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Manuscripts by Subject - Military - #10169

Title: William P. Moffet Papers

Dates: 1808-1948

Collection Number: 10169

Quantity: 5 feet

Abstract: Papers consist of correspondence, newspaper clippings, prison records, books, notes, a muster roll, photographs and negatives, relating to Moffet’s military service while stationed in Manila, Philippines.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the William P. Moffet Papers as a gift from E. B. Moffet in 1954. Emily Ergen prepared the inventory to the collection in November 2009 and February-March 2010. The biographical sketch was written by Erlys Fardal in November 2009.

Property Rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer: 29 photographs from the collection were transferred (back) to this collection from photo collection 2008-P-013. One book was removed from the collection for a possible transfer to the North Dakota State Library: Campaigning in the Philippines, by Karl Irving Faust, San Francisco: The Hicks-Judd Company Publishers, 1899, with stamp on front pages, “Capt. W. P. Moffet Bismarck, N.D.” and “March 27, 1901" handwritten.

A second book was transferred to the State Archives Publications: Once Their Home, by Frances Chamberlain Holley, copyright 1890 by Holley, with inscription to “Anna Elisabeth Moffet” from the author.

Additional sources of information about photographs or items in the collection:

“Background: The Philippine Revolution and the Spanish-American War.” Arnaldo Dumindin.
From “Philippine-American War, 1899-1902," c. 2006. Online at http://philippineamericanwar.webs.com/background.htm. Accessed 1 March 2010.

Campaigning in the Philippines. Karl Irving Faust. The Hicks-Judd Company Publishers: San Francisco, CA, 1899.

“Homecoming ‘99 Part 3." Sarah Walker. “Dakota Datebook,” aired September 29, 2008 on
Prairie Public Radio. Online at
http://www.prairiepublic.org/radio/dakota-datebook/page/5/?post=2091. Accessed 18 February 2010.


William Porter Moffet, also known as Colonel Moffet, was on September 21, 1866, in DeKalb County, Illinois. At an early age, he became interested in the newspaper business; this interest brought him to North Dakota in 1885 at the age of 19. Moffet worked for the Dakota Settler in Steele (ND) as a printer-employee. In 1887, the Settler was moved to Bismarck; it became a weekly paper and one of the earliest papers published in Bismarck. Moffet, along with a partner, was owner, publisher, and editor of the Bismarck Settler. The endeavor was a success and the paper was published until 1901. Because of his growing military career, Moffet was often away; during his absence his wife Lulah was in charge of the business.
During a visit to Bismarck in 1951 Moffet described the newspaper business as “rugged.” He stated, “an editor who displeased someone is apt to get beaten over the head with a pistol or shot to death.” That is what happened to Moffet as the result of an article he published, entitled “The Catechism,” which implied that some people took advantage of the military “boys” by taking their money. In 1888 he was assaulted because of that article and received serious injuries. The guilty person was taken to court in 1890 in a well publicized trial, “Moffet v. Griffin.” Beyond the assault, Moffet’s newspaper also experienced vandalism. At one time his presses were wrecked and thrown into the Missouri River. In spite of this setback, he published the paper on time using an old hand press.

Letters in this collection (MSS 10169) indicate that Moffet was instrumental in the establishment of Fort Abraham Lincoln in Bismarck. He promoted the construction of the fort through articles in his newspaper and was in contact with the military personnel in charge of the project. William P. Moffet was a plucky editor who was not afraid to print his opinions and determined to get the news to the people.

Moffet’s military career began August 19, 1887, when he joined Company A, 1st Infantry, of the North Dakota National Guard; his military career would span over forty years. Moffet advanced in military rank quickly. In l898 he was Captain of Company A when they were called to duty and served in the Spanish American war and subsequent Philippine Insurrection. The North Dakota unit saw considerable military action, but there were many times when they became restless because there was a lull. Moffet’s men were under the command of Brigadier General Arthur MacArthur who detailed Captain Moffet to take charge of the prisons and prisoners in Manila. He held this position for seven months. Details of Moffet time in the Philippines are contained in this manuscript collection.
In August 1899 Moffet returned to civilian life and continued publishing the paper for a short time. At the time, he was also serving with the North Dakota National Guard in Bismarck. In 1901 Moffet was called from civilian life, given the temporary rank of 1st Lieutenant, and became a career military officer. It was at this time that he ended his newspaper business. He became a part of the Cavalry of the United States Army and was assigned to Camp Sheridan, a training camp in his home state of Illinois. During his military career Moffet was stationed at several different camps, was in many divisions, and held various positions.

One of Colonel Moffet’s military campaigns of note occurred in 1916 during the Mexican Border dispute. He led a charge over difficult terrain into the town of Tomochie which was occupied by the Villistas. In spite of being under heavy fire and outnumbered he was successful in dislodging the Villistas. He was described as calm and cool when handling his troops. Colonel Moffet received the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action while serving with General Pershing. Colonel Moffet retired in 1930 having attained the rank of full colonel. After his retirement, he became a resident of St Paul, MN and taught Military Science at Cretia High School in St. Paul, MN.

Colonel Moffet died November 18, l954, at age 88. His wife Lulah died February 2, l948. They are both buried in Fort Snelling Cemetery in St. Paul. The Moffets had five children: Ernest of St. Paul; William T. of Rochester, MN; Mrs. Ann Jarvis, New York; Mrs. Helen Ruling (address unknown); and Lulah, who lived with her parents in St. Paul. At the time of Colonel Moffet’s death, the Moffets had six grandchildren and five great grandchildren. While living in Bismarck, the Moffets were members of the First Presbyterian Church where Colonel Moffet was an elder. He also served as Sunday School Superintendent. Throughout his later years, Colonel Moffet visited Bismarck and North Dakota occasionally. He attended reunions of Company A, 1st Infantry, National Guard at Bismarck.

Bismarck Tribune, Bismarck, ND, May 27-June 1, 1890, 1931, February 1948, November 20, 1954.
Campaigning in the Philippines, Karl Irving Faust. Hicks Judd Company: San Francisco, CA, 1899.
Moffet, William P. Papers. Manuscript Collection 10169. North Dakota State Archives, Bismarck, N.D.
Roster of the men and women who served in the army or naval service (including the Marine corps) of the United States or its allies from the state of North Dakota in the World war, 1917-1918, Volume 4. The Bismarck Tribune Co., state printers and binders: Bismarck, ND, 1931: 2195.
United States Census: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930.


1 Correspondence, invitations and telegrams (some are in Spanish) (some are appeals on the behalf of prisoners), 1898-1945 & n.d.
2 Lists of members of First North Dakota Volunteer Infantry (“Officers and Men First North Dakota Volunteer Infantry” Received January 19, 1940 [booklet]; handwritten lists; “List of Members First North Dakota Volunteer Infantry Whose Addresses are Unknown”; print of photograph; correspondence; typed list; 1934-1940
3 Company A, First Infantry, North Dakota National Guard letterhead, 189-
4 Envelope - “Muster Out Roll Company A. 1st N. Dak. Vols. W. Moffet Captain Comd’g. San Francisco Sept. 25, 1899.”
5 Newspaper clippings (in English) (including list of articles by Moffet; the articles are in the case file), 1924-1936
6 Newspapers and newspaper clippings (in Spanish), 1898-1889
7 “To My Countrymen the Americans” - Document asking American soldiers not to fight the Filipinos and to push for the people of the Philippines to retain their lands, written by pen name “W. F.” true author unknown, 1899
8 Poster - third anniversary of the death of José Rizal by firing squad, December 30, 1899
9 Certificate, Don Alfredo Chicote y Beltran (on back is written Spanish captain’s certificate), 1896-1897
10 Philippine Lottery tickets, 1898
11 Prisoner release forms (blank), 189-
12 “Speech: Told the President that the revolutionary administration of M. Emilio Aguinaldo and Famy strengthens the independence of the Philippines, 29th of September, 1898, the church in Barasoain.” (Approximate translation from Filipino [Tagalog] to English).
Directed by D. Zacarias Fajardo - Independence speech
13 Documents (in Spanish) - may be records of political prisoners in the Philippines, 1808-1813
14 Menu for celebration of Philippine Independence Day, September 29, 1898
15 Handkerchief belonging to M. Natindad
16 Listing of jewels deposited in the Monte de Piedad establishment by court order, November 3, 1898
17 Booklet - “Command and Control” by Governor General Camilo G. de Polavieja, January 1, 1897
18 Booklet - “Order for the Administration of Holy Communion” (English-Spanish), 1899
19 Booklet - “City Council of Manila: Exhibition and Royal Decree of January 19, 1894,” Ministry Overseas, 1894
20 Booklet - “Organic Regulation of the Guards in Manila,” type-lithograph of Chofre and Company, number 33, 1896
21 Booklet - “Regulation: Organic to the Regime and Government of the General Direction of Civil Administration,” 189-
22 Moffet’s notes to about his time in the Philippines, including dates and details of military action and deployment, his prison detachment, photographs, Philippine independence, and his own personal activities (three pages), ca 1899

1 Testimony of Philippine prisoners of war (Bilibib [Bilibid] Carcel inmates) and records (names, descriptions, and offenses), 1895-1898
2 Testimony of Philippine prisoners of war (Bilibib [Bilibid] Carcel inmates) (original notes of examination), 1898
3 Testimony of Philippine prisoners of war (Bilibib [Bilibid] Carcel inmates) and records (names, descriptions, and offenses), 1898
4 Typed testimony taken at Bilibib (Bilibid) Carcel of “Political Prisoners,” August-September 1898
5 Tables of prisoner records at Bilibib (Bilibid) Carcel (name, number, date of arrest, charge, time already served, character of trial, remarks) (one in Spanish and one in English), c. 1898
6 Data Books (account ledgers of Moffet and others; one contains diary), 1915-1916
7 Cavalry Service Regulations booklet, War Department, February 4, 1916
8 Biography of Dr. Henry R. Porter, M.D., by W. P. Moffet
9 “The Beginning of Bismarck’s Fort Lincoln” manuscript by W. P. Moffet
10 Conditional sale contract, Montgomery Ward & Co., 1936

- Watercolor sketch
- Muster-Out Roll of Captain William P. Moffet’s Company “A” of the 1st Infantry Regiment of North Dakota Vols. From April 26, 1898 to September 25th 1899
- Sketch showing location of Graves in American Cemetery near Camp Dewey (Cemetery at Fort Malibay), Philippine Islands, October 4, 1898, drawn by 1st Sgt. E. W. Langdon, presented to Captain William P. Moffett, with names of deceased soldiers

BOX 4 Photographs
10169-01 Execution of Dr. José Rizal at Luneta Park, Manila, Philippines, December 30, 1896
10169-02 Spanish execution of Filipinos at Luneta Park (1)
10169-03 Spanish execution of Filipinos at Luneta Park (2)
10169-04 Spanish execution of Filipinos at Luneta Park (3 “after the shot”)
10169-05 President Emilio Aguinaldo, Wenceslao Viniegra, Vito Belarmino and Pedro Paterno and other Filipino leaders on train on way to Malolos
10169-06 U.S. Soldiers waiting for U.S. rations
10169-07 General Gregorio del Pilar with soldiers near Manila (published in Campaigning in the Philippines, p. 208)
10169-08 General Pow with Filipino soldiers near Manila, 1898 (published in Campaigning in the Philippines, p. 208)
10169-09 Secret society apron
10169-10 Ratification of independence, September 29, 1898, Malolos
10169-11 President Emilio Aguinaldo and cabinet 1898
10169-12 Emilio Aguinaldo and the other exiles boarding launches
10169-13 Liberty 1898 float independence day September 29, 1898
10169-14 Filipino soldiers outside Hall of Filipino Congress in Barasoain Church, ratification
of independence, Malolos, Bulacan, September 29, 1898
10169-15 Hall of Filipino Congress in Barasoain Church, Malolos, Bulacan
10169-16 Ratification Philippine independence, September 29, 1898, Malolos
10169-17 Ratification Philippine independence, Aguinaldo, Cabinet and Congress, Hall of Filipino Congress in Barasoain Church, September 29, 1898
10169-18 Sentenced prisoners in the Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio), Manila, 1898

BOX 5 Photographs
10169-19 Portrait of José Rizal's mother with his skull, January 1899
10169-20 Malate Church, Manila
10169-21 Captured native artillery
10169-22 Quiapo Church, Manila
10169-23 Monte de Piedad, government (or church) pawn shop (or bank)
10169-24 "Puente de España" (Bridge of Spain) over the Pasig River, Manila, 1898
10169-25 On the "Puente de España" (Bridge of Spain) over the Pasig River, Manila, 1898
10169-26 American troops at First Reserve Hospital, Manila
10169-27 La Insular Cigar and Cigarette Factory (right) and Hotel de Oriente (left), Manila
10169-28 Portrait of the family of Nane (Nani?) Bayer (right, sitting), a Filipino liberated by Americans from the Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio) and as a result, had his confiscated land returned, January 14, 1904
10169-29 Unidentified troops at unidentified barracks
10169-30 Sgt. Major Alfred H. Whitaker (Whittaker) portrait
10169-31 Portrait Mariano Manas Cruz and Herminia E. Bernendes and children, Manila, October 10, 1898
10169-32 Group portrait of American troops (with Moffet) (C.L. Judd, photographer Jamestown, ND) (identification of individuals on back of portrait)
10169-33 Camp Stotsenburg, Pampanga, Philippines
10169-34 North Dakota Volunteers 50th Reunion portrait, Jamestown, ND, August 13, 1948 (individuals identified on portrait)
10169-35 Filipino lady and child
10169-36 Co. “B” Lieutenants, Camp Merritt, CA, 1898

BOX 6 Photograph album, 1898
10169-37 Children’s Brigade, assistants to the Revolutionary Army, Philippine Islands, 1898
10169-38 Insurgent sharp shooters, Philippine Islands, 1898
10169-39 Popular club, men viewing exhibition of figures showing tortures used in time of Spanish government, Magdalena Street, Trozo District, Manila, 1898
10169-40 Popular club, exhibition of figures showing tortures used in time of Spanish government, Magdalena Street, Trozo District, Manila, 1898
10169-41 A room at the Popular Club, Manila, 1898
10169-42 Another room at the Popular Club, Manila, 1898
10169-43 “Camino de Antipolo” or The Antipolo Road painting
10169-44 The Delta of Napindan, between the Pasig River and Laguna Bay painting
10169-45 The Bay of Cavite occupied by the North American squadron, 1898, painting
10169-46 Cemetery of the Spanish squadron at Cavite, ca 1898
10169-47 Orphan asylum and lodging for revolutionary troops at Malabon, 1898
10169-48 Main stairway and doctor’s room, asylum at Malabon, 1898
10169-49 Filipino Hospital Corps at asylum at Malabon, 1898
10169-50 Brigade of sharpshooters and militia of Paombong, Bulacán, Philippines, ca 1898
10169-51 Fishermen’s homes in Orani, Bataan, 1898
10169-52 Beach and coasts of Mount Orani, Bataan, ca 1898
10169-53 Inside the trenches of the Filipinos in Meypajo, January 9, 1898
10169-54 Public square at Malolos with the arch, public offices, President’s residence and revolutionary troops, ca 1898
10169-55 Road from Barasoain, lined by troops at passage of President Aguinaldo, Malolos, Bulacan, Philippines, September 15, 1898
10169-56 Hall of Filipino Congress established in Barasoain Church, Malolos, Bulacán, Philippines, September 15, 1898
10169-57 The Balanga Church exterior, Bataan, ca 1898
10169-58 Government building at Bataan, ca 1898
10169-59 Bridge of Saint Monica, Tondo, Manila, ca 1898
10169-60 Cloth Factory, Tondo, Manila, ca 1898
10169-61 Revolutionary camp in Fort San Antonio de Abad, ca 1898
10169-62 Spanish powder magazine at San Antonio de Abad, demolished by George Dewey’s squadron, ca 1898
10169-63 House residence of General Aguinaldo and his staff inside the camp Biak-na-bato, ca 1898
10169-64 Biak-na-bato (Biac-na-bato) cemetery where General Mamerto Natividad Jr. is buried, ca 1898
10169-65 Spanish engineers in Biak-na-bato (Biac-na-bato) after the Peace of 1897
10169-66 Filipino troops moving at Caloocan Station, ca 1898
10169-67 Insurgents in the interior of Biak-na-bato (Biac-na-bato) with musical instruments, ca 1898
10169-68 Convoy of Spanish troops through the country, 1898
10169-69 Tondo, Manila, Philippines, ca 1898
10169-70 Tondo Beach and church, ca 1898
10169-71 Tondo Beach, ca 1898
10169-72 Tondo fisheries, ca 1898
10169-73 Palumpong Bridge, Tondo, ca 1898
10169-74 Antipolo Church from the field, Rizal, ca 1898
10169-75 The main business street, Manila, ca 1898
10169-76 The main business street, Manila, ca 1898
10169-77 Aetas of Orani, with priest and Lieutenant of Civil Guard, Luzon ca 1898
10169-78 Watching over the body of an Aeta, Orani, ca 1898
10169-79 Dance of the Orani Aetas, ca 1898
10169-80 A family of Aetas of Orani in their camp, ca 1898
10169-81 Aeta bowmen from Orani, ca 1898
10169-82 Ruins from the fire of 1896, ca 1898
10169-83 Watch tower on top of the mountain at Biak-na-bato (Biac-na-bato)
10169-84 Aeta climbers from mount Orani, ca 1898

BOX 7 Scrapbook - photographs, program, ribbon, flag, watercolor drawing
10169-85 Co A 1st North Dakota Infantry in front of Nipa barracks in Malate
10169-86 Co A 1st North Dakota San Francisco May 1898
10169-87 William P. Moffet portrait
10169-88 Major Frank White portrait
10169-89 Lt. Col. W. C. Treumann portrait
10169-90 Major John H Fraine portrait
10169-91 Miss Helen Penney Slipp portrait
10169-92 William P. Moffet portrait, 1899
10169-93 William P. Moffet portrait, 1898
10169-94 1st Lieut S.H. Newcomer portrait
10169-95 2nd Lieut William J. McLean
10169-96 Alfred H. Whitaker Sgt. Major 1st Battalion portrait
10169-97 Ed G. Gorsuch 1st Sgt. 2nd Lt. Co. K portrait
10169-98 John R. Edick portrait
10169-99 Robert Jaeger portrait
10169-100 August Pommrink
10169-101 Edward N. Fay
10169-102 M E Jerdee portrait
10169-103 Edward C. Grogan
10169-104 George Wegner portrait
10169-105 John L. Peterson portrait
10169-106 John H. Pauls portrait
10169-107 Michael Glassley portrait
10169-108 Adolph and Rudolph Koplen portrait
10169-109 Mark Yeater (right) portrait
10169-110 John Galloway portrait
10169-111 Fred N. Whittaker portrait
10169-112 George W. Moore portrait
10169-113 Thomas J. Dalton portrait
10169-114 John Olson portrait
10169-115 John J. Durkin portrait
10169-116 William A. McHugh portrait
10169-117 Frank C. McTavish portrait
10169-118 James L. Black portrait
10169-119 Henry F. Radke portrait
10169-120 John P. Boland portrait
10169-121 Co A 1st North Dakota Infantry at Camp Merritt, CA
10169-122 Co A 1st North Dakota Infantry decorated with Portland roses on their way to San Francisco, 1898
10169-123 SS City of Para, Henry Villard, USS Mohican, USS Monadnock, USS Nero, Honolulu, HI, July 8, 1898
10169-124 Sgt. Billy Edwards on ropes with Kanakas in Honolulu harbor, HI, July 8, 1898
10169-125 Edwin White
10169-126 On ferry over Columbia River (individuals identified) - same images as in box 9
10169-127 Group photograph near train (individuals identified)
10169-128 Emilio Aguinaldo portrait
10169-129 Regimental headquarters, Philippines
10169-130 Major Frank White and Officers of First Battalion
10169-131 Joe Kelly portrait
10169-132 Andrew Lobner
10169-133 Supply Sgt. Lynn W. Sperry portrait
10169-134 Rudolph Patzman portrait
10169-135 Charles Glitschka
10169-136 Emil Froemig, William J. Dolan, Dalton, Newcomer, McHugh and Daniel Slattery at camp
10169-137 Newcomer, Louden, Gorsuch, McLean, Lynn W. Sperry, Scott and Dunn at camp
10169-138 Drury, Sullivan, Longfellow, McGinniss at camp
10169-139 Willard J. Flynn and Lynn W. Sperry portrait
10169-140 SS City of Para, USS Mohican and USS Monadnock, Honolulu, HI, July 8, 1898
10169-141 Co A 1st North Dakota
10169-142 Funeral of Adolph Koplan at Bismarck, ND, March 11, 1900 (individuals identified and story of Koplan on page)
10169-143 Funeral of Adolph Koplan at Bismarck, ND, March 11, 1900 (individuals identified and story of Koplan on page)
10169-144 Funeral of Adolph Koplan at Bismarck, ND, March 11, 1900 (individuals identified and story of Koplan on page)
10169-145 Spanish infantry quarters Quartel (Cuartel) de Malate
10169-146 Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-147 SS Valencia, Honolulu, July 7, 1898
10169-148 “Between the lines,” Philippines
10169-149 Co A lines up for mess, Philippines
10169-150 Singalon Church near Manila, Philippines
10169-151 Blockhouse, Philippines
10169-152 Sgt. Major Whitaker (Whittaker) at Presidio
10169-153 In Honolulu Harbor
10169-154 In Honolulu Harbor
10169-155 Cornelius J. Foley and Charles C. Cairncross, Bear Dance, SS Valencia, July 4, 1898
10169-156 The officer of the day, W. P. Moffet
10169-157 Messing on the deck of SS Valencia
10169-158 North Dakota barracks
10169-159 Company A kitchen
10169-160 North Dakota headquarters, Philippines
10169-161 Co A barracks (left), Philippines
10169-162 Blockhouse 14
10169-163 Bamboo Bridge below Camp Dewey
10169-164 Women setting tables at Honolulu, 1898
10169-165 Co A at North Dakota barracks

10169 Ribbon, “I pay for ‘A’ do you?” (Sold to raise funds to return Company A to North
Dakota from fighting in the Philippines; the troops left for North Dakota on September 26, 1899 and arrived five days later)
10169 American flag From the celebration of the return of Company A?), ca 1899
10169 Watercolor sketch Co A following Co B, “North Dakota at the Narrow Place - assault on Manila trenches August 13, 1898 our capture of Manila, Philippine Islands, the enemy was firing on this road,” drawn by Corporal G.C. Grafton, ca 1898

BOX 8 Photographs
10169-166 On Fort San Antonio Abad, Philippines, February 5, 1899
10169-167 Quartel (Cuartel) de Malate, Philippines
10169-168 Blockhouse number 12, Philippines
10169-169 Interior view of Carcel y Presidio (Bilibib [Bilibid] Prison), Manila, Philippines
10169-170 The Kittens, Co I
10169-171 A snapshot in the Rocky Mountains
10169-172 White’s Battalion on the march
10169-173 At the well
10169-174 Captured insurgent cannons
10169-175 The Irene, Admiral von Diederichs’ flagship (German)
10169-176 Quiapo Church, Manila
10169-177 Parian Gate to the walled city, Intramuros, Manila
10169-178 Inside the Carcel y Presidio(Bilibib [Bilibid] Prison), Christmas day, Manila, Philippines
10169-179 Nipa Barracks used by North Dakota, Malate
10169-180 The Palace in walled city, Intramuros, Manila (could be Universidad de Santo Tomas)
10169-181 Market along Pasig River
10169-182 Office of Captain of the Port
10169-183 Pasig River scene
10169-184 Fortified house on Singalon Road
10169-185 Adjutant E.C. Geary and the First Sergeants, ca 1898
10169-186 A dredge in the Pasig River
10169-187 Company K, 1st North Dakota Infantry portrait
10169-188 A North Dakota group
10169-189 A home in the Philippines
10169-190 Unidentified
10169-191 Behind sand bags
10169-192 Man with a bad wound, Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio), Manila, Philippines
10169-193 Major White and General Overshine
10169-194 Binondo Church, Manila, Philippines
10169-195 The Irene, Admiral von Diederichs’ flagship (German)
10169-196 Captain Moffet’s house and turnout
10169-197 In Spanish trenches
10169-198 A group of the “men behind the guns”
10169-199 Inside the Carcel y Presidio(Bilibib [Bilibid] Prison), Christmas day, Manila, Philippines
10169-200 Company G, 1st North Dakota Infantry
10169-201 Prison cells in Old Cavite, Philippines
10169-202 A Filipino girl poses for a picture
10169-203 War engines at Parañaque, Philippines
10169-204 Old Glory on Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-205 Filipino farmer plowing

BOX 9 Photographs
10169-206 Entrance to Fort Santiago
10169-207 H.M.S. Invincible?
10169-208 A Filipina belle
10169-209 South gate to walled city, Intramuros, Manila
10169-210 A carriage and pony
10169-211 Crossing the Columbia River
10169-212 Native houses of Nipa
10169-213 The Major’s washing
10169-214 Crossing Columbia River
10169-215 Drill, ye tarriers, drill!
10169-216 A native mansion
10169-217 Santa Cruz Church, Manila
10169-218 The wood ration
10169-219 Natives pressing hemp, Manila
10169-220 Officers quarters, First Reserve Hospital, Manila
10169-221 Church of San Sebastian, Quiapo, Manila
10169-222 Manila street scene
10169-223 Sgt. Major Whitaker’s (Whittaker) Christmas Presents, 1898
10169-224 Kitchen of Co A 1st North Dakota Infantry
10169-225 H.M.S. Invincible?
10169-226 First Tennessee Camp on water front
10169-227 At Camp Merritt, San Francisco, CA
10169-228 A water buffalo and cart
10169-229 Scene in Manila
10169-230 Fighting at brigade headquarters
10169-231 Fighting at brigade headquarters
10169-232 Sgt. Major Whitaker (Whittaker) inside Fort San Antonio Abad, ca 1898
10169-233 On duty on the big wall, Intramuros? or Fort San Antonio Abad?
10169-234 In the walled city, Intramuros, Manila
10169-235 Cavite from the Bay
10169-236 Lieut. M.A. Hildreth Co B 1st North Dakota Infantry
10169-237 At the Commissary Depot, Binondo, Manila
10169-238 Post Office, Manila
10169-239 A more sober wound
10169-240 Mrs. Major White
10169-241 Moffet in his pajamas
10169-242 Lieutenant William J. McLean
10169-243 Parian Gate to the walled city, Intramuros, Manila
10169-244 A side of the Pasig River
10169-245 View from roof of San Sebastian Church, Quiapo, Manila
10169-246 Small pox hospital, Manila, 1898
10169-247 Pay day, September 22, 1898, Manila
10169-248 On the Singalon Road

BOX 10 Photographs
10169-249 On the south line, Culi Culi
10169-250 Hawaiian guards
10169-251 Where Geary and Moffet shoveled, a moment
10169-252 A solid background
10169-253 Guard at headquarters 1st Brigade 2nd Division
10169-254 Wash day and place
10169-255 Inside Captain Moffet’s house
10169-256 Spanish girls and natives
10169-257 Libby, McNeill & Libby Canned Meats, Chicago USA box with photographs on top
10169-258 Northeast gate to walled city, Intramuros, Manila
10169-259 A back door scene
10169-260 Interior of Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-261 Royal Street, Malate
10169-262 Whitaker at Major White’s tent, Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio), ca 1898
10169-263 A chip off the old block - Filipino father and son, Manila
10169-264 Women and girls at the church corner
10169-265 Bamboo bridge at Paranque
10169-266 Spanish women and native children at Captain Moffet’s house
10169-267 Spanish trenches at Singalon
10169-268 American soldier on guard
10169-269 The Irene, Admiral von Diederichs’ flagship (German)
10169-270 Spanish prisoners of war
10169-271 The one-cent ferry, Binondo, Manila
10169-272 The refrigerator ship
10169-273 General Overshine’s headquarters
10169-274 Pay day at the Guard House, North Dakota, Manila
10169-275 A fiesta in the Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio), Manila
10169-276 A section of the city wall, Manila?
10169-277 H.M.S. Powerful
10169-278 North end of Fort Santiago
10169-279 First Sergeant Corsuch at his cousin’s grave (Private Leonard L. Corsuch)
10169-280 Honolulu palms
10169-281 A ward in the First Reserve Hospital, Manila
10169-282 The mouth of the Pasig River
10169-283 Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio) chapel decorated for a fiesta, Manila
10169-284 Inside the barracks of Co. “K” North Dakota
10169-285 Quarters Co K, 1st North Dakota Infantry
10169-286 Spanish entrenchments, Royal Street, Malate
10169-287 Banyan tree, Honolulu
10169-288 Outer Fort, Manila Harbor

BOX 11 Photographs
10169-289 Native actors and actresses
10169-290 Pasay Church
10169-291 A beggar
10169-292 Co. A 1st North Dakota Infantry after leaving Portland, OR
10169-293 Fort San Antonio de Abad
10169-294 Near Bloody Angle, Singalon Road
10169-295 Boneyard in rear of Paco Park (Cemetery), Manila
10169-296 From roof of San Sebastian Church, Quiapo, Manila
10169-297 The Luneta Park, Manila
10169-298 Dewey’s work on a Spanish fort
10169-299 SS Valencia
10169-300 North Dakota Regimental Headquarters
10169-301 North end of Spanish infantry quarters Quartel (Cuartel) de Malate
10169-302 Quarters on the South line
10169-303 Man with leprosy
10169-304 Place of execution, 73rd barracks
10169-305 Opposite the office of captain of the Port
10169-306 Relics in Captain Moffet’s house
10169-307 Interior of the San Sebastian Church, Quiapo, Manila
10169-308 Scene at Honolulu, HI
10169-309 Troops starting north via Manila-Dagupan Railway
10169-310 Church of Santa Cruz, Manila
10169-311 A Gatling on the south line
10169-312 An outpost, Paco, Manila
10169-313 A side of the Pasig River
10169-314 Cable landing and Co. “B” quarters
10169-315 Crossing the Bridge of Spain, Manila
10169-316 The Cebu (?) ship (same as 10169-317)
10169-317 The Cebu (?) ship (same as 10169-316)
10169-318 First Reserve Hospital, Manila
10169-319 “A conqueror of the Navy” (woman or girl reclining wearing USS Baltimore hat)
10169-320 Chapel in Paco Park (cemetery), Manila
10169-321 A native ship hull
10169-322 Fort San Antonio Abad and the Bridge, Manila
10169-323 The Luneta battery, off Cavite?
10169-324 North Dakota soldiers
10169-325 Ships in Honolulu harbor, July 7, 1898
10169-326 Company H 1st North Dakota Infantry in action, February 5, 1899
10169-327 Post Office, Manila

BOX 12 Photographs
10169-328 Dewey’s marks on the walls of a Fort (in Manila?), August 13, 1898
10169-329 Filipinos
10169-330 Inside Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-331 A quartermaster’s tug
10169-332 Water buffaloes under water
10169-333 Co G foragers
10169-334 Troops coming in from an outpost
10169-335 Re-embarking at Honolulu, HI
10169-336 Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-337 Man and women on sailboat in Honolulu Harbor
10169-338 Honolulu street car
10169-339 Christian Commission tent, North Dakota
10169-340 Co. “G” kitchen on the south firing line
10169-341 In the First Reserve Hospital, Manila
10169-342 The Monitor USS Monterey
10169-343 Hulls (cascoes) and garbage barge, Binondo, Manila
10169-344 On Fort San Felipe, Cavite
10169-345 Cavite, Philippines
10169-346 Fort San Felipe, ships Reina Cristina and Costella in front
10169-347 the Launch “Ceres”
10169-348 The USS Monterey
10169-349 North Dakota Signal Station
10169-350 Signal tower at Cavite
10169-351 President Emilio Aguinaldo and cabinet portrait
10169-352 American cavalry, Philippines
10169-353 Co A North Dakota Volunteers ready for duty in Manila portrait, August 1898

BOX 13 Photographs
10169-354 The USS Monadnock in Manila Bay, Philippines
10169-355 A leper in the last stages, Philippines
10169-356 Navy yard at Cavite
10169-357 Graves of the heroes of the Astor Battery, Philippines
10169-358 Main Street, Ermita, Manila
10169-359 Filipino with his rain coat
10169-360 American soldiers portrait
10169-361 San Sebastian Church, Quiapo, Manila
10169-362 Bad men from Bitter Creek, ND
10169-363 Reina Cristina
10169-364 Outside the city wall
10169-365 The breakwater of Manila Bay
10169-366 Baling Press for Manila hemp
10169-367 Handling Manila hemp
10169-368 Leprosy, not far advanced
10169-369 Manley and Whitaker on the ice ship
10169-370 Catalino de los Reyes, Moffet’s “boy”
10169-371 Spanish ladies, Philippines
10169-372 Sgt. Whitaker, Corporal Manley and Ward Bill on refrigerator ship
10169-373 Spanish prisoners of war
10169-374 Whitaker and Herzing outside cemetery wall
10169-375 American soldiers among skeletons in Golgotha, Philippines
10169-376 The two brothers, Ed and John Geary
10169-377 A native family outside their home
10169-378 At the quartermaster’s landing
10169-379 Spanish soldiers with Mitrailleuse
10169-380 Parian Gate to the walled city, Intramuros, Manila
10169-381 Outer wall of Paco Park cemetery, Manila
10169-382 Artillery ammunition in Fort Santiago

BOX 14 Photographs
10169-383 Major Frank White portrait
10169-384 Church of Santa Cruz, Manila
10169-385 First men liberated from Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio), Manila
10169-386 The small pox hospital, Manila, 1898
10169-387 The Luneta battery
10169-388 Spanish Cathedral, Manila
10169-389 North Dakota barracks
10169-390 San Sebastian Church, Quiapo, Manila
10169-391 Filipino boy outside house
10169-392 Prisons in Old Cavite, Philippines
10169-393 Prisoners and guards in Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio)
10169-394 Boys in boneyard in Paco Park (Cemetery), Manila
10169-395 Co. “B” boys at Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-396 Inside Cavite arsenal grounds
10169-397 Spanish soldiers, prisoners of war
10169-398 First women released from Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio) portrait, September 27, 1898
10169-399 Inside Paco Park (cemetery)
10169-400 An American officer at the grave of Dr. José Rizal in Paco Cemetery after the Filipinos had removed his remains
10169-401 Man with Filipino boy on horseback
10169-402 Reina Cristina, Rear Admiral Patricio Montojo de Pasaron's flagship after an
Operation by G. Dewey, Esq.
10169-403 Provost Marshal General’s office
10169-404 Man with leprosy
10169-405 Man with leprosy in the Leper Hospital de San Lazaro
10169-406 Wash day on Man of War (ship)
10169-407 Headquarters force 1st Brigade 2nd Division
10169-408 Man with leprosy
10169-409 Corporal Thomas and his squad
10169-410 Five Spanish war vessels near Cavite

BOX 15 Photographs
10169-411 Mountain battery hurrying into position
10169-412 Spanish Army officers
10169-413 The first Post office in the Philippines
10169-414 Taking off the irons, Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio), October 1, 1899
10169-415 Captain Moffet at his home in the Philippines
10169-416 The Reina Cristina after an Operation by G. Dewey, Esq.
10169-417 An ambulance at Nipa barracks, Malate
10169-418 Cavite arsenal ground
10169-419 American soldiers outside unidentified building
10169-420 American soldiers on the SS Valencia, July 4, 1898
10169-421 A floral offering
10169-422 Embarking for home
10169-423 Entrance to Fort San Felipe, Cavite
10169-424 North Dakota Guard mount
10169-425 Singalon Church, Philippines
10169-426 Captain Moffet holding court in Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio), November 5, 1898 (Moffet is marked #3 in the portrait)
10169-427 Co. A 1st North Dakota Infantry in Manila, 1898
10169-428 Statue of a torture method used by the Spanish on the Filipinos
10169-429 Statue of a torture method used by the Spanish on the Filipinos
10169-430 Statue of a torture method used by the Spanish on the Filipinos
10169-431 Captain Moffet at Parañaque, Philippines
10169-432 Captain Moffet as officer of the day on the SS Valencia
10169-433 A residence in the zone of the fire on August 13, 1898
10169-434 In Captain Moffet’s quarters on San Jose Street, Ermita, left to right: Corporal Robert E Mauly, Co. H; Corporal Gilbert C. Grafton, Co. B; Catalino de los Reyes; Captain Moffet; Private August Herzing, Co X. 23rd Infantry
10169-435 Corporal Gilbert C. Grafton portrait, Co. “B”
10169-436 Emilio Aguinaldo portrait

BOX 16 Photographs
10169-437 Monument to Indian Police, Fort Yates, ND (H.W. Bringhurst, photographer)
10169-438 E. H. Bly and Jerry Plants, Fort Yates? (H.W. Bringhurst, photographer)
10169-439 Boy by standing Rock Monument, Fort Yates, ND
10169-440 At Fort Yates, ND
10169-441 Presbyterian Church, Fort Yates, ND
10169-442 Church, Fort Yates?, ND
10169-443 Kuntz and Fischer’s temporary quarters, Fort Yates?
10169-444 Man outside tent
10169-445 Unidentified Filipina woman portrait, late 1890s
10169-446 Dr. José Rizal portrait
10169-447 Saturnia Manola, first woman liberated from Bilibib (Bilibid) Prison (Carcel y Presidio) portrait, sister of Dr. José Rizal
10169-448 Unidentified Filipina woman portrait, late 1890s
10169-449 W.P. Moffet, Captain 13th U.S. Cavalry portrait
10169-450 Gilbert C. Grafton, Mercedes, TX January 5, 1917
10169-451 Unidentified scene, Honolulu, HI
10169-452 Luz Manás portrait, December 22, 1913 (post card)
10169-453 American soldiers with Filipinos
10169-454 Three Filipina women portrait
10169-455 Four men portrait
10169-456 Josephine (Josefina) Bracken portrait, wife of Dr. José Rizal

10169-457 Members 1st ND Volunteers Philippines, 1898-1899 and 1st ND Infantry Mexican Border, 1916 (Col. Fraine; Lt. Col. Grafton; Maj. Frank Henry; Maj. G. Angus Fraser; Maj. Dana Wright; Capt. H. Sorenson; Capt. Henry, Adjt; Lt. J.W. Murphy, Adjt 2nd Battalion; Pvt. Fleming, Co. I; Sgt. Paterson, Co. B; Corpl. Severin, Co. H; Pvt. Thompson, Co. C; Sgt. Wills, Co. G; Lt. H. Harrieton, Adj 3rd Battalion
10169-458 SS Australia leaving San Francisco for the Philippines with troops on board, about May 25, 1898
10169-459 Moffet in his pajamas (same image as 10169-241 but better exposure) at his home in the Philippines

BOX 17 Photographs
10169-460 Entrance to Fort Santiago
10169-461 An American officer at the grave of Dr. José Rizal in Paco Cemetery after the Filipinos had removed his remains
10169-462 Native Houses
10169-463 Filipinos and Americans in the woods
10169-464 Rooftop
10169-465 Filipino farm
10169-466 American soldiers with Filipinos in horse drawn wagon
10169-467 Unidentified city, Philippines
10169-468 San Sebastian Church, Quiapo, Manila
10169-469 Unidentified ship
10169-470 Statue of a child nursing from his dead mother
10169-471 Urn and floral memorial? For Dr. Rizal?
10169-472 Man outside unidentified Philippine building
10169-473 Five American soldiers outside a tent
10169-474 Damaged Filipino house or fort
10169-475 Damaged prison or fort
10169-476 American soldier with family on unidentified ship, Honolulu?
10169-477 Six men on a ship
10169-478 Man with Filipino children on a docked ship (could be Brigadier General Arthur
10169-479 Cannon on an unidentified ship
10169-480 Reina Cristina sinking
10169-481 Unidentified ship
10169-482 Waterfront scene with ship sinking
10169-483 Men on unidentified ship, Buluban?
10169-484 Native boats (cascoes)
10169-485 Market scene, Philippines

BOX 18 Photographs and negatives
10169-486 Bridge of Spain over the Pasig River
10169-487 American soldiers at meal time
10169-488 Filipino children bathing
10169-489 Unidentified fort or fortification
10169-490 Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-491 Filipino youths on park bench
10169-492 American soldier in bunks
10169-493 Filipino family
10169-494 Market scene, Philippines
10169-495 Native houses?
10169-496 Unidentified fort or city wall?
10169-497 Spanish ladies with children
10169-498 Home interior or rooftop scene (Over exposed)
10169-499 US Flagship Olympia
10169-500 SS City of Para
10169-501 Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-502 North Dakota barracks
10169-503 Soldiers in watch tower in unidentified fort, Philippines
10169-504 American soldiers posing, goofing around, Philippines
10169-505 Artillery in front of Fort San Felipe Neri, Cavite
10169-506 Fort San Antonio Abad
10169-507 (negative)7th Cavalry United States Army, Camp Sheridan, IL?
10169-508 (negative)7th Cavalry United States Army, Camp Sheridan, IL?

- Map - part of central Mexico, c. 1916
- Poster: Military code (rules) for 20 third, 2nd line, 4th Section Filipino Civil Guard, since the Cabeceza. Partial translation - “Services must be mindful of the sergeants, corporals and Guards 1 and 2 destinations in practicing in the positions they are, and have considered them to understand in this way for ease of understanding but the infantry classes from its immediate incorporation to the Legion must pay Provisions indicated in the Schedule of the Guard, Institute regulations, orders and circulars of the Legion and the Military Justice Code in force, which must be met. "

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