Remembering Lincoln Locally

Thanksgiving Proclamation, 26 October 1863, Newton Edmunds, Governor.
President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the first national Day of Thanksgiving on October 3, 1863, to be observed on the last Thursday in November. Governor Newton Edmunds of Dakota followed suit with this proclamation on October 26, 1863. (1)

Lincoln Coffee Can
Lincoln Club coffee can,
ca. 1920. SHSND 1974.102

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Abraham Lincoln has been used to sell products ranging from coffee to cigarettes, automobiles to life insurance, and California oranges to streamlined diesel electric trains (Baltimore & Ohio)


Schools in North Dakota named after President Lincoln:

  1. Beach - Lincoln Elementary
  2. Dickinson - Lincoln Elementary
  3. Fargo - Lincoln Elementary
  4. Jamestown - Lincoln Elementary
  5. Mandan - Fort Lincoln Elementary
  6. Minot - Lincoln Elementary

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(1) Official Papers, Office of the Governor, Dakota Territory, Manuscript Series 30076, Box 1, Folder 11. Preserved in State Archives and Historical Research Library, State Historical Society of North Dakota, Bismarck, North Dakota.