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World War II Victory Garden title

Can all you can Poster
Can All You Can Poster
The report gave the following estimates for 1944 Victory Gardens:

98% of farms (71,000 by 1940 census) had adequate gardens
90.2% of village and city homes (81,091 by 1940 census) had adequate gardens
142,724 total Victory Gardens in North Dakota in 1944
15% estimated increase in garden seed sales in 1944 over 1943
10% estimated increase in garden produce in 1944 over 1943
7500 sq ft estimated size of average garden (50 x 140 + 7000 sq ft, recommended for a family of 5)
¼ pound per sq ft estimated yield
1875 pounds estimated yield per average garden
267,607,500 pounds estimated total production or 133,803 tons
$4,014,090 total value of Victory Garden crops at $30 per ton

The report compared these figures to the 1940 census which stated that 61.3% of farms raised vegetables for family consumption. While ND saw a substantial increase in gardening under the Victory Garden program, the national program had come up quite short of its goal of 21,000,000 gardens. Only 19,600,000 gardens were reported nationwide.