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Annual Volunteer Award Recipients

Volunteers 2011
Fardal, Lacher (30 years service),
Johnson, Mrs. and Governor
Dalrymple, Radig, and Wilson

Hospitality: Geneive Kirmis
Dedication: Doug Wurtz
Curatorial: Kathy Dorgan, Coliene Jacobson, Tom Kilzer, Sherri Snyder
Special Projects: Connie Sprynczynatyk
Youth: Peighton Walker
State Historic Sites: Ben Gjorven

Hospitality: Karen Pedigo
Dedication: Erlys Fardal
Curatorial: Cheryl Bailey and Verlyn Larson
Special Projects: Delores Boint

Hospitality: Olive Fricke
Dedication: Erlys Fardal
Curatorial: David Nix
Special Projects: Barb Lang & Art Todd

Hospitality: Bev Tibke
Dedication: Robert Porter
Curatorial: Tony Goldade
Special Projects: Armen Hanson

Dr. Herbert Wilson, Hospitality
Dr. Herbert Wilson, Hospitality

Hospitality: Nancy & Bill Willis
Dedication: Robert Porter
Curatorial: Gloria Geiger
Special Projects: Alice Nix

Hospitality: Erna Lahr
Dedication: Verlyn Larson
Curatorial: Mary Diebel
Youth: Sawyer Flynn

Hospitality: Janice Hunt
Dedication: Erlys Fardal
Curatorial: Lilian Wilson
Special Projects: Barbara Handy-Marchello

Erlys Fardal, Special Project
Erlys Fardal, Special Project

Hospitality: Dr. Herbert Wilson
Dedication: Erlys Fardal
Curatorial: Robert Porter
Special Projects: Erlys Fardal

Hospitality: Doris Elness
Dedication: Verlyn Larson
Curatorial: Marlene Hastings
Special Projects: Doug Wurtz

Hospitality: Mavis Anderson
Dedication: Beverly Kay
Curatorial: Beverly Kay
Youth: Foster Leiss
Special Projects: David Taylor

Erlys Fardal, Dedication
Erlys Fardal, Dedication

Hospitality: Kathe Hall
Dedication: Ed Lahr
Curatorial: Joan & Jim Ressler, Frances Baumgartner, Judy Semerad, Selinda Schafer, & Emogene Doverspike
Special Projects: David Nix, Doug Wurtz, Mary Deibel, & Brittany Babel

Hospitality: Carol Heyd
Dedication: Adam Schweitzer
Curatorial: Bonna Cunningham & Erlys Fardal
Special Projects: Marilyn Campbell, Norma Rodlund, Jeanette Radig, Dell Swenson, George Anderson, Vern & Doris Hansen

Jeanette Redig, 20 years service
Jeanette Redig, 20 years service

Hospitality: Harriet Heaton
Dedication: Christina Powell
Curatorial: Debbie Hartwick
Special Projects: Lawrence Klemer

Hospitality: Blanche Kroeber
Dedication: Patrick Sullivan
Curatorial: Janet Beltran
Youth: Marie Webber
Special Projects: Christina Powell

Hospitality: Ed and Erna Lahr
Dedication: Scott Andes
Curatorial: Verlyn Larson & Bill Hendrickson
Youth: Lexie Zachmeier

Faye Hasche, 10 years service
Faye Hasche, 10 years service

Hospitality: Marilyn Campbell
Dedication: Scott Andes
Curatorial: Scott Andes
Youth: Jake Sayler
Special Projects: ESPB entry project: Alice Nix, Grace Wanttaja, Bob & Jeannie Bird, Bill Hendrickson, Drinda & LeAnn Westman, Bismarck & Century High School students, Police Youth Bureau

Hospitality: Wally Engel
Dedication: Ed Lahr
Curatorial: Richard Cunningham

Hasche and Granddaughter Katie
Hasche and Granddaughter Katie

Hospitality: Ione Sands
Dedication: Doris Elness
Curatorial: Robert & Terry Nelson

Hospitality: Marian Brandt
Dedication: Doris Elness &Lila Wood
Curatorial: Terry Ringland

Hospitality: Virginia George
Dedication: Don Aho
Curatorial: Virginia Berger, Elinor Friez, Katherine & Klyde Mahlum John Rauser, Kaye Halvorson, Lillian Wilson

Hallie, 100 hours service
Hallie, 100 hours service

Hospitality: Jeannette Radig
Dedication: Ardis Fromm
Curatorial: Winnie DeLong, Grace Wanttaja, Janet Beltran

Hospitality: Helen Schick
Dedication: JR Durham
Curatorial: Lilian Wilson & Lois Hanson

Hospitality: Bernie Swang
Dedication: Ione Towne
Curatorial: Cleo Moore

Patrick Gerhadt, 100 hours service
Patrick Gerhadt, 100 hours service

Hospitality: Al Twedt
Dedication: Pat Stalnaker
Curatorial: Beth Aune

Hospitality: Anna Mae Mandigo
Dedication: Roy Putz
Curatorial: John Rauser

Hospitality: Shirley Lacher
Dedication: Correen Brewster
Curatorial: Betty Mohler

Lucille Goldade, 100 hours service
Lucille Goldade, 100 hours service

Hospitality: Karol Peterson
Dedication: Pat Stalnaker
Curatorial: K&K Mahlum
Youth: Michele Gutenkist

Hospitality: Lorraine Paulson
Dedication: Ione Towne
Curatorial: Al Schrenk
Youth: Annette Newborg

Hospitality: Inez Oye
Dedication: Adam Paul
Curatorial: Marlene Hastings
Youth: Jesse Ehreth

Heritage Volunteers
Grace, Shayla, and Hallie

Hospitality: Adaline Perry
Dedication: Harold Derrick
Curatorial: Edna Jennings

Hospitality: Howard Nelson
Dedication: Sharon Springer
Curatorial: Jim Maher

Hospitality: Beth Hill
Dedication: Sharon Springer
Curatorial: Evelyn Olgeirson

Hospitality: Al Jacobsen
Dedication: Sharon Springer
Curatorial: Carol Moreland
Youth: T. Rhoades, S. Roehrich

Erlys and First Lady Dalrymple
Fardal and First Lady Dalrymple

Hospitality: Katie Schreiber
Dedication: Oscar Hay
Curatorial: Bob Olgeirson
Youth: T. Rhoades, S. Roehrich

Hospitality: Mavis Strinden
Dedication: Oscar Hay
Curatorial: Grace Wanttaja
Youth: Lee Hodney

Hospitality: Harold Derrick
Dedication: Fritz Wolf
Curatorial: Keith Kepler

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