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World War II Victory Garden title

Grow Your Own, Can your own Poster
Grow Your Own, Can Your Own Poster
The Victory Garden committee also prepared for food preservation programs. There were to be food preservation clinics in each county (two were conducted in Emmons County), and refresher courses in food preservation for those considered experienced in the art of canning.

In addition to canning, the committee also suggested that gardeners freeze their produce (in area frozen food lockers), dry some produce, and brine (or pickle) some produce. Cabbage should be wrapped in paper for preservation. Oddly, the committee recommended that pumpkins and squash should be stored in warm basements near the furnace, though this message goes against everything else Extension ever said about preserving squash.

The Victory Garden Committee established 241 demonstration gardens in 1943. Harry Graves spoke regularly on radio stations with such messages as: “There have been reports of idle pressure canners. Get them repaired and share them with your neighbors.” The committee also distributed leaflets through the extension office titled Can! Can! Can! (A-20), Vegetable Storage (A-21), Freeze Fruits and Vegetables for Victory (A-22), Drying Victory Garden Vegetables (A-49), Salting and Brining Vegetables (A-50).

The report included two maps of ND counties showing the increase in seed sales by county and the percentage of adequate city and farm gardens by county. The report also included a “Suggested Plan for a Small Garden” of 25 x 70 feet which was one of the hand-outs available to Victory Gardeners.