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Photographs - Collections - 1-1091 251-300 - #00289

Title: Heber Mansfield Creel U.S. Military Academy Class of 1877 Photograph Album

Dates: 1877

Collection Number: 00289

Quantity: 1 album

Abstract: Images of the professors, instructors, cadets and campus of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. in 1877

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the album from H. M. Creel.

Copyrights Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researcher should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17 U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection name, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

From the Devils Lake Daily Journal, Monday September 19, 1932

Born at Waverly, Missouri, Nov. 30, 1855, son of a Virginia family established in Va. 1620, graduated from West Point with class of 1877 as 2nd Lieutenant in 8th U.S. Cavalry and within the year promoted in rank to the famous Seventh Cavalry. He served five years at old Fort Abraham Lincoln, Custer’s Post, resigning in 1883. He was in command when the property of Ft. Rice, down the Missouri, was evacuated and property removed up the Missouri to Fort Yates on the Steamer “Dr. Burleigh” in 1878. Was in the expedition locating Ft. Meade, SoDak. In July 1882 he located the town of Devils Lake, at first named “Creel City”. Had been in the “Dull Knife” Indian campaign of 1878 with the Thornberg expedition 400 miles into the Sand Hills of Nebraska and Sitting Bull campaign of 81, accompanying the Sitting Bull band on their return to Ft. Yates. Was engineer officer of Fort Totten Dist. Was Colonel in No.Dak. National Guard in 1891, and Adjutant General of North Dakota in 1905. He was retired from the No.Dak. National Guard as Brigadier General, Jan. 7, 1907.

While in the 7th Cavalry he was detailed by Gen. Sherman to escort the Northern Cheyenne from the Black Hills to Ft. Reno, Indiana and later to Sidney Barracks, Nebraska.

He wrote grammar and Dict. Of the Cheyenne language and a work on the sign language of the North American Indians, published by Smithsonian Institution of Washington, D.C.

While in Indian Territory he married Miss Alice H. LaRue of Indiana, and daughter of Richard LaRue whose farm was at one time a part of the City of Richmond, Va.

Throughout his career he displayed his military training in the precision of carrying out plans, ever alert and prompt. He died Sat. 17 Sept. 1932 at his home in San Diego, Calif. Age 77 years.


00289-01                    President U. S Grant
00289-02                    W. M. Belknap, Secretary of War
00289-03                    Major General Thomas H. Ruger, Superintendent U.S. Military Academy
00289-04                    Major General J. M. Schofield
00289-05a                  Major General Upton, Commandant of U.S. Corps Cadets
00289-05b                  Major General G. H. Neill, Commandant Cadets
00289-06a                  Professor Kendricks, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology
00289-06b                  George Armstrong Custer
00289-07a                  Albert E. Church, Professor of Mathematics
00289-07b                  Jernuis B. Wheeler, Professor Military/Civil Engineering, Strategy Ground Tactics, Science of War
00289-08a                  Patrice DeJanon, Professor of Spanish
00289-08b                  Professor Weir, Topography, Etching, Fine Arts
00289-09a                  John Forsythe, Professor of Ethics, Chaplain
00289-09b                  George Andrews, Professor of French
00289-10a                  Lieutenant Lamand, Assistant Professor of Drawing
00289-10b                  Peter S. Michie, Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy
00289-11a                  Colonel Mordacai, Chief of Ordnance
00289-11b                  Colonel Hall, 10th Cavalry Adjutant U.S. Military Academy
00289-12a                  Major Earnst, Professor of Practical Engineering, Signaling, Telegraphy
00289-12b                  Major Piper, Chief of Artillery
00289-13a                  Colonel Eugene Beaumont, Chief of Cavalry
00289-13b                  Lieutenant S. M. Mills, 5th Artillery, Treasurer
00289-14a                  Sergeant Morton, 5th Artillery, Tactical Officer
00289-14b                  Captain Charles W. Raymond, Asst Professor Natural/Experimental Philosophy
00289-15a                  Lieutenant Knight, U.S. Corps Engineers
00289-15b                  Otto L. Heine, 1st Cavalry Tactical Officer
00289-16a                  Lieutenant Barber, Assistant Professor French
00289-16b                  Lieutenant Johnson, 5th Artillery, Asst Professor Chemistry
00289-17a                  Lieutenant Davis, 1st Artillery, Tactical Officer
00289-17b                  Lieutenant Denison, Asst Professor Spanish
00289-18a                  Sedgewick Pratt, 5th Artillery, Asst Professor Drawing
00289-18b                  R. Thompson, 1st Infantry, Tactical Officer
00289-19a                  J. J. Stretch, 1st Lieutenant 11th Infantry, Senior Instructor in Tactics
00289-19b                  Captain Girard, Assistant Surgeon
00289-20a                  F. Schlichter, Chemical Instructor and Essayist
00289-20b                  David Lyle, Ordnance Officer
00289-21a                  Captain Rafferty, Chief of Cavalry
00289-21b                  Bentz, the Bugler since 1837
00289-22a                  Barnett
00289-22b                  Captain Catlin, Quartermaster
00289-23a                  Auger, Ammon A.
00289-23b                  Bonny,
00289-24a                  Bigelow, John Jr.
00289-24b                  Baldwin, William H.
00289-25a                  Baxter, George W.
00289-25b                  Black, William M.
00289-26a                  Bradley, Charles A.
00289-26b                  Baxter, John, Jr.
00289-27a                  Blair, Francis P.
00289-27b                  Brown, Oscar J.
00289-28a                  Chase, George N.
00289-28b                  Blocksom, Augustus P.
00289-29a                  W. C. Bornin
00289-29b                  Chynoweth, Edward
00289-30a                  Heber Mansfield Creel, West Point Cadet
00289-30b                  Butler, B. F. Jr. son of Major General Benjamin Butler
00289-31a                  Clark, Wallis O.
00289-31b                  Eggleston, Millard F.
00289-32a                  Fisk, Walter L.
00289-32b                  Crane, Charles J.
00289-33a                  Robert Emmett, grand nephew of Robert Emmett
00289-33b                  Foster, Fred W.
00289-34a                  Galbraith, Jacob G.
00289-34b                  Esterly, Calvin
00289-35a                  Frederick, Daniel A.
00289-35b                  Galbraith, William W.
00289-36a                  Goldman, Henry J.
00289-36b                  French, F. Halverson
00289-37a                  Gatewood, Charles B.
00289-37b                  Gordon,
00289-38a                  Hammond,
00289-38b                  Glenn, Edwin F.
00289-39a                  Guilfoyle
00289-39b                  Hegewald
00289-40a                  Hunter
00289-40b                  Hayden
00289-41a                  Kirby
00289-41b                  Loder, Samuel H.
00289-42a                  Maney, James A.
00289-43a                  Marsh, Frederick
00289-43b                  Martin, Medad C.
00289-44a                  Massey, Solon F.
00289-44b                  McCrimmon, Ariosto
00289-45a                  McDonald, David N.
00289-45b                  McMartin, John
00289-46a                  Mills, Stephen C.
00289-46b                  Murray, Cunliffe H.
00289-47a                  Paddock, James V. S.
00289-47b                  Parker, Theophilus
00289-48a                  Patch, Alexander M.
00289-48b                  Patten, Francis J.
00289-49a                  Patterson, Thomas C.
00289-49b                  Philbrick, John H.
00289-50a                  Plummer, Edward H.
00289-50b                  Price, David Jr.
00289-51a                  Read, Robert D. Jr.
00289-51b                  Roessler, Solomon W.
00289-52a                  Safford, Robert E.
00289-52b                  Shofner, James C.
00289-53a                  Slaker, Adam
00289-53b                  Springett, Howard A.
00289-54a                  Stevens, Robert R.
00289-54b                  Stevenson
00289-55a                  Thornington, Monroe P.
00289-55b                  Todd, Albert
00289-56a                  Wayman, Samuel P.
00289-56b                  White, John V.
00289-57a                  Wilcox
00289-57b                  Wilder, Wilbur E.
00289-58a                  Wilson, Richard H.
00289-58b                  Wood, William T.
00289-59a                  Woodward, Charles G.
00289-59b                  Winston
00289-61                    US Military Academy Chapel
00289-62                    US Military Academy Mess Hall
00289-63                    US Military Academy Mess Hall interior
00289-64                    US Military Academy Library interior
00289-65                    US Military Academy "Execution Hollow" of the Revolutionary War and Parade
00289-66                    US Military Academy Battery Knox
00289-67                    US Military Academy South Gate Entrance
00289-68                    US Military Academy Seacoast Battery
00289-69                    US Military Academy Trophy Point
00289-70                    US Military Academy Trophy Point
00289-71                    View from Fort Putnam of the Revolution
00289-72                    Ordnance Laboratory and Cadet Rendezvous
00289-73                    US Military Academy Academic Buildings
00289-74                    US Military Academy Cadet Barracks
00289-75                    US Military Academy Flirtation Walk
00289-76                    Commandant of Cadets and Tactical Officers in Camp
00289-77                    South Dock
00289-78                    Siege Battery and North View on the Hudson from West Point
00289-79                    Mortar Battery
00289-80                    Adjutant's Office
00289-81                    Cemetery
00289-82                    Kosinsco Garden and Flirtation Walk
00289-83                    Riding Hall, Largest in the World
00289-84                    Headquarters of George Washington during the Revolutionary War, scene of Benedict Arnold's betrayal
00289-85                    US Military Academy Band
00289-86                    Guard on Parade
00289-87                    Light Artillery 'in battery'
00289-88                    Cadet Monument
00289-89                    Hospital
00289-90                    Major General John Sedgwick's Monument
00289-91                    Camp Washington
00289-92                    Heber Mansfield Creel and Hayden Geret, West Point Cadets
00289-92                    Troops in Formation
00289-94                    US Corps Cadets on Dress Parade
00289-95                    Camp of US Cadets on St. George's Hill at the Centennial
00289-96                    Class of 1877 group portrait
00289-97a                  Romance on the Hudson
00289-97b                  Reality on the Plains
00289-98a                  Our pipes, books, tobacco, foils, musical instruments may they ever remain as tokens of the life we passed in the Scientific School of ?
00289-98b                  Flirtation Walk 'Goodbye'

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