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Manuscripts by Subject - Education

10095 American Association of University Women. Bismarck, ND Chapter
Records, 1944
Bismarck, ND
Questionnaires and correspondence concerning a survey of artists in North Dakota. (.25 ft)

10209 Warren A. Henke
Papers, 1943-2008
Correspondence, war ration books, Henke’s Doctoral dissertation, research, material from history classes at Bismarck Junior College (BJC), BJC faculty material and issues, political ephemera, speeches, post cards, publications, newspaper clippings, legislation, menus and place mats from restaurants, and a variety of posters. (4ft)

10228 Leonard O. Orvedal
Papers, 1904-1977
Pierce Co., ND
Minutes of circuit meetings and Lutheran mission records in Rawson and Hartland, ND, church census records, plans and specifications for rural schools, record of the Rugby Chapter of the American Red Cross, class notes, printed material, and records of the Teacher’s Protective and Benefit Association. (1ft)

10230 Wesley Wilson
Papers, 1957-1964
Grade books, student history papers, newspaper clippings, and examinations. Wilson was a history professor at Bismarck Junior College. (2ft)

10234 Still Community Parents-Teachers Association
Records, 1926-1932
Still, ND
Minutes, treasurer's reports, receipts, notes, and constitution and by-laws. (.25ft)

10282 North Dakota Congress of Parents’ and Teachers’ Associations
Records, 1949-1981
Minutes, correspondence, subject files, resolutions, reports, membership lists, constitutions, scrapbooks, audits, bulletins, photographs, convention materials, and printed materials. Records relate primarily to administration, scholarships, educational issues, school legislation, and the state conventions. (7ft)

10290 North Dakota Education Association
Records, 1887-1982
Minutes, convention proceedings, subject files, chronological files, programs, financial records, miscellany, and publications. (5.25 ft./oversize)

10343 Prairie Public Television
Records, 1968
Production files for "North Dakota: The State of Education," including correspondence, notes, news releases, program schedules, and printed material. (.25ft)

10561 American Association of University Women. Bismarck-Mandan, ND Chapter
Records, 1930-1980
By-laws, minutes, correspondence, histories, reports, program booklets, newsletters, scrapbooks. (2ft)

10579 Stanley E. Huffman
Papers, 1930-1938
Minnewaukan, ND
Scrapbook, ephemera, invitations, a high school newsletter, programs, and publications. (.25ft)

10596 Audrey B. Bender
Papers, 1927
Notebook includes sketches and assignments of field and camp notes for a biology class at Valley City Normal School. (1v)

10598 Foreign Language Association of North Dakota
Records, 1961-1978, 1980-1991
Grand Forks, ND
Minutes, treasurer’s reports, association correspondence, tapes, and disks (.5ft/1r)

10660 Bismarck High School
Records, ca. 1900-1994
Bismarck, ND
Publications include Capatalia, The Pep, The Bismarck Pep, The Bismarck High Herald, The Bismarck Herald, The Bismarck Hi-Herald. (6r/#12742-12747)

10665 Eileen (Birrenkott) Ehreth
Papers, ca. 1938
Flasher, ND
High school notes, additional course work completed by correspondence, promotional career brochures, career scrapbook, and posters. (.5ft/oversize)

10713 Hidatsa New Town Public School District Curriculum
Records, 1990s
Compilation of materials used in teaching the Hidatsa language. (.5ft)

10725 Delta Kappa Gamma Society. Alpha Omicron State
Records, 1940-1992
Professional women’s educational organization records containing materials from local chapters as well as state historian’s reports, description of activities at the annual conventions, charter, scroll of founders, the constitution, bylaws, scrapbooks, and memorabilia. (3ft)

10733 Leonard B. and Fay C. Cox
Papers, 1943-1961
Correspondence, performance rating sheets, personnel and salary forms, photographs, and certificates of appreciation to Mrs. Cox from the Selective Service. Inspection standardization forms, correspondence, election materials, awards and certificates associated with Mr. Cox as county Oliver County Superintendent of Schools. (.25ft)

10734 Mary E. Hetherington
Papers, 1925-1927, 1972
Scrapbook, yearbook, programs and publications all relating to the University of North Dakota. (11 items)

10741 Lillian G. Pavlicek
Papers, 1928
Correspondence lessons from the American University of Commerce Education. (.25ft)

10756 Eugene A. Burdick
Papers, 1902-1957
Class notes taken by Judge Burdick while in law school at the University of Minnesota, a typescript, certificates from organizations and associations, and two family photographs. (1.25ft/oversize)

10761 Jack Moreland
Papers, 1965-1966
Diaries describing Moreland's visit to Honduras as a volunteer with the Amigos de las Americans project dispensing medicines and teaching English using the Laubach literacy method. (.25ft)

10772 Anna C. Muri
Papers, 1927
School records documenting course work in General Science, English, Geography, Civics, a book report, and a report card for her Eighth Grade Studies. (.25ft)

10773 Elsie J. Cook
Papers, 1888-1915
Letters on a variety of topics from General Beadle to McFarland, letters from W. H. H. Beadle to a Miss Cora Rawlins, and numerous letters from others, Mc Farland’s speech notes, speeches, radio addresses, newspaper clippings, and publications. (.25ft)

10806 Retired County Superintendents of Schools
Records, 1965-1999
Minutes, membership lists, and scrapbooks. (.75ft)

10812 Elvira Rogstad
Papers, 1885-1996
Telfer, ND
Photographs of student activities and reunions, newspaper clippings, graduation programs, and correspondence regarding the Young Citizens League, the Bicentennial of the U.S., spelling bees, and the closure of the school in 1995. Rogstad was business manager for the Telfer School District. (2v)

10813 Bismarck-Mandan Retired Teachers Association
Records, 1964-2005
Scrapbooks, certificates, plaque, constitution and by-laws, newsletters, correspondence, minutes, legislation, resolutions, membership lists, and publications. (5ft)

10816 Cathy Kurihara
Papers, 1995-1998
Bismarck, ND
Research  papers relating to proposed expansion of the Hughes Field and Hughes Junior High School,  including correspondence, newspaper clippings, and beta video cassettes. (.5ft)

10818 Bismarck High School
Records, 1924-1939
Album of autographed photos of the 1939 graduates, a photo of Bismarck High School, and two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings dating from 1924-1928 relating to  BHS events. (2ft)

10828 Linda (Paulson) Norderhaug
Papers, 1949-1989
Programs, manuals, song, and printed material from Norderhaug's attendance at Girls State (1972-1974), and schoolwork and valentines from her grade school years in Bowman (ND).  The school papers of Joyce Jalbert (Fossum), New England (ND), are also included in the collection.  Information about Mrs. North Dakota and North Dakota Mother of the Year was added to the collection in 2006. (.5ft)

10876 Rosina Belle Pinkham (Mrs. Joseph Bambusch)
Papers, 1912-1919, 1923
Class notes, course of study, handbook for teachers, lesson guides, pupils workbook on the geography of North Dakota, and tests used by Pinkham teaching in Hettinger, ND. (.25ft)

10885 North Dakota Vocational Education Association
Records, 1963-1994
Correspondence, minutes of the Association’s meetings, conference programs, financial records, and membership information. (3ft)

10915 Fred A. Mason
Papers, 1906-1920 
Address book, correspondence, homestead applications, school district records for Estes School District, financial records, teacher's report of attendance, and plans and specifications for the school. (1ft)

10916 Wachter Grade School
Records, 1957-1963, 1966-1967
Bismarck, ND
Scrapbooks including records of the school activities and events, by-laws, membership lists, photographs, news paper clippings, and memorabilia relating to an all school reunion created by members of the Publicity Committee and the Parent Teachers’ Association. (6v)

10929 Alma Munkeby
Papers, 1907-1937
Student diary, journal, autograph books, school papers, teaching aids, class records,  financial records, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, photographs, wedding memorabilia, and ephemera of Alma Munkeby who taught  school. Correspondence relates to Alma Munkeby’s teaching career and her grade school years. Ms. Munkeby taught at Valley City (ND) State Normal School and kept a diary about her experiences with Spanish Influenza, World War I, and college social life. Scrapbooks and photographs cover life from elementary school into her married years. (6ft)

10933 Edith Lucile Ryder
Papers, 1920s-1930s
High school papers and notebooks, educational items used in teaching at Badger School, LaMoure County, ND,  printed materials, and examples of sewing cards. (1.5ft)

10991 Harold and Adeline Kepler
Papers, 1960-1980
Bismarck, ND
Harold Keppler's files, memorabilia, and photographs relating to his years as music teacher and band director at Hughes Junior High School and Century High School, his retirement, and bands Kepler conducted or belonged to. See also MS-20822. (1ft)

11003 Kathleen Frances Cowan
Papers, 1930
Ramsey Co., ND
Scrapbook contains autographs of classmates and teachers, newspaper clippings and photographs from Kathleen Frances Cowan's graduating class of 1930 from Devils Lake High School for which she was class valedictorian. Scrapbook also contains photographs and Cowan's observations of the North Dakota Deaf School graduation ceremony for the class of 1930. (.25ft)

11008 Buchanan Parent Teachers' Association
Records, 1918-1956
Minutes, correspondence, and historian's record book of the Parent Teachers' Association of the Buchanan, ND school district. (.25ft)

11014 Kirk Smith
Papers, 1947-1957
College notebooks from North Dakota Agricultural College and University of North Dakota Law School. (1.25ft)

11098 Edwin C. Heinecke
Correspondence, class record books, publications, schoolwork, report cards, and photographs relating to Heinecke's time teaching grade school in ND. Images are of students, Heinecke, schools, the blizzard of 1966, and other scenes. Includes a sixth grade history book with answers filled in. Heinecke taught in ND from the late 1950s to the late 1960s in Glen Ullin (Hertz School), Beulah (Green Vale School), Sweet Briar, Huff (Ambulance Butte School) and Lark, (Carl School) among other schools. (.5ft)

11132 Neighbors Network Program (Bismarck, ND)   
Records, 1983-2012
Minutes, agenda, membership records, correspondence, mailings, mission statement, policies, contracts, agreements, printed materials, news clippings, annual reports, material from events and activities, and photographs of the Network which was formed to provide early identification, prevention, and support services to Bismarck families that needed assistance. The Network program was administered by the Bismarck Public School System and affiliated with the United Way. The group formed in 1983 and disbanded in 2012. (1ft)

11184 Leona V. Smith
Scrapbook of news clippings, printed materials, letters of recommendation, ephemera and correspondence relating to Smith's experiences teaching elocution, as an orator and director of plays. She was also vice president of the secondary education division of North Dakota. (.25ft)

11191 Reynolds (ND) PTA
Scrapbook includes by-laws, membership information, and newspaper clippings and photographs that document the Parent Teacher Association. (1ft)

11291 Hanson Mechanical Trade School (Fargo, N.D.)
Consists of transcript records of students at the Hanson Mechanical Trade School (Fargo, N.D.). The transcripts document student names and courses offered by the school, as well as grades, student information and several student photographs. The transcripts are 4x6 cards which are housed in filing boxes within the archival boxes. (9 feet)

11320 Janet M. Smaltz
Consists of correspondence, articles and manuscripts by Smaltz about special education development and policy in North Dakota, reminiscences about directing the Easter Seals mobile speech and hearing clinic, a humorous scrapbook created for colleagues at the Department of Public Instruction upon her retirement, a scrapbook of thank you notes from colleagues or those who were served by Smaltz, news clippings and printed articles about Smaltz, newsletters and other printed material, photographs, negatives and slides. (.5ft.)

11321 United Tribes Technical College Office of Public Information
Photographs, news clippings, memorabilia and printed material documenting the Fort Yates Warriors basketball team, including a forty-year reunion event and David Gipp (256 digital files).

11329 Feryle Borgeson
Consists of a scrapbook of news clippings, correspondence, photographs and printed material documenting the 1966 teachers strike in Finley (N.D.). Sixteen teachers, including Borgeson (President of the Finley Education Association) resigned upon the termination of Superintendent John Laughlin. The North Dakota Education Association imposed statewide sanctions on the Finley School board, who refused to reverse their decision. Laughlin's contract was renewed and the sanctions were lifted (1 ft.).

11332 Darlene (Spitzer) Bloom
Papers of Darlene (Spitzer) Bloom from when she attended two country schools in Burleigh County (N.D.) in the 1930s-1940s, including workbooks, and report cards. Schools include Ecklund School No. 7 and Glenview Summer School (1 ft.).

11340 School of Practical Nursing, St. Joseph's Hospital (Dickinson, N.D.)
Photographs, programs, newspaper clippings, a scrapbook from the 1970 reunion, a scrapbook documenting the history of the Sodality at the School of Practical Nursing, St. Joseph's Hospital (Dickinson, N.D.). (2ft)

20051 Frank A. Wardwell
Papers, n.d.
Reminiscences entitled, "The First Common School in What is Now the State of North Dakota," describing experiences homesteading and teaching in the first school in Glyndon, MN and Pembina, ND. (1 item)

20066 William H. Edmunds
Papers, ca. 1880
Reminiscences concerning Edmunds' education in Drayton, ND, in the 1880s. (1 item)

20178 Alonzo Barnard
Papers, December 25, 1889
Copy of a letter from Barnard to J. P. Schell a missionary from Bathgate, ND, asking Schell to lend one of his books to the Smithsonian Institution. (1 item)

20224 C. Ross Bloomquist
Papers, 1914-1921
Reminiscences of Bloomquist’s elementary school education in Foster County, ND, photocopies of newspapers and other publications associated with Carrington, ND and Foster County, ND (4 items)

20297 Bismarck High School Alumni
Records, 1924.
Bismarck, ND
List of all graduates from 1887 to 1924. (1 item)

20330 University of North Dakota
Papers, 1895-1959
Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, commencement programs, and copies of the Alumni Review. (1 item)

20337 North Dakota Council of School Administrators
Records, 1980-1982
Minutes, salary surveys, and teacher dismissal guidelines. (3 items)

20408 George Alphunsus Brennan
 Papers, 1894
High school physics notebook, 3 photographs, and a copy of the Bathgate Public School, Vol. 1, No. 1. (5 items)

20441 Maud Bailey
Papers, 1902.
Bismarck, ND
Chemistry notebook detailing introductory chemistry experiments at Bismarck High School. (1 item)

20443 Theresa Murphy
Papers, 1939
Typescript entitled "Washington Parent-Teacher Association, Minot."  (1 item)

20468 Theodore Gilbertson
Papers, n.d.
Typescript entitled, “A Brief History of Bruflat Academy and Business Institute, Portland, ND.” (1 item)

20496 Bowbells High School
Records, 1913-1923
Bowbells, ND
List of graduates (1 item)

20505 Burton, Helen
Papers, 1905-1909
Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings, photographs, and notes relating to Burton's high school class. (1 item)

20526 Hannah Isabel Veitch
Papers, 1924-1929
Scrapbook of programs and photographs relating to Veitch's activities and classmates at Williston High School. (1v)

20545 Isaiah Harmeson
Papers, 1842-1845
Student notebook of religious instructions and mathematical exercises. (1 item)

20597 Bismarck High School
Records, ca. 1937
Bismarck, ND
Radio scripts are dramatic radio reenact­ments of significant events in North Dakota history, including the 1889 Constitutional Convention, fur trade, Lewis and Clark Expedition, Sully Expedition, Battle of the Little Big Horn, Marquis de Mores, Theodore Roosevelt, discovery of gold and ranching, Custer's expedition to the Black Hills, and steamboat­ing on the Missouri River. The reenact­ments were produced by students and broadcast over KFYR Radio Bismarck, ND. (13 items)

20600 Alice S. Brolin
Papers, 1974
Scrapbook contains news­paper clippings relating to a book burning at Drake, North Dakota, by the local school board. Collection includes a copy of Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (2 items)

20645 Ole J. Lokken
 Papers, 1897
List of housekeeping rules adopted by a group of students at Willmar Seminary, Fargo, ND. (1 item)

20660 Pauline Sadler
Papers, 1970
Speech delivered at a meeting of the Epsilon Sigma Omicron on the value of reading. (1 item)

20708 P. H. Kermott
Papers, 1900
Letters relating to the mismanagement of the Indian school at Fort Totten. (5 items)

20746 Pi Sigma Alpha. Grand Forks, ND
Papers, 1989
Three typescripts submitted as entries to a contest to explore current problems in North Dakota. They are entitled, “Crisis in Higher education,” by Amy Beyer; “Nuclear Weapons in North Dakota--Facing the World Politics,” by Britta van Erckelens; and “The Economic Condition of North Dakota,” by Kami Rath. Pi Sigma Alpha is an academic honor society affiliated with the Political Science Department at the University of North Dakota. (3 items)

20748 Fargo College
Records, 1910, 1916-1922
Commencement programs, invitations, and graduation day instructions. (27 items)

20803 John Ohnstad
Papers, 1904-1932
Trysil, ND
Includes a birth announcement, report card, teacher’s card, poet Olaf Strandvold’s souvenir booklet, a Christmas postcard, and two school photographs at John Ohnstad’s home entitled, “Norwegian school.” (5 items)

20835 J. B. Bridston
Papers, 1948
State senator's description of the importance of the four mill levy plan in a mimeographed letter to UND alumni. (1 item)

20876 Louise M. Kruger
Papers, 1908-1912
Teacher’s record book and contracts, photos of Ashley, ND, and Oakes, ND, photo and partial biography of Kruger. (17 items)

20902 Haile Chisholm
Papers, 1941
Typewritten autobiography of Haile Chisholm, blacksmith and metal instructor at North Dakota Agricultural College, Fargo, ND. (1 item)

20922 Clifford Bender
Papers, 1957
Grand Forks, ND
Student loan receipt, University of North Dakota (2 items)

20966 Selma (Kalland) Evju
Papers, 1929-1930, 1958
High school autograph book signed by classmates at Turtle Lake High School, letter, and postcard. (.05ft)

21025 Minot State University - Bottineau Centennial
Records, 2006
Slide show, cd of centennial highlights, and a publication titled "Rooted in the past - growing towards the future." (.05ft)

21030 Madalyne Quamme Johnson
Papers, 2004
Copy of a report written by Madalyne Quamme Johnson entitled, "The History and Progress of the Vocational Training Center and the Evaluation and Training Center," Fargo, ND. (.05ft)

21053 Philippine Baumgartner Berglund
Papers, 1935, 1951 & 1964
Commencement programs (1935 & 1951), correspondence (1964) and memorabilia from Valley City State College (Valley City, ND) and the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND). (.05ft)

21073 Patricia Paulson
Papers, ca. 1951-1999
A short story written for Paulson by Lloyd Omdahl (1951), a letter and an email from Omdahl (1987 and 1999), a note and Christmas greeting photograph from Al Austin (1994), a portrait of Omdahl (ca 1951), and two photographs of Omdahl and Richard Enger, a Journalism student at UND (ca 1951). Paulson was a classmate of Lloyd Omdahl at the University of North Dakota (UND) beginning in 1951, and both were on the staff of the Dakota Student. Later, Paulson worked as an assistant to Al Austin, Chair of the UND Department of Journalism. Omdahl was Tax Commissioner of North Dakota from 1963-1966, served as the 34th Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota from 1987-1992, and was professor emeritus in Political Science at UND. (.05ft)

21080 Paul L. and Margaret Lenora (Johnson) Scurlock
Papers, 1918-1968
Ccertificates, diplomas, programs, invitations, a teacher's oath, contract, newspaper clippings, a photograph, a marriage booklet, baptismal certificate, and seed grain contract of Paul's father. Margaret and Paul both attended public school in Ward County. Margaret graduated from Douglas High School, the North Dakota State Teachers College in Minot, then from Minot State University, and worked as a teacher throughout her lifetime. (.1ft.)

21102 Pen Pal Letter, Harding Township School, Webster ND
Consists of a hand-painted Christmas card to a student at the Harding Township School in Webster. The author of the card is from Namur, Belgium. Information about the school by the donor is located in the collection with the card. (2 items)

21177 Rosebud Country School Museum (Fullerton, ND)
Prints of photographs of the interior and exterior of the schoolhouse (museum), a history of the school, a copy of an informational handout given to all visitors as part of their tour, news article about the museum project, a script for a theatrical program (reenactment) performed at the museum during their 2005 open house, and two reminiscences by Lucille Pazandak, who attended the school (.1ft)

21219 Hulda Jensine "Jane" (Nelson) Sagehorn
Includes commencement programs from Kenmare High School, 1912, 1913, and 1917; a souvenir program from Lewis District NO. 45 School, Renville County (ND), 1904-1905, with a portrait of a young woman, probably Grayce Mumford, the teacher; an Armistice Day program, Stanton (ND), 1920 and a newspaper clipping about a bridge party at the home of Eldor G. and Hulda Sagehorn. Hulda J. Nelson was born January 21, 1898 to Jens "John" and Helena Marie Augusta (Mielke) Nelson in Maine Prairie, Stearns County (MN). Eldor George Sagehorn was born July 29, 1898 in North Dakota. Hulda and Eldor were married in Norma (ND) on September 6, 1922. Eldor passed away January 23, 1991, in Los Angeles (CA) and Hulda died August 1, 1993 in Long Beach (CA) (0.05 ft).

21223 Milnor High School Memory Books
ca. 1923-1928
Two handmade booklets created by students for teacher Eugene T. Halaas. The first booklet has "Junior Senior Banquet, Class of '23" handwritten on the front cover page and contains a calling card, postcards of the 1928 Milnor High School Boys' basketball team, 1927 football team, 1927 girls basketball team, four pages of "names/happy thoughts" from students, a menu and a program. The second booklet was created by the Junior Class and Mr. Halaas, dedicated to the class of 1927. It contains two pages of "name/ambition or happy thought," a menu and program of toasts, and two photos of students. The photos and the postcards in the collection have been digitized (0.05 ft.). 

21227 Ruby Swanson (Reiner)
Teacher's contracts from Ms. Swanson's employment at the Mineral Springs School District, Cedar Creek School District and Hume School District 24 (Slope County); Reeder Special School District and Haynes Special School District (Adams County); and the Columbus Special School District (Burke County), a letter of commendation for her work in Reeder, and two second grade elementary certificates. The contracts list pay and duties (.05 ft.).

21251 Glen W. Gray
Consists of four yearbooks from Lincoln High School in Mott (N.D.).  The yearbooks were titled the Cardinal and contain photographs and lists of faculty and students. (4 items)

21273 Loys Seitz
Consists of a certificate of completion of Grammar Study from the Mandan Public Schools and admission into Mandan High School, 1914. Oversize in map case drawer (1 item)

21263 Ransom School No. 2 School Souvenir
One school souvenir pamphlet from Ransom School No. 2 in Rutland (N.D.) containing information about staff and students from the 1918-1919 school year. (1 item)

21277 Lisbon (N.D.) High School Commencement Program         
Consists of a program for the May 31, 1895 commencement of Lisbon High School, Lisbon (N.D.) (1 item).

21285 Williston High School (Williston, N.D.)
Consists of the commencement program for the 1934 Williston High School graduation (1 item).

21324 Gladys White and Clyde Land
Gladys White (1917) and Clyde Land's (1920) 8th grade certificates of completion from the Foster County Public Schools. The collection is located in a map case drawer (3ft.)

21331 Napoleon High School Class of 1944 (Napoleon, N.D.)
Consists of a composite portrait of 1944 graduates of Napoleon High School, news clippings about the 50 year reunion, old high school building, names, addresses and biographical sketches of graduates, and the newsletter "NHS Hi-Life." Several artifacts, including a class ring, were offered to the Museum Division of the SHSND in August 2016 (.05 ft.).

21342 Clara R. Helm
Consists of Clara R. Helm's teaching certificates, a letter of recommendation from the Wildrose Special School District, grades from the State Normal School in Minot (N.D.) and a printed published photo of the Minot Normal School (.05 ft.)

21345 Adeline Kraft
Consists of correspondence between Kraft and her granddaughter Kristen Kettleson about her life and nursing career, photographs of Kraft in her nursing uniform, a news article about the centennial of the St. Alexius School of Nursing, Kraft's diploma and pin from the nursing school.  Digital only (15 scans).

21346 Doris (Arnston) Hyslop
Consists of a scrapbook of ephemera and printed material collected by Doris Arnston while a high school student at the Benson County Agricultural and Training School, including athletic programs, issues of the school newsletter, information about the students, play programs, and items collected while traveling or at social events. Doris lived in Maddock (N.D.) until she moved to Washington state during World War II (.05ft).

21357 "Twin Lake Consolidated School: 1918-1942"
ca. 2009
Consists of a paper that traces the evolution of the Twin Lake Consolidated School located in Athens Township, Williams County (N.D.), written by Kevin Matze while a student at Minot State College (.05 ft.).

80031 Annie M. Bickle
Papers, September 26, 1884
A Pennsylvania teacher's certificate.  (1 item)

80035 Cora C. Turner
Papers, 1877-1949
Teaching certificates, contracts, letters, and photographs. (17 items/oversize)

80055 Barnes County, ND Public Schools
Diplomas, 1908; 1912. (2 items)

80086 George T. Webb
Papers, 1871-1911
Two land patents, a diploma from Eastern National Business School, and an appointment to the Commission for Unifying and Systemizing the Educational System of North Dakota. (4 items)


1561 Emerado School Oral Interviews
30 min
Interview with Clifford Veitch, 1979. (91-AV-8)

1562 Emerado School Oral Interviews
30 min
Interview with Mrs. Seaver Gilbertson, 1979. (91-AV-8)

1563 Emerado School Oral Interviews
30 min
Interview with Mrs. Ada Stiles, 1979. (91-AV-8)

1564 Emerado School Oral Interviews
30 min
Interview with Mr. Curtis Hagert, 1979. (91-AV-8)

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