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Photographic Reproduction Fees
  • Black and White Reprints: Single Use and Not for Distribution
    5 x 7 - $15.00
    8 x 10 - $20.00
    11 x 14 - $30.00
  • Rush order: five-item limit
Electronic Images & Scanning
  • Reference print of scan $1.00
  • Scan to cd or email attachment $ 8.00 - 72 ppi
  • Scan to cd or email attachment $20.00 - Up to 600 ppi
  • Rush order five item limit
Photograph Publication Use Fee
  • A use fee, in addition to photographic reproduction fees, is charged for one-time publication rights. Images are not supplied for re-sale.

Credit statement:
Because photographs are documentary records, their proper use requires adequate citation when published or exhibited. Each use must be accompanied by proper credit to the State Historical Society of North Dakota. In addition, the identification number for each item must be included in the credit line (example: State Historical Society of North Dakota A5373-2)

Still Image Use / Reproduction Fees
  • Broadcast / video, in state $15.00 - out of state $50.00
  • Advertisement, in state $15.00 - out of state $25.00
  • Commercial display, in state $15.00 - out of state $25.00
  • Exhibit use, in state $10.00 - out of state $30.00
  • Books and periodicals, in state $15.00 - other published works, $50.00 including those in electronic format, such as web sites
  • Broadcast - Media Bundle (includes website 3-year license) $150.00 per image.
  • Publications - Electronic Bundle (includes website 3-year license) $150.00 per image.
  • Use fees are waived for in state newspapers, television stations, and non-profit museums and historical societies
Photocopy Fees
  • letter-size (8½ x 11) and legal-size (8½ x 14) office copier copies: $.10 cents each
  • 11 x 17 inch: $.20 cents each
Research Fees
  • Census: $5.00 per household, per location, per census. (Form available in PDF format) [For a free Adobe Acrobat viewer, go to the Adobe Web Site]
  • Naturalization: $5.00 per name (statewide index search)
  • Newspaper search (e.g., obituary, birth announcement): $5.00 per search (Includes postage and photocopy, up to 2 photocopies, if name is found.)
  • Specific item search from indexed materials: $5.00 per search. Up to 2 pages included in cost; additional pages will be charged at normal copying costs plus postage. If more than 25 pages, staff time will be charged at $25.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. Specific item searches include copying of indexed biographical data and searches of indexed archival materials.
  • Additional copying will be charged at $.25 per page plus $1.00 normal postage (up to 5 pages) and handling. Postage will be higher for more than 5 pages.
  • Searches or requests for information beyond those defined in information sheets will be charged at $25.00 per hour depending upon available staff time or will receive a recommendation for referral to a non-staff researcher.
Moving Image and Audio Use / Reproduction Fees
  • In-state news and non-profit documentary: no use fee; supplies and staff time charged for over 20 minutes @ $25.00 per hour.
  • In-state/out-of-state commercial production: $20.00 per second plus productions costs, each occurrence.
  • Out of state public television: $10.00 per second plus production costs.
  • Broadcast - Media Bundle (includes website 3-year license) $150.00 per 30 second clip.
  • Publications - Electronic Bundle (includes website 3-year license) $150.00 per 30 second clip.
  • Digitized audio file (from cassette, CD, reel-to-reel, record, or digital) - $5.00 for mp3 format
  • Audio and video transfer (analog to digital) - $25.00 per hour
  • SHSND-supplied audio cassettes - $2.00 each
  • Television commercials, corporate presentations, live events, concerts, etc. (video): not allowed.
Microfilm Services & Costs
  • 16mm Microfilming $.20 per exposure
  • 35mm Microfilming; $.35 per exposure
  • Paper reproductions from a reader printer: $.25 cents self-service.
  • Vesicular duplicates of microfilm, $75.00 per roll
  • Postage and handling for vesicular duplicates of microfilm (shipped UPS): 1-4 rolls, $6.00; add $.50 per roll for more than 4 rolls (e.g., 5 rolls, $6.50; 6 rolls, $7.00; etc.).
  • Foreign orders, including Canada, will be quoted individually.
Interlibrary Loan Fees
  • Interlibrary loan of microfilm:
    In state - $2.00 per roll
    Out of state - $4.00 per roll, 5 rolls per patron, per loan.
    Canada - $8.00 per roll, 2 rolls per patron, per loan.
  • Interlibrary loan (photocopies):
    $.25 cents per page (plus $1.00 postage)

Microfilm will not be loaned outside the U.S. except to Canada. Microfilm copies can be produced for sale to other international researchers.

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