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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10200

Title: Nancy Hendrickson

Dates: 1892-1977

Collection Number: 10200

Quantity:  1 foot

Abstract: Consists of printed material and newspaper clippings relating to photography, diaries concerning gardening, housework, farming, family affairs, photography work, and account books.

Provenance:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota acquired the Nancy Hendrickson Papers as a gift from Nancy Hendrickson on November 2, 1977.  This collection was processed and the inventory prepared by Lotte Bailey, Kari Rombs Kohlhoff, and Karen Mund in July 1988.

Property Rights:  The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights:  Nancy Hendrickson has dedicated such copyrights as she possesses in this collection to the public.  Consideration of all other copyrights is the responsibility of the researcher.

Access:  The collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation:  Researchers are requested to cite the collection title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota in all footnote and bibliographic references.

Transfer:  Nancy Hendrickson's glass slides and negatives were transferred to photograph collections 0024 (128 images) and 0040 (161 images). Her brother John Christiansen's glass slides and negatives were transferred to photograph collection 1090.
Eleven publications were removed and transferred to the appropriate collection management area of the State Archives. Publications such as books, booklets, pamphlets and bulletins were transferred to the Library.  These publications include First Annual Report of the State Game and Fish Commissioner of the State of North Dakota, 1930; Good Homes in Western North Dakota, German-American Land Company, 1903; Marketing the Commercial Crop of Early Potatoes, 1931; Message to the Legislature by George Schafer, 1929; Premium List of the Morton County Fair Association, 1895; Premium List of the Morton County Fair Association, 1899; State Normal School, Mayville, North Dakota, Thirty-second Annual Catalogue with Announcements, 1922-1923; When Drought Returns to the Great Plains, 1947; Veteran Bugle, March, April, and May, 1940.

Several postcards and postal covers were placed with the philatelic collection.

Related Material:

Ninety minute interview with Nancy Hendrickson, tape number 0612 A and B in Oral History Collection.


Nancy Christenson Hendrickson was born February 26, 1886.  She was the sixth child of Swedish immigrants, Sone and Christina Christenson, and the first to be born on the family homestead along the Heart River near Mandan, North Dakota.

Her formal education involved a total of 11 months.  Classes were held every other year at area farm homes during the winter months of December, January, and February.  Few electives were offered along with the three basics. The Christenson family subscribed to numerous magazines and newspapers and Nancy's homestead shack eventually became a large library.  At age nine she made her first trip to Mandan, 17 miles away.  Later trips were made on horseback, motorcycle, and by car.

The responsibility of the family homestead fell to Nancy in the 1920's because of her mother's failing health.  Nancy's mother died in 1926. Restricted to the homestead, Nancy looked to hobbies to help fill her time. She worked as a seamstress and because she loved animals, she engaged in animal photography.  Her unusual photos featured animals dressed in doll clothes.  The photographs brought her national prizes and were sold in newspapers, magazines, and postcards.  She continued to sell photos until the end of World War II.  Nancy's photographic work is on display in the State Historical Society museum.

In 1927 Nancy met and married Herman Apenes.  Herman died in 1934 of cancer.  Nancy married Carl Hendrickson in 1935 and they lived on the Christensen homestead.  Nancy had many outside interests such as reporting statistics to the Weather Bureau.  Carl died in 1970 and Nancy remained alone on the family homestead until her death in 1978.  She was 92.


Mandan News, November 26, 1978; p. 14.
Mandan Pioneer, October 2, 1935; p. 5.
Morton Prairie Roots, 1776-1976, by Marion Plath Peterson, Taylor Publishing Company, Dallas; 1973.
North Dakota Outdoors, November, 1977, pp. 20-25.


The Nancy Hendrickson Papers date from 1892 to 1977 and measure 1 ft. This collection documents the day-to-day activities of life in rural North Dakota from the late 1800's until 1976.  The papers consist of diaries, measuring 1/4 ft. and dating from 1933-1937 and 1947-1976; subject files, measuring 1/4 ft. and dating from 1908 to 1976; and publications, dating from 1892-1948 and measuring 1/2 ft.

The diaries are arranged chronologically and contain entries concerning gardening, housework, farming, family affairs, photography work, and accounts.  The subject files measure 1/4 ft. and date from 1908 to 1976. They are arranged alphabetically by keyword.  Contained in this file are calendars, radio programs, photographic equipment brochures, war price and rationing coupons, weather bureau statistics, and newspaper clippings.  Publications date from 1892 to 1948 and measure 1/2 foot. They include books, miscellaneous newspapers, and photographic catalogs and journals.


Box 1:

1 Diaries 1902-1937      
2 Diaries 1947-1957      
3 Diaries 1957-1966      
4 Diaries 1966-1972      
5 Diary Inserts 1951-1976      
6 Baker, I. P., UND Manuscript 1968   
7 Calendars 1940
8 Fiske Best Portrait List                   
9 Keidel, Ernest Family History 1966   
10 Mandan Rodeo Programs  1942-1945      
11 Miscellaneous         1908-1977      
12 Photographic Equipment Brochures                     
13 War Price and Rationing Coupons 1945   
14 Weather Bureau Statistics  1952-1976      
15 Abel's Photographic Weekly 1931   
16 Ansco Professional Pointer 1926   
17 Burke and James, Inc., Photo Supplies                 
18 Central Camera Company Used Book                 
19 Chemistry of Photography 1929   
20 Co-Operative 1930   
21 Graflex Cameras Corporation                   
22 Hearthstone 1899
23 Hyatt General Catalogue
24 Latest Styles, Newest Weaves 1929-1930
25 Latest Styles, Newest Weaves Inserts 1929-1930      
26 Mandan Pioneer 1921
27 Norman Willets, Photo Trade News 1926-1930      
28 Norman Willets, Inserts 1926-1930      
29 Northern Photo News 1930   
30 Northern School Supply Co. 1919   
31 Official Guide Book New York World’s Fair 1939   
32 Photo Markets 1935-1936
33 Photo Markets 1938-1939
34 Photographic Journalism
35 Principal Cities of the World 1892   
36 Radio Log Book 1935   
37 Trade Bulletin 1931   
38 Railroads on Parade 1939   
39 Spors Wholesale Catalog   1946   
40 Rockefeller Center 1939   
41 Vinterljus 1948   

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