernard (portrait in Box 5)
Strom, Henry (portrait in Box 5)
Stromme, Peer (portrait in Box 5)
Strong, Melancthon Lewis
Svendson, Gustav
Tatley, Henry
Taylor, Edwin James (portrait in Box 5)
Taylor, John C. Sr. 
Tenneson, B. G. (portrait in Box 5)
Tofsrud, O. T.
Trubshaw, Percy R.
Van Camp, Fred
Van Osdel, A. L.
Varnum, George M. (portrait in Box 5)
Veitch, E. E.
Vogel, F. A.
9 Biographies W-Z
Wadeson, Robert (portrait in Box 5)
Walton, Anthony (portrait in Box 5)
Wanner, Ernest G. (portrait in Box 5)
Weber, John (portrait in Box 5)
Weld, Rollan V. (portrait in Box 5)
Weld, Roy B. (portrait in Box 5)
Welford, Walter (portrait in Box 5)
Wenstrom, James A. (portrait in Box 2)
Wheeler, Henry Mason
White, Frank (portrait in Box 2)
Wilder, Frank (portrait in Box 5)
Wilkinson, Thomas
Wog, Gust (portrait in Box 5)
Wolfer, L. L.
Wood, Howard R. (portrait in Box 5)
Wright, Dana Monroe (portrait in Box 5)
Wright, William (portrait in Box 5)
Yeater, Roy A.
Zieman, William John (portrait in Box 5)

Box 2: Portraits

Box 3: Portraits: Aandahl-Hyland

Box 4: Portraits: Ingerson-Muus

Box 5: Portraits: Nathan-Zieman

Box 6: Portraits: Goen

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