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World War II Victory Garden title

Your Victory Garden Poster
Victory Garden Poster
SHSND# USGPO-1945-O629743
The ND committee estimated production based on ¼ pound of produce per square foot of garden. This figure is very conservative; some horticulturists use the figure of 1 pound of produce per square foot of garden. The committee estimates were based on reports of county extension agents (required in every county after 1933), mayors, and city auditors. The results (all numbers are estimates):

90% of farms had adequate gardens
82% of village and city homes had adequate gardens
71,000 farm homes (based on 1940 census) had gardens
81,091 non-farm homes had gardens
130,395 estimated total gardens (this figure does not add up correctly from figures above, but was reported and used in calculations- B.H.M.)
42% increase in seed sales over 1942
25% increase in garden produce over 1942
7500 square feet estimated average garden size
1875 pounds estimated produce per garden
244,490,625 lbs total produce (130,395 x1875) or 122,245 + tons

The report stated that the principle vegetables grown were tomatoes, onions, winter squash, sweet corn, carrots, potatoes, green and wax beans, cabbage, beets, green peas, cucumbers, lettuce, and greens such as spinach and chard.