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image of Sitting Bull and his signature

Sitting Bull
This new exhibition explores the life of legendary Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull (1831-1890). An enigmatic personality, Sitting Bull served as the loyal and thoughtful advocate of his people, a key player in several warrior societies, and the most-photographed Native American of the 19th century. He is forever enshrined in popular culture through his associations with the Battle of Little Bighorn and Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Discover the man, the myths, and the memories.

Map of Lewis and Clark Expedition
Map of Lewis and Clark Expedition | find more information on Digital Horizons

Permanent exhibits at the Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center explore the geography and geology of the area, its prehistoric life, and the impact of people arriving by Trails, Tracks, Rivers and Roads, which is also the name of the exhibits area. Featured in the 2,000-square-foot permanent gallery will be the Lewis and Clark journey, the fur trade era, Fort Buford, and the development of the modern-day irrigation and energy industries. There are more than 200 artifacts in the permanent gallery, including a frontier army transport wagon, a steamboat pilot's navigating wheel, and a 1904 Model A Cadillac.

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