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Photographs - Collections - 151-200 - #00192

Title: Lucille Van Solen

Dates: 1879-1917

Collection Number: 00192

Quantity: 96 items

Abstract: Photographs of Van Solen and the Cannon Ball area.

Provenance: The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the collection from Mrs. J. R. Harmon in May 1968.

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Biographical Sketch

H. S. and Alma (Picotte) Parkin had a huge ranch near the Cannon Ball. He was a brother of Walter Parkin who lived in Mandan but had a share in the Parkin ranch. When H. S. died he was buried on the large hill overlooking the Cannon Ball River.

Alma Parkin was a direct descendant of Two Lance, hereditary chief of the Sioux. Her life and that of her family was directly interlinked with the early history and development of the slope country. Her mother, Mrs. Galpin, was a full-blooded Sioux, the daughter of Two Lance. She was first married to Henry Picotte, a white trader. To them was born two daughters, one Louise, who later became the wife of Mr. Van Solen, and the other, Lulu, became the wife of Captain William Harmon of the United States Army. After the death of Mr. Picotte, the widow married Major Charles Galpin who was a post trader at Fort Pierre and to them was born the daughter Alma J.

The daughters of Mrs. Galpin were given a good education and grew up as refined young women. As Alma J. grew to young womanhood she had many suitors and finally she married H. S. Parkin, who came to this country from Ohio to trade. Mr. Parkin later became a member of the state senate from Morton County and at the time of his death left considerable property to his widow. Mrs. Parkin always kept up the home place which has become known to whites and the Indians alike as a haven of hospitality. At this place have been entertained army officers, government officials, state officers and scores upon scores of the citizens of Morton County.

George and Marie (Louise) Van Solen lived in the Solen area in about 1876. They had a daughter whom they named Lucille. Marie was a sister of Mrs. H. S. Parkin. They were of French and Indian ancestry. Mrs. Van Solen inherited the Cannon Ball home in which her sister, Alma Parkin, had lived. Marie and her daughter were prominent people of the community. Among other things, Marie is said to have taught the first school on the Standing Rock. The town of Solen is supposed to have been named after the Van Solens.

Mrs. Parkin is survived by a sister, Louise Van Solen, a nephew Chaska Parkin (formerly Kennedy, but has taken the Parkin name), and niece Miss Lucille Van Solen. Alma Parkin died May 7, 1913.

South of the Cannonball: A History of Sioux, The War Bonnet County, by May E. Hinton.
Mandan Pioneer May 9, 1913

Funeral services were held last Sunday afternoon at Cannon Ball, North Dakota for Miss Lucille Van Solen, who died at the Deaconess Hospital, Mandan, on August 23rd. Deceased was the daughter of Geo. L. Van Solen and Marie Louise Picotte.
Lucille Van Solen, whose Indian name was ‘Iysoahinapewin’ meaning Rose-light-of-dawn was the granddaughter of Mrs. Picotte Galpin whose Indian name was ‘wambliautapewin’ meaning the woman that-eagles-look-at, who was as great a woman as Sakaka-wea or Pocahontas. It was Wambliautapewin who saved the soldiers at Grand River Agency from being massacred. It was she who escorted Father DeSmet, in 1868 to Gall’s hostile camp on the Little Missouri.
Born on January 28, 1881, Lucille Van Solen spent nearly all her life on the famous old Parkin ranch near the mouth of the Cannon Ball river.
After graduating from St. Benedict Academy at Little Falls, Minn., she taught for several years at the Standing Rock Agency school. She was an artist and accomplished musician. She leaves to mourn her loss two cousins, J. R. Harmon, Sioux County auditor and Leo C. Harmon, of New York City.
Rites were held at her home by the Rev. Father Francis and interment was made on the hill overlooking the ranch. Active pallbearers were: Judge J. M. Hanley, Major. A. B. Welsh, of Mandan, Frank Zahn, Judge J. M. Carignan, Jr., John Gates and Sidney Parkins of Yates, J. L. Wells of Solen, and Basil Two Bear of Cannon Ball. Honorary pallbearers were: William Zahn, A. C. Wells, P. F. Rice, O. A. Schimansky and D. V. Wheeler of Solen, Judge Campbell of Mandan, Chief Red Tomahawk, Irva Young and R. White Eagle of Cannon Ball.

Source: Sioux County Pioneer, Aug. 29, 1929


00192-01              Lucille Van Solen, 2 years old. Photographer: O. S. Goff, Bismarck (DT)
00192-02              Lucille Van Solen, 10 years old 1891. Photographer: Martin, Mandan N. Dak.
00192-03              Lucille Van Solen, 9 years old 1890. Photographer: Geo. W. Scott, Fort Yates       
00192-04              Lucille Van Solen portrait. Photographer: Fritz, St. Cloud Minn.
00192-05              Lucille Van Solen first Communion with her cousin Chaska (Charles) Kennedy Parkin. Photographer: Gilbert, Mandan N.D.
00192-06              Military band from Fort Yates at the Cannon Ball Ranch August 15, 1889 in celebration of Chaska Parkin’s 7th birthday. Lucille Van Solen in foreground
00192-07              Lucille Van Solen astride horse at Harmon Ranch near Miles City (MT). Photographer: L. A. Huffman, Miles City Mont.          
00192-08              Lucille Van Solen astride horse at Cannon Ball Ranch. Photographer: Frank Fiske, Fort Yates, N. Dak.
00192-09              Lucille Van Solen in buggy
00192-10              Lucille Van Solen with Clarence Smee 1902. Photographer: Frank Fiske, Fort Yates, N. Dak.
00192-11              Lucille Van Solen 20 years old 1901. Photographer: Frank Fiske, Fort Yates, N. Dak.
00192-12              Lucille Van Solen, graduate from St. Benedict’s Academy, St. Cloud, Minn. 1901. Photographer: Geo Kraft, St. Paul, Minn.
00192-13              Lucille Van Solen and Mrs. Van Solen in automobile post card
00192-14              Louise and Lucille Van Solen post card
00192-15              Louise and Lucille Van Solen and Alma Parkin
00192-16              Alma Parkin and Lucille Van Solen in the Cannon Ball River
00192-17              Lucille Van Solen holding wand in school play at Standing Rock Boarding School, Fort Yates (ND) 1888      
00192-18              Lillian Scidmore 1878
00192-19              Lillian Scidmore 1878. Photographer: O. S. Goff, Fort Lincoln, D.T.
00192-20              Mrs. Albert Grass
00192-21              Children of Albert Grass?
00192-22              Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grass and children, Cannon Ball (ND) 1917/09/07
00192-23              Mrs. M. L. (Louise) Van Solen
00192-24              Louise Picotte Van Solen. Photographer: O. S. Goff, Fort Lincoln, D.T.
00192-25              Louise Picotte Van Solen. Photographer: Jas. H. Lucas, Standing Rock D.T.
00192-26              Louise Picotte
00192-27              Louise Van Solen. Photographer: O. S. Goff, Fort Lincoln, D.T.
00192-28              Louise Van Solen, Photographer: W. C. Perkins, Washington, Mo.
00192-29              Louise Picotte de Grey Van Solen. Photographer: Schlattman Bros., St. Paul, Minn.
00192-30              Louise and Lucille Van Solen. Photographer: Geo. W. Scott, Fort Yates Dakota
00192-31              Louise Van Solen
00192-32              Alma Galpin Parkin about 1876. Photographer: Cramer, Gross & Co., St. Louis, Mo.
00192-33              Mrs. H. S. (Alma) Parkin bridal portrait
00192-34              Mrs. H. S. (Alma) Parkin. Photographer: Geo. W. Scott, Fort Yates Dakota
00192-35              Alma Parkin. Photographer: D. F. Barry, Bismarck, D.T.
00192-36              Mrs. H. S. (Alma) Parkin. Photographer: F. E. Haynes, Minneapolis
00192-37              Alma and Chaska Parkin. Photographer: Geo. W. Scott, Fort Yates Dakota
00192-38              Annie Galpin Kennedy. Photographer: Floyd, Minneapolis, Minn.            
00192-39              Annie Galpin Kennedy. Photographer: Floyd & Power, Minneapolis
00192-40              Annie Galpin Kennedy. Photographer: Ragan’s, Kansas City, Mo.
00192-41              Annie Galpin Kennedy. Photographer: Cramer, Gross & Co., St. Louis, Mo.
00192-42              Annie Galpin Kennedy. Photographer: Floyd & Power, Minneapolis
00192-43              Anna Galpin
00192-44              Annie G. Kennedy. Photographer: O. S. Goff, Bismarck D.T.
00192-45              Mary Runs the Hoop (born sometime between 1886 - 1889) and the seated woman is Lucille Van Solen
00192-47              Unidentified woman Goff photo
00192-51              E. G. Mathy, soldier
00192-52              Sidney Parkin, cadet of Shattuck Military Academy, Faribeaux, Minn., nephew of H. S. Parkin 1901
00192-52              Sidney Parkin
00192-60              Father Denis Murphy
00192-63              Dr. S. S.Turner. Photographer: S. J. Morrow, Yankton, D.T.
00192-64              George L. Van Solen
00192-65              William H. Crane, a great US actor
00192-66              Chaska Parkins, First Sgt. 5th Engineers 1919      
00192-67              Henry Sidney Parkin
00192-68              Lucille Van Solen as an infant 6 weeks   
00192-69              Lucille Van Solen as an infant 6 weeks
00192-71              Charlie Turner, 14 month old son of Dr. Turner  
00192-81              Chaska Parkin and Lucille Van Solen. Photographer: Geo. W. Scott, Fort Yates Dakota
00192-82              Chaska Parkin. Photographer: Geo. W. Scott, Fort Yates Dakota
00192-83              Chaska Parkin. Photographer: F. E. Haynes, Minneapolis
00192-84              Chaska Parkin. Photographer: O. S. Goff, Bismarck D.T.                                 
00192-85              Chaska Parkin First Communion. Photographer: Gilbert Z, Mandan, N.D.
00192-86              Chaska Parkin. Photographer: Geo. W. Scott, Fort Yates Dakota
00192-87              Claude M. Ebner O.S.B., St. Benedict’s Mission, Fort Yates Dakota 1882 
00192-88              Claude M. Ebner O.S.B. 1885. Photographer: D. F. Barry, Bismarck D.T.
00192-92              Rev. John B. Studen 1879
00192-93              Father Paul O.S.B.
00192-94              Father Jerome Hunt
00192-95              Father Jerome Hunt      
00192-96              Father Jerome Hunt. Photographer: Jacob Berg, Grand Forks

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