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Publications - Index for "Collections of the State Historic Society"


Note: Collections of the State Historical Society of North Dakota was a publication of the Society from 1906 to 1924. It preceded North Dakota Historical Quarterly, now North Dakota History.


A. Majors, Missouri River steamboat, I:287
Aabaken, Ole, VII:169
Aaberg academy, N.Dak., VII:219
Aaberg, Rev. O. H., VII:168n., 219, 229n., 238, 241
Aafedt, Peder, VII:170
Aagar, Fred, VII:127, 128
Aagard, Louis, sketch of, I:356
Aaker, Nelson, V:34n., 65n., 74; H. H., VII:180; Lars, Minn. senator, VII:137
Aal, Hallingdal, Norway, VII:149; congregation, 213, 230, 277
Aarnes, Martin, VII:169
Aas, Rev. Elias, VII:184n.
Aatte, U.S. marshal, IV:59
Abbott, Caroline, II.2:46, 72; Charles, IV:352; Frank L., II.1:233; George W., IV:365; Mamie G., IV:365; Richard, IV:358
Abell, E. R., II.2:97; expedition to Georgetown from Fort Abercrombie, II.2:27-28
Abeona, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:335, 372, 375
Abercrombie Herald, III:163; editorial from, III:176; news in, 1888, III:177
Abercrombie, Lt. Col. John J., I:413; II.2:7, 89
Abercrombie, N.Dak., III:95, 100; founding of, 162; fur trapping in, 164; growth of population, 162; historical park in, 164, population, in 1897, 163
Abercrombie State Park, history of, I:411-412
Abercrombie Township, history of, III:158-177; organization of, 162; map of, 162; first white child born in, 173; villages and churches in, 164
Aberdeen, S.Dak., V:269; convention for separation of Dakota Territory, III:120
Abernathy, George, missionary steward, IV:208n. 6
Abrahamsen, A., VII:173, 174
Abramson, Chris, IV:428; Gunda, IV:428; Guseld, IV:428
Account of Transactions at Fort William by Lt. Fauche, III:425
Ackerman, Charles, III:233
Acoma, Minn., VII:114
Actly, W. W., IV:427
Acton, D.T., V:53n. 2; settlement of, II.1:164
Acton, Minn., VII:108, 111, 116, 120
Ada, Minn., VII:237, 238, 267
Adams, Ben, Gen. C. P., I:418; II.1:348; J. Q., Chicago, 173; Joseph, 101; Lt. Col. Charles Powell, 89; at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:33; W. P., II.2:177; Arthur, IV:356; Rev. Charles Ryan, 135; George, 351, 360; Henry, 392; I. C., 109; James, 353; John, 392; John, Jr., 392; Pres. John Quincy, 204; Mary, 392; Patrick, 353; Rev. Robert L., 174; Rev. Robert N., 115, 170, 171, 172, 175, 176; Susie, 392; Thomas, 208n. 6; William, 347; Jack, VII:115; Mrs. Jack, captured by Indians, 115
Adams County, V:237, 238
Adams, N.Dak., IV:73
“Address of Welcome at the Annual Meeting of the State Historical Society,” II.1:69-71
Adner, John K., II.1:416
Adrianson, Rev. J. F., VII:228
Ageson, Hans, IV:435; Johanna, 435
Agnes, N.Dak., VII:168, 169, 170
Agnes, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:328, 335, 358, 359, 373
Agreement, Russian American Fur Co. and Hudson's Bay Co., IV:853
Agricultural industry, in the Red River Valley, III:529-672
Ahelfeldt, Count von, Germany, III:327
Ahern, P., IV:133
Aherns, John, IV:405; Richard, IV:405
Aitcheson, Peter, IV:144
Aitken, William A., trader, II.1:473n.1
Aitkin, Minn., V:84n. 105
Aitkin, William A., IV:271, 720, 735, 752, 783
Akers, Rev. Peter L., II.1:472n. 1
Akra Township, Icelandic settlements in, I:102, 103; map locating Icelandic landholders in, 110; organized, 109; votes on adoption of state constitution, governor and president,1892-1904, and prohibition, 125
Alaska, VII:226, 236, 259, 260
Albany district, IV:665, 808, 820, 823, 838
Albany Factory, IV:709, 808, 823, 838
Albert Lea, Minn., VII:271
Alberta, Canada, VII:219, 255, 295n.
Alberts, A. E., IV:401; C. E., 401; Dora, 401; Fred. 401; G. M., 401; George, 401; H., 401; H. E., 401; Henry, 401; J., 401; J. H., 398; J. M., 401; John, 401; L. M., 401; Mary, 401; N. E., 401; W. M., 401
Albrecht, Fritz, IV:409; Henry, 409; Mina, 409
Albright, S. J., II.1:142; Fred, IV:356; George, 354
Alcott, _____, U.S. deputy paymaster, II.2:90
Alden, Thomas, 2nd Lt., Northern Rangers, II.2:18, 95
Aldren, Amanda, IV:380; Andrew, 381; Annie, 380, 381; David, 380; Debbie, 380; G., 380; John, 380; Stone, 381; Yurling, 380
Alexander, Mack, IV:81
Alexander, N.Dak., IV:51, 55, 56
Alexandria, Minn, II.2:7, 30, 125, 126, 133, III:243; woods in, II.1:179-185; IV:67; VII:69, 70, 137, 138, 151-162, 216, 280
Alexandria post, IV:659-834
Alfred County, V:203, 204, 207, 227, 230, 236
Alfson, Herbjorn, VII:164n.; John, 164n.
Algonquin, proposed name for Dakota Territory, III:111
Alice, steamboat, II.2:155
Alicetown Township, Swedes in, III:277
Allan (Allen), John, III:495; George F. (T), IV:690-833; George, IV:818; John, IV:567, 584, 602, 607; John, deposition of, IV:550-608; Dr. John, IV:634, 635, 637; Dr. John, deposition of, IV:636
Allard, Celia, III:231; ____, 5 IV:31
Alleghany Mountains, V:101
Allen, Rev. T. F., Grand Forks, II.1:177; W. W., Moorhead, Minn., 172n.; James, III:230; Martin, Jr., 232; Thomas, 233;____, IV:564; Alex., 403; Charles, 218; Charles H., 350; Dr., 572, 592, 608; Frank, 432; George, 403; Henry H., 351; James, 353; John, 467
Allin, Roger, delegate to Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:127n.; Mrs. Roger, IV:126
Allouez, Father Claude, I:201
Allred county, D.T., IV:41, 95; census summary of, 1885; IV:338; names of all residents in, IV:339
Allwendinger, Charles, III: 230
Alman, John, postmaster at Sweden, N. Dak, II.1:168
Almira, N.Dak., IV:51
Almquist, Magnus, III:271
Alone, Missouri River steamboat, I:342; II.2:143
Alpha, Red River steamboat, III:174, 561; VII:77, 95
Altar Society, IV:71
Amanda, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:329, 340
Amaranth, steamboat on. the Missouri River, II.1:335, 372, 374, 378
Amboy, Ohio, VII:61, 119
Ambuscade of the Gold Miners, VII:48-53
Amelia Poe, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 350, 352, 353; wreck of, II.1:362, 366, 372, 374, 378
Amelin, Jacques, deposition of, IV:614
America, conditions in, as described by a Norwegian, II.1:198-200
American Bankers Asso., Chicago, V:166
American Board of Foreign Missions, School of, III:513
American Express Co., V:45
American Fur Co., I:341-380; I:423, 426, 428; II.1:123, 457, 473n. 4, III:549; IV:254-257, 300, 720-816; VII:81; at Fort Union, II.2:61
American International Boundary Commission, members of, IV:218-219
American Museum of Natural History, list of archaeological specimens in, from North Dakota, I:80
Americus, N.Dak., VII:159, 163, 164
Amerika, VII:239
Ames, George, V:32n. 18
Amiotte, Joseph, pilot on the Cheyenne, VII:95
Amish Mennonites, III:330
Amundson, Marie, III:172
Ana-wau-ma-ni (Trotting-Along-Over-Something), Dakota warrior, V:252
Andeer, Rev., C. W., Sheyenne, III:255
Anderbakken, Halvor, VII:267
Andersen, Kirstine, I:156,180; Marie, 155; Mrs. Maren Katrine, 156,177; Nicolai, 177; Peter, 158, fn 1
Anderson, ___, Norwegian settler at Sibley Crossing, I:140; Jack, 340; Daniel, II.1:249; W. J., II.1:165; A., III:277; Andrew A., 281; August, 257; C., 276; Carl, 278; Charles, 258; Dep. Adj. Gen. P., 430; Edward, 274; E. A., 268; Frank O., 260; Gus, 252, 258; Gustaf, 258, 279; Henning, 260; John, 257, 258, 281; Louis, 276; Ludvig, 273; L. E., 162, sketch of, 175-176; Mrs. Gustave, 253; Oliver, 203; Oscar, 261; P., letter from, III:430; Rev., Bismarck, 128; Thomas G., 392; Adolph, IV:365, 405; Alexander, 690-819; Alexander C., 786, 801, 818, 834; Alice, 426; Annie, 426; Anton, 428; August, 428; Austin, 426; Capt. S., chief of British Boundary Commissioners, 193, 194; Chris, 428; Fannie, 428; Gus, 428; Gustave, 346; Hans, 428; Henry, 426; Hilda, 428; Johanna: 365; John, 283; John, 365, 374; Lars, 365; Laura, 365; Louisa, 365; Mollie, 365; Rt. Rev. David, 305; Samuel, 364; Thomas; 759; Torvel, 365; Eric, V:53, 53n.; James, V:38n.; A. A., VII:183n.; B. C., 149; Bernt C., 150n., 153; Capt., 98, 100; Carl, 177n.; Jens, 149; Johannes, 251n.; John, 191n., 281; Joseph, 92; Margaret, 183n.; Marius, 163, 164n.; Oscar, 191n.; Paul, 205; Peder, 255; Rev. A., 238; Rev. Bersvend, 218, 227, 227n, 267; pioneer experiences of, 253-255; Rev. O. K., 230; William, 130
Andover Theological Seminary, III:93
Andre, Father, I:220, 221
Andrew Ackley, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:356, 364
Andrews, C. W., article by, III:97-100; Effie, IV:408; George, 374; Haskell, 408; Joseph, 374; Millie, 374; Phoebe, 374; Rev. Samuel, 142, 147; Sarah, 374
Andrewson, Ole, VII:199, 200; Paul, 200; Rev. Ole, 205
Andries, George Peter, IV:621, 624, 625, 626; deposition of, 620
Aneta, N.Dak., VII:255, 270, 276
Animals, observed by Alexander Henry, Jr., III:360-364
Ankerberg, Daniel, IV:380; Frank, IV:380; Hulda, IV:380; Petrus, IV:380
Annance (Annam), F. N., IV:690, 692, 706
Annetts, Edith, IV:421; Lou, IV:421; W. H., IV:421
Anson Northrop, Red River steamboat, I:364
Antelope Creek, D.T., V:77
Antelope, hunting of, II.1:148, 321
Antelope, Missouri River steamboat, II.1::335, 354, 355, 372, 378; VII:27
Anti-Missourian Brotherhood, VII:204, 207, 212, 221, 228, 231
Antiquities, methods of collecting, I:78; preservation of, I:74
Apgar, John, IV:351
Apke, John, III:231
Apple Creek, N.Dak., VII:129
Apple River, D. T, II.2:144; VII:56
Appleby, John P., inventor of twin binder, III:594
Applequist, J. P. H., III:258
Arapahoe Indians, VII:310
Archambault, Louis, I:356; Frenchman on Missouri River, VII:127
Archambault's ranch, V:80
Archambeault, Julia, III:231
Archeological sites in the Dakotas, I:74-89; modern methods of, I:74-89
Archright, W., IV:357
Arctic Expedition, II.1:134
Arett, W., IV:44
Argabrite, Mary, IV:98
Argonaut, No.2, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:359
Arikara Indians, I:363, 365; VII:32; and the Indian Wars of 1876, VI:3-209; village at Fort Rice State Park, VI:219 description of village, II.1:506, II.1:506; VII:88
“Arikara Narrative of the Campaign Against the Hostile Dakotas June, 1876, The," VI:3-209
Arividson, C. F., III:258
Arkansas territory, V:170
Arlington Park Hotel, Grand Forks, V:36; VII:175
Armsby, Chaplain Lauren, II.1:opp. 148
Armstrong, Elizabeth, III:226; Lola, 226; Moses K., 112; Oriel, 226; Anna, IV:438; Charles, 44, 59; E., 438; H. C., 218; Millie, 438; R., 445; Thomas, 357; Moses K. VII:167; meeting of scouts, VI:9
Arnegard, N.Dak., IV:51
Arnesen, A., VII:156
Arneson, E., VII:175; Hans, 271; Torsten, 150
Arnold, Frank, II.1:439n.; H. V., article by, I:72-74; John P., II.1: 343, 345, 355, 359, 367, 370, 370n.; Ben, VII:128
Arp, Ben, IV:46
Arrow, Devils Lake steamboat, VII:301
Arrow- Feathered -by-Crow-Feather. See Coleman, James
Arrstad, Christian, I:336
Arsenault, Elodie, III:231
Articles of Incorporation, State Historical Society, I:11
Ash Creek, D.T., V:60
Ashburton, Lord, British treaty commissioner, IV:211
Ashby, James, IV:407
Ashe, W. A., IV:217
Asheim, Aesten, VII:267; Levin, 267; Peer, pioneer experiences of, 267-269
Ashland, Walter, IV:339
Ashley, W. W, II.1:417
Askelon, Ben C., II.1:166
Askin, David, III:392
Askins, J. P. John, III:369-437
Asmundsson, Einar, I:96
Asse, Renack, Ottawa Chief, III:392
Assiniboia, boundaries of, IV:243; governor of, II.1:129
Assiniboine Indians, II.2:61, 62; IV:499, 669; V:90, 91, 105; VII:86; met on Capt. Fisk’s expedition, 1862, II.2:58
Assiniboine River, II.1:118, 119, 128, 129, 131, 132; territory, II.1:80, 90
Astor, John Jacob, I:203; IV:202, 254, 591
Astoria, trading post, IV:202
Atchison, George, II.1:235; John H., II.1:233; first postmaster at Atchison, II.1:208; sketch of, II.1:235; II.1:opp. 242; John, II.1:202
Ates, William W, II.1:417
Athabasca district, II.1:90; IV:650-844
Athabasca fort, IV:727, 744, 760
Athabasca River, N.W. Co. post, III:358
Atherton, E. A., IV:444
Athon, Newton, IV:440
Atkins, Birdie, IV:416; C. J., 416; L. C., 416; Laura B., 416; May, 416; Price, 416; Ralph, 416; Robert, 416; Stonewall, 416; W. P., 416
Atkins, C. J., ed., log of Robert Campbell, Jr., II.1:267-284; log of Benton, 285-313; log of Ida Fulton, 330-341; log of Scarred Wolf (aka Bertha), 343-358; log of Bertha, 359-371; sketch of, 263-266; II.1:opp. 63, opp. 359; John Albro, 263
Atkinson, Capt. George, II.2:.102, 122; at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:30, 109; II.2:opp. 116; Gen. ____, I:343, 357, 380; James, VII:109
Aubert, Father, I:219
Auge, David, II.2:101
Auger, Anton, II.1:246, 249
Augsburg Seminary, Minn., VII:148, 206, 207, 244, 269, 277
Augustus, Esquimaux Indian, III:481, 482, 484
Auld, Gov., II.1:120,121; Blanche, IV:426; George, 426; Malvina, 426; Mary, 426; May E., 426; Stella, 426; Story E., 426; Gov. William, deposition of, 461
Auneau, Father, I:371
Aurdal, Norway, VII:169; congregation, 216, 277
Auren, Mrs. Theodore, III:265
Ausier, Alex, III:228; Alphonso, 227; Annie, 227; Antoine, 227, 228; Antonie, 221; Benjamin, 228; Bruno, 227; Cecilia, 227; Charles, 227, 288; Frances, 227; Henry, 227; Isabella, 228; Isadore, 228; Jane, 228; Jonas, 228; Joseph, 227, 228; Josephine, 228; Julia, 221; Margaret, 227; Mary, 227; Mary Ann, 227; Morris, 227; Noirboir, 228; Octavia, 228; Rosalie, 227; St. Peter, 227; Susan, 227, 228; Victoria, 227; William, 228
Austin, _____, Lt., 16th Regt., II.1:132; Andrew, II.1:183; II.2:20, 27, 104; Rev. Charles B., IV:176
Auxiliary Bible Society, established at York Factory, III:459
Averill, Lt. Col. T., Libby expedition, II.2:32, 119
Avery, Miles K., IV:414; Norman, 414
Avon, N.Dak., VII:159
Axdahl, Samuel J., II.1:246, 249
Axtell, Frank, II.1:202, 237, 247, 249
Ayers, Frederick, II.1:486; George, 1st Sgt., Citizens Company, II.2:93
Ayr, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:144


Babcock, Rev. Iva L., IV:208n. 6
Baber, Jesse B., and his wife, II.1:343
Babines, post, IV:659, 674, 690,707, 724, 739, 755, 773, 787, 801, 819, 834
Baby, Francois, IV:577
Bach, Christ, IV:357
Bach-dush-ke, basket, used in Mandan game, I:444, 445; opp. 445
Bachelors Grove, N.Dak., VII:168, 168n., 238, 241
Back, Capt., IV:712, 713; Sir George, IV:305
Backman, Ole, III:261
Bacon, George, IV:46, 47; George B., IV:360
Bad Axe River, III:506
Bad Gun (Rushing-After-the-Eagle), Mandan chief, sketch of, II.1:465-470; opp. 464; 498-508
Bad Island, Lake Traverse, V:254
Bad Night, Indian family of, IV:388
Bad River, D.T., V:78
Badey, James F., IV:421; John, 421; Laura, 421; M. J., 421; Nellie, 421; Sarah, 421; W. G., 421
Badlands Cowboy, VII:313, 320, advertisement in, opp.316
Baglei, Andreas, IV:380; Anna, 380; Betsy, 380; Carolina, 380; Gilbert, 380; Hellik, 380; Julia, 380
Bagley, A; D., IV:400; G. M., 400; G. T, 400; L. E., 400; Lena, 400; Mary, 400; O. G., 400; S. G., 400
Bagnall, H., IV:397, 398; M., 397; M. E., 398; P., 397; R. V., 398
Bailey, Robert B., II.1:417; Capt., IV:54; John, 410; S. N., 351; John W., VII:127
Bailly, Alexis, IV:252
Baines, G. H., IV:443
Bakeny, I. A., IV:435
Baker, A. J., I:346; Col., 343; William A., II.1:416; Harisson, III:230; Alice, IV:432; Andrew, 432; Barnon, 432; E. J., 379; Eli, 379; George, 54; George, 445; J. A., 432; John, 434; Samuel, 374; Santee, 440; Thomas, 440; Walter, 445; family of, VII:108; Howard, 120
Baker's Ferry, N.Dak., IV:51
Bakken, Anders, VII:165; C. H., 166n.
Bakker, B., III:162
Balansa, Swedish name for badlands, III:63
Bald Eagle, Mandan chief, II.1:467
Bald Hill Township, assessed valuation of property of, I:148; organization of, I:147; map showing Norwegian land holdings in, I:149; schools in, I:146; vote for governor 1900-1904, I:147
Baldauf, Hugo, IV:352
Baldwin, D., II.1:417; George, Sr., and his wife, II.1:234; Henry, II.2:95; R. G., II.1:416; Rev. James H., II.1:209, 242, 247; sketch of, II.1:241; Capt. T. D., III:97; Rev. John H., IV:109, 115, 117, 130, 136-148, 171-178; reminiscences of, 158-162
Baldwinsson, Hon. B. L., I:97, 100
Bale, Rev. Jens, VII:219, 229n., 235
Ball, Frank A., sketch by, I:334-335; sketch of, III:676-677; A., 676; John G., 676; M. R., II.1:189n. 1; W. M., III:676; W. T., sketch by, III:676-677
Ballantine, Bessie, IV:367; Elizabeth, 367; Etta, 368; James W., 367; Mabel, 368; Robert, 367; T. W., 367
Ballantyne. Robert, IV:831
Ballenden. John, IV:655-827
Bangs, Alice, IV:348; George S., 57; Jennie, 348; William, 348
Bangs, J. E., IV:192n. 2, 199n. 1; journal of survey of international boundary line, 219-234; secretary U.S. Boundary Commission, 197n. 3
Banhan, Philip, IV:347
Bankeston, B., IV:394
Banks, Capt. Rolla, sketch of, II.2:90-91, opp. 22; II.2:108; Frank, IV:44, 47, 55
Banks, N.Dak., IV:51; ferry at, 54
Bannerd, H. F., IV:138; H. P. and Mrs., 137
Bannerman, George, III:380; George, IV:481; Hugh, 481, 482; Henry, 358; William, deposition of, 519
Banning, Richard, II.2:100
Bannock City, II.1:230;II.2:79, 83; mining camp described, II.1:244
Barber, Edward B., II.2:98
Barclay, Anthony, British Treaty Commissioner, IV:186; Forbes, surgeon, 786, 800, 818, 832 Bardile, Maggie, IV:376
Barina, Joseph, IV:77
Barker, John, VII:127
Barlow, Augustus, biographical sketch of, VII:79-96, opp.96; John, 79, 79n; Mrs. Augustus, 92n.
Barlow's Grove, VII:92, 94
Barnaby, E. G., III:161
Barnard, Gen. G. A., III:211; Rev. Alonzo, I:222, 252, 253, IV:101, 133
Barnes, Bernette, IV:392; Rev. S. A., 141
Barnes County, N. Dak., archaeological remains in, I:82;number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306, 307, 309; Swedes, III:256-261; V:187, 193; VII:213, 214, 224n., 225
Barnes, F. R., article by, III:87-95; Rev. G. B., III:94, 94
Barnes, Henry, VII:129
Barnesville, Minn., III:94
Barnett, Gen. James, VII:62
Barnstone, George, IV:659, 678, 810, 825
Barnum, Guy, II.1:220
Barre, Pete, III:162
Barret and Clautin, dealers in machinery, III:167
Barrett, Capt. Theo. H., at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:27, 30; W. F., member of the Fisk expedition, 1862, II.2:75
Barron, Charley, VII:93
Barrows, William, V:27, 29n. 10
Barry, Helen, first teacher in Alicetown, III:278; John, IV:352
Barrymore, Morris, IV:357
Barta, F. M., president of Z.C.B.J., IV:80
Bartello, Charles, IV:430; Henry, 430
Bartholomew Block, Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:78n.
Bartholomew, William, IV:411; John, VII:78
Bartlett, Frank, VII:290, 304
Bartlett, N.Dak., VII:287-290; 301, 304, 305
Bartlett, Philander, II.1:182; David, delegate to Constitutional Convention, III:146; L. D., delegate to Constitutional Convention, III:127n. 4; Rev., III:90
Bartol, John W., III:232
Barton, Albert G., II.2:95; G., IV:801
Barton, N.Dak., VII:215
Bas de la Riviere, II.1:116,124, 130, 132; IV:575, 586; post at, IV:500, 547, 548, 552, 553, 556, 593, 610, 611, 612, 639
Bashan, Mary, IV:392
Baskerville, Rev. G. Summer, IV:137-141, 146, 161, 171, 172, 176, 178
Bason, Maj. J. M., III:196, 197
Bass, Max, IV:83; letter by, 93-96; biographical sketch of, 96-97
Basten, Henry, IV:353
Bastiam, Fred, IV:357
Bastion, Peter, IV:347
Basye, Charles V., IV:368; Florence, 368; Samuel, 368
Bateau, John, II.2:100; Margaret, 100
Bates, Charles H., III:190; Frank, I:344; William, IV:432
Bathgate, N.Dak., III:98
Bathurst, Earl of, III:413; letter to, IV:449-451; report to on the Hudson’s Bay Company and the North-West Company, 451-643
Batoche, IV:535; Louis Letendre de, 283
Battine, Charles, Little Falls, Minn., II.2:12
Bauer, Frank, III:162, 167; Jacob, 233
Baughman, William, IV:91
Baukal, P. H., VII:175
Baun, John, IV:77
Bausch, Jacob, IV:440
Bavre, Peter, III:175
Baxter, Judge L. L., II.1:260
Bayard, H. W., IV:218
Bayer, Jacob, IV:78
Bayerle, Ada, III:234; Amelia, III:234; Lena, III:234; Philip, III:234
Beadle County, V:182
Beaman, Charles C., III:138
Bean, John, II.2:93; M. V., 2nd Lt. Co. A, 8th Minn. Vols., III:243
Bean mouse, legend of, VI:254-258
Beankero, Moustouche, deposition of, IV:545
Bear, Alfred, interpreter, VI:121, 135, 163
Bear Butte, D.T., V:68n. 68; 70
Bear Chief, chief over Arikara, VI:37
Bear Creek, D.T., V:70, 71, 73, 74, 76
Bear Tail, Indian family of, IV:388
Bear's Belly, VI:9, 199, story of expedition to Black Hills, VI:163-170
Bear's Den Hillock, Indian camping place, I:422
Bear's Ears, Arikara Indian, I:363
Bear's Rib, Sioux chief, I:426, 427
Bear-on-the-Water, Mandan Indian, I:opp. 443; sketch of, I:443-444
Beardsley, G. G., I:306
Bears, seen by Alexander Henry, Jr., III:361-363
Beattie, Peter, IV:144
Beatty, William, II.2:91; death of, II.2:101
Beauchamp, J. B., member park board, VI:221; Peter, interpreter, I:356; II.2:462; VI:10, 37n., 38, 45, 47, 54; VII:98
Beaufort, N.C., II.2:156
Beaulieu, Charles, II.2:30, IV:625; deposition of, 614
Beaulieu Township, Icelandic settlement in, I:102, 103; map locating Icelandic landholders in, I:110; organized I:109
Beaupoire, Louis, VII:84
Beaupre, George, 4th Sgt., Northern Rangers, II.2:95; Joseph, customs house officer, I:355-380; Joseph, fur trader, 356; Philip, II.1:453, 458
Beaver Creek, D.T., IV:59; V:157, 160
Beaver Hills post, IV:654
Beaver, Lt., I:429; Rev. H., chaplain, IV:738, 754
Beaver, trading ship, IV:738, 754, 770, 771, 786, 801, 818, 833
Beaver Valley Cattle Co., V:157
Beaver Woman, wife of Tobacco, II.1:471
Becher, Alexander Bridport, IV:562, 567, 568
Bechyn, N.Dak., IV:76
Beck, James A., IV:351
Becker, Christian, 2nd Lt., II.2:28; Charles, III:232; Carolina, IV:367; Chris, 367; Odelia, 367; Peter, Dunker leader, 82; T. S., 57
Becksmith, Paul, Devils Lake agent, III:184
Beckwith, E. A., IV:98; Harry A., 99; Ida L., 99; Jesse N., 99; John W., 99; T. Judson, 91; biographical sketch of, 98-100; Thurston H., 99
Beebe, Rev. W. C., IV:174; Judge A. McG., V:248n. 58; article by, I:429-430; hears scout narratives, VI:9; Cyrus, Indian agent, V:113
Beerman, Captain E. E., VII:301
Belanger, Basil, deposition of, IV:610
Belch, Grand Forks, D.T., V:58 and note 34
Belcourt, D.T., V:115, 116, 121; N.Dak., 125
Belcourt, Father George Anthony, I:213-219, 252-253; 356, III:102; IIApp:1-34; IV:265n., 290, 295; letter to Washington by, I:213; founder of St. Joseph Mission, IV:101; letter of, 329; Rev. G. A., V:104; description of buffalo hunt, 134
Belding, Jas, D., IV:360; John P., VII:303
Beldru, George H., Asst. U. S. surveyor and engineer, II.2:28
Belfield, N.Dak., IV:45; VII:244, 245;founded by Max Bass, IV:96
Belgard, John and Christinia, IV:56
Belivan, Fred, IV:444
Belknap, Dr. Jeremy, I:59
Bell, Calla, III:95; Capt. J. W., 194, 220; Dawson, 95; Emily H., 234; Jennie, 95; John, Secretary of War, 516; Big, IV:346; David, 437; Douglas, 346; D. W., 437; Elizabeth, 346; Hannah, 346; J., 437; John, 652-825; John, Jamestown, N.Dak., 137; J. D., 437; Joseph, 346; Mary, 438; Oscar, 346; Robert, 346
Belle, Capt. J. M., IV:349; Emma, 349
Belle Fourche Creek, D.T., V:68, 70
Belle Fourche, S.Dak., VII:313; VI:19
Belle Peoria, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:282, 311, 321, 339
Bellegarde, Joseph, III:389; Charles, IV:523, 524, 527; deposition of, 530
Bellehumeur, Simon, I:357
Bellgard, Alexander, III:229; Charles, 229, 236; Eliza, 229; Joseph, 229; Mary, 229, 236; St. Anne, 229; Sophia, 229, 236
Belmont, N.Dak., VII:142, 159, 263, 266
Belt, Martin, guerilla captain, II.1:264
Beltrami, I:212
Bely, Rev., IV:66
Bemer, Robert, IV:357
Bemis, Henry A., article by, II.1:246-248, II.1:opp. 240; Myrtle, articles by, II.1:202-251, III:247-309
Ben Johnson, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:329, 333, 341, 357, 372, 378
Benard, Joseph, IV:350
Benda, John, IV:77
Bendeke, Halfdan, VII:191
Bendickson, N. L., VII:175
Benes, Charles, IV:71
“Benjamin Stillman Russell,” I:330-334
Bennett, _____, IV:59; Mathew, 137
Bennett, G. G., territorial representative at Washington, D.C., II.1:208, III:112, 113; Cpl. James, Citizens’ Company, II.2:91, 93; Richard, delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:147
Benschler, F. F, II.2:93
Bensen, Ole, VII:155
Benson, Carl E., III:200; Emily Charlotte, 275; Abba, IV:433; Edward, 360; E. L., 433; Emma, 433; F., 433; O., 433; William, 50; Elizabeth, J., VII:1, 2; Thomas, 306n
Benson County, N.Dak., number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; V:195, 196, 212-214, 219
Benteen, Major, VI:31, 32, 33; in battle of Little Bighorn, 94n., 107n., 122n., 172, 173
Bentestuen, Nils, VII:166n.
Bentley, L. R., 1st Sgt., Citizens’ Company, II.2:15, 93, 96, 97; Louis, II.1:98
Benton County, V:175
Benton, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:265, 315, 334; log of, II.1:285-313; log of, II.1:343-358; II.1:359-378. See also Scarred Wolf.
Benton, Thomas H., U.S. Senator, IV:201, 202, 211; quoted, 183, 207
Bentru, Halvor, VII:160
Bentru, N.Dak., VII:159-164
Bentson, Ole, III:159, 165
Berens River post, IV:656-831
Berg, Carl, III:272; John, 272; C., IV:420; C. W:, 145; Hans, 420; J., 420; Will, 428; Anton, VII:175, 188n.; Ingv. A., 175; Halvor, 165; Jacob, 266; N. H., 181n.
Berg, N.Dak., IV:51
Berger, ____, I:357; Capt. Emil A., II.2:18, 19, 103, 104,106
Bergerson, Soren, VII:152
Bergin, Rev. Alf, III:275; experiences in N.Dak., 1893-1896, III:304-306
Berglund, Peter, III:260
Bergman, Eirikur H., I:105,111, 111n.3, 120, 129; opp.104; Rev. F. J, I:111, II.1:144; Henry, III:203; Jon, 102, 103
Bergren, John, III:257
Bergstrom, Rev. P. E., Harwood, III:255
Bernard, Father, I:461
Bernhardson, Bernt, III:270; John, III:271
Berquist, Charles, III:275; Louis, III:275; Robert, III:275
Berry Boyce Cattle Co., V:157
Berry, Christina, IV:412; Ella, 412; Tunnison, 412; Rev. J. F., IV:101n.;112, 120-131, 171-177; reminiscences of, 162-164; J. A., auditor of Billings County, V:247n. 54; 248n. 61
Bertha, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:371; log of, II.1:343, 359-371
Bertrand, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:290; VII:81
Bessie, A. J., IV:57
Bethany church, Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:223
Bethel College, Mennonite College established, III:332
Bethune, Angus, IV:679, 695
Betts, Manfred, 6th Iowa Cavalry, VII:14n., 15
Beverage, James, IV:264, 370; Mary, 370; Mary A., 364; Nellie, 364, 370; Robert, 364, 370; Walter, 364, 370
Bewley (Beioley), Joseph, IV:679-728, 777-810
Bezenek, Frank, IV:64
Bibeaux, Joseph, VII:81
Bible history in Sioux, by Father Jerome, III:240
Bibliography: of Dakota archaeology, I:80; of land treaties with Sioux Tribes of the West, III:526; of Mennonite literature, III:333-336
Bibo, Paul, deposition of, IV:642
Bierce, Rev. Daniel E., IV:135, 176, 178
Bierly, Florence, II.1:257; Sarah, 257; Willis M., 257
Big Bank Village, Mandan, II.1:471
Big Beaver Creek, V:157
Big Belly, Crow scout, VI:86, 92; in battle of Little Bighorn, 96, 97, 98, 99
Big Cat Fish, Indian family of, IV:286
Big Coulee, Towner County, III:321
Big Hand, Indian family of, IV:288
Big Horn, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:310, 318, 327, 336, 372, 375
Big Horn River, Mont., VII:101
Big Man, Indian family of, IV:285
Big Martin, Ojibway Chief, story of, III:721-724
Big Meadow, D.T., V:64, 66
Big Mound, battle of, V:269; N.Dak., VII:118
Big Mouth, Indian family of, IV:284
Big Muddy River, II.2:61, 62
Big River post, IV:808, 823, 838
Big Sioux or Calumet River, III:499, 508; V:171
Big Sioux reservation, V:189
Big Stone Lake, II.2:8, 89, III:501; V:254, 255; VII:117
Big Turtle, Mandan Indian, II.1:466
Big White. See Sheheke.
Bigger, Thomas C., II.1:146
Biggerstaff, Hugh, VII:73
Bigler, B. B., IV:149
Bijou Hills, D.T., V:80
Bilbie, Rev. H. B., I:316
Billings County, N.Dak., IV:41; V:157, 190, 191, 194, 203, 205, 206, 217, 218, 223n. 117; 224, 226, 228-231, 233, 235, 246, 248; number of Swedes in, III:306;
Bilodeau, Charles 441; Rose, 441
Biloxi Indians, III:498
Bilson, William, IV:251
Bingenheimer Loan Collection, inventory of, I:45
Bingham, _____, mail route agent, II.2:12; J. E., II.2:93; John, wagon master, II.2:95
“Biographical Sketches of North Dakota Pioneers,” VII:59-130
“Biographies of Riverside Old Settlers,” II.1:231-246
“Biography of Old Settlers," I:339-349
Birchard, G., IV:298
Birchett, A. Jr., IV:412
Bird, Carrie, IV:408; Eddie, 408; Fred, 408; Gov. (Hudson's Bay Co.), 623, 628, 629, 633; James, 267n. 1, 513; John J., 741; Stephen, 408; Susie, 408; William, 283
Bird Head Ranch, N.Dak., IV:57
Bird Woman. See Sakakawea
Birnie, James, IV:658, 690-833
Bisek, Frank, IV:67
“Bishop John Shanley,” III:678-682
Bismarck, N.Dak., V:55, VII:263, 280, 296, 303, 304, 305, 311, 318; V:173, 186 early history of, I:299-310, III:197, IV:156, 157; removal of capitol to, III:120;
Bismarck Tribune, founding of, I:299-310
Bissell, Mrs., V:48
Bissonette, _____, I:357; Elmadine, III:684
“Bits of History Connected With the Early Days of the Northern Pacific Railway and the Organization of Its Land Department,” III:337-349
Bjarnason, Ben, I:112, fn 1; Rev. Jon, II.1:144; Samson, 98, 99
Bjarne, Grand Forks glee club, VII:189
Bjarne Male Chorus, history of, VII:188-191
Bjerke, Olaf, member park board, VI:217; Hans, VII:153
Bjerky, Peter, IV:435
Bjorgo, Rev. K., VII:216, 229n.; 235, 249, 250
Bjorklund, O. M., III:260
Bjorkquist, E., III:290, 288; Gottfried, 290; J. L., 271, 289, sketch of, 290, 290; Rudolph, 290
Bjornson, F., II.1:144
Bjornsson, S. Josua, I:98
Blabon, J. W., Great Northern Railway Co., IV:93, 96
Black Bear, Arikara chief, I:344; II.1:466
Black Buffalo, Dakota Indian, VII:21
Black Fox, enlists as scout, VI:51; battle of Little Bighorn, 119, 120, 122, 150, 155; disappears, 160; killed, 193; Indian family of, IV:285
Black, Henry, II.2:100; John, IV:216; John, 357; Samuel, 628-829; Rev. ____, 113, trip to Pembina, 1851, 102; William, 135
Black Hills, V:36, 37; VI:17, 18, 21n.; story of expedition to, 163-170; VII:130, 261, 309, 310, 311
Black Moccasin, Hidatsa chief, I:436
Black Moon; Dakota Sioux chief, I:.221, 246, 266, 419, 421; VII:51
Black Mouth, secret society, VI:186
Black, R. M.. article by, III:111-157
Black Rabbit, Mandan Indian, II.1:466
Black River, III:506
Black Shield, Hidatsa chief, II.1:466
Blackbird, John, III:235; John, Jr., III:235; Lewis, III:235; Margaret, III:235; Mary Jane, III:235
Blackburn, Rev. William M., D. D., IV:128, 129, 175, 177
Blackfeet Indians, medicine lodge, II.2:66; V:100, 105; VII:85
Blackford, Emma, IV:249; G. F., 348
Blackmire, Charles, IV:420
Blackstock, guard at wood camp, VII:128
Blackwell, Henry B., Boston, address at Constitutional. Convention, of 1889, III:111
Blaha, A., secretary Z.C.B.J., IV:80; Louis, secretary Z.C.B.J., 80
Blain, Rev., II.2:21
Blaine County, V:215, 216, 223
Blair, Bartly, II.2:95; C. L., II.1:81; A. F., IV:420; E., 420; George W., 351; Gracie, 420; William, 357; William, V:42n. 29
Blake, Annie, IV:256; Henry, 356; Kate, 356; Thomas, 356
Blakely and Carpenter, mail contractors, VII:72; stage line, 74, 75
Blanchard, ____, IV:835
Blanchard, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:143; VII:270, 275
Blanchette, Rev. ____, IV:820
Blanchford, Charles, IV:248
Blanding, Emma, III:87, 88; Jessie, III:88; J. W., III:87, 158, 160; Mrs. Maria, III:90
Blankenburg, Alice, IV:426; Caroline, 426; George, 426; Julia, 426
Blatchford, Etta, IV:239; John, 339
Blaye, Pierre, IV:616
Blazek, Frank, IV:67
Bleakinskop, G., IV:833
Blewett, Andrew, auditor of Stutsman County, V:215n. 95
Blexrud, Inger N., III:168
Blixt, Nils, III:267
Blizzard, winter of 1886-7, V:158
Blockhouse at Fort Berthold, picture of, I:opp. 442
Blomquist, Swedish immigrant agent, III:248, 258, 262
Blondeau, Louis, III:400-401; Louis, IV:559; deposition of, 466, 514, 534, 552, 556, 558, 560, 573
Bloody Knife, VI:11, 12, 49, 51, 55-59, 62, 74, 77, 78, 82, 96, 109, 111; in battle of Little Bighorn, 95-129, 150, 151; made sergeant, 136, opp.205; VII:28, 34, 35, 44, 98
Blooming, N.Dak., VII:172
Blooming Prairie, Minn., VII:170, 171n.
Blue Blanket Creek, VII:26, 28
Blue Boat, Indian family of, IV:290
Blue Bug, Mandan woman, II.1:465
Blue Fish, Indian family of, IV:289
Blue Fox, Indian family of, IV:289
Blue, Rev. J. H., 139, 148
Blunt, C. W, II.1:416; C. W., Sr:, II.1:371; John, V:75
Boal, Allie, II.1:343; Laura, II.1:265; W. C., II.1:263
Board of Immigration, Minnesota, VII:136, 137
Boat Makers Village, Mandan, II.1:508
Bob Tail Bull, VII:129; Hidatsa legend by, I:455; Indian family of, IV:288;
Bobean, Joseph, IV:279
Bodley, Earl, IV:410; Edward, 410; James, 410; Louisa, 410; Phile, 410
Boe, Amund A., VII:172
Boen, Thomas, III:230
Bogerson, T. K., IV:434
Bohemia, conditions in, IV:62
Bohemian Benevolent Society, IV:77, 78
Bohemian Slovanic Benevolent Society, IV:80
“Bohemians in Richland County,” IV:62-80
Bois Brules, II.1:105,125
Bois de Sioux River, II.2:7, III:88, 90, 91
Boisvert, Edward, deposition of, IV:614
Bolkan, Christ, I:147, fn 4
Bolken, N.Dak., VII:213
Boller, Henry A., I:357
Boltin, Joseph, IV:445; Carrie, 446
Bolton, Henry, IV:578
Boltz, Peter, IV:274
Boman (Bowman), Elias, III:265; J. Fritjof, 264, 265, 265; Mrs. J. Fritjof, sketch of, 291, 265
Bomberg, Fred, IV:281; Suseth, 381
Bon Homme, S.Dak., VII:128
Bonanza farms in North Dakota, III:346, 569, 662; names of, III:580, 581
Bond, ____, IV:552; Samuel R., report of Fisk Expedition of 1862-1863, II.2:38-72
Bone, Charles, IV:692; deposition of, 640; Charles W., 656, 657, 671, 687
Bone Hill (post), V:268
Bonhock, Frank, III:230
Bonholger, John, IV:433
Bonhomme, D.T., V:80
Bonnin, Father Louis, III:237; Francis, deposition of, IV:615
Bonsfield, Richard, IV:412; Rose, 412
Booise, fur trader on Missouri River, I:349, 366
Booker, Rev. G. H., IV:149
Boolez, Marc, IV:427
Boom, John, IV:281; Mary, 381
Boon, A. J., IV:299
Bope, Edwin, IV:407
Borassa, Father, I:219
Borden, Richard, IV:246
Bordrud, A. P., VII:153
Boreman County, V:185, 206, 223
Borman, M. M., member park board, VI:217
Borneman, C., IV:401; H., 401
Borner, August, IV:276
Bosard, Andrew, II.1:255; Andrew Keller, II.1:255; James H., sketch of, II.1:255-259; II.1:opp.255; creameries of, in N.Dak., III:633
Boschee, Adam, IV:262; Ardolph, 362; August, 362; Caroline, 362; Cathrine, 362; Cathrine, 363; Christina, 362; Eustina, 363; Jack, 362; John, 362; Madalina, 363; Phillipina, 363; Theodora, 363; Valintina, 362
Boss, Lewis, U.S. Boundary Survey, IV:199n. 1, 218
Bostad, Rev. O. H., VII:218
Bostonois, Ojibway, III:407
Bostrom, O. J., III:275
Bostwick, Samuel, IV:239
Boswell, Dr. W. G., IV:217; Mrs. W. C., 109
Botnen, S. O., and his wife, III:170-171
Bottineau, Charles, I:304, 307, 358, 365; Pierre, guide and Chippewa interpreter, I:358; II.2:6-163; guide in Fisk’s expedition of 1866, II.1:450-461; Mary, III:181; Pierre, 178, 181
Bottineau County, Icelandic settlements in, I:112n. 1; number of Swedes in, III:306; Swedes, III:261; V:85, 179, 202, 219-221, 224, 225, 228, 240; VII:228
Boucher, Francis, declaration of, III:405, 436-437; deposition of, IV:520, 524, 525, 531; Jean Marie, 516, 517, 525, 573, 630
Boudiette, Abercrombie, N.Dak., III:161
Boughter, Mozer, army surgeon, III:188, 229
Boulder mosaics, in North Dakota, I:82, picture of, I:85
“Boulder Outline on the Upper Missouri,” III:685-687
Boundary Church, IV:168
Boundary line, between Sioux and Chippewas, III:506; Canadian, II.1:94; of land cession, 1851 Sioux treaty, III:518; history of survey, IV:179-234
Bounin, Father, I:235
Bourassa, Capt., IV:510, 511; Michael, III:437; clerk of N. W. Co., III:406; IV:491, 513, 520, 530, 531, 532, 543; deposition of, 524; Shaw, 487
Bourget, Bishop Ignatius, III:237
Bourk, A., IV:446
Bourke, John, III:386, 399; depositions of, III:380-381, 403-408,411-413; John P., IV:486-539; deposition of, 518-547
Bousch, A., IV:446
Bousier, Isabella, III:229; Jenny, III:229; Jerome, III:229; Justin, III:229; Mary, III:229; Ranclire, III:299; Raphael, III:299
Boutino, Moustouche, IV:510, 511; deposition of, 510
Bouvier, Joseph, deposition of, IV:640
Bouyer, Mitch, interpreter, VI:158, 159
Bovoy, A. E., I:297
Bowles, Samuel, III:338; Henry, IV:430; John, 430
Bowman, Charles R., III:232. See also Boman.
Bowman Co., V:203, 205, 227, 230, 235, 237; census summary of 1885, IV:240; names of all residents in, 340-344
Bown, Christian, IV:272
Box Elder Creek, D.T., V:71, 77
Boy Chief, brother of Red Bear, VI:52-55; in battle of Little Bighorn, 95, 122, 130, 131, 150, 151, 154; continues narrative, 118-119; killed, 189, opp.71, opp.202
Boyce, Henry, V:157
Boyd, George W., II.1:417; James, club-footed trader, II.1:322n. 2; James, IV:247; Rev. J. S., 144
Boyer, Eliza, IV:250; Frank, 350; Henry, 350; John F., 350; John F. Jr., 350; Mary, 350; Sarah, 350
Boyeson, O. H., VII:190
Boyington, O., II.2:93
Boyne River, V:154n. 1
Boynton, H., II.2:98
Boys, Henry, IV:239
Braaten, Rev. S. O., pioneer experiences of, VII:240-243
Brackett, George, II.1:424; Rev., IV:141
Brackett's Battalion, III:243
Brad1ey, Rev. C. F., I:314; Fred, IV:411; Rev. Robert, 141
Bradshaw, W., IV:420
Bradt, Thomas J., IV:446
Brady, Mabel, IV:276
Brage, Thief River Falls glee club, VII:189
Brainerd, Minn., III:242; VII:71
Bramble and Keyes, VII:318
Bramble, D.T., VII:318
Bramby, Charles, IV:564-599; deposition of, 563, 582, 594, 586
Brandhove, E., IV:432
Brandon House, Hudson’s Bay Co. Post, III:395, 396, 450, 451, 455; IV:500, 508, 510, 654, 669
Brandrup, Andrew, III:88
Branhan, Jesse, VII:111, 113
Branick, Amanda, IV:425; Joseph, 425; Nassimo, 425; Orrin P., 425
Brannum, Jesse, 124
Bras, Jaynes, IV:47
Bratrsky, Vestnik, organ of Z.C.B.J., IV:80
Bratton, Luther R., VII:293
Braun, Dr. E. E., post surgeon, Fort Abercrombie, II.2:26, 40
Brave Men's Society of the Mandans, I:434
Brayer, A., treasurer of Z.C.B.J., IV:80
Brazeau, John, I:358
Brazil, Icelandic settlements in, I:96
Breaking plow, first in North Dakota,VII:71
Breck, Rev. James Lloyd, II.1:480; Samuel, Asst. Adj. Gen., III:191
Breckenridge County, population for 1860, III:553
Breckenridge, Minn., I:415; II.2:11-17, 106; III:87-94, 171, 552, 561; census of 1860, II.1:98; flour mill at, III:163; IV:68, 69; VII:160, 215, 247, 279
Brecount, Rev. C. B., Casselton, II.1:117
Breeland, George, III:232
Breidablik, Rev. J. J., VII:228
Brekke, Dr. Olav B., VII:176
Brenna, N.Dak., VII:159, 172; Orjans, 172
Brennan, Mary R., article by, III:237-24; notes by, I:476-478; M. H., sketch by, II.1:255-259, sketch by, III:678-682; M. H., III:240
Brenner, E. W., and Terry, post traders, III:213; V:121, 122; at Fort Totten, III:187, 226, 235, 211
Brenner’s Crossing, III:182
Brenton, E., IV:468
Brestin, Timothy, IV:254
Brewer, Henry B., IV:208n. 6
Brick kiln, burning coal mine, II.1:274, 319, 329
Bricks, John, IV:77
Bridgeport, Wis., IV:65, 66
Bridger, James, I:341, 358, 362, 378; VII:49; Mark, II.2:93
Bridston, John, VII:175, 183n.
“Brief History of the Establishment of the Abercrombie State Park, A,” I:411-412
Briem, Rev. H., II.1:144
Brien, Phillip. See Derocher, Philip
Briggs, R. R., Moorhead, Minn., II.1:172, 177
Briley, _____, 2nd Lt., 2nd Minn. Cav., II.1:428
Brimson, Rev. Alfred, II.1:476
Brindleson, G., IV:443
Brink, C. O., VII:153; Judson, 104, 113
Brinton, Charles, IV:442; Flora, 442; M., 442; Pearl, 442; Rose, 442; Russel, 442; R. Wells, 442; Ward, 442
Brisbois, Joseph, III:369-437; deposition of, 401; Michael, III:392; Charles, IV:652-822
Brisebois, ____, guide of North-West Co., IV:507; Antoine, deposition of, 640
Bristol, Minn., V:254
British America, II.1:135, 137
British International Boundary Commission, members of, IV:217-218
British Isles, emigration from, II.1:83-88
British Museum, IV:824
British soldiers, employed by Lord Selkirk, II.1:105
Britton, S.Dak., III:95
Broadlawn, N.Dak., Presbyterian Church organized in, IV:148
Brockport, Penn., V:26
Brockville, Canada, III:429
Broen, Rev. E., VII:208
Broken Axe, Mandan Indian, II.1:466
Bronghevere, Sam, IV:247
Bronlid, Rev. C. J., VII:238
Brono, Rev. J. R., VII:230
Bronson, Mrs. D. E., III:87n.; C. R., IV:446; Carrie, 446; Emma, 446; Eve, 60; Jennie, 446; Maud, 446
Brook, James V., VII:293
Brookings, Judge W. W., history of Dakota Territory, II.1:141-143
Brookings, S.Dak., VII:215, 303
Brooks, ____, IV:47; G. W., 381
Brosh, Ed., IV:77
Bross, William, III:338
Brotchie, William, IV:754, 801, 818, 833
Brower, Jacob V., I:336, sketch of, I:335; works of, I:339; Richard D., II.2: 91; death of, II.2:123
Brown, Charles V., delegate to Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:137n. 2; George, III:226; G. A., III:276; Capt. John D., I:426; John G., sketch of, II.1:241; John, III:233; Olive, III:226; Peter, III:276; V. T., III:203; Alice, J., IV:422; Annie, 422; C. V., 446; Chester, 374; Francis, 422; Frank, 351; George, 381; Henry, 357; Henry C., 353; Hyram E., 353; J. F., 350; James, 341; 422; James Jr., 422; Jennie, 341, 422; John, 419, 422; John If., 353; Lewis, 418; Millie, 341; Paul, 522; Rev. J. A., 121, 122, 124, 125, 126, 129, 133; Rev. John A., 171, 174, 175, 177; Rev. Joseph, 142, 147, 149; Robert, 354; Samuel, 422; T., 419; Thomas H., 422; Timothy, 430; Van R., 55; Jake, V:27, 28; Joseph, trader, V:254, 255; Susan, V:260; Samuel J., V:268, 270; Norwegian merchant in Alexandria, VII:138, 145; Joseph, chief of scouts, 117; Rev., Stillwater, Minn., VII:91; W. H., 173
Brown County, V:191
Brown Woman, Mandan, II.1:465.
Brown's Valley, D.T., V:258, 270; Minn., VII:300
Browne, William, III:230
Brownlee, Rev. H. H., IV:123, 130, 132, 171, 174, 175, 177
Brownson, Alfred, IV:149n. 1
Bruce, Charles G., deposition of, III:402-403; Hector, V:35, 38n. 25; Pierre, IV:780
Bruflat Academy, N.Dak., VII:217, 235
Bruflat congregation, VII:277
Bruguire, James, I:341
Brule City, D.T., V:80, 80n. 96
Brumbly, Lt., III:417, 434; Lt., IV:543
Brundage, Arthur, IV:264; Frank, 364
Brunell, Joseph, II.1:166
Brunsvold, Rev. A. A., VII:231
Brunswick, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:268
Brush, P., IV:295; Joseph, 71
Bryan, Alvin, IV:252
Bryant, William, IV:276
Bryce, ___, Dr., Winnipeg, II.2:81, 92; his history of the Hudson’s Bay Co., II.2:112, 113; Dr. George, Winnipeg, IV:113
Brylan, Thomas W., II.1:417
Brymner, Report on Canadian Archives, 1889; referred to, I:371
Brynjolfsson, Magnus, I:120
Brynjulson, George, IV:445
Buchanan, James, IV:211; Pres., V:171
Buck, Theodore, II.2:95
Buckhout, Helen, III:348
Buckingham, John, III:95
Buckley, Walter, IV:407
Buckman, Joseph Y., I:358
Buckner, William, negro porter on Deer Lodge, VII:127
Budejovice, Bohemia, IV:62, 67
Budge, William, II.1:164; George, V:42, 43; William, V:37, 51, 59, 61n. 44; 63n. 50; 70, 74, 76n. 84, VII:173, 296, 297, 299
Bue post office, N.Dak., VII:270
Buell, Gen., VII:65, 66
Buerger, Capt. Emil, I:417
Buffalo, last seen in Cass County, I:159; bones found in Riverside Township, II.1:206, 238; herds of, seen from steamboat, II.1:297, 298, 365; hides sold at Pembina, D.T., II.1:238; hunting of, II.1:325, 456, II.2:66-67, II.2:144; killed by grizzly bears, II.1:53; killed from steamboat, II.1:299, 303, 303, 305-307, 326, 334, 356; at Fort Totten, III:187; bones, 87; hunting in Canada, 103; in Pembina, 456-457; killed by prairie fire, 364; seen in 1864, 245; seen by Alexander Henry Jr., 361, 363, 364; V:88, 91; corral, V:105, 106; hunters' camp, description of, V:135; hunting of, V:101-107; description of, by Rev. G. A. Belcourt, V:134; proceeds of, V:120; robes, tanning of, VII:31n.; press, opp.87; hunt, 1883, VII:103
Buffalo bones, gathered by pioneers; VII:269; shipped to St. Louis, 302; sale of, by settlers, I:140
Buffalo County, V:179
Buffalo district, boundaries defined, I:221
Buffalo Gap, D.T., V:72
Buffalo Lake, Minn., V:254; VII:118
Buffalo, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:139
Buffalo River, III:506, 518; VII:140; N.Dak., 248
Buffalo, secret society, VI:186
Buffalo skinning knife, I:opp. 454
Buffalo Wool Co, Selkirk settlement, IV:252, 258
Buford and Fisher, Stillwater House, Stillwater, Minn., VII:91
Buford County, V:203, 226, 227; census summary of 1885, IV:245; names of all residents in, 346-358
Buford, N.Dak., ferry at, IV:54
Buisson, Anette, III:231; Antoine, III:217n. 5, 217, 231; James H., III:231; Jane, III:217; Joseph, III:217n. 5, 217; Mrs. Joseph, III:217, 217; Louise, III:217; Nancy, III:236; Rachael, III:231
Bulberry island, S.Dak., VII:127
Bulcher, Alreda, IV:244; Hans, 344; Margaret, 344
Bull creek, S.Dak., VII:313
Bull Head, Arikara, II.1:466; enlists as scout, VI:44, 46-48
Bull Neck, II.1:502-508; Indian family of, IV:285
Bull train, photo of, VII:opp.318
Bull-Stands-in-the-Water, leader of Da-roch'-pa, VI:59, 83; in battle of Little Bighorn, 130-132
Bullock, B. B., IV:242; Eldridge, 342; Emma, 342; Josephine, 342; Mary, 342; Sam, 407; Stella, 342
Bunce, James, IV:806
Bunch, George, I:358
Bunn, Dr., IV:708-756, 802-835; John, 267n.1, 277
Burbank & Company, wagon train arrives at Fort Abercrombie, II.1:24
Burbank, A., II.1:416; H. C., II.2:10, 11; J. M. C., St. Paul, Minn., II.1:9; L., II.1: 416
Burbank County, V:180, 187, 188
Burdick, George, III:203; Orlin, III:201n. 2, 203, 204; Oziah W., III:203; Usher L., III:207
Bureau of American Ethnology, 7th annual report of, V:98n. 5; 18th annual report of, V:112n. 15; 113, 114n. 16 and 17
Burgess, Dr. F. J. W., IV:217
Burgett, R., II.2:93
Burgit, R., II.2:93
Burgster, Rev. Joseph K., IV:115-135, 170-172
Burial scaffold, VI:75
Burk, John, III:230
Burke County, V:241, 243-245
Burke, Major John H, I:268; William, III:233; C., IV:295; H., 395; James, 354; R. E., 395; R. S., 395; Gov., John, V:237, 245; Justice, V:247n. 55; William, V:58, 58n. 37; Capt., VII:118
Burkhart, Samuel W., IV:84, 91; biographical sketch of, 98; clerk of Dunker church, Cando, N.Dak., 91
Burleigh County, archaeological remains in, I:86; number of Swedes in. 1900, III:306; Swedes, 262; V:181, 188-190, 194, 203, 210, 212; VII:245
Burleigh County Superintendent of Schools, in 1876, I:251-272
Burleigh, Walter A., VII:128
Burnett, Dr. J. A., VII:300
Burnham, D., II.2:95; F. J., IV:134
Burning Ground, Sioux chief, I:227, 419
Burns, James, IV:254; Thomas, 360
Burpee, G. F., IV:217
Burr, A. G., sketch by, III:673-675; Rev. Alexander, IV:124-129, 173, 177; W. H., V:49
Burritt, E. H., member of Capt. Fisk’s protective corps, II.2:39
Burton, _____, Capt., 30th Wis. Vol. Inf., II.1:44; C. A., III:114; F. L., VII:298
Burtsch, Rev. G. W, Casselton, II.1:177
Burydorf, Charles, III:233
Busko, John, IV:77
Busrack, Halvor, I:152
Bussy, Robert, II.1: 250
Butcher, Francis, IV:729-825
Buther, Francis, IV:715
Butler, E. C., II.1: 247; sketch of, II.1:240, II.1: opp.240; Ellis, II.1:430n.1; William H., II.1:216n. 3
Butner, E. L., IV:422; Edith, 422; F. D., 422; Frank, 422; Henrietta, 422; Sarah, 422
Butte de Morale, II.2:49
Butter, Morris, III:230
Butterfield, Capt., 8th Minn. Vol., III:243; Capt. M. Q., II.2:opp. 148
Butts, Arthur, IV:445; D. J., 445; Ellen E., 445; Frank, 445; Rubie, 445
Buxton, N.Dak., VII:224, 262n., 266, 267, 269
Bye, Christian, VII:152; Peter, 164n.; P. I., 190n.; P. J., 173
Byers, Rev. W. J., IV:139
Bygland, Minn., VII:262, 262n.129


Cadboro, trading ship, IV:723-833
Caddell, M. C., member park board, VI:218
Cadot, J. Baptiste, Sr., I:294; J. Baptiste, Jr, I:295; Joseph, IV:611-614
Cadotte, Augustin, trader, III:355, 357; Peter, V:121, 126
Cady, Capt., 8th Minn. Vols., III:242; Capt. John S., killed by Little Crow, VII:53
Caffney, Patrick, IV:256
Cagg, Ann, IV:411; Samuel M., 411
Calamity Jane, camp follower, V:77 and n.86
Calderwood, Edgar, VII:306n.; R. M., 290; V. E., 290
Caldwell, William, II.2:97; Maj., governor of Selkirk settlement, IV:296
Caledonia, D.T., V:53, 53n.; Penn., V:26; VII:156, 165, 167, 250, 261, 272, 276, 278, 282
“Calendar of Principal Events of the French and Indians of Early Dacotah, A,” I:293-296
Calhoon, F. S., II.1:416
Calhoun, John C., IV:206, 212
California Joe, V:61n. 45; 633 and note 49; 71
California post, IV:818
Call, Michael, III:235
Callaghan Hotel, Jamestown, N.Dak., III:238
Calmer, Frank, III:271; John, IV:247
Calumet River, III:506
Calvert, Charles, II.2:198
Calvin, Miles City, Mont., V:165; Investment Co., V:165
Calypso, Missouri River steamboat, II.1: 284, 286
Cameron, Duncan, II.1:79-138; letters of, to Red River settlers, III:370-372; N. W. Co. agent, III:369-421; John, III:355, death of, 358; J. Dugald, III:387, 391; Allan, IV:779; Angus, 825; Maj., 217; Duncan, 463-561, 800, 818, 833; deposition of, 460, 493; letter from, 482; letters of, 489; John Dugald, 457-495, 649-761
Camorp, P. H., IV:258
Camp Atchison, Sibley expedition, described, II.2:83
Camp Chase, Ohio, VII:64
Camp Cook, III:178
Camp Cooke, description of, II.1:336n. 1
Camp Dennison, Ohio, VII:64
Camp Dick Robinson, Ky., VII:64
Camp, E. W., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:150
Camp Green, I:242
Camp Hackett, Sibley expedition, II.2:32
Camp Hancock, I:242, I:301, I:422
Camp Hayes, N.Dak., VII:117
Camp Jackson, II.1:294; IV:145
Camp, Maj. George A., II.2:opp. 116; II.2:30, 89, 116, 127, 137; letter from, to Col. Miller, II.2:81; Camp, Maj. ____, I:418
Camp Pope, Minn., VII:117
Camp Release, Minn., VII:115, 116
Camp Seward, Jamestown 242, 422
Campbell, _____, trader, I:341; John, II.2:93, 97; Robert. J., I:358, 376, 379, 380; Thomas, agent at Fort Union, II.1:279n. 2; Thomas, II.1:320, 353; Duncan, III:401; George, 375-391; deposition of, 418; John Duncan, 396, 400, 406; Nancy, 231; ____, IV:553; Archibald, U.S. Treaty Commissioner, 187, 191, 199n. 1, 218; Charles, 350; Elizabeth, 350; Lizzie, 350; Colin, 618, 635, 650-825, deposition of, 634-641; Duncan, 621; George, 481-492; Hamilton, 208n. 6; John, 409; John Duncan, 534-552, 638; letters of, 559; Robert, 716-836; Rev. U. C., 115, 122, 125; Tom, 342
Campbell, Canada, John, IV:251
Campbell County, V:182, 189, 191
Canadian French in North Dakota, I:184
Canadian government, and the rival fur trade companies, II.1:106
Canadian landholders in Traill County, map showing distribution of, I:108
Canadian Pacific Railway, III:583; VII:95
Canadians in North Dakota, I:185-198
Canandaigua, New York, III:218
Candiyohi Lake, Minn., II.2:141
Cando, N.Dak., IV:81; naming of, III:321-323
Canfield, Thomas H., III:569, VII:70, 72; William F., III:198, 199
Cannella, J. W., III:322
Cannon Ball River, II.2:141; V:61, 206, 227, 248, 249; VII:8, 129, 130, 312
Cannot, John, IV:254
Canta Tanka, Yanktonaise head man, I:200-251
Canton, S.Dak., VII:206, 304
Capitol grounds, plans for in Bismarck, VI:opp.211
Caplet, Alex, III:229; Angeline, 229; Baptiste, 229; Caroline, 229; Made1ine, 229; Morris, 229; Robert, 229
Cappenakis, II.1:118
Capt. O'Gray, Missouri, VII:92
Captivity narratives, II.1:440-442
Card, Charles, IV:279; Phoebe E., 379; Stephen, 379; Verena E., 379
Cardin, Thomas, IV:624
Cardinal, fur trade employee, VII:81
Cardwell, O., IV:257
Carey, Corinne E., III:676; Rev. N. W., IV:123
Carhart, Joseph, article by, I:330-334
Cariboo gold mines, II.2:78
Cariveau, T. A., 1st Lt., II.2:10, 106
Carland, John E., delegate Constitutional convention, 1889, III:125, 127, 128, 141, 142
Carlander, Magnus, III:271
Carless, Joseph, IV:786, 800, 818, 833
Carlington, Jesse, II.2:95
Carlisle, James, 3rd Sgt., Northern Rangers, II.2:95
Carlson, Anders, III:278; A. M., 257; A. P., 258; August, 276; Carl, II.1:248, 276; David, 275; Jens, 277, 278; John, 281, 282; John D., 276; John, IV:242; Rev. T. L. A. K., VII:215, 229n.
Carlton House, II.1:134, IV:629-828
Carlton, Rev. B. L., III:255, 269
Carmichael, Ledele, IV:255
Carnark, Alfred, letter of, III:269-270
Carney, Josephine, V:59n. 40
Carnihan, Col., III:219
Caroline, steamboat, II.2:155
Caroó, Dakota scout, VI:59; detailed, 69; in battle of Little Bighorn, 131
Carothers, Frederick Robert, III:674; Judge Robert Milligan, sketch of, III:673-675, 673; Ruth Roberta, III:674
Carpenter, C. W., VII:314; ____, early French trader in D.T., II.1:165
Carr, S. V., Sgt., Fort Abercrombie, letter by, II.1:179-185
Carrie, Missouri River steamboat, II.1: 263, 339, 345, 372, 373, 375, 377
Carrington and Casey Land Co., I:383-384
Carrol, John, IV:252
Carson, Alexander, I:359; H. G., II.1:416; J. P., IV:424; William, 358
Carter County, V:178
Carter, Henry S., II.1: 417; W. R., II.1: 417; Wesley, II.2:95; W. L., III:87
Cartright, George, IV:403; George W., 403; Louisa L., 403; Nelson, 403
Cartwright and Sons, IV:47
Cartwright, N.Dak., IV:51, 55
Carver County, Minn., Norwegians and Swedes in, VII:148; Swedes in, III:248
Carver, Minn., VII:107
Carver, O. F., II.2:93; Rev. A. H., IV:176
Cary, George, IV:751, 766, 782; John B., 425; Martha, 425; Rebecca, 425; William, 425; Rev. N. W.,125-129, 174-177
Cashel, J. L., 300, 305
Casperson, A. E., IV:295; C., 395; M. E., 395; Rose, 395
Casphaw, Indian chief, V:119
Cass County, V:180, 188; VII:152-154, 212-230; archaeological remains in, I:87; Danish immigration to, I:153-180; early history of, I:299-310; foreign population, by townships, I:197; maps showing foreigner in, in 1905, I:107; Swedes in, III:264-269; Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Cass, George W., III:570; Gov., Michigan, III:506
Cass-Cheney farm, III:346
Cassell, Geneva, Ohio, VII:62; Maria, 104
Casselton, N.Dak., Presbyterian Church, organized in, IV:137
Castle, Joseph, V:25 and note 5
Caswell, John, II.1:182; Rev. A. K., IV:122-127, 168, 172-175; reminiscences of, 164-165
Cataphreir, Antoine, IV:743
Cataract, Missouri River steamboat, I:342
Catawaba Indians, III:498
Cates, Frances, IV:246; Philip, 346
Catfish Joe, trial for murder, V:31n. 14
Cathcart, Rev. J. W., IV:127, 171-177
Cathers, Joseph, IV:485
Catholic Church, founding of in N. Dak., IIApp:1-34; growth in N.Dak., I:251-292
Catholic Mission, Red River Settlement, IV:774, 789, 802, 820, 834
Catholic Mission School, Fort Totten, III:199
Catholic missionary, salary of, III:104
Catholic prayer book in Sioux, by Father Jerome, III:240
Catholic Workmen, Bohemian Society, IV:70, 74
Cathright, J., II.1:417
Catlin, George, I:360, 361, 368
Catlin, N.Dak., IV:51
Catt, Stephen, IV:279
Catterel, Oliver, II.1:314.
Cattle driving, St. Cloud to Winnipeg, VII:73
Caubage, John, Chippewa missionary, II.1:473-492
Causey, P. C., IV:276
Cavalier County, N.Dak., V:179, 199, 200, 201, 216, 217;VII:213, 214, 224n., 240; churches in, 225; Icelandic settlements in, I:112, fn 1; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Cavalier County State Park, VI:221
Cavallin, Rev. J. O., Swedish Lutheran missionary, III:248, 250n. 1, 251, 255, 257, 259, 262, 263, 264, 267, 271, 275n. 1, 279; churches organized by, III:287-289; sketch of, 285, 285, 288
Cavanagh, Frank, III:195; Elese, 229; Elizabeth J., 236; Frank, 236; Mary J., 236; Thomas, 188, 229; Dennis, IV:270
Cavanaugh, James, IV:257
Cavileer, Charles, I:303, 307, 359, IV:133; E. K., I:359
Cazeau, Rev. Charles F., IV:231
Cedar Creek, D.T., V:62, 63, VII:312
Cedar Lake, Minn., VII:106n., 107,109, 116, 118
Cedar Mills, Minn., VII:109, 113
Cedar River, Minn., VII:107
Cedar Wood Feather, Mandan Indian, II.1:470
Census records, for Pembina District, I:384-405; in N.Dak., for 1890, I:150-151; for 1900, 1905, I:180-200; in 1885, IV:338-448; in Red River Valley, III:556
Central House, Grand Forks, D.T., II.2: 475
Centralia, Missouri River steamboat, II.1: 373, 390, 397, 409, 412
Cesko-Slovansky Podporujici Spolek, IV:77
Cgar-i-ye-ya-pi, V:270
Chaboillez, Charles J. B., I:359; II.1:82, in 1797, III:352; VI:220
Chada, John, IV:71
Chaffee, F. N., IV:442; Mary, 442; Charles, 442
Chaffee, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:149
Chairea de Ruche, D.T., V:79
Chalk Buttes, N.Dak., VII:8
Challoner, Ida, IV:405; Jane, 405, Mable, 405; Thomas, 405
Chalmers, Alexander, II.1: 202, 233
Chamberlain, Capt., I:418
Chambers, Daniel, I:383; Gov. John, Iowa, III:516; Major Alex., commands troops, VI:25
Chamers, Daniel, IV:442
Chance, J. C., Lt., II.1: 33n. 1, 332, 337
Chandler, R., Asst. Adj. Gen., III:185
Chaney, J. B., sketch by, I:335
Chapelle Creek, D.T., V:79
Chapin, E. A., IV:248; D. M., 348; Jeremiah, 107
Chapin House, Moorhead, IV:105, 106
Chapman, A., IV:299; E. L., 399
Chappell, John F., IV:253
Charbenaugh, Adelaide, III:235; Antoine, 235; Elizabeth, 235; Frances, 235; Joseph, 235; Mary L., 235;. Mary R., 235; Patrick, 235; Robert, 235; Victoria, 235
Charbonneau, Touissant, I:69-72, 359, 435; spelling of the name, 71
Chardon, Elizabeth, Kaskaskia, Ill., VII:92; Francois A., I:360; Frank, 360
Charger, Sioux chief, I:343
Charging Bull, enlists as scout, VI:45, 50, 51; in battle of Little Bighorn, 130,131
Charlebois, Mother, III:237
Charles, John, IV:649-853; Joseph, 658-726; Thomas, 831; Thomas, 403
Charles P. Choteau Co., I:346, 360
Charlson, N.Dak., IV:51, 53
Charlton, David, member of Capt. Fisk’s protective corps, II.2:39
Charter of Hudson's Bay Co., renewal of, IV:239
Chartier, Joseph, IV:630; Will, 440; Mamie, 440
Chase, Edward, IV:260; E. E., 42, 46; Frank, 60; K., VII:69; Salmon P., ex-secretary of treasury, 68
Chastellain, N., IV:720, 736
Chastteen, Samuel, III:233
Chateau Creek, D.T., V:80
Chatelain, Jacques, employee of Lord Selkirk, III:412, 434, 435, IV:522, 547, 605, 606; deposition of, 589, 606
Chauvin, Jean Baptiste, deposition of, IV:640
Cheese factories, in N.Dak., III:627-641, 654
Cheever, James, II.2:119
Cheney, Benjamin P., III:570; Josiah B., article by, I:335-339
Cherry Creek, D.T., V:68, 158
Cherry, N.Dak., IV:51
Cherryholmes, Rev. J. H., IV:172, 174; Rev. James, 123
Chesley, James, VII:114
Chesman, Rev. J. F., IV:149
Chess, H. B., I:383, IV:442; Hattie, 442
Chew, Benjamin, IV:403; Ritta, 403
Cheyenne Indians, III:350, VII:310; description of the Custer fight, 38; village of, II.1:508; visit of Alex. Henry, Jr., to, III:359
Cheyenne, Red River steamboat, III:561,VII:77, 95
Cheyenne River, D.T., V:77
Cheyenne, Wy., VII:310, 314
Chezik, Albert, IV:63-73; Ed. J., 77; Joe, 64; Joseph E., 77; Margaret, 65; Mike, 64; Thomas, 71
Chicago, Ill., III:91, 247; IV:74, 75; V:28; VII:162, 174, 197, 226n.,260, 300; fire of 1871, 94
Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway, III:164, 586, V:28
Chicago Theological Seminary, III:91
Chickamauga, battle of, VII:175
Chilcotins post, IV:690-787, 891
Childs, E. D., III:624; creameries in North Dakota, III:639
Chilli, Ferdinand, deposition of, IV:626; Francois, 627
Chiniers, Mary A., III:231
Chippewa County, V:176
Chippewa Falls, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:287, II.2:139
Chippewa half-breeds, treaty with Sioux, I:220
Chippewa Indians, I:.293-296, III:505; agency, Minnesota, V:118; battle with Mandans, 1840, V:131; funeral ceremonies, V:130; in Dakota, II.1:150; land cession, 1864, V:177;; legends of, III:708-724; lodge, V:92 missionary work among, I:213;on the Turtle Mt. Reservation, III:201; V:252, 253, 254; sketch of, V:85
Chippewa, Minn., II.1:183, II.2:133
Chippewa River, III:506; VII:106
Chippewyan Indians, IV:667; visit of John West to, III:481
Chisago Lake, Minn., Swedes in, III:248
Cholera, in St. Louis, VII:88
Cholera John, VII:89
Chorazin club, V:80, 80n.
Choteau, Charles P., I:360; Edward, 360; Menard, 360; Paul, 360; Pierre, Jr., I:360, 371; II.1:457
Chouteau, Pierre, Jr., and Co., II.2:36, VII:84
Chovin, I. B., deposition of, IV:609
Chretien, Jean Baptiste, deposition of, IV:642; Michael, deposition of, 582, 642
Chrisensen, Peter, I:158, fn 1
Christ, Rev. H. J., I:312; Reuben, IV:263
Christensen, Christen, I:157, 178; Karen, 177, 178; F. S., VII:137
Christenson, Benjamin, VII:169
Christiania Hotel, Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:175
Christiania, Norway, VII:134, 135, 157
Christianson, Mathius, II.1:166; A., IV:428; Alreda, 426; Chris, 426; Hans, 428; Hilda, 426; Henry, 426; Jalmar, 426; Julia, 426; L., 426; Laura, 1825, 426; Mrs. Hans, 49; Olga, 426; ____, former rancher near Colgant, VII:257
Christie (Christy), Gov. Alexander, IV:267n., 278n., 283, 649-836; letter of, to James Sinclair, 295; letter to, 282; William, IV:827
Christine, N.Dak., VII:227
Christliche Volsblatt, Mennonite paper, III:331
Christlicher Bundesbote, Mennonite paper, III:331
Christophason, Frank, IV:267; Henry A., 367; Laura, 367; Louisa, 367; Marian, 367; W. B., 367
Chrysostum, Father, Bismarck, N.Dak., VII:102
Church County, V:218, 219, 224, 225, 227, 240
Church of the Brethern, history of, IV:81
Churchill Factory, Hudson’s Bay Co. post, III:468
Churchill post, IV:658-837
Churchs Ferry, N.Dak., VII:289
Cilley, Hetty, E. G., II.1:255
Cimbura, John, IV:77
City of Pekin, Missouri River steamboat, II.1: 373, 376
Clabbots, John, IV:411
Claggett, Mont., VII:103
Clamore, _____, Frenchman, II.1: 270
Clapeau, Mary R., III:231
Clapin, Mother, III:237
Clara, Missouri River steamboat, II.1: 284, 286
Clarabell, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:267, 268
Clare, John, III:232
Clark, Burnham, II.2:93, 98; C. W., II.2: 95; Dr. J. R. C., U.S. vaccination agent, II.2:63; John R., II.2:95; P. T, St. Anthony, Minn., II.2:140; Rev. John, II.1:473-492; Robert, II.2:314; Thomas A., member of Fisk’s expedition, 1862, II.2:75; Thomas, II.2:223; Clark, Gov., Missouri, III:505; Malcolm, 212; Thomas, 230; William, 233; Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 508; Alice, IV:250; Chloe A, 208n.; D. H., 348; Ella, 350; Hazel, 350; Lt. Dillard, 350; Prof. J. C., astronomer, 192n. 2; Rev. J. H., 141; Rev. T. C., 138; S. F., 427; Thomas, 379; A. W., VII:299; Charles J., 6; W. G., St. Louis, Mo., 93
Clark Hotel, Duluth, Minn., VII:69
Clarke, George, IV:424; John, 615-677
Clarkson, Joseph, III:221
Clary, James, IV:257
Claude, Father, Fort Totten teacher, III:239
Claudius, Karl, IV:78, 79
Clausen, C. L., VII:197; Rev.. C. F., 205, 206
Clauson, Jennie, IV:408; John, 410; Paul C., 408
Clay County, Minn., census of 1865, II.2:101
Clay, Henry, IV:211.
Claymore, Basil, see Clement, Basil
Cleaner, E. E., IV:443
Clear Lake, Minn., II.2:125
Clearwater, Minn., III:170
Cleary, Mike, IV:418
Clemansen, Henry, VII:153
Clement, A. A, member Fisk’s expedition, 1862, II.2:75; Basil, I:344, 356-379; I:opp. 340; VII:127; sketch of, I:341; II.1:429; Charles, 341
Clementitsch, Joe, IV:435; Gusta, 435; Joe .Jr., 435
Clemmer, C. H., V:49
Clermont, Fulton's steamboat, VII:120
Cleveland, Grover, III:123
Clifford, James, IV:256
Clifford, N.Dak., VII:262n., 275
Clifton, George W., IV:415; James B., 415
Clinch, Edward, III:242
Cline, Andrew, III:228; Angeline, 229; Benjamin, 228; Eliza, 228; Ellen, 228; Frances, 229; Francis, 229; Isadore, 229; John, 228, 229; Joseph, 228, 229; Julia, 228; Madeline, 228, 229; Michael, 228; Morris, 229; Napoleon, 228; Virginia, 229; Vrenick, 228; William, 229
Cloud Man (Ma- na-ku-te-ma-ni), Dakota warrior, V:262
Clouston, Robert, IV:764, 780, 799-836; William, 656-720
Clover Leaf Gold Mining Co., V:165
Clowney, John, Maj.,30th Wis. Vol. Inf., II.1:424
Clulton, Cora, IV:409; Frank, 409; Levy, 409; Minerva, 409
Clyde, Edward, IV:253
Coal Harbor, Swedes in, III:275
Coar, Grace, IV:443
Cobb, Rev. L. H., III:90; Elisa, VII:96; John, 96
Cobleigh, Rev. William, IV:115-132, 170-177
Cochran, Lt. Col. M. A., III:197
Cochrane, John M., I:opp. 328; sketch of, I:325-329; III:230; Rev. William, IV:702, 774
Cockenwaga, Indian chief, III:432
Cockran, Rev. William, IV:267n. 1
Cockrane, Patrick, III:413
Cody, William (“Buffalo Bill”), VII:67
Coe, Rev. B. W., IV:148
Coeur d’Alene Lake mission, II.2:71
Coffenan, James, IV:432; John, 432
Coffin, C. C., III:338
Cogan, killed by Indians, V:77
Coil, William, II.2:95
Coissart, William, II.2:95
Cold Hand, Dakota scout, VII:126
Cold Springs, Minn, II.2:133, VII:107
Cold Turkey Creek, S.Dak., VII:312
Coldwell, William, II.2:93
Cole, E. A., IV:443; Lenore, 443; Mary B., 443; Lenore, 443; Perrie, 403; S. W., 443; ____, stage driver at Georgetown, VII:73
Coleharbor, N.Dak., Swedes in, III:275
Coleman, Hannah, IV:417; John, 417; Thomas J., 353; W. E., 417; William, 417; James, white trader, VI:71 and note; biography of, 206-209; John, VII:100
Colgant, N.Dak., VII:257
Colin, Antoine, deposition of, IV:582
Colley, D. S., IV:143
Colligin, A. E., IV:295; J., 395; J. A., 395
Collins, Ethel A., article by, VII:1-58
Collins, Jane, II.2:98; John, II.1:98; Daniel, III:221; W. T., III:113; Amanda, IV:425; Christopher, 425; Cynthia, 425; Fred K., 425; J., 218; John, 351; John W., 425; Mary Jane, 425; Sarah F., 425; Tillie, 425; William Lewis, 425; ____, member of the Holmes’ party, V:64, 65
Colman, James, IV:256
Colombo, Frank, I:303
Colony Fort, II.1:110
Colorado, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:287, 312, 315, 330, 341
Colosky, Joseph, VII:73
Colter, John, I:361, 362; ____, boat builder, V:34
Coltman, W. B.,638, 643; report to the Earl Bathurst, K. G., regarding the controversy between Hudson’s Bay Co. and the North-West Company, IV:449-643
Colton, E. P., III:90
Columbia District, IV:651-834
Columbia Fur Co., I:368, 373; organization of, IV:254
Columbia, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:356, 360; trading ship, IV:801, 833
Columbia River, discovery of, IV:201
Columbian, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:315, 330, 341, 375-378
Colviles River post, IV:779
Comfort, Nicholas, VII:128; Patrick, 128, 129
Commissioner of Indian affairs, report of, 1854, V:109n. 13
Comptois, Joseph, II.2:91; ____, IV:541
Concord coach, VII:315
Conell, Alex, IV:428
Conghlan, Anthon, IV:253
Congregational church, first organized in North Dakota, I:312
Congress, Act of 1857, II.2:7; appropriation for Fisk’s expedition, 1863, II.2:73; appropriation for road from Fort Benton to Fort Walla-Walla, II.2:69; fight over division of Dakota Territory, III:114-123; commission to deal with Indians, VI:17; investigation of abuses, 57n.
Congressional Land Grant for Railways, 1857, III:551
Conikringo, Anna, IV:430; Belle, 430; Fred, 430; Fred J., 430; Sarah, 430
Conley, William, II.1:416
Connell, Alexander, VII:313; J. W., IV:418
Connelly, engineer of Cheyenne, VII:95
Conner, Thomas, member of Fisk’s expedition, 1862, II.2:75
Connolly, A. D., IV:400; A. E., 400; D., 400; J. M., 400; J. V., 400; S. E., 400; Thomas, 405
Connor, Charles, II.1:250; Charles W., II.1:215n. 1; Mrs. C. W, II.1:211; William, II.2:95.
Connors, W., IV:250
Conolly, William, IV:651-810
Conolly's Lake, IV:659-834
Conrad, Col. J. S., III:199; Joseph S., III:234; Maj. J. S., III:194-196, 221; Maj. ____, Fort Totten, V:120; E. J., member park board, VI:218
Conroy, Albert, IV:244
Constandt, P., II.1:417
Constant, Sam, II.1:417
Constitution and By-Laws for the State Parks, VI:222-225
Constitution of state, vote of Icelandic townships on, I:125
Constitutional Convention, 1889, list of delegates to, III:155; N. Dak. districts, map of, III:154
“Continuation of the Ida Fulton's Log,” II.1:330-341
Converse Cattle Co., IV:47
Converse, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:308
Converse, Rev. Charles S., IV:125-131, 175, 177
Conway, N.Dak., IV:73, VII:251
Conyers, John S., Towner County commissioner, III:321
Conyers. See Coreyers
Cook, Henry, II.2:95; Capt. ____, IV:202; Frank W., 352; Henry, 283; John, 355; Marsena, 381; W. H., 267n. 1
Cooke, Jay, I:420, III:337, 343, 556
Cooley, Judge, Michigan, address at Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:129
Coombs, Vincent, VII:109
Cooney, Gustaff, III:233
Cooper, David, II.1:486; J. T., II.1:245; John, II.1:359; Rollen C., I:140, II.1:245-246, opp. 240; T. E., article by, II.1:161-170; Thomas E., I;opp. 354; sketch of, I:354-355; Cooper, John, deposition of, III:374; John, IV:481, 482
Cooper farm, Barnes County, III:346
Cooperstown, N. Dak., III:273; settlement of, II.1:245; VII:213, 304
Copeland, John G., II.1:265, 304n.1, 308, 329, 330
Copway, George, II.1:473n. 2, 475-477
Cora, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:313, 326, 329, 353, 372
Corbett, Rt. Rev., III:101; C. J., IV:253; Rev. G. O., 276, 278, 281, 297, 305; William, 357
Corbitt, Ida, IV:248
Corcoran, Patrick, III:406, 41; Dennis, IV:257; Patrick, 539; deposition of, 537, 547; Thomas, 810, 824, 825
Coreyers (Conyers), J. S., IV:419; T. W., 419
Corky, Rev. James, IV:149
Corliss, Guy C. H., sketch by, I:325-329
Corn, grown at Fort Berthold, II.1:410
Corn Silk, legend of, II.1:494-497, III:688-707
Cornelia, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:315, 330, 343, 344, 372-378, 414
Corsett, L., IV:422; Willie, 422
Corwine, Richard, IV:251
Coshoff, Casper, II.2:92
Costello, Bartlett, IV:257
Coster, G. G., IV:217
Coteau de Missouri, D.T., V:85
Cotonha, half breed, IV:503
Cotonohaye, IV:531
Cottage, steamboat, II.2:155
Cotton, William, I:341; Deane, IV:432; J. L., 432; L. D., 432; S. D., 432
Cottonwood Creek, D.T., V:66
Cottonwood Grove (post), V:269
Cottonwood Lake, D.T., V:137, 145, 148
Cottonwood River, III:518
Couch, William, VII:123
Coues, Dr. Elliot, U.S. Boundary Survey, IV:199n. 1, 218; New Light on the Early History of the Greater Northwest, II.1:182; spelling of Sakakawea, I:71
Couley, Edw., IV:255
Coulson, Adolph, IV:427; Benedict, 427; Ericka, 427; Hans, 427; Henricka, 427; Hilda, 427; Jasper, 360; Retrick, 427; Samuel, 357
Coulter, John Lee, article by, III:529-672
Coun, J. H., II.1:417
Council of Rupert's Land, membership of, IV:267n. 1
Countess, steamboat, II.2:155
Coure, Bell, IV:432
Cournoyer, Emanuel, IV:743
Court, Ignatius, III:240
Courtenay, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:149
Courteney, Michael J., III:95
Courtney, clerk at Fort Berthold, VII:98
Courture, John, III:203
Coutanaha, half breed, III:396
Coutanais post, IV:658-833
Coutourier, Mederick, III:230
Couture, John, III:203
Covell, A. G., I:383
Coventry, George, III:350
Cover, J. G., Lt., II.2:128
Covey, W. S, II.2:93
Cowan, Charles, IV:421; H. A., 422; James H., 422; R. D., 421; R. J., 422; Thomas, 422; Judge, decision of, V:240
Cowie, Isaac, introduction to article by, IV:644-649
Cowie, John, IV:769; Robert, 584, 679-754; deposition of, 563, 582-584
Cowlitz, trading ship, IV:833
Cowrie, ____, IV:618
Cox, Elizabeth, Harriet, Lucy, Orin, I:361
Coyle, Fannie B., IV:427; Grace E., 368; George W., 368; Mrs. W. B., 427
Coyote, Mandan chief, II.1:470
Coyote Medicine, Mandan Indian, I:443
Craft, Rev. Francis, I:265
Craig, Elijah, II.1:226; George, IV:257; William, 403
Crampton, Dr., post surgeon at Fort Buford, VII:102
Cramsie, John, III:213, 226; Indian agent, III:188; John W., III:236; Mrs. John, III:217; Mary J., III:236
Crandall, Rev. H. B., I:314
Crary, John, VII:288n., 291-293, 306; Mrs. John, 288n., 293; W. A., 287-294, 306, 306n.; sketch of, 288n.
Crary, N.Dak., history of, VII:287-296; 301, 305
Crate, David, III:217; Mrs. O., III:217; Henry, IV:257
Cravath, M. A., IV:445; F. J., 445
Crawford, Capt. Medorum, II.2:87; George, II.1:330n.1, 343; L., I:361; John, III:230; T. Hartley, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, III:515n. 3; U.S. Indian Commissioner, Report of 1841, III:513; Charles, V:260, 267, 268; chief of scouts, 270; Tom, V:259, 260; Winona (Susan Iron Ring), V:254
Crawford, Lewis F., article by, VII:309-323
Crayon, Martha, III:235; Thomas, III:179, 182, 182n. 1, 188, 226, 235, 214
Crazy Horse, camp destroyed, VI:23
Creameries in North Dakota, III:627-641; problems in, III:652-654
Crebassa, Jean, deposition of, IV:610; John, 610
Cree Indians, II.1:150, III:447; IV:480, 484, 499, 667, 669; V:91, 100, 105
Creel City (Devils Lake), N.Dak., IV:126
Creel, Heber M., III:235
Creighton, Edward, II.1:221n. 1; William H., article by, I:310-318 James, freighter, II.1:226; Sam, freighter, II.1:221
Crescent City, steamboat, II.1:155
Creswell, Rev. R. J., IV:121, 122, 125, 166, 171, 173
Cretin, Bishop, of St. Paul, III:102; Rt. Rev. Joseph, III:101
Crittenden, Col. T. L., II.2:89; at Fort Abercrombie, II.1:34; Gen., I:242
Crofton, Maj. E. R. A., III:194, 221; Col., Gov. of Selkirk Settlement, IV:292, 295
Cromartie, John, IV:742-817
Crompton, G. G., IV:217
Crook City, D.T., V:74
Crook, General George, commands Department of the Platte, VI:22-25; quoted, 81n.;146, 147
Crooked creek. N.Dak., VII:312
Crooked Horn, enlists as scout, VI:51; meets Custer, 58; head of New Dog Society, 59; orders scouts to take note to camp, 88
Crooks, Ramsay, IV:271, 768, 783, 798, 816; Col., VII:56
Crookston, Minn., III:560, 561, V:50n. 35, VII:177n.; 178, 189, 218, 253, 262, 262n.
Cropster, M. H., II.1:417
Crosby, N.Dak., VII:256
Crosen, Charles, IV:252
Cross, William, IV:252
Crounse, _____, Mrs., Wis., II.1:352-354
Crouse, George, IV:436
Crow Chief, Mandan chief, I:434
Crow Dog, Indian family of, IV:286
Crow Gizzard, Hidatsa chief, VI:42
Crow Indians, II.1:62; war dance of, II.1:65; VII:83; houses of, 99
Crow River, V:175
Crow scouts, with the army, VI:76, 80, 86-88; in battle of Little Bighorn, 93-121, 123, 129, 130, 146, 147, 158, 160; secret society, 186
Crow Wing, Minn., II.1:473-492
Crow Wing River, III:506
Crow’s Breast, Hidatsa chief, I:443
Crow-Flies-High, Hidatsa chief, IV:47, 48, 49, VII:99; Indian family of, 386
Crowley, Daniel, III:226; Jane, 226; Thomas, 226
Crowther, D., U.S. Boundary Survey, IV:199n. 1
Crozat, Antoine de, land grant of, IV:182, 183
Crum, Rev. J. R., IV:125, 166, 176
Crummey, George W., Bismarck, IV:108
Crystal Springs, D.T., V:58, VII:280
Culbertson, Alexander, I:361, II.1: fn. 278-279; John I:361; Joseph, I:361, II.1:272n. 1
Cullen, John, IV:255
Cumberland district, IV:650-692
Cumberland Gap, Va., VII:64, 66
Cumberland House, III:394; IV:289, 559-633, 653-837
Cummings, Cuthbert, IV:650-828; J. W., 430; John, 352; Robert, 687-831
Cunningham, John, IV:256; Patrick, 657, 673, 677
Curl, Rev., Methodist minister, V:36
Curley (Curly Head), not sole survivor, VI:14, 15; with Custer at battle of Little Bighorn, 119, 120; not with Custer, 160; reaches mouth of Little Bighorn, 208, VI:opp.120
Curran, Daniel, III:230
Currier, C. A., VII:306, 306n.
Curril, Archiba1d, II.1:126
Curry, Robt., IV:252
Curtis, William, II.1:314
Curtiss, Edith, III:94; John, III:232; Henry W., III:236; Kate E., III:236; Rev. Edward D., III:93; Ruth E., III:236; Winfred, III:236
Cuskelly, James F., IV:260; Mary, 360; Patrick, 360
Cuskelly vs. Shafer, the case of, IV:42
Custer City, D.T., V:72
Custer, George A., I:272-292, III:342, VI:13-195; camp site of, V:71n. 78; expedition of 1876, VI:53, 90, 140, 172; expedition to Black Hills, story of, VI:163-170, VII:309n; I:347; Tom
Custer Massacre, V:37, 122
Custer's Last Look (hill), VI:82, 108, 160
Custom House, Pembina, III:552
Cut Bank Creek, IV:198
Cut Finger, Indian family of, IV:288
Cutanahye, II.1:122
Cutler, F. C., II.2:132
Cutter, Albertin, II.2:98; Salmon C., II.1:98
Cutts, R. W., VII:173
Cwthullin, lake schooner, IV:540
Cyr, Joseph, I:361


d' Appassashish, ____, IV:627
D'Argent, Rev. W. E., IV:141, 171, 174, 175
D’Lonais, Aidelade, III:227; Alex., III:226; Clematis, III:227; Elamine, III:227; Francis, III:226; Gregory, III:226; John, III:226; Joseph, III:226, 227
D’Orsonnens, Capt. Proteus, III:426, 432, 433, 494, IV:505, 563-631; deposition of, 570, 573, 611
Da-roch-pa, secret society, VI:59; moccasin game with grass dancers, VI:72
Dacotah Hotel, N.Dak., VII:79
Dagslyset, I:155
Dahl, Ole, II.2:95
Dahlen, N.Dak., VII:241
Daily, N.Dak., VII:213
Daily, Robert, IV:253
Dakin, Emily, IV:408; Francis, 408; Henry, 408; Mary, 408
Dakota attack on Fort Berthold, VII:44, 46
Dakota Census for 1850, III:550
Dakota Conflict of 1862, I:412-423, V:251-272, VII:120, 240n.; causes of, I:423-429; II.2:6-163; II.1:179-185; II.1:473-492, V:255-257
Dakota Democrat, first newspaper in Dakota Territory, II.1:143
Dakota district, boundaries defined, I:221
Dakota, Hudson Bay Co. steamboat, VII:94, 278
Dakota Indians, III:498, 500; VI:18, 22, 42, 43, 59, 78-80, 148, 166-168, 172-175, 187-189; at Fort Berthold, VII:33, 34, 56, 57; in battle of Little Bighorn, VI:93-121; life on reservations, 1853-1859, III:523
Dakota Land Company, II.1:141
Dakota Medicine Society, I:459 dance lodge, I:472; initiation into, I:462
Dakota, Red River steamboat, IV:199
“Dakota Territorial Census of 1885, The," IV:338-448
Dakota Territory, V:171-173, 175, 178, 222; map of, 202n. 44; 204; archaeological sites in, I:80-81; specimens from, III:114-125; early travel in, II.1:146; Gov. Semple’s work in, II.1:104; sketch of military experiences in, III:242-246; traveler’s impressions of, in 1864, II.1:432; winter home of Selkirk Colony, II.1:94, 95, 104
Dakota Treaty, 1837, terms of, III:510
Dalcour, ____, IV:609
Dale, Henry, III:188
Dallas, Alexander Grant, IV:647
Dalles post, IV:656-720
Dalmann, G. J., I:105
Dalrymple, Oliver, bonanza wheat farmer, I:299-310, III:345-347, 570, 574, 475, 597-611; farm of, IV:134
Dalton, Thomas, III:230
Daly, Timothy, III:230
Dampier, William, III:230
Damsel, steamboat, II.2:148
Dana, Charles A., III:338; Dr., III:92
Dance Flag, Mandan Indian, II.1:466
Dane County, Wis., VII:169
Daniels, J. W., agent, Sisseton agency, III:183
Danielson, Christina, IV:280; Hannah, 380; Herman, 380; Powell, 380
Danish immigration, to N.Dak., I:180-200; customs and culture, I:153-180; political views of, I:165-168; survivals in North Dakota settlements, I:159
“Danish settlement, Hill Township, Cass County,” I:153
Danks, Rev. L. E., IV:131, 132, 142
Dark Day, Indian family of, IV:284
Darling, C. W., Fort Berthold agent, II.1::469
Darmez, C. M., IV:297; D., 397; E., 397; G. E., 397; J., 397
Darveau, Rev. Jean Ed., IIApp:1-34
“Data of the Archaeology of the Dakotas, the,” I:74-89
Dati, Thomas., IV:257
Dauphin, Vincent, deposition of, 576
Dauphinee, Michel, IV:614
Davenport, Benjamin F., 2nd Cpl., Northern Rangers, II.2:95; J., IV:218
Davenport, Cass County, III:168
Davern, Edward, IV:253
Davey, Capt., member of relief expedition from Fort Rice, VII:18; P. B, Capt., 2nd Minn., Cav., II.1:428
David, Robert, II.2:99
David Tatum, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:313
David Watts, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:302-308, 328
Davidson, Matthew, II.1:203; Carter, IV:448; Forman, 406; Linny, 406; Scott, 412; Walter, 406
Davis Creek, D.T., VII:312
Davis, Gov. C. K., III:564; H. C., Towner County commissioner, 321; John A., 233; John S., 234; Kentie, 234; Capt. N. H., II.2:7, 89; R. J., I:383; William, 231; W. B., 194-196, 234; Annie, IV:446; Cora L., 446; D. L., 446; David, 218; David L., 446; Frank, 54; H. C., 420; J., 394; J. C. B., acting Sec. of State, 189; James E., 446; Jean Baptiste, deposition of, 479, 614; John T., 256
Davis Rankin Company, Chicago, III:633
Dawalt, Charles, III:230
Dawes, Henry L., House of Rep., IV:191; L. G., donates site of Fort Dilts, VII:14n.
Dawson, Andrew, I:342, 348, 361-370; George, III:95; Maggie, 362, 363; Mary, III:95; G. M., IV:217; Arnold, VII:287
Day County, V:191
Day, Hannibal, Lt. Col., II.2:89; J. A., II.1:250; John, I:361; Major, .413, 415; Rev. E. H., II.1:478; A. F., IV:294; C. E., 394; E., 394; Henry, 394; J. A., 394; John, 394; Rev. Edgar W., 123, 134, 135, 140, 142, 145, 146, 167, 172, 176, 178; S., 394; W., 394; H. B., V:80n. 96
Day Shadow, Indian family of, IV:287
Dayton, Minn., II.2:22
Dazey, N.Dak., VII:225
De Graff, Clay, IV:268
De Huerter, Frederick, deposition of, IV:542
De Laud, C. E., IV:445; Grace E., 445; Clara, 445
De Meuron, Lt. Col., III:431
De Meuron’s Regiment, II.1:105, 106, III:369-437, 431n., 488, IV:538-639; officers and soldiers from, IV:247
De Mores, Marquis, V:157, VII:311-314, 320, 320n.
De Noyer, Charles, article by, III:178-241; David, 186n. 2, 202n. 2, 203, 204, 219, 219; Stephen, 203, 205
De Rudio, Lt., I:348
De Smet, Father Peter John, I:362; VII:29, 30n.
Deaconess Hospital, in Grand Forks, history of, VII:180-183; in Northwood, 183-185
Dead Buffalo lake, N.Dak., VII:118
Dead Horse Creek, D.T., V:68
Deadwood, D.T., V:73, 166, VII:303, 310-314, 316-318, 322, opp.314
Dean, Cora, article by, III:350-368; E., IV:400; George, 253
Dearborn, Maj. Gen., III:209
Dearman, Matthew L., II.2:92
Dears, Thomas, IV:659, 674, 691, 707, 711, 724
Dease, John, I:362; J. A., IV:505; J. W., 605, 606; John, 283; Peter Warren, 649-853; Warren, 740; William, 290
Deases Lake post, IV:748, 763
Death songs, VI:77
Decoigne, ____, IV:627
Decorah, Ia., VII:203, 236, 259
Decorgne, ____, IV:615
Deer Creek, D.T., V:72, VII:9
Deer Lodge, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:264, 265, 285-313, 325, 330, 341, 353, 354, 358, 361, 372, 373, 377, 378, 388, 392-394; VII:127
Deer Lodge valley, II.2:70
Deer's Lake post, IV:653-780, 795, 807-837
Deering, James, V:79n. 94
Deffebach, Erasmus, VII:312, 315, 320, 321, 323n.
Deiber, Barbara, IV:271; Jacob, 371; Madalina, 371; Mikel, 371
Deitz, Leonard, III:232
Del Rapids, S.Dak., VII:226
Delaney, Joseph, II.1:425; Dennis, IV:430; Doroughty, 350; Nancy, 350
DeLisle, George, member park board, VI:215
Delling, Joseph, II.1:268
DeLong, A. H., biographical sketch of, VII:104-119, opp.96; Cordelia J ., 119; Emily M., 119; Francis, 119; Frank, 119; Henry H., 303; Hiram. 104; Mary E., 119; Thaddeus, 119
Delorimier, Indian Dept., III:392
Delorme, Francois (See Francois Eno), deposition of, IV:459, 470, 493
Demarais, Joseph, interpreter at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:30
Demarrais, Joseph, Jr., V:270
Demerar, Nelson, II.2:95
DeMers, Charles, pilot on the Red River, VII:95
Demorest, Rev. W. L., Grand Forks, II.1:177
Demphy, Edward, III:233
Denmark, emigration from, I:153-180; labor conditions in, I:154; forty years ago, I:169
Dennice Novoveku, Bohemian paper, IV:79
Dennis, George, IV:420; Mary, 420
Denslow, _____, member of Fisk’s expedition, 1863, II.2:81
Denver, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:270, 284, 287, 315, 329
Denzer, F. H., IV:440; Barbara, 440
Department of Indian Affairs, V:113
“Depositions Relating to Certain Transactions at the Selkirk Settlement, Red River Valley, 1815-17,” III:369-437; of Louis Blondeau, 400; Francois Firmin Boucher, 436; John Bourke, 308, 403; Joseph Brisbois, 401; Charles Gaspard Bruce, 402; George Campbell, 418; John Cooper, 374; Hubert Faye, 423; James Flynn, 391; Alexander Fraser, 434; Joseph Kenny, 387; Michael Kilbride, 379; Neal M'Kinnon, 379; Donald M’Kinnon, 389; Alexander M'Lean, 387; Hector M’Leod, 382; John M'Nabb, 431; Patrick M’Nolty, 386; Louis Nolin, 398; P. C. Pambrun, 394; John Charles Sayer, 416; George Sutherland, 384; Robert Sutherland, 375
Dere, Joseph, IV:292; Knappy, 392; Maggie, 392; Minnie, 392
Derocher, Phillip, IV:742
deRudio, Lt., I:339-349
Des Autel, Joseph, I:362
Des Hayes, Augustine, deposition of, IV:588
Des Moines River, III:506
Deschambeault, George, IV:653-836
Deschamps, Francis, III:400; Francois, III:437; ____, IV:517; Francois, 491, 530, 531, 534, 554; deposition of, 620, 626; Jean Baptiste, 623, 628; Joseph (Grossetete) 520, 530
Desford, J., X.Y. Co. trader, 366
Deshorsk, Abram, IV:257
Desjarlais, Frank, III:179n. 1; sketch of, 214, 214
Desmarais, half breed, III:104; interpreter to Alex. Henry, Jr., 352
Desmarrais, ____, deposition of, IV:520; Jean Baptiste, 458, 491, 492; deposition of, 525; Solomon, deposition of, IV:640
DeSmet County, V:187, 195, 196, 214, 219
Desonier, interpreter, III:392
Desparats, Antoine, deposition of, IV:626
Desroches, ____, IV:630; Jean Baptiste, deposition of, 610
Destroismaisons, Father Pierre, I:210, 218; Rev. Thomas, IIApp:1-34
Dethloff, F., IV:444; Lizzie, 444; Louis, 444; Emma, 444
Detroit, Minn., Boston colony at, III:343
Dettler, Otto, member park board, VI:221
DeVallombrosa, M. Antoine. See DeMores, Marquis.
Devault, Jacob, IV:277; James I., 377; Leonie May, 377; Lewis, 377; Nancy, 376; Sarah, 377
Develin, Capt., II.1:424
Dever, Rev. D. H., IV:141
Devetta, Anna, IV:249
Devils Lake, D.T., II.2:25, 80, V:109, 111, 119, 145, 213, VII:55, 118, 189, 219, 220, 241, 262, 289-305; legends of, I:476; scouts from, II.2:126; townsite company of, VII:297
Devils Lake Mission, census of 1880, III:231
Devils Lake News, III:240
Dewey, cattle herder, Ia., VII:126
Diamond lake, Minn., VII:120
Diary of Chief Trader John McLeod, Hudsons Bay Company, II.1:115; of Lewis C. Paxson, Fort Abercrombie soldier, 1862-24, II.2:102
Diary of D. M. Holmes, V:53-84
Dibb, Dr. William D., buffalo, hunting, II.2:44; experience of, lost on prairie, II.2:55; letter on Fisk Overland Expedition, II.1:82; member of Capt. Fisk’s protective corps, II.1:39; surgeon of Overland Expedition to Fort Benton, II.1:35; member of Fisk’s expedition, 1864, II.1:426
Dibs, Thomas, II.2:95
Dick, William, II.1:241
Dickerman, H. B., IV:218
Dickerson, E. E., IV:424
Dickey County, V:192; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Dickey, Rev. James W., IV:141, 176, 178; Robert, 445
Dickinsin, E., IV:417; W. M., 417
Dickinson and Deadwood Transportation Co., VII:318
Dickinson, Mrs. George, III:206n. 1
Dickinson, N.Dak., IV:73, 76, VII:311-320, 323n.
Dickinson Press, VII:311n., 313
Dickson, Joseph, I:361, 362; ____, Liberator of Indian Race, IV:265; Col. Robt., British trader, 250; purchases cattle for Selkirk settlement, 252
Dictator, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:373, 376
Diehm, Fred, IV:50; John, 50
Dierks, Henry, II.2:93
Dietrich, Capt. C. J., II.2:120
Dietrichsen, Rev. Wilhelm, VII:197, 198
Dignen, James S., III:232
Dill, Col., Fort Rice, I:342, 343; II.1:421-429, II.1:440-442, VII:7
Dillingham, Agnes, IV:281; James, 381; Olive, 381
Dillon, freighter between Fort Pierre and Black Hills, V:77; John, VII:127
Dilts, Jefferson, scout, II.1:425, 430, 435, III:245, VII:6, 10, 15
Dilworth, Joseph, III:342
Dimant, Louis, IV:218
Dimmick, B. W., IV:55
Dingman, H. H., IV:420; S. S., 420
Dischner, John, III:233
Discovery Creek, D.T., V:73
Dissilere, A., IV:247; John, 347
District of Louisiana, V:170
Dithloff, Lewis, IV:445
Dives, E., IV:250
Divet, A. G., member park board, VI:217
Divide County,V: 246
Djuberg. A. F., III:253,258; Emil, III:256n. 1, 259, 305
Doak, Rev. M. J., IV:146, 147
Doane, Lt., constructs litters for wounded, VI:113n.
Dobbs, Arthur, IV:240
Doblier, Caroline, IV:266; Godlieb, 366; Jacob, 366; Martin, 366
Dock, Ole, VII:171
Dockward, Joseph, VII:94
Dodd, Charles, IV:770, 819, 833
Dodge County, Minn., VII:170
Dodge, D. J., II.1:428
Dodsworth, _____, IV:443
Doelshy, Frank, IV:64
Dog Den Butte, D.T., V:137, 149; VII:41, 97
Doheny, Dennis E., sketch of, III:220, 219; Rose, VII:306; Walter J., 289 306
Doherty, Patrick, II.2:99
Dohmneller, Frank, III:233
Doil, Margaret, III:220
Dokken, Ole, VII:160; Tollef, 170
Dolan, C. J., IV:278; Charles, 378; Eliza, 378; Elizabeth, 378; John, 351, 378; Michael, 378; Terence, 378
Dole, W. P, U.S. Indian Commissioner, II.1:484
Dolejsi, Frank, IV:71
Dolum, Magnus, III:162
Dominick, Troyer, III:188
Donahan, Thomas, IV:253
Donald, Hugh O., II.2:95
Donaldson, Capt., patrol duty on Red River, II.2:33; W. H., II.1:291
Donan, Dan, IV:257
Donnahue, Ellen, III:236; Jeremiah, III:236; Mary E., III:236; William H., III:236
Doolittle, C. L., IV:218
Doonea, Peter, IV:251
Dooper, J. D., II.1:416
Door County, Wis., Icelandic settlement in, I:96
Dora, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:372
Doran, John T, II.1:416; fight with the Sioux, II.1:301n. 1; Rev. F., Moorhead, Minn., II.1:177
Dore, N.Dak., IV:51
Dorman, Laura E., II.1:439n. 1; Isaiah, African American interpreter, VI:75, 110, 195
Dospiva, John, IV:77
Doty, Gov. James, Wis., III:515; Rev. W. J., IV:147; William F., 146
Double Ditch Indian Village, description of, II.1:501; II.1:501
Douers, Grandberry, IV:256
Dougan, Frederick, IV:257
Dougherty, _____, I:362; Annie, II.2:98
Douglas, C. M., VII:298
Douglas County, Ia., VII:152; Minn., 162, 214
Douglas democrats, I:350-354
Douglas, James, IV:658-833; Nathan, 357; Henry, F., 109; Rev. John, 109; Rev. T. E., 135; Rev. Thomas, 134.
Douglas, Thomas. See Selkirk, Lord
Dow, Folsom, III:87, 91, 93, 158; L. F., creameries in N.Dak., III:634-635; Lewis, IV:426; Mrs. W. A., 426; VII:73
Downie, Mark, Maj., Fort Wadsworth, II.1:424
Doyle, John, III:232; J. E., IV:420; John, 356; 363; P. D., 363; Thomas; 376
Dozier, Fred, II.1:416; John, II.1:264
Dozier, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:314-330
Drag-the-Stone, Dakota Indian, VII:28
Drago, Henry, III:233
Dragseth, Sivert, VII:154
Drapau, Philomene, III:231
Draper, Lyman C., Wisconsin Historical Society, I:61; Chief Justice of Canada, IV:201, 305; Jesse, 363
Drean, Jan, II.2:101
Dreschel, Charles, II.2:92
Drexel family, Philadelphia, gifts to Chippewa Indians, V:116
Dribble, Charles, VII:297
Drifted Guts (post), V:268
Driscoll, N.Dak., VII:244
Drozd, Joseph, IV:75
Drum, R. C., Adj. Gen., III:192
Drummond, Sir Gordon, III:413
Drummond’s Island, III:426, 432
Dry Fork Creek, D.T., V:67, VII:103
Dry Wood Lake (post), V:269
Dryade, trading ship, IV:723
Du Bois, Gustavus, II.2:99; Mary, II.2:99
Duan, Alexander, IV:130
Dubud, Antpine, deposition of, IV:640, 641
Dubuque, Ia., VII:120, 274, 297
Ducharme, ____, IV:630, 631; Antoine, 487; Maron, 555; Nicholas, deposition of, 522
DuCheneault, VII:129
Duckett, Reuben, interpreter, VI:149
Dudley, Sgt. Joseph, II.2:132; Henry, IV:253
Duel County, V:178
Dufferin, English barracks, IV:220
Duffey, Harry, VII:128
Duffy, Charles, III:266; Elizabeth, 266; Henry, 226; Joseph, 188, 226; Julia, 226; lsabella, 228; Joseph, 228; Leon, 228
Duford, J., I:362
Dufresne, Alfred, IV:445
Dugoll, Julius, VII:95
Duis, George E., address by, II.1:69-71
Duluth, French trader, IV:238
Duluth, Minn., IV:220
Duly, Capt. William J., VII:117, 117n.
Dumarrais, Jean Baptiste, deposition of, IV:487
Dumont, steamboat, II.2:155
Dumoulin, Rev. Joseph Severe, I:206-210, 217; II.1:133, II.1:95; IIApp:1-34, IV:101
Dumphy, Alberta, IV:421; Andrew, 421; Collie, 421; Cora C., 421; H. E., 421; James, 421; Maude R., 421; Phoebe, 421
Dunahez, C. M., IV:297; C. W., 397; J., 397
Dunbar, William, IV:254
Duncan, N.W. Co. agent, III:369, 373-392, 398, 402, 417, 421; John, 355, death of, 358; J. Dugald, 387; Alexander, IV:723, 770, 786, 818, 833; Edna, 296; J., 396; N. E., 396
Dunker Church (Dunkers), IV:81-100; annual conference at Muncie, Ind., 84; divisions of, 83; first church of, in N.Dak., 91; principles of, 82n. 1; religious activities in N.Dak., 91; religious ordinances in, 92n. 1; special train for colonists to N.Dak., 88
Dunker Colony, first in N.Dak., IV:81
Dunlap, James, IV:274; Lauren, State Commissioner of Immigration, N.Dak., 96
Dunlop, James, IV:144
Dunn County, V:203-207, 227, 229-231, 235, 238, 239; census summary of 1885, IV:259; names of all residents in, 359-360
Dunn, Peter, III:386; George, IV:416; John, 754, 757; John, 355; Katie, 416; Mary, 416; Winfield, 346; W. S., VII:101
Dunn's Eleventh Siding, V:56
Dunorout, Scotty, IV:59
Dunseith, N.Dak., history of, I:251-272
Dunton, H. J., 2nd Lt., Citizens Company, II.2:93
Dunvegan post, IV:617, 619, 651-837
Duplisse, ____, IV:623
Dupre, Frederick, I:363
Durant, Frand, II.1:101
Durfee and Peck, Indian traders, I:363; I:423-429, VII:99; purchasers of Northwest Co. posts, 29, 30
Durkee, C. A., member park board, VI:217
Dushel, Danierien, IV:271; John, 371; Katrina, 371
Dutch Jake, II.1:300n.3, 328, 353
Dutch stockholders, St. Paul, Minnesota and Manitoba Railroad Co., VII:270
Duter, Elder W. R., Milford, Ind., IV:91
Dvorak, Jacob, IV:78; John, 77; Rev. Father, 66
Dwight, village of, III:175
Dyckman, Rev. H. M., IV:138, 173, 178
Dyer, John, IV:408
Dyesh, Joseph, IV:435; Lizzie, 435; Gustave, 435; Joe, 435
Dyson, Glenn, II.1:206, 250


E-ce-tu-ki-ye, Dakota warrior, V:260, 267
E-ni-han, Dakota warrior, V:267
E-sha-na-ji-ka, Dakota scout, V:269
E-ta-zo-pe-o-kak-se, Dakota name for Jamestown, V:268
E. A., V:186n. 57; James, V:37, 37n. 22; 55n. 18; 64n. 54; 76n. 84; 65, 65n. 56; Gus., VII:73
Eagle, James H., interpreter of Hidatsa legend, IV:33- 40, 33n.
Eagle, trading ship, IV:756
Eagle Woman, wife of Move Slowly, II.1:471
Earle, Annie, II.1:100; Thomas, 100
“Early Days in North Dakota,” II.1:141-143
“Early Development of North Dakota,” I:299-310
“Early Fur Trading in the Red River Valley, From the Journals of Alexander Henry Jr,” III:350-368
“Early History of McKenzie County,” IV:41-57
“Early Immigration of the Norwegians to the Red River Valley,”VII:133-191
Early, John, III:380, John, IV:481; Patrick, 356
“Early Military Experiences in Dakota,” III:242-246
“Early Norwegian Emigration and Its Causes,” III:310-320
East, D' Arcy, IV:217
East Grand Forks, Minn., VII:71, 278
Eastlund, August E., III:275
Eastman, A. E., IV:296; Annie, 396; C., 396; C. P., 396; E. D., 396; Fred, 396; L., 396; N. E., 396; R., 396
Eaton Bros., IV:59. Edgar, Kid, 60
Eaton, Henry E., II.1:134
Ebenezer Manual Labor school (Jacksonville, Ill.), II.1:476
Ebert, C. C., II.1:260
Ebner, Claude, III:231
Ecklund, John, III:276
Eclipse, Missouri River steamboat, VII:102
Eclipse of Moon, mentioned in steamboat log, II.1:314
Edd, Charles, III:277
Eddie, H. N., VII:174; Nick, 166n.
Eddy County, V:211; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Eddystone, Hudson’s Bay Co. ship, III:441, 443
Eddystone, II.1:92, 96
Edgar, Fred, VII:127, 128
Edge, William, I:206
Edgeley, 1st Lt., III:194
Edgerly, Lt. W. S., III:220
Edgerton, Judge, II.1:222n. 1
Edminson, Charles, IV:421; Fred, 421; George, 421; Henry, 421; James, 421; Jemma, 421; Rebecca, 421; Wellington, 421
Edmonton post, IV:653-834
Edmunds, Rev. T. Merrill, III:94
Edstrom, Mary C., IV:418; P. T., 418
Education, in Icelandic settlements, I:118; of Indians at Devils Lake, III:220
Edward and Anne, sailing vessel, II.1:92, 116
Edwards, Sgt., 8th Minn. Vols, III:242; Addie, IV:422; Bill, 430; Dave, 422
Edwin, Ernest, IV:254
Edwinton, now Bismarck, I:422
Effie Deans, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:300, 302, 304-307
Egan, James, III:233; Michael, IV:247; Thomas, 347
Eger, Amelia, IV:280; Charles, 380; Edward, 380; Josephine, 380; Mary, 380; Matilda, 380; Maud Bell, 380; Ricka, 380
Egger, John, III:162
Egilsson, Gisli, I:99, 128
Eide, Knud Olson, III:313
Eielsen, Rev. Elling, VII:197, 198, 199
Eight Mile Point, N.Dak., VII:94
Eighth Minn. Volunteers, III:242; Company A, VII:53
Eilsen's synod, VII:201
Einarsson, Gudmundur, I:128, I:opp. 104; Jon, 96
Ekan-a-gin-ka (Stands-Firmly), Dakota warrior, V:268
Ekern, Dr. A., VII:176
Eklund, I., IV:428
Ekman, Rev. E. J., III:256
Elder, F. A., Moorhead, Minn., II.1:172, 177; W. W., II.1:177
Eleoy, Frederick, IV:272
Elgin (Ayr), N.Dak., IV:144
Elida, N.Dak., IV:51
Elim congregation, of Swedes in Fargo, III:268
Eliot, Louis, IV:253
Elizabeth City, D.T., V:73, 74, 75
Elizabeth, Minn., IV:68; flour mill at, III:163, 172
Elk County, Penn., V:26
Elk Creek, D.T., V:66, 67, 71, 73, 157
Elk Head (Not-Afraid-of-Anybody), enlists as scout, VI:44
Elk Valley, N.Dak., VII:168, 168n.; 169, 241, 294n.
Elkhorn, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:330, 343
Elkhorn Ranch, V:77, 157, VII:322
Ellen May No. 2, river steamboat, VII:80, 88, 89
Ellendale, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:141.
Ellertson, Elling, VII:169; Nils, 169
Ellestad, O. T., VII:175
Ellice, Edward, IV:246, 275, 280, 288, 305
Ellinganer congregation, VII:249
Ellingson, VII:Ole, 188n.; S. G., 175
Elliott, F. M., II.1:256
Ellis, C. E., 400; H. N., 400; J. P., 400; John, 339; L. A., 400; S. E., 400
Ellsworth, N.Dak., IV:51
Elm, Charles, III:257; Gust, III:257
Elm Grove, N.Dak., VII:168, 169
Elm River, IV:116; V:53, 53n.; 268; (post), 268; VII:73, 209, 215, 234, 236, 250, 272, 279; bridge, 282;congregation, 262n.; stage station, 281
Elmer, Rev. Oscar H., IV:105, 110n. 1, 113, 115, 134, 135, 138, 166, 170-176; facts regarding his later life, 155n. 1; reminiscences of, 153-155
Elmgren, Carl, III:260
Elotte, ____, IV:616
Elsbury, George H., II.1:246, 248, 248n. 1
Elton, V. W: 341
Ely, Rev. R. W., IV:144
Elznic and Pavek Band, IV:72
Elznic, William H., article by, IV:62-80
Emerson, Rev. James O., III:87, 90, 94; George, IV:430
Emery, trader on the Missouri River, II.1:327n. 2
Emigration from Iceland, I:122,123
Emigration from Sweden, causes for, III:296-302; prevention of, III:296-302
Emilie, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:313, 315
Emma, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:269
Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Abercrombie, III:164
Emmerich, J., Fort Berthold agent, II.1:469; George, II.1:100; Mary, II.1:100
Emmons County, V:188, 190, 214; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Enderlin, N.Dak., VII:213, 244, 246, 247n.; Presbyterian church organized in, IV:146
Endicott, William C., Secretary of War, III:192
Endreson, A., IV:268
Enebek, Norway, III:174
Enemy Heart, Mandan Indian, II.1:470
Enemy Swim lake, V:268
Enger, F. G., VII:181n.,183n.; Mrs., 152
Engerud, Holt and Frame, law firm, IV:57
Engh, Christian, VII:169
English, L. W., II.1:285, 294, 295; Annie, IV:246; Dan, Jr., 346; Daniel, 346; Elizabeth, 346; Hugh, 346; Joseph, 346; Thomas, 346; William, 346
English River, N. W. Co. Post, III:358; IV:559; IV:650-844
Engstad, Dr. J. E., VII:176, 180
Enmegahbowh. See Johnson, John.
Enns, Rev. Johann, Mennonite pastor, III:325
Eno, Francois, deposition of, IV:509, 527, 530, 552. See also Francois Delorme
“Enos Stutsman,” I:350-354
Ensign, C. H., IV:417
Enskeda, Amos, IV:242; By, 342; Eliza, 342; Ezra, 342; Hans, 342; James, 342; John, 342; Mary, 342; Tubol, 342
Episcopal school, Belcourt, 117
Equemadoge, Ojibway woman, III:711, 713, 715
Erdman, Philip, IV:418
Erenst, Alex, IV:430; Callie, 430; Edward, 430
Ericksen, Laura, VII:234; Randi, 243
Erickson, Andrew, III:175; August, III:278; John, III:271; J. W., III:274, 275; Nellie, III:175; W. G., III:274; H., IV:295; John, 446; Robt., 418
Ericson, Annie, III:234
Erie, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:148
Erindringer, by Rev. Ole Paulson, VII:148
Erlandson, Erland, IV:674, 677, 756
Ermatinger, Francis, IV:658-833
Erp, Robert, IV:251
Ervin, Henry G., III:233
Erwin, Stanley, IV:434
Esguimaux Indians, III:443, 479, 481-485
Eshelman, Jacob, II.1:164; J. S., V:37, 76n.; 53n., VII:296
Eske, Rev. J. J., VII:228
Esterbrook, A. J., IV:430; Edward, 430; Ellen, 430; Emma, 430; Frank, 430; Henry, 430; John, 430
Estes, B. J., IV:218
Estes, N.Dak., IV:51
Esther Buffinton, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:286
Ethnography and Philology of the Hidatsa Indians, referred to, I:436
Ethur, keeper of stage station near Pembina, IV:223
Euroamericans, and the Ojibway legend of their arrival in America, III:725-727
Evangelical Lutheran church, VII:200, 211; in the Red River valley, 227
Evans, L. A, II.2:95; Rev. James, II.1:474; George, III:338; E., IV:442; Edwin C., 440; Frank, 440; George 406; Mary, 440; Milton, 357; Rev. ____, 788, 805, 822, 836; Rev. ____, Fisher's Landing, Minn., 116; Rev. Charles A., 170
Evansville, Minn., VII:69
Evarts, William M., III:137, 138
Evening Star, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:286, 314, 316, 330, 373, 376
Evenson, E., VII:178; Erick, 166n.; Rev. G., 227
Eversole, Rev. S. N., Dunker church, Cando, N.Dak., IV:91
Everton, Orin, IV:430
Ewing County, V:205, 223
Ewing, Rev. William, III:94
Ewyart, D. W., IV:277
Excited (Inihau), Dakota warrior, V:268
Executive Order, U.S. Govt., 1882, V:112n. 15; 1884, V:113
“Expeditions of Capt. James. L. Fisk to the Gold Mines of Idaho and Montana 1864-1866,” II.1:421-461
Experimental Farm, Hudson's Bay Co., IV:686, 687, 702, 782; Red River Colony, 791
Exposition, St. Louis, IV:43


Faben, William, II.2:93
Factor, Joseph, IV:67
Fadden, George, V:37-70, 73, 76n.; John, VII:75
Fagel, James, III:203
Fagnan, Joseph, deposition of, IV:638
Fagstad, Ole, VII:169
Fahl, Henry, IV:405
Fahlgren, A., III:276
Fahlstrom, first Swedish settler in Minnesota, III:248
Fahn, Lawrence, IV:77
Faille, ____, deposition of, IV:590
Fairmount, N.Dak., IV:67
Falconer, John, IV:135.
Falda, Emil, treasurer of C. B. J., IV:80
Fallers, Rev. G. H., IV:145
Falley, Mrs. Fred, III:91
Fancher, F. B., delegate and president Constitutional Convention, III:127, 127n. 4, 149
Fanell, John, IV:256
Fannie Barker, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:356, 371
Fannie Lewis, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:264, 373
Fannie Ogden, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:267-269, 284, 287, 302, 304, 305, 312, 314
Fanning, Rev. Newville D., IV:117, 137, 170-178
Far West, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:371, V:78, VI:114n., 143n., 144; VII:101, 130
Farand, Father Henri, I:219
Fargo and Southern Railway, III:162, 168
Fargo Church, statistics of Swedish immigrants, III:307, 309
“Fargo in the Timber,” I:318-321
Fargo Methodist church, early history of, I:311-317
Fargo, N.Dak., III:163, 560, V:84, 115, VII:149, 167, 189, 218, 219, 223, 229n.; 230, 233-238, 248, 250, 253, 261, 263, 265, 272, 280-282, 303, 305; churches in, I:310-318; convention for separation of Dakota Territory, III:120; history of, I:299-310, I:318-321; proposed site of Methodist college, II.1:171-178
Fargo Presbytery, history of, IV:134
Faribault, Aleck, III:217; Mrs. Alexander, III:217, 217; Daniel, III:217; George H., III:195, 214; W. R., III:217, 217n. 4, 5
Faribault, Minn., VII:174, 226
Fariebault, Agnes, III:236; Alexander L., III:236; Euphraisne, III:236; George H., III:236
Faries, Hugh, IV:746
Farland, N.Dak., IV:51
Farley, J., IV:296
Farman, Baptist, IV:283
Farmer Brown, V:37, 59n. 38; 76n. 84
Farmer's Valley, N.Dak., VII:246
Farnsworth, Maj., II.1:258; W. A., statement by, III:94-95; Irving, III:95
Farquahrson, John, IV:515, 534; deposition of, 518, 525
Farquhar, Capt. F. V., IV:191-197
Farrell, Alfred C., article by, I:293-296; James, III:231; William, IV:257
Farrington, R., IV:277
Faster, William, IV:257
Faucette, early settler, II.1:165
Fauche, G. A., lieutenant of De Meuron Regiment, Account of Transactions at Fort William, III:425-431
Faulkner, Rebecca, II.1:257
Faust, Aaron, III:256; Jacob, 256; John, 256; Otto, 256; Peter, 256
Faust, N.Dak., III:257
Fay, G. H., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:134
Fay, Thomas, IV:252
Faye, Hubert, III: deposition of, 422, 423
Fayette, Iowa, V:44n. 32
Feagles, Rev. R. S., IV:176
Fecto, Joseph, II.1:265, 353, 416
Fee, John W, II.2:97
Feeny, John, IV:457
Felson, W. W., auditor of Pembina County, V:200n. 41
Fench, Annia, IV:405; John, 405
Fencl, F. J., IV:76
Fergus Falls, Minn., VII:189, 236, 245, 288n.
Fergus, James, letter on western routes, II.2:79
Ferguson, Robert, II.1:314; James, IV:414
Fernie, Rev. John, IV:145
Ferry, N.Dak., VII:172
Ferryboat, Red River, VII:164
Fevold, Jacob, VII:263
Few, John W., II.2:3
Fewer, Walter, St. Anthony, Minn., II.1:425, 430; Lewis, VII:9; Walter, 9
Fiadrny, Joseph, IV:71
Fiagnon, Jean Baptiste (Jean Baptiste Ganier), IV:770, 786, 800, 818
Fich, _____, Scotch settler, I:137
Fidler, Peter, II.1:120, 121; IV:488-505, 604-612; deposition of, 461; journal of, 475, 484, 485, 507; S., III:387
Fiemeyer, Frank, IV:414; John, 414
Fifteenth Siding (Sanborn), V:57 and note 29
Fifteenth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, VII:175
Fifth Infantry, U. S., Fort Totten, III:197, 223
Fillmore County, Minn., VII:149, 151, 160-164, 169, 171, 173, 177n.; 260
Filmore, H. G., II.2:95
Fils Kenis, Indian, IV:526-528
Fingade, Carl W., III:232
Finger, Bermand, IV:425; Rudolph, 425; Thelka N., 425
Finkle, Charles, II.1:165
Finlayson, Duncan, IV:649-838; Governor of Assiniboia, 316; John, 768-838; Roderick, 771-836
Finn, Anthony, III:226
Finnegan, B., IV:416; Gertie, 416; John H., 416; Lizzie, 416; Mary, 416
Finstad,, IV:281; Ole, 400. 371; William 406
Finsted, H., IV:400
Fire Heart, Dakota chief, VII:51; story of massacre of gold miners, 48-53
First Congregational Church of Wahpeton, III:94
“First Dunker Colony of North Dakota, The,” IV:81-100
First Minnesota Infantry, VII:3
First Minnesota Mounted Rangers, VII:6
First Minnesota Rangers, Company C, VII:54
“First Norwegian Settlement in Griggs County,”I:131
First Roman Catholic Central Union, IV:76
“First School at Fort Totten, The,” III:237-241
First U.S. Infantry, VII:19
Fischer, Frank, IV:251
Fish, H. C., Report of Museum and Library, II.1:51; Frank, Allegheny Seminary, IV:144; G. W., 135
Fish Lake, D.T., V:269
Fisher, Frederica, III:236; Henry, 233; John T., 236; Joseph, I:363, III:231; L. F., II.1:449; A. E., IV:401; Albert, 406; Alexander, 650-825; Alice, 409; Anton, 371; Cora, 401; Edna, 401; Elizabeth, 371, 406; F. F., 401; Frank, 409; H. E., 401; H. R. 401; Hannah, 371; Henry, 668-837; Henry Jr., 653, 654, 692; Herbert, 401; J. W., 109; John, 409; L. H., 401; Lewis, 409; Mary, 409; Michael, 31; William, 406; Mrs. C. M., V:32n. 18
Fisher, Minn., VII:163, 164, 238, 262n
Fisher’s Landing, II.1:161-170, VII:77, 95
Fisk, A. J., II.1:opp. 431; Dan W., II.1: 444; Maj. Van H., II.1: 458, VII:13
Fisk, Capt. James L., I:343, VII:1, 5, 8, 17, 18; II.1:opp. 421, III:245; letter by, II.1:440-442; II.1:459-461; II.2:34-88 II.1:423, 425, 430, 437, 451, 453; II.2:6, 81; arrival at Fort Abercrombie, II.1:119; buffalo hunting of, II.2:44; commander of Overland Expedition, 1863, II.2:78, 82-85; expedition of 1862, II.2:34, 38; expedition of, 1864, II.1:421, 428; expedition of, 1865, II.1:442; expedition of, l866, II.1:450; journal of expedition of 1862, II.2:38; North Overland Expedition of, II.2:35
Fisk Expedition of 1862, II.2:34-77; of 1863, II.2:78-88; of 1864, II.1:421-431; 1865, II.1:442-450; 1866, II.1:450-461
Fiske, George L., asst. quartermaster, II.2:131
Fismire, James, IV:253; John W., 353.
Fitch, E. J., II.1:203; Augustus, IV:414; Ralph, 414
Fitzgerald, Thomas, III:203, 206
Fitzgerred, J. P., II.1:416
Fitzpatrick, John, VII:101
Fitzsimons, Thomas, IV:252
Fjelstad, Mathias, I:152
Fladeland, Arne, VII:161; H. A., 163; T. J., 124
Flanagan, Patrick, IV:253
Flandrau, Charles E., II.1:488
Flandreau, early Dakota town, II.1:141
Flannery County, V:203, 204, 226, 227
Flansbury, Charles, IV:264
Flat Bear, Hidatsa chief, I:436
Flat Creek, D.T., V:80
Flat Heads post, IV:658-833
Flat Mouth, Dakota chief, V:269
Flatboat, description of, V:30n. 11
Flatmouth, Chippewa chief, I:421
Flax fiber mills, in N.Dak., III:655
Flensborg, Denmark, I:154
Flesher, picture of, I:opp. 455
Fletcher, Capt., III:189; Capt. William, II.2:89; John, IV:638
Fleurie, ___, IV:624.
Flinn, Mary, III:227
Flint, Jerome J., IV:137; R. N., IV:218
Floberg, E., VII:156; O., 156
Flood legend of Chippewa Indians, III:475
Flood, Mike, V:56n. 21
Floods, Red River, I:.212-213
Flopping Bill, IV:58
Florence City, II.2:65
Florence, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:270
Flour, prices paid for, 1869, VII:143; mill at, Grand Forks, 164
Flowers and flowering plants for North Dakota state parks, VI:233-237, 247-265
Floyd River, III:508
Fluery, teamster at Fort Totten, III:187
Flurrey, Emma, IV:250; G., 350; Minnie, 350
Flury, Louis, III:226
Fluzcuz post, IV:834
Flying Eagle, Mandan chief, II.1:465
Flying Nicely, V:134
Flynn, James, deposition of, III:391; John, 203; Mary, 203; James, IV:485, 486; John, 357; Thomas, sheriff, V:120, 125
Foestermann, Gustav, IV:252
Foley, William, IV:257; Thomas, VII:130
Follinsbee, H. II.2:95
Folsom, Capt., II.2:124
Fond du Lac, N. W. Co. Post, III:358
Fonda, Rev. Jesse L., III:88, 90; Wilhelm A., IV:276
Fool Boy, Dakota Indian, at Fort Rice, VII:52
Foolish Bear, enlists as scout, VI:50, 51; in battle of Little Bighorn, 97; carries message, 134, 135
Foolish Dog, secret society, VI:186
Foot, Fannie, IV:434; Frank, 434; L. S., 433; Mable, 434; R. S.p 434; Ray, 434; Sady, 433; Silas, VII:122, 123; Solomon, 121,123
Foot Lake, VII:121
Foran, Ira, IV:244; James, 344; John, 344; Martha, 344; Ophilia, 344; Susie, 344; Zach., 344
Forbes, Lt. Frank B., II.1:484; Major, IIApp:1-34; Maj. W. H., Indian agent, Devils Lake, III:183, 185, 237, 211; Rev. J. H., sketch by, III:101-107; Rev. A. G., IV:123, 130, 173, 175, 177; Thomas R., 347; William H., 257
Ford, A. T., VII:318; Rev. N., 218
Fordal, Ole, VII:152
Forde, Rev. N., VII:234; Rev. N. T., 229n.
Fordville, N.Dak., VII:224
“Foreign Immigration into North Dakota,” I:180-200
Forest City, Minn., II.2:20, III:242, VII:104, 109, 116, 119, 120, 121, 124
Forest River, N.Dak., 165, 170, 209, 217; Presbyterian Church at, IV:113
Forked Horn, detailed on scouting expedition, VI:69; leads party, 82; in battle of Little Bighorn, 97-110, 122, 123, 129, 150
Forks of the Red River, II.1:117-120, 122, 125, 130
Formanek, Albert, IV:65; Albert Sr., 66; Charles, 64; Frank, 64, 65, 66; Joe, 64, 66; John, 65
Fornir, ___, IV:540
Forrest, Gen., II.2:91; Charles, IV:743-833; Lt. Col., 217
Forsman, Rev. E. P., IV:128, 141, 174, 175, 178.
“Fort Abercrombie, 1857-1877,” II.2:6-163
Fort Abercrombie, I:200-251, III:87, 94, 97, 104, 106, 158, 169, 172, 178, 179, 212, 219, 243, 339, 552, V:28, 44, 269; and Fisk Expeditions, II.1:421-429; commanding officers at, II.2:89-90; early life at, III:159; history of, I:412-423, II.2:6-33; II.2:opp. 10, 33; II.1:179-185; opening the lands for settlement, III:161; roster of volunteers mustered at, II.2:93-94; soldiers and those who died at, II.2:91-92; soldier’s diary of, II.2:102-163; survivors, II.2:96; wagon train, II.2:113; IV:63, 64, 192, 196; VII:5, 97, 100, 117, 125, 140-162, 214, 248, 280
Fort Abercrombie Scout, newspaper, III:162
Fort Abercrombie State Park, VI:216-217, opp.216
“Fort Abercrombie,” I:412-423
Fort Abraham Lincoln, I:299-310, III:159, 193, 194, VI:18, 25, 48, 145n., 149, 170; attacked by Dakotas, 189; VII:310
Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, VI:217-218, opp.217
Fort Alexander, I:368, II.1:130, III:413, IV:656-831
Fort Andrew, II.1:326
Fort Assiniboine, Canada, I:359, 370,372, IV:653-837
Fort Atchison, VII:118
Fort Atkinson, Iowa, IV:67
Fort Bas de 1a Riviere, II.1:124
Fort Benton, I:342, 354, 361, 362, 374, 424; II.2:34, 36, 37, 79, III:179, 212; description of, II.2:66-67; IV:199, V:81n. 98
Fort Berthold, I:342-379, 435, 441, 444; II.1:267-284, 323, 400, 465, 498, 499; blockhouse, picture of, I:opp. 442; names of residents in Arikara village at, II.1:502-508; II.2:11, 36, 144; Sioux attack on trading post, I:442; VII:21, 28-30, 35, 97, 98, 100; Dakota attack on, 44, 46; trade goods at, 31n.; trader at, secures gold of slain miners, 51
Fort Berthold Reservation, IV:26, 47; VI:9; attacked by Dakotas, 187, 188
Fort Boise, IV:208n. 2
Fort Bouisse (Fort Boissi), IV:771, 786, 833
Fort Buford, I:339-349; I:367-371; 414, 423, 424; II.1:357, 389, III:178, 179, 195, 197, 212, IV:60, 198, 199n., VII:81, 88, 96, 97-100, 102; description of, II.1: 401
Fort, C. J., IV:299
Fort Charles, IV:236
Fort Charlotte, III:351
Fort Chimo, IV:674
Fort Chippewaw, IV:615-626
Fort Chippewyan, IV:651-837
Fort Churchill, II.1:97, 98, 102, 103; III:420, 485, 487, IV:241, 483, 723, 726, 770, 772; visit of John West at, III:481
Fort Clark, I:341-380; 443, VII:40; Indian drawing of, II.1:498, 499; Indian graveyard at, II.1:276n. 2, 297, 330; Mandan village at, II.1:267-284; names of residents in Mandan village at, II.1:498-508
Fort Colville (Fort Colvile), IV:208n. 2, 658-833
Fort Copeland, II.1:304
Fort Crawford, IV:255
Fort Cross, III:169
Fort Cumberland, Canada, III:400, 401, IV:552
Fort Daer, Canada, II.1:95, 101, III:455
Fort Dauphin, N. W. Co. Post, III:358, IV:654
Fort Deer, IV:657
Fort des Prairie, N. W. Co. Post, III:358, 394
Fort des Prairies, IV:499, 502, 531, 539, 559
Fort Dilts, II.1:430, 438, VII:8, 19, opp.14
Fort Donelson, Ky., VII:65
Fort Douglas, Canada, I:207-209; II.1:93-95, 99, 101, 104, 105, 128; III:396, 400-412, 360, 461, 469; IIApp:1-34, IV:244, 245, 460-614; arrival of Lord Selkirk, II.1:106; captured by Norwesters, II.1:105
Fort Drew, IV:731
Fort du Laird, IV:807
Fort Ellice, IV:669-829
Fort Ellis, II.1:330n., VI:25
Fort Ellsworth, Ks., VII:67
Fort Fetterman, VI:23, 25, VII:32
Fort Fisher, N.C., II.2:156
Fort Frances, IV:687-831
Fort Galpin, II.1:325
Fort Garry, II.1:118, II.2:9, 25, 29; III:106, IV:265, 298, 301, 655-853, VII:74, 140, 143, 162
Fort George, IV:208n. 2, 659-834
Fort Gibraltar, Canada, II.1:95, 100-102, 119, 122, 127, 130, III:381, 382, 388-390, IV:244, 245; capture of, 130; seized by Gov. Semple, 104
Fort Good Hope, IV:652-837
Fort Halkett, IV:652-826
Fort Hall, IV:208n. 2, 771-833
Fort Hawley, II.1:335, 353, 389, 407
Fort Jackson, I:360
Fort La Barge, I:369
Fort La Frambois, I:426,427; II.1:274, 275, 275n. 1, 281
Fort La Reine, I:200-251
Fort Langley, IV:208n. 2, 658-833
Fort Laramie, II.1:224,335; II.2:38, VI:20
Fort Lincoln, I:330,363, IV:109, 156
Fort Mandan, I:358-373, VII:88; Indian expedition to, I:215
Fort McKenzie, Mont., 360-368
Fort McLoughlin, IV:723-820
Fort Meade, Mont., III:196, VII:318
Fort Nasqually, IV:208, 209
Fort Nez Perce, IV:658-833
Fort Norman, IV:652-837
Fort Okinagan, IV:208n. 2
Fort Paubna, I:359; II.1:82
Fort Peck, I:370, VII:103; Indian attack on, II.1:343-358; II.1:359-371; III:179, 213
Fort Pelly, IV:654-829
Fort Pembina, I:240, 356-376; II.2:6, III:340, 341; IV:192; VI:220
Fort Pierre, I:356-378, 423-429, V:75-78, VII:117n., 310, 318
Fort Pitt, IV:653-828
Fort Primeaux, I:377
Fort Qui Appele, Canada, II.1:129, III:403, 405, 308
Fort Randall, VII:55, 128; history of, I:423-429; II.1:282
“Fort Randall,” I:423-429
Fort Ransom, I:412, 421, 422, II.2:6, III:169, 179, VII:220
Fort Rice, I:342-369, 422-424; II.1:296, 389, 425, 430; II.2:140, 145; III:193, 214, 243, 245; established, II.2:139; Sioux battle at, II.1:310, 321; VII:7, 15, 18, 19, 20, 25, 29, 51, 126; ex-rebels at, 19
Fort Rice State Park, VI:218-219, opp.218
Fort Richmond, II.1:182
Fort Ridgely, Minn., I:427, 428; II.1:429; II.2:9, 136, 147; III:243, V:255, 264, 267, 271, VII:6, 19n.; 116, 118
Fort Ripley, Minn., I:484, 486,487; II.2:8, 81, 133; V:251
Fort Riviere aux Liard, IV:652
Fort Sanborn (Georgetown, Minn.). II.2:10; evacuated, II.2:27
Fort Seward, I:300, IV:198
Fort Simpson, IV:652-837
Fort Sisseton, III:87, 169, 219
Fort Snelling, Minn., II.1:179, 476; II.2:102; 103, 117, 147; III:198, 217, 220, 242, 504, 549; troops from, called out, III:522; IV:252, 256, 257; V:267; VII:5, 81, 89, 107
Fort Snyder, II.1:227n. 2
Fort Stevenson, I:358, 412, 414, 422-424; II.1:389, III:178, 180, 182, 213; description of, II.1:400; IV:226, 227, 231; VI:43-45; VII:35, 98, 100
Fort Sully, I:423-429; II.1:293; 311, 389, 396, 411, III:218; new, II.1:397; VII:23, 29, 128
Fort Tecumseh, I:423
Fort Teton, I:423
Fort Thompson, II.1:389; V:79, 80
Fort Totten, I:.412, 422-424; II.2:6; V:117; history of, III:178-241; legends of, I:476-478; IV:197, 198, 232, 233; VII:97, 98, 100, 154, 269, 298, 301; Indian reservation, 209
Fort Totten Indian reservation, crops on, 183; Indians on, III:183, 184, 201
Fort Totten trail, I:158
Fort Umqua, IV:208n. 2
Fort Union, I:339-349; I:356-377; II.1:267-284, 409, 457, 458; II.2:37, 40, 72-74, 76, 77, 142, 143; agent Meldrum at, II.2:61, IV:200, VII:29, 30n.; 99, 102
Fort Vancouver, IV:208, 647-834
Fort Vanderburgh, I:377
Fort Vermillion, N. W. Co., III:360, IV:616-618
Fort Victoria, IV:834
Fort Wadsworth, I:412, 422; II.1:432; II.2:6, 146, III:218, V:268-271; VII:7; established, II.1:424, II.2:33,
Fort Walla Walla, Ore., II.2:35, 36; military road to, II.2:38, IV:208n. 2.
Fort Wedderburn, IV:614
Fort William, Canada, I:358, 380; II.1:101, 103, 104, 132, 306n. 2;, III:360-436, 476; captured by Lord Selkirk, II.1:105; IV:243, 246, 253, 457-639, 764
Fort Yates, I:356, 366, 373, 377, 461; III:198, 221, VII:127-130, 245
Fortress Monroe, Va., II.2:156
Fosberg, Gustave, III:272; John, III:272
Fosmark. Rev. O. N., VII:234
Foss, Charles J., VII:171; N., 188n.
Fossberg, J., III:261
Foster, A. T., II.1:177; Newton, II.2:95; George, IV:440
Foster County, V:180, 193, 197, 211; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; settlement in, I:383-384
Fouche, Lt., IV:567
“Founding of the Catholic Church in North Dakota,” IIApp:1-34
Four Bears, Mandan chief, I:435; II.1:465, 499; Sioux chief, I:343
Four Stick game of Mandans (Man-i-dop), I:445-446; game pieces, I:opp. 446
Fowler, Francis W., II.2:92; death of, II.2:120; Richard, III:232
Fowster, Bruno, IV:409
Fox, E. J., member park board, VI:221; John, IV:415
Frances Lake post, IV:794, 812, 826
Frances Smith, Lake Superior boat, IV:192n. 2
Frances, trading schooner, IV:759, 785-832
Francis, O. W., IV:135
Franck, George, IV:274
Franckean synod, VII:205
“Frank A. Ball,” III:676-677
“Frank Jared Thompson,” III:683-684
Frank, William, IV:252.
Franklin, Capt. John, Artic explorer, III:468, 479, 481; John, III:262; Sir John, II.1:134
Franklin No. 2, river steamboat, VII:90
Franklin school, N.Dak., 217
Franta, Anna, IV:77; Frank, 77
Fraser, Alexander, III:395, 399; deposition of, 434; Simon, III:396, 433; Colin, IV:757- 828; George, 378; Hugh, 742; L. A., 376; Murray, 376; Paul, (also Frazer), 651-836; Simon (also Frazer), 534, 543, 556, 562, 621; explorations of, 202; Thomas, 777, 792; Alexander, IV:508-618; letter of, 502, 508
Frasers Lake post, IV:659-834
Fraternal Advertiser, organ of Z.C.B.J., IV:80
Fredenburgh, Rev. J. N, II.1:273, 177, 178
Frederick, Andrew, III:233
Fredricksen, C., VII:153
Free Church, Norway, VII:208
Free Congregation, VII:249
Freeborn County, Minn., VII:165, 169, 271, 276
Freeman, Capt., I:418; Ambrose, letters by, II.2:6-163; report of relief of Fort Abercrombie, II.2:18; roster of his company of Northern Rangers, II.1:94; O. S., V:32n. 18
Freight and passenger rates, Hudson's Bay Co., IV:861
Freighter's License, Hudson's Bay Co., IV:227
Freiney, Thomas, III:230
Fremstad, H. N., VII:190
French Canadians, II.1:127, 133
French County, V:180, 187
French exploration, motives for, I:72-74
“French Occupation of the Northwest, The,” I:72-74
French, Robert, death of, II.1:355; T. L., II.1:177
Frenier, Antoine, guide and interpreter of Fisk’s Overland Expedition, 1863, II.2:80
Freniere, Louis, I:343
Fridriksson, Fridjon, I:98
Frie, Fred, IV:251
Frish, Andrew Johnson, III:258; Erick, III:258; Nils, III:258
Frobisher, Benjamin, IV:628
Froen's congregation, VII:253
Frog Plain, III:383, 385, 397, 399, 436, 437, IV:485-554
Frog Point, D.T., VII:142, 215, 263, 264, 266, 272, 278; HBC post, IV:110
Frost, Rev. J. H., IV:208n. 6
Froyer, Dominick, III:226
Frye, George M., IV:42, 46
Fuka, Wenil, IV:70
Fuller, A. G., II.1:142; B.W., mayor of Jamestown, III:131
Fuller and Johnson, machinery dealers, III:168
Fulton, Helen R., III:674; Rev. R. H., IV:130, 174
Fur trade, and the Hudson's Bay Co., IV:200; history of, I:200-251, I:293-296; I:339-349; I:423-429; history of, accdg. to Alexander Henry, Jr., III:350-368, 540; of the Chippewas, I:293
Fur trade posts, along Red River, II.1:79-138; along the Missouri River, II.1:389
Furniss, Rev. George, IV:142
Furuness, John, VII:189


G. A. Thompson, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:335, 343, 372, 375
G. B. Allen, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:360, 373, 375, 377, 378
G. H. Gray, steamboat, II.2:148
G. K. Warren Post, No. 17, VII:96
G. W. Graham, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:307, 315, 333, 373, 375
Gaarden, Jens, VII:249
Galarneau, carpenter at Fort Garry, III:106
Galchutt, Hans, sketch of, III:164,165; village of, III:164, 165
Gale, Samuel, IIApp:1-34
Galesburg, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:148
Galeson, Aiele, IV:435; Hans, 435; Jennie, 435; John, 435; Maren, 435; Syrina, 435
Gallagher, Maj. H. D., Pine Ridge Indian Agent, II.1:470; Rev. E. D., III:94; Rev. E. D., IV:138
Gallatin, Albert, U.S. Commissioner, IV:204, 207
Gallatin, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 329, 336, 337, 345, 372, 375
Gallatin post office, II.1:202-251, ill. II.1:248
Gallegher, Alice, IV:279; Catherine, 379; John, 379; Mary, 379, Rosa, 379; Sarah, 379
Galpin, Charles E., I:341, 343, 356, 363; Major ____, fur trader on the Missouri River, II.1:409; Maj. C. E., VII:20, 22, 27, 52, 117n., 127; Sam, 23
Galtier, Rev., III:102
Galvin, James, 348; May, 348; Nellie, 348
Gansel, G., IV:400; John, 401.
Gardar, N.Dak., history of, I:89-131
Gardar Township, condition of Icelanders in 1884; I:105, fn 3; Icelandic settlement in, I:103; organized, I:103
Gardepie, Francois, IV:627; Joseph, VII:92
Gardner, Capt. William M., II.2:8, 89; Meredith, IV:723, 738; W. H., killed by Indians, V:78n.; 91; William, VII:130
Garfield County, V:208, 209, 225-227
Garnes, John T., IV:255
Garnet, Gen., killed, VII:64
Garrand, Bishop, I:418
Garreau, Antoine, I:363; Pierre, interpreter, I:345, 363, 442, VI:42, VII:43; death of, 48; experiences at Ft. Berthold, 29, 32, 39-48, 57
Garrett, R., IV:218
Garretty, 1st Lt. F. D., III:194
Garrioch, John, IV:806; Peter, 283
Garrison, O. E, II.2:95
Garver, Minn., VII:116
Gaskill, Mary, I:332
Gasper, Max, II.2:95
Gastrel, J. W, II.1:416
Gates, O. P., Fort Abercrombie, II.2:31; Rev., IV:108; J. H., VII:120
Gaulat, Alexis, IV:283
Gault, William, II.1:330n. 1, 359, 367
Gaustad, Knut, VII:243; Rev; Th. K., pioneer experiences of, 243-247
Gauthier, Joseph, deposition of, IV:609
Gay, Thomas C., IV:173
Gaydousek, Rev. Alois, IV:70, 77; Rev. Joseph, 70, 77
Gayton, J. B., I:461; William, VII:129, 130
“Gazetteer of Pioneers and Others in North Dakota Previous to 1862,” I:355-380
Gebauer, Jos., IV:408
Geer, Rev. E. G., II.1:480
Gehring, Elizabeth, IV:270; John, 370; John Jr., 370
Geiss, Lewis, III:233
Gen. Grant, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:299, 306, 308-310, 316, 433n. 1; II.2:140, VII:7
General Brooks, Missouri River steamboat, I:341
General Conference of Mennonites of North America, III:331
General Sherman, steamboat, II.2:148
General Synodical Conference, VII:203
Genin, Father Jean Baptiste Marie, I:200-251, III:183, 184n. 1; letters of, I:257-292; missionary station of, on Red River, VII:141
Gentlot, Rev., III:101
Geogder, Charles D., IV:255
Geology of Red River Valley, III:532
George, Charles G., II.2:99; Isaac, V:25
George Pelissier ranch, 312, 312n.
Georgetown, Minn., I:415; II.2:10, 12, 22, 23-27, 33, l00; III:102, 104, 339, 554, 555; expedition to, from Fort Abercrombie, II.2:28, 106, 113; refugees from Fort Abercrombie, II.2:29, 104; V:53 and note 7; Hudson’s Bay post, V:30n.; VII:69, 70, 125, 140-145, 212, 215, 229, 277, 279, 282
Gerald, Lt. A. R., Fort Abercrombie. II.2:33; William, IV:257
Gerard, Antoine, II.1:161-170; Frederic F., sketch of, I:344; I:344; I:356-379; VI:44-86;107-135, VII:98; his story of the Custer fight, 171-175; 183-188
Gere, George, Sioux interpreter, Capt. Fisk’s expedition, 1862, II.2:39, 58
Gerlaek, Capt., III:198
Germaine, Henry, II.2:101; Sarah, 101
German Lutherans, VII:262
German Russian immigration, to N.Dak., I:199-200
Germans in North Dakota, I:185-198; in the northwest, I:180-183; in Red River Colony, III:448
Germantown, Penn., Dunker settlement in, IV:82
Geroux, Lucien, I:364, 375
Gerrard, A., IV:417.
Gerrie, Rev. George, IV:145
Gerro, Fort Buford, VII:99
Gerrymander, Ward County, V:245
Gertiser, Julius, IV:256
Gervan, T. S., IV:414
Gervois, A., II.2:95; Gaiah, 93
Gesman, Alfred, IV:436; Baby, 436; Charley, 436; Minnie, 436
Getchell, Jesse, II.2:99; Rebecca M., 99
Getner, J. L., IV:277.
Ghent, treaty of, IV:180
Gibault, Edward, IV:742
Gibb, Rev. William, IV:137
Gibbens, A. J., IV:415; Alice, 415, 418; W., 418
Gibbon, Col. John, VI:25, 26, 35, 72n.; quoted, 106n.,107n, 145, 146
Gibbons, Edward, IV:425
Gibbs, Charles, IV:246, VII:99; Mary, III:227; J. L., III:653
Gibson, Rev. W. T., IV:145
Gifford, Abram J., Fort Berthold agent, II.1:469; Oscar S., territorial delegate, 118-123
Gilbert, Alex., IV:243; Lucy, 343; Otto, 343; Zach, 343
Gilbertson, Hattie, IV:418
Gilbraith, W.; Enderlin, N.Dak., IV:147
Gilbreath, W. C., Dept. of Agriculture and Labor, Bismarck, V:239n. 38
Gilbreth, Capt. Erasmus, IV:252; E. C., 348; Eltia, 349; Mammie; 349; Susan C., 349; William S., 349
Gilby, N.Dak., VII:171, 172
Gilcuddy, V. T., U.S. Boundary Survey, IV:199n. 1
Gilfillan, Rev. J. A., articles by, II.1:146-149; II.1:473-492; III:708-724
Gillam, Capt. Zachary, IV:235, 236.
Gillespie, W. D., IV:799, 817, 831
Gillett, Charles, IV:268
Gillette, J. M., articles by, I:459-474; II.1:493-497
Gilliam, John W., II.1:416
Gillon, Th., II.2:93
Gilmer and Salisbury Stage Co., VII:314, 315
Gilmore, Elizabeth, IV:424; Willie, 424; Melvin R., report of, VI:226-237; committee on state parks, 214
Gingras, Antoine, I:364; II.1:146-149; IIApp:1-34
Gingras County, V:180, 193
Girard, Antoine, I:339-349, I:opp. 340, I:355-380; II.1:164, 165; Joseph, V:64n. 54; Pete, V:37, 70, 72
Girard, Ill., Dunkers near, IV:83
Gislason, Jon, I:96
Gjerstad, Rev. C. C., VII:228
Gladman, George, IV:717-832
Gladstone, member of parliamentary committee, IV:276, 281, 304
Gladstone, N.Dak., VII:311
Glascock, A. B., IV:415
Glasgow, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:267, 312, 314, 315, 330, 343, 375-378
Glass, Hugh, I:365; Charles, IV:410; Ella, 410; Etta, 410; Fred, 411; Hannah, 410; Mary, 410; Thomas, 410
Glasston, N.Dak., history of, I:89-131
Glazier, Henry F, II.2:93
Gleive & Martin, IV:56
Glen Ullin, founding of, I:297-299
Glencoe, Minn., VII:114, 115, 116
Glendinning, Rev. A., IV:127, 135, 136, 171, 174
Glendive, Mont., in 1874, IV:157; VII:244, 245
Glenelg, Lord, Colonial Secretary, IV:268
Glenn, Alice, III:226; John, III:231; Mary, III:226
Glover, John B., II.2:134
Gochrnger, Ed., IV:256
Goddard, Dr. C. E., I:223; M., IV:251
Godfrey, Horace, IV:264; Martin, 364
Godin, IV:618
Goer, E. B., IV:419
Goes-Ahead, Crow scout, supplementary story by, VI:157-160; biography of, 205, 206, VI:opp.205
Goff, L. S., II.2:93
Goiffon, Anthony, III:101; Rev. Joseph, sketch of, I:220, III:101, 104
Gold Finch, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:328
Gold, found by Soldier, VI:185
Gold miners, ambuscade of, VII:48-53; sketch of location, opp.50 at Deer Lodge, II.2:74; at Helena, Mont., II.1:458; at Salmon River, II.2: 76
Gold seekers, in 1864-1866, I:354-355; II.1:421-429
Golden Valley County, V:246; Supreme Court case of, V:247
Goldrick, James, IV:258
Golts, John, IV:409
Good Boy, Mandan chief, I:434
Good Fur Blanket, Mandan Chief, II.1:465
Good Voice, Mandan Indian, I:opp. 444
Goodall, N.Dak., IV:47, 51
Goodbird, Edward, Hidatsa myth narrator, I:446-454
Goodenough, J. R., II.2:140
Goodhue, Annette, IV:417
Goodhue County, Minn., VII:161, 162, 169, 171, 172, 215, 240n.; 247, 248; Swedes in, III:248
Goodman, James, IV:407; John, 407; Nancy, 407
Goose, Arikara Indian, VII:21, 35, 38
Goose Creek, III:506; section house at, V:54
Goose River, N.Dak., VII:73, 161, 164, 165, 167, 209-216, 230-235, 250, 261-283; settlement at, 216, 249
Goose, VI:50, 53, 61; carries letter, 72, 73; in battle of Little Bighorn, 95-129, 140, 141, 150
Gorden, Ole F., II.1:166; E., IV:296; Ella G., 380; F., 396; G., 396; G. E., 396; G. J., 396; H. E., 96; John, 396; M. E., 396; N., 396; S., 396; S. C., 396; W., 396; W. E., 396; Hans,VII: 261; M. L., 175
Gore, Sir George, English traveler in Missouri valley, I:341; R. B., IV:47
Gorman, John T., and his wife, II.1:240, 214n. 2; Gov. Willis A., Minn., report on condition of Dakotas, III:524
Gotzian, Henry, V:44
Goudreau, Joseph, I:365
Goudy, Rev. Robert R., II.1:161, IV:132
Gould, E. W., II.1:416
Goulet, Charles, IV:700, 719, 726, 733, 734
Gouram, Benjamin F., III:232
Gourne, Lawrence, II.2:101
Gourt, George, IV:274
Gouzzeon, Andre, I:365
government freight, shipped from St. Louis, II.1:375
Governor's Island, New York, III:213
Grace, N.Dak., VII:159
Grace, Rt. Rev. Thomas, III:102, 106, 107
Graff, Charles, III:230
Graffenreid, Lieut. Frederic de, III:427, 433, IV:563, 607, 608
Grafton, early history of, I:354-355; II.1:161-170; first post office in, II.1:168, 169; origin of name, II.1:169; VII:177n.; 213, 217, 224n.; 228, 230n.; 238, 300, 305
Graham, Capt. Duncan, III:158, 201, sketch of, 216, IV:251; Hazahotewin, III:217; Mary Elizabeth, III:217; Nancy, III:217; Thomas W., III:232; W. S., IV:55
Graham’s Island, III:196; description, 201, 202; ferryboat, 204; game, 201; lime kiln, 204; occupations, 203; population, 202; first post office, 205; school, 206; settlement, 201; sketches of settlers, 216; timber, 201; first white settler, 217
Graham's Point, Minn., I:412; II.2:7; III:158
Grahame, James A., IV:829
Grail, Sergo, IV:636
Gran congregation, VII:216n., 250, 261, 277
Granby, A. R., IV:294; M., 394; M. E., 394
Grand County, V:249, VII:162, 163n.
Grand Forks College, history of, VII:176-180
Grand Forks County, VII:165, 168, 169, 213-251; archaeological remains in, I:87; foreign-born population, by townships, 197; map showing distribution of foreigners in 1905;106; number of Swedes in 1900, III:306; Swedes, III:247; settlement of Norwegians in, VII:159-172
Grand Forks, D.T., II.1:117, III:113; in 1878, II.1:163; first religious services in, I:430; Swedes in, III:274; Swedish immigrants in church in, III:307, 309; V:84n. 105; County, V:179, 188; cyclone at, V:47; stage station, V:30n. 12; 31; VII:75, 159-189, 223-305; history of, 172, 173; Norwegian settlement in, 172-176; steam laundry in, 288n.
Grand Forks Herald, V:45
Grand Forks News, V:45
Grand Forks Plaindealer, V:45
Grand Forks Presbytery, Statistical Abstract of, 1883, IV:174
Grand Forks Tidende, VII:174
Grand Harbor, N.Dak., VII:289, 305
Grand Isle, Vt., VII:104
Grand Pacific Hotel, Bismarck, N.Dak., III:262
Grand Portage, III:351, 352, 356, IV:242
Grand Rapid post, IV:687, V:33
Grand River, D.T., V:63, VII:312; Indian agency at, VII:128
Grandes Oreilles, Saulteur chief, IV:613
Grandin, Bishop, I:419
Grandin farm, I:105, III:625; description of, 575; VII:163
Grandin, Ole, III:276; Peter, III:276
Grandson, Hidatsa legend of, IV:23-40
Granpman, Charles, IV:444; F., 444; Frank, 444; Fred, 444; John, 444; Maria,444; Otto, 444
Granrud, Ole, VII:175
Grant, Charles, I:358, 365, III:417; Cuthbert, II.1:125, III:373, 376, 383, 384, 394-408, 437; Ewen, I:383; Peter, I:365, III:352; Capt. U. S., II.1:243; Almin, IV:257; Cutherbert, IV:267n. 1, 272, 479-618, 655-829, deposition of, 489-551; James, 453, 490, 501, 604, deposition of 591, 594, 597, notary public, 594; Richard, 584, 653- 833, 853, deposition of, 582; Robert, deposition of, 563
Grantier, Jay, IV:46, 47
Grashane, G. W., IV:250
Grass Dance, secret society, VI:59; moccasin game with Da-roch'- pa, 72
Grasses, native to N.Dak., VI:265-266
Grasshopper Hill, Stutsman Co., III:182
Grasshoppers, destruction of crops by, III:171, VII:151, 161; in Minnesota and N. Dak., III:163; in Red River colony, III:460; methods of fighting, III:564; plagues of, I:209, 210; II.1:338; III:359; III:215; 1881, III:259
Gravilines, Joseph, I:355-380
Gray, Capt., IV:201, discovery of Columbia river, 206; George C., 403; Jeanette, 403; John T., 403; Lewis, 403; Mary, 403; Robert H., 403; Tim, 418
Great Britain, unrest in, II.1:83, 88
Great Northern Railway, III:90, 656, V:45, VII:96
Great Salt River, III:104
Great Slave Lake post, IV:651-837, V:101
Great Walker, Chippewa Indian, V:133
Grece and Webeaux firm, IV:59
Green, John, III:230; Frank, IV:251; Michael, 352
Green Lake, Minn, II.1:180, VII:122
Green Lake Post, IV:627, 630, 667-837
Greene, Lt. F. V., IV:191-198, 218
Greene, O. C., III:337; O. D., III:185
Greenewold, Joseph, III:232
Greenland, Frithof, I:152; I:opp.136
Greenland, Moravian settlements on, III:489, 490
Greenleaf, C. A., VII:119; Mrs. W. H., 119; William H., 1.04, 119
Greenleaf, Minn., VII:104-108
Greenshields, E., IV:297; F. M., 397; G. E., 397; J., 397; J. N., 397; N., 397
Greenview stock farm, II.1:241
Greenwood, Grace, article by, V:23-52
Gregory, Capt. James F., IV:191, 197-199; Ella, 365; Fannie, 364; George, 365; John, 365; Rosa,365
Grenell, Josephine, IV:292; L., 392
Grenggs, Ed., IV:434
Grethen, Anton, sketch of, II.1:260, II.1:opp.260
Gretna, Manitoba, III:98
Grey, Earl, Colonial Sec. of State, IV:292, 293; correspondence quoted, 324; Rev. J. C., IV:141
Grey Nuns, at Fort Totten Industrial School, III:200; at St. Boniface, IIApp:1-34
Grey Wolf, Dakota Indian, killed by Garreau, VII:47
Griere, George, Sioux interpreter, II.2:82
Griffin, Edward, II.2:99; James, III:229; Annie, IV:424; Bridget, 424; Edward, 424; Mary, 424; Thomas, 424
Griffith, Robert, I:383; Samuel, II.1:324; Robert, IV:441
Griffiths, George, IV:407; Major, 293
Griggs, Alex., delegate Constitutional Convention 1889, III:150; Capt. Alex., II.1:165, III:340, IV:110, 111, V:49; Andonirane, II.2:95; Alexander, VII:77, 95, 172, 173, 278, 296, 297, 299; John, capt. of the Cheyenne, 95; William, pilot on the Red River, 95
Griggs County, V:193, 202, VII:213, 214, 220, 223, 224n., 225; archaeological remains in, I:87; causes of immigration into, II.1:192, 193; first school and first teacher in, II.1:249; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; settlement of, I:131-153; statistics of immigration, III:272, 307, 309;
Griggs, Mrs. Alexander, V:31n. 14
Grimes, Ab., II.1:339, 345, 346; Mary, III:220; W., St. Paul, II.1:425; Tom, IV:242; Walter, VII:9
Grimm, Ellen, IV:419; J. fl., 419; Lauriel, 419; T., 419
Grindall, J. H., expedition to Cariboo gold mines, II.2:78
Grindstone Butte Creek, D.T., V:78
Grinell, George W., VII:103
Grinnell, William, IV:403
Grist mill, at Walhalla, I:102; first in N.Dak., VII:76
Groby, John, IV:415
Groetsch, 1st Lt., Fort Abercrombie, II.2:13, 23, 40, 106
Grondahl, Lars, VII:234
Gros Blanc, Mandan chief, III:359
Groseilliers, III:541, IV:235, 237, 238
Grosvenor, E. W., VII:298
“Grosventre Indian Legend, A,” I:455
Grosventre Indians, II.2:62, 77; council of, II.1:217; Knife River villages of, I:433; opp.433, 436, 437; pestle of, I:438; spelling of Bird Woman, I:69-72; symbolic hammer of, I:opp.438; survivors of smallpox of 1837, 437; visits of Alexander Henry, Jr., and David Thompson to, 372; visit of Charles McKenzie to, 373; visit of F. A. Larocque to, 370, 373. See also Hidatsa Indians
“Grosventre Spelling of the Name, Bird Woman, The,” I:69-72
Grothe, John, VII:151
Groul, Mary, III:231
Ground bean (Falcata comosa), Dakota tradition of the bean mouse, VI:254-258
Growler's Creek, D.T., V:62
Grunden, Rev. N. O., Fargo, III:255, 268
Gruver, Grosse, III:366
Gudbrandsdalen, Norway, VII:169, 174, 251n.; 269
Gudmundsson, Arni, I:96; Gudmundur, 96
Guerillas, fire on Robt. Campbell, Jr., on Missouri River, II.1:284; raiding Miami, II.1:269
Guidon, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:337, 355, 362, 372, 405
Guijon, Joseph, I:366
Guild, E. L., III:90, 91
Guisler, Cathrine, IV:266; John, 366; Wilhelmina, 366
Guistad, Henry, IV:435; Mary, 435; Peter, 435
Gulack, G. O., IV:264
Guleson, Betsy, IV:437
Gulick, T. O., IV:268
Gull Lake Mission, establishment of, II.1:481
Gullickson, George, II.1:203
Gulliksen, Helge, VII:249
Gummer, Morris, III:280
Gun-That-Guards-the-House, II.1:470-473, opp. 470
Gunderson, Gabriel, VII:267; Mrs. Gabriel, pioneer experiences of, 266-267; George, 164; Iver, 169; Tom, 150
Gundmanson, Ole, IV:427
Gunn, Donald, historian, II.1:79-138; H. G., article by, II.1:79-138; Robert, III:378; Angus, IV:481; Rev. H. G., IV:137; Robert, 481, 485
Gunnerman, Joseph, deposition of, IV:582.
Gunsollis, James W., II.1:264, 416, 417; John, II.1:267-284
Gurgnelle, Mary, III:231
Gurley, Lt., at Fort Lincoln, VI:48; Rev. James, I:310
Gustafson, Oscar, III:276
Guttebo, K. L., VII:235
Gwyther, R. G., member park board, VI:219


H. M. Shreve, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:360
H. S. Turner, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:341,344, 375-378, 414
H. T. ranch, VII:323n.
Haabet congregation, VII:213
Haack, Elizabeth, III:234
Haagenson, H., VII:153
Haaland, Knut, I:152
Haber, John, IV:257
Hackett, mail carrier, II.1:208; E., Casselton, N, D., IV:138
Hadeland, Norway, VII:166
Hadin, John, III:261
Hadwin, R. F., II.1:215n. 6; R. S., II.1:250
Haecker, T. E., III:634
Hagadon, ___, IV:281
Hagadone, Alice, IV:276; William, 376
Hagberg, John, III:277
Hagboe, Rev. B.,VII: 214-218, 230, 248, 249, 266, 266n.; Rev. N. B., 277
Hage, N. A., VII:151; R. R., 151
Hagen, Christine, III:176; H. J., III:99, article by, I:411-412;; Jens, III:169
Hagerty, Frank, State Commissioner of Immigration, IV:96
Haggart, John R., I:opp.334; sketch of, I:334-335
Hagland, Knut, VII:164
Hagman, Andrew, III:268
Hail (daughter of Joseph Renville), V:272
HaIloran, Michael, III:233
Hair Hills, III:357
Hair, Rev. G. R., I:315; II.1:177
Haiter, Harvey, IV:443
Hajney, Anna, IV:77; Joseph, 77
Hakanson, Olof, III:260
Hakstad, John, IV:268
Haldane, John, III:406, IV:534
Haldine, John, IV:543
Haldorsson, Thomas, I:129; I:opp.104
Hale, Elizabeth, III:234; Henry, III:182n., 186n. 4, 194, 194n. 3, 195, 222, 234; Susan, III:234; William H., III:234
Haley, P., II.2:93
Half breeds. See Bois Brules.
Half-Yellow-Face, chief of Crow scouts, VI:80n
Hall & Braden, IV:46, 59
Hall, Major, I:418; Rev. C. L., articles by, 69-72; 436-443; translation of Myth of Packs Antelope., I:446-454; Rev. M. S., III:91; James, IV:252; Luella J., history of the formation of counties in North Dakota, V:169; Thomas, Secy. of State, V:237n. 35; 239n. 38 and note 39; 246n. 52; 248n. 60; 249n. 63; Tom, V:37, 60, 61n. 44; 73, 76n. 84
Halley, Northwest Co. director, VII:23
Hallick, Jorgen, VII:171
Hallier, William, II.1:116
Hallin, Max, IV:248
Hallingdal, Norway, VII:153-170, 240, 242
Halloran, Mike, IV:258
Halloway, member of Holmes party, V:67, 69
Hallson, history of, I:89-131
Hallsson, Johann P., I:98-110, 130; I:opp.104
Hallsten, Hallsten O., III:260
Hallum, B. C., III:162, 166; J. C, III:162; sketch of, 165
Halsall, James, III:231
Halsey, Wm., I:355-380
Halstad, Ole, VII:151
Halsten, John O., III:264
Halstensen, Ole, VII:240
Halstenson, Per, III:260
Halverson, John, III:260
Hamilton, formerly Sutton, Memorial Church, IV:122
Hamilton, William, II.1:267, 236; Annette, III:236; Charles, 236; Elizabeth, 236; George T., 231; G., IV:799, 817; Gavin W., 826; Major J. G., VII:78, 174
Hamlyn, Richard J., IV:661
Hammer, Z. P., IV:218
Hammond, Nancy, II.1:255; C. C., IV:264
Hampson, Fred, VII:238
Hamre, P. P., VII:171
Hanafin, Dennis, VII:100
Hancock, Forrest, I:361,366; Maj. Gen., general orders, III:55, 185; report of, 1870, IV:181
Hancock, Minn., IV:64
Haney, David, II.1:300; 416n. 1; Edward, III:219; Bert, V:31n. 14
Hankinson, N.Dak., III:90
Hanley, Capt., 2d Minn. Cav., II.1:424; Patrick, IV:252; J. M., member park board, VI:218
Hanna, John, II.2:99; Sarah, I:329; William, II.2:99; Rev. L. E., IV:172; Gov. L. B., V:248
Hannaford, J. M., III:337
Hansen, Mrs. Sven, I:178; Erik, VII:150; Herman, 186n.; Hjelm, 133-147 Marie, 186n.; Paul Hjelm, 133-147, 152, 156, frontispiece; Rev. Soren, 230n., 238
Hanson County, V:178
Hanson, Dr. Andre, II.1:186; Herman, III:275; Jens, 275; Peter, 275; Swan, 275; Bror, IV:403; C., 395; E. J., Cando, N.Dak., 85; G., 395; H., 395; H. C., 395; H. J., 395; Hans, 342; N., 398; Mattie, 342; O. J., 395; Peter, 428; S., 395; Anders, VII:261; Christ, 191; Edward, 161, 164; Halvor, 160; Hans, 169; pioneer experiences of, 279-283; Peter, 166n.; P. G., 178n.
Harbach, Capt. A. A., III:193
Harbison, Carrie H., IV:426; Eugene H., 425; John W., 425
Hard Horn, Arikara Indian, VII:98
Hardee, J. W., IV:417
Hardesty, William, IV:826
Harding County, V:194
Harding, Thomas, I:383; Charles, IV:441; Edgar, 441; Harry, 441; J. Francis, IV:192n. 2, 197n. 3; Marie, 441; Mary, 441; Maville, 441; Robert, 658-831; Robert, 441; Samuel, 441; Thomas, 441; VII:128
Hardisty, Richard, IV:728, 746, 761; William, 822
Hardman, James, III:232
Hardon, Henry W., III:138
Hardy, A. H., IV:441; J. P., 441; John H., 441; Mary A., 441; T., 441
Hargrave, James, IV:658-835
Harker, Mrs. Frank, I:383
Harlin, John, III:231
Harmon, Mrs. William, I:376
Harney, Gen. William, I:342, 343, 423-427
Harney's Peak, D.T., V:66
Harr, Conrad, IV:262
Harrington, Capt., Ill., VII:114, 116
Harriot, Charles, IV:263; John E., 649-835; P. M., 363
Harris, ___, II.2:33; Harvey, delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:143, 150; James R, II.2:98; W. C., II.1:439n.; ___, IV:63, 64; Carrie E., 443; David, 443; G. Ewing, 443; Henry P., 353; Howard, 443; J. H., 347; Lizzie R., 443; Rev. C. W., IV:141; W., 350; William, 352; Mrs. C. B., member park board, VI:220; Joe D., VII:121
Harris and Bentley's Breckenridge, Minn, II.2:11
Harrisburg, N.Dak., VII:301
Harrison, Minn., VII:120, 121, 123
Harrison, Pres. Benjamin, proclamation admitting North Dakota, III:152; Edward, IV:619; Rev. N. B., IV:149; Rev. W., IV:146; Jack, killed by Indians, V:78n. 91; Pres., proclamation of, V:173; John, VII:130
Harrold, James, IV:831
Harstad, Rev., I:104; Knut, VII:162n.; Rev. Bjug, 204, 217, 229-240, 265, 277; biographical sketch of, 258; pioneer experiences of, 258-263
Hart, Edgar, III:200; Charles, IV:409; Hattie, 409; John, 411; W., Fort Buford, VII:99
Hartley, J. H., IV:421
Hartley's Gulch, D.T., V:74, 76
Hartman, Robert, IV:146
Hartshorn, Horace, IV:281; James, VII:85
Harvey, Alexander, I:366, 367, 377; Supt. T. H., III:513; Adj. Gen., IV:636; D., 818, 833; J. W., member park board, VI:215; Alexander, VII:86, 86n.
Harvey County, V:200-202
Harvey, N.Dak., Danes near, I:169
Harvey, Picotte, Primeau and Bouise, fur trade company, I:377, VII:81, 81n.
Harwood, N.Dak., Swedes in, III:264
Hasanihk, C. G., IV:299; P., 399
Hassell, L. K., VII:174, 186-190
Hasselquist, T. N., III:288-289
Hassett, Arthur, IV:258
Hatch, F. A. C., II.1:486; G. W., surgeon, IV:192n. 2; Aden A., V:79n. 92; Frank, V:38
Hatch's Battalion, V:43, VII:125; at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:33
Hatsall, James, III:231
Hattie May, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:286,302, 304-306, 312
Hatton, N.Dak., VII:177n., 181n., 183, 189, 238, 262n.; creamery at, III:625
Hatton, Ralph, IV:46
Haugan, P., IV:434
Hauge, Hans Nilsen, VII:196
Hauge's Evangelical Norwegian Lutheran synod, VII:201-228, 253, 254; in the Red River valley, 227
Hauske,. L. L., VII:151
Hawk, C. B., IV:264, 370; Charles, 370; Clarissa, 364, 370; Emma, 370; Emma F. 364; F. G., 364; Frank, 370; Maud, 370; Maud J., 364
Hawk's Nest (post), 268
Hawkinson, Pete, IV:242
Hawley and Hubbell, fur traders, I:339-349; I:376
Hawley, Capt., II.1:392-415; Bertine, IV:278; George, 378; Isabella G., 378; May Bell, 378; Ray E., 378
Haxton, Dr. George A., V:41; Mrs. George A., V:42n. 29
Hay, Albert., IV:437; Bergyta, 435; Johan, 435; Lewis C., 427; W. S., 437
Hay River, Canada, II.1:116
Haycock, William, VII:67
Haydon (Hayden), Michael, IV:498, 521, 522, 534, 539; deposition of, 517, 524, 526, 531, 533, 547
Hayes, Charles, III:233
Hayfield Farm, Selkirk settlement, IV:258
Hays, James P., II.1:473-492; Edward, IV:239; Felix, 339
Hayward, J. W., III:90
Hazahbotewin, Sioux Indian, III:216
Hazelbrook, Emma, IV:406; Florence, 406; George, 406; Margaret, 406; Warren, 406
Hazelhurst, post trader at Fort Abercrombie, III:160, 166; Edward, III:95; Irene, III:95; Mamie, III:95
Hazen, Gen., Fort Buford, VII:103n.; 133
Hazlett, H. K., II.1:417
He-cha-o-te, V:268
Head of Coteau Station (post), V:270
Headquarters Hotel, in Fargo, N.Dak., I:299-310, III:95
Heald, David, II.2:99; Edward, IV:819, 833
Heap, Capt., U.S. Corps of Engineers, IV:188
Hearne, Samuel, II.1:81, III:482
Heart River, D. T, II.2:141; VII:245, 246
Heath, William, IV:724, 738, 801, 818, 833
Heaveren, H., IV:442; M., 442
Heckalter, Barbara, IV:263; Cathrina, 363; Christina, 363; Fred, 363; Jack, 363; Margaretta, 363
Heddle, W., IV:827, 828
Heddrick, Clinton, IV:247; George W., 346
Hedemarken, Norway, VII:149, 255n.
Heden, Michael, III:408, 413
Hedenstrom, Rev. P. P., III:275; Rev. F. F., III:279
Hedger and Vogue, contractors, Sioux City, Ia., VII:126
Hedger, Charles, VII:126
Hege, Daniel, III:331
Hegg, Col., death of, VII:175
Heida, Charles, IV:252
Height, William, IV:295
Heinemeyer, Anna, IV:281; Aug., 382; Bertha, 381; Charles, 381; Ed., 381; Elizabeth, 381; Marie, 381; Oswald, 381; Richard, 381
Heinzen, Heinrich, II.2:95
Heissmaster, Magnus, IV:457
Held, Eliza, IV:424; John, 424
Helena, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, VII:102
Helena, Mont., VII:20n.; 310, 315, 316, 322
Helendale stock farm, III:348, 349
Heley, Albert, IV:70, 77; Albert Sr., 67; Elenora, 77; Frank, 73; John, 77; William, 77
Heliner, Emma, IV:249; George, 349; Lizzie, 349
Heller, shot by Indians, VII:114
Hellestvedt, Rev. Johannes, III:165; Rev. J. A., VII:216, 229n
Hellman, Annie, IV:428; Anton, 428; Charles, 428
Hellum, Julius, III:161
Helmer, Will. F., IV:251
Helmiker, Rev. William, II.1:475
Helmsworth, T., IV:244
Helson, N.Dak., VII:246
Helsper, Lt. William, Chippewa, Minn., II.2:125
Heltetvedt, Ole Olsen, VII:196
Helvig, Charles, IV:252
Hemmenway, John, IV:239
Hemnes congregation, VII:212, 214
Henault, ___, IV:536; J. B., deposition of, 642
Henderson, Andrew, II.1:239; G., I:366; William, II.1:247; J. M., IV:254; Louis, 374; William, 409
Henderson, Minn., III:186, V:82
Hendricks, J., IV:295
Hendrickson, Peder, VII:170; Thor, 171
Hendron, Joseph, II.2:130
Hendrum, Minn., VII:234, 235, 238, 262n.
Hendry, William, surgeon, IV:686, 712
Heney, Hugh, deposition of, IV:478
Hengstad, Betuel, I:135n.1
Henna, J. F, II.2:95
Hennepin, III:498, 500
Hennessey, James, III:231
Henney (Heney), Hugh, I:358, 366
Henny, Hugh, II.1:117, 118, 119
Henry, Alexander, Jr., I:358-373; journals of, III:350-368, 542; trading post, VI:215, 220
Henry, Andrew, II.2:100, 101; Jose, II.1:100; Margaretta, II.1:100; Mary, II.1:101; Robert, III:417; Susette, II.1:100; Joseph, IV:98; Robert, IV:534, 543, 544, 551, 619, 623-628; Robert, letter of, 525, 550; Robert B., 357; William, deposition of, 582
Henry Atkins, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:347-349, 354
“Henry Suttle,” I:329-330
Hensel, N.Dak., VII:148, 224n.
Hensell, Augustus, IV:409; Henry, 408; Sophia, 408
Henser, Joseph, III:232
Hensler, P., IV:400
Hensley, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:341, 343
Henson, E., IV:420
Herber, George, IV:415
Herberg, Mikael, Fargo, N.Dak., VII:149
Herberger, Carl, II.2:93, 98
Herbert, Gordon C, II.2:98; Henry W., II.2:98
Herbrandsen, Ole, VII:153; P., 156; Tom, 150
Herby Church, statistics of Swedish immigrants, III:307, 309
Herby, sketch of Swedish settlement in, III:267
Herchmer, L. W., IV:217
Herigstad, Betnel, I:opp.136, 152; Carl, I:152, opp.136; Lars, I:152; Oman B., articles by, I:131-153, II.1:186-201
Herlbut, James, IV:247
Herman, Capt., III:196; August, IV:71, 73
Herman, Minn., IV:65
Hermoe, S., III:162
Hermounslie, L., III:162
Herndon, Edward S., II.1:314, 416
Heron, Francis, IV:650-746
Heroux, A., IV:445; V., 445
Herron, Henry, VII:130
Hersgaard, Ole, VII:153; Peter, 153
Hertgaard, Betsey J., I:334
Hescher, Frank, IV:279
Hesketh, John, article by, V:87-154; Thomas, Sr., V:123
Heskin, S., VII:216n.; S. N., 250; Sven, pioneer experiences of, 276-279
Hesse, Charles, III:399; Carl, IV:411; Charles, 491; Grant, 411; Lizzie, 411; Paul, 411; T. H., 420; Whilimina, 411; William, 411
Hessy, Prof., National Observatory, Washington, D. C, II.2:81
Hester, Charles, IV:257
Hettinger County, V:203, 205, 218, 227, 230, 231, 235, 237, 238
Hewson, Pat, VII:101
Heyden, Michael, IV:495
Hibb, Gutlab, IV:251
Hibbard, Frank, IV:253; Rev. F. J., IV:139, 148
Hibernia, steamboat used by Danish emigrants, I:154
Hibinble, Ole, IV:436
Hickling, Rev. Thomas, IV:136
Hicks, W. E., II.1:439n.; Hakon, III:270; Ole, 270; Daniel, IV:258; John, 350; Kate, 350; Lillie, 350; Mary, 350; Nellie, 350; W. E., 350
Hickson, N.Dak., VII:209, 212, 229n.
Hidatsa Indians, IV:47, VII:32; cede lands to United States, VI:42; hide scraper, I:opp. 455; legend of the Grandson, VI:33-40; send peace pipe to Arikara, VI:203; at Knife River, VII:87; description of, II.1:500; Indian drawings of, II.1:500. See also Grosventre Indians.
Higgins, Bryan, IV:258; hunter for Choteau and Co., VII:84
High Bear, enlists as scout, VI:51; dispute with Reno, 73n.
High Village of the Mandans, I:opp. 434
Highberg, Hartley, IV:421
Highland clearances, IV:244
Hildebrand, captain of the ship Caritas, III:400
Hilden, A. J., VII:173
Hildreth, Joseph, II.1:221
Hill, Griggs & Co., III:500, 584; VII:72
Hill, J., II.2:93; John,121; Thomas, 314, 320; James J., II.1:248n; III:290, 584, 660, VII:270, 271n., 303; on introduction of livestock into Dakota, III:623; Rev. L. C., 230
Hill Township, Danish immigration to, I:153-180
Hillard, M., II.1:417
Hilldebrand, member of Holmes' party, V:69n. 71
Hille, Peder, VII:152
Hillesland, Anton, article by, VII:195-283; E. B., 275
Hillier, _____, II.1:116, 118, 119; William, IV:455
Hills and Ramsdell’s, Breckenridge, Minn., II.2:11
Hills, Walter H., I:418; Walter L., II.2:98; Adrian, IV:278; Alice E., 378; Clarence, 378; Elijah, 378; Elizabeth, 378; Frank M., 378; Ida G., 378; Viola, 378
Hillsboro, N.Dak., VII:213, 221, 223, 230, 261-271; 281, 283n., 300; Presbyterian Church, organized in, IV:141
Hinckley, Minn., V:83
Hind, Professor, description of buffalo hunt, V:105
Hines, John, II.1:219 n. 1
Hinman, ____, mate on the Ida Fulton, II.1:330n. 1
Hinton, Henry, IV:247
Hiram Wood, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:340, 356, 366
“Historical Sketch of the Reverend Father Joseph Goiffon: A Pioneer Catholic Missionary of Pembina and Walhalla,” III:101-107
Historical societies, uses of, I:53-69
“History of Abercrombie Township, Richland County,” III:158-177
“History of Crary, The,” VII:287-306
“History of Fort Totten, The” III:178-241
“History of Glen Ullin,” I:297-299
“History of Mardell,” II.1:246-248
“History of Methodism in North Dakota,” I:310-318
“History of Riverside Township, Steele County,” II.1:202-251
“History of the Danish Settlement in Hill Township, Cass County, North Dakota,” I:153-180
“History of the Early Presbyterian Church in North Dakota,” IV:101-178
“History of the Formation of the Counties in North Dakota,”V:169-250
“History of the Protestant Church at the Head of the Red River Valley, 1870-1880,” III:87-95
“History of the Red River Valley University,” II.1:171-178
“History of the Settlement of Swedes in North Dakota,” III:247-309
“History of the State Constitutional Convention of 1889,” III:111-157
“History of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa,” V:87-154
Ho-ton-ho-was-te (Loud-Sounding-Good- Voice), Dakota warrior, V:252
Hoadley, Effie, III:206n. 2, 207; H. E., III:202, 206, 207; Mrs. H. E., III:206; Joseph, III:202
Hoageland, John P., III:262, 265
Hoard, W. D., Wisconsin creameries, III:650
Hoback, John, I:367
Hobart, D.T., Swedes in, III:256
Hobart, John, IV:145; Rev. J. B., IV:141
Hodder, Prof. F. H., University of Kansas, V:250n.
Hodgkiss, William D., I:367
Hodgson, J., IV:795, 827; Thomas, 731-837; Lt., headstone, VI:159
Hoeft, Herman, IV:407
Hoel congregation, VII:277
Hoel, Erick, III:159, 160, 165, 169; Einar, 169; Ingebright, baptism of, 170; Einar, VII:154; Erik, 155; O. S., 188, 188n.; Syver, 155
Hoff, Rev. C. L., VII:230
Hoffman, C. W., translation of Hidatsa legend, I:455-456; Nicholas, II.2:101; W., II.2:93; Peter, III:235; Charles R., IV:268; Henry, 352; Lizzie, 368; Charles, V:79n. 92; Rev., VII:197
Hoffmaster, Brackett's battalion, VII:16
Hofner, ___, IV:272
Hofva Church, statistics of Swedish immigration, III:307, 309
Hofva, D.T., Swedes in, III:278
Hogan, James, II.1:226; John, IV:252; Thomas, 355
Hogden, A. B., IV:268
Hogelson, Austin, IV:405
Hogeman, Joseph, III:233
Hoglund, Hans, III:264
Hoiland, Peter, VII:276
Hokanson, Charles, III:257
Hol Norway, VII:165, 213
Holand, A. P., VII:175, 186n.
Holand congregation, VII:241
Holback, John, II.1:314, 317
Holcombe, Edward, VII:95
Holdane, John, III:396
Hole-in-the-Day, Chippewa chief, II.1:473-492; III:242, 506, 709; assassination of, 490; connection with Little Crow, 486, 487
Holecek, Albert, IV:77; Ed., 77; Frank, 77; James C., 77; John, 77
Holen, Ole E., pioneer experiences of, VII:269-271
Holes, James, I:305; Samuel, II.2:95; Andrew, Fargo, N.Dak., VII:150
Holland, William, IV:84
Hollar, J. A., II.2:129
Holloway, Rev. A. H., IV:171, 173, 174, 176
Hollowell, Thomas, IV:274
Hollsworth, _____, II.1:120
Holly, Benjamin, IV:412
Holman, F. J., IV:254; William S., House of Rep., IV:191
Holme, Capt. D., IV:738, 754
Holmen, J., VII:153
Holmes, L. R., II.1:219n. 1, 220, 224; Col. Thomas, III:211; F. P., IV:426; David Montgomery, diary of, V:53-84; sketch of, V:23-52; ___, Robert Bruce, V:24; Cornelius, 23; Hugh, 23, 23n. 3; Jonathan, 23; Margaret Jane, 24; Mary Elizabeth, 24; Obadiah, 23; Sarah Ann, 23; Sarah Borden, 23; William, 23; D. M., VII:75
Holmgren, Hans, III:277
Holmquist, Charles, III:281; Carl, IV:255
Holseth, Rev. M. C., VII:220, 220n., 230n., 240-242
Holsey, William, I:366
Holt, Lt., II.1:133; Rev. J. W., II.1:478; ___, IV:517, 524; Lt., 540
Holtborg, Hans, III:276
Holte, E., letter of, IV:502, 507
Holts, Jasper, IV:60
Holy Feast of Medicine Society of Dakotas, I:466
Holyoke, _____, death of, II.2:85; member of Fisk’s expedition, II.2:83
Holz, Fred, IV:277; John, 377; William, 377; William E., 377
Homme, Samuel O., II.1:246
Hommelvig, Jonas, VII:152
Honorary members. State Historical Society of North Dakota, II.1:11, 15.
Hontsinger, Dr., and the Yellowstone expedition, I:251-272
Hoodless, W. M., IV:446
Hook, Rev. R. H., IV:149
Hooker, Thomas, III:95
Hoole, Antonie, III:395, 399
Hoop lake, Minn., VII:111
Hopper, Andrew Jr., VII:115; Andrew Sr., 111, 113
Horace, N.Dak., VII:153
Horgdal, Jon, I:99, 101
Horn ornaments, manufacture of, I:456
Hornaday, William T., V:103
Horner, Jacob, III:233
Horns-in-Front (Young Hawk's father), enlists as scout, VI:50; welcomes Young Hawk, 115
Horsehead bottom, N.Dak., VII:129, 130
Horsethief, Crow Indian, II.1:300n. 3
Hoss, Clara, IV:281; Fred, 381
Host, Gunnar, VII:190
Hot, Francesca, IV:271
Hotchkiss, C. A., IV:299; J. H., 399; R. P., 399; S. D., 399
Hotel de Ross, 91
Hotel Hall, Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:77
Hotto, Bjorgo, VII:162n.; Knut, 164; K. A., 183n.
Houle, Anthony, IV:534; Antoine, 493, 508, 511, 513, 520, 532, 543, 613
Hounewill, Clarry, IV:432; James; 432; John, 432; Manda, 432; Pearl, 432; R., 432; Sarah, 432; Thomas, 432; Velbert, 432
House, Joseph, IV:460, 481
Hovde, Rev. K. R., VII:178
Hoverson, Christian, VII:169; Hover, 169
Hovis, Rev. Jacob A., II.1:177, 178
Hovland, Gjert Gregovinssen, III:315; H., VII:156; Halvor, 166n.; Hans, 166n.; Ole, 153
Hovorak, Dr. W. J., IV:76; Joseph, 74; Thomas, 75
“How the First White Man Came to America,” III:725-727
Howard, Capt. William, II.1:285; W. A., III:342; F., IV:250; Frank, 354; John, interpreter at Fort Lincoln, VI:63, 64
Howard County, IV:41, V:185, 191, 203
Howastena (Beautiful Voice), story of, I:476-478
Howell, Brevet Maj. C. W., II.1:379-391; logbook of, 392-415; Birdie, IV:420; James, 420; M. J., 420
Howitzer, at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:16; belonging to Fisk’s expedition of 1862, II.2:62
Howling Bear, calls for recruits, VI:188
Howling Wolf, enlists as scout, VI:51; hides his horse, 73n.
Hoyt, A. W., delegate to Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:12n. 6; J. E., letter regarding the expedition, II.2:83; James, Courtenay, N.Dak., IV:149
Hrubes, Emil, IV:71
Hruska, Wenzl, IV:78
Hu-hy-pa-ha, V:268
Huard, Joseph T., II.1:166
Hubbard, Gen. F. S., I:354-355; H. A., New York, II.2:158; Levi, III:208; N. K., II.1:172, 177; N. K., IV:105
Hubbell, A. J., I:344; Charles, IV:412; Elizabeth, 412; Fred, 412; Howard, 412; Louie, 412; Mamie, 412; Stella, 412; William, 412
Huber, George, IV:443.
Huddleston, Rev. Allen, II.1:476
Hudson Bay, explorations in, IV:235.
Hudson, Mary Jane, III:218; Hattie, IV:420; Henry, 235
Hudson, Mich., VII:1, 2
“Hudson's Bay Company and the Red River Trade (Early History 1670-1821), The,” IV:235-337
Hudson’s Bay Company, I:73, 209-218, 228, 293, 357-378, 428; II.1:79-138; IIApp:1-34; approval of work of missionaries, I:212; attitude toward missionaries, I:220; half-breeds dissatisfied with, I:214; III:103, 214, 352, 356, 359, 371, 394, 400-403, 408, 411, 421, 429, 445, 450, 489, 496, 541-555; governor of, III:445; post at Bas la Riviere, III:475; posts, III:488; IV:185-213, 461-646, 768-816; agreement with Russian American Fur Co., 853; charter of, 236; controversy, 449, 451; freight and passenger rates of, 861; early history of, 235-337; memorial of, 1719, 183; price list of furs and skins, 859; proclamation against North West Co., 245; standing rules and regulations, 841; V:33, 36, 41, 43, 53n.; VII:68, 70, 173, 264, 270, 272, 277; cattle herd of, 76; ferry, Red River, 277; mail coach, 279; Red River steamboats, 142; steamboat, 278; store, N.Dak., 94; trade, 74; threshing machine, 282; withdraws from U.S., 76
Hudson’s Strait, III:442
Huerter, Frederick Darmien, IV:554, 555, 605; deposition of, 514, 538, 553, 556, 604, 612, 613
Huges, Alice, IV:442; Anna, 442; D., 442; D.O., 442; George, 442; Mary, 442; R. A., 442; R. R., 442; Samuel, 442
Hughes, Walter J., I:383-384; James, III:396, 406;___, IV:543; James, 473, 545, 642, 662, 669, 685; John, 411; Lizzie, 411
Hughs, ___, IV:552
Hull, Harrison, II.2:98; Edwin, IV:408
Hult, Prof. Gottfried, III:275
Humel, J. F., I:l55; letter to C. Westergaard, I:172
Humphreys, A. A., U.S. Chief of Engineers, letter of, quoted, IV:189, 190; J., 833
Humphries, C., IV:801
Hunt, Capt. Lewis, I:421; Father Jerome, I:246; Lt. Col. L. C., at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:34, 89, III:188, 339; Byron, IV:252; F. H., 349
Hunter, _____, editor of the Standard, Winnipeg, I:98; Claudia, III:219; Florence, 219; John, 232; John C., 205, sketch of, 219; Katherine, 219; Silvia, 219; Frank, VII:127
Hunter, N.Dak., Presbyterian Church, organized in, IV:142
Hunter’s Raid, 1864, III:218
Hunting in Dakota, III:215
Huntington, James, II.1:255
Huntley, Charles, III:212; C. R., IV:400; E. W., 400; J., 398; L. J., 398; W., 400
Huntsville, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 331, 349, 354-357, 372, 373, 377
Hupe, Joseph, deposition of, IV:525, 531
Hurst, Anthony C., VII:174
Huseby, Andrew, VII:306
Hussey, John, IV:444
Hutchins, Major, Indian agent, II.2:37
Hutchinson, Edwin R., II.2:101; William, mate on the Benton, II.1:302; Alice, III:234; C. E., IV:297; E., 397; E. F., 397; E. M., 397; G., 397; J., 397; R., 398; Rev. G. A., 138; W., 398; capt. of Ellen May No. 2, VII:81; George R., 70
Hutchinson, Minn., VII:55, 105n.; 110-119
Hutchison, John, IV:652-730
Hutter, Jacob, founder of Bruderhoff, III:329
Hutz, Jasper, IV:260; Kate, 360; William, 360
Hyer, William, IV:252
Hyslien, Bertha T., III:174


I-yank-ma-ni, Dakota chief, V:259
I. O. O. F. Hall, IV:71
I.ake Chicot, D.T., V:177
Icanajika, Indian chief, III:237
Iceland, history and geography of, emigration from, I:89-131
Icelandic immigrants: church, organized in Pembina County, I:109; first settlement of, I:89; forms of food used in America, I:114; literature and newspapers of, I:115, 116; personal property valuation for, 1873 and 1874, I:405, 408; population of, I:116, fn 2; township organized in, I:109; store first established, I:111; survival rates in America, I:112
“Icelandic Lutheran Synod of America, The,” II.1:144-145
“Icelandic Settlement of Pembina County, The,” I:89-131
Icelandic settlements, at Lake Winnipeg, Canada, I:97; in America, agitation for, I:99 education in, I:118; post office in, I:110; in North Dakota, I:.102; in Akra, Beaulieu, and Thingwalla Townships, I:l02,103; in Mouse River country, I:112, fn1; Lutheran church in, I:117; school districts organized in, I:109; visit of La Verendrye to, I:203, 371; visit of Mackintosh to, I:373
Icelandic settlers in North Dakota, portraits of, I:opp.104; route traveled by, I:97, fn 3
Icelandic synod, VII:220, 223
Ida Fulton, Missouri River steamboat, log of, II.1:330-341
Ida Reese, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:356
Ida Stockade, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:334, 338, 347-351, 354, 356, 358, 372, 375, 397
Idaho gold mines, II.2:34, VII:5; Fisk expedition to, 1864–1866, II.1:421, III:212; overland expedition to, II.2:80
Idaho territory, V:172
Iddings, Rev. Francis W., IV:111-129, 163-177; V:44
Ihland, Edward, III:166
“Iktomi Myth, The,” I:474-475
Ile a la Crosse post, IV:653
Ilges, Guido, Major, I:272-292
Immigrants, customs and culture of, II.1:202-251; of Norwegians, II.1:186-201
Immigration patterns, of Icelanders, I:89-131; of Norwegians, I:131-153; statistical evidence of to N.Dak., I:180-200
Imperial, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:338, 373, 376, 388, 390, 403, 405
Importer, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:356
Indegard, Carolina, IV:428; George, 428; Peter, 428
Indian agencies, D.T., VII:107
Indian appropriation bill for 1850, III:516
Indian burial, described, III:451
Indian canoe, V:92; council, V:256, 265; country, V:171; department, V:113; land scrip, V:255
Indian Crossing, Park River, II.1:167
Indian farm school, S.Dak., VII:128
“Indian Hide Tanning,” I:455
Indian Hill, Valley City, N.Dak., I:85
Indian school at Fort Totten, III:237
Indian songs, death songs, VI:77; war songs and marching songs, 136 and note
Indian Territory, number of Swedes in, 1900, III:249
Indian treaties of 1851 and 1858, V:256
Indian villages, life in, I:433-436
Indian War, 1862, III:554
Indians, II.1:116-121; II.1:464; VI:18n., 19, 22, 24, 26, 33, 35, 38, 42, 72, 78-81; at Turtle Mountain reservation, III:201; education of at Devils Lake, III:200; threats of, to steamboats on the Missouri Rivers, II.1:285-313; II.1:314-330; II.1:343-358
“Industrial History of the Valley of the Red River of the North,” III:529-596
Ingebrightson, Peter, VII:248
Ingersoll, McLean County, Swedes in, III:275
Ingersoll, Ralph, III:208
Ingham, Rev. S. W., I:316
Ingvaldsen, I., VII:156
Ingvaldson, Ingvald, VII:263
Inihau (Excited), V:268
Ink, R. N., III:92
Inkapaduta, Dakota chief, V:270
Inkster, N.Dak., VII:170, 291n. 8
Inman, Capt. I:415; Capt. T. E., II.2:10, 89
Innes, George, IV:631; deposition of, 620, 624, 625
Ins Heimat, Mennonite paper, III:331
International, Red River steamboat, II.2:24, 27, 28, 115, III:555, VII:71, 278; at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:29
“Introduction to Indian Mythology,” II.1:493-497
Iowa City, Iowa, IV:63
Iowa Indians, III:498, 505; deputation at Prairie du Chien, III:508
Iowa, V:171; foreign population in, I:183
Ireland, Archbishop John, III:101, 107
Irish, Alonzo, II.1:166; Nathaniel, 166
Irish immigration, to N.Dak., I:185-198
Iron City, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328
Iron Hair (Mrs. Campbell), V:272
Iron Heart, Dakota Sioux chief, I:227,419
Iron Horn, Dakota chief, I:251-272
Iron Ring, wife of Victor Renville, V:271
Iroquois Indians, IV:573, 579; V:91
Irwin, Rev. John, IV:120, 123, 125, 128, 136, 141, 166, 172; missionary, 115; sketch of, 118n. 1
Isabella, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:284, 313, 314, 318, 321, 330, 376, 377; II.2:146
Isbister, Alexander K., IV:291-321, 763, 779, 794; facts concerning, 291n. 2; letter to, 329; J., 321,831; James, 291, 687-830; John, 7:16, 753-837; Thomas, 654-736
Ishpenootz, Crow chief, II.1:300n. 3, 328
Isidore, I:367
Isidoro, I:367
Island Lake District, IV:650-832
Island Lake post, IV:704-838
Isle (Ile) a la Crosse post, IV:481, 626, 667-837
Itasca Lake, survey of, I:337
Ithaca, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:313
Ivens, George, IV:256
Iversen, Bernt, VII:171
Iverson, Nils, VII:186n.; Ole, 172
Izard, Maj. Gen., III:209


J. G. Blackford, steamboat, II.2:155
J. H. Drover, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:372, 388
J. H. Lacy, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:287, 312, 330
“J. V. Brower,” I:335-339
Jabis, Charles, V:54n. 14
Jack River District, IV:715, 720, 729, 736
Jack River, II.1:125; IV:488, 494, 518, 539, 554
Jackman, J. J., III:221
Jackson, Capt. Henry, III:193, 194, 220; Andrew, election of, IV:208; John, 356; Thomas, 437; Rev. A., III:288; Leroy F., article by, III:498-528; sketch by, II.1:260; sketch of Enmegahbowh, II.1:473-492; Mrs. Ray, II.1:258; William, I:348
Jacobs, ____, IV:805; Rev. ____, 836
Jacobsen, Torvald, VII:155
Jacobson, Henry, letter concerning Ward County Danes, I:175; Thomas, III:206; A. J., IV:276; G. B., pioneer experiences of, VII:263-266; Johan, 152
Jager, Hans J., II.1:250
Jagocki, Leon, IV:252
James, Frank, I:326
James H. Trover, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:335, 353, 363
James, James (Man-standing-still-on-the-sky), story of battle between Mandans and Chippewas, V:131; Philip, IV:274
James River (Jacques), II.2: 47, 138, 146
James River, D.T., V:268, 269; VII:6, 210, 216
Jameson, Ole, IV:434
Jamestown, N. Dak:, III:237; convention for separation of Dakota Territory, III:120; in 1879, II.1:242; settlement of, I:422; IV:233; description of, 1879, IV:158; first Presbyterian Church organized in, IV:137; V:268; VII:280
Jamison, William C., II.1:416
Jansen (Janson), Kristoffer, I:164;William, IV:54, 55
Janson, Erick, III:247
Jarrett, Jesse T., II.1:142
Jarvis, Abercrombie, N.Dak., III:161
Jarvis, Alexander, IV:247; Eli, 347; Ermine, 347; Fred, 347; Hattie, 347; Josephine, 348; Mathilda, 347; William, 347
Jaslin, Clyde, IV:403
Jasper, Joseph, IV:251
Jaspers (Jasper, Jasper's) House post, IV:654-837
Jay Cooke & Co., failure of, III:569
Jay's Treaty of 1794, IV:180, 184
Jeaneau, Z., I:345
Jeannotte, Francois, sketch of, I:339, I:opp. 340; Jutras, 339
Jefferson Prairie, Wis., VII:199
Jefferson, Pres. 201; letter to Breckenridge, IV:205
Jeffries, A. N., IV:44
Jeglum, Herbrand, VII:170
Jenkinson, J. I., IV:105
Jenks, James, V:37, 51, 57, 58, 66, 74, 75, 76n. 84
Jennie Brown, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:264, 318, 335, 372
Jennie Lewis, steamboat on. the Missouri River, II.1:264, 287, 375, 376
Jensen, A. Niels, Lucca, I:160; Andrew, 153, fn 3, 157, 168, fn 2, 179; Thomas, and his wife, I:158, fn 1
Jenson, Mrs. Edward, III:252, sketch of, 283
Jernes, J. J., IV:436
Jerome, Father, Fort Totten priest, III:240; translation of story of Howastena, I:478
Jerusalem, N.Dak., VII:290n.; 301
Jespersen, Mrs. Peter, I:177
Jessaume, Rene, I:367
Jessenland, Minn., III:219, 220
Jesuit missions, on the northern plains, I:200-251
Jewell, Ben, II.1:330-341; II.1:341-342; M. H., editor, Bismarck Tribune, III:142
Jewett, Joseph, I:341
Jirak, Karl, Oak Park, Ill., IV:79
Jirousek, John, IV:75
Jobert, Mary, IV:444
Jogues, Father, I:476; III:498
Johannesson, Benedict, I:102, 103
Johannsson, O. O., I:l12, fn 1
John Bell, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:264
John Disney, steamboat, II.2:156
“John E. Haggart,” I:334-335
John M. Cochrane,” I:325-329
“John Tanner, Indian Captive, Among the Ojibways,” III:491-497
Johnson, Alfred, III:277, 278; Anders, 280; Andrew, 162, 280, II.1:247, 249; Andrew P., 275; August, 276; Mrs. August, 268; Augusta, I:178; Augustus, 233; Ben, II.1:416; Brikt, 168; Charles, 274, 276; C. F., 258;. C. J., 162; Daniel, 264; Erick, 165, 275; Frank G., 267; Fred, 261; George, II.2:96; John, 95, 262, II.2:96; John E., 253, 275, sketch, of, 291; Jonas, I:178; J. P., 263, 421; K. L., 159, 165, sketch of, 173, 168; Lars, 272; Lewis, 264; Ludvig, 277; M. N., 147, delegate Constitutional convention, 1889, 127n. 6, 143; Nellie (Mrs. C. E. Olson), first white child born in Abercrombie Township, 173; Nils, 277; Peter, 262; P. E., 277; P. S., 159, 165, 173; Swan, 277; Alex. S., U.S. Treaty Commission, IV:213; Amanda, 392; Andrew, 374; Arthur 433; C. D., 362; Carl, 392; Carry, 433; Charles, 392; Dr., 349; Ed., 432; Ellen, 416; Florence, 392; H. E., 394; Ida. J., 432; J., 394; James, 432; Jennie, 349; Levi, Ayr, N.Dak., 145; M., 443; Martin, 358; Mary, 412; Mathias, 442; Matilda, 392; Nellie, 392; Ole, 342; 392; Ole Jr., 392; Rev. George, 174, 176; S. E., 394; Samuel, 430; Sophia, 392; Wilbur, 120; William, 403, 412; James, Minot, V:210n. 78; 222n. 114; 227n. 16; Johnson, Paul, member park board, VI:215; Adnund, VII:161; Berge, B., 263; Bersvend, 190n.; Hans, 281; Henry, 171; J. H., 191; James, 6; Judge Sveinbjorn, 221n.; Knut, 186n.; Martin, 152, 166n.; M. N., 241n.; Mrs. Elizabeth, 39n.; Nils, 166n.; Paul C., 165
Johnson, John (Enmegahbowh), Chippewa missionary, sketch of, II.1:473-492, opp. 474; Sveinbjorn, articles by, I:89-131; II.1:144-145
Johnson vs. Mclntosh, Supreme Court decision, III:503
Johnston, _____, Lt., II.1:423; Carolin, IV:264, 370; Charles S., 364, 370; John; 587, 589, 590, 592, 595, 596; deposition of, 586, 588, 594; Gen., VII:66
Joice, Henry, IV:274
Joiner, H. L., IV:418
Joint Commission on Division of Territorial Property, III:150
Jollie, J. J., V:127
Jonasson, Johannes, I:128, I:opp. 104
Jones, Benjamin, I:368; Col. William R., Washington, D.C., II.2:81, 99; John, Chippewa Indian, II.1:474; Peter, Chippewa Indian, II.1:474; Rev., III:488; Thomas B., Fort Berthold agent, II.1:470; William, II.1:250; A. C., IV:279; E. S., 440; John, 346; L. W., 379; Nellie, 381; Rev., 702, 725, 740, 756, 774; Rev. D.T., IV:267n. 1; Sarah, 381; Susannah, 379; Z. L., 379; E. E., Turtle Mountain Reservation, V:130; member of Holmes party, V:62 and note 47; ranch, V:80
Jonsson, Jon, I:105; Jonas, 99
Jordan, Martin, IV:498; deposition of, 492, 518, 528
Jordon and Leighton, Fort Buford, VII:100
Jordon, W. B., post trader, VI:207
Jorgenson, Knut, VII:160
Joseph, D.T., 346; Mary, 438; Oscar, 346; Robert, 346
Josephine, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:371
Josueks, Edward, IV:426
Jourdain, Joseph, deposition of, IV:479
Journal of expedition of Capt. James. L. Fisk, 1862, II.2:38
Judd, Lewis, II.2:114
“Judge Carothers,” III:673-675
Judson, Lewis H., IV:208n. 6
Jussaume, Rene, III:359
Jutland, emigration from, I:153-180


Ka-hre, Dakota warrior, V:252
Kaasa, Rev. O., VII:253; Rev. O. J., 214, 227
Kadecka, John, IV:67
Kadlec, John, IV:77
Kady, John, IV:441; Mark, 441
Kaldor, Christian, VII:271, 273, 273n.; Mathias, pioneer experiences of, 271-273; Simeon, 271, 271n., 273, 273n.
Kale, Annie, IV:430; Edward, 430; Francesca, 430; Heinrick, 430; Peter, 430
Kamanistiguaia, N. W. Co. post, III:358
Kamper, Gotfred, IV:252
Kandyohi lake, Minn., VII:121
Kane, Edward, IV:549
Kanikkeberg, Martha S., sketch of, III:170
Kansas and Pacific Railway, VII:67, 68
Kansas City bridge, petition to have removed, II.1:415-417
Kansas, foreign population in, I:183
Kantts, Annie, IV:412; Mary, 412; Nick, 412
Kapler, Mathew, VII:128
Kaposia, Little Crows Village, II.1:476
Kappler, Indian Affairs, V:114n. 17
Karlstad, Minn., VII:322
Karnik, F. J., IV:76
Kasberg, Professor K. A., VII:178
Kaskaskia, Ill., VII:92
Katawabetay, Indian chief, IV:467, 471
Kate Kearney, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:302, 303
Kate Kinney, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:287, 315, 375, 377, 378
Kate Sweeney, Missouri River steamboat, II.2:290
Katolicky Delnik, IV:70, 74
Kaufman, Rev. M. S., I:316; II.1:171-178; E. E., III:624
Kaul, Cathrene, IV:266; Cathrine, 367; Chris, 366; Christine, 367; Eliza, 366; Elizabeth, 367; Jacob, 366; John, 367; Madalina, 366; Rickoff, 366; Rosena, 366
Kavanagh, Richard, IV:251
Kavanaugh, Rev. T. B., II.1:477
Kawtawbetay, Chippewa chief, III:392, 993
Kayler, Frank, IV:406
Ke-ka-nu-mak-si, Mandan chief, I:434
Keating, ____, I:212; Martin, III:233; ____, description of Selkirk Settlement in 1823, IV:249; Thomas, 364
Keating’s Narrative of an Expedition to the Sources of St. Peter’s River, excerpt on John Tanner, III:491-497
Keegan, Charles, IV:252
Keeley, J. H., II.1:177
Keeney, G. F., article by, I:318-321; G. J., 239, 308
Keho, member of Holmes party, V:69 and note 72
Kehoe, James, III:233
Keikely, Ed., IV:433; Liva, 433; Salmer, 433; Sven, 433
Keiser, David, II.1:416
Keith, Henry, II.1:416; George, IV:622, 650-761, 824; James, 679-792, 824
Kelerer, Sebastien, II.2:92
Keller, Mrs., VII:306
Kelley, Fanny, Indian captive, II.1:421-439; letter by, II.1:440-442; Thomas, VII:306
Kelley’s Point, II.1:164, 165; VII:73
Kellogg, F. S., IV:54, 55
Kelly, Arthur, III:227; Fannie, captive among the Sioux, 245, 246; Frances, 227; George E., II.2:97; Horatio, 226; J. E., II.2:93; Jenny, 227; John, 232; Rev. Moses J., 194; Robert, 231
Kelly, Col., First W. Va., regiment, VII:63; Mrs. Fannie, 11n., 17, 17n.; Patrick, 306; Tom, 292
Kelly, John, IV:257
Kelly, member of Holmes party, V:67; Byron St. Clair, V:53n. 2
Kelly's Point (Acton), D.T., V:53 and note 2
Kemble, Maj., trip to Pembina, II.2:129
Kemper, Bishop, II.1:479
Kenisteno Indians, V:90
Kenmare, D.T., V:241-245
Kennedy, _____, Capt., II.2:9; Alexander, II.1:12; John E., III:195, 235; William, 230; ____, IV:580, 633; Alexander, deposition of, 594, 597; Alice, 379; Capt. William, 303; D., 416; G. D., 426; John, 658; John, surgeon, 723-833; Katie, 424; Maggie, 424; Mary, 424; Roderick, 303; petition of, 310; Thomas, 424; Thomas E., 379; Willie, 424; William, IV:293; William, 424; Dr. V. P., VII:108
Kenney, Mrs. V. M., IV:126; V. M., 127; Capt. Dennis, VII:62, 66
Kenny, Joseph, deposition of, III:387
Kenogamissie district, IV:844
Kensal, N.Dak., IV:73
Kensington, (Park River) Church, IV:122
Kent, _____, St. Cloud, Minn., II.2:15; Frank, II.2:94; William O., IV:252
Keogh, Myles, I:272-292
Keokuk, steamboat, II.2:162
Keplin, I:340
Kerm, William, IV:254
Kernaghan, William, Chicago, Ill., IV:205
Kerr, Dr. Theodore F., first postmaster at Mardell, II.1:247; James, II.2:93; John, 1st Cpl., Northern Rangers, II.2:95; William L., II.2:93
Kerr, Rev. J. H., IV:129
Kershaw, Robert, IV:255
Kesler, William, Dunker Church, Cando, N.Dak., IV:91
Ketterling, Adam, IV:268; George, 368; John, 368
Kettlson, Ed., IV:433
Keveney, N. W. prisoner, murder of, III:422; Owen, IV:556, 590, 591, 609, 611, 613, 637
Kewenau, lake steamboat, VII: 68
Keyapeya River, V:171
Keystone (Monango), N.Dak., IV:141
Kholghter, Iweden, IV:239
Kiar, A. M., II.1:189n. 1
Kidder, C. F., IV:83
Kidder County, V:181, 189, 211, 212, 214, 215; VII:245; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Kidder, J. P., II.1:142, 143; territorial delegate, III:112
Kiebert, Frank J. V., II.1:498; auditor of Oliver County, V:208n. 71
Kiefer, Speaker, Federal House of Representatives, III:114
Kilbride, Michael, deposition of, III:379
Kilby, George, IV:412; Ida, 412; William, 412
Kildonan, II.1:85, 86, 88, 93, 123; name given to colony by Selkirk, II.1:106; settlement of, II.1:123, 124
Kilkenny, Michael, III:409,, IV:518, 528
Killdeer Mountains, Battle of, I:200-251; II.2:141
Killen, Rev. J. T., IV:139, 144
Kim, Domerick, IV:257
Kimball, Dr., post surgeon, Fort Buford, report on Indian rattlesnake cure, II.1:410, 411; Porter, II.1:205n. 1; 215n. 1, 250
Kimberley, Minn., V:84
Kindley, Oren, VII:321, 323n.
Kindred, W. A., II.1:205
King, Alf., IV:243; Alice, 426; Allen, 343; Anna, 343; C. W., 427; Earl G., 427; Ella, 343; Elmer, 426; Jonathan, 343; Martha, 343; R., Arctic Expedition, 289; S. D., 343; Timothius, 343; William E., 426; William F., 217; Dana E., VII:104, 118; Mrs. Dalla E., 119
King Sverre, steamboat used in Norwegian emigration, I:135
Kingsbury, George W., article by, I:350-354
Kingsley, N.Dak., IV:51
Kingston, Canada, III:425, 429
Kinkhead, Alex, II.2:98; Cordelia, II.2:98
Kinnear, John, carpenter, V:36
Kinney, Wesley, Lt., absent on furlough, II.2:121; II.2:opp. 116; J. C., Wibeaux, Mont., V:162
Kins, J., IV:250
Kinsella, James, III:231
Kinter, F. M., Grand Rapids, N.Dak., IV:167; F. M., La Moure, N.Dak., 143
Kinzie, Addie, IV:249; Georga, 349; Lt. George H., 349; Juleaetta, 349; Mary, 349; Molly, 349
Kiplin. See Keplin.
Kipp, James, I:348, 362,368; VII:29
Kippling, Charles, IV:723
Kirkelei, Henry, IV:433
Kittelson, Sigbjorn, VII:161
Kittson County, V:176
Kittson, Norman W., I:356, 368, 375-378; IIApp:1-34; III:99, 215; IV:101, 257, 271, 292n. 1, 298; William, 658-786; V:77, 173; trading post, VI:215
Kittz, Conrad, III:233
Kjerulf, Hatton-Northwood glee club, VII:189
Kjolvestad, Ole, VII:161
Kjosva, John S., IV:262; Sarah, 362
Klaats, Capt., II.1:424
Klara and Sheyenne Swedish congregations, III:260, 261, 307, 309
Klara, Barnes County, Swedish settlement in, III:260
Kleeber Fred, IV:254
Kleine, Louis, IV:355
Klement, Anton, IV:78
Klep, H., VII:156
Klepfel, George, IV:370; John, 370; Magdaline, 370
Klier, Wallace, IV:418
Kline, Francis, III:226; Joseph, II.2:101; Virginia, III:226; Michael, IV:627
Klongs, Barbara, IV:434; Bessie, 434; Emily, 434; Frank, 434; John, 434; Nick, 434; Rosy, 434; William, 434
Klooz, Cathrina, IV:363; Christina, 363; K., 363; Marguretta, 363
Klubben, Valdemar, I:152, I:opp. 136
Klyne, Michel, IV:653, 668, 699
Knapp Stout Lumber Co., III:169
Knappe, James, IV:355
Knappen, N. H., I:302
Kneeshaw, W. J., V:39
Knickerbocker, G., IV:355
Knife River Indian Villages, I:opp. 433; I:362, 365, 368, 372, 433; II.1:500; site of camps for steamboat, II.2:141; smallpox in, 374, 377; visited by Alexander Henry, Jr., 369; description and sketches of, I:433-436
Knight, Rev. D. W., I:317; Francis, III:114; William, IV:408
Knights of Pythias, Grand Forks, organization of, VII:78
Knipska, J., IV:399
Knoff, I. C., VII:189
Knoop, Annie, IV:382; Ella, 382; George, 382; Willie, 382
Knox, John, II.1:161-170; Mrs. J. H., II.1:178; R. C, wagon master, Capt. Fisk’s protective corps, II.2:39; Rev. M. V. B., II.1:171-178
Knudson House, Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:174
Knudson, Peter, V:40; Andrew, VII:186n.; Col. A., 174; Ole, 275; Professor R. S., 176
Knutsen, Kjetil, VII:187, 188n.
Koch, Capt. of Nor, VII:135
Koeneman, Hellena, IV:378; Herman, 378; Herman E., 378; Sophie, 378
Kohslepp, Carl, III:221
Kolar, C. C., IV:74, 75
Kolosky, Joseph T., II.1:164
Kolstad, Martin, VII:306
Kone, Rev. William W., IV:208n. 6
Konopka, Henry, IV:409
Kops, Rev. J. C. De Bruyn, IV:176
Korbel, Joseph E., IV:77
Korsmo, Nils, VII:165
Koshkonong, Wis., VII:158, 169, 202
Kosik, Frank, IV:77; Frank J., 77
Kouba, John, IV:67; Matt, 67
Kovanda, Martin, IV:78
Kovar, Albert, IV:77; Mary, 77
Kovarik, Albert, IV:356; J. J., 76; John, 74; K. J., 76
Koza, Thomas, IV:64, 65
Kraft, John, IV:409
Kragenes, A. G., IV:436
Kramer, Richard, IV:353; J. A., auditor of Ramsey County, V:214n. 90
Krause, Rev., VII:197
Krdny, L. J., IV:76
Krebert, A., IV:399; A. P., 399; F. P., 399; J. C., 399; J. F., 399; J. J., 300; M. P., 399; W., 390
Kretchmer, Joseph, IV:354
Krieger, Otto, IV:382
Kringlen, H. J., IV:368
Kriz, Joseph, IV:77
Krogan, A. A., III:169
Krogen, Norway, VII:253
Krogh, Henry, III:683
Krogstad, Andrew, VII:152
Krosby, G. J., VII:152
Kruger, Martin, III:231; Rudolph, IV:351
Krumshoien, Tore Lebacken, VII:267
Kruse, John, IV:374
Kub, Frank L., IV:77
Kubala, Wenzl, IV:77
Kubela, Joe, IV:64
Kuhn, Bertha M., article by, V:155-166
Kuppenburf, Myron, III:95
Kutak, F. J., editor, Fraternal Advertiser, IV:80
Kuzel, Wenzl, IV:70
Kvamme, Rev. O. K., VII:230
Kvasager, Knut, VII:161
Kyllo, Louis, VII:169


L' Anse, Methodist Mission, IV:101
L'eau Qui Mqnte creek, I:345
l'Ecuyer, Louis, deposition of, IV:640
L'Hiver, Father, I:245, 266, 420
L'Homme Noir, Saulteur chief, IV:470, 544
La Bach, Rev. J. M., III:94
La Barge, A. G., II.1:417; John, I:369, II.1:416; Joseph C., II.1:417; Joseph, II.1:267-284, 278n. 1; Joseph, Jr., II.1:417; Thomas J., II.1:417
La Barge, Harkness & Co., I:369, 371; II.2:68
La Croix, Paul, III:392
La Flock, Father, I:246
La Fontaine, Stazzy, III:227
La Frambois, Frank, I:369
La Framboise, Joseph, I:423, 426
La France, Jean Baptiste, Hudson’s Bay Co trader, III:359
La Moure County, archaeological remains in, I:87; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
La Moure, Judson, I:.303, 307, III:97-99
La Moure, N.Dak., Presbyterian Church, organized in, IV:143
La Plante, Louis, Sr., I:370
La Pointe, Baptiste, III:369-437; ____, deposition of, IV:590
La Roche Percee, IV:227
La Ronde, ____, IV:618
La Roque, Baptiste, IV:283
La Rose (Larose), Alfred, III:235; Mary, III:235; Nancy, III:219, 235; Octave, III:202, 204, ferry keeper, 196; postmaster at Graham’s Island, sketch of, III:217, 219, Octavus, III:235
La Rue, S., IV:420
La Verendrye, Pierre, I:200-251, 355-380; and the Mandans, II.1:502-508; IIApp:1-34; explorations of, 72-74; 202, 203, 311; IV:239, 244
La.ke Traverse (post), V:269
La-bi-na-shany, II.1:118
Laandrieux, ____, IV:581
Labecker, A. J., IV:432
Labelle, Rose, III:231, 237
Laberte, ____, IV:559
Labette, ____, IV:627
Labont, A., 3rd Cpl., Northern Rangers, II.2:95
Labor in, Denmark, I:154; in Iceland, I:124
Labothe, Francois, IV:252
Labrador, Moravian mission on, III:444
Labroche, I:369
Lac du bois Blanc post, IV:656-830
Lac la Pluie department, IV:575, 585, 587, 595; district, 651-844; post, 505-639, 656-671
Lac la Pluie, N. W. Co. post, III:358; fort at, III:417
Lac qui Parle, Dakota village, V:254
Lac Saul post, IV:808, 823, 838
LaCell, Rev., ____, Lisbon, N.Dak., IV:167
Lacerpe, III:399
Lacerte Bostonois Pangman, IV:531-552
Lacey, William, IV:410
Lacken, Chris, IV:365
Lacombe, Father Andre, I:369
Lacon, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:355, 366
Lacroix, Paul, deposition of, IV:640
LaCrosse, Wis., II.2:148, 162; IV:67; VII:93, 135, 137, 174, 175, 203, 280
Ladbury, Luellen, II.1:205, 206, 238-239, opp. 234
Ladley, 2nd Lt. O. D., IV:192, 196, 199n. 1, 218
Laduc, Julien, II.2:94
Lady Ellen, steamboat carrying Icelandic settlers, I:98
Lady Grace, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:330-332, 337, 372-378
Lafitte, I:374
LaFlache, Father, at Wild Rice, I:219
Lafona, Amable, deposition of, IV:626
Lafontaine, J. B., deposition of, IV:528
LaFrambois, Frank, II.1:275,VII:117; Joseph, VII:117
Laframboise (Leframboise), Michel, IV:658-786; Joseph, deposition of, IV:610; Alexius, V:267; Joseph, V:267
Lafrance, J. Baptiste, I:369
Lagasse, trader, III:352
Lagimmoniere, Baptiste, deposition of, IV:550
Laidlaw, William, I:341, 369; __, employee of Lord Selkirk, IV:251; William, 609-611
Laingin, Joseph, IV:347
Lajae, Antoine, I:370
Lajeunesse, ____, IV:624
Lake Agassiz, III:532
Lake Allie, VII:115
Lake Amelia, Minn, II.2:17, 20
Lake Andes, S. D., IV:76
Lake Bellow, Foster County, III:182
Lake City Company of volunteers, II.1:179-185
Lake City, Minn, II.2:102, 148, 162, 163
Lake County, V:241
Lake Itasca, MN, I:335-339
Lake Jessie, II.2:46, 47
Lake la Ronge post, IV:653
Lake Lillian, Minn., VII:55, 56
Lake Lydia, II.2:46
Lake Manitoba, II.1:1.21.
Lake Metigoshe, D.T., V:87
Lake of the Woods, IV:196, 198.
Lake Park, Minn., VII:216, 235, 249, 250n.
Lake Pepin, III:498
Lake Saginigas, II.1:91
Lake St. Croix, VII:81, 90
Lake Townsend, II.2:47
Lake Traverse, III:518, 533, 551; VII:5
Lake Vermilion, Minn., VII:3,4
Lake Winipic, N. W. Co., post, III:358
Lake Winnipeg, II.1:87, 91, 103, III:446, 467, 475- 478; Icelandic settlement on, I:97
Lake Winnipegoosis. See Lake Winnipeg.
Lakeville, Minn., VII:172
Lakota. N.Dak., VII:251
Lalonde, Gabriel (Gabriel Latreille), deposition of, IV:609
Lama, trading ship, IV:723, 738
Lamar, Seraphim, III:396, 399, IV:468-613; deposition of, 504, 507, 546, 555, 605
LaMarre, W. J., auditor of Walsh County, V:201n. 43; 216n. 99
Lamb, P., Cpl., St. Cloud, Minn., II.2:14, 93, 98; letter from, II.2:11
Lambert, Edward, I:370; Louis, 370; ____, V:121
Lambout, Daniel (Lambert), I:370
Lambs, J. B., Kalispell, Mont., V:162
Lamothe, W. P., II.1:.416
LaMoure County, V:181, 192, 197
LaMoure, Judson, II.1:165, 236; VII:296, 297, 302; member park board, VI:220
Lampman, _____, Iowa, II.1:231
Land cession by Sioux treaty of 1851, III:518
Land Department of Northern Pacific Railway Co., sketch of its development, III:337-348
Landblom, Anna Nina, III:265; August, 290; August P., 264, 265
Landers & Green, IV:47.
Landholders in Traill County, nationality of, I:198
Landstads Salmebog, hymbook, VII:240
Landstrom, P. P., III:260
Lane, A. A., IV:418; F. C., Hector, 707; Mary O., 418; W. H., 399; R., 276; Richard, 769, 785, 829, 836; W. F. (William T.), 691-834
Lang, Charles, III:277; Rev. A., IV:136
Langeland, Rev. H., VII:230
Langer, William, IV:433
Langford, N. P., member Capt. Fisk’s protective corps, II.2:39; U. P., II.1:458
Langley, George, IV:723
Langlois, Michael, I:370; III:353, 354, 356; clerk to Alex. Henry, Jr., III:352
Langord and Lien, Grand Forks firm, VII:174
Langord, Haakon, VII:186n.; Henry, 173
Lankin, N.Dak., IV:73, 75
Lankton, Orpha, IV:208n. 6.
Lanserud, Halvor A., III:260
Lansing, Mich., H. H. Larned in, VII:35-37
Lanterman, Sadie, Hillsboro, IV:126
LaP1ante, at a woodyard, II.1:272
LaPache, Louis, IV:58
Lapham, F. W., IV:419; A. J., VII:130
LaPierre, Homer, VII:295
Laramie clays and sands, V:86
Laramie County, V:177, 178
Larande, _____, IV:623
Larant, Register, IV:270
Larimore, N. G., II.1:177
Larimore, N.Dak., III:196; VII:170, 241, 294n., 300-303; Presbyterian church organized in, IV:123
Lariviere, Clara M., III:236
Larned, Ebenezer, VII:1n.; Edward S., 39n.; Frederick J., 39n.; Horatio H., 1-3, opp.6; Robert Y., 39n.; Silvanus, 1n.; William L., l-3, 1n., opp.6; Mrs. William L., 15, opp.6
Larned, Horatio H., II.1:429-431; biography of, VII:1-6; in the Fisk Expedition, 6-20; at the Fort Rice store, 20-28; at Fort Berthold, 29-35; in Lansing, Mich., 35-37
Larocque, Francois Antoine, I:369, 370, 373; visit to the Mandans, III:359; IV:264; ____, IV:624
Laroun, Annie, IV:407; Charles, 407; Metta, 407
Larpenteur, Charles, I:341, 347, 355-380; II.2:6; VII:101
Larsen, Carl, VII:156; Christian, 156; Engebret, 156; Rev. Lauritz, 202; 203
Larsen, Christian, I:155, fn 3; Helge,152; Peter, II.2:96
Larson, Charles, III:276; Rev. C. A., III:276; Even, III:165; John, III:263, 290
Larson, Ingebret, 250; Knud, 171; L. B., 151; Professor Laur, 178; Rev., 187, 188n.; Rev. B. J., 178n.; Rev. G. A., 230n.; Rev. Th. H., 228n.; Salemon, 163; Swen, 170; Alice, IV:437; Betsey, 436; C., 437; Charley, 437; Jennie, 437; L. O., 437; Lars, 422; Nels, 420; Olaf, 437
LaSalle County, Ill., VII:197, 258, 200
Laserpe, Louis, IV:508
LaSeur, Minn., VII:120
Lasher, Henry, VII:109
Last, Benn., IV:347
Last Chance, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:339, 373, 377, 392-394
Latreille, Gabriel. See Gabriel Lalonde
Latta, Indian agent of Missouri Indians, I:426, 427; Maj., II.1:275, 277
Lattey (Lattie), Alexander, IV:723-833
Lattoral, Raspal, II.2:98
Lauder, W. S., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:143
Laughlin, A. H., III:633
Laundey, Alexander, VII:128
Laurent, Joseph, IV:498, 500
Laurie, John, VII:300
Lausanne, emigrant ship, IV:208n. 6.
Laverdure, Joseph, IV:742
LaVere, Frenchman at wood camp, VII:128
Lavigne, ____, IV:516; Augustine, 557; deposition of, 556
Lavigne, August, deposition of, III:397
Lavynge, Aug., deposition of, IV:545
Lawler, Simon, IV:354
Lawless, Ben, V:158, 162
Lawrence, Capt. Jacob, II.1:330n. 1, 333n. 1, 340n. 3; Mrs. Sidle, II.1:258; Mrs. Minnie, Casselton, N.Dak., IV:137; Abbot, 322, 323; American Minister to England, 298; Bliss W., 363; George E., 363
Lawson, Nelson, Soo railway immigration agent, I:175
Lawton, N.Dak., IV:73
Laxdal, D. J., I:120
Layer, J. B., III:217; Joseph, VII:127
Layland, Richard, IV:742
Le Beau, Frederick, I:341, 342
Le Blanc, Pierre, IV:677-757; deposition of, 576
Le Page, Baptiste, I:355-380
Le Sueur Center, Minn., IV:75
Le Sueur, Minn., IV:74
Lea, Christ, I:152; Indian Commissioner, Report of 1851, III:519; Dakota Treaty, 1851, III:517
Leader-of-the-Wind, daughter of Victor Renville, Sr., V:271
Leary, Dennis, IV:424; James, 424
Leathertail, James, pilot on the Red River, VII:95
Leavenworth, Col., U.S. A., expedition of, IV:255
“Leaves from Northwestern History,” I:200-292
Lebacken, Tore, VII:267
Lebacker, O. E., IV:432
LeCaron, Father, I:201
Ledbeater, M. D., expedition of, to Salmon River gold mines, II.2:76-78
Ledon, Rev. Denis, III:101
Lee, C. H., III:543n. 2, 551n. 2; Eliza M., 330; II.1:166; Col. Francis, I:423-429; Isaac, III:230; K. K., III:159, 165; Ole, II.1:66; Walter, I:383; Rev. Jason, Methodist missionary, IV:208, 208n.; Seymour, 443; Walter, 443; Chas. H., member park board, VI:215; Ole, VII:152; Ole Jr., 149
Lee, N.Dak., VII:213
Leech, J. C., IV:145
Leech Lake, Minn., V:90; establishment of mission at, II.1:482; Northwest Co. post at, IV:253
Lefroy, Lt. Col., Arctic Explorer, IV:305
Left Handed, enlists as scout, VI:50; carries mail, 67
Leger, Sacinter, deposition of, IV:550
Legerborg, John, IV:417
Legimmoniere, ____, IV:539, 589, 591
Leighton and Jordan, post traders, Fort Buford, VII:103
Leighton, Daniel, II.2:114; A. C., post trader, VI:209; Joe, post trader, VI:207; Joseph, VII:100
Leimbur, Hugh, IV:422
Lein, Rev. A. E., VII:178, 178n.
Leitch, R., II.1:459
Leith, James, III:396, 406, 417; ____, IV:539, 548, 553, 616; James, 534, 543, 649, 650
Lelstedt, John, III:266
Lemae, Joseph, I:371, 375
LeMars, Iowa, V:81
Lemke, Benny, IV:418; Dakota, 418; Fred, 418; Harvey, 418; Ida, 418; Isabel, 418; Julia 418; Julius, 418; Willie: 418
LeMoine, Joseph, hunter on the Yellowstone River, VII:84
Lemon, Robert, I:357,371
Lennan, I. P., VII:6
Lennon, I. P., sketch by, II.1:429-431, opp. 431
Lent, Gilbert, II.2:99
Lenvig, John, II.1:203
Leogren, A. G., III:260
Leonard, Mrs. W. K, Anoka, Minn., II.1:425; Andrew, III:231
Leoni Leoti, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:358, 364, 368
Leonidas, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:264
Lepage, Louis, I:349, 371; Baptiste, 371
Lepewski, Beats, IV:408; Cecilia, 410; Ferman, 408; Mary, 408; Sophie, 408
Lerken chorus, Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:190
Leroy, N.Dak., III:98
Lesovsky, Alois, IV:71
Lesser Slave Lake post, IV:653-837
Lestanc, Rev., III:106
Letemps, Jacques, deposition of, IV:582
Letson, G. O., IV:362
“Letter From Fort Abercrombie D.T. November 16, 1862,” II.1:179-185
“Letter of Transmittal,” Coll.I:5-6
Letters of Father Genin, I:233-238, 257, 260
Leverett, Cecil, IV:351
Lewes (Lewis), John Lee, IV:649-826; A. Lee, IV:786, 801, 832
Lewis and Clark Expedition, III:359, 499; and Sheheke, II.1:470-473; original journals referred to, I:358-373; spelling of Charbonneau and Sakakawea in journals of, I:70
Lewis, Daniel, I:372; Dr. William, 372; Frederic, 383; Louise, 372; Lucy, 372; Reuben, 371; John Latt, III:257; T. H., 686n. 2, on the turtle effigy, III:685-687; Elizabeth, IV:409; Edwin, 409; Harry, 409; John, 627, deposition of, 626; John, 406; Josephine, 409
Lewis Island, II.1:92, 115, 116
Lewiston, Lewis, II.2:94, 97, 99; Lizzie, 99
Lexington, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:314, 329, 341, 371, 372, 373, 376
Libby, Albert, Anoka, Minn., II.1:425; Charles L., VII:6, 10, 14n.
Libby, O. G., articles by, I:5-47; II.2:6-163, II.1:498-508, VI:3-209; VI:211-266; legend of Corn Silk, III:688-707; on Sakakawea, I:69-72; I:329-330; I:339-349, I:355-380; report of the State Historical Society of North Dakota (1908), II.1:7-66; Report of the Secretary, 1910, III.1:11-83; report on turtle effigy, near Sanger, N.Dak., III:685-687; Report of the Secretary, 1913, IV:13-30
Library of State Historical Society, I:32
Lidgerwood Farmers State Bank, IV:72
Lidgerwood, N.Dak., IV:66-77
Lidgerwood Rural Telephone Company, IV:72
Liedholm, Alfred, III:276
Lien, Ole, VII:170
Lievold, Sivert, VII:155
Light of Day, the (newspaper), I:153-180
lignite coal, as fuel for steamboats, II.1:332
Lill, Theodore, IV:353
Lilly, George W., IV:364
Lilly Martin, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:301, 304, 306, 328, 337, 339
Lilly, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:372, 375
Lim, Ole, IV:434
Lima, Ole, letter by, II.1:198-200; Sven, I:152
Lincoln (Drayton), N.Dak., IV:131
Lincoln, Isaac, IV:363; Pres. Abraham, V:172; assassination of, II.2:160
Lincoln territory; to be formed from northern part of Dakota, III:119
Lind, N.Dak., VII:159, 166n.
Lindberg, John, III:280
Linden, W., III:276
Linder, Andrew, III:277; John, III:277
Lindquist, O. F., IV:427
Lindsey, Albert; 444
Lindstedt, Edward, III:275
Lindstrom, John, III:261; Gustave, IV:355; Julia, 355
Lindwell, Peter, III:277
Link, Christian, IV:371; Crashina, 372; Sophia, 372
Linn, Peter, II.1:166; Sen. L. F., IV:210, 210n. 2, 211
Linton, George, IV:653-726
Lippold, Henry, IV:430
Liquor sale among Indians, V:256; to soldiers and Indians, VI:71, 72; use by Alexander Henry, Jr, in Indian trade, III:367, 368
Lisa, Manuel, I:368, 371, 374, 377
Lisbon, N.Dak., III:92, 121; Presbyterian Church organized in, IV:140
Liscom, Edward, IV:417; F., 417; M. C., 417
“List of Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Herbaceous Flowering Plants and Grasses Native to North Dakota,” VI:238-266
Listenfelt, Hattie, article by, IV:235-337
Listicle, Charles, IV:69
Listoe, Soren, III:89
Litchfield, Minn., VII:104n.; 119
Little Bighorn, Battle of, I:339-349; Sitting Bull’s record of, I:272-292; Indian stronghold in, VI:26; described by Young Hawk, 93-121; news of defeat reaches Gibbon, 106n.; story of battle told by Little Sioux, 149-157; VII:130; battle, 1876, described by Cheyennes, 38
Little Brave, in battle of Little Bighorn, VI:96, 103, 122-126, 129, opp.205
Little Cat Fish, Indian family of, IV:387
Little Crow, Mandan chief, I:435, 436
Little Crow, Sioux chief, II.1:29, 32, 81, 82, 119; connection with Hole-in-the- Day, II.1:486, 487; V:257, 261, 265; death of Capt. Cady, VII:53-56; son of, 54, 118; mentioned, 107
Little Duck, teller of Ojibway legend, III:725-727
Little Forks congregation, VII:213, 277
Little Heart River, V:59, 60
Little Medicine, Indian family of, IV:386
Little Missouri River, V:157, 158, 160
Little Muddy River, II.2:60
“Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim,” poem, III:177
Little Paul, half breed, V:267
Little Pidgeon, interpreter, IV:627
Little Rock, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:337, 373
Little Salt River, II.1:165, III:105
Little Shell, Chippewa chief, I:288, 296, III:368; V:119, 120; enlists as scout, VI:50; in battle of Little Bighorn, 130, 131; supplementary story by, 149; biography of, 191-193, opp. 49, opp. 191
Little Sioux River, III:508
Little Six, Sioux chief, captured, II.2:129
Little Slave Lake post, IV:626
Little Soldier bottom, S.Dak., VII:129
Little Winnipee. See Lake Winnipeg.
Little Winnipeg. See Lake Winnipeg.
Live Oak, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:264, 286
Livingston, David, II.1:241; Donald, III:370, 371; Kathryn, II.1:241; Robert, deposition of, IV:565
Ljom, Fergus Falls glee club, VII:189
Loan collection of the State Historical Society, I:45
“Location and Survey of the Northern International Boundary Line, The,” IV:179-234
Locke, Hugh, Bismarck, N.Dak., VII:128
Locken, Einar, VII:274; Ingebrigt, pioneer experiences of, 273-276
Locklin, Bertha, IV:422; Effie, 422; Estella, 422; Garrel, 422; George, 422; John, 422; Joseph H., 422; Liby, 422; Mary, 422; Minnie, 422
Lockwood, James, III:216n. 1
Lockwood, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:313
Lodahl, O. A., III:161
Lodmell, A. M., VII:175, 186n.
Loewenstroen, William, IV:409
Lofthus, Albert, VII:268
“Log Book of Steamer W. J. Lewis,” II.1:314-330
“Log of Steamer Benton From St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Benton, Idaho,” II.1:285-313
“Log of Steamer Bertha From Sioux City, Iowa, to Fort Benton, Montana,” II.1:359-370
“Log of Steamer Robert Campbell, Jr., From St. Louis to Fort Benton, Montana Territory,” II.1:267-284
“Log of Steamer Scarred Wolf, Sometimes Called Bertha,” II.1:343-358
Logan County, V:181, 192, 197; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Logan, Robert, IV:267n. 1, 467; Thomas, 283; Dr., death of, V:50n. 35
Loge, Sven, I:152
Lohnes, Edward, III:178n. 2, 182, 214; Edward H., sketch of, 213; George, 213; Ed, VII:296
Lomice, N.Dak., IV:75, 76
Lommen, Andrew, IV:364
Londe, Baptiste la, deposition of, IV:640
Londonderry, Ireland, 24
Lone Fight, Mandan, II.1:470
Long Bear, Arikara Indian, VII:98
Long Butte Creek, D.T., V:66, 67
Long, Cora, IV:445; Frank, 445; George C., Dunker, Can do, N.Dak., 91; Maj. S. H., expedition of, 186; Rev. J. Henry, 177
Long Hair, Pierre Garreau's Indian name, VII:41
Long Lake, Minn., VII:118
Long Lance Creek, D.T., V:78
Long, Major S. H., I:378, II.1:94, III:491, 546, 548; expedition of, I:217, III:546; expedition of 1823, Red River Valley, IV:256
Long X Cattle Co., IV:46; outfit, 44, 46; ranch, 59; V:157, 158
Longteus, ____, constable, IV:484
Lonne, Rev., J. I., VII:220, 230
Loomis, Col. John S., III:342
Loon, Gus, V:32n. 18
Loor, John, IV:399
Loovey, Harry, IV:354
Loras, Rt. Rev., III:102
Lord, 2nd Lt. Thomas, III:188
Lord, C. J., Cando, N.Dak., IV:85
Lorenz, Albert, IV:77; Bernard, 77; Charles W., 77; Dr. M. E., 75; Frank, 77; M.; 70; Matthew, 63, 64, 65
Lorimer, Capt. de, III:428, 432, 434; IV:573, 579
Lossius, Dr. M., VII:176
Lostuen, John Pederson, III:173
Loucisse, ____, deposition of, IV:506
Loud-Sounding-Good-Voice (Ho-ton-ho-was-te), Dakota warrior, V:252
Louisa, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:285
Louisiana Territory, purchase of, V:170
Louisville, Ky., II.2:148, 149, 155
Louisville, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:345
Lounsberry, Col. Clement A., III:97, 99, IV:109; article by, I:299-310
Lousada, St. L., IV:443
Love, Jane, V:23, 24; Robert, V:24; Sarah Hemphill, V:24
Lovell, Capt., I:423-429
Lovsness, Engel, VII:151
Lowe, Simpson, II.1:204; Eugene, IV:425; Mary A., 425; Thomas, 832, 834
Lowell, Jacob, I:299-310; George L., IV:415; Jake, VII:72
Lower Cheyenne Agency, S.Dak., VII:127
Lower Red River District, IV:655, 669; Northwest Co. post at, III:358
Lowery, Anna, IV:446; George H., 446; Nancy, 446; Thomas, 446
Lowry, D. J., I:159; Thomas, IV:418
Loyd, John, IV:440; Thomas, 443
Loyland, A., VII:160; A. N., 161n.; Halvor, death of, 160n.; Inger, 160; John, 160; Nils Oleson, 160; Mrs. Nils Oleson, 160; Ole, l60; Ole Sr., 160; Tarje, 160; Tollef, 160; T. F., 160
Loynes, Edward, III:235; Gertrude, 235; James A., 235; John W., 235; Mary, 235; Hazel J., article by, III:324-336
Luardasha, J., IV:398
Lubeck, Carl August, III:261
Lucas, deserted from U.S. Army, VII:130
Lucca, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:145
Luce, William, VII:322
Ludwig, Elias, IV:407
Luegumkloster, Denmark, I:178, 179
Luella, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 336.33
Luez, Capt., II.2:10
Luke, D. W., IV:125
Lull, Cornelius P. V., II.2:11, 94, 98; Julius E., 98; Mary, 98
Luna, Hudson’s Bay Co. brig, III:441
Lunak, John, III:233
Lund, C., III:257; Charles, III:277; Rev. E., III:275; Lemuel K., II.2:92; Martin, I:opp. 136; Sven, 152, 136; Edward, IV:368; George, 368; Lena, 368; Martin, 368; Nellie, 368; Nels, 368; ____, Norwegian buried at Fort Abercrombie, VII:147
Lundal, N., IV:418
Lundeberg, Rev. K. O., VII:208
Lundeby, Rev. I. L., VII:220, 230, 269, 270
Lundgren, William, III:275
Lundquist, Albert, III:276; John, III:276
Lunkenheimer, Henry, II.2:96
Luolis, Frank, IV:355
Lust, Gustavus, IV:355
Luther College, Decorah, Ia., VII:179, 203, 233, 240, 250n.; 251n.; 256n.; 259
Luther Seminary, VII:240, 251n.; 256n.
Lutheran Brethren, VII:208-209, 221-224, 231
Lutheran church, influence in Icelandic communities, I:117
Lutheran Free church, VII:207, 208, 221, 222, 224, 231
Lybeck, Carl August, III:261
Lyman, Lewis, Jamestown, N.Dak., IV:137
Lynch, Michael, IV:358
Lynn, Robert, surveyor, II.1:165
Lyon, Rev, David C., I:301, IV:108-155, 162; Rev. William Crosby, IV:101n. 1, 144
Lyons, Rev., III:87; William, Jr., III:233
Lyren, Abercrombie glee club, VII:189
Lyster Prestegjraeld, Norway, VII:174


M’Beth, Andrew, III:378
M’Donald (McDonald, Macdonald), Alexander, III:382-474; Allan, 396, 433; Anthony, 409; John, N. W. Co., partner, 352, 364, 392, 396, 406, 427; Mrs. Mary, 181; Mary, 226; mail carrier, 180; Michael, deposition of, 373, 390; Miles, governor of Ossiniboia, 369, 370, 371, 372, 374, 376, 377, 380, 381, 383, 384, 385; governor, Red River Colony, 494; William, 231, 418, 419; Virginia, 226
M’Donnell. See M’Donnell, McDonell, Macdonell
M’Eachern, Hector, III:370, 371, 386, deposition of, 381
M'Gillis, Cuthbert, IV:290; Hugh, 253, 534-573
M’Kay, Angus, III:421; deposition of, 377; Daniel, 406, 409, 411; Donald, 419; James, 384; Lt. Col. William, 392; Thomas, 394, 395, 399
M’Kenzie, Alexander, III:392, 396, 402, 417, 433, 542; Charles, N. W. Co. trader, 359; Daniel, 433; Kenneth, 390, 406, 426, 428, 432, 433; Roderick, 394
M’Kinnon, Donald, III:380, 385, deposition of, 389; Neil, 375, deposition of, 379
M’Lean (McLean), Alexander, III:391, deposition of, 387; Lauchlin, 384, 385; Nathaniel, Indian Agent, Dakota tribes of Minnesota, 521, report of 1852, Minnesota treaty of 1851, 522.
M’Lellan, Archibald, 396, 422; Archibald Norman, 373, 396, 401, 406
M’Murrie, Thomas, III:396, 400
M’Nabb, John, deposition of, III:431
M’Naughton, Duncan, III:404
M’Nolty, Patrick, deposition of, III:386
M’Pherson, Catherine, III:383
Ma-ka-le-de, V:268
Ma-za-ku-te-ma-ni (Cloud Man), Dakota warrior, V:262
Ma-zo-ma-ni, Dakota warrior, V:262
MacDonell, Alexander, II.1:117, 120, 124; leads attack on Selkirk Settlement, II.1:125; Capt. Miles, II.1:92-132; arrested, 103, 125
Macfarlane, Andrew, II.1:120
Machicabbaou, Indian, IV:517, 521, 522
Machovec, Joseph, IV:76
Mack, Fred, II.2:113
MacKenzie, Sir Alexander, IV:202; account of travels, II.1:86, 87
Mackimmie, William, III:233
Mackinaw, boat; with miners, II.1:292, 293
Mackintosh, I:373
MacLean, Charles, II.1:115, 116
MacLeod, John, diary of, II.1:115-138; Malcolm, II.1:107, 108, 109, 122, 123, 134
“MacLeod Manuscript: Diary etc. of Chief Trader, John MacLeod, Senior, of Hudson's Bay Company, Red River Settlement, 1811, The,” II.1:106-138
MacLeod Manuscript, II.1:105, 107, 135
Macomb, Brevet Col. John N., II.1:379-391; II.1:392-415; Brig. Gen., III:209
Macrorie, A. C., IV:376; Harry, 376; Howard, 376; Lizzie, 376; Nora L., 376; Rutherford, 376 Madden, M. S., IV:417
Madison, Frank, IV:403
Madison, Wis., V:28; VII:174, 203, 204
Madson, John, VII:169, 186n.
Magean, ____, IV:516
Magenta, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:268
Mager, John F., III:99
Maggleson, H. G., IV:427
Magicubacori, Indian chief, IV:612
Maginnis, Pat, IV:420
Magnuson, A., VII:175
Magnusson, Pall, I:121
Maham, Capt. Bradley, I:426
Maher, J. W., III:240
Mahkahto County, V:174, 175
Mahni, Albert, IV:411; Charles, 411; George, 411; Grace, 412; Jennie, 408; John, 408; Laura, 408; Melissa, 411; Milton, 412; Robert, 412; Worth, 412
Mahoney, Thomas, III:95; Arthur, IV:42
Mail delivery, between forts, I:423-429; in N.Dak., I:422, III:179, 180
Main, Belle, IV:416; C. E., 416; L. W., 416; R. W., 416
Mainville, Francois, IV:590, 609, 613
Maisonneuve, Father, I:219
Majestic, steamboat, II.2:155
Major Anderson, steamboat, II.1:155
Mako, Rev. J. F., Catholic priest, V:116
Malbert, Nels, IV:411
Malcolm, McLean Co., Swedes in, III:276
Maldrum, head man of Choteau and Co., VII:84
Male, Charles, III:90; Mrs. Charles, III:87
Malek, Anton, J., IV:75
Malette, J. W., Casselton, N.Dak., IV:137
Malin, J. W., II.1:416
Malis, Thomas, IV:857
Mallum, Louis, IV:418
Malnouri, Charles, I:345, 349, 373; VII:98
Malo, Father, I:246
Maloney, Ed., IV:405; John, 405; Mary, 405
Malroy, James F., IV:355
Maltese Cross ranch, VII:322, 323n.
Malton, G. S., quartermaster, Northern Rangers, II.2:95
Mananah, Minn., VII:118
Mancill, George, III:233
Mandan Four Stick game (Man-i-dop), description of, I:445; pieces of, I:446
Mandan horn ornaments, I:456
Mandan Indians, I:433-459; survivors of the smallpox of 1837, 436; Northwest Fur Col, visit to, 368, 369; Knife River Indian villages, 433; Henry’s visit to, 367, 372; David Thompson visit to, 372, 380; F. A. Larocque’s visit to, 370, 373; tepees, I:opp. 434, 435; letter to Pres. Grant, II.1:467; III:350, 453, 498; visit of Alex. Henry, Jr., 358; historic visits to, 359; legend of Corn Silk, 688-707; V:132; battle with Chippewas, 1840, V:131; delegation goes to Washington, VI:38; cede lands to United States, 42; friends of Arikara, 63; smallpox, 181; send peace pipe to Arikara, 203; VII:32; village on the Missouri River, 88
Mandan, N.Dak., IV:73
Mandan village, Fort Clark, description of, II.1:499
“Mandans and Grosventres, The,” I:433-459
Mandans, Hidatsas, and Arikaras, villages of, II.1:498-508
Mandt, Ole, VII:166n.; P.O., 166n.
Manely, Edwin, IV:405; George, 405; John, 405; Lizzie, 405; William, 405
Manger, Stark, IV:436
Manika, Henry, IV:407
Manitoba, Canada, VII:218, 270; and its historical connection to ND, II.1:79-138; post, IV:500, 668-829
Manitoba, Missouri River steamboat, II.1: 232, 239; Red River steamboat, I:99, III:561, VII:95
Manitoo Lake post, IV:657-704
Mankato, Minn., IV:64; hanging of Indians as punishment, VII:117
Manley, C. L., IV:394; E. M., 394; Ell, 378, H. A., 394
Manney, Lt. J. A., IV:349
Manning, Eugene, II.2:92; Daniel, IV:46, 47; Daniel, 448; John, 448; Michael, 448
Mansfield, Grace, III:208; Jared, 208; 1st Lt. Francis, IV:352
Manson, Donald, IV:658-834
Mantie, John, IV:366
Mantor, Capt. Peter, II.2:89
“Manufacture of the Horn Ornaments of the Mandans, The,” I:456-445; illustrations, I:457, 459
Manvel, D.T., II.1:164
Many, John, IV:358
Manypenny, Rev. Louis, III:716, 719, 720
Map of delegate districts, Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:111, 152
Maple River, crossing of by Capt. Fisk's expedition, II.2:43, III:182; V:54 l; VII:209, 213, 215
Maple Shyenne; Swedes in, III:264; church in, statistics of Swedish immigants, III:307, 309
Mapleton, N.Dak., III:113; Presbyterian church organized in, IV:139
Marcella, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:284, 313, 319, 327, 329, 372, 375
March from Bismarck to the Little Missouri, story of, told by Running Wolf, VI:135-149
March from Fort Lincoln to Powder River, VI:57-63, 66-69, 71-85
Marchand, John, I:383
Marcy, Maj. Gen, II.1:368
Mardell, D.T., history of, II.1:202-251; II.1:248-250
Mares, Ed., IV:77
Maria, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:327
Maria's River, II.2:67
Marie, Bellanie, deposition of, IV:550
Marietta, Ohio, VII:63
Marion, Missouri river steamboat, I:355
Markham, Capt. W., II.2:89
Markhus, Rev. L. J., VII:216, 229n.
Markman, Capt., I:415
Marksman, Peter, II.1:473-492
Marmarth, N. Dak., V:157, VII:246
Marmion, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:340
Maroine, George, II.2:98
Marquette, Father, I:201, 202; Mrs. J. P., II.1:155
Marquette, Red River steamboat, VII:95
Marrow, Frank, IV:353
Mars, steamboat, II.2:155
Marsalois, Baptiste, deposition of, IV:614
Marsellois, Jean Baptiste, deposition of, IV:519, 552
Marsh, Capt. Grant, II.1:308n. 1, 416; in command of Far West, VI:143n.; Abraham, VII:126; Andrew, biographical sketch, 126-130, opp.61; Capt. Grant, 130; D. W., Fort Berthold, 29; James, 126
Marsh River, Minn., VII:151, 236, 237, 249, 261, 262
Marshall, Chief Justice John, III:502; Gov. William R., Minn., II.1:456; ____, stage driver, II.1:162; J. B., IV:350; William R., VII:145
Marshall County, Minn., VII:217
Marshall school, S.Dak., VII:206
Marsolek, Joseph, IV:77
Martin, ____, St. Cloud, Minn., II.2:12; Edward, III:230; Joseph, II.2:95; Moses, I:383; M. P., III:337; Edwin, IV:346; Fred, 418; H., 398; M., 398; Mary, 376; W.; 398; W. E., 398; W. P., 398; ____, Fort Buford, VII:99
Martin County, V:194, 205, 223
Martinet, Emil, IV:411
Martins Falls post, IV:808, 823, 838
Martinson, Ole, VII:155
Marty, Bishop Martin, I:245, 255, 266, 267, 268, 271; Abbot, III:239
Marvin, George. B, II.2:94; John B., quartermaster, Northern Rangers, II.1:95
Marx, E. W., IV:420
Mary McDonald, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 344, 373, 375, 376, 378
Mary, N.Dak., IV:51
Masek, Albert, IV:77; Peter, 77
Mason, D. H., III:88; Frank N., III:233; Sarah, II.1:178; E., IV:396; H. C., 419; Jane, 419; Rev. ____, 788, 822, 836
Masonic Lodge, D.T., V:43, 44
Massachusetts Historical Society, I:59
Massacre at Seven Oaks, II.1:79-138, III:404
Massacre of Montana gold miners, I:346
Massengale, Frank, IV:360
Massie, W. R., II.1:267n. 3, 417
Masta, J. B., deposition of, IV:576
Masters, Henry, II.1:112
Matatope, Mandan chief, II.1:465
Matheson, John, III:378, 379, 383, 421; John, III:384; John, IV:481
Mathews, Washington, Fort Buford, II.1:468; translation of Grosventre language, I:69-72; his Ethnography and Philology of the Hidatsa Indians, referred to, I:373, 436; Edwin B., VII:104n.; Elizabeth B., 104n.; George A., 303; James R., 104n.; John C., 104n.; Mrs. Robert C., 104n.; Robert C., biographical sketch of, 96-104, opp.96, 104n.; William H., 104n.; Eliza, IV:346; Frank, 445; George, 445; Henry, 445; J. C., 445; Kate, 445; Margaret, 346; Mathilda, 409: Phil, 445; Robert, 346; Robert Jr., 346; Sarah, 445; Thomas, 445; Will, 445; Thomas, V:165
Mathias, Ellen, IV:360; Robert, 360; Robert Jr., 360
Mathieson, Elmer, IV:424
Mathis, E. C., IV:441; Clarissa, 441; E. F., 441; H. E., 441; O. G., 441
Mathy, Capt. Edward G., III:195, 234
Matson, Andrew, III:458; Matts, III:260
Matthey, Capt., Watteville Reg., III:425, 433, 434; Capt. Frederick, IV:563-635
Mattie Stephens, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:284
Mattson, Benjamin, III:267; Rev. J ., III:266; Ola, III:267
Matuska, Joseph, IV:71
Maule, Lt. Col., III:392
Mauseth, Nels O., sketch of, III:175
Mauvaise coulee, V:213, VII:289
Maw, George, IV:409; Ira, 41 Lottie, 409; Wright, 409
Maximilian, Alexander Philip, I:358-380
Maxwell, Harriet, IV:344; Henry, 786, 787, 818, 834; Henry, 344; John, 344; Mary, 344; Otho, 344
Maxwell House, Nashville, Tenn., VII:66
May, ____, I:374; Ethel J., article by, IV:179-234; Lt. W. A., IV:349; Minnie, member park board, VI:215
Mayanthales, G., IV:358
Mayer, Charles W., IV:355
Mayhew, Ambrose, II.2:95
Mayniham, John, IV:355
Mayo, H. H., St. Cloud, Minn., II.2:13, 92, 93
Mayrand, Rev. Arsene, I:218; IIApp:1-34
Mayville, N. Dak., III:272, 273; VII:213, 216n.; 223, 224n.; 228, 261, 262n.; 270, 277, 283n.
McAhon, Dan, IV:434
McAlister, Basha, IV:410; Ben R. M., 410; Mary, 410; Susan, 410; W., 410
McAlpen, John, II.2: 96
McAlvey, George, III:232
McAndrew, James, IV:135
McAnny, Mike, IV:358
McArthur, Malcolm, III:234; post commander at Fort Totten, III:193, 194; Henry, IV:355
McAskill, Alexander, Mont., VII:99
McAuley, ____, IV:616, 619, 621; Angus, 481
McBane, Alex., V:46
McBarry, Wellington, III:230
McBean, John, IV:695, 713; William, 724-836; Adam, 30-826; Alex., deposition of, 515, 528, 554; Andrew, 481
McBeth, C. C., II.1:97; C., II.2:93
McBride, _____, I:349; John, I:372
McCain, Clifford, IV:405
McCallum, John, IV:756-835
McCamley, Alfred, I:345
McCanna, Alice, IV:415; Bridget, 418; C., 418; David, 418; Esther, 415; J. T., 415; James J., 415; M. A., 415; M. H., 415; M. J., 415; Maria, 414; Mary, 414; S. M., 418; Thomas, 414; Margaret, VII:102
McCanna, N.Dak., VII:238
McCare, Joseph, II.2:101
McCargo, Robert, IV:589; deposition of, 588
McCarthy, Sheriff Charles, I:244; Rev. C. W., IV:135, 176, 178
McCarty, Bridget, II.2:99; ____, Winnipeg, Canada, VII:95; John, 129
McCauley, David, III:158; at Fort Abercrombie, II.2:94, 96, 97; deputy postmaster, II.2:32; J., letter from, II.2:11; Judge, I:416; David, V:29n. 9; David, VII:72
McCauleyville, Minn., II.1:opp. 18, 20, 27, III:88, 172; IV:63; V:29; VII:69, 70, 97
McClellan, John, I, 142
McClelland, steamboat, II.2:163
McClosky, VII:300
McClure, P. F., State Commissioner of Immigration, N.Dak., IV:96; ____, pioneer settler, VII:275; Elizabeth, 126
McComb, J. W., II.1:379; James, Stillwater, Minn., VII:92
McConnell, Wilson, III:233
McCord, Thomas, J. P., III:374, 382, 392, 408, 412
McCorkele, John G., IV:379
McCormack and Griggs, Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:94
McCormack, M. L., pilot on the Red River, VII:95, 172
McCormick, John, III:233
McCormick reaper, VII:163
McCoy, C. W., IV:365; Mamie, 365; Rev. John, 141
McCracken, Hugh, I:372
McCradie, Robert, IV:135; Stuart, 135
McCrea, _____, Drayton, N. Dak, II.1:165
McCullum, John, IV:267n. 1
McCumber, P. J., address by, II.1:73-77
McCune, Belle, IV:415; J. H., 415; L. F., 415
McDearman, John K., II.1:265
McDermot, Andrew, IV:267n. 1, 273, 276, 285n. 2; Thomas, 283
McDonald, Archibald, III:377, 378, 386, 387, 420; A., IV:349, 432; Alexander, 604, 609; Alex., 364; Allan, 715-784; Angus, 771-833; Archibald, 482, 485, 574, 651-833; Edwin, 351; Donald, 481; Duncan, 486; Hector, 484, 485; Hector, deposition of, 485; James, 659; John, 460-631, 660; John, deposition of, IV:579, 582, 592; Harry, V:122; James, VII:119; May, 288n.; Mrs. A., 287; Samuel, 306n.
McDonell, John, IV:681, 696, 697
McDonevan, Bridget, IV:344; Jane, 344; Johnny,344; Louisa, 344; Otto, 344; Pat, 344; Silas, 344
McDonnell, Alexander, IV:453-618, deposition of, 518, 547, letters of, 490; Alexander, sheriff of Red River Colony, 498-539, deposition of, 532, 547, 554; Allan, 532-563, 714-853, deposition of, 561-592; Anthony, 516-519, deposition of, 517, 531; Archibald, 490; John, 542, 665, 666, 692; John, deposition of, 561; Michael, 458, 459; Miles, 245, 455-640; Miles, deposition of, 461-463, 485, 487, 640; order issued by, 463; proclamation issued by, 458, 474
McDougall, ____, IV:619, 633; Alexander, (H.B.C.) deposition of, 620; Angus, 417; C., 417; George, 416; John, 416; H., 417; K., 416; Lettie, 417; M., 416; R., 416
McDougall, Mary, II.1:237; George, IV:651-828; Innes, 622; deposition of, 624, 625; James, 678; John, 218, 629, 630; John, deposition of, 626, 628, 631; escorts pack-train, VI:31; joins Reno, 101n.
McDowell, Catherine A., I:325
McDugall, ____, IV:617, 618
McEllery, James, I:355-380; Joseph, 346
McElroy, James J., IV:353
McFadden, William, III:230
McFadgen, Annie, IV:417; D., 417; E., 417; Lizzie, 417; M.,417; Mary, 417; T., 417
McFarland, James, IV:427
McFarlane, ____, IV:615, 622
McFetridge, James O., I:373
McGahan, Robert W., IV:377
McGarry, James, II.1:359
McGary, Patrick, IV:351
McGee, Emmet, IV:414; Isabel, 414; James P., 414; John C., 414; Mary E., 414; William, 414
McGetchin, Archie, IV:348
McGill, A. R., VII:299
McGillis, Hugh, III:396, 406, 407, 433
McGillivray, Michael, I:341, 373; Duncan, clerk, N. W. Co., III:360; Simon, letter of, 413; William, 412, 432, 434, 435; Archibald, IV:618; Joseph, 657, 658; John, 579, 621; John, letter to, 616; letter of, 617; Josh., 650; Rev. F. E., 141; Simon, 454-625, 651-779; Simon, deposition of, 632; William, 460-600, 659, 674, 679; deposition of, 538-583, 639
McGogg, E. K., IV:368
McGovern, Alice, IV:414; Daniel, 414; Edward, 414; John, 414; Maggie, 414; Mary, 414; Susan, 414; William, 414
McGowan, Henry, VII:108
McGrann, Kate, V:42, 44n. 32
McGrath, Rosa, III:234
McGraw, Daniel, VII:109
McGregor, Ia., IV:64
McGregor, James, II.2:94; ____, mail carrier and store keeper, II.1:167; Alex., IV:360; Annie, 360; John, 360; Kate, 360; Rev. Dugald, IV:128, 129, 175, 177
McGregory, Thomas, 59
McGundley, Cora, IV:343; Ella, 343; Fred, 343; Lulu, 343; Mandy, 343; S., 342; Sarrah, 342
McHenry, Columbus, IV:356
McHenry County, V:180, 210, 219-222, 224, 228, 240; Icelandic settlement in, I:112, fn 1; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
McHenry, N.Dak., VII:256
McHuge, Chady, IV:360
McHugh, James V., II.1:260
McIlroy, Rev. Thomas, II.1:209, 250
McIntosh County, N.Dak., number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; north half, census of 1885, IV:361; names of all residents in, 362-368; south half, census of 1885, IV:369; names of all residents in, 370-372
McIntosh, James, II.1:126; ____, IV:617; D., 122; Donald, deposition of, 594, 597; (McKintosh), John, 724-819; William, 663, 834; letter of, 616
McIntyre, Malcolm, II.2:94, 97; William, IV:137
McKaig, Ray, member park board, VI:219
McKay, Alex., IV:675; Angus, 481; Donald, deposition of, 517, 518, 547; Donald, 437; James, M. P., 194; John, 700, 741; John R., 500, 686-829; John Richard, 496; Rev. D. G., 121-133, 171-177; Thomas, 507-543, 659-755; William, 657-831
McKee Major, N. D. Natl. Guard, Troop A, 1st Bat., V:120, 121, 125, 126
McKee, Rev. John C., IV:139, 176
McKeever, Chauncy, A. A. G., III:198
McKelvey, John, VII:78
McKenney, 1st Lt., Westley, II.2:102; C. W., II.1:269, 273, 274, 282, 329; J. P., II.1:263, 267, 269, 270, 271, 281, 307n. 2, 329; Commissioner of Indian Affairs, III:507
McKenzie butte, N.Dak., VII:99
McKenzie, Charles, I:373; Kenneth, 373; William, II.1:162, 169; ____, IV:622; Alexander, 488-573; Benjamin, 674-757; Daniel, 467-604; Daniel, deposition of, 532-592; Donald, 466-471, 651-836; Hector, 719-837; Henry, 635, deposition of, 639, 641; Hervey, deposition of, 631, 632; James, 741; Kenneth, 493-579; Patrick, 795, 818, 833; Rev. D. J., 145; Roderick, 507-594, 649-827; Samuel, 822, 827; Sir Alexander, 454; Alex, VII:303; Lieut., killed by Indians, 99
McKenzie County, early history of, IV:41-57; census summary of 1885, 373; names of all residents in, 374; ferries of, 54; V:203, 204, 207, 227, 230, 236
McKenzies (McKenzie) River district, IV:650-844
McKeon, Dr. James, IV:74
McKey, James, III:552
McKinlay (McKinley), Archibald, IV:689-836; A. F., V:74; A. L., V:37, 74, 76n. 84; William, VII:127, 129
McKinney, James P., II.1:267-284
McKinney, Robt., IV:403
McKinnon, Donald, IV:481, 482, 484
McKintosh, John, IV:740, 806; William, 649-806
McKinzie, D. C., V:30, 32
McKissick, Charles, III:653
McKiterick, Alena, IV:446; George, 446; Ida, 446; Josephine, 446; Thomas, 446; William, 446
McKoskey, John, IV:354
McKusick, Capt. J. E., Fort Wadsworth, II.1:424
McLachlan, Hector, IV:485; Colin, V:76n. 84
McLaughlin (M'Laughlin), John, IV:273-305, 534-598; John, letter to the Metis and colonists of Red River, 333; Richard, 352
McLaughlin, A. C., address delivered by, I:53-69, II.1:79; Charles C., III:235; James C., Standing Rock Indian Agent, II.1:470, III:195, 214; Mrs. James, II.1:461; John, III:396, 432, 433; Dr. John, 492; John G., 235; Mrs. James, 217; Mary I., 235; Mary L., 235; Rupert S., 235; P. J., V:56n. 22; Maj. James, VII:16
McLean County, V:203, 209, 210, 224-226, 228, 239, 240, 242; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; Swedes, III:275
McLean, flatboat, VII:95
McLean, Hugh, II.1:126; Alexander, IV:459-498; deposition of, 486; Archibald, 632; Donald, 755-834; Dugald, 806; Hugh, 518; deposition of, 518, 525; John, 724-758, 824-826; John, conditions in Selkirk settlement, 260; Lachlan, 488; Rev. Charles F., 131, 133
McLean's ranch, Apple Creek, N.Dak., VII:129
McLellan, Archibald, 534-619; letter to, 551, 620
McLeman, John, II.1:94
McLeod, A. M., IV:520; A. R., 650-777; A. R. Jr., 748, 757, 763, 764, 779; Alexander, 131, 133; Archibald Norman, 466-634; John, 291, 321, 478-633, 650-762; deposition of, 470, 491, 626, 628; John Jr., 723-792; Roderick, 621-624; Capt. George, VII:117; D. C., 291n.; 295, 306n.
McLeod’s Lake, IV:659-834
McLillan, William F., IV:351
Mclntosh County, V:197
McLoughlin, David, IV:770-832; John, 650-835; John Jr., 757, 807; John Jr., surgeon, 754-801
McLoughlin, Philip, V:56n. 21
McManus, Edward, II.2:92
McMartin, William, Jr., II.1:111
McMaster, Civil War draft evader, VII:122
McMillan, Allan, IV:751-782; James, 651-745; William, 283, 742; member of Holmes party, V:63n. 51
McMinnigan, Dan, IV:405
McMullen, Rev. Danier, II.1:474
McMurray, Thomas, IV:534-792, 810; William, 762-825
McNab, John, IV:519-607; deposition of, 588, 639
McNabb, John, narrative of, III:431-434
McNamara, James, IV:355
McNaughton, D., IV:485; John, 519
McNeal, S. D., IV:364
McNear, George W., I:243, 244
McNeill, Hector, IV:621, 622, 623, 624; deposition of, 615, 620; William H., 723-833
McPhail, Col., VII:56; Sandy, 91, 92
McPherson, Capt. Henry, II.1:264; E. B., Jr., II.1:417; Henry, II.1:417; Andrew, IV:767-822; Donald, 561-568; John, 786, 801, 818, 833; Murdoch, 652-777
McPherson County, V:182, 191, 197
McQueen, J. F., member park board, VI:220
McQuesten, Rev. Rockwood, 122, 123
McRae, John, VII:173
McRedi, Francois, IV:743
McRobb, ____, IV:618; Robert, 568-584; deposition of, 563-608
McTate, Jane, II.2:101; William, II.1:101
McTavish, Alexander, IV:679; Dugald, 770-834; James, 577-586; deposition of 580, 584; James C., 595; deposition of, 563, 575, 588, 632; George, 650-761; John, 569; letter of, 620; Simon, 708; William, 722-799, 817, 831; John, VII:74
McVicar, John, III:371
McViccar, John, IV:622, 623
McVille, N.Dak., VII:251n.; 256
McWhinney, J. C., auditor of Kidder County, V:215n. 96
McWilliams, George E., IV:416
Mead, C. W., general manager, Northern Pacific Railway Col., III:337
Meagher, Gen. Thomas F., II.1:446, 449
Meares, Lt., British Navy, IV:205, 206
Medary, Early Dakota town, II.1:141
Medawakanton Dakota Sioux, III:500, 508; lands of, III:518; visit to Washington, D.C., III:510;
Medawewin, Chippewa ceremony, V:96, 97
medicine lodge, II.2:66-67
Medicine Bottle, Sioux outlaw, II.2:129, III:243
Medicine Creek, D.T., V:79
Medicine Dance Lodge of the Dakotas, I:471, 472; feast of, I:469
Medicine Hill, Blunt, S. Dak., boulder mosaic, I:85
Medicine Society, I:459-474, dance of, 471-474, feast of, 466-471
“Medicine Society of the Dakota Indians, The,” I:459-474
Medlock, George, 59
Medora Black–Hills Stage line, broadside of, VII:opp.313; history of, 309-323
Medora, N.Dak., III:244; V:157; VII:311-320, 323n.
Medora Stage and Forwarding Co., VII:320n.; 321
“Medora–Black Hills Stage Line, The,” VII:309-323
Meehan, Michael, II.1:164
Mehan, Thomas, IV:392
Mehle, John, IV:360, VII:270, 275
Meiny, John, III:231
Meirll, Erwin, IV:438; Joslen, 438
Meis, Elizabeth, IV:370; John, 370
Mekinock, N.Dak., VII:159, 170-172, 181n.
Meldrum, agent at Fort Union, II.2:61
Melette, Gov. Arthur C., III:125, 129
Melonowsky, John, IV:67
Melrose, Minn., III:560
Memkie, Ernest, III:233
Menard, Pierre, I:374
Mendenhall, Rev. H. G., IV:126, 130, 133
Mendota, Minn., III:101, 102, 107, 217, 499, 549; treaty at, III:515
Mennonite Church: history of, III:327; in Canada, II.1:236, 237; in Cavalier County, III:325; settlement in N.Dak., III:324-336; VII:95
“Mennonite Settlements in North Dakota,” III:324-336
Menominee, Wis., III:172
Menomonie Indians, III:505
Mentone Hall, VII:78
Mercer Co.,
Mercer County, N.Dak., number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; census summary of 1885, IV:375; names of all residents in, 376-382; V:187, 189, 190, 194, 207, 208, 224, 226-231, 233, 234, 236, 237; VII:245
Mercer, John, IV:348; John Jr., 348; Kate, 348; Lena, 348; Maggie, 348; Richard, 348; Sarah, 348
Merchant, Joseph, IV:441
Merchants Hotel, Bismarck, N.Dak., VII:100
Merchants Hotel, St. Paul, Minn., V:84
Merrell (Merrill), James D., III:231, 236
Merrell, C. C., IV:365
Merriam, Wilder and Anderson, St. Paul, VII:97
Merrick, Rev. Austin, II.1: 480
Merrifield D., IV:370; Douglas, 365
Merrill, Frances, I:329; ____, IV:46
Merrit, Frank, II.1:250
Merrys House post, IV:657, 672, 688, 689, 704
Merther, Ann, IV:392; Bridget, 392; Kate, 392; Michael, 392; Patrick, 392; Thomas, 392; . Thomas Jr., 392
Merwin, Byron, IV:355
Mesani, Lieut., III:434
Messer, Reuben, II.2:101
Mestre, Rev., I:220, III:106
Methodist Church, establishment of in Dakota Territory, I:310-318, II.1:171-178, IV:108
Methodist Episcopal Church, establishment of school, II.1:473-492; in Fargo, I:310-318
Metzer, Barbara, IV:371; Jacob, 371; Peter, 371
Mexico, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:315
Meyer, Joseph, IV:77
Meyers, Henry, II.2:100
Miami, steamboat, II.1:155
Michaelson, Bertha, III:288
Michelle, French woodman, VII:85, 85n., 87
Michels, Arthur, III:236; Edward, III:236; Ellen, III:236; James, III:203, 204, 221, 236, mail carrier, III:205; James, Jr., III:236; James Sr., sketch of, III:218; Violet, III:236
Michen, Ojibway half breed, III:720
Michigan Territory, V:170
Michilimackinack, post at, IV:468
Michils, James, III:187n. 1, 219
Mickelson, M., IV:443
Mickesh, Frank, IV:65
Mickles, ____, IV:616
Middle Church, Minn., III:105
Middleton, John, I:383, IV:443
Midinger, Adam, IV:363; Andarus, 363; Cathrina, .363; Christina, 363; Fredric, 363; Madalina, 363
Midway, N.Dak., VII:291n.; 292
Mik, Andrew, IV:78
Mikes, Frank, IV:64; Jacob, 64; Wenzl, 64
Mikesh, Wenzl, IV:71
Mikkelsen, Jens, VII:156
Milckin, Harry, IV:405
Miles City, Mont., V:166; VII:102, 103, 245, 316, 322
Miles, Robert, IV:649-705
Milhouse, George W., 55
military experiences, in Dakota Territory, III:242-246
Military road, between Fort Benton and Fort Walla-Walla, II.2:38; in North Dakota, I:423
Milk River, Father Genin at, I:272-292; II.2:44, 64, 65
Milk River Valley, III:216
Mill in Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:75
Millard, Ezra, II.1:141
Mille Lacs, N. W. Co. post, III:358
Miller, _____, Col. Sibley’s expedition, II.2:81; _____, mate of Robert Campbell, Jr., II.1:274, murder of, II.1:283; Charles F., U.S. deputy marshal, I:244; Ignace, II.1:219; John, arrest of, II.1:284; Mrs. Nicolena Schmidt, 158, fn 1; Sgt. Fred, II.2:110; James B., II.2:98
Miller, A. W., IV:421; Anna. 432; Anna M., 434; Anna R., 98; Belle, 421; C. D., 421; E. S., 145; Isiah, 352; J., 398; Jennie, 434; Joel H., 98; John, 434; Jones. 434; Kate, 419; Katie, 98; M. J., 421; Maggie, 434; Mary, 434; Nellie, 349; R. C., 421; R. S., 421; Rev. J. R., 84; Rev. Levi E., 91; Sarah, 434; U. C., 421; Valley, 434; W. C., 421; W. F., 421; W. T., 419; William, 379
Miller, C. P., A. Q. M., III:226; H. F., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, 146, 149; John, 346; Louis, 203; Gov. John, V:121, 125; Joseph, VII:127
Mills, James, II.2:96; Wallace P., II.2:98; Willis, IV:406
Milman. Dr. T., IV:217
Milnor, N.Dak. Presbyterian church organized in, IV:145
Miloy, Joseph, IV:354
Milton, Penn., V:24, 26
Milton, Sidney, IV:355
Milwaukee, Wis., V:28, VII:158, 174, 197, 300
Min-i-a-ki-ha-ma-to. See Bear-on-the-Water.
Mine, J. B., deposition of, IV:609, 610
Minehan, M. F., III:206n. 2
Miner, Capt., III:198
Miner, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 339, 343, 344, 345, 354, 369, 372, 373, 390, 407; report of trip on, II.1:392-415; VII:23
Mingusville, Mont., V:160
Mini-mi-ta-ch:, Mandan holy place, I:opp. 431, 435
Minitaree Indians. See Hidatsa Indians.
Minneapolis and Northern Elevator Co., VII:294
Minneapolis, Minn., VII:137, 175, 181, 181n.,183n., 203, 226, 237, 247n., 269, 300
Minneapolis Star, VII:239
Minneapolis Times, VII:239
Minnesota, II.2:103; foreign population in, I:182; map of, 1859, II.2:opp.8; Norwegians in 1905, III:310; population of, in 1860, III:553; products for 1870, III:556; railroad and warehouse commission, III:615; Swedes in 1900, III:250; territorial census for 1850, III:550; U. S. census of, 1860, II.2:98; U.S. census of, 1865, II.2:101
Minnesota Massacre. See Dakota Conflict of 1862
Minnesota Point, VII:76
Minnesota, Red River steamboat, III:561, VII:95
Minnesota River, V:255, 256, 267; VII:116, 264
Minnesota Territory, V:171, 173, 175
Minnesota, V:171; historical collections, referred to, V:92n. 3
Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, Fifth Regt. Co. D, II.2:10; Fourth Regt. Co. D, II.2:9,10; Second Regt., Co. A, II.2:9; Second Regt., Co. B, II.2:9; Seventh Regt. Co. D, Colt's rifles, II.2:30
Minnewaukan, Indian legend of, I:476
Minnie D., Devils Lake steamboat, VII:301, 301n.
Minogishig, II.1:473-492
Minors, Capt., IV:659
Minot, N.Dak., IV:73, V:241, VII:170
Minto, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:123
“Minutes of the Council of the Northern Department of Rupert's Land 1830 to 1843, Being the Transaction and Enactment of the Rules of the Country During That Period, With Accompanying Documents, The,” IV:644-865; for 1830, 649; for 1831, 663; for 1832, 679; for 1833, 694, 712; for 1835, 713; for 1836, 727; for 1837,745; for 1839, 761; for 1840, 777; for 1842, 809; for 1843, 824
Misani, de M. Regiment, III:417
Misell, C. J., IV:399; M. 399
Mishequt, Chippewa medicine man, V:132, 134
Missani, Lt. John Theodore, 542, 543, 565, 579, 583; deposition of, 563, 564, 582, 594, 596, 599
Mission, of Jesuits at Coeur d’Alene, II.2:71
Mission schools, Yellow Medicine agency, V:255
Missionary work, of Methodist Episcopal Church, II.1:473-492; of missionaries on the Red River, II.1:133
Mississippi River, V:251, 252, 255; VII:274
Mississippi Sioux, annuities for, III:509
Missouri Fur Co., I:368, 372, 377
Missouri Lodge No. 2 of C. S. P. S., IV:78
Missouri River, II.2:140; commerce on, II.1:387-390; description of, II.1:380; formation, II.1: 401, 404, 408; gold mines, II.2:78; improvement of navigation, II.1:384-386; obstacles to navigation, II.1:379; passenger traffic, II.1:388; report on from 1867, II.1:379-391; steamboats engaged in, II.1:387, 388; IV:669; VII:244, 245; crossed by Fisk expedition, 7
Missouri Synod, VII:203
Missouri, V:170; territory, V:170, 171
Missouris, deputation at Prairie du Chien, III:508
Mitchell, Ben, IV:343; David, justice of peace, 594, 607-609; Henry, 343; King, 343; Lucele, 343; Mathilda, 343; Orel, 343; William, 786, 801, 808, 818, 833
Mitchell, Col. David D., I:374; David, III:392 Gen. R. Z., report of Capt. Freeman to, II.2:18, 20; Mrs. Marie, II.1:257; W. B., letters to, II.2:77; ____, member of Holmes party, V:62, 62n.
Mitchell County, Ia., VII:156, 168, 169, 172
Mitchell Creek, D.T., V:78
Mitchelle, employee of American Fur Co., I:.349, 374
Mix, Capt. Charles H., II.2:33, 89
Mo, Anders, VII:155
Moaas, Knut Steenerson, VII:156, 156n.
Modetle, O. B., IV:343; O. D., 343; Otto, 343; Thomas, 343; Zachariah, 343
Moe, H. I., III:162
Moen, Erick, III:165; Ole I., III:162, sketch of, 175; John, IV:365; M. C., 365; Helge, VII:171n.; Lars, 271; Ole, 155, 170, 186n.
Mohall News, V:244n. 46
Mohan, D.T., V:241
Mohr, Michael, III:95; Adolph, IV:358
Molander, G., IV:395
Mollie Dozier, steamboat, II.1:321-325
Monacon Indian Confederacy, III:498
Monaghan, Jane, IV:425; John, 425; Mary, 425
Monan, Antoine, IV:283
Monango. N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized in, IV:141.
Mondelet, J. M., J. P., III:300, 391, 436, 437
Monfort, John, III:230
Mongeunier, Francis, IV:486
Monkman, Joseph, IV:283; deed of land to, 312
Monroe, Lt. Col. John, I:423-429; Pres. James, message to Congress, 1825, III:507
Monson. M., IV:432; Rev. J. G., VII:178n.; Thomas, 173
Montana gold miners, massacre of, I:34, VII:5, 48-53
Montana, II.1:287, 313, 315, 329, 371, 376-378; gold mines in, II.1:34; Fisk's expeditions to, 1864-1866, II.1:421; Montana Territory, V:172
Montgomery, Dr., III:92; Dr. John, IV:133; Ella, 425; George W., 425; Ida, 425; J. W., 425; Martha, 424. Peter, deposition of, 570, 577; Robt., 426; Sarah, 425
Montgomery, Minn., IV:74
Monticello, Minn., II.1:180, II.2:103, VII:124
Montigny, Charles, IV:290
Montour, Bonhomme, 508, 543, 552
Montreal, II.1:110, 126, 132, 133, III:402, 403, 407, 408, 425; visited by Lord Selkirk, II.1:88,105
Montreille, Joseph, I:375; Joseph, IV:218
Montrose, Iowa, VII:92
Moody, Charles W., IV:355; Edward, 742; James, 424
Moon Son, Indian family of, IV:386
Mooney, Martin, IV:354
Moor, Calvin, IV:358; John, 520; John, 358
Moore, John, II.2:94; Alice, IV:433; Alkama, 381; Belgura, 381; Bell, 381; Cassius, 381; Charles, 381; Emery, 339; Frank, 433; George, 381; Isaac, 381; James, 433; James Jr., 433; Mary Ann, 433; Minnie M., 381; Tom, 433; John, V:267; Ed., Fort Buford, VII:101; William, 318
Moorhead Church,
Moorhead, Minn., III:159, 261; Swedes in, III:270, 272; IV:153; V:30, 53, 54; VII:71, 148, 149, 189, 209, 234, 235, 236, 247-249, 264, 278, 280; statistics of Swedish immigrants in Moorhead Church, III:307, 309
Moorhead Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran congregation, VII:249
Moorhead, William H., I:364, 371, 375
Moorton, N.Dak., IV:69
Moose district, IV:808-838
Moose Factory, Hudson’s Bay Co. post, III:488; IV:647, 808- 853
Moose Jaw post, IV:765
Moose Lake post, 559, 653, 717-827
Moose post, IV:709, 744-791, 803
Morale, half breed, killed by Sioux, II.2:49
Moran, Martin, II.1:227; Henry, IV:352
Moravian mission, II.1:97
Moravian settlements on Greenland, III:489
Morden, Manitoba, III:98
Moreau River, D.T., V:63, 64, 66; VII:81
Morgan, Andrew, II.1:204, 208, 238; sketch of, 240; George H., II.1: 389; John, II.2:96; Peter, III:206; Samuel, II.2:96; William H., II.2:92; Col. Willoughby, III:508;
Morgan, F. C., IV:379; George W., U.S. House of Rep., 191; Howard, Frog Point, Hudson's Bay Co. post and stage station, 110; John, 356; John T., 357
Morgan, Henry, Hudson’s Bay Co. manager, V:34n. 20; Howard, V:53n. 5
Mork, Elling, VII:252; Lars, 165; Nils, 252
Mormon emigrants, II.1: 220; missionary work of, VII:198
Morneaux, Charles, III:104; Paul, III:104
Morning Star Cattle Co., IV:47
Morningstar, steamboat, II.2:154, 155
Morrill, E. K., III:87, 89, 95
Morrin, (Perrault), 516
Morris, Edward M., III:234; Eliza Jane, 234; George W., 234; John, 234; Launie H., 234; Margaret C., 234; Martha M., 234; Thomas P., 194, 234; Daniel, IV:360
Morris, Minn., III:88; V:30; VII:71, 107n.; 153, 154, 301
Morrison, Donald G., I:375; ____, 551; R., 436; Robert, Casselton, N.Dak., 137; Robert, Hunter, N.Dak., 142; William, deposition of, 582, 588
Morrow, Celia, III:234; Minnie, 234; Robert, 233
Morrow, J. J., IV:377
Morstein, Anton, IV:77
Mortensen, Andrew, I:177
Mortiner, Henry, IV:354
Morton, A. F., Lisbon, N.Dak., IV:140; Agnes, 424; Alex., 424; Archibald, 424; Arthur A., 424; Claude M., 424; Cora E., 424; Emma E., 424; George, 424; H., Enderlin, N.Dak., 147; Janey, 424; Mabel A., 424; Margaret, 424; Maurice A., 424; Rhubena, 424; Thomas, 424
Morton County, V:185, 187, 189, 190, 191, 194, 217, 218, 223n. 117; 224, 226, 227, 228, 233, 249; VII:245; archaeological remains in, I:87; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Mosette, J, D, II.1:163
Mosher, 1st Lt. Theodore, III:199
Mosher, Charley, VII:91
mosquitoes, torment by, II.1:359-370
Motocatka, Indian chief, III:237
Mott, John, IV:394
Mottl, Jacob, IV:77
Moudry, Frank, IV:74
Mountain, Grant, III:95
Mountain, N.Dak., history of, I:89-131
Mountaineer, steamboat on Missouri River, II.1:330,339, 349, 354, 355, 372-378
Mountrail County, V:183, 184, 208, 209, 226, 227, 241, 242; vote for and against, 242n. 41
Mountraille Co., census summary of 1885, IV:383; names of all residents in, 384-392
Moure, Alice, IV:434; Anna, 434; Florence, 434; Forest, 434; Michael, 434
Mouse (Souris) River, II.2:77; description of, II.2:52; Icelandic settlements in, I:112, note 1 III:183; IV:225, 228, 232; V:86, 137; VII:168n., 210, 217, 230n., 262
Mouseth, N., III:162
Moustouche, ____, deposition of, 525
Move Slowly, Mandan chief, I:445, II.1:471
Mowat, William, IV:698-779
Mower, Gen. Joe, II.2:91
Moylan, Birdie, IV:420; J. F., 420; Joseph, 420; Susan, 420
Mt; Horeb, Wis., VII:239
Muddy creek, N.Dak., VII:103
Muir, Walter, Hunter, N.Dak., IV:142
Mule, Andrew, IV:435; Hans, 435; J. S., 435; John, 435; Lena, 435; Maren, 435
Mulligan, member of Holmes party, V:70 and note 76; 72
Mullins, John J., IV:352; Rev. William, 123, 127, 129, 175, 177
Mulony, Charles, III:230
Muncie, Ind., annual conference of Dunkers at, IV:84
Munsch, Andreas, IV:372; Christian, 372; Christina, 372; Elizabeth, 372; Katrina, 372; Louisa, 372; Margaret, 372
Munter, Z., III:280
Murfreesboro, Tenn., II.2:19
Murphy, James F, III:233; John F., 233; James, IV:354; John, 354, 358; Pat, 341; William, 353; John, VII:129
Murray, Alexander, 516; deposition of, 519; Edward, 347; Edwin, 410; Emma, 410; Jerome, 410; John, 342; Rilla, 410; Rose, 410; Thomas, 350
Murray, John, III:380.
Murry, John, IV:438; Jane, 438; N., 438; S., 438
Muscoda, Wis., IV:63-65
Muskeggouck, Chippewa tribe, III:447
Muslade, John, II.2:94
Mustado, G. J., auditor of Steele County, V:202n. 46
Muus, Rev. B. J., VII:216, 238
Myer, Henry, III:229; Barbara, IV:366; Chris, 366; Jacob, 366; Leida, 366; Wilhelmina, 366
Myers, Charles, IV:342, 351; Henry, 347, 351; Charles H., VII:303
Mygesen, Annie, IV:436; Ole, 436; Weldei, IV:436
Myhra, Hans, VII:155; Lars, 237; Rena, 183n.; Swen, 164n.
Myrick Nathan, V:39; William, V:37, 72, 76n. 84
Myron, H. P., III:162
Myrum, Bjug, VII:161; Kjetil, 161, 162
“Myth of Packs Antelope, The,” I:446-454
Mythology, of Indians, II.1:493-497


Na-go-zhu-na, V:269
Nach-pi-ya-wi-ca-xta, Dakota warrior, V:263
Nacy, Charles, IV:59, 60
Naffziger, Christian, III:330
Nagel John, boss farmer at Fort Berthold, VII:98
Nagle, Henry, VII:127, 128
Nahathaway, Chippewa tribe, III:447
Nahgahnup, Chippewa chief, II.1:479
Nain, Moravian mission Labrador, III:444
Nameless, N.Dak., IV:51
names of tribal members on White Earth Reservation, II.1:150-160; Turtle Mountains, II.1:150
“Names of the Ojibways in the Pembina Band, North Dakota,” II.1:150-160
“Names of the Survivors of the Smallpox Scourge of 1837: Five Villages, North Dakota,” I:436-439
“Naming of Cando, The,” III:321-323
Nanapush, Chippewa deity, V:129
Napsis, Chippewa medicine man, V:128
Narcelle, Paul, I:341-343, 363, 375
Nash, Patrick, III:188; W. C., 162, 160n. 2; C. W., V:43, 44n. 31; W. C., VII:71
Nasiner, Frank, IV:411
Nass post, IV:673
National Convention, IV:74
National Evangelical Society, III:256
Natural History, New York, I:80
Natyr, Bell, IV:342; Erza, 342; John, 342; Lucy, 342; Orfy, 342; Peter, 342; Sarral, 342
Nazareth congregation, VII:24
Neal, Michael, IV:358
Nealson, Annie, IV:395; H., 395; R. E., 395
Neander, Rev. P., III:255, 260, 275n. 1, 277
Nebraska, 172; territory, V:171; foreign population in, I:83
Ned Tracey, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:315, 373, 375
Negro Tom, VII:128
Neidhart, Y., IV:396
Neilson, Iver, IV:438; O., 437
Nellie Kent, Mississippi River steamboat, VII:95
Nellie Peck, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:371
Nellie Rodgers, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:279, 281, 329
Nelson, Amon, II.1:233n. 1; first school in the home of, II.1:250; N. E., I:303; S. H., II.1:248; Knut, III:630; M. P., 271; Nels, 276; Olof, 276; William, 294; W. B., 261; Albert, IV:435; Andrew, 435; Anna, 435; Annie, 341; Dora, 435; Elizabeth, 441; Emma, 349; Irnbret, 426; J. A., 435; John, 341, 417; John C., 441; L. A., 441; Mary, 341; Minnie, 441; Nils, 405; Ole, 341; Paulina, 405; Peter, 405; W., 441; W. W., 441; Isabelle, V:48; Andrew, VII:121; Edna, 183n.; J. G., 153; Knute, 69, 237; N., 153; Nils, 181n.; N. E., customs collector at Pembina, 148; Ole, 153; P., 153
Nelson County, V:196, 197, 200; VII:177n.; 220, 224n.; 227, 230n.; 240, 241, 251, 251n., 255, 256, 267n., 269, 275; churches in, 225
Nelson, N.Dak., VII:213, 214
Nelson River, II.1:92, 95, 98, 116; IV:689-844; district, IV:650-710
Nepe, Ole, IV:434
Nereide, trading ship, IV:738, 754
Nerson Flat, IV:60
Nesheim, Rev. L. J., VII:227
Ness, C. T., III:161n. 3, sketch of, 172; member park board, VI:217
Nesson, N.Dak., VII:103
Neste, T. E., VII:171
Netchki, Carolina, IV:367; Catherine, 367; Chris, 367; Christina, 367; Gottleib, 367; Jacob, 367; John, 367; Marie, 367; Mathew, 367; Rosena, 367
Nettley Creek post, IV:656
Neustadt, Anton, IV:77, 78
Neutral ground, Indian lands, III:509; removal of Winnebagoes to, III:514
Nevit, Berthie, IV:349
New Caledonia district, IV:651-834
New Caty, steamboat on Missouri River, II.2:140
New Dog, secret society, VI:48
New England Furniture company, Minneapolis, Minn., VII:76
New Hernhutt, Greenland, Moravian mission, III:490
New Iceland, the Lake Winnipeg colony of Icelanders, I:91, 91n. 3, 103, 105, 105n. 1, 111n. 1
New Prague, Minn., IV:74-76
New Ulm, Minn., V:255
New York Freeman's Journal, article on Father Genin, I:247, 248
Newburg, Minn., VII:151; N.Dak., 165
Newell, Dubois, II.1:215n. 7, 247; George W., Cpl., Citizens’ Company, II.2:93; C., IV:801; Rev. H. A., 171, 172; Rev. Henry B., 135
Newhaaser, Carl, III:232
Newspaper collection, State Historical Society, I:37
Newspaper correspondence, about Fisk Expedition, II.1:421-429, II.1:455-459
Newspapers, Danish, read in Hill Township, I:159n. 5; Icelandic, read in North Dakota, I:115, 116n. 1
Newspapers, state regulations for legalizing, I:37
Newton, Annie, IV:346; George, 346; George Jr., 346; J. H., member park board, VI:218
Nez Perce war, I:275
Niagara, N.Dak., VII:241
Nichols, Clarence, III:95; Lee, auditor of Morton County, V:228n. 17; 233, 233n. 27; Celia, VII:118; Ed.,106; Seth, 107
Nicholson, Charles, IV:411; Fred, 411; Lizzie, 411
Nickanawaha, Ignace, deposition of, 563
Nickerson, James D., III:235; 2nd Lt. James D., III:194, 195
Nickeus (Nickers), John, I:383, 384
Nickeus County, V:200, 201, 202
Nicollet County, Minn., VII:171
Niece, Elizabeth, IV:366; Fredrick, 366; Rosena, 366
Niel Lake, II.1:131
Nikrle, Frank, IV:77, 78
Nile, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:330, 341, 354, 372
Nilsen, Julia, VII:244; Nicolai, 152
Nininger, John, II.1:444
Ninth Legislative Assembly, meeting of, 55
Nisbet, Andy, V:81, 81n. 98
Nisqually (Nasqually) post, IV:723-833
Nissen, Thomas, I:157
Noble Bros., IV:47
Noble, Capt, II.2:23; A. F., IV:55
Noel, Charles, II.1:100; M. P., II.1:96
Nokken, P., VII:149, 150; Peder, 248
Nolan, James, V:29n. 9
Nolan’s hotel, McCauleyville, Minn., II.2:opp.18
Nolin, Louis, deposition by, III:398; ____, IV:617; Augustin, 717; Francois, 619; Louis, Hudson's Bay Co. interpreter, 511, 557, 605, 606; deposition of, 496, 503-606; Thomas, 356
Nomland, K. J., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:126n. 6
Nommeland, Knut, VII:265
Nonen, N.Dak., VII:257
Noonan, John, IV:411; Michael, 410
Nootka treaty of 1790, IV:202
Nor, passenger ship, VII:135
Nora, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:340, 345, 373, 376, 388
Norcross, Sarah, I:331
Nordberg, E. U., III:248
Norden, Chicago, Ill., VII:239
Norden, Devils Lake glee club, VII:189
Nordisk Folkeblad, Norwegian paper in Minneapolis, VII:138
Nordlandings, congregations of, VII:254
Nordlund, N. J., III:275
Nordquist, R., III:275
Norelius, E., III:247n. 1
Norheim, Robt., 55
Norman County, Minn., VII:150-152, 233
Norman, N.Dak., III:166; VII:219
Norman, steamboat, II.2:155
Normand congregation, VII:215
Norquay, John, IV:743
Norr, Swedish settler at Litchville, III:257
Norrish, A. F., and Mrs., Casselton, N.Dak., IV:137
Norrona, Moorhead glee club, VII:189; Petersburg glee club, 189
Norsk Amerianernes Festskrift, Norwegian paper in Decorah, Iowa, VII:138
North Alabama, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:356, 367
North Dakota Annual Conference, II.1:172
North Dakota, attaining statehood, 1889, III:111-157; V:173, 206, 212, 222, 223, 234, 249; blue book, V:215; formation of counties, V:169-250; map of, V:231n. 22, 232, 233; map of, 1892, V:228
North Dakota Conference of Methodists, I:310-318
North Dakota, immigrants in, Canadian French, I:184; Canadians, I:185,187,190,195,198; Danes, I:185,190, 195, 196, 198; English, I:185,189; German Russians, I:199; Germans, I:185, 187, 192, 196, 198; Icelanders, I:89-131; Irish, I:185,186,189, 195, 196,198; Norwegians, I:131-153, I:185,187,190,195,198; Russians, I:185, 188, 191, 195; Swedes, I:185, 188, 192. 196,198
North Dakota State School of Science, acquisition of property for, II.1:171-178
North Dakota’s state historical parks, VI:226-237
North McGregor, Iowa, V:28
North Overland Expedition, Fort Abercrombie to Fort Benton, 1862, II.2:35; in 1863, II.1:79
North West Company, IIApp:1-34; IV:185-247, 255, 456-646; controversy, 449, 451; deposition of, 494; founding of, 241; VII:30; post at Fort Sully, 24; sells posts to Durfee and Peck, 29; store at Fort Rice, 20, 22; trading post at Fort Berthold, 21
Northcote, Sir Stafford, director, Hudson’s Bay Co., V:33;
Northcote, steamboat on Saskatchewan River, V:33
Northern Illinois synod, VII:200, 205
Northern Pacific Presbytery, Statistical abstract of, 1884, IV:175, 178
Northern Pacific Railroad, I:241, 242, 299-310, 339-349, 383-384, 420, 422; I:; settlement efforts of, I:297-299, I:318-321; III:159, 556, 557, 560, 561, 566, 569, 583, 656, 658, 660; history of its Land Dept., 337-349; lands of, 588; V:156, 160; bonds of, 186; VII:68, 71, 72,100, 247, 249, 260, 263, 280, 304-314
Northern Rangers, roster of Capt. Freeman's company, II.2:94-96
Northern Sheyenne Valley congregation, VII:213
Northfield, Minn., VII:233, 239
Northrup, George W., I:375, VII:296
Northwest Express Stage and Transportation Co., VII:314
Northwest Fur Company, I:203, 204, 209, 228, 293-296, 357, 359, 362, 365, 367, 368, 369, 370, 372, 373, 375, 380; II.1: 79-138, 361, 396, 400, 477n. 4. See also North West Company
Northwest Hotel, Grand Forks N.Dak., VII:94, 173; description of, 75
Northwest, Red River steamboat, VII:95
Northwest Territories, II.1:102
Northwestern Chronicle, newspaper, III:678
Northwood Deaconess hospital, history of, VII:183-185
Northwood, Iowa, VII:165
Northwood, N.Dak., VII:159, 164-169; 181-189; 213, 238, 262n.; 276n.; 277
Northwood Old Peoples home, history of, VII:183-185
Norway, causes of emigration from, I:131-133; II.1:186-201; English-born population in N.Dak., I:185, 189
Norway House district, IV:650-837
Norway House, Hudson’s Bay Co. Post, III:446, 459, 467; visit of John West to, 459; IV:245, 246, 652-845; estimated requisition for county produce, 1845, 864
Norway Lake, Minn., VII:216
Norwegian cranberry, II.1:213
Norwegian Danish conference, VII:206, 207, 211, 271n., 277
Norwegian emigration, III:310; comparison to Swedish emigrants, III:249; history and causes of, III:310-320
Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran synod, VII:178; church, 202
Norwegian immigrants, customs and culture of, I:131-153 in N.Dak., I:180-200; in Griggs County, I:131-153; landholders, map showing distribution of, in Traill County, I:108; in Sverdrup and Bald Hill Townships, I:137; Americanization of, I:145; in North Dakota counties, 1890, I:150; in North Dakota counties in 1900, I:151; in the Northwest, I:180-183
“Norwegian Immigration,” II.1:186-201
Norwegian Lutheran Church, history of in America, VII:195-209; in North Dakota, 209-232; during territorial days, 209-214; early pastors of, 214-221; in Red River Valley, 221-224; organizations within, 225-226; synods in Red River Valley, 227-232
“Norwegian Lutheran Church in the Red River Valley, The,”VII:195-283
Norwegian Lutheran Synodical organizations, VII:199
Norwegian Synod of America, VII:204
Norwegian Synod, VII:203, 211, 220, 223, 247n.; 261, 277; history of, 201
Norwegians, immigration of in Red River Valley, VII:133-191; Lutheran churches of, 195-183
Norwesters. See North West Company.
Not-Afraid-of-Anybody. See Elk Head
“Notes by Captain W. H. Sims,” II.1:341-342
Nouise, William, IV:777
Nouse, William, IV:675
Nova Scotia, II.1:135
Novotny, A., vice president of Z.C.B.J., IV:80; Frank, 64, 65, 71, 78; Joseph W., 70, 77; Josephine, 77
Nowlan, Capt., III:197
Nowlin, John, III:230
Noyes Bros. & Cutler, St. Paul, Minn., V:41
Noyes, Tracy H., IV:414; W. L., 414
Nudick, Louis, St. Anthony, Minn., II.1:425; ____, member of Fisk expedition, 1864, VII:10
Nugget, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:316
Nuick, William, IV:435
Nullett, A. E., IV:397; C. S., 397; J., 397
Nussbaum, George, IV:405
Nyberg, Alex, III:258
Nyborg, Axel, III:259; Fred, III:258
Nye, James, IV:355
Nygaard, Syvert, VII:170
Nykreim, Rev. P. A.,VII: 217, 218, 230
Nyman, Charles, IV:377; Emily, 377; Hannah, 377; Johanna, 377; N. P., 377; Salmon, 377
Nymanson, P., III:287
Nymph No. 2, steamboat on the Missouri, II.1:332, 337, 372
Nyquist, Nils M., III:271
Nyvall, Rev. J. A., III:276


O. X. Ranch, V:157, 158
O'Brien, Edwin, IV:351; John, 786-806, 837; Joseph, 357
O'Burn, Frank, IV:348
O'Connell, J. L., IV:445
O’Connor, Rev. P. J., III:107; C., IV:395; E., 395; J. E., 395; Joseph, 356; L., 395; S. E., 395
O'Donnell, Patrick, IV:353
O’Fallons Creek, III:218, VII:81, 83
O'Gorman, Dave, IV:419; Dennis, 419; E., 419; Edward, 419; Julia, 419; Katie, 419; Lizzie, 419; Mary, 419; William, 419; William Jr., 419
O'Leary, Patrick, IV:355
O’Neil, Patrick, III:231; A., IV:444; Anna, 444; James, 444; P. J., 444; Thomas, 444
O’Neill, James, I:383; Sgt., 348
O’Shea, John, III:230
O-mi-na-ha-na-she, Mandan Indian, I:436
O-pshi, Mandan holy ground, I:434, 435
Oak Grove (post), 269
Oak Lake, Minn., VII:214
Oakes, N.Dak., IV:69; Presbyterian church organized in, IV:149
Oalson, Carl, IV:400; G. M., 400; J., 400; John, 400; M. E., 400; Mary, 400; Ole, 400
Oats, first crop of, N.Dak., VII:103
Oberback, Carl, IV:356
Oberholzer, John H., editor of Mennonite paper, III:331
Obert, Lawrence, III:186; L. E., V:82, 82n.
“Obstacles to Navigation in the Missouri River in 1867,” II.1:379-391
Och-ta, elder man, I:434, 435
Octavia, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:333, 345-347, 349, 350, 354, 358, 372, 373, 378
Odd Fellows Hall, Grand Forks, N.Dak., VII:187
Odd Fellows lodge, Fort Totten, III:221
Odengrant, Carl, IV:407
Odessa, N.Dak., VII:291, 293; townsite development of, 296-306
Odessa Townsite company, VII:303
Oeder, James, 56
Ofstedal, Rev. J. A., VII:231
Oftedal, Swen, VII:206, 207
Ogden, John B., IV:365; Peter, 765-837; Peter Skene, 628-630, 650-834; Prof. John, 365
Ogland, Miss A., I:152
Ohio Stage Co., VII:61
Ohiya (Victor Renville, Sr.), V:251
Ohlman, Joseph, II.1:370n. 1
Oi-ya-tan-ke-wa-za-win (Margaret Renville), V:272
Oihus John, IV:426; Lizzie C., 426
Ojibway Indians, III:350; capture of John Tanner, 491-497; legends of, 708-724; 725-727; sketch of, V:89. See also Chippewa Indians.
Okanagan post, IV:658-833
Olafsson, Jon, I:121-123; Olafur, 121
Olby, James, IV:208n. 6
Old Blossom, Mandan Indian, I:opp. 444
Old Crossing, Minn, II.2:21, VII:69
Old Dog’s Head, Crow Indian, II.2:64
Old Knife, Crow Indian, I:442
Old Paul, Dakota Indian, VII:117
Old Peoples’ Home, in Northwood, VII:183-185
“Old Settler's Park at Walhalla, The,” III:97-100
Old Settlers Association of Abercrombie, I:411-412
Old Star, Arikara chief, I:344
Oldfield, David, II.2:94
Oldham, Alexander, VII:78, 298
Oleson, Ole, II.2:96; Adam, IV:419; August, 435; A. J., 435; C. H., 419; Caroline, 419; Charley, 436; Emma, 419; Gustad, 437; Haldis, 437; Henry, 416; I., 416; John, 419; Knut, 434; Neils, 437; Ole, 339, 419, 434, 437; Olga, 416; Oscar, 436; Pete, 416; S. C., 419; Sarah, 436; Soren, 419
Olga, agent for Swedish emigration, III:278n. 2
Olin, R. C., Asst. Adj. Gen, orders to Lt. Col. C. P. Adams, II.2:33
Oliver County, N.Dak., number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; census summary of 1885, IV:393; names of all residents in, 394-401; V:207, 208, 226, 236, VII:245
Oliver, W. L., IV:146
Olschlanger, John, IV:445
Olsen, Claus, VII:150; Gilbert, 155; Halvor, 153; Lars, 170; Martin, 150; Rev. H. C., 178n.
Olson, Butler, I:99, 102; Halvor, 156; Abraham, III:228; Anders, 267; Andrew, 264; Anna, 268, 285; Mrs. Anna, 272; Charles, 257; Chris, 165; Daniel, 228; Edward, 265; E. A., 258; Eliza, 228; Emanuel, 281; Gilbert, 161, sketch of, 174; John, 165, 228, 277; Lars, 261; Lewis, 280; L., 274; Ludvig, 275; Mary, 228; Nels, 277; Mrs. E. E., first white child born in Abercrombie Township, 173; Mrs. John, 266; Mrs. Johannes, 277; Mrs. Otto, 275; Nels, 277; Nils, 264; Ole, 276, 280; Olof, 257; Rev. Augustus G., 275; Rosa, 228; J., IV:394; Nels, 403; Neal, carpenter, V:36; Daniel, first Norwegian in Red River Valley, VII:147, 148; Johan, 155; Lars, 266; Paul, 151
Omaha City, steamboat on the Missouri, II.1:267, 313
Omaha Indians, deputation at Prairie du Chien, III:508
Omaha, Neb., IV:75
Omahkattle, Yanktonaise Sioux Chief, I:200-251
Omang, Bernt, VII:171
Omann, Rev. Christ, III:281
Omland, Rev. J. G., VII:230
Omli, A. T., VII:161; Swen, 161
Omth, Ole., IV:368
On-a-Slant Village, Mandan, II.1:465
One Feather, VI:50, 51, 69, 179; in battle of Little Bighorn, 121, 122,130,131; biography of, 203-204, opp.203
One Horn, Mandan, II.1:470; enlists as scout, VI:51; sent back with mail, 63, 137
One Stab, guide and hostage, VI:20
Oniegakuet Shabine, Ojibway, III:402
Only Brave, enlists as scout, VI:45
Only Chance, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:317, 328, 339, 353, 366, 372, 373, 377, 394, 406
Ontario, Canada, V:115
Ontario, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:327
Opsahl, C. H., VII:175
Ora, N.Dak., VII:275
Order No.1, C. S. P. S., Bohemian organization, 78; No.2, C. S. P. S., 79
Ordway, Gov. N. G., III:195, 290
Oregon Territory, gold discoveries in, II.2:38; gold mines, overland expedition to, II.2:80; IV:204
Orgain, W. A., Wibeaux, Mont., V:162; block of, V:165
Organ Bratrstve, Bohemian paper, IV:79
Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, referred to, I:358, 360-373
Orkney Islands, III:441, 490
Ormsby, Lauren, II.2:opp. 148
Orpheus, Fargo glee club, VII:189
Orphy, Eben, IV:341
Orth, Carolina, IV:365; Frances, 365; Jim P. P., 365; P. P., 365
Ortseifer, Philip, IV:354
Osakis Lake, Minn., II.2:133
Osakis, Minn., VII:69
Osborn, Jerusha P., VII:119
Oshnell, Charles, III:230
Osland and Henderson, VII:318
Osmond, Rev. Jonathan, IV:131, 134
Osnaburg post, IV:808, 823, 838
Ossian, Ia., VII:263, 267
Oster, Monsignor, III:107
Ostland, Rev. Jonas, III:262, 272, 282, 265
Ostlund, John, III:262; Peter, III:262
Ostrander, George, IV:356
Ostrum, A., IV:398
Oswego, N.Dak., VII:213
Other Day, Dakota warrior, V:252; VII:110, 111
Otis, Col. Elwell Stephen, III:214
Ottawa Indians, III:505
Otter Tail Crossing, Minn., III:243
Otter Tail Lake, III:506
Otter Tail River, II.2:7, III:88, 169; IV:68; ferry at, VII:69
Ottertail County, Minn., VII:140, 150, 153, 161-163, 214, 215, 235, 253, 273, 288n., 293
Otto, Arnold, VII:187, 188n.
Ottoes, deputation at Prairie du Chien, III:508
Oulle, Antione, III:437
Ouren, Simon, I:152
Overland Expedition in 1863, Capt. James L. Fisk, II.2:83-85
Overton, Capt. G. A., Fort Wadsworth, II.1:424
Ovrat, Catherine, II.2:100; William, 100
Owatanna, Minn., VII:120
Owen, Henry C., III:221; J. G, II.1:328; Jack, II.1:263; Major, agent of Flathead Indians, II.2:37; Levi, Ky., IV:210
Owens, James, II.2:94, 98; Jay, III:230
Oxford House, II.1:131; post at, IV:657-845
Oxley, ____,833


P. K. horse ranch, V:157
P. S. McGill, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:373
Pacific district of Norwegian synod, VII:259
Pacific Fur Co., IV:202
Pacific Lutheran Academy, VII:236; description of, 260n.
Pacific railroad, exploration for, by Gov. Stephens, II.2:38
Packard, A. T., VII:320, 321, 322
Packineau, Charles, interpreter, II.1:466; Joseph, legend told by, II.1:494-497. See also Patineaude.
Packs Antelope, myth of, I:446-454, in Hidatsa language, I:449-454
Padani Wasecun (Arikara White Man), Dakota name for Pierre Garreau, VII:43
Page, Jane, III:231
Paget, ____, 569
Pahl, John, III:233
Paige, Lieutenant George H., I:425
Painsville, Minn., VII:124
Painted Woods, Swedes at, III:263
Painter, Capt, II.2:114; of steamboat International, II.2:27, 29; Jacob, II.1:229
Paist, Lt. William, Fort Abercrombie, II.2:31
Palace Hotel, Mardell, II.1:247
Palda and Burke, law firm, 57
Paler, Henry, III:186
Palfrey, Charles, II.1:204, 239; Henry, II.1:215n. 1; John S., II.1:211
Palliser, Capt. John, I:360, 375
Palm, August, III:272; Svante, Swedish Vice Consul, III:252
Palmason, Jon, II.1:144
Palmer, Elizabeth E., III:236; Frank, 178n. 2, 179, 182, 183, 188, 211, 226, 236; adventure with Sioux, 180, 181, 214, 211; A. L., IV:416; Annie, 416; Arnold, 440; Eliza, 440; J. E., 440; Jeremiah, 424; Julia, 440; Liza, 440
Palmerston, Viscount, IV:322, 323
Palmyra, steamboat used in Norwegian emigration, I:135
Pambrun, Pierre Chrisologue, deposition of, III:394; IV:506, 507, 591, 609, 659-826; deposition of, 508-558
Pangman, Peter (Bostonias), I:376, II.1:117-119, 130, III:370, 389; Peter Bostonois, III:394, 398; IV:478-612
Panuska, Wenzl, IV:77
Pany, Owen, IV:445
Papers relating to the Red River Settlement, 1815-19, IV:449
Papineau's Rebellion, IV:265
Paquin, Touissaint, deposition of, IV:626
Paraes, W. H., IV:353
Paragon, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:314, 315, 330, 341, 373, 376
Paris, treaty of 1763, IV:182, 184
Parizek, Carl, IV:67; Frank, 67; Wenzl, 67
Park, Andrew, Jr., songs played by, II.1:250-251; Andrew, Sr., II.1:237-238, opp. 240; Mrs. Andrew, II.1:opp. 240
Park Congregational Church, in Steele County, II.1:202-218, 250
Park River, N.Dak., VII:209-218, 238
Park River post, Journal of Alexander Henry, Jr, III:353
Park River, settlement along, II.1:161-170
Park system, VI:213-225; constitution and by-laws, 222-225; plantings for parks, 227
Park Township, Norwegian settlement in, VII:148
Parker, P. P., Towner County Commissioner, III:321; A. H., IV:417; A. M., 433; E. H., 417; H. C., 417; P. P., 417; S. F., 417
Parkin, N.Dak., VII:244, 246
Parkland, Wash., VII:168n., 258, 259, 261n.; 263n.
Parks, Isaac, II.2:94, 97
Parrish, Josiah L, IV:208n. 6
Parry, Owen, IV:441
Parshall, William D., IV:347
Parsons, A. S., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:134, 142; Ottie S., II.1:178; L. R., IV:422; William T., 131, 132, 134
Parveau, Father, I:218
Pasak, John, IV:70
Pasque flower, song of, VI:234, legend of, 235, 236
Pates, John, letter from, II.1:203
Patineaude (Packineau), Charles, I:376, 444; VII:98, 129
Paton, Mary, IV:362
Patrizi, Cardinal, III:618
Patten, Lt. G. H., III:197
Patterson, Capt. John H., Fort Abercrombie, I:300, II.2:34, 89; John; 229, III:276; Capt. John, 188; Capt. J. H., 187; Mark, IV:356; W., 414
Patterson, St. Louis, Mo., VII:93
Paul, John, I:177; Mrs. Elizabeth, II.1:227; Mrs. Marie Schmidt, 158n.1; Joseph, IV:630
Paully, Stillwater, Minn., VII:93
Paulsness, B. O., VII:175, 186n.
Paulson, Andrew, III:169; Hans, 288; Sarah, 288; A. O., VII:151; Knut, 165; Ole, 151; P. A., 151; Rev. Ole, 148; Rev. Ole, author of Erindringer, 148; Sivert, 151
Paulson, John. See Paul, John.
Paxson, Lewis C., diary of, II.2:102-163; II.2:opp. 116
Paxton, John H., IV:362; Sally, 362
Paye, Antoine, deposition of, IV:616
Payer, Antoine, deposition of, IV:614
Payet, Antoine, III:357
Payette, ____, IV:658; Francois, 758-818, 833; J. Baptiste, 290
Payette, Canyon Co., Idaho, IV:100
Payne, 1st Lt. S. S., IV:349
Paynesville, Minn., II.2:20, 136, III:242, 243
Payton, I. N., letter by, II.1:454-455
Pazdernik, Charles L., IV:77; John, 77; Joseph, 77; Wenzl, 77
Pe-wak-pa, V:268
Peace River, II.1:134
Peake, Rev. E. Steele, II.1:482
Pearson, Frank, III:260; Edwin, IV:411; Elworth, 406; James, 411; John, 411; Mathilda, 406; Retta, 406; Rose, 411; Sarah, 411; William, 411
Peart, T. R., Chaffee, N.Dak., IV:149
Pease, A. M., III:258; David, I:376
Peat, Henry, IV:354
Pechlat, Frank, IV:77
Peck Barnard & Co. logging camp, V:26, 27
Peck, William S., III:235
Pederson, Maren, III:174; Mrs. J., 276; August, VII:164; Edward, 185; Gullick, 190, 190n.; P. C., 164; Rev. J. U., 230; Theodore, 169
Peels River post, IV:779, 794, 812, 826
Peers, H. N., IV:833, 834, 835
Peerson, Kleng, work of, III:313-319; James, IV:418
Peeters, J., IV:394
Peguise, Salteur chief, IV:544
Pehrson, Ola, III:285; P., III:286; Sven, III:260
Pekin, N.Dak., VII:256, 256n.
Pelican Lake, Minn., VII:140
Pelkie, Fort Buford, VII:99
Pell, William, II.2:23; acting post adjutant, Fort Abercrombie, II.1:104
Pelletier, Antoine, IV:555; deposition of, 555; Joseph (Peltier), (dit Assiniboine), 510; deposition of, 508, 519, 530, 536, 546
Pelly, A. E., IV:827, 837; George, 771, 786, 819, 833; Gov. John H., 268, 292, 299, 323, 324, 325
Pelosche, mulatto pilot on Missouri River, I:348
Pelouse River, II.1:71
Pemberton, confederate soldier, II.1:269
Pembina, band of Chippewa Indians, V:110, 111
Pembina County, early immigrants to, I:89-131; individual property values, 405-411; Icelanders in, II.1:144-145; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; population of, 1860, 553; V:174-179, 193, 200, 201, 217; VII:213- 224, 236, 289n.; Norwegians in, 148
“Pembina County Personal Property Valuation 1873 & 1874," I:405-411
Pembina, D.T., II.1:80, 94, 95, 99, 104, 117, 118, 129, 130, 132, II.2:25, 41, III:102, 106, 560; archaeological remains in, I:87; Catholic mission at, IIApp:1-34; early history of, I:200-251, I:350-354, I:356-378; emigrants to, III:460; Icelandic settlement in, II.1:98; John West’s visit to, III:455, 562; Red River cart train, bound for, II.2:118; territory of, III:111; trip to, III:448; IV:63, 196, 199n. 1, 245, 478-539, 614; Hudson's Bay Co. post at, 186; migration of half breeds to, 287; North-West Co. post, 632; seized by sheriff, 503; visited by Rev. Black in 1851, 102; V:39, 43, 82n.101, 90, 108-110,131, 176, 177; VII:125, 147, 148, 278-282, 300, 302n.; First Lutheran church in, 213
Pembina District, Minnesota Territory, Canadian French in, I:184; U.S. census for, 1850, 385
Pembina House, II.1:94, 104; destroyed, II.1:130
Pembina Mission, founded in 1818, IV:101
Pembina Mountain, III:98, V:136
Pembina Presbytery, history of, IV:120, 129; statistical abstract of, 1883, 173; 1884, 175; 177
Pembina River, III:98; post at, III:356, V:131, 135; VII:262
Pembina Settlement, removal to Red River Colony, III:467
Pembina State Park, VI:219, 220, opp.220
Pemmican, I:223; V:104; manufacture of, described, 144
Pendergast Academy, Minn., VII:115
Peninah, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:343, 346-348, 351, 354, 355, 358, 360
Pennell and Jones, VII:318
Penner, Peter, first Mennonite in Cavalier County, III:236
Penney, R. L., II.1:260
Penrose, 2nd Lt. Charles, IV:352; 2nd Lt. Charles W., 349
Peoria City, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:315, 330
Peoria, Missouri River steamboat, II.2:140
Pepoon, W. A., II.1:178
Percheron Horse Co., IV:43
Perish, A., IV:394; E. D., 394; G., 394; G. E., 394; Jennie, 394; S., 394
Perished Children village, Mandan, II.1:46
Perk, Arthur, IV:352
Perkins, A. E., IV:394; J., 394; J. D., 394; W., 394
Perley, Minn., VII:149, 152, 237, 238
Permington, John, IV:356
Perouse, III:481, 482
Perrington, James, VII:90
Perro, Joseph, pilot on Mississippi River, VII:89, 91
Perrott, G. St. John, IV:443
Perrott, Prof. G. S., I:383
Persenius, Rev. J. M., III:252, 274, 275
Persival, Bedford, II.1:314
Person, Per, III:272; Kleng, VII:196
Peru, cut off at, II.1:413
Peteler, Lt. Col. Francis, resignation of, II.2:30-31; opp. 22
Peter Balen, steamboat on t:he Missouri River, II.1:328
Peters, Rev. A. B., IV:99; Dunker church, Cando, N.Dak., 91; Walkertown, Ind., 84
Petersburg, N.Dak., VII:189, 241n., 251n., 252, 252n.
Peterson, Christ, II.2:96; John, I:243, II.2:96; Nels, II.1:204; Peter, II.1:166; II.2:96; A., III:162; Adolph, 261; Anders J., 274; Carl T., 262; Emil, 275; Herman, 275; Louis, 262, 263; Nels, 261; Rev. A. A., 255; August, IV:433; Eleef, 433; Gustave, 374; Louisa, 374; Mary, 374; Rev. W. S., 141; Ellen, VII:306n.; Peter, 168, 169; Rev., Petersburg named from, 241n.
Petit, Jonathan, III:89
Petracek, Joseph, IV:77
Petrik, Joseph M., IV:76
Petterson, J., Painted Woods, III:276; Pehr S., 260; M., IV:394
Pettibone, Lee, IV:406
Pettigrew, R. F., territorial delegate, III:113, 115
Pettit, Elsie, IV:427; Morton A., 427; Mrs. H. D., 427
Pettler, Capt., I:418
Petty, A. E., IV:795
Pew, W. E., county clerk, Towner County, III:322, IV:417
Pfifer, Barbara, IV:372; Caroline, 372; Christian, 372; John, 372; Katrina, 372; Louisa, 372; Philip, 372
Phelps, Daniel, II.2:92; death of, 113; Almira, IV:208n. 6; Mrs. C., 427; Prof. W. F., Winona, 109
Pherson, Nils, III:265
Philippi, West Virginia, VII:63
Phillip, Emerson, IV:430
Phillips, Dr. J. L., II.1:142; Lt. 2nd Minn. Reg., II.1:424; Ada, IV:367; Elmira, 208n. 6; Frank, 67; Phoebe, 367; Richard, 367; William, 367; Lieut., VII:7
Philpin, William B., IV:769, 785
Piatt, Charles C., II.1:215n. 1
Picotte, Charles, I:376; Honore, 339-349, 355-380; Joseph, 355-380; Joseph, VII:86, 87
Piegan Indians, IV:684, 709
Piegan post, IV:684, 699
Pierce County, V:218, 219, 220, 224, 228, 240; VII:293; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:206
Pierce, Hubbel, II.1:238; U.S. Sen., IV:211
Pierre Choteau Jr. Co., I:360, 364,367; at Fort Union, II.2:36, 61
Pierre, D.T., V:78, 79; VII:129, 314, 319, 320
Pierson, Charles M., III:232
Pietists, religious sect, IV:81
Pigewis, Chippewa Chief, III:447, 460, 469, 472, 478
Pijman, William, IV:347
Pike, Lt. Zebulon M., III:499, 504; expedition to the headwaters of the Mississippi River, III:504, 527; Rev. Granville R., IV:135; Zebulon M., expedition of, 253
Pilcher, Major Joshua, I:377
Pilleurs, Indian band, 501
Pillsbury, Gov., Minn., III:564
Pillsbury, N.Dak., VII:225
Pine Ridge reservation, S.Dak.,V:115
Pinkman, James, III:386
Pino Springs, D.T., V:78
Pioneer Club, Grand Forks, N.Dak., V:50n. 35
“Pioneer Experiences of Horatio H. Larned,”VII:1-58
“Pioneer Experiences,” VII:233-283
Pioneer, steamboat on Red River, III:553, 555, 560
Pipe Lake, Minn., VII:118
Pisek, N.Dak., IV:73, 75, 76
Pitcairn, village of, III:164
Pitch, J., Scottish settler, I:137
Pitezel, Rev. J. H., II.1:479;
Pittsburg Landing, battle of, VII:65
Pizer, E., IV:446
Plain, C. W., member park board, VI:221
Plainville, Ohio, VII:96
Planette, Rev. D. C., II.1:173; B. C., II.1: 177
Plante, ____, IV:747
Platt, 1st Lt. Thomas, III:188; Reginald, IV:356
Platte Valley, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:269, 313
Platts, Alex., IV:444; Thomas, 444
Pleasant View, N.Dak., VII:159
Plessis, Bishop Octave, I:206, 208; IIApp:1-34
Plum Coulee, Manitoba, III:98
Plum Creek, Minn., VII:120
Plummer, A. L., VII:300
Plunkett, Thomas, III:232
Plymouth, N.Dak., VII:168
Pocahontas, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:347.
Pock, Eliza, IV:349
Poe, Frank, IV:46, 47, 55
Poindexter, John, II.1:346
Poinsett, Joel R., Secretary of War, III:510
Point au Foutre, Canada, III:407, 412
Point Douglas, II.1:93, 112, 128.
Poire, Father, I:218
Poitras, Henry, I:272-292
Pokorney, Frank, IV:70
Polak, Fr. J., IV:75; Frank, 79; Wenzl, 78
Polda, Peter, IV:66-71
Police Establishment, Red River Colony, IV:774, 789, 802, 820
Polk City, Minn., VII:262, 262n.
Polk County, Minn., VII:238; population for 1860, III:553
Pollock, R. M., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:147, 126n. 6; Rev. J. H., IV:140, 172; Mrs. ____, V:48
Polter, Richard, 2nd Sgt., Northern Rangers, II.2:95
Pomeroy, Frank, IV:379
Pomme de Terre, Minn., II.1:21, 125, 126, 133; VII:73
Pomme de Terre River, Minn., VII:107n., 140
Ponca Indianss, reservation for, I:423-429
Ponce, John G. W., II.1:417
Pond, Peter, IV:241
Pony express across Dakota, III:212; Fort Abercrombie to Fort Benton, III:179
Pool, Henry, IV:339
Poor Wolf, chief, autobiography, I:439-443, opp. 443; II.1:466
Pope, John, Maj. Gen., letter of, II.1:421-423; letter of James W. Taylor to, II.2:24; to Lt. Col.; Capt., U.S. Army, IV:320; at Pembina, 256; Gen., V:267; Gen., VII:5 Peteler, II.2:23; Rev. William C., II.1:473-492
Poplar Grove, III:203; V:177
Porcupine Creek, D.T., V:62
Porcupine, Dakota Indian, VII:9n.,12n., 17n., 24, 25, 27
Porcupine Dens, where carriers exchanged mail, VI:54
Portage des Prairies, North-West Co. post, 510-552
Portage la Loche, IV:748-826
Portage la Prairie, II.1:104, 120, III:436, 451; post at, III:352, 359, IV:680, 686, 687, 702
Porter, R., II.1:417; Peter, B., U.S. Treaty Commissioner, IV:186, 193; Rebecca, 425; William, 425
Porteus, William, IV:755-834
Portland Exposition, IV:43
Portland, Me., emigration from, IV:210n. 2
Portland, N.Dak., VII:178, 179, 181n., 183n., 216, 216n., 217, 235, 250n., 262n., 276, 277
Portland, Ore., II.2:37
Post, Mary E., VII:119
Postal, William, V:38n. 25
Pottawatamie Indians, III:505; U.S. treaty with, III:516
Potter, George F., III:338; John (Jack), I:383-384; Lt. Horatio, 223; Rich, II.2:98; Jason, IV:347
Potts, Howard, II.2:94; W. R., IV:397
Pound, S. J., II.1:203, 208, 250
Povolny, Emil, IV:74
Powder River, Mont., VII:101
Powell, A. A., IV:364; Caleb, 414; George, 365; John, 414; Lottie, 414; Mary, 364; Rosa, 364; Susan, 414; William, 414
Power, Charles M., III:348n. 1; George C., 348n. 1; J. A., 348n. 1; James.B., 569, 586n. 2; creameries in N.Dak., 639; livestock in Dakota, 624, sketch of, 348; James. B., article by, III:337-349
Prairie Bird, Missouri River steamboat, I:341
Prairie Dog Town, II.1:361
Prairie du Chien,
Prairie du Chien, Wis., III:499, 508; attack on, 1814, III:216; IV:255; Selkirk settlers buy grain there, 251; V:28, 254
Prairie fire, among Icelandic settlements, I:104; in Norwegian settlement, Hill Township, I:156; description of, III:358; pioneer experiences with, VII:270
Prairie Outpost, II.1:129, 130
Prairie State, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:306, 308
Pratt, Elias, III:242; M. E., IV:362
Prebstfield (Probstfield), Michael, II.2:100
Presbyterian Church, first in N.Dak.,I:312; in Bismarck, N.Dak., I:299-310; IV:109; history of, in N.Dak., 101-178; in Grand Forks, 110; in Pembina, 110 statistical report of early church, 170-178; in Grand Forks, VII:78
Presbyterian College in N.Dak., IV:125
Presbytery of Bismarck, boundaries of, IV:119
Presbytery of Grand Forks, statistical abstract of: 1883, IV:174
Presbytery of Northern Pacific, boundaries of, IV:119; statistical abstract of, 1884, 175; 1885, 178
Presbytery of Pembina, boundaries of, IV:119; statistical abstract of, 1883,173; 1884,175; 1885,177
Presbytery of Red River, boundaries, churches in, IV:114; statistical report, 1880, 170; 1881, 170; 1882, 171; 1884, 174; 1885, 176
Presbytery of St. Paul, boundaries of, IV:114
Prescott, Elie, III:232; H. L., VII:300
Prestbo, John, VII:189
Preston, U.S. Sen. William C., S. C., IV:211
Pretty Face, VI:51, 85; in battle of Little Bighorn, 131
Preus, Rev. H. A., VII:215
Prevost, Sir George, IV:468
Price list of furs, Hudson's Bay Co., IV:300; IV:859
Price, Rev. W. P., IV:137; Thomas, 427
Prichard, Rev. Evan R., IV:142, 166, 171, 172
Prickly Pear River, II.2:69
Priest, E. E., IV:419
Priestly, Thomas, II.1:.424
Primary elections, Renville County, V:243
Primeau, ____,530
Primeaux, Charles, I:355-380, VII:81, 86
Prince Edward Island, home of first Selkirk colony, II.1:88
Prince of Wales, sailing vessel, II.1:92, 96, 97, III:441, 444, 459, 488
Prince Rupert, trading ship, IV:726
Pritchard, III:397, 398, 437; Hugh, 105; John, 406, 409, 411; Rev. Samuel, 105; Evan D., IV:117; John, 267n. 1, 453-585; deposition of, 465-547, 597
Pritchett, Leslie, IV:351
Probert, E. L., II.2:94; H. A., IV:420
Probisher, Benjamin, II.1:117
Probstfield, Catherine E., II.2:101; Paul, II.2:94; R. M., II.1:33, 101; R. M., VII:70
“Process of Tanning Skins by Indians, The,” I:455-456
Proclamation of Gov. Macdonnell to Hudson’s Bay Co. and N. W. Co., III:369
Proctor, Redfield, Secretary of War, III:198
prohibition, for Indians, I:200-251; vote of Icelandic townships on, 125
Promaux, Joseph, interpreter, 544
Propper, M. P., III:158
Prospect Hill, Sioux City, V:81
Protestant missionaries, to the northern plains, I:251-292
Protivin, Iowa, IV:76
Provencher, Rev. Joseph Norbert, I:200-251, II.1:95; IIApp:1-34; III:103; Rt. Rev. J. N., IV:267n. 1
Provincial Library of Manitoba, II.1:115
Pruden, John Peter, chief factor, II.1:134; J. P., IV:650-733; James, 822, 826
Prudhoume, N., IV:353
Prusa, John, IV:76
Prusse, Harry, IV:351
Ptansinta, V:269
Public Institutions, location of, Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:145; controversy about memorials on, III:148
Puget Sound Agricultural Co., IV:209, 213, 772, 775, 788n. 2
Pugh, Evan E., II.2:131; Sgt. ____, IV:577, 636
Pummell, Mary, IV:411; William, 411
Purcell, W. E., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:127n. 6, 147, 150
Purdy, Ira, IV:408; Mary, 408; Tom (Catfish Tom), V:39n. 26
Purington, R. O. D., II.1:209
Puritan lake, Minn., VII:118


Qualle, J. H., III:162
Quam congregation, VII:213
Quamme, Erick, IV:377
Quammen, Sven, VII:160
Quanrud, Lars, VII:171
Quantrell, guerilla chief, II.1:269
Quast, Louisa, IV:366
Quebec, Act of 1774, IV:180
Qui Appelle, Hudson’s Bay Co., post, III:396, 450-454; IV:468-614; V:105
Quick Wing, Indian family of, IV:389
Quigg, Hugh H., II.2:94, 97; James, 94, 97
Quin, Patrick, deposition of, IV:626
Quinby, Edwin, IV:407
Quincley, Henry, IV:351
Quincy, N.Dak., VII:279
Quinn, Edward B., IV:354; M., 416; Rev. James, IV:133


Raaen, Thomas, VII:165
Rabbit Springs, D.T., V:63
Rabie, N., IV:401; W. M., 400
Racette, Augustin, IV:742
Rader, John, IV:414; Mattie, 414; Susie, 414; Walter, 414
Radisson, fur trader, I:73, III:540, 541; IV:235, 237, 238
Rae, James, III:291; John, IV:417; Richard, 675; William Glen, 692, 699, 700; W. G., 723-806; William G., 811-833
Railroad settlements, I:318-321
Rain-in-the-Face, and the Yellowstone expedition, I:251-272
Rainville, Frank, III:106
Rainy lake, V:90
Ramestad, Annie, IV:437; Bertha, 437; Erick, 436; G., 437; Lena, 437; Mary, 437; Ola, 437; Peter, 437
Ramsdell, Joel, II.2:94
Ramsey County, V:180, 195, 196, 200, 201, 212-214, 216, 222, 224; archaeological remains in, I:87; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:206
Ramsey, Gov. Alexander, I:428, II.1:488, II.2:123, III:513, 516, 530, 546, 550; commissioner for Dakota treaty, 517; completion of treaty of 1851, 521; U.S. Sen., Minn., 111; IV:101, 102
Ramsfjeld, Jacob Berg, 266; Osmond, 266
Randall, Col. Daniel, I:425; George M., agent at Fort Yates, 343; John, IV:758; Tim, 374
Randolph, 2d Lt. N. F., II.2:102; II.2:116
Rankie, Chris., IV:366; Daniel, 366; Emilie, 366; John, 366; Louisa, 366
Ransier, L. J., IV:419
Ransom County, V:181, 192, 198; VII:213, 214, 220-229; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:206
Rapid City, D.T., V:70, 71, 74, 77, 79n. 92; VII:130
Rapid River post, IV:667-837
Rapp, Clara, III:227; John, III:227; Lillian, III:227; Nellie, III:227
Rasmuson, Adolph, IV:433; C., 433; Ida, 433; Katy, 433; Velbert, 433
Rasmussen, Rev. P. A., VII:200
Rat Portage post, IV:735-831
Rat River post, IV:698
rattlesnake bite, Indian cure for, II.1:410
Rattlesnake Jack, V:76n. 84
Rauk, Knut Olsen, early settler in Dakota territory, VII:156, 157, 158
Raum, Ralph, IV:46, 54
Raum's Ferry, IV:54
Ravoux, Rev. Augustine, I:218, III:102, 107; missionary to the Sioux, III:237
Ray, Samuel, IV:411; Robert, V:53n. 4; capt. of the Success, VII:127
Raymbault, Father, I:476, III:498
Raymond, J. B., territorial delegate, Dakota, III:116; John H., II.2:21, 96; Thomas, IV:381; W. W., 208n. 6
Rea, Frank, IV:409
Reader, Frank, III:233
Reagan, Michael, III:233
Reaker, Barbara, IV:362; John, 362
Reanson, G. O., IV:443
Red Bear, Chippewa chief, V:131, 134; VI:49, 50-53; 63-66, 77; in battle of Little Bighorn, 96, 123-131; supplementary story, 121-135; biography of, 200-202; opp.71, opp.200
Red Bird, Arikara, Indian, I:370; Indian family of, IV:389
Red Cedar River, III:506
Red Cloud, VI:20, 25
Red Cow, Mandan chief, VI:42
Red Dog, Indian family of, IV:385; enlists as scout, VI:44
Red Elk, enlists as scout, VI:45
Red Foolish Bear, VI:53, 63, 137; in battle of Little Bighorn, 96, 98, 102, 105, 107, 113, 122, 129
Red Fox, Indian family of, IV:385
Red Iron, Sioux chief, I:227, 419, III:522
Red Lake, D.T., V:80; band, Chippewas, V:110, 111
Red Lake, Minn., trading station, III:353; agency at, III:216
Red Lake River, III:104
Red Lake Treaty Expedition, II.2:11; leaves Fort Abercrombie, II.2:123
Red Mike, IV:60
Red River Collegiate Institute, Wahpeton, N.D., II.1:171-178
Red River colonists, as agriculturists, II.1:99; crops, II.1:128; forced to become soldiers, II.1:99; houses destroyed, II.1:125; winter at Dakota, II.1:104
“Red River Colony and the Northwest American Indians, The,” III:441-490
Red River Colony, record of activities at, 1820-1823, III:441-490; IV:741, 758, 774
Red River colony. See Selkirk colony.
Red River district, II.1:109, 123; IV:651-844
Red River fur trade, with Hudson’s Bay Company, IV:235-337
Red River, half breeds of, V:103, 104; rebellion, V:28
Red River, N.Dak., VII:159, 167, 209, 234, 237, 261-279
Red River, North West Co. post, III:358
Red River of the North, II.1:80, 81, 91, 93, 98, 99, 102, 103, 104, 107, 108, 112, 116, 118, 119, 120, 123, 127, 128, 129, 131, 133; II.2:7; flooding of, IIApp:1-34; steam navigation on, II.2:24; trip through in 1864, II.1:146; industry in the valley of, III:529-596; population growth of, 612-626, 612-626; progress in, 1883-1891, 612-626; attempts to reorganize the agricultural system, 1890-1897, 627-641; progress and present status, 1897-1907, 642-672
Red River ox carts, II.1:146-149; II.2:114, 124; III:552; from Fort Garry, 118
Red River Presbytery, statistical report of, 1880, IV:170; 1881, 170; 1882, 171; 1884,174; 1885,176
Red River Settlement, IV:694-853; VII:214; Minn., 215
Red River Transportation Co., I:368, III:561; VII:77
Red River valley, flooding in, I:212, 213; grasshoppers in, I:210; settlement of, II.1:79-138; description of, VII:139; Evangelical Lutheran church in. 227; Hauge's synod in, 227; N.Dak., 162, 209, 221, 247-266; Norwegian Lutheran synods in, 227; Norwegian Lutheran Church in, 209-232
Red River Valley Lutheran Association, VII:176
Red River Valley University, early history of, II.1:171-178. See also Red River Collegiate Institute
Red Star, VI:57-93; in battle of Little Bighorn, 94, 95, 122, 130, 131, 151; gives horse to Soldier, 117; continues narrative, 118-121; biography of, 195-200; opp.71, opp.195
Red Stone, Assiniboine chief, VII:41-43
Red T'hunder, Chippewa chief, I:272-292; V:131, 134
Red Willow Lake, III:182; congregation at, VII:213
Red Wing, Minn., II.2:148, III:499; VII:137, 201, 238, 247n., 250n., 273, 274
Red Wing, Sioux Chief, III:499; village of, 509
Red Woman,V: 272
Red Wood Indian Agency, V:259,VII:110
Redfearn, George, III:235
Redwing, Andrew, VII:171
Reed, Rev., Indian missionary, II.1:275; William, I:383; William, IV:407; William, Jr., 407; William J., 440
Reeder, A. T., II.1:416
Reedy, Agnes B., III:236; Thomas J., I:461, III:236
Reeves, D. P., V:32n. 18; 33n.19, 38; VII:77
Regan, U. S. Senator, Texas, address at Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:130; member of Holmes party, V:74
Rehacek, V., IV:78
Reiersen, Andrew, III:286; H., IV:445
Reil, George, IV:392
Reilly, Ellen, III:219
Reinhard, Sgt., III:424; ____, IV:612; Charles, 542, 543, 556; Charles de, 590, 591; Serg., 548, 549, 553
Reinklow, O., III:274
Reiton, Peter, VII:171; Rev. B. J., 228
Religioser Bolschafter, First Mennonite paper in the U.S., III:331
Remington, Rev. C. W., IV:173, 176, 178
Reminiscences by the Pioneers, by Rev. A. K. Caswell, IV:164; by Rev. Daniel Williams, IV:165, 167; by Rev. I. O. Sloan, IV:155; by Rev. J. F. Berry, 612; by Rev. John H. Baldwin, IV:158; by Rev. O. H. Elmer, IV:153
“Reminiscences of Early North Dakota,” I:429-430
Rendall, George, IV:737, 753; John, 689, 705, 722, 726
Reno, Marcus, I:272-292, 348; VI:12, 26, 31, 35, 172-175
Renville, Antoine, V:255, 267, 272; Daniel, 267, 272; Eli, 272; Gabriel, 255-261, 265-271; Hannah, 271; Harry, 271; Herman, 272; Isaac, 267, 272; James, 272; John, 271; John B., 261, 272; Joseph, 253, 255, 261; clerk, of, 272, genealogy of, 272; Lydia, 272; Margaret, 272; Michelle, 255, 267, 271, 272; Moses, 271; Nancy, 271; Peter, 271; Samson, 271; Sarah, 271; Susan, 271; Victor, Jr., 255, 256, 258, 259, 260, 271; Victor, Sr., death of, 253, 254; genealogy of, 271; sketch of Dakota Conflict of 1862, 251
Renville County, census summary of 1885, IV:402; names of all residents in, 403; V:179, 202, 210, 221, 222, 226, 227, 240-245, 255; vote for and against, V:242n. 41
Renville, Francois, I:355-380; Joseph, 355-380; Victor, article by, V:251-272; Gabriel, VII:117; Victor, 117n.
“Report of a Trip on the Steamer Miner From Sioux City, Iowa, to Fort Benton, Montana Territory,” II.1:392-415
“Report of the Secretary of the State Historical Society of North Dakota,” II.1:7-66
“Report of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, 1913, IV:13-30; officers, directors, and members, 14-18
Republican State convention, Minn., VII:238
Reservation life of Dakota after 1853, III:523
Resseanbleu, Ecan, II.2:114
Restaurationen, Norwegian sloop, VII:197
Rewalt, Corporal B. F., II.2:118
Reykjallin, H., II.1:144
Reynold Bros. of Texas, IV:44
Reynolds, “Lonesome Charley,” I:347; Rev. N. L, II.1:5, 256; Samuel H., II.1:246; Charles, IV:377; Luella D., 377; Harry M., 377; Sarah, 377; W. P., 377; Charles, VI:20, 49, 50, 86, 88, 168, 170, 173, 194; Colonel J. J., with expedition to Indian country, VI:23
Reynolds Bros., Texas, V:158
Rezner, Jacob, I:355-380
Rhinehart, Jacob, Kelleys Point, II.1:167
Rhodes, Rev. J. C., Bismarck, II.1:177; Chancey, IV:354; J., 350
Rhowe, A. E., IV:397; G., 397
Rice County, Minn., VII:172, 274
Rice, Henry M., II.1:486; C. E., IV:364; W. A., 417
Rice Lake band of Chippewa, II.1:473-492
Rich Landing, Minn., VII:274
Rich, M. T., III:87, 92,158, 160; Sarah, 91; M. F., IV:63
Richard, Harry, II.1:229; C., IV:396; E., 396; Earl, 396; Francois, 700-782; Frs. X., 742; J., 396; J. E., 396; M., 396; W., 396; W. E., 396
Richards, A., IV:444; Alanson, 65; Albert, 365; Emma C., 365; H. 0., 364; Lida H., 365; Mary, 365; Wilkes, 44; Wilson L., case against Stark County, V:231
Richardson, C. W., III:88; Sec. L. B., III:125; Isaac, I:297-299; R. B., II.1:177; Sir John, IV:305; L. B., V:47
Richland County, archaeological remains in, I:88; history of Abercrombie Township in, III:158-177; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; IV:65-77; V:181, 198, 199, 212; VII:154, 155, 164n., 212, 214, 219, 222-229, 255n.
Richland County Loan Asso., III:242
Richmond, Minn., II.2:20, 126, III:242
Richmond, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:1, 337, 373, 376, 405
Richmond, Rev. J. P., IV:208n. 6; T. M., 101n.
Richville, (now Wahpeton), IV:65, 66
Riddle, J. P., Ayr, N.Dak., IV:144
Ridge Landing, Mississippi River, VII:92
Ridgely, D. H., II.2:96, IV:218
Riel, Louis, I:272-292
Riel Rebellion, III:558
Rielle, J. Louis, IV:290, VII:71
rifle pits, on Fort Totten trail, I:159
Riggs, Albion H., IV:415; C. B., 415; Fannie, 415
Riggs, Dr. D. L., I:223; Rev. D. D., I:268; Rev. S. R., compiler of “The First School at Fort Totten,” III:237-241; Dr. S. R., V:256, 258, 260, 261
Rinard, Helen, IV:379; Irvine H., 379; Minnie, 379; Ross S., 379; William, 379
Ringdahl, Lars, III:277
Ringsaker, Norway, emigration from, I:131-153
Ringstad, Rev. J .J., pioneer experiences of, 251-252
Ringuett, Gilbert, IV:441
Ringwald, Joseph, IV:354
Ripley, Charles, IV:365
Ritch, John, IV:759
Ritchy, G. W., IV:377
Riveland, Rasmus, VII:268, 200
River Falls, Wis., III:94
Rivers, Joseph, III:200
Riverside Township, settlement of, II.1:202-25; names of early settlers, II.1:250,
Riviere aux Liards (Riviere au Laird), IV:812, 823, 826, 837
Riviere des Lacs, II.2:54
Rivre au Laird post, IV:666-794
Roadmaker, chief, I:433-436, I:opp. 440
Roalkvam, Prof. H., VII:176
Roanoke, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:302, 306, 307, 308, 311
Robbins, Albert, IV:356
Robert Campbell, Jr., steamer, II.1:263, 264; log of, II.1:267-284
Robert, Joseph, I:355-380; Jonathan, III:233; Agnes, IV:376; Alex, F., 379; Carrie, 392; Cathrine, 379; Genevieve, 379; George B., 770-818; Georgia, 392; Georgie D., 392; James, 379; John E., 392; Joseph, 379; S. G., 135; Sadie, 392; Sophia, 392; Willis, 392; William, 59; Frank, VII:323n.; Lloyd, 313; Robert, 321
Roberts County, V:198
Roberts, public rowboat, IV:54
Robertson, Colin, II.1:119, 128, 130; J. P., Provincial Librarian, II.1:115; Rev. E. P., II.2:171-178; Colin, III:386, 387, 395, 398, 404; Colin, IV:494-618, 649-790; deposition of, 466, 494-508, 546, 663, 677; Big Tom, V:267; Thomas, V:264
Robinett, Charles, III:229; 1st Lt. Charles, III:188
Robinson and Worthington, Ontario, Canada, VII:67
Robinson, Edward, I:355-380; John, 355-380; Martin, II.1:247; 1st Lt. W. W., III:194; Louis, IV:441; William, 607; deposition of, 607
Robiscar, Louis, II.2:100; Margaret, 100
Rochblave, Pierre de, 598
Roche, Edward, II.298; Alfred, IV:305
Rochlave, N. W. Co. Partner, III:429
Rochow, Philman, III:231
Rock County, Wis., VII:164, 199
Rock Island, N.Dak., VII:301
Rock, Mrs. Mary, III:203; Eddie, IV:419; J. L., 419; James, 419; Lizzie, 420; M. H., 419; Mike, 419; Minnie, 419; Thomas, 420
Rock Village, Mandan, II.1:465
Rockey, George, IV:406; Jacob, 406; Nancy, 406; William, 406
Rockford, Ia., VII:287, 288n.
Rockwood, Capt., Alexandria, Minn., II.2:30
Rocky Mountain House, IV:653-827
Rocky Mountains, V:101
Rocky Ridge, S.Dak., stage station, VII:312
Rodgers, Capt. John, IV:516, 520, 528, 530; letters of, 502; Ike, sheriff of Choteau County, Mont., V:162; Jarvis, V:34n. 20
Rodney, J. F., IV:442
Roebuck, member Parliamentary committee, IV:276, 280, 304
Roen, Narve, VII:150
Roger's post office, for people of Odessa, N.Dak., VII:301
Rogers, C. J., II.1:417; Gillman, II.2:94; Lt. Col. H. C., II.2:opp. 148; Rev. S. B., III:87n.; A. P., IV:445
Rogers, N.Dak., VII:225, 291
Røinstad, Kjetil, VII:163
Røisland, Dreng, VII:163
Rolette County, archaeological remains in, I:88; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; V:85, 113, 179, 199, 219
Rolette, I. C., I:355-380; Joseph, I:299-310, 355-380, IIApp:1-34; half breed mail carrier, III:180; Joseph, 105, 106; Joseph, IV:257
Rolla, D.T., V:119, 122
Roller, IV:443
Rollin, John, IV:418
Romo, Rev. P. C. VII:228
Rondeau, ____, IV:541
Rood, Abigail, II.1:263; Oliver C., 263; Martin, VII:172; Martin Jr., 172
Roosevelt cabin, IV:43
Roosevelt, Theodore, IV:42; Theodore, V:157, 159; Theodore, VII:321
Root, William, III:158; Frank, IV:440
Roper, James, IV:346
Roraas, Norway, VII:152
Rorastad, Rev. Dwight Church, III:165
Rorvik, Rev. J., VII:178
Roscoe, Margaret, III:236
Rose, Hon. Roderick, Territorial Supreme Court, III:128; James, 90, 91; John W., 232; John, British treaty commissioner, IV:213; Oscar, V:37n. 23
Roseau County, Minn., Icelandic settlements in, I:112
Rosendal congregation, VII:241
Rosensen, R. P., IV:358
Roser, Charles, IV:353
Rosholdt, Rev. T., VII:235
Rosignal, Auguste, II.2:100
Ross, Alexander, II.1:108, 123; Joseph Gerry, II.1:242; Royal D., travel journal of, II.1:219-230, opp. 220; sketch of, II.1:242-245, opp. 240; Thomas, II.1:230, 231; Bernard, IV:831; Charles, 659-833; Donald, 650-853; John, president, Canadian Grand Trunk Railway, 305; Simon, 675
Ross, N.Dak., IV:73
Ross-shire, Scotland, II.1:84
Rosser, Brig. Gen. Thomas, I:319, 343, 347; chief engineer, NPRR, III:342
Rossiter, C. W., IV:107, 135
Rostad, K. F., IV:364
Roster of Capt. Freeman’s Northern Rangers, 1862, II.2:94; of company mustered in at Fort Abercrombie, 1862, II.2:92
Rotch, Rev. C. L., III:94
Roth, Karl, IV:78, 79
Rothville, N., IV:51
Rotter, Adams, IV:442
Roubaix, France, V:159; S.Dak., V:166
Rouillard, Joe, V:268
Rounsville, Charles, II.2:99; Sylvia, II.2:99; William, II.2:99
Rourk, T., IV:446.
Roussain, Charles, IV:747, 758
Roussin, ____, IV:551, 591, 605, 608; Charles, 674, 678, 715, 729
Rowand, John, IV:649-853; John Jr., 719-837
Rowe, Past Grand Master, I.O.O.F., III:221; H. W., Casselton, N.Dak., IV:137, 138; Lt., 217
Rowell, William A., member of Fisk’s expedition, 1862, II.2:75
Rowers, Girard, III:203
Rowland, George, IV:356
Roy, Vincent, III:418; Joseph, IV:742; Vincent, 609, 640; deposition of, 640
Royal, Colonel W. B., commands troops, VI:25
Royce, report on Indian treaties, V:114n.17
Royer, John B., III:95
Rubicon, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:314, 329
Ruchnell, Augustus, II.2:92, 94
Rucker, W. H., Wibeaux, Mont., V:162
Rud, Knut, VII:159
Rudd, P. H., VII:189
Ruding, Rev., III:280
Rudolph, Cathrene, IV:362; Christina, 362; George, 362; John, 362; Louisa, 362; Ludwick, 362; Madalina, 362; Paulina, 362; Rudolph, 362
Ruffee, Charles A., III:179, 212, 214, 216
Ruffner, Albert, III:230
Rugby, N.Dak., VII:289, 293
Ruger, Henry H., III:194, 194n. 2, 234; Rosa, III:234
Ruggles George D., A A. G., III:190
Rum River, III:506, VII:3
Rundle, Rev., IV:788, 836
Rungon, Mary, IV:348; May, 348; Mose B., 348
Running Buffalo, Indian family of, IV:385
Running Face, Mandan Indian, II.1:466
Running Pony, Indian family of, IV:384
Running Wolf, enlists as scout, VI:51; supplementary story by, 135-149; biography of, 204-205; opp.204
Rupert’s House, IV:808, 823, 838
Rupert’s Land, II.1:97, 106; minutes of the Council, 1830-1843, IV:644-865
Rupert’s River district, IV:808; post, 823
Rush, "Colonel," IV:46; Rich., U.S. Commissioner,204
Rush lake, D.T., V:137
Rushing-after-the-Eagle. See Bad Gun.
Russell, Benjamin Stillman, sketch of, I:330-334, I:332; E., II.2:12; Hamlin,I:330; J. A., member of Sibley expedition, letter of, II.2:83; William, 330; Thomas, III:232; A. L., IV:217
Russia, Mennonites in, their treatment, III:328
Russian American Fur Co., IV:763-835; agreement with Hudson's Bay Co., 853
Rust, K., VII:156; Ole, 156
Ruste, Tore, VII:269
Rustebakke, Amund, VII:169; Anton, 169
Rustling, efforts to eradicate, IV:58-61
Rutherford, Rev. M., IV:138
Ruthruff, Henry, Hunter, N.Dak., IV:142
Rutland, N.Dak., VII:213, 228
Ruxledge, Mike, IV:352
Ruzicka, Wenzl, IV:78
Ryan, S. E., II.1:177; Capt., IV:659; Grace, 440; Jane, 440; John, 440
Ryder, Samuel, II.1:417
Rykken, Kittil, III:165
Rynda, Rev. J., IV:74, 76
Rynning, Ole, leader in Norwegian immigration, III:316
Ryswick, treaty of, IV:238


Sacastan, half breed, IV:531
Saco, Mont., VII:99
Sacred Tree, Joseph Brown's farm, V:254
Sacs and Foxes, III:505; cession of land to Dakotas, III:514; deputation at Prairie du Chien, III:508
Saddler, ___, killed by Indians, V:78n. 91
Sadler, woodchopper, Missouri River, VII:130
Saetersdalen, Norway, VII:160-164, 173, 242, 265, 267
Safe, C. P., III:268; Walter F., III:268
Sage, Alexander, interpreter, II.1:506
Sagen, August, VII:190; Ole, 166; Rev. A., 234; Rev. A. K., 235, 237
Sager, John, IV:443
St. Adalbert Church, IV:66
St. Adalbert, IV:70, 71
St. Adolph, IV:76
St. Andrews, N. Dak., II.1:165
St. Ansgar, Ia., VII:149, 153, 159
St. Anthony, Minn., VII:3
St. Boniface, I:201, 209, 210, 218,219; III:102-104, 106, 107; V:135
St. Cecilia Society, IV:71
St. Charles Hotel, Yankton, V:81
St. Clair and Berg, Grand Forks firm, VII:175
St. Clair, Charles, member of Fisk’s expedition, 1862, II.2:75
St. Cloud Democrat, quotations from, II.1:423n.1, 425 n. 1, 451, n. 1, 455 n. 1, 475 n. 2; letters from Fort Abercrombie in, II.2:9-32, 72, 74, 76, 78, 81, 96, 97
St. Cloud, Minn, II.1:180; II.2:6, 11, 12, 20, 22, 29, 80, 96, 113, 125, 136, 133; III:102, 186, 242, 560; IV:63; V:28, 29; VII:69, 70, 137, 142, 143, 280
St. Croix River, III:506
St. Cyrill and Method, IV:76
St. Dizier, Elm, J. P., III:389
St. Francis Xavier mission, I:218
St. Germain, Joseph, III:392; P. L., deposition of, IV:534; Pierre, deposition of, 531
St. Germains, II.1:129
St. Henri, Quebec, III:217
St. Jacque, IV:443; P., 444
St. James, Minn., V:82
St. Joe, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:316, 414
St. John, D.T., V:119, 123
St. John Nepomuck Catholic Church, IV:70, 76
St. John Nepomuck Order, IV:77
St. John’s cathedral, II.1:106
St. Johns Academy, Jamestown, N.Dak., III:679
St. Johns, III:197
St. Johns Lutheran, church at Abercrombie, III:164, 165
St. Johns, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:300, 303, 306, 313, 316, 311, 326, 334-360, 372, 373, 375
St. Joseph, D.T., I:220, 356, 358, 359, 362, 364, 371, 375; Catholic mission at, I:213, IIApp:1-34 mission at, III:102, 103, 106; hunting parties of, III:215; founded 1843, IV:101; V:107, 176; VII:147
St. Louis and Iron Mt. Railway, III:348
St. Louis and Pacific Railway, III:348
St. Louis, Mo., trade from, to Fort Union, II.2:61; III:499; IV:77; VII:40, 80, 81, 88, 114, 233, 250n., 259, 274
St. Luke, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:343, 354
St. Luke’s Hospital, VII:176; Aberdeen, S.Dak., 130. See also Deaconess Hospital, Grand Forks.
St. Mary’s Academy, Bismarck, N.Dak., I:251-272
St. Mary’s boarding school, Belcourt, V:116, 117; industrial school, V:117
St. Michael’s Mission, I:225; III:238
St. Olaf College, VII:204, 234, 239, 240, 262n.
St. Olaf congregation, VII:213
St. Paul and Duluth railway, VII:69
St. Paul and Pacific Railway, I:423-429; III:555-557, 560, 562, 566, 583, 584, 587, 658; VII:247. See also Great Northern Railroad
St. Paul and Sault St. Marie Railway, III:656
St. Paul Butte, D.T., V:86
St. Paul Daily Press, II.1:424n. 1; letters about Fisk Expedition in, II.2:78-85
St. Paul Globe, II.1:483n. 2
St. Paul, Minn, II.2:9, 23, 29, 37, 40, 78, 104, 148, 162, 163; III:87, 92, 101, 178, 561; population of, 516; Swedes in, 248; IV:63, 65, 74, 76; Red River trade of, 302; Presbytery of, boundaries, 114; VII:88, 89, 116, 137, 226n., 237, 238, 260, 270, 279, 280, 299, 300, 303
St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway, III:161,168, 176, 282, 660; formation of, 584; development of, 585; lands of, 588; VII:270, 287, 297, 303, 304
St. Paul Weekly Pioneer, II.1:451n. 1, 453n.1, 456n. 1
St. Paul Weekly Press, II.1:446n. 1, 449n. 1, 450n. 1, 454n. 2, 456n. 2, 458n. 1
St. Peter and Paul, IV:76
St. Peter's Spring, IV:228
St. Peters, Minn., VII:97, 240n.
St. Pierre, Roger, interpreter of Ojibway legend, III:725-727; ____, IV:622, 625; Etienne, deposition of, 620
St. Regis de Borgia River, II.2:70
St. Thomas, N.Dak. history of, I:89-131; VII:148, 224n.
St. Vincent, Minn., I:110; III:552, 553n. 5
St. Wenceslaus, IV:76; Order, 77
Sakakawea, I:435; origin and spelling of her name, I:69-72
Salda, F. J., vice president Z.C.B.J., IV:80
Salemonson, Gunder Jr., VII:163, 164n.; Gunder Sr., 163
Sallie, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:345, 354
Salmon River, gold mines, II.2:76
Salt Lake, II.2:38
Salt, Rev. Wellington, V:115-117, 121, 122; sketch of Indian trouble in Turtle Mountains, V:125
Salt River, V:177
Salt Springs, Canada, III:455
Salteaux Indians. IV:480
Saluda, river steamboat, VII:88
Sam Gaty, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:264, 282, 286, 301, 302, 303, 304, 309, 311, 313, 315, 316, 378
Sam Orr, steamboat, II.2:155
Sampson, Etta, IV:342; .T. D., 342; Lena, 342: Lulu, 342
Samuelson, J., III:276; Ella, IV:344; Louisa, 344; Mary, 344; Ole, 344; Peter, 344; S., 344
San Arcs, Sioux tribe, I:427
Sanborn, Cooperstown and Turtle Mountain Railroad, II.1:249
Sanborn, J. B., II.1:488; J. N., II.2:97; Hannah, IV:412; Moses, 412; Hiram, VII:117
Sanborn, N.Dak., Presbyterian church organized, IV:147; (fifteenth siding), V:57n. 29
Sanborne, _____, II.2:94
Sand Hill River, Minn., VII:249
Sandager, Andrew, delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:134, 150
Sanders, Chancy, IV:410; Ralph. 410; Thomas, 347; Zoe, 410
Sanderson, Capt. G. K., IV:349; Fred P., 376; George, 443; Lottie, 445; Mary, 443; William, 443; Winfield, 445; John, VII:89
Sandford, John, III:230; Alfred, IV:357; A. C., 443; Charles, 444; George, 443; Lottie, 445; Mary, 443; William, 443; Winfield, 445
Sandgren, C. J., III:281, 282; Rev. J. A. Buxton, III:252, 280-282
Sandman, John, III:258
Sandoval, Isidore, I:379
Sands, Lena, IV:408; Maria, 408; Matee, 408; Niles, 408; Sanborn, 408
Sandstrom, A. P. B., III:260
Sandvig, Erick, III:101, 162
Sandwich Islands, IV:787, 801, 819, 833; post, 771, 772, 786
Sandwork, Minn., IV:68
Sandy Lake, Minn., III:499; V:90
Sandy Lake Mission, Minn., II.1:473-492
Sanford, Major John F. A., I:379
Sanford, N.Dak., IV:51
Sanger, H., IV:395; G., 395.
Sanger, N.Dak., turtle effigy near, III:685-687
Sangree, H. H., IV:141; Rev. William, 141, 147.
Sangster, James, IV:724, 738, 770, 786, 833
Sannes, Aanund Olsen, VII:162; Daniel, 163; Halvor, 161; John, 162, 163, 163n.; L,. H., 175; Mrs. Aanund Olsen, 162; Tor, 163
Sans-facon, Joseph, deposition of, 573, 620
Santee Sioux Indians, III:501n. 1; trading at Ft. Berthold, VII:57
Sapry, Clara L., IV:368; Earl, 368; Etta, 368; George, 368; William L., 368
Sargent, Asa, V:53n. 5; Asa, VII:73
Sargent County, N.Dak., number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; V:198; VII:222, 224n., 225
Sargent, N.Dak., VII:213
Sarles, Gov. E. Y., IV:55; John, 727
Sarpee, Jean Pierre, I:379
Sarson, John, IV:346
Saskatchewan district, IV:650- 837
Saskatchewan River, IV:488; V:81n. 98
Sather, A., IV:420; J., 420; Pete, 416
Satre, Ragnild, Thoresdatler, III:170
Satterlund, Charles L., III:253; sketch of, 293; John, III:262, 276
Sauer, Karl, IV:77, 78
Sauk Center, Minn, II.2:18, 20, 103,125, 126, 133, 135; fort at, II.1:179-185; VII:69, 118, 137
Saulteaux Indians, II.1:129, 130; III:477
Saunders, Alexander, II.1:202-251; sketch of, II.1:231-234, opp. 240; George, Sr., II.1:239-240, opp. 240
Savage, Cora, IV:427; Fannie, 427; Mrs. E., 427
Savey, Rev., III:101
Sawmill, Grand Forks, D.T., V:32n.17; Yellow Medicine agency, V:255
Sawyer, Annie, IV:397; E. T., 397; L. P ., 397; R., 396; ____, cattle herder, Iowa, VII:126
Sax, C., IV:54
Say, member of Long’s Expedition, III:491
Saybrook, Ohio, VII:62, 67
Sayer, John Charles, deposition of, III:416; ____, IV:605; John Charles, deposition of, 550; William, trial of, 296
Scabby Wolf, enlists as scout, VI:51; carries mail, 67
Scales, Dan. E., IV:427; George E., 421
Scally, Hugh J., IV:353
Scambler, Robert, II.2:101
Scandia Society, history of, VII:187-188
Scandinavian Augustana Synod, VII:205, 206, 207
Scandinavian Society for Reform, I:155
Scarborough (Scarboro), James, IV:723- 833
Scarff, Alec., IV:418
Scarlet Plume, Dakota chief, V:269
Scarred Face, Mandan Indian, II.1:467
Scarred Wolf, log of, II.1:343-358
Scarville, Ella., IV:406; Eunice, 406; Percy, 406; Tyler, 405, 406; Unice, 406; Walter, 406
Scattered Corn, Mandan Indian, I:445; IV:33n.; legend by, IV:33- 40
Schacht, Katherine, IV:348; Martin, 348
Schaefer, Augusta, IV:378; Charles, 430; Edward, 378; Mary, 378; Matilda; 378; Otto, 378; William, 378
Schafer, N.Dak., IV:51, 56, 60; in county seat fight, 55
Schaff, Joseph, IV:426
Schaffner, Henry B., V:232; case against John Young, V:232
Schanasse County, V:206, 223
Schanel, Joseph, IV:78
Scharpenter, early French settler, II.1:165
Schatz, Andress, IV:371; Inatz, 371. Joseph, 371; Margaret, 371; Monegona, 371
Schefstad, J., VII:190
Schell, Rev. James P., article by, IV:101-178
Schemidlio, A., II.1:444
Schenk, Anna, IV:408; Joseph, 408; Louis, 408
Scheurbach, Lucas, IV:347
Schindler, Anton, III:232; John, IV:411; Louisa, 412; Mary, 410
Schlaberg, Charles Frederick, V:44n. 32; Frank, V:49; Rebecca, V:43, 44n. 32
Schleswig, emigration from, I:157
Schmidt, Caroline I:178; Ingeborg, 179; Jens, 157, 168n. 2, 178; Katrina Marie, 177; Mette Katrine, 158n.1; Mrs. Kjaersten, I:158n. 1; Albert, III:99, 159, 160, 162, sketch of, 171; Alfred, IV:382; Prof. F. A., VII:203
Schmitz, C. F., IV:440
Schneider, F., owner of Graham’s Point, III:258n. 2; August, IV:348; Barbara, 435; Eliza, 348; Laura, 348; Mary, 435; May, 435; Rose, 435; William, 434
Schoemberg, D., IV:420; M., 420
Schofield, Maj. Gen., III:198
Scholl, Richard, IV:353
School district organization in Icelandic settlements, I:119; in Hill Township, I:168
Schoolcraft, H. R., III:547
Schothern, Andrew, III:231
Schrader, F. von, IV:218
Schravendike, A. A., IV:398; A. G., 399; C., 398; H. A., 399; J., 399; P. A., 398
Schroder, Henry, III:234
Schuika, Adolph, IV:428; Marie, 428
Schultz, John, letter by, II.2:26; Robert, I:383; Albert, IV:352; Fred, 354; Robert, 445
Schulz, William, II:92
Schurback, Louis, IV:346
Schwab, John A., II.1:417
Scofield, A. F., IV:415; George A., 415; L. P., 415; M. J., 415; Rebecca, 415
Scorie Hill Village, Mandan, II.1:470, 471
Scotch Highlanders at Red River Colony, III:458
Scotelworth, Reuben, III:230
Scotland, II.1:96, 99; highlands of, II.1:84, 136; Selkirk agents in, II.1:91
Scotlander, Lewis, III:230
Scott family, massacre of, II.1:184
Scott, Mrs., Old Crossing, Minn., II.2:13; Thomas W., II.1:416; Gen., III:211; Lt. Hugh L., 195, 196, 234; J. W., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, 150; David, IV:412; Marion, 421; Sophia, 346; Stephen, 346; Stephen Jr., 346; Warren, 416; William, 347; Rev, John, 112, 120, 127, 175, 177; biographical sketch of, 167-169; half-breed, V:268; Milo, VII:303
Scottish clearances, and the Sutherland estates, II.1:84-86
Scottish foods, II.1:251
Scouts, company of, VII:117
Scrleye, Charles, II.2:97
Scully, John, III:230; Thomas, III: 233.
Seaforth, August, IV:448; Clements, 448; Elizabeth, 448; Jennie, 448; Nellie, 448; Tena, 448
Seal Creep, winter station at, II.1:92
Sears, Louis, I:339-349, 371, 372, 376
Secret societies: New Dog, VI:48, 59; Grass Dance, VI:59; Da-roeh'-pa, VI:59; Moccasin Game, VI:72; Crow, Foolish Dog, Black Month, Buffalo, VI:186
See Burger, Capt. Emil A.
Seeley, Capt. Robert, II.1:255; Charles, II.2:94; James C., II.2:92
Seelye, W. E., article by, III:242-246
Seidenbush, Bishop, I:245
Selfridge, Acting Adj. Gen. R. D, order of, to Lieut. Col. Peteler, II.2:24
Selfridge, Maj. J. O., II.1:121
Selkirk colonists, at Hudson’s Bay, II.1:97; of 1811, II.1:91, 92, 95; of 1813, II.1:96-98, 104; of 1815, II.1:104, 105
Selkirk Colony, II.1:92-95; history of, II.1:79-138, II.2:8, 24; prospectus and ad for, II.1:116, 120, 122, 123, 125, 128, 133, 134; II.1:135-138; III:552; IV:244. See also Selkirk Settlement.
Selkirk, counties of, II.1:132
Selkirk, Lord, I:203-210; II.1:79-138; IIApp:1-34; III:369-497; 544, 546, 548; grant of land to, III:545; IV:185, 243, 246, 452-614, 625, 631-642; Hudson's Bay Co. grant of land to, 243; letters of, 462, 481, 505
Selkirk, Missouri River steamboat, II.2:6-33; II.2:opp. 9; VII:278; Red River steamboat, IV:220; VII:72, 77, 95
“Selkirk Settlement and Its Relation to North Dakota History, The,” II.1:79-138
Selkirk Settlement, III:107, 557; crops in, 547; depositions relating to certain transactions at, 1815-1817, 369-437; 1822, IV:248, 255n. 2, 258, 259
Selkirk Settlers, expedition to Prairie du Chien, IV:251
Selkrig, Charles, II.1:482
Sellander, Aron, IV:405
Sellman, Sam, IV:46
Selwei, Colina, IV:371; Margretta, 371; Maron, 371; Meikel, 371; Miekel, 371; Paroon, 371
Selzlar, Kasper, IV:371; Katrina, 371
Semple, Gov. Robert, II.1:104, 128, 129, 130; attacks Norwesters at Seven Oaks, II.1:105; III:394, 396-399, 401, 403-409, 436, 437; IV:497-566; letters of, 505
Sendicioick, A., IV:354
Sentinel Butte, N.Dak., description of in 1874, IV:157
Serruys, Jack, V:158, 162
Serumgard, Ole, article by, II.1:248-250
Sets-fire-to-hall (Wa-su-e-de-ya), Dakota scout, V:269
Setter, George, IV:654-758
Settlement efforts, in Steele County, II.1:202-251
Settler, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:303
Seven Oaks, II.1:131; battle of, II.1:105
Seven-seven-seven (777) ranch, V:157, 158
Seventeenth Infantry, U.S, III:219, 221, 223
Seventh Cavalry, U. S., III:196, 220, 222, 223; at Fort Totten, III:194
Seventh Iowa Cavalry, III:243
Severinson, Robert, IV:368
Severn post, IV:689-838
Severson, Emma, article by, VII:287-306; Charles, 148;
Sewught, John, IV:352
Sexton, Annie, IV:427; Mike, 427
Seyde, Charles W., III:221
Seymour, George, IV:355
Sha-we, Mandan game pieces, I:444, 445
Shadbolt, Martha, II.2:99
Shado, Clement, III:227
Shafer, Charles, IV:43, 47, 49, 51, 56; Charles, hunting camp of, 48; Eva, 49; Fred and Charles, 56; George F., article by, IV:41-57
Shafter, banker at Stillwater, Minn., VII:92
Shank, E. H., IV:364; H. B., 364
Shanley, Bishop John D. D., article by, IIApp:1-34; Bishop John, sketch of, III:678-682, 678
Shannon, Richard, IV:358
Sharon Land Co., III:346
Sharp, Alonzo, IV:356
Shauer, Jacob, II.2:95; John, III:234
Shava, Armina E.,I:336
Shaw, Rev. Edwin S., II.1:209, 250; C. A., III:89; Rev. E. S., 94; William, 376, 385; Angus, IV:484; deposition of, 640; under sheriff, 639; John H., 55; William, 481-612, 762-831
Shay, Isaac, III:221, 237
Shaylor, Charles W., II.2:99; James S., II.2:99
Sheard, Joseph, I:383; Allen, IV:444; Anna, 442; Charles, 444; E., W., 442; Harriet, 444; J., 442; Joseph, 185, 444; Mabel, 444
Sheckler, Rev. T. H., II.1:177
Sheehan, John, IV:416
Sheehy, Fred, IV:419
Sheets, Capt., steamboat Dakota, VII:94
Sheheke, Mandan chief, I:368; medal of, II.1:470-473
Sheldon, N.Dak., Presbyterian Church organized in, IV:142
Sheldon, Rev. Stewart, III:87, 89; Artemus, IV:356
Sheleney, Frank, IV:67, 77; Verona, 77
Shelly, Minn., VII:151, 261, 262n.
Shepard, Joseph, IV:409; Julia, 409; Nona, 409; Rowland, 409; William, 409
Shephard, Frank, II.2:114; ____, Methodist missionary, IV:208
Shepler, Frank, III:232
Shepley, James A, Ord. Sgt., Northern Rangers, II.2:95
Sherbino, Antoine, III:228; Joseph, III:228; Mary, III:227, 228; Patrick, III:228; Robert, III:228; Victoria, III:228
Sherbrooke, Lt. Gen. Sir John C., letter from, IV:451; Sir John Coape, 586, 636, 638; Sir John, proclamation of, 585
Sherer, D., IV:355
Sheridan County, V:180, 203, 219, 221, 225, 227, 238, 239
Sheridan, Lt. Gen., III:192; General P. H., VI:22, 23, 24
Sheriff, George, III:337
Sherman, H., II.2:130; Richard P., II.2:246, 248n. 1; Gen., III:192; John, president pro tem of U.S. Senate, III:118; Sherman treaty with Sioux tribe, I:238
Sherva, Anders, VII:165, 166; Christian, 166n.; Fredrick, 166n.
Sheyenne and Klara Swedish congregations, III:260, 261; Swedish immigrants in, III:307, 309
Sheyenne County, V:176
Sheyenne River, crossings by Capt. Fisk’s expedition, II.2:41, 42, 46; V:111, 137, 146, 177; post, V:267
Sheyenne River, N.Dak., IV:68; VII:117, 209, 212-216, 230, 249, 275
Sheyenne Valley congregation, VII:213
Shibons, Charles, I:379
Shield, Sgt. J., VII:63
Shillock, Daniel G., II.1:260
Shirey, Rev. N. C., IV:141
Shoal River (Lake) post, IV:654-837
Shoberg, Peter, III:258
Shoemaker, Eliazer, IV:407; Frank, 407
Shoemberg, C., IV:420; J., 420; John, 420; N., 420
Short Feather, Indian family of, IV:388
Short Grass, Indian family of, IV:399
Short, William, IV:352; Jack, Stillwater, Minn., VII:93
Short-in-the-Face, Indian family of, IV:386
Shot Man, Indian family of, IV:389
Shouk, Edward, IV:370; John S., 355
Shraeder, F. von, IV:192n. 2
Shreveport, Missouri River steamboat, I:369; II.1:267-284
Shrubs, native to N.Dak., VI:230-233, 240
Shu-pe-cho-ge, V:268
Shuie, Daniel, IV:346
Shuler, Benjamin, VII:11
Shumaker, C. W., member park board, VI:220
Shuman, John, Milnor, N.Dak., IV:145.
Shumway, Mrs. W. J., IV:126
Shunks, W. D, II.1:417
Sibley, A. E., IV:417; E. F., 417; M. L., 417; Mandy, 417; ____, Amer. Fur Co. agent,, 257
Sibley Crossing, I:140
Sibley expedition into Dakota Territory, VII:133
Sibley, Gen. H. H., I:220, 221, 230, 368, 375, 428, 429; II.1:483; II.2:90, 119, 137; arrival at Fort Abercrombie, II.1:122; expedition against Sioux, II.1:11, 32, 81, 120; expedition of 1863, II.2:32; IV:298, 324; V:264-267, 270; expedition of, 70; VII:5,7, 55, 116-118; escape of the Indians from, 56-58
Sibley Island, N.Dak., VII:127
Sibleys Crossing, III:182, 214
Sickle, 2nd Lt. Horatio G., Jr., III:194
Sidell, Lt. Col. W. H., II.2:34, 89
Sidney, Neb., VII:310, 314
Sieber, J. A., IV:415
Siebottom, Norman, first engineer on Bertha, II.1:343, 359
Siefert, August, III:233
Siegel, William, II.2:13, 92
Sigdal, N.Dak., VII:255, 256n.
Sight Horse, Indian family of, IV:390
Silver, D. H., II.1:416
Silver Lake No. 4, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:330n. 1, 337, 357, 372-376
Simmer, N., IV:394
Simmons; Andrew, II.2:98
Simonds, Jake, IV:341
Simonet, Rev., Manitoba, III:106
Simons, Merino, founder of Mennonite church, III:327
Simonson, B. J., IV:344; Eldy, 341; Hans O., 341; James, 341; Ole, 341; Ole, Jr., 341; Opegard, 341; Otto, 341
Simonton, John, II.2:96
Simpson, Alexander, IV:299, 771, 772, 786, 792; Capt., 659; Emilius, 665; Governor George (Sir George), 260-297, 329, 646-857; Governor of Hudson's Bay Co., 305; Governor of Prince Rupert's Land, President of Council, 267n. 1; letter to Baron Wrangell, 858, 859; Richard, 364, 370; Thomas, 658-777
Sims, Capt. W. H., notes by, II.1:341-342; opp. 359; notes by, II.1:359-371; sketch of, II.1:371; opp. 371; Charles F., II.1:429-431; letter by, II.1:431-439; opp. 431; letter by, II.1:457; E. W., II.1:438, 455; II.1:opp. 431; Peter, III:345
Sims, N.Dak., VII:244, 245
Sims, S. C., on the turtle effigy, III:685-687
Sinclair, Colon, II.2:134; G., IV:291, 321; James, 275-329; William, 656-837; William Jr., 677
Sinness, Torger, III:206n. 2
Sioux City, Iowa, description of, II.1:394; III:246; V:81; VII:22-24, 126, 128
Sioux City, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:270, 286, 313
Sioux County, V:233, 248
Sioux Falls, description of, II.1:392-415; history of, II.1:141-143; III:115
Sioux Indians: II.1:122, 129, 421; and Catholic missionaries, I:200-251; at Fort Union, II.2:61; attack Arikara village, II.1:506; attack on the Benton, II.1:307;attack on Berthold trading post and Indian village, I:442; attack Fisk expedition, 1864, II.1:426; attack on Fort Abercrombie, II.2:11; attack on the Grant, II.1:301; attack on the Shreveport, II.1:277; escape of, to Canada, II.2:25; fire on the Bertha, II.1:365n. 2; hostilities and half-breeds, II.2:29; hunting parties of, I:220; kill mate of St. Johns, II.1:306; prisoners at St. Joseph, II.1:207; prisoners taken to St. Cloud, Minn., II.2:133; Sherman treaty with, I:238; War of 1862, I:414, 427, II.1:179; war party of, II.1:323; III:l02, 105; at Hudson’s Bay Co. post in Pembina, 464-465; at Fort Douglas, 461; Devils Lake reservation, 201; boundaries of Sioux claim, 499; land treaties of, 498-528, 551 massacre of half-breed hunters by, 470
“Sioux Land Treaties,” III:498-528
Sioux-Chippewa peace convention in 1870, II.2:opp. 34
Sippey, John, VII:96
Sirhla, Frank, IV:354
Sisseton, D.T., V:269; reservation, III:90, V:182, 183, 191, 198
Sisseton Dakotas, treaty with, II.2:132, III:501, 508; treaty of 1841, 515; lands of, 518
Sitting Bear, John, Arikara Indian, II.1:466; tells story of his father, Son-of-the-Star, VI:37-46; first enlistment of Arikara, 41; opp.41, opp.71
Sitting Buffalo, Mandan chief, II.1:471
Sitting Bull, Sioux chief, I:227, 238, 247, 250, 255, 257, 258, 273, 274, 277, 280, 281, 421; III:181, 216; VI: 22, 24, 35, 47, 48, 80, 188
Sitting Rabbit, Mandan artist, I:433-436
Siveright, ____, 509; deposition of, 504, 505; John, 498-545, 664-695; John, deposition of, 555
Sixth Minnesota Regiment, VII:117, 118
Sjoblom, Rev. P., III:278
Sjolinder, Rev. L. E., III:275, 284
Skaarvold, Arnt, VII:154
Skalei, Caroline, IV:365; Frederick, 365; Godleib, 366; Jacob, 366; Mary, 366; Mathew, 366; Susan, 366
Skamfer, L., III:162
Skamp, Charles, IV:354
Skaro, Betsy, IV:437; Erick, 437
Skauge, Erick, III:169
“Sketch of David Montgomery Holmes, A,”V:23-52
“Sketch of Sykeston, A,” I:383-384
“Sketch of the Minnesota Massacre, A,” V:251-272
“Sketches of Early Settlements of Portions of Walsh County,” II.1:161-170
Ski sled, VII:269; pioneer use of, 241
Skins, tanning of, I:455-456
Skjei, Rev. Th. J., VII:220, 227
Skjold, P. J., I:111
Skogen, Anders, VII:261
Skunk, Indian family of, IV:386
Skunk lake (post), V:268
Slabtown, Fort Abercrombie, II.2:10, 26, 106, 107; map of, 10
Slagert, O., IV:443
Slagvig, Knud, III:315
Slater, Lawrence, III:226; Mary, III:226
Slaton, Ezra, Jr., II.1:99; Ezra, Sr, 99; Rachel, 99; Vera, 99; Morey, 99; Cecil, IV:378; Eddy, 378; Elmore, 378; Henry, 378; Innes, 378; James R., 378
Slaughter, Linda W., articles by, I:200-292; I:412-423; I:423-429; Major, 241; IV:108
Slaughter, Swedes in, III:264
Sleepy Eye, Minn., III:220
Sletmoe, P. E., III:162
Slidel, Gen., I:418
Slingsby, George, II.1:239; Kathryn, first teacher in Riverside township, II.1:208; Mrs. George, II.1:211
Sloan, Rev. I. C., I:244, 301; Rev. Isaac Oliver, IV:108-117, 166, 170-175; reminiscences of, 155-158
Slocum, 2nd Lt. H. J., III:194
Slontour, Bonhonime, II.1:118
Sloop party, Norwegian, arrival of, III:312
Slope County, V:248
Slow Bull, Indian family, IV:384
Small, Henry L., II.2:92; Patrick, IV:653-828
Smallpox, at the Knife River Villages, I:374, 377; at Winnipeg Icelandic settlement,.I:97, 103 and fn 2; epidemic of 1837, names of survivors, I:436-438; of 1855-56, I:339-349; of 1866, I:339-349; on Red River, 1781-1782, III:361; VI:181
Smee, H. H. M., I:365
Smith, A. J., I:344; Gov. Gregory, Vermont, 420; Harlan I., article by, 74-89; Jefferson, 355-380; John, 355-380; Adam. II.2:98; Capt. T. D., II.2:11, 14, 15, 23, 24, 93; resolutions commending, II.2:96-97; Charles, II.2:96; Edward B., Com. Indian affairs; II.1:468; Gen. A. J., II.2:91; Henry, II.1:314; Isaiah, II.2:92; death of, II.1:122; Jefferson, II.1:303; Lt. ____, Fisk expedition of in 1864, II.1:436; Peter, II.2:96; Robert M., II.2:98; Samuel B., II.2:134; Sgt. J. H., Fort Abercrombie Co. H, 8th Regt, II.2:30; Alexander F., III:232; Alice, 227; Allan, 384, 385; Capt., T. P., 160n. 2; Charles, 234; D. H., 90, 91; D. M., 92; D. Wilmot, 87, 158, 160; Frederick, 232; George, 234; Henry, 230; James, 387; John, 230, 284, 383; Joseph, 234; Lester, 89; Rev. Fred W., 709; William H., 235; C. F., discoverer of turtle effigy near Sanger, N.Dak., III:685-687; ____, undersheriff, IV:599; A., 218; Andrew, 380; B., 701, 702; B. C., 399; Bert, 380, Blanche, 405; C. M., 399; Caleb, 343; Charles, 347; Charles, 376, 443; Charles, W., 380; Clement, 436; E. C., 399; Edward, 616, 650-745; Fred, 380; Hattie, 343; J. M., 131; J. W., 427; Jane, 341; John, 343, 405; Joseph, 343; Lois, 380; M. A., 399; M. E., 399; M. M., 399; Mary, 436; Mary A., 380; Minnie, 376; Olvis, 343; Pat, 341; Peter, 357, 421; R, L., 3911; R. W., 399; Rev. T. G., 148; Rev. J. M., 149; Rev. W, A., 124, 125, 128, 174, 175; Rodney, 351; S., 350; S, P., 399; Silas, 379; T., 399; T, A.; 399; Thomas, 341; W. B., 399; W. R., 399; William, 360, 577, 578; William, deputy sheriff, 634, 639; William, deposition of, 525, 604, 636, 640; ____, member of Holmes party, V:66; Mike, V:54n; E. W., assistant adjutant general, VI:27; John, post trader, 206-208; VII:75; Jefferson, 49, 51, 87, 88; J. H., 291n.; 292, 294; John, post trader, Bismarck, N. D, 100; Joseph, Ellsworth, Kansas, 67; Lieut., Mineral Point, Wis., 7n., 9, 12, 14, 15n., 16; Victor, 321; William, St. Louis, 84
Smithurst, Rev., IV:286
Smrha, John, IV:77; V. V., physician Z.C.B.J., 80
Smugglers Point, II.1:232, 236
Smuggling in Selkirk Settlement, IV:264
Snake Creek, D.T., V:203
Snake River, II.1:71; post at, V:268
Snell, Charles W., II.2:92, 93, 97; Joseph, stage driver, I:415; Herbert, IV:347
Snider, George, Civil War veteran, V:32n. 16
Snorre, Fergus Falls glee club, VII:189
Snowfield, Magnus, member park board, VI:221
Snure, William, IV:441
Snyder, Joseph, II.1:250; G. M., IV:418; J. M., 418; Rev. William, 141
Soby, J. M., VII:295, 295n.
Sod River, (Park River), N.Dak., VII:263
Soderberg, C. J., III:281
Sodhouses, I:160
Soenderhaa, Denmark, I:153
Sogn, N.Dak., VII:255; Norway, 149, 174, 242
Solberg, M.. H., VII:175; Severt, 276n.
Soldier, Arikara Indian, enlists as scout, VI:44; narrative, 46-48; interview with Custer, 55-67; leads band of scouts, 77; supplementary story, 115-118; wailing song, 115n.; in battle of Little Bighorn, 130, 154; biography of, 179-187; opp.49, opp.71, opp.179; VII:98
Soldiers Home, Washington, D.C., II.2:155
Solem, Halvor, VII:165
Solomon, E. H., IV:428
Solomon, Patrick, III:232; William, III:392
Solør, Norway, VII:163, 165, 166, 169
Solstad, H. P., VII:262
Solum, Magnus, VII:190; Petrus, 150; Sevrin, 150
Sombart, C. L., II.1:417
“Some Devils Lake Notes,” I:476-478
“Some Ojibway Legends,” III:708-724
Somereisen, Father, I:245
Somerville, John, III:371
Sommerfeldt, caretaker of Wibeaux park, V:165
Son of Star, Arikara chief, I:346; II.1:466
Son-of-the-Star, story told by Sitting Bear and Soldier, VI:37-48; and the scouts, 51, 52
Sondreaal, Iver, VII:165; Helga, 165; Paul, 165; Thomas, 165
Song Prairie, Indian family, IV:384
Sonlie, Evan, III:169
Sonntag, Hngo, IV:377; Joseph, 377; Mary, 377; Robert, 377
Sons Of Norway, history of, VII:185-186
Sorbo, Ole, VII:161
Sorley, J. A., VII:175
Sorum, Annie, VII:187
Soucisse, ____, IV:613, 624; Pierre, deposition of, 513, 525, 531
Souris (Mouse) River, IV:225, 228, 232
Souris lake, D.T., V:86; River, V:86
Souris, Swedish settlers in, III:261
Sousby, J. R., II.1:410
South Dakota, South Dakota; foreign population in, I:183; Norwegians in, 1905, III:310; Swedes in, 1900, 249; V:178, 198, 205, 223
South, Frederick, IV:356
South Omaha. Neb., IV:76
South Pass, Rocky Mts, II.2:38
Southern Sky, Chippewa Indian, V:133
Sow Dog, Indian family of, IV:387
Spahar, Charles, IV:347
Spahr, Charles B., III:610
Spalding, B. F., delegate to Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:127n. 6, 150; John E., III:232
Spalding, Justice, V:243n. 45
Spates, Rev. Samuel, II.1:476
Spath, C. D., IV:397; E. K., 397; F. F., 397; M W., 397; W. V., 397; William, 397
Spaude, Mrs., VII:115
Spaulding, Capt. Josiah, IV:208n. 6; Burleigh F., VII:303
Spear, Anna, IV:436; Blanche, 436; F. W., 436; Henry, 436; Leonard, 436; Mandy, 436
Spearfish, S.Dak., VII:313
Spearinville, N.Dak., 51
Speel, J. N., IV:218
Spencer, David B., and wife, I:252, 253; E., II.1:417; Elisha S., II.2:94; John, II.1:122; R. M., member of Fisk expedition, 1862, II.1:75; ____, hotel proprietor, Breckenridge, Minn, II.2:12
Spencer, F. W., IV:364, 370; Harriet, 364, 370; John, 283, 458, 459, 460, 473, 483, 607, 608, 742; John, deposition of, 461, 588, 639; Mary E., 364, 370; Rev. David B., 102; sheriff of Selkirk Colony, III:370, 376
Speral, Frank, IV:67
Sperry, L. B., Fort Berthold agent, II.1:469; Albert H., VII:121, 124; O. F., biographical sketch of, 119-125, opp.61; Jeremiah, 119
Spiers, John, III:232
Spink, S.Dak., VII:303
Split Lake post, IV:689, 706, 757, 758
Spokely, Charley, IV:436; Engbert, 436; Guril, 436; Jonas, 436; Kjersten, 436; Knut, 436; O. T., 436
Spokesfield, E., IV:443; Maria, 443; Walter, 443; William, 443
Spoor, Rev. W. M., IV:146
Spotted Hand, Indian family of, IV:389
Spotts, John, deposition of, IV:582
Spray, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:311
Spread Eagle, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:269, 284
spring wheat belt, III:529
Spring Grove, Minn., III:166
Spring, Joseph, III:234
Springen, Fosten, IV:368; G. K., 368; J. G., 364
Springer, chair of territorial committee, III:122, 123; Aug., IV:406; Elmer, 406; Grace, 406; Oliver, 406; Rudy, 406
Springfield, D.T., V:80
Springfield, Ill., VII:126, 251n.
Springfield rifles, captured by Indians, VII:10
Springville Cattle Co., IV:49
Sprole, Robert, III:232
Sprottler, Berthold, IV:351
Spruce, Jack, I:340
Sramota, Thomas, IV:71
Srnka, Frank, IV:77; Fred, 77
Stabbed, Indian warrior, VI:51, 58, 72, 73, 80, 81, 84, 93; in battle of Little Bighorn, 130, 131, 133, 154
Stackhouse, William, IV:414
Stackpole, John, IV:430
Stafne, E. A., III:165, sketch of, 176; home of, 1871, 172
Stage stations, Moorhead to Pembina,VII:72
Stage transportation, II.1:161-170; between Bismarck and Fargo, V:55 and note 15
Stagniger, John, IV:346
Stahl, A., III:277; Charles A., IV:414
Stai, Edward, I:136, 152; Laurits, I:152
Stais, John, IV:77
Stampen and Roethe, Grand Forks firm, VII:174
Stampen, John, VII:174
Standing Buffalo, Dakota chief, II.2:83, V:269
Standing Cloud, Indian scout, I:343
Standing Rock, D.T., II.2:34; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Standing Rock Indian Reservation, I:251-292; I:459-474; V:223, 233, 248
Standing Rules and Regulations, Hudson's Bay Co., IV:841
Standing Stone, Indian sacred place, III:452
Stands-Firmly (E-kan-a-gin-ka), Dakota warrior, V:268
Stanek, V., IV:77
Stangeland, Mathias, 264, 264n.
Stankovsky, Joseph, IV:77, 78
Stankowsky, Mat, IV:77
Stanley, Gen., I:339-349, III:218, VII:97; Abbie, IV:344; Charles, 411; Cinda, 344; Etta, 344; George, 344; H., 343; Luella, 344; Luzene, 344; Orville, 344
Stansbury, Howard, Capt. U.S. Top. Engineers, II.2:9n. 2; John, II.1:35; Charles, III:202n. 2
Stanton County, V:214, 215; census summary of 1885, IV:404; names of all residents in, 405-412
Stanton, Edwin M., Sec. of War, report of Capt. Fisk’s expedition, II.2:35
Staples, Chancey, IV:353; merchant, Anoka, Minn., VII:3
Stapleton, William, III:230
Star, Dakota scout, V:270
Star Robe, chief of Hidatsa Indians, II.2:63
Starboard, Gertrude, V:48
Stargard, Prussia, III:171
Stark County, number of Swedes, in 1900, III:306; V:190, 191, 194, 203, 205, 207, 217, 218, 223n. 117, 224, 226-231, 233, 235; VII:245
Stark, Emery, IV:354
Starkey, Rev. J. B., I:310-318, II.1:177, IV:111
Starr, Mrs. S. M., teacher, 56; S. M., 55
Starrat, David, II.2:98
State Constitutional Convention of 1889, history of, III:111-157
State Historical Society of North Dakota: Report of Secretary, 1905, I:9-47; Report of Secretary 1908, II.1:1-66; Report of the Secretary, 1910, III.1:11-83; Report of the Secretary, 1913, IV:13-30; Report of the Secretary for 1923, V:9-21; list of newspapers received in SHSND library, V:16-21; Report of the Secretary for 1920, VI:2; custodian of state parks, 213, 223, 224, 225; marking historic sites, 226
“State Historical Society of North Dakota, The,” II.1:73-77
“State Park System of North Dakota, The,” VI:211-237
Statement of W. A. Farnsworth,” III:94-95
Stavanger, Norway, emigration from, I:134; labor conditions in, II.1:190-191; VII:150, 151, 195, 266n., 267n.
Steamboat Owners, Captains and Pilots on the Missouri River in 1868,” II.1:415-417
Steamboats: in Fort Benton trade, II.1:312; names and travel routes of, II.1:372-374; government freight carried by, II.1:375-378; travel narratives of, II.1:263-266; II.1:267-284; II.1:285-313; II.1:314-330; II.1:341-342; II.1:343-358; II.1:359-371; II.1:372-374; watches on, described, II.1:327n. 1. See also names of individual steamboats.
Stearns, J. L., II.2:140; Wallace N., article by, II.1:171-178
Stedman, Col., J. B., VII:63
Steel River, Canada, III:214
Steele, A. A. H., IV:415; Annie M., 415; L. Y., 415; Lena P., 415; W. P., 415
Steele City, N.Dak., II.1:202-251
Steele County, N.Dak., number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; settlement of, II.1:202-251; V:202; VII:164, 165, 172, 213, 214, 220, 224n., 225, 227, 237
Steele, Edwin D., Mankato, Minn., II.2:13, 92; H. B., II.1:454
Steele, N.Dak., VII:304
Stefansson, Gudmundur, I:105; Magnus, 98, 99; S. F., Icelandic poet, 89-131
Stefanus congregation, VII:213
Stefferson, C., IV:395; C. E., 394; H., 394; M., 395; N., 394; S. C., 394
Steile, James, IV:786
Stein, Adam, V:53n. 7, VII:70
Steinbar, Jacob, IV:74
Steinbrueck. E. R., articles by, I:297-299; I:456-445
Steinhauser, E., IV:409
Stendahl, Otto, III:258
Stephen Decatur, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:313; II.2:154, 155
Stephen, Father, I:269
Stephens, Maud, III:206; Belle, IV:415; Joseph, 55
Sterner, William, II.1:94, 97
Stevens County, V:176, 183, 184, 203, 208-211, 225, 226, 227
Stevens, Gov., road surveyed by, II.1:35, 38; camp of, in 1853, II.1:46; Julius, II.1:246, 249; Rev., Fargo, II.1:241; M. N., III:121; R.N., delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, 140, 142, 147; Thomas, 232; Joseph E., IV:377; Mrs. W. L., 135; Rev. Cicero B., 109-115, 134-136, 165, 170; Rev. William Coit, 115, 117, 170-172; Alfred, VII:294n., 306; H. E., 293, 293n., 306
Stevens, N.Dak., VII:293, 294n., 302n., 306
Stevens' Pass, Rocky Mts, II.2:70
Stevenson, John, IV:403; W. W., 434; Don., VII:318
Stewart, Angus, II.1:241, 205n.1; Mary E., III:235; Richard, II.1:166; Alexander, IV:348; Alexander, 627, 628, 649-678; D. V., 291, 321; Elizabeth, 415; Granville, 58; James, 415; James, 589; Jane, 415; John, 347; John, 621, 623, 649-671; Rev. J. H., 138; Capt., steamboat Keweneau, VII:68; David, 73
Stewarts (Stuarts) Lake post, IV:659-834
Sticken, H. J., auditor of Adams County, V:237n. 33
Stikine post, IV:771-833
Still, ____, clerk of Hudson's Bay Co., IV:465
Stillwater, Minn., VII:89, 90, 93; Stillwater House at, 90
Stimpson, E., IV:400
Stinchcomb, Blanche, IV:407; Della, 407; Elmer, 407; Frank, 407; Hattie, 407; Maggie, 407; Scott, 407
Stitsel, James P., III:236
Stitt, Rev. William, IV:146
Stluka, Joseph, IV:65
Stock wood, Minn., VII:150
Stockbridge, Dr Levi, III:590
Stockton, Ed., IV:351
Stockwell, W. L., sketch by, III:683-684
Stoddart, Walter, IV:770, 786
Stoivder, George, IV:354
Stokes, J. W., II.2:94
Stokka, Ola, I:136
Stone County, V:182
Stone, Gov. William A., Penn., II.1:256; Hiram, II.2:94, 97; J. M., II.2:97; L. J., II.1:208, 239, 250; Dacotah, daughter of Judge Stone, III:158; Francis, 230; H. W., 90; Judge, 158; Annie, IV:360; Daniel, 424; Eddie, 360; Frank, 360; George W., 368; Hellen, 360; Margaret, 360; Rev. Sidney, 101n. 1, 134n. 1, 136n. 1, 143, 144; S. B, 360
Stone Indians (Assiniboine), III:452
Stone Rock, Indian family of, IV:391
Stonewall, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:329, 343, 376, 377
Stony Creek, N.Dak., VII:101, 103
Stony Point, N.Dak., VII:238
Storasli, Germund, VII:248
Stornoway, II.1:92, 115, 116
“Story of Com Silk, an Ancient Mandan Legend, The,” III:688-707
“Story of Mardell,” II.1:248-250
“Story of the Grandson, A Hidatsa Legend, The,” IV:33-40
Stout, A. B., II.1:498-508
Stowers, Rev. C. N., I:314
Stoyell, George, IV:347
Strand, A. G., III:28; J. O., 161; O. E., IV:432
Strandberg, Mrs. N. J., III:272
Strandvold, Ole, VII:152, 154, 229, 234, 279
Strawberry Lake, III:180, 181
Streimer, Rev. A., IV:141
Stretsel, James, III:226
Strickler, A. B., IV:376
Strider, Frank, III:233
Striegel, Hannah, IV:356; John, 355; Julia, 356; Mary, 356; William, 356.
Strikes Enemy, in battle of Little Bighorn, VI:96-99, 101
Strikes Two, VI:49, 50; in battle of Little Bighorn, 94, 122, 130-134, 150, 151, 154; continues narrative, 118-119; story of expedition to Black Hills, 163-170; biography of, 187-191; opp.71, opp.187
Strikes-the-lodge, VI: 51; leader of Da-roch'-pa, 59; in battle of Little Bighorn, 130, 131, 154
Striped Elk, Dakota woman, VII:130
Stromme, Rev. Peer O., VII:220, 229n., 262; pioneer experiences of, 233-240; Stromme, Erindringer, VII:235-240
Strong, C. D., II.1:449; Casper, III:232; E. M., member of Capt. Fisk's expedition, 1862, II.2:72; Rev. G. W., Dunker Church, Cando, N.Dak., IV:91
Stroud Bros., Texas, IV:47
Stroud, Joe, IV:55; Joseph G., first postmaster, 51
Stroud, N.Dak., in county seat fight, 55
Strout, Capt., VII:111, 112, 116
Strychnine, used to poison Indians, VII:12, 12n.
Stuart, James, IV:494; John, 678-746
Stuart, U.S. Senator, Irrigation Committee, address at Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:130
Stuchel, John, IV:77
Stull, Rev. E. B, II.1:177
Stump Lake, N.Dak., V:111, VII:252
Stutsman County, archaeological remains in, I:88; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; V:180, 214, 215
Stutsman, Enos, I:350-354, 350, III:338; Jacob, 350; Nicholas, 350
Sublette, William, I:358,380
Success, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:353, 364; VII:127
Sugett, William H., IV:352
Suk-shi Mandan chief, I:434
Sukash, Mandan chief, II.1:465
Sulivan, Tim, IV:351
Sullivan, Jerry, IV:358; John, 354
Sully creek, D.T., VII:312
Sully, Gen. Alfred H., I:230, 354-355, 369, 376; II.1:128n. 1, 421, 422, 426, 428, 433; II.2:139, 144, III:243; and Basil Clement, I:339-349
Sully’s Hill, Dakota, III:192
Sulphur Creek, D.T., V:68
“Summary of Evidence in the Controversy Between The Hudson's Bay Company and the North- West Company,” IV:449-643
Sumner, Charles, II.2:94, 97; Capt. E. V., U.S. Army, IV:292n. 1
“Sun and the Cross, The,” I:272-292
Sun dance, Indian ceremony, V:96, 98; VI:78 and note; mentioned, 212, 205; of Blackfeet Indians, II.2:66
Sun Man, Indian family of, IV:390
Sun River, II.2:69
Sund, Charles, III:258
Sundahl congregation, VII:255, 269
Sunday, John, Chippewa Indian, II.1:474, 475
Sundberg, Lars, III:272, 273
Sundblad, Mrs. August, III:272
Sundby, A. A., IV:365
Sundin, H. A., II.1:248; Siver, III:275
Sunset, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 338, 414
Sunshine, Missouri River steamboat, I, 269, 270
Super, Ella, IV:407
Superior Posten, Superior, Wis., VII:239
Supreme court, D.T., V:244, 245, 247; North Dakota, V:231, 232, 240, 242
Suprenault, steersman for Primeau and Co., VII:87
Surrendered Camp (post), V:269
Susan Iron Ring (Winona Crawford), V:254
Susquehanna River, V:25, 26
Sutherland estates. See Scottish clearances.
Sutherland, James, first missionary on Red River, II.1:133; Adam, III:383, 384; Alexander, 383; Catherine, 383; George, 383, 394, 409; Peter, 89; Robert, deposition of, 375; William, 384; Alexander, IV:516, 554, deposition of, 513, 519; Angus, 482; Duchess of, 244; George, 518; James, 267n. 1, 485, 488, 498, 507, 508, 510, 515; William, 482, 515; Martin, VII:299
Sutherlandshire, II.1:96, 106
Suttle, Henry, I:329-330, 330
Sutton Memorial Church, founded, IV:122
Svacina, Jacob, IV:77
Svec, Wenzl, IV:77
Svedberg, O., III:272, 280
Sveinsson, Sigurjon, I:102, 103
Svenkeson, Gunstein, VII:160
Svenson, P., IV:433
Sverdrup, Professor G., VII:181n., 206, 207
Sverdrup Township, settlement of, I:131-153
Svingen, Rev.. O. O., VII:228
Svornost order, Bohemian organization, IV:78; No.3, C. S. P. S., Bohemian organization, IV:79
Swallow, M. B., IV:354
Swamp Indians, Chippewa tribe, III:447
Swampy Cree Indians, III:445
Swan, Eugene, III:232
Swan River district, IV:650-844; post at, IV:685, 700
Swann, Thomas, House of Rep., IV:190, 191
Swanson, John, sketch of, III:250; Swan, 275, 276; S. J., 272; August, IV:365; Clara, 411; John, 377; Josephine, 377; M., 377; Peter, 411; Samuel, 411; Selma, 377; Sophie, 377
Swanston, John, IV:825
Swasey, G. T., III:91, 92
Sweden, conditions favoring emigration from, III:252, 292, 296; emigrants’ origins by lans, III:308; state policy for prevention of emigration, III:296
Sweden post office, II.1:161-170
Swedes and Norwegians in United States, comparative numbers in 1900, III:249; causes for immigration, III:252
Swedes, settlement of in North Dakota, I:180-200, III:247-309, III:309; diagram of, 1866-99, III:252; diagram of, 1860 to 1906, III:255 population listed by county, III:254-284
Swedish Augustana synod, VII:231
Swedish Mission Society, III:282; sketch of, III:256
Sweet Corn, Sioux chief, 227, I:419
Sweet, D. O., IV:427; Nannie, 427
Sweetman, Fred, VII:101
Sweitzer, Otto, IV:405
Swenson, Magnus, III:258; John, 284; S., 275; Anne, IV:437; Iver, 437; Ole, 374, 437; Ragnild, 437; Stene, 437; Tom, 437; Iver, VII:275; Peder, 171n
Swift County, Minn., VII:274
Swift Tail, Indian family of, IV:390
Swift, William, IV:430
Swiss emigrants at Red River colony, III:459, 460; IV:252
Sykes, Richard, article by, I:383-384; Maj. Gen., U.S. A., IV:188; Rev. D. J., 147
Sykeston, settlement of, I:383-384
Sykora, Frank, IV:77
Sylta, I:153
Syndenfor, Marie Nielson, III:173
Syveson, Lou, IV:432


T. Q. McGill, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:264, 315, 330, 376
Tabeau, Father, I:205
Tabor, Henry M., IV:137
Tache, Bishop Alex A., I:219, II.2:25, 115, 120; IIApp:1-34; III:106
Tacoma, Wash., VII:236, 269
Tacony, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:316-328, 371, 372
Tacou (Takoo) post, IV:786, 801, 818, 820
Tacou River post, IV:787
Taflin, Olaf, Mandan, III:255; Rev. O., III:262
Taft, Robert, II.2:97
Tahkahokuti, battle of, III:244
Taitt, James, IV:580, 587, 597; deposition of, 582, 594, 608, 636
Takoo post. See Tacou post
Taliaferro, Maj. Lawrence, III:510
Tall Bear, VI:44, 45, 58
Tallakson, Rev. S. L., pioneer experiences of, VII:256-238
Tallow Co., Selkirk settlement, IV:258
Tandberg, Andrew, VII:166; Gudbrand, 166; Gust, 166; Math., 166; Mrs: Gudbrand, 166; Nels, 166, Nils, 166n.; Prof. John, 177, 177n.
Taney, Chief Justice, III:503
Tang, Charles, III:277
Tanner, Elijah, J., II.2:96; James, Chippewa interpreter, I:252, II.2:17, 21, 22, 96; Jesse A., article by, I:180-200; John, story of his captivity among the Ojibways, III:491-497; Rev. John, Frankfort, Ky:, 497; James, half-breed missionary, IV:101
Tannet, Lt. T R., I:423-429
Tapier, Francois, deposition of, IV:638
Tappan, John E., Fort Berthold agent, II.1:468; U.S. Sen. Benj., IV:210n. 2
Tappen, federal agent at Fort Berthold, VII:98
Tarang, John M., VII:190
Tarascon, steamboat, II.2:155
Tarbell, Sid., IV:59
Tarkelson, Aslak, VII:160
Tarleton, Annette J., II.2:98; Thomas, 98
Tate, H., II.2:94
Taunchey, John, II.1:475
Taylor, Charles, II.2:96; James. W., special agent, U.S. Treas. Dept, II.2:25; Oscar, 1st Lt., Northern Rangers, II.2:95; U.S. census taker in 1860, II.2:98; Bayard, III:338; Samuel, 90, 91; C. P., IV:396; Charles, 415; Fanny, 430; George, surveyor, 316, 658, 673, 734, 741, 766, 782, 797, 815, 829; John, 430; Joseph, 382; M., 420; Mary, 430; Peter, 773; Rev. Z. B., 130; Richard, 407; Susan, 430; Thomas, 674-741; W. H., 420; William, 430; Dr. J. D., V:50n. 35, 51; Bayard, VII:71n.; Joseph, 100
Taylor, N.Dak., VII:244, 245
Te-wa-kan (Gabriel Renville), V:271
Tebeau, J. E, II.1:416
Tehle, Frank, IV:77
temperance, in Bismarck, 1876, I:251-272
Tempest, Missouri River steamboat, II.2:140; VII:80
Templeton, Judge Charles F., decisions of, V:243, 244
Ten Mile Point, Minn., II.2:132
Territorial Census of Dakota, IV:338
Territorial Property, joint commission for division of, III:150
Terry Commission, I:272-292
Terry, Elija, I:200-251; Brig. Gen. A. H., III:178, 181, 185, 187, 190, 191, 193, 213; report of, II.2:34; Rev. Elijah, IV:102; Gen. Alfred H., VI: 22n., 25, 26, 35, 68n.; quoted, 85n.;107n.; 134, 134n., 135n., 142n, 143n., 146, 146n., 157, 160, 160n.; on Far West, 206; sends word to Gibbon, 208
Terry, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:371
Tetli, Johannes, VII:150
Teton Sioux Indians, I:251-292; divisions of, III:501
Texas cattle, V:158, 162
Texas Jack, killed by Indians, V:78n. 90
Thaler, Joseph, IV:405
Tharaldson, Eivind, VII:173; H., 164, 176; Halvor, 173; Osmund, 173
Thew, William, IV:717-837
Thick Timbered River, N.Dak., VII:8
Thief River Falls, Minn., VII:189, 266n.
Thimens, Capt., VII:95
Thimmens, Capt., III:220
Thingelstad, Bernt, VII:166n.; Hans, 165, 165n.; 166; Iver, 165; Peder, 165
Thingwalla Township, settlement in, I:89-131
Third Infantry, U.S., III:223
Third Minnesota Battery, III:243
Third Minnesota Regiment, VII:116
Third Siding, Northern Pacific Railway, V:54n. 11
Thirteenth U. S. Infantry, Fort Rice, VII:22
Thirty-eighth Wisconsin Volunteers, VII:96
Thirty-first Infantry, U.S., III:213, 222
Thisted, Danish seaport, I:153
Thjodolfur, Icelandic newspaper, I:101
Thoe, Ole, VII:170
Thoen, Dr. P., VII:176
Thom, Dr., III:106; Platt, 229
Thomas, C. W., freight shipped by, from St. Louis, II.1:375; Ellen, 221; Frank H., 232; Harry, 227; Capt. Henry, 188, 229; Louise, 227; Mary, 227; Col. M. T., II.2:opp. 148; B. J., IV:418; Charles, 624; Thomas, 494; W. M., 417; Gen. George H., VII:62, 126
Thompson, _____, 1st Lt., 2d Minn. Cav., II.1:428; Benjamin, 1st Lt., Citizen's Company, II.2:93, 94; Frank, II.1:485; Horace, II.1:449; Frank Jared, sketch of, III:683-684 Hugh C., III:232; Jack Dacotah, 684; Jaredine Mason, 684; Nils, 165; W. H., II.1:264; Thompson, W. O., II.2:94, 97; Carl, IV:354; Christian, 347; David, 186, 187, 194; F. L., Cando, 83; F. L., U.S. Land Commissioner, 85; George, 428; John, 534-634; Joseph, 353; Lena, 437; Prof. E. J., State Univ., N.Dak., 117, 161, 166; Rev. E. J., 115, 138, 142, 170-172; biographical sketch of, 138n. 1; Rev. E. W., 137; Rev. J. J., 144; Sven, 437; A., VII:151; Gullick, 161; Gustav, 186n.; Horace, H., 124; Iver, 184n.; Lewis, 175; Martin, 150; Nels, 186n.; Ole, 150, 156; Ole, Hallingdal, Norway, 149; Thomas, 186n.; Thorsten, 186n.; Torger, 156
Thompson, David, I:368, 372, 382, II.1:94; at Pembina, 1798, II.1:82; visit to the Mandans, III:359
Thompson, N.Dak., VII:159n., 161n., 163, 213, 240, 303
Thompson, Roy, articles by, III:310-320, IV:81-100
Thompson's River post, IV:658-833
Thomson, Minn., V:83
Thomson, Peter, IV:374
Thor, Amon, III:264
Thordarsen, Mrs. Gudmundur, I:105, fn 4
Thorgrimsen, Gudmund, I:96; Rev. H. B., I:96, 109, II.1:144
Thorgrimsen, Rev. H. B., VII:220, 220n, 230n.
Thorlakson, Rev. Pall, VII:218, 229n., 236
Thorlaksson, Haraldur, I:104, 111, II.1:144; Rev. Pall, I:89-131, 104, Pall, I:144
Thorleson, N., IV:437
Thorm, Barbara, IV:363; Christina, 363; Fredric, 363; John, 363; Madalina, 363
Thorn, Bertie, III:227; Susan, 227; M., IV:442; Adam, Recorder of Rupert's Land, IV:269, 277, 797, 815, 829
Thorpe, Norway, VII:240
Thorsgaard, E. O., VII:166n., 227, 228, 229n., 260, 263, 271, 274
Thorson, H., I:104; P. P., III:268
Thorson, Halvor, VII:161; Theodore, Fargo, N.Dak., 149
Thorwaldsson, Stigur, 111, 127; I:opp. 104; Swain, I:120
Thorwalson, K., IV:433; L., 433
Thrane, Marcus, I:155, 155n. 1, 172, 173; VII:237
Thraniter movement, VII:134
Three Bears, Indian family of, IV:387
Three Bellies, Indian family of, IV:389
Three Rivers, II.1:133; III:103
Threshing machine, used at Fort Buford, N.Dak., VII:103
Throckmorton, Joseph, II.1:416; William, 416
Throttier, Adall, IV:283
Thunder Nest, Indian myth concerning, 446; I:opp. 448
Thurston, C. M., IV:398; C. P., 398; E. M., 398; F., 398; H., 398; H. M., 398; H. R., 398
Thwaites, Reuben Gold, I:374
Thy, Denmark, I:153, 176, 177
Thyberg, A. P., III:276
Tickner, L. F., IV:362
Tilgren, John, IV:434
Tilton, _____, I:380
Time, Tobias, I:152
Tingelstad, Hans, 184, 185; Prof. John, 178, 230n.
Tiscat, Father, I:219
Tittle, Freeman, IV:427; Jane, 427; Otis G., 427; Sarah A., 427; William, 427; William M., 427
Tittman, O. H., Supt. U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, letter from, 187n. 2
Titus, Frank E., IV:377; Mrs. M. S., VII:79; S. S., 77
Tiyowashte, Indian chief, III:237
To-an-kan-xa-ci-ye (Sheyenne River post), V:267
Tobacco Garden Creek, ferry at, IV:54, 60
Tobacco Garden, N.Dak., IV:51, 198
Tobacco, son of White Painted House, II.1:471
Tobin, Charles, IV:379
Tod, John, IV:659-825
Todd, Capt, II.1:3,31 n. 1; J. B. S., II.1:143; J.E., on turtle effigy, III:685-687; Dr. William, IV:650; Henry, 405; Jennette, 405; John, 833; John, 1889, 405; Luzella, 405; Mary, 405; Samantha, 405; William, 654-853; William Jr., 806; Joseph, Capt. of steamboat Helena, VII:102
Tofsli, Even, VII:164; Ole, 164
Tofte, Anders, VII:274
Tofte, J. A., III:274
Tohka, William, II.2:96
Tolleen, Frank P., III:255
Tollefsen, Rev. I., VII:181, 181n., 183n.; Axel, article by, VII:133-191; Rev. B., 230
Tolmie, William F., (T., surgeon), IV:723-786, 804, 833
Tolna, N.Dak., VII:256
Tom Morgan, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:287
Tom Stevens, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 336, 338, 357, 363, 373, 376
Toma, Iowa, IV:75
Tomasin, Father, I:246
Tombs County, Minn., U.S. census of 1860, II.2:98
Tongue River Crossing, stage station, III:212
Toombs County, Minn., population of, 1860, III:553
Toomey, James, IV:457; Thomas, 353
Torgerson, traveling companion of Hjelm Hansen, VII:145, 146; Chamberlain, Christiania, Norway, 138
Torjuson, Halvor, VII:161
Torn Mouth, Indian family of, IV:387
Torsgaard, John, VII:234
Torture Dance, Indian, V:98, 99
Torvend, C. S., article by, III:310-320
Totten, Maj. Gen., Joseph G., III:178, sketch of, 208-211; Peter G., III:208; Susan Maria, III:208
Toverson, Johanna, IV:403; Nels, 403; Tilda, 403
Towell, Etta, IV:349
Tower City, N.Dak., VII:302; Presbyterian church organized in, IV:139
Towers and Gudgell Co., V:157
Towers, J. R, Kansas City, Mo., V:157; R. S., member park board, VI:218
Towne, Supt. of Northern Pacific Railway, V:84
Towner, Col. O. M., IV:122,VII:297, 299
Towner County, N.Dak., number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; story of location of county seat, III:321; census summary of 1885, IV:413; names of all residents in, 414-422; V:199, 219
Townsend Bros., IV:47
Townsend, Mont., VII:316
Townsend, Mrs. B. J., death of, II.1:362, 363
Tracy, J. R., 4th Cpl., Northern Rangers, II.2:95
Trading Form of Hudson's Bay Co., IV:333
Trageton, Ole, VII:165
Traill County, N.Dak., nationalities of landholders, I:108, 198; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; Swedish immigrants, statistics of, III:280, 307, 309; V:187, 188, 193, 202; VII:156, 164, 167, 174, 212, 214, 216n.
Traill, Walter J. S., manager Hudson’s Bay Co., V:38; VII:70, 75
Tranchemontagne, Charles, deposition of, IV:614
Transmontagne, Frenchman in St. Louis, VII:80
Trapper, Missouri River steamboat, I:341
Travel records, in 1863, II.1:219-230
Traverre Island, IV:522
Traverse lake, V:254
Travis, Mrs. William, IV:126; Rev. William, 128, 132, 133, 173
Travois for wounded, V:93, VI:113, 186
Treacy, A. T., IV:436; Carry, 436; Ray, 436
Treadwell, A. M., IV:440; E. F., 440; Forrest, 440; Fred, 440; Sarah, 440
Treaty goods, for Red Lake Chippewas, II.2:15
Treaty of 1818, United States and Great Britain, III:548
Treaty provisions of 1851, Dakota tribes, III:520
Treaty Train, Red Lake, Minn, II.2:11
Treaty with Dakotas, 1841, III:515, 515n. 3
Trees, native to N.Dak., VI:228-230, 238-240
Trepanier, C. P., V:49, VII:77
Tresler, D. P., IV:378; Florence, 378; W. C., 378
Tri-State Grain Growers Association, III:649
Trinity Church, N.Dak., VII:213
“Trip through the Red River Valley in 1864, A,” II.1:146-149
Tripp, Chief Justice Bartlett, III:125
Trohjem, Norway, labor conditions in, II.2:190, 191
Trøidal, Ole, VII:163
Trombly, U. H., IV:355
Trondhjem, Norway, VII:151, 154, 166, 227n., 243, 247n.
Trongsrud, B., VII:153
Troter, Frederic, I:344
Trotter, Andre, deposition of, IV:535; Joseph, 535; Peter, 356
Trotting-Along-Over-Something (A-na-wau-ma-ni), Dakota warrior, V:252
Trout Lake post, IV:770, 785, 832
Truax, John, IV:346, IV:440
Trudo, John, II.1:166
Trutt, Andrew, IV:358
Trysil congregation, VII:212, 229, 261, 262
Trysil, N.Dak., VII:152, 237, 238; settlement of, 234; Norway, 152
Tshau-she-sha, V:269
Tubbs, G. W., II.1:455; Hon. Charles, Osceola, Penn., II.1:255
Tucka, Dakota Indian, VII:118
Tucker, Johanna, II.2:99; Moses, 99
Tufvason, Nils, III:284
Tuleson, K., IV:443
Tuller, N. A., IV:415
Turcot, John, IV:414
Turner, Ezra, delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:142; James, 231; A. C., IV:218; Charles, 349; E., 394; Ed., 430; F. E., 394; Harriette, 349; James, 430; John, 394; Lizzie, 430; Mary, 430; Samuel, 349; Thomas F., 351; Ann, V:44n. 32
Turner, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:315
Turpin, Swere, III:235
turtle effigy, near Sanger, N.Dak., early description of, III:685-687
Turtle Mountain agency, I:200-292, III:197; Indians at, III:200, 201; missionary work at, I:213
Turtle Mountain band of Chippewa, I:289; V:110-112
Turtle Mountains, D.T., II.1:129, III:196; IV:197, 223-225, 232; V:37, 85, 86, 91, 93, 95, 98, 101, 108-118, 121, 124, 137; physiography of, V:85-89; VII:228; trail of, VII:288, 289
Turtle River, II.1:95, 108, 122, 129; trading post, II.1:117; IV:478; Presbyterian church at, 113;VII:165, 168, 171n., 172
Tuskind, Ole, 153
Tuttle, Isaac (Nabunaskong/Nebuneshkung), II.1:473-492
Twamley, James, III:98, 99
Twedt, C., III:164
Twentieth Infantry, U.S., III:222, 223
Twentieth Wisconsin regiment, 174
Twenty-second Infantry, III:197, 214, 222
Tweto, Alma, article by, III:158-177; sketch of, III:174
Twilight, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:301, 304, 305
Twin Lakes (post), V:267
Twin Valley, Minn., VII:151, 152, 235
Twine binder invented, III:594
Twining, Capt. W. J., IV:191, 195-197, 218
Two Bears, Sioux chief, I:345; Indian family of, IV:388; enlists as scout, VI:45
Two Days, Indian family of, IV:388
Two Lance, Sioux chief, I:276
Two Shields, Hidatsa Indian, IV:59, 60
Two Stars, Dakota warrior, V:257, 258, 260, 267, 269
Twyford, contractor, III:204
Tygeson, Ed., IV:432
Tyler, Henry F., St. Anthony, married on the Fisk expedition of 1862, II.2:46, 72.; Pres. James, IV:211
Tyndall, Rev. S. G., IV:142
Tyner, Frank, IV:430
Typhoid epidemic, V:50, 50n. 35
“Typical Villages of the Mandans, Arikara and Hidatsa in the Missouri Valley,” II.1:498-508
Tysen, J. R., letters by, about the Fisk expedition, II.2:72-74


U.S. Army, freight of, carried on steamers, II.1:375-378
U.S. Boundary Commission, establishment of, IV:191
U.S. Census of 1860, Breckenridge, Polk, and Tombs Counties, Minn., II.2: 98, 99; of Minnesota, II.2:98-101
U.S. Census of 1860, Tombs, Breckenridge and Polk Counties, Minn., II.2:98-99; Sheyenne City, II.2:99-100; Georgetown post office, II.2:100-101
U.S. Census, of 1865, Clay County, Minn., II.2:101; of Minnesota, II.2:98-101
U.S. Census of 1900, number of Norwegians in, II.1:186-201
U.S. Volunteer Indian scouts, posts found, VI:11
U.S. War Department, report of, II.2:9n. 1
U.S. Weather Bureau, III:89
U-to-ho-zhu, V:269
Udden, Prof J. A., III:305; Rev. Svante, experiences in North Dakota, 1882-1892, III:303
Udenby, Hans, VII:171
Ueland, Martin, I:147n. 2, 152
Ugland, Hans, VII:291n., 306
Uhlman, Cecilia, IV:56; Eugene, Lettie, 56
Uhlman's Ferry, 54
Ullan, Ole, IV:347
Ulven, Thomas, VII:175
Ulvestad, Martin, VII:157, 159n., 165-167
Ulvisaker, Rev., St. John Lutheran Church, III:165
Umphrey, Angelene, IV:410; Alexander, 410; Delila, 410; Ida, 410; Isaac, 412; James, 410; John, 410; Nancy, 410; William, 410
Umpqua post, IV:770-833
Uncle Sam Nine, V:166
Underwood church, statistics of Swedish immigrants, III:307, 309
Underwriter, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:414
Ungava district, IV:674, 675; post, 691-756
Union Pacific Railway, VII:68
United Norwegian Lutheran Church, VII:204-208, 221, 223, 229, 231, 245
“United States Census of 1850 for Pembina District, Minnesota Territory,” I:384-405
United States, river steamboat, VII:80
United States vs. Rogers, Supreme Court decision, III:503
United States–Canada boundary lines, history of, IV:179-234
University of North Dakota, establishment of Wesley College, II.1:171-178
Updike, Lewis, II.2:131
Upper Red River district, IV:654, 665, 669
Upsahl, Ole, VII:161
Upshur, Abel P., Sec. of State, IV:212
Upsilon Lake, D.T., V:87
Upton, Benjamin A., II.1:216n. 4, 247; sketch of, II.1:240
Urdahl, Jens, VII:152
Urilda, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:357, 360, 365
“Uses of an Historical Society,” I:53-69
Utrecht, treaty of, IV:179, 182, 185, 238


Vaaler, Rev. J. R., VII:178
Vacant, Ann, II.2:98
Vacek, John, IV:74
Vachal, Wenzl, IV:75
Vail, J. H., Milnor, N.Dak., IV:145
Vaille, Joseph, IV:218
Valdres, Norway, VII:165, 169, 175, 242
Valle, Augustin, IV:742, 743
Valley City, N.Dak., VII:225, 269; Swedes in, III:256
Van Amen, _____, St. Anthony, Minn., II.1:179
Van Cleve, Mrs. C. O., IV:123, 133
Van Deusan, Winfield, IV:412; John, 411
Van Etten, T., II.1:460
Van Meter, Carrie, IV:446; E. A., 446; George, 446; Harry, 446; Nellie, 446
Van Rensellaer, Gen., III:209
Van Solen, Mrs. L., I:376
Van Vliet, Rev. G. H., II.1:77
Van Voorhis, teacher, III:273
Vanada, John, III:203
Vance, Laura, IV:407; Rev. J. E., 141-146, 172-178
Vancouver, trading ship, IV:770, 771, 786; post, 818, 833, 834, 853
Vandal, John, deposition of, IV:582; Joseph, deposition of, 642
Vandehorck, Capt. John, I:412-423; II.2:10, 10n. 3, 11, 40, 89, 104; II.2:opp. 22
Vanderbilt, S.Dak., VII:130
Vandersluys, Jasper, IV:569-595
Vanderveer, Guy, III:95; Louis, III:95; W. J., III:95
Vank, Philip, VII:129
Varnson, Ole, III:280
Varnum, Zeph, I:383; Althia, IV:444; Clarence, 444; Edith, 444; L. W., 444; Loren, 444; Zeph., 444; Lt., chief scout, VI:30; discovers camp of Dakotas, 83n.; discovers pony herd, 84n.; in battle of Little Bighorn, 102, 107, 108; mentioned, 136, 146, 171, 197; VII:318
Vasseur, Bois-Brule, III:437; ____, IV:531
Vatne, Andrew, 136; letter by, II.1:186-201
Vatni, I. O., IV:433; O. L., 43S; Sarah, 433
Vaughan, G. W., steamboat pilot, II.1:314
Vederleyden, Gillis, III:231
Veeder, John S., III:262
Veflen, Ole, VII:161
Veitch, Andrew, V:48; Frank, V:53n. 3
Velva, N.Dak., VII:179
Venaas, Ole, VII:171
Venal, George, IV:443
Venderberg, Carrie Ann: II.2:98; Cornelius, II.2:98
Verenthorn, Mary, II.2:100; William, 100
Verlin, Peter O., IV:432
Vermilion (Vermillion) post, IV:651-837
Vermillion Lake, Minn., VII:3, 4
Vermillion, S.Dak., VII:303
Verret, George, IV:371; Gotleib, 371; Hellena, 371; Kettrina, 371; Michael, 371; Peter, 371
Veseleyville, N.Dak., IV:75, 76
Veseli, Bohemia, IV:62
Vesely, Frank, IV:78
Vetter, Mary L., IV:99
Vettleson, Rev., VII:215, 229n.
Veum, J., I:112, fn 1
Vian, Addie F., IV:377
Vickers, George, II.1:416
Vidnesbyrd Ira Broderkredsen, VII:254
Viets, Brazilla, VII:61; Frank, 173; biographical sketch, 61-79, opp,61; First Lieut., Battery C., 1st Ohio Light Artillery, 64; Jesse, 61; Rodney, 61
Viets, George, III:340; Frank, V:41
Viger, Francois, IV:610; deposition of, 610
“Vigilantes in North Dakota," IV:58-61
Vigilantes, IV:46; in North Dakota, 58-61
Vik, Lars, VII:161
Viken, Thor, VII:161
Viking, Crookston, glee club, VII:189
Villard County, census summary of 1885, IV:423; names of all residents in, 424-428; V:203, 205, 206, 217, 218
Villard, Henry, III:138
Vincent, John, IV:283; T., 321; Thomas, 291; L. P., V:54n. 14
Vines, native to N.Dak., VI:233, 246-247
Vinge, K., VII:156
Vining, Minn., VII:244
Vinjie, A. O., I:133
Vinyard, Alma F., IV:425; Miles A., 424
Viola Belle, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:335-337, 357, 359, 372, 402
Virginia City, II.2:83; VII:20n., 310
Virginia, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:344
Vlcek, Rev. John, IV:75
Vogel, William, IV:356
Vold, M. T., VII:175
Voll, Nils, II.1:189 n. 1
Volunteer Scout service, VII:116
Von Hoffman, L. A., VII:311n., 321n.; Medora, 311n.
Von Werner, Maj. F., II.1:392
Voorhees, T. K., II.1: 416
Vor Tid, VII:239
Voracek, Frank, IV:77
Voss, Rev. W. E., IV:141
Votava, John, IV:78
Voting records, of Icelanders, 1892-1904, I:89-131
Voudrie, Toussaint, II.1:117, 118
Vovec, Martin, IV:77
voyageurs, mission efforts toward, IIApp:1-34
Voyek, Antonette, IV:77; Frank, 67, 77
Vrana, Anton F., IV:75


W Ranch, N.Dak., IV:59
W. B. Dance, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:328, 372, 374, 378
W. J. Lewis, Missouri River steamboat, log book of, II.1:314-330; II.1:341, 343, 375, 316, 377, 378
“W-Bar Ranch on the Missouri Slope, The,” V:155-166
Wa-su (Hail), V:272
Wa-su-e-de-ya (Sets-fire-to-hail), Dakota scout, V:269
Wa-su-ho-wa-shte, Dakota warrior, V:260, 267
Waage, Rev. J. N., VII:218
Wabasha bridge, St. Paul, Minn., V:255
Wabasha, Minn., III:218
Wacha, John, IV:67; Peter, 67, 71
Wadams, Duncan, IV:403
Waddell, Ella S., I:348
Waddle, Rev. J. M., IV:140, 142
Wade, Ira, II.2:96; William, VII:129, 130
Wadref, Erwin, IV:436
Wadsworth, David, IV:360
Waesackooshack, Chippewa legend concerning, III:475
Wagner County, V:206, 223
Wagner, scout, VII:117; N. C., 177n.
Wagness, Ever, III:187n. 2, 235
Wagon, VI:148
Wahnatah County, V:174, 175
Wahoo, Neb., IV:76
Wahpekute, Sioux tribe, III:500, 508
Wahpeton (Wahpekoota) Dakota Indians, III:501, 508; lands of, III:518; treaty of 1841, III:515
Wahpeton Gazette, III:90
Wahpeton, N.Dak., III:87-90, 92, 93, 95, 160; home of college, II.1:171-178; IV:63-77
Wahpeton order, Red River, No. 42., IV:71
Wahpeton reservation, V:191, 198
Wainwright, Capt. S. A, III:179
Waite, Rev. Ransom, IV:124-135, 173-177
Walch, Michael, IV:355
Waldenstrom., Rev. P. P., III:256, 282
Waldo, Peter, Waldensian leader, III:327
Waldref, Anna, IV:432; C., 432; Ed., 432; John, 432; Louis, 432; Mrs. J., 432; W. D., 432
Waldron, C. B., committee on state parks, VI:214; J. M., VII:297-301
Walhalla, N.Dak., I:251-292; III:98, 100, 102; old settlers park, III:97
Walhalla State Park, VI:215; opp.215
Walin, Christina, IV:436; John, 436; Mary, 436
Walinger, Kasmer, IV:371; Katrina, 371
Walke, Harmon, II.2:92
Walker, Rev. J. T., I:313; Charles, IV:358; Courtney, 770-786; H. C., 376; John F., 392; K. L., 380; Lewis, 408; S, C., 380; U.S. Sen. Robt. J., 211; Bishop of Episcopal church, V:115, 117; George J., case against McLean County, V:240, 241; F. T., VII:297, 303
Wall Creek, D.T., V:71
Wall, Fredrick, IV:367; John, 367: Margaret, 367; U.S. Sen. Garret D., 211
Walla Walla, description of II.2:71; fort at, II.2:35
Wallace County, IV:41, 55; census summary of 1885, 429; names of all residents in, 430; V:203, 204, 206, 207, 227, 230, 236
Wallace, E. D., delegate, Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:126n. 6, 127n. 4; J. D, II.1:177; Rev. Howard, IV:129, 176
Walle, N.Dak., VII:159-164, 213, 219, 238, 241, 262, 262n.
Waller, Peder, VII:152
Waller, Rev. Alvan F., IV:208n. 6
Wallette County, V:183, 184, 203, 204
Wallin, L. M., III:276; O. G., III:274.
Wallis, Thomas, III:236
Wallquist, R. G., III:271
Walmettls, Fred, IV:355
Walpole, William, VII:127
Walsh, ____, deserter, IV:467; John, 457
Walsh County, archaeological remains in, I:88; number of Swedes in, l900, III:306; settlement of, II.1:161-170; Swedes, III:283; V:193, 201, 215, 216; VII:190, 213, 214, 222, 224n., 227, 230, 240, 241, 251, 251n.
Walsh, George, editor of Plaindealer, II.1:169; V:38n. 25, VII:172, 173, 203, 296, 297, 299, 300, 303; Thomas, V:44
Walter, Harry, IV:357
Walterhouse, William, Dunker settler at Cando, IV:90n. 1
Walters, Edward, IV:358
Wamberg, J. J., II.1:249; John, II.1:246
Wanaton, Sioux Chief, III:464
Wanka, J. J., IV:55
War Eagle, Mississippi River steamboat, I:364; Missouri River steamboat, II.1:272, 3l5, 330, 375-377; II.2:102
War of 1812, III:201
Ward County, Danish settlements in, I:175; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; census summary of 1885, IV:431; names of all residents in, 432-438; V:210n. 78, 221, 222, 224, 226,227, 239, 241; gerrymander in, V:245
Ward, James, IV:408; John, 353; Joseph, 446; George, V:60, 60n. 43; 64, 66n. 61
Wardner, James, II.1:232
Wards, Jennie, II.1:371
Ware, Maria T., IV:208n. 6
Warner, Rev. S. B., I:310-318; A. U., IV:425; Arthur J., 425; Jesse U., 425; John, 407, 458, 459, 480, 486; Orra, 425
Warren, John, II.1:110, 111, 113, 126
Warsingley, Morris, IV:357
Wartman, George, IV:354
Wasa, N.Dak., post office established, III:259; Swedes in, III:258
Washington, D, C., V:256; territory, V:171
Washington, D.C. Soldiers Home, II.2:155
Washington, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:341
Washington Territory, gold discoveries in, II.2:38; VII:159, 217
Wasmus, Ernest, III:232
Wassells, Lawrence, II.1:417
Wassen, H. H., II.1:246
Wasukiye, chief of Sisseton Sioux, II.2:132
Wateau, William, IV:347
Water Chief, Mandan, II.1:470
Waterbury, S. Dak., boulder mosaic in, I:85
Waterman, Lt., III:197
Waters, Frank, II.1:165, 166, 169; James, IV:55
Waterways, treaty of 1909, IV:181
Watkins, E. C., Indian inspector, VI:22
Watlin, Fredrich, IV:348; Jennie, 348
Watson, H. W., II.1:455; E., IV:398; G. M., 398; J., 398; L., 398; S. E., 398
Watt, Andrew, IV:149; W. H., 218
Watteville regiment, II.1:105, III:425; soldiers from, IV:248.
Waukegan, Ill., VII:126
Waverly, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:314, 318, 326, 329, 372
Way-shaw-wush-koquen-abe, speech of the-Green-Setting-Feather, V:107
Wayagoenagee, Sioux Chief, III:2l6
Waynesboro, N.C., II.2:154
Weare and Allison, banking firm, Sioux City, Iowa, VII:23
Weaver, C. S., IV:108n. 1
Webb, Rev. John, I:310-318, IV:108, 111; Thomas, 59.
Webber, Rev., III:88
Weber, Kate, III:234; Alyn, IV:428; Arthur, 428; Guselda, 428; John, 428
Weberg, Peter, VII:175
Webster, B. D., III:113
Webster, Minn., V:254
Webster-Ashburton treaty, 1842, IV:180, 181, 212.
Wedin, A., III:305, 257
Wee, John, IV:377
Weenaas. Rev., A., VII:205, 206, 216, 218, 277
Wehrle, Rev. Vincent, on German Russians in N.Dak., I:199
Weidlier, R., IV:353
Weigl, Marcus, IV:370; Peter, 371; Reyln, 370
Weis, Adam, IV:357
Weiser, Dr., V:269
Welch, Edmund, III:230; Sgt. S. D., Co. G, 8th Regt., Fort Abercrombie, II.2:30
Welch, James, VII:322
Welcome, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:287, 315, 330, 344
Welford, Walter, member park board, VI:220
Weller, N.Dak., Swedes in, III:276
Welles, John, II.1:117
Wells County, N.Dak., settlement in, I:383-384; number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306; census summary of, IV:439; names of all residents in, 440-446; V:193, 197, 211
Wells, E. P., I:383; David A., III:610; Erron, 217; Mrs., 217, 217; Phillip, 217, 236; Sarah, 217; Edward P., IV:137; Job T., 414; John Baptiste, deposition of, 582; Rev. ____, VII:238
Wells, Fargo Company, III:212
Welsh, Maggie, IV:349; William, 351
Welsh, Thomas, III:186
Wenabozho legends, III:708
Wendlin, John, IV:354
Wenseinger, John, II.2:92, 104
Wergeland, Dr. A. M., II.1:187
Werlinger, John, IV:371; Parav, 371
Wesley College, at University of North Dakota, II.1:171-178
Wesleyan missionaries, IV:822, 836; Missionary Society, 805, 836
Wessel, August, IV:355
West, John, chaplain of the Hudson’s Bay Company, extracts from his journal, 1820-1823, III:441-490; William, IV:355
West Lynn, D.T., V:30n. 12
West Wind, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:272, 282
Westborg, Carl Frederick, first Swedish child born in Grand Forks, III:274; John, III:274
Westeen, Dr. A. A., III:274, 275
Westergaard, Christian (Christen), I:153-180; Peter, 153-180; Waldemar C., article by, I:153-180
Westerland, Rev. J., VII:228
Westerlund, E. P., III:260
Western Bohemian Catholic Association, IV:70; Catholic Union, 76; Fraternal Association, 71, 73, 80
Western Independent, Dakota newspaper, II.1:143
Western Town Co, Dubuque, Iowa, II.1:141
Westley, Ola, I:136
Weston, George, VII:70
Wetmore, Samuel, IV:441
Wett, Henry, III:232
Weymouth, L. S., VII:119
Whalen, Mary, IV:341; James, VII:292, 294
Whally Patrick, IV:358
wheat industry, 1883-91, III:613; 1895-1897, III:644; in Richland County, III:164; production, in the Red River Valley, III:597-672
Wheat crop, pioneer methods of threshing, VII:273
Wheatland, N.Dak., in 1879, IV:160; Presbyterian church organized in, 138
Wheaton, Capt. Lloyd, Fort Pembina, III:340
Wheeler, Lt. W. H., IV:349
Whelan, John, III:226
Whichler, F. N., IV:362
Whidden, Rev. W. R., II.1:209
Whiffen, E. H., surgeon, IV:722, 737, 753
Whipple, A. O., VII:296
Whipple, Bishop H. B., II.1:483
Whisnand, Rev. W. C., IV:148
Whistler, Gen., I:343, 423; Maj. N. G., III:179, 183, 187; Col. J. N. G., IV:349; E. C., 349; Julia, 349; Margaret, 349
Whitacer, Alfred, III:232
Whitcomb, Capt. George C., I:418, II.2:889; established Fort Wadsworth, II.1:33; Capt., VII:125; W. R., 306
White Bear (LeKota), trapper and interpreter, VII:126
White Bear Lake, Minn., II.2:20
White, Charley, capt. of Red Wing, VII:81n.; pilot of Ellen May, No. 2, 81
White Chief, Indian family of, IV:384
White Cloud, Chippewa chief, III:711
White Cloud, Dakota scout, in battle of Little Bighorn, VI:129, 130, 131; carries message, 134, 135
White Cloud, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:270
White Crane, Indian scout, I:343
White, Dr., II.1:111; E. D., Dakota informant, I:459-474; Rev. G. S., 310-318; William H., article by, 310-318; Alfred, IV:341; Charles, 407; Cora, 407; Dr., 518, 528, 531; Estella, 341; Etta, 341; Fred, 407; Henrietta, 341; Howard, 407; Josephine, 407; Lauretta, 407; Luzene, 341; Mary, 407; Obed, 341; Peter, 407; Porter, 341; Walter, 407; Willard, 407; William, 355; Zachariah, 341
White Eagle, Mandan, II.1:470, 491
White Earth Indians, Minn., II.1:473-492; V:110; Minn., V:112; River, V:170, 173, 174
White Earth River, II.2:143
White Face, Arikara Indian, VII:98
White Fish Lake post, IV:656, 671, 687, 702, 720
White Ghost (Smoke), enlists as scout, VI:44
White Horse plains, Manitoba, V:135
White House, Wibeaux home, V:162-164
White, James, surgeon, III:386, 387; William H., III:97-99
White Knife, Indian family of, IV:391
White Painted House, Son of Sheheke, II.1:471
White Patridge, Bois Brule, III:423; his son Joseph, III:423
White River, trading post, 504
White Shield, Arikara chief, I:344; VI:37, 42, 43, 45
White Swan, D.T., V:80
White Water, Indian family of, IV:390
White, William, II.1:177
Whitehouse, Arthur T., III:95
Whiteman, Rev. G. H., IV:138
Whitestone Hill, Battle of, I:339-349
Whitewood Creek, D.T.,V: 74
Whitewood, D.T., V:74
Whitman, Newman, I:304; Marcus, IV:208
Whitmore, Daniel, IV:91; E. W., 348; Ed. S., 348; Mary E., 348
Whitney, W. F., II.1:314, 319, 321, 330; F. I., Great Northern Railway Co., IV:96; R. C., V:37, 58, 75, 76n. 84
Whittier, J. M., IV:365
Whittles, Rev. T. D., IV:136
Wibaux, Pierre, article by, V:169-250
Wibb, W. H., IV:422
Wibeaux, Cyril, V:161; Pierre, V:158, 159; loan secured in France, V:161; statue of, V:166
Wibeaux, Mont., V:160,
Wick, C. O., III:274, 275; O., III:275
Wickam, George A., member of Fisk’s expedition, 1862, II.2:75
Wickman, William, I:96
Wickum. Hans, VII:306
Wics, Charles, IV:358
Widing, J. P., III:271
Widlund, A. I., III:274; Isador, III:273
Wikey, Richard, I:383; Albert, IV:440; Kate, 440; Mary, 440; R., 440; Richard, 440; Samuel, 440
Wilcocke, S. H., IV:454
Wilcox family, I:156; George, IV:358; Thomas F., 358
Wilcoxson, Rev. Timothy, II.1:480
Wild Hunter hotel, St. Paul, Minn., V:28n. 8
Wild Rice congregation, VII:262
Wild Rice, N.Dak., VII:153
Wild Rice River, II.2:8; bridged by Capt. Fisk, II.2:41; III:93, 160; valley of, 164
Wild Rice River, N.Dak., VII:209, 215, 248, 249
Wilder, W. H., V:49
Wiley, Rev. R. C., address at Constitutional Convention, 1889, III:129
Wilke, Jean Baptiste, I:355-380
Wilkes, Lt., U.S. Navy, IV:209
Wilkie, Bat., IV:283
Wilkinson, Secretary of Red River Colony, III:410
Will, George F., on the turtle effigy, III:685-687; member park board, VI: 218
Willard, Andrew, IV:355; Dave, V:84n. 105
William Rathbone, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:235
Williams County, IV:41; V:185, 191, 207, 208, 224, 226-232, 235, 236, 239, 246; VII:256
Williams, E. A., article by, II.1:141-143; Gust, II.1:164; Rev. T. M., I:313; Charles, III:232; E. A., 125, delegate Constitutional Convention, 1889, 138, 141; model constitution introduced by, 136; George, 229; Maj. George, post commander at Fort Totten, 187; Lieut. Col. G. A., 187; Mary, 227; William, 227; A. L., IV:398; Annie, 409, 446; B. C., 398; C. W., 398; Charles, 406; Clarence, 406; E. A., 445; F., 398; Fannie, 406; Frank, 376; George W., 376; Henry, 358; Ione, 446; Irwin, 441; James, 406; Jerry, 406; John, 358, 410, 441; John A., 446; Joseph, 406; Martha, 406; Mary Jane, 376; Maud, 441; N., 398; P., 446; S., 446; Thomas, 441; W., 441; Warren N., 376; William, 409; William V., 412; Rev. Daniel, IV:123, 124, 129, 130, 140, 143n. 1, 170, 171, 173, 175, 177; reminiscences of, 165-167; recollection of Rev. John Scott, 167-169;
Williams, N.Dak., number of Swedes in, 1900, III:306
Williamson, Dr. T. S., Sioux missionary, III:513; Anna, V:259; Dr. T. S., V:256, 259, 260; 6th Iowa Cavalry, VII:14n.,15
Williamsport, Penn., V:26
Williston, ferry at, 54
Willmar, Minn., III:88, 171, 175; VII:120, 256n.
Willow Creek, D.T., V:67, 78
Willson, Gen. George P., Fargo, II.1:172, 177
Willsworth, William, II.2:99
Wilmington, Minn., VII:152
Wilson, Rev. Gilbert L., article by, I:474-475; J. C., II.2:96; Peter, I:355-380; Robert, II.1:204, 241; William W., II.2:96; Austin, III:230, Edward, 231; Dr. Oliver, 271; Peter, 271;William, 230; Andrew, IV:657-689, 759; B. C., 218; Gen., 586; George, 422; Hiram C., 377; Myrtie, 377; O. S, 218; Rev D. A, 145; Robert, 722-831; George, VII:6, 175
Winchester, N. C., IV:137; Rev Oliver W., 115, 170
Winder, Rev. J. W., IV:141
Windgoetter, Fred, IV:358
Windhorst, Fred, IV:401; H, 401; Henry, 401; John, 401; M. E, 401; S. E, 401
windmills, Danish, I:106, 163; Norwegian, I:142, 143, fn 1, 145
Windom, U. S. Senator, Minn., III:112-114
Windy Lake post, IV:657, 688, 689, 704
Winkler, Joseph, IV:356
Winkler, Manitoba, III:98
Winnebago Indians, II.1:282, 292; III:498, 500; removal of, 510, 514; U.S. Treaty with, 516
Winneshiek, Ia., VII:150, 153, 170, 171, 279, 302
Winnipeg district, IV:651-676
Winnipeg Lake post, IV:672
Winnipeg, Manitoba, II.1:80, 93, 105, l06, 112, 115, 117, 119; III:88, 174, 555; IV:66; in 1873, VII:74
Winnipeg River, II.1:116, 124, 130, 133
Winona County, V:214
Winona, Minn., III:174, 499; IV:74
Winschip, J. F, IV:440
Winship, George B., II.1:164; III:97, 99
Winslade, John, II.2:98.
Wintering River, II.2:51
Winters, John, III:233, IV:354
Winters, member of Black Hills party, VII:130
Wire-binder, objections to use of, III:593
Wirtenberg, Joseph, IV:354
Wisconsin, foreign population in, I:183; Icelandic settlement in, I:96
Wisconsin Millers' Association, III:593
Wisconsin territory, V:170
Wise, Maj., Canada, III:216
Wiseman, Charles A., II.1:416
Wishek; John H., IV:365
Wisnaes, Rev. R. J., VII:219, 229n., 234
Withaweecape, Chippewa Indian, III:445
Witschy, ____, IV:568; Jacob, deposition of, 570, 571, 577, 589, 611
Wittenreier, Carl, IV:347
Wittnur, Lt. Joseph, IV:638; deposition of, 638
Wo-wa-pu-ko-ga (writer), V:272
Wohlgemuth, August, III:235
Wold, D.T., Swedes in, III:281
Wold, John, III:159, 162, 165; Joseph, sketch of, 169, 168; Lars,161, 168; Enok, VII:186n.; John, 155; Peter B., 154; Rev. A., 255n.; Rev. Ch. I., 219, 230; Rev. S. S., biographical sketch of, 255; Rev. S. S., pioneer experiences of, VII:255-256
Wolf Chief, Arikara chief, II.1:506
Wolf, Elizabeth, IV:370; Frederick, 370; Fredrika, 370; George, 370; John, 370
Wolfer, Amelia, III:234; Bertha, III:234; Ju1ia, III:234; Rudolph, III:234; Rudolph, Jr., III:234
Wolff, John, II.2:94
Woman-in-the-Water, Grosventre, II.1:466
Womans’ Presbyterial Missionary Society organized, IV:126
Womcsincoit, M, IV:358
women, elected to office, II.1:202-251
wood, as fuel for steamers, II.1:341-342, 414
Wood, Alexander, J. P., III:375, 377-379, 384; May, 87; John, 230; Joseph, 87
Wood, Bell, IV:381; Charles, 358; D. E, 381; Gertie, 381; Leila, 381; William, 786, 801, 807; Eliza, VII:61; Henry, 61; Hiram, 61; John, 61; .T. R., 306; Lucinda, 61; Lyman, 61
Wood Lake, battleground, II.2:137; VII:116
Wood Mountain, Manitoba, V:119
Wood, Rev. Francis M., IV:119, 127, 128, 129, 130, .132, 133, 136, 142, 143, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 173, 176, 178; biographical sketch of, 143n. 2
Woodruff, W. G., V:39, 42n. 29
Woods, Major, expedition to Pembina, I:385
Woodward, Anna, IV:442; Harry, 442; J., 442; Mary, 442; P. H, 442
Woodward, Plin, I:383
Woody Mountain, Sitting Bull in, I:272-292
woolen mills in North Dakota, III:655
Woolfe, Edward, IV:415
Woolly-Back, white commandant of post, VI:111
Worcester vs. Georgia, Supreme Court decision, III:502
Work, John, IV:659-833
Works, Hal, VII:106n.
Worthing, S. S., II.1:161-170
Worthington, Bessie, IV:376; Rose, 376
Worthington, Minn., V:82
Wounded, carried on travois, VI:113, 114; placed on steamboat, 114; arrive at depot, 144; reach Fort Lincoln, 145n.
Wrangell, Baron Ferdinand, IV:854, 857; letter to Gov. Geo Simpson, 858
Wright, Ann, I:380; Charles, 380; Charlotte, 380; Edward, 418; Emily T., 380; George B., 342; John, 303; Rev. S. G., 222, 380; Albert, II.2:94; Edward, II.2:17, 92; 1st Sgt., Citizens Company, II.2:93; Edwin M., Dayton, Minn., II.2:13, 15, 94; John, II.2:94; Mathew, II.2:94; Alfred, IV:444; Edner, 376; Elva, 444; George J, 443; John, 354; Lizzie, 443; Luther, 444; Thomas F, IV:376; William, 444; Alfred, V:37, 56, 56n. 23, 57, 72, 76n. 84; case against Bottineau County, V:241; Moses, VII:62
Wurschmidt, T. D., VII:190, 190n.
Wylder, T. C., IV:440
Wylie, George W., III:233
Wyman, Fred, II.2:96
Wyndmere, N D., IV:69
Wynn Co, census summary of 1885, IV:447; names of all residents in, IV:448; V:202, 210, 220-222
Wyoming, V:172, 178
Wyth, Aeheman, IV:341; Albert,141; Joy, 341; Joseph, 341; Locot, 341; Louise, 341; Mary, 341; Rosa, 341


XY Fur Company, I:293-296; III:356, 358, 542, 543; fur trade competition with, III:366, 367; organization of, IV:242
Yale, James M., IV:658-833
Yankton, D.T., IV:63;V:79n. 92, 81, 81, 172; history of, I:350-354; removal of capital from, III:120
Yankton Land and Town Company, I:350-354
Yankton, S.Dak., VII:276, 299, 310, 318
Yankton Sioux, III:501, 506; annuity for, III:509
Yanktonais, reservation for, I:423-429
Yard, Maj. J. E., III:187, 188
Yellow Bear, Arikara chief, I:346
Yellow Corn, Mandan woman, II.1:470
Yellow fever, Missouri, VII:274; New Orleans, La., 80
Yellow Hawk, Indian scout, I:343
Yellow Head, II.1:120, 124
Yellow Knife, Arikara chief, II.1:506
Yellow Medicine agency, V:253, 256, 260; country, V:261; VII:110, 121, 124
Yellow Medicine River, III:518
Yellow Nose, I:opp. 443
Yellowstone expedition of 1873, I:251-272
Yellowstone River, II.2:61; V:160; first steamboat on, II.1:333n.1, 285, 288, 295, 297, 299, 315, 360, 375, 376; II.2:140; VII:82
Yeska, Edwin, IV:405
Ylvisaker, Rev. I. D., VII:226n.; 232n.; Rev. N. Th., 215, 216, 229n.; 247n.; biographical sketch of, 247-250; Rev. Olaf, 256, 257; Sigrid, 247n.; Thorbjorn, 247n.
Yokell, George, I:383; IV:446
Yore, James A., II.1:416; P., 416; V. N., 416
York district, 651-837
York Factory, II.1: 92, 98, 103, 116, 118, 121, 122, 131; II.2:103; III:103, 403, 444, 446, 459, 467, 479, 488, 552; IV:237-278, 647-694, 703-853; visit of John West, III:459
York, sailboat used by Icelanders on Red River, I:99
Yorktown, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:330 n. 1, 355, 372
Young Hawk, VI:48-52, 61; leader of Grass Dance Society, 59; story of the expedition, 69-71; narrative of, 93-115; in battle of Little Bighorn, 122-124, 129, 130; detailed by Custer, 140, 141; carries letters to Fort Lincoln, 149; biography of, 193-195; opp.49, opp.71, opp.193
Young, John, III:203, sketch of, 220; William W., III:236; William, II.1:417; Frank, IV:428; Jennie, 428; John, 428; Mrs. John, 428; M. H., 362; Otis, 403; Rev. J. L., 142, 143; John, sheriff of Mercer County, V:232; Brigham, VII:199
Younglove, a member of Fisk’s Overland Expedition, 1863, II.1:81
Youngman, C., IV:394; M. H., 394
Ypsilanti, Mich., IV:67
Zabriskie, Rev. A. A., IV:144
Zahl, Dr., VII:103
Zamrazil, F., IV:78
Zapadni Ceska, Katolicka Jednota, IV:70, 76; Cesko-Bratrske Jednota, Bohemian organization, 80
Zbanek, J., president Z.C.B.J., IV:80
Zeibach, Supt. C. M., III:200
Zell, Henry, III:231
Zensius, Peter, II.2:94.
Zephyr, Missouri River steamboat, II.1:360, 373, 376, 403, 404, 406
Zetterberg, G. O., III:258
Zetterstrand, C. A., III:274
Zimmer, Mrs. Ernest, III:219
Zimmerman, John, IV:72
Zink, Peter, I:383
Zion, N.Dak., VII:251n.
Zvingubl, George A., IV:426; George A. Jr., 426

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