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Staff / Organization


Administration provides general supervision of all programs and responsibilities of the agency through the office of the director. Support and coordination are provided through budgeting, accounting, purchasing, personnel services, communications, inventory control, concession sales, and overall security functions.

  • Doll, Bryan, Site Operations Manager
  • Fisk, Richard, Museum Store Manager
  • Grahl, Jackie, Account Technician
  • Holte, Loren, Custodian
  • Houn, Erica, Business Manager
  • Jensen, Jeff, Custodian
  • Kopp, Sonya, Custodian
  • Masser, Josh, Custodian
  • Mayer, David A., Information Systems Administrator
  • Miller, Ashleigh, Administrative Assistant
  • Neff, Corey D., Shift Supervisor
  • O'Brien, Pam, Custodian
  • Peterson, Bill, Director
  • Red Tomahawk, James K., Shift Supervisor
  • Reed, Lynlee, Account Technician
  • Schlecht, David, Security Supervisor
  • Schroeder, Brett, Security Officer
  • Smith, R. Keith, Security Officer
  • Steckler, Ashton, Computer Network Specialist
  • Wentz, Jason, Training & Safety Officer
  • Wike, Andrea, Assistant Director
Archaeology & Historic Preservation Division

The Archaeology & Historic Preservation Division provides for the preparation of a statewide historic preservation plan, and inventories, evaluates, and nominates sites for listing on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. The division assists in the preservation of historic properties at all levels, and reviews and comments to sponsoring agencies on federally assisted projects to assure that historic values are considered in project planning and execution. Information on National Park Service cultural resources technical assistance.

The Division also provides for interpretation, programming, maintenance, repair, and operational control for all land and buildings in the custody of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, which includes fifty-seven state historic sites. The division is responsible for constructing interpretive and visitor use facilities and implementing plans and recommendations relating to the historic preservation of sites and buildings.

The division is responsible for preserving and curating approximately 12 million artifacts in the archaeological collection representing 13,000 years of human history.

  • Blanchard, Jeff, Pembina State Museum Site Supervisor
  • Bleier, Amy C., Research Archaeologist
  • Branting, Robert, Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site Supervisor
  • Campbell, Johnathan, Former Governor’s Mansion and Camp Hancock Site Supervisor
  • Clark, Andrew, Chief Archeologist
  • Dorfschmidt, Chris, Historic Sites Regional Manager
  • Elsner, Wade, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan Maintenance Supervisor
  • Garcia, Joseph, Fort Buford and Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center Site Supervisor
  • Grahl, Paul, Historic Sites Maintenance and Construction Supervisor
  • Grove, Brian, Welk Homestead Site Supervisor
  • Hanna, Robert J., Historic Sites Regional Manager
  • Nelson, Kyle, Fort Totten Site Supervisor
  • Killian, Anna, Chateau de Mores Site Supervisor
  • Krueger, Lenny, Fort Abercrombie Site Supervisor
  • Lechner, Zachary, Historian
  • Lefevre, Stewart, Whitestone Hill Site Supervisor
  • Linn, Thomas C., Architectural Project Manager
  • Meidinger, Lorna, Architectural Historian
  • Morrison, Dana, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan Site Supervisor
  • Munson, Amy Rouleau, Grants & Contracts Officer/CLG Coordinator
  • Reed, Timothy A., Research Archeologist
  • Reidburn, Steve, Stutsman County Courthouse Site Supervisor
  • Scherr, Erica, Cultural Resources Assistant
  • Schoenfelder, Meagan, Collections Assistant
  • Smith, Rhonda, Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan Business Coordinator
  • Steckler, Lisa L., Review and Compliance
  • Swenson, Fern E., Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer and Division Director
  • Zena, Ashenafi, Archaeology Collections Manager
Audience Engagement and Museum

The Audience Engagement & Museum Division strives to provide engaging, entertaining and memorable experiences for the public. Our team plans public events and educational opportunities, produces publications and ND history curriculum, manages space rentals, plans museum exhibits, collects and stores artifacts, coordinates our volunteers, and manages the marketing, branding, and digital presence of the agency.

  • Berreth-Smokey, Pamela K., Editor/Public Information Specialist
  • Billings, DeAnne, New Media Specialist
  • Campbell, Beth E., Visitor Services Coordinator
  • Dukart, Elise, Assistant Registrar
  • Halvorson, Mark J., Curator of Collections Research
  • Hellman, Deborah K., Public Information Specialist
  • Hocking, Bree, Assistant Editor
  • Holland, Erik, Curator of Education
  • Ihla, Dean, Event Coordinator
  • Johnson, Angela, New Media Specialist Supervisor
  • Jondahl, Kimberly H., Audience Engagement and Museum Director
  • Kerr, Andrew, New Media Specialist
  • Monroe, LaRae, New Media Specialist
  • Newell, David L., Exhibits Manager
  • Nohner, Lori, Assistant Curator
  • Stone, Kiri, Administrative Assistant
  • Stuckle, Danielle, Education Outreach Coordinator
  • Thompson, Melissa, Head of Curatorial Services
  • Turnbow, Bryan, Preparator
  • Yearous, Jenny Dee, Curator of Collections Management
State Archives

The State Archives preserves and makes accessible records of North Dakota government of enduring value and is responsible for acquiring and preserving the other documentary holdings of the State Historical Society of North Dakota. Available are books, newspapers, maps, photographs, motion picture films, tape recordings, archives and manuscripts, and other historical materials for the use of both staff and the general public through reference services and programs of preservation.

  • Bjorness, Virginia, Head of Technical Services
  • Harrison, Larissa D., Government Records Archivist
  • Kubischta, Emily J., Manuscript Archivist
  • Leben, Tam, Microfilm Specialist
  • Loos, Anne, Audiovisual Archivist
  • Meidinger, Lindsay K., Head of Collections and Information Management
  • Molander, Shane A., State Archivist and Division Director
  • Pitts, Joyce, Photo Archivist
  • Sauerwein, Daniel, Reference Specialist
  • Steele, Megan L., Archivist
  • Thronson, Ashley, Reference Specialist
  • Walker, Sarah, Head of Reference Services

612 East Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, North Dakota 58505
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State Archives: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. M-F, except state holidays; 2nd Sat. of each month, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. State Archives is open by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at 701.328.2091 or archives@nd.gov.
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