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Photographs - Collections - 0001-00050 - #00032

Title: North Dakota Oral History Project Photographs

Dates: 1880s-1960s

Collection Number: 00032

Quantity: 6,000+ items

Abstract: Consists of copies of photographs belonging to people interviewed for the North Dakota Oral History Project. The Project was undertaken by Larry Sprunk, with the cooperation of the North Dakota American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, the North Dakota Farmers Union, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota. The primary objective of the North Dakota Oral History Project was to conduct oral tape recorded interviews with North Dakotans who lived through the state's history and who could speak of this history from a first-hand basis. Interviewees were photographed at the time of their interviews. In addition, the project borrowed over 6,000 historical photographs which were copied and added to the State Historical Society's collection. Many interviewees also donated family histories, documents, letters, ledgers, books, and artifacts.

Provenance:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the North Dakota Oral History Project Records as a gift from project director Larry Sprunk in June 1977.

Property rights:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights:  Copyrights to materials in this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs. Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17, U.S. Code and an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements is needed.

Access:  This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation:  Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnotes and bibliographic references.

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Adams County
3. Ole Abelseth
7. Milan J. Conrad
10. Henry Hagen
11. Floyd Howe
13. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wothe

Barnes County
1. Judge Hamilton E. Englert
2. Elsie E. Otto
4. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Strinden
5. William Rieth and John H. Fewell
6. Clarence Nelson
8. George and Esther Overn
9. Ferdinand C. Steidl
10. Ed C. Levin
15. Grace Ven Huizen
22. Jean M. Hill

Benson County
2. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pierson
8. Lester J. Rendahl
11. Carl E. Goranson
16. Emma Casper

Billings County
2. Jack Geary and Mrs. Eva Hayden
8. Ada Sylvester
10. Dave L. McLeod
13. Allen W. Thompson
15. Viola Ray

Bottineau County
9. Mr. and Mrs. Oluf Festvog
10. R. P. Taralseth
14. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Vollmer
18. Marguerite Craig

Bowman County
7. Mrs. Enga Erickson
10. Mr. and Mrs. John Schade
11. Mrs. Mary J. Pittsley
13. Chriss Roen
20. Mrs. Ethel M. Eide

Burke County
2. Ben Lucy
3. Mr. and Mrs. Mauritz Setterlund
4. J. H. Van Berkom
6. Eder Grubb
13. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Bird
18. Ted Forthun
19. Ray Ely
20. Melvin Monroe and Joseph Salveson

Burleigh County
13. Mrs. Esther Z. Rosenau
24. Mrs. Clara Hedahl
28. Walter Ryberg
31. Howard Luken and Art Larson
33. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Johnson
35. F. C. "Fritz" Uhde
36. Elizabeth Knowles and Pearl Harman
38. Mr. and Mrs. Christ Wetzel
39. Haral Christianson
40. Mrs. Pete B. Bliss
41. John O. Welch
42. Dale Vollan and Mr. and Mrs. John Vollan
44. Mrs. Idella R. Sperry
45. J. W. Hintgen
46. Christine Finlayson
47. Mrs. Zachey Azar

Cass County
2. Louis C. Thorstad
6. Mr. E. V. Brown
8. Mrs. Mary Bishop
9. E. A. Bowers
29. Mrs. Bruce (Sarah) Brewer

Dickey County
3. Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. L. Freeman Knox
4. Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Neuhardt
8. Mrs. Mary A. Huff
10. Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Johnson
20. Mrs. Alfred J.  Johnson
24. Edwin N. Leiby

Dunn County
2. Otto H. Buehner
3. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Palmer
5. Carey Peterson Beck
6. Maude Cuskelly and Verne Davis Howard
7. T. W. “Ted” Darwin
8. Mrs. Nettie B. Melby, Fred Fritz, and Mertis Fritz
10. Esther Vaagen
13. Earl and Wilma Paulson
21. Edward H. Eckelberg
27. Floyd E. Henderson

Divide County
4. Aasta and Sigurd Hofstad
5. Mrs. Bertha Krecklau
6. Olaf Lodahl
13. Nora Rust

Eddy County
4. Edd Johnson
6. Horton Starke
16. Charles and Collie Stedman
17. Mrs. Mamie Larson

Emmons County
1. Mrs. Anna Corbin
6. Meade D. Ward
7. Walter Bohlin
15. Gerrit Van Boven
16. Pius J. Kraft
17. Mr and Mrs John Leslie Easton

Foster County
5. Ross Bloomquist
10. John W. Schmid
12. Emil Smith
13. Paul Black

Grand Forks County
14. Ada Engen
19. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McCoy
22. Anna Hovehn
23. Paul E. Roeder

Griggs County
2. Delia B. Sonju
6. Christine Koch
9. Sophia Stokkeland
16. Hazel J Alm
18. Richard Bailey

Grant County
2. J. A. "Bert" Rock
12. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peters
13. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Morrison
14. Miss Eva M. Dilley and Mrs. Fred Neal
18. M. V. "Verc" Davison

Golden Valley County
2. Carl and Mrs. Martin Uechert
6. Leonard E. Johnson
10. Ray L. Zinsli
11. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Koshney

Hettinger County
2. Ortho B. Harding
12. Mrs. Mary E. Christopherson

Kidder County
2. Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Melhoff
4. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Langedahl
14. William L. Smith

LaMoure County
7. Mrs. Esther Rode
11. Mrs. Mollie Junod
13. Mrs. Mathilda H. Brost
15. Mrs. Sibyl Hall
17. Mr. and Mrs. Harry DeWitt
18. Mrs. Anna Youngman

Logan County
2. Mr. and Mrs. George Lubbers
5. Linus Persson
11. Ed Haag
14. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Burnstad
21. C. P. Burnstad

Mercer County
9. Emery and Victor Stephens
10. George H. Sailer
12. William Knoop

McHenry County
9. Orlo L. Ehart
12. Mrs. Renie P. Seright
20. Olaf Tagestad
22. Nettie M. Storhaug
29. Thomas Rieder

McIntosh County
13. Edwin Boschee

McKenzie County
3. Margaret M. Lanphear
6. Lettie Uhlman Kellogg
10. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Olson
19. Theresa Ellingson
20. Ralph M. Christensen
22. Margaret A. Johnson
24. Brooks J. Keogh
25. Alice Arnegard

McLean County
2. Ludwig J. (Vivian) Totdahl
6. Gladys F. Schultz
7. Fred R. Jefferis
9. Oscar L. Nordquist
11. Axel W. Nelson
12. Guy E. and Rose Sellon
16. Jessie M. Clark

Morton County
6. Mrs. John Stading
11. Mrs. Alice Conitz
17. Herman J. Bahr
20. Art Olin
34. Mrs. Agnes E. Aronson

Mountrail County
1. Christ Larson
2. Ernest Halvarson
7. R. Z. Stolnecker
12. Jake and Clara Jacobs
17. Frank J. Traynor
20. George E. Lee
23. P. Herb and Ina M. Johnson
24. Charlie Juma, Sr.
25. Leroy "Bud" Perry

Nelson County
2. John W. Rainsberry
4. George F. and Myrtle J. McHugh
6. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Estvold
8. Helmer and Ruth Dahlen
10. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Skjerven
11. Agnes and Joe Matejcek
15. Einar Severson
17. Thomas and Grace Pearson
18. Palmer and Berdella Overby
19. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hanson
20. Mrs. Olaf Moen
21. Orvin T. Hanson

Oliver County
3. Mrs. Helen Berg
17. Otto T. Skager
19. Walter M. Bailey
20. Mrs. Martin L. Holter

Pembina County
3. Chris S. Gudmundson
6. H. H. Eelkema
8. Alton and Gladys Can Camp and J. D. Morrison
12. Franklin Page
15. Arni V. and Rose Johnson

Pierce County
7. Agnes Sabbe
9. Bertha and Lillian Tofsrud
10. Joseph Volk
11. Mrs. Inga Enger Nelson
12. Mrs. Cora Crook
15. Mrs. Carl Espeseth
18. Edroy B. Paterson

Ramsey County
1. Arthur A. and Hazel A. Powell
2. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Walsh
10. Lillian Wineman
12. Fred Bergevin
13. William A. and Anne M. Murray
14. Mrs. Louise Skjeveland
16. Mr. and Mrs. Nels O. Ness, Phil Sobek, and Norman Ness
20. Walter Tiistola

6. Mr. and Mrs. Minard Halverson
12. Loubert Rufsvold
13. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Olson
14. Mrs. Einer (Hilda) Peterson
17. Mrs. Rae M. Mattes

1. B. P. McCusker
5. Hans J. Madsen
10. Mr. and Mrs. John Barner
15. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Biegert and N. F. McLeod
17. Gilbert H. Movius
19. Rudolph H. Hoefs
21. Jens L. Lovdokken

Rolette County
11. Mrs. Lodvar (Magda) Boe
18. Mrs. James H. Penny

Sargent County
3. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Dietz
5. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hemminger, Sr.
6. Mrs. Thera Peterson
7. John M. Baird
9. Mrs. Mary Jennings
10. Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Carpenter
14. Mrs. Blanche Nelson
15. Oscar W. Wehlander
16. Bernard (Benny) Johnson
17. John Edison
18. Everett Stevens

Sheridan County
1. William and Estella Lasher
5. Mrs. Leota Mertz

Sioux County
3. Jim Gayton and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gayton
6. Mrs. Bernice Henderson
10. Bert D. Gwyther

Slope County
5. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Putney
6. Mrs. Guy Johnson
11. Earl C. Rundle

Stark County
11. Mr. and Mrs. Anders G. Hagburg
20. Alphonse Dorval

Steele County
5. Mrs. Adeline Meldahl
8. Mrs. Anna Vadnie
9. Warren G. and Alma Q. Carpenter
11. Thomas B. Linn
14. Mike Rasmussen

Stutsman County
2. Ralph Ehlers
14. William Kapp
17. S. Anne Preszler
21. Dr. S. W. Melzer
23. Rose Waychik

Towner County
8. Mrs. Marie Strand
9. F. Lee Leftwich

Traill County
1. Theodore Olstad and M. O. (Mike) Smith
5. Peter O. Paulson
20. Alfred A. Berg
21. Mrs. Alfred Domier
22. Wilmar Vinge

Walsh County
18. Joseph L. Bina
20. Mrs. P. J. Donnelly
25. Oscar Sunderland

Ward County
1a. Mrs. Lester Hansen
1. Elmer Ward Cart
3. Mrs. Ollie Bach
8. Mrs. Winifred G. Erdman
13. Ellen Staflin
15. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Erickson
21. Mrs. E. R. "Tillie" Smith
23. Dr. G. M. Christensen
25. Lewis Hoffman
28. Andrew C. Mortenson

Wells County
3. Mrs. Mary Czech
8. Isaac and Dora H. Loeppke
9. Mr. and Mrs. Don Heron
12. Wallace Baltrusch
15. Hans T. Bollingberg
16. Perry Anderson
23. Carol Anderson

Williams County
4. Mrs. Mabel B. Amsbaugh
5. Les Panger
8. Al J. Vohs
10. Mr. and Mrs. John Osterlund
11. Mr. and Mrs. Thelmer Iverson
14. Mrs. Gertrude Holloway
16. H. Morris Borstad
17. Doretta and Mrs. Leonora E. Barden
18. F. T. "Fritz" Martin

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