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Manuscripts by Subject - Family / Local History - #10190

Title: Will Family Papers

Dates: 1881-2007

Collection Number: 10190

Quantity: 62.25 Cubic Feet

Abstract: Correspondence, manuscripts, research notes, photographs, diagrams, maps, transcripts of Melvin Gilmore's notes on Arikara Indians, transcripts of Orin G. Libby's notes and Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara dictionaries, and records of the Society for American Archaeology, 1949-1951. Papers reflect Will's interest in North Dakota archeology, ethnology, botany, Bismarck history, and the Missouri River. A November 2007 addition contains correspondence, diaries, research notes and papers, photographs, newspaper clippings and maps of George Francis Will, Sr., George Francis Will, Jr., and business records of the Oscar H. Will Seed Company.

Provenance: The donor and date of acquisition of the first 13 boxes of the George F. Will Papers by the State Historical Society of North Dakota are unknown. Amy Sakariassen prepared the inventory to the George F. Will Papers in June 1985. In September 2009 the bulk of the collection was donated by Susan M. Will and the title of the collection was changed to the Will Family Papers.

Property rights: The State Historical Society of North Dakota owns the property rights to this collection.

Copyrights: Copyrights to this collection remain with the donor, publisher, author, or author's heirs.  Researchers should consult the 1976 Copyright Act, Public Law 94‑553, Title 17, U.S. Code or an archivist at this repository if clarification of copyright requirements are needed.

Access: This collection is open under the rules and regulations of the State Historical Society of North Dakota.

Citation: Researchers are requested to cite the collection, title, collection number, and the State Historical Society of North Dakota all bibliographic references.

Transfer: The following materials were transferred to the Library, map collection, and Photo Archives: 37 photographs, 95 maps, 1 package of prints of Game Birds and Fishes of North America (1913), 1 foreign publication addressed to the Society of America Archaeology, and 10 copies of Missouri River Basin Studies from 1952 and 1953.

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Photo Collection 955 consists of digital scans from a photograph album with images of George Will, Sr. and family, the Seed Company farm, and trips to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks and Niagara Falls.
10149 Russell Reid includes “Down the Missouris” Photograph Album of trip down the Little Missouri and Missouri Rivers with Clell Gannon and George Will from Medora to Bismarck in 1925


Born on November 8, 1884 in Bismarck, Dakota Territory, George Francis Will was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar H. Will. After graduating from the Bismarck High School in 1902, he attended Harvard University.  There Will studied anthropology, archaeology, and botany, graduating in 1906. He returned to Bismarck where he worked for the nursery and seed firm his father had founded. At O. H. Will and Co., he experimented with breeding plants to produce better agricultural strains. George Will became an acclaimed corn breeder, and authored numerous articles for trade journals on that and related subjects. His avid interest in the history and prehistory of North Dakota led him to write a variety of books, speeches and articles on the folklore, agricultural-lore, languages and customs, and archaeological remains of Indian groups living along the Upper Missouri. He wrote of the settling of the Dakotas, the white and Indian conflicts and early contacts, and published a translation of the journals kept by Major General DeTrobriand, a military man stationed in the Dakota Territory in the late 1860s. In all, George Will wrote 117 published books, articles and reviews on the topics of history, prehistory, and botany. A complete list of Will's publications may be found in Harlow Leslie Webster's 1955 biography, printed in North Dakota History.

Active throughout his life in community affairs, Will was a member of the Bismarck School Board for thirty years. He also served on the Bismarck Zoning Board, the Bismarck Public Library Board and the State Park Commission. He belonged to Rotary, Sons of the American Revolution, the American Association of Advanced Sciences, the American Anthropological Association, the Society for American Archaeology and the American Newcomer Society. Will was president of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, a position he held from 1947 until his death in 1955. He became treasurer of the Society for American Archaeology in 1951, resigning in 1953 because of business pressures. In 1940 he received an honorary doctorate from the North Dakota Agricultural College, in recognition of his many contributions to modern agriculture.

George Will married twice. The first marriage was to Katherine Sterret on July 4, 1908. She died in 1919.  On June 15, 1924, Will married Elvira Kangas. He had two daughters, Margaret, now Mrs. Richard B. Exton of Orcas Island, Washington, and Susannah (Mrs. Miles Arman), and two sons George F. Will II and Oscar H. Will. He died on October 3, 1955.

Sources: George Francis Will, Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Ethnologist, Naturalist, Nurseryman, Seedsman, Historian.  A biography by Harlow Leslie Webster, reprinted from North Dakota History, Volume 23, No. 1, pp. 4‑25.

Bismarck Tribune, Monday, October 3, 1955.


The George Will collection contains notes, correspondence, and reminiscences on subjects ranging from ethnology and linguistics to early exploration of the Great Plains to hybrid breeding of corn plants. Many of the materials within the collection are research notes for the numerous papers, books and speeches that Will published during his lifetime. Handwritten and typed drafts of several of those books are present in the collection. 

Four series have been established for the George Will Papers. Series one consists of the anthropology papers, Series two of Will's manuscripts, Series three contains collected material on history and finally, Series four is the Society for American Archaeology records for the years 1949 through 1951. 

Series I, the Anthropology Papers of George Will, 1906‑1948, is found in boxes 1 and 2 and measures one foot. Materials within this series concerning the archaeology of North Dakota focuses primarily on the artifacts and sites in the country near Bismarck, that have been attributed to the Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, and Sioux Indian cultures. The material consists of papers, research and collected reference notes on Indian artifacts and site locations. Correspondence, drawings of artifacts, field notes, site descriptions and copies of articles and papers, including some written by Will himself, form the bulk of the archaeological items.

Papers, newspaper clippings, correspondence, notes, personal interviews and written accounts of the cultural ways of the Plains Indian groups found in the upper Missouri River regions are also among the collected material. Copies and notes of speeches delivered on the topic of the cultures and customs of the Mandan, the Hidatsa, the Arikara and the Siouan tribes are of particular interest because of the time period during which Will collected his information. Most of the observations and interviews were made between 1905 and the 1920s, a period when it was still possible to see and record ceremonies and culturally significant events occurring among native peoples whose lifestyle and social patterns were being dramatically impacted by the U.S. Government and the encroaching white settlers. Among the notes and papers are descriptions of ritual ceremonies, folklore and daily routines.

Series II, Manuscripts, 1906‑1941, one foot, contains notes and translations focused on linguistic studies of the vocabulary and structure of four Indian languages.  The word lists and grammatical studies of Crow, Iowa, Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara languages are researched from the 1906 paper George Will co-authored with Herbert Spinden. Drafts of this monologue are included in the collection of Will's manuscripts. 

In Will's working reference files are assorted speeches, notebooks, and writings composed by fellow researchers.  Melvin Gilmore, H. C. Fish and Orin G. Libby are among those whose writings Will consulted.  Typed copies of ethnology notes made by Gilmore in the 1920s, O. G. Libby's 1907 travel notebooks and Fish's area history notes are informative portions of the Will collection.

Pamphlets, notes, plant lists and agricultural articles and bulletins represent Will's interest in the botanical aspects of past and present North Dakota cultures.  Most of the material bears directly on corn, as a plant and as an important crop for both modern and "primitive" farmers.  Will was fascinated by corn, and published several books on the subject. Photographs, notes and drafts for the book Corn Among the Indians of the Upper Missouri, published in 1917, are contained in Series II.  Notes and articles by Melvin Gilmore are included in Will's papers; these focus on plant species and their uses by native Indian cultures. Indeed, most of the botanical items relate to the uses and alleged functions and importance of specified plants among different cultural units. A pioneer in the development of dendrochronology, or tree ring dating, Will wrote about the application of this archaeological dating formula on the Plains. Copies of his articles and correspondence on the topic are included in this series.

Series III, History Papers, 1883‑1950, occupy one foot. The series represents Will's interest in the history and settling of the Dakotas and the immediate Bismarck region by white men, are numerous newspaper clippings, interviews with early pioneers, Indian scouts and local characters, collected from as far back as 1883 and on into the 1940s.  Subjects touched on in these pieces and in assorted letters include such things as early fur traders, trading posts along the Missouri, Sakakawea and the Expedition of Lewis and Clark in 1804, General Custer, the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and life on military outposts in the Dakotas.  Drafts of a translation of Major General DeTrobriand's journals detailing daily military life in the mid‑1800s, undertaken by Will and published in 1941, form a large body of material within the Manuscript Series.  References are also made to other well known persons, from La Verendyre, the first white man to travel into the area in the 1730s, to a Mrs. Dunn, an early Bismarck pioneer who died in the 1940s. Of interest in the collection are copies of speeches made by government officials to reservation Indians during the years following the establishment of Fort Totten and Fort Berthold Reservations, and research material generated by H.C. Fish and Reverend A. Beede, on local history.

Records for the Society of American Archaeology (Series IV) are contained within the Will papers because he was treasurer of the organization from 1951 until 1953. The records are for the two years that preceded his own term, and consist of alphabetically arranged correspondence and records addressed to, and kept by Glenn Black, treasurer for the years 1949‑1950 and 1950‑1951. These papers almost exclusively concern subscriptions and renewals to the Society's publication, American Antiquity.

Assorted programs and brochures from church and civic events, as well as a variety of western state travel and tourist literature, dating from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s that are found among the papers of George Will are unmarked and may be considered simply as memorabilia relating to his non-professional, private life and activities.

Much of the papers accessioned in 2007 have only the most preliminary inventory. As they are processed, information will be added here. A selection of photographs from the Will Family Collection can be found at



Series I.                Anthropology Papers, 1906‑1948, Box 1 and 2

Consists of photographs, correspondence, speeches, newspaper clippings, research notes, papers, archaeological field records and notebooks containing site descriptions, reminiscences. Notebooks, manuscript drafts and jottings of linguistic and ethnologic studies on the Arikara, Mandan, Hidatsa, and Sioux groups. These detail their history and prehistory, folklore, language and customs. The series contains hand and typed drafts of manuscripts and other publications on Indian topics.

Also included are publications, articles, notes and correspondence concerning plants, specifically corn; articles and notes by Melvin Gilmore on the role and function of plants in plains Indian cultures; dendrochronology correspondence, notes and magazine featuring dendrochronology article published 1940.

Series II.               Manuscripts, 1906‑1941, Box 3 and 4.

Handwritten and typed drafts of sections of the DeTrobriand Manuscript, 1941.  Drafts of Will and Spinden's publication "The Mandans," ca. 1905‑1906, drafts of Corn Among the Indians of the Upper Missouri, 1917 and "Canteteri or Goose," the tale of an Indian scout.

Series III.             History Papers, 1883‑1950, Box 5 - 6.

Contains correspondence, reminiscences, accounts of historic events in North Dakota from the 1740s to 1900s.  Clippings, copies of speeches made at Bismarck social functions, steamer tickets, dated 1881.  Booklets and notebook pages with lists of Burleigh County Pioneers and early Bismarck residents.

Series IV.             Society of American Archaeology Records, 1949‑1951, Box 7 - 10.

Consists of business correspondence, records and accounts, kept by Glenn A. Black, 1949‑1951, who preceded George Will as treasurer of the organization.


Series I.                Anthropology Papers

Box 1:
1 Sketch maps of archaeological sites, notes on sites, North Dakota map showing site locations, 1904‑1906
2 Pen and ink drawings by Spinden, of artifacts, 1906             
3 Rough drafts of the 1906 paper for the American Museum              
4 "Arikara Ceremonials," 1930, drafts of paper, clipping        
5 Indian notes, undated, and clippings from newspapers    
6 Indian notes, clippings, North Dakota road map
7 Booklet on Indians from L.A. City School District 1937
8 American Archaeology (5 issues) 1939‑1942                   
9 Trade journals and newsletters, 1947 and 1948

Box 2:
1 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Notes on Arikara Porcupine Quillwork," ca. 1920‑1930
2 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Arikara Sacred Bundles and Ceremonials," ca. 1920‑1930
3 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Arikara Ceremonies," ca. 1920‑1930
4 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Uses of Native Plants Among Arikara," ca. 1920‑1930
5 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Harvest Home Ceremony - Arikara," ca. 1920‑1930
6 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Note on Arikara Tribal Organization," ca. 1920‑1930
7 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Uses of the Cattail by the Arikara," ca. 1920‑1930
8 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Sage Dance of Arikara," ca. 1920‑1930
9 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Arikara Agriculture," ca. 1920‑1930
10 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Valor Badge to Arikara Women," ca. 1920‑1930
11 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Arikara Origin Myth," ca. 1920‑1930
12 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Opening of Arikara Sacred Bundles," ca. 1920‑1930
13 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Arikara Method of Butchering a Buffalo," ca. 1920‑1930
14 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Religious Teaching of Arikara Children," ca. 1920‑1930
15 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Arikara Eagle Feather Badges," ca. 1920‑1930
16 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Taming Wild Animals by Arikara” 1920‑1930
17 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Capturing Eaglets - Arikara," ca. 1920‑1930
18 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Arikara Monograph," ca. 1920‑1930
19 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Piraskani Ceremony of Arikara," ca. 1920‑1930
20 Typed copy of Melvin Gilmore's "Records of Arikara Ceremonies," ca. 1920‑1930
21 Botanical notes by Melvin Gilmore, 1916
22 Typed and handwritten notes of Indian reminiscences    
23 Linguistic notes, word lists, translations of Mandan Indian language, n.d.
24 Notebook of ethnology notes, n.d.
25 Sketch of pot, map describing Grand River Settlement, ca. 1790, notes on Indians, some dated 1909‑1913
26 Tree-ring dating article, copy of American Forest magazine, 1940
27 Correspondence on dendrochronology, 12 letters, 1940-1945

Series II.               Manuscripts and Associated Material

Box 3:
1‑8 Hand and typewritten drafts and notes for The Mandans published 1906 by George Will and H. J. Spinden
9 Notes and drafts of the The Corn Book. Agriculture article on corn in Arikara, 1915 by Atkinson and Nelson            
10 20 Photographs, captions for The Corn Book, cards and a letter containing 13 photos of Indians, labeled                  
11 Manuscript of "Canteteri or Goose," an Indian scout's story, probably collected in 1912‑1913
12 Typed manuscript "Notes on Arikara Indians," 1934

Box 4:
1‑7 Handwritten drafts of the DeTrobriand Journal Translation, Army Life in the Dakotas, 1941

Series III.             History Papers

Box 5:
1 Typed copy of "Route Traveled by La Verendyre in North Dakota" by Walter D. Powell, n.d.
2 Typed pages about Red and Souris Rivers, Trading posts, ca. 1785‑1832, Extract report 1819
3 Typescript of O. G. Libby's 1907 notebooks
4 State Historical Society of North Dakota," State Parks Report 1923, pamphlets, church programs, 1930‑1944
5 Newspaper magazine clippings from 1883‑1930, copy of Collier's magazine, 1927
6 Newspaper clippings, 1930‑1950
7 Pamphlets, programs 1930‑1944

Box 6:
1 "Otis Tye's Story," "Cowboy Folksongs," n.d.
2 Notes on Bismarck history, by Fish and others   
3 Copy of George Robinson's Rotary Speech, 1922
4 Notes for projected history of Bismarck, ca. 1922               
5 Correspondence and notes on History of Bismarck, ca. 1925       
6 Steamer Tickets from 1881
7 Clippings on Bismarck's history, 1909‑1916
8 Clippings on Bismarck's history, ca. 1920s
9 Bismarck history clippings (J.L. Bell), ca. 1930
10 Bismarck history clippings (J.L. Bell), ca. 1930s      
11 Clippings, Bismarck history, late 1930s
12 Clippings, Bismarck history
13 Copy Will's speech, Robinson's speech, miscellaneous photostat copies
14 Copy of 1930‑1931 study on the Poor - A Judicial Council of ND Report
15 Photo of Ida Prokop

Series V.              Society for American Archaeology Records

Box 7: 1‑9 Correspondence, treasurer's Reports, 1949‑1950 addressed to Glenn A. Black, treasurer. Files A-O

Box 8: 1‑19 Correspondence, business records, reports, 1949‑1950. Files P-Z

Box 9: 1‑13 Correspondence, reports, 1950‑1951. Files A-L

Box 10: 1‑13 Correspondence, treasurer's report, 1950‑1951. Files M-Z

(Accessioned material after initial processing)                                   

Box 11: Research on trees

Box 12: Society of American Archaeology Records, P‑Z, 1949‑1950

Box 13:
1 Journal: River trip (photocopy), 1910
2 Journal: Senton trip (photocopy), 1927 
3 State Historical Society of North Dakota report, 1950‑1953           
4 Civic Music Group Palangi Bismarck concert, 1961             
5 Ephemera, 1950s
6 Ephemera, n.d.
7 Newspaper clippings, unidentified, n.d. 
8 Bibliography of newspapers kept by George Will                              

Box 14: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (Missing 1883) (FRAGILE), 1882‑1914

Box 15: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (FRAGILE), 1915‑1930    

Box 16: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (FRAGILE), 1931‑1947    

Box 17: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (Missing 1960) (FRAGILE), 1948‑1969

Box 18: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (Missing 1894, 1896‑1900, 1902‑1907, 1915) (FRAGILE), 1885‑1923 
Box 19: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (Missing 1924 and 1926) (FRAGILE), 1925‑1940   

Box 20: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (FRAGILE), 1941‑1951    

Box 21: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (FRAGILE), 1952‑1957    

Box 22: Oscar H. Will Seed Company catalogues (Missing 1960‑1961, 1965‑1968) (FRAGILE); Inserts from catalogs, 1958‑1969

Box 23: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1949‑1952       

Box 24: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1950‑1953       

Box 25: George F. Will personal correspondence (1954‑1955 and 1931‑1932), 1931‑1955

Box 26: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1932‑1936
1 Travel, 1933-1934
2 Travel, 1937-1938
Loose papers regarding banking, mortgages, unsorted correspondence from Frank’s table                         

Box 27: News clippings, incorporation record and stock transfer, correspondence, printed material 
Box 28: George F. Will personal correspondence
1 H
2 Hagedorn, Herman
3 Hall Family
4 Harvard
5 Haynes Method
6 Heath, Fannie Mahood
7 Hecker, Thad    
8 Hiller, Dr. W. R.
9 Holder, Preston
10 “House on the Hill”
11 Hyde, George E.
12 I
13 J
14 Jenks, Albert E.
15 K
16 Kelly, Neil
17 Kenyon, Mrs. John (Aunt Cal)
18 Keyes, Charles R.
19 L
20 Leslie, W. R.
21 Libby, Orin G.
22 Lierboe, R. T.
23 Lippert, L. C.      
24 Little Owl, Ralph
25 Lumry
26 M
27 Martin, J. M.
28 McClure, Graham, Thomas and J. T. (Tommy)
29 McLean, Harry
30 McMahon, V. P.
31 The Minnesota Nurseryman
32 Museum Bookstore, London (Catlin painting)
33 N
34 National Economic League
35 National Hotel Management
36 National Research Council
37 Neal, Bigelow
38 Nestos, R. A. – Tax Study Committee
39 Northern Pacific Railroad
40 North Dakota Agricultural College
41 North Dakota Agricultural College honorary degree
42 North Dakota Agricultural College – Oscar Will portrait
43 Norwood, J. C.
44 North Dakota
45 O
46 Over, William H.

Box 29: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1929‑1931
1 Misc. Case Files?
2 Archaeological Survey, ND, 1934
3 Arikara Magic Ceremonies
4 Bankers National Bank
5 Bismarck Local Purchases & Bills               
6 Bismarck Association of Commerce
7 Bismarck Board of Education
8 Bismarck Indian School
9 Bismarck High School Alumni Association
10 Bismarck Library Board
11 Boy Scouts
12 Burleigh County
13 Burleigh County Pioneers’ Association
14 Burleigh County Planning Board
15 Capitol Grounds Earth Lodge
16 Corn Shows
17 Corn Show, 1926
18 Corn Show, 1927
19 Corn Show, 1928
20 Corn Show, 1929
21 Other Corn Shows
22 “Corn for the Northwest” book
23 County Commissioners
24 Eigell-Wollenhaupt, 1920-1937
25 Farm Security Administration
26 Federal Writers Project
27 Farrell, Leota – Guardianship
28 Will, George F. Jr. and Margaret – Guardianship
29 Hazelton Farmers Meeting, 1926
30 Kangas, Vera – marriage
31 Lake Isabel Property
32 Legal Matters
33 Liberty Memorial Bridge Dedication, 1922
34 Minnesota Archaeological Society
35 North Dakota Horticultural Society
36 North Dakota State Agencies, misc.
37 North Dakota Tax Survey Commission
38 Pioneer Days Picnic, 1936
39 Plains Conference, 1940
40 Politics – North Dakota
41 St. George’s Episcopal Church
42 Sakakawea’s Grave
43 State Historical Society – Gilmore/Crawford
44 Sterling State Bank
45 Tri-State Grain Growers Convention, 1924
46 DeTrobriand manuscript, publication of, 1937-1941
47 DeTrobriand Translation – Lakeside Press
48 DeTrobriand Journal – Family Correspondence
49 DeTrobriand Translation- marketing
50 DeTrobriand – Army Life in Dakota translation by George F. Will
51 Tuttle, Mary – Estate
52 Verendrye Village
46 Will, George F. – high school papers
47 Will Family – Allaire
49 “American Indian”                          

Box 30: George F. Will personal correspondence
1 A
2 Agricultural History Society
3 Allaire Family – Odelia Ruth Allaire (Mrs. C. E. Keller), Irene Allaire
4 Allen, J. D.
5 American Anthropological Association, 1916-1942
6 American Association for the Advancement of Science
7 American Express
8 American Museum of Natural History
9 American Society of Agronomy
10 Anderson, J. C.
11 Arvold, Alfred   
12 B
13 Bailey, Vernon
14 Barnum, Fred M.
15 Barry, J. Neilson
16 Beebe, H. E.
17 Beede, A. McG.
18 Bell, J. Leonard
19 Bird, George F. (Uncle Bert)
20 Bismarck
21 Brown, Barron
22 Brown, Charles F.
23 Burton, Cecil
24 C
25 D
26 Dixon, Roland B.
27 Dun & Co.
28 E
29 Ewers, John C.
30 F
31 Fish, H. C.
32 Fisher, Clyde – American Museum of Natural History
33 Fort Berthold Mission
34 Fox, George R.
35 G
36 Gilmore, Melvin R.
37 Glen Falls Insurance Co.
38 Graves, Harry

Box 31: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1940‑1941       
1 Will, Margaret
2 Will, Margaret
3 W
4 Will, Vera, 1929-1934
5 Will, Vera – unsorted
6 Will, Vera – letters to
7 Will, George F., Sr. – letters to from Harvard, Jan-June 1904
8 Will, George F., Sr. – letters from to Harvard, 1904-1905
9 Will, George F. – outgoing correspondence unsorted
10 Will, George F. – outgoing correspondence unsorted
11 Photographs – Salt Lake City
12 Trip Photographs, other copies are in scrapbooks

Box 32: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1941‑1943       

Box 33: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1944‑1946       

Box 34: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1946‑1949       

Box 35: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1945‑1949       

Box 36: Will Family correspondence, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Will

Box 37: Will Family correspondence, Oscar H. Will to son George F. Will, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar H. Will, George Will Sr., Mabel Will Lumry, and Vera Kangas

Box 38: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1904‑1921
1 P
2 Pettigrew, R. F.
3 Pottinger, David T.
4 Post, Waldron K.
5 Prall, Horace G.
6 Provident Life Insurance
7 Q
8 Quaife, M. M.
9 R
10 Raymond, Roy
11 Register – F. H., George M., George S.
12 Reid, Russell
13 Roosevelt, Nicholas – New York Times
14 Rotary
15 S
16 Saffon
17 Sapir, Edward
18 Saunders, Helen E.
19 Saxvik, H. O.
20 Science Service
21 Seton, Ernest T.
22 Simmons, W. T. – South Dakota Horticultural Society
23 Simpson, Albert A.
24 Society for American Anthropology
25 Society for American Archaeology
26 Sons of the American Revolution
27 South Dakota
28 Spinden, Herbert J.
29 Sproats, Mrs. Harry “Essie”
30 State Historical Society of North Dakota
31 State Historical Society of North Dakota
32 State Historical Society of North Dakota – Pioneer Daughters memberships, 1937            
33 North Dakota State Parks Committee
34 North Dakota State Parks Committee – International Peace Garden
35 Steffanson, V.
36 Sterrett Family
37 Stewart, David A.
38 Strong, W. Duncan
39 T
40 Taylor Family
41 Thayer, Gordon
42 Thorberg, Eric
43 Tozzer, Alfred M.
44 Truax, Alvin
45 Tuttle, Helen
46 U
47 V
48 W

Box 39: George F. Will personal correspondence, 1923‑1925
1 Bowers, Alfred W.
2 Eagle, James H.
3 Dixon, Roland
4 Gannon, Clell
5 Gilmore, Melvin
6 Guthe, Carl
7 Hecker, Thad
8 House on the Hill
9 Hyde, George E.              
10 Tye, Otis

Box 40:  George F. Will manuscripts and records
1 Advocating for History
2 The Bad Lands and History
3 Black Hills
4 Books and Reviews
5 Corn Growing and North Dakota Corn Show
6 Early Inhabitants of North Dakota
7 Some Account of Culture of the Mandans (Harvard)
8 Location of Mandan Villages (Harvard 1905)
9 Alexander Henry at the Mandan Villages
10 History of Corn I
11 History of Corn II             
12 History of Corn III
13 History of Corn IV
14 Indian Magic
15 Kensington Runestone
16 Missouri Valley Archaeology
17 North Dakota Archaeology
18 North Dakota Earth Mounds      
19 North Dakota Indians
20 North Dakota Trees and Plants
21 History of Oscar H. Will & Co.
22 Oscar H. Will
23 Ruins of Villages along the Missouri Valley
24 Tree Rings
25 J. B. Trudeau Journal 1795
26 Value of Historical Societies in the Plains States
27 Wheat Varieties
28 William Moore School Bismarck
29 O. H. Will & Co. Advertising
30 Raymond A. Burnside, “Crazy Horse”
31 Anne Calner (sp?) Mr. Lincoln’s Wife
32 3 by Walter D. Powell
33 Steele – The Death of Sitting Bull reminiscence
34 D. A. Stewart, Sir John Richardson 1929
35 My Pioneer Story, author unknown
36 Map of the Department of the Dakota and Vicinity 1891

Box 40:

Box 41:
1 Josephine Waggoner correspondence, 1940-1943
2 Waggoner manuscript photocopy
3 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, handwritten, p. 1-141
4 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, handwritten, p. 142-284
5 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, handwritten, p. 285-413
6 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, handwritten, p. 414-587
7 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, handwritten, p. 588-unpaginated
8 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, handwritten, p. unpaginated
9 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, handwritten, misc.                    
10 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, typed, p. 1-158
11 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, typed, p. 159-285
12 George F. Will, Sr. autobiography, typed, p. 1-92 (this picks up the manuscript after page 285)

Box 42: George F. Will records: class notes and manuscripts

Box 43: George F. Will records: notes and research files                

Box 44: George F. Will records: research files [identified], school records and photographs (Bismarck ND, North Dakota and Indians)

Box 45: George F. Will records: research files [identified] and newspapers          

Box 46: George F. Will diaries, 1904‑1955              

Box 47: Oscar H. Will Seed Company records
1 Incorporation and organization
2 Meeting minutes, 1920-1939                     
3 Meeting minutes, 1940-1949
4 Meeting minutes, 1950-1954
5 Meeting minutes, 1955-1960
6 Stock Ownership, 1919-1954
7 Letter Press Book, Feb. 1906-Dec. 1907
8 Building Plans
9 Employment Records, 1970-1974
10 book
11 Bismarck Seed House Records
12 Deeds, Leases, and Agreements
13-15     Photos
16 Bismarck School Board
17 North Dakota Corn Show
18 Bismarck Association of Commerce
19 Bismarck Zoning Commission
20 Rotary Club
21 Photos 

Box 48: Oscar H. Will Seed Company records                      

Box 49: George F. Will Personal Correspondence
1 W
2 Waggoner, Josephine
3 Wheeler, Harry
4 Whipple, Charles – NPL
5 Wilde, Byron and Anna
6 Margaret Will (at Smith)
7 Margaret Will, ca. 1932-1933 (mostly undated)
8 Margaret Will (at Smith mostly undated)
9 Margaret Will (trip to England), 1934
10 Margaret Will in Europe, 1934
11 Margaret Will in Britain 1934
12 Margaret Will at Rochester, MN, 1937
13 Will, Margaret, n.d.
14 Will, Margaret, n.d.
15 Will, Margaret, n.d.
16 Will, Margaret Hawaii Trip, 1936
17 George F. Will, Sr. – financial
18 George F. Will, Sr. – death of Katherine Sterrett Will, 1919-1920
19 Will, Vera
20 Vera Will letters to George
21 George to Vera Will
22 Extended Will Family letters
23 Wilson, Gilbert L.
24 Wilson, M. L.
25 Wilson, Rufus R.
26 Wishek Family                  
27 Wright, Dana
28 Y

Box 50: George F. Will Harvard papers, 1903‑1906            

Box 51: George F. Will Harvard papers; family photographs from 1950s; radio talk scripts and notes, 1903‑1958           

Box 52: George F. Will radio talk scripts and notes; photographs ‑ Will Family groups and George F. Will Sr.               

Box 53: George F. Will Jr. photographs                  

Box 54: Margaret Will Exton records; Will Jr. and Sr. financial records; George Will Jr.     correspondence; Will Inc. correspondence; Will family travel mementos, 1907‑1978

Box 55: George Will Sr. radio talks, 1950‑1955; publications; Will family genealogy

Box 56: Will family travel mementos; George Will Jr. Christmas letters and photographs

Box 57: George Will Sr. records: photographs and baptism records; history notes; Burleigh County War Chest 1940s; correspondence George Will Jr.

Box 58: Will family school and college records; financial records, World War II (WWII) photographs and publications, agriculture publications                

Box 59: Will family Bible; photographs indexed by year, 1950‑1970s                         

Box 60: Photographs (identified)                             

Box 61: Bird family photographs; George F. Will Jr. correspondence, 1987‑2007

Box 62: George F. Will Jr. correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, research material, and souvenirs

Box 63: Photographs, newspaper clippings, publications                               

Box 64:
1 Oscar H. Will & Co. Order Forms, 1899
2 Oscar H. Will & Co. Order Forms, 1899
3 Incorporation Records, 1959-1973
4 Incorporation Records, 1973-1987
5 Waggoner mss photocopy
6 Francis Will German papers
7 George F. Bird letters, 1917-1923 (Sgt. WWI)
8 Mabel Will Lumry letters, 1901-1913
9 Katherine S. Will letters, 1909, n.d.
10 George M. Bird, Uncle Bert, 1897-1919
11 Mrs. Oscar H. Will letters, 1900-1913
12 Will relatives letters, 1908-1919
13 Aunt Cal (Caroline) letters
14 Essie Will letters
15 Aunt Mary Tuttle letters
16 Sam Sterrett letters

Box 65: Oscar H. Will Seed Company order forms (1899); Will's Seed Company Corporation Records; Waggoner‑Will manuscript; Bird and Will family correspondence              

Box 66: George F. Will Sr. and others miscellaneous professional correspondence

Box 67: George F. Will Sr. publications; miscellaneous photographs (unidentified), filed by  location of photographer   

Box 68: Will Seed Company catalogue mailing lists; George F. Will Sr. negatives filed     alphabetically by subject                

Box 69: George F. Will Sr. moving image film, negatives and slides                           

Box 70: Oversize photographs                  

Box 71: Oversize photographs                  

Box 72: Rolled documents                          

Box 73: Artifacts                              

Box 74: Publication‑ translation of Army Life in Dakota by George F. Will Sr., 1926             

Box 75: Correspondence from George F. Will, Jr. and reminiscences of military life while serving in the Army Specialized Training Reserve Program (in a binder), 1944; Correspondence from George F. Will, Jr. while serving in Army Boot Camp and Manila, Philippines (in a binder), 1945; Correspondence from George F. Will, Jr. while serving in the Army, mostly while in Japan during the Reconstruction period (in a binder), 1946 
5 photographs of the University of North Dakota (UND) campus taken by Elvira (Vera) (Kangas) Will, George Will Sr.'s second wife, who attended from about 1922-1924

Box 76:Transcript of George Will, Sr. Diaries made by Frank Vyzralek
1 Diary Transcript 1907-1910
2 Diary Transcript 1911-1914
3 Diary Transcript 1915-1917, 1919, August 1925
4 Diary Transcript 1928-1928, 1931-1932
5 Diary Transcript 1933-1935
6 Diary Transcript 1936-1938
7 Diary Transcript 1939-1941
8 Diary Transcript 1942-1944
9 Diary Transcript 1945-1948
10 Diary Transcript 1949-1952
11 Diary Transcript 1953-1954
12 Diary Transcripts pertaining to Waggoner manuscript 1940-1947

Will, George F., Sr. Photo Scrapbook of Trip Down the Missouri 1920s – this is in a phase box separate from Box 76 – many of these same photographs are in a scrapbook in the Russell Reid Collection – these images are on
75-01-01 Little Missouri Boat Trip
76-01-02 Little Missouri Scene
76-01-03 On Sheep Creek
76-01-04 Back of the Elkhorn
76-01-05 Near Elkhorn Ranch
76-01-06 Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch
76-01-07 Elkhorn Ranch
76-01-08 Campfire Scene
76-01-09 Little Missouri near Elkhorn Ranch
76-01-10 Close to Elkhorn
76-01-11 River Scene
76-01-12 Near Mouth of Beaver Creek
76-01-13 Straight Up from the River
76-01-14 Yucca Plant
76-01-15 Boat for Little Missouri River Journey
76-01-16 Bull Pines on Sheep Creek
76-01-17 First Camp
76-01-18 Sharp Turn in River
76-01-19 A Pyramid Shaped Landmark in Riverbank
76-01-20 Bull Pines
76-01-21 River View
76-01-22 High Bank of River
76-01-23 View of Coal
76-01-24 View of Coal Veins
76-01-25 View of Missouri River
76-01-26 View of Riverbank
76-01-27 Missouri River
76-01-28 Boat on Sandbar
76-01-29 Elkhorn Ranch
76-01-30 Calm River
76-01-31 Woods Ranch
76-01-32 Near Red Wing
76-01-33 Mushroom Shaped Landmark
76-01-34 Broad and Shallow River
76-01-35 Tumbled Hills
76-01-36 Near Squaw Creek
76-01-37 Black Birch
76-01-38 The Old West
76-01-39 The Christening of the Boat
76-01-40 High beach
76-01-41 Boat stuck in Shallow Water
76-01-42 On the Lower Ranches
76-01-43 On the Lower Ranches
76-01-44 On the Lower Ranches
76-01-45 On the Lower Ranches
76-01-46 A Beauty Shot
76-01-47 Cottonwood and Cedar
76-01-48 An Alluring Draw
76-01-49 Down River from the Elkhorn Ranch
76-01-50 Cliffs on River
76-01-51 River Views
76-01-52 Badlands View
76-01-53 Badlands View
76-01-54 Badlands Views
76-01-55 Badlands View
76-01-56 An Old Ranch
76-01-57 Livestock on the Riverbank
76-01-58 Badlands
76-01-59 Camp
76-01-60 Bad Lands
76-01-61 Badlands
76-01-62 From the Cave Near Red Wing
76-01-63 Mushroom Rock Formation
76-01-64 Cave Near Red Wing
76-01-68 Bare and Bleak
76-01-69 Missouri River
76-01-70 River Scene
76-01-71 North of the Killdeers
76-01-72 Reflections in the Water
76-01-73 From the Owls Cave
76-01-74 Killdeer Mountains in the Distance
76-01-75 Near the Mouth of the River
76-01-76 Breakfast at Camp Site
76-01-77 North of the Little Missouri
76-01-78 Manuel’s Rock
76-01-79 Knife River
76-01-80 Grain Elevator on River
76-01-81 Penstemon
76-01-82 Hidatsa Village Site
76-01-83 Knife River
76-01-84 Old Hidatsa Village
76-01-85 Penstemon
76-01-86 Fort Clark Site
76-01-87 Bismarck
76-01-88 Last Camp
76-01-89 Missouri River at Bismarck
76-01-90 Back of Elkhorn Ranch
76-01-91 Badlands scene
76-01-92 The Explorer
76-01-93 The Explorer
76-01-95 High Bank
76-01-96 Soup
76-01-97 Boat in River
76-01-98 Breaking Camp
76-01-99 View of Tent
76-01-100 Fallen trees in river
76-01-101 Snags
76-01-102 River Scene
76-01-104 Missouri River
76-01-107 River Bank
76-01-108 Missouri River
76-01-109 Missouri River
76-01-110 Rock Formation
76-01-123 Deapolis, ND
76-01-125 Tent at Camp Site
76-01-128 Barrows Landing
76-01-129 George F. Will
76-01-133 Boat for Expedition
76-01-138 Medicine Lodge
76-01-139 Arikara Ceremonial
76-01-143 Arikara Ceremonial
76-01-144 Arikara Ceremonial
76-01-145 Arikara Ceremonial
76-01-146 Arikara Ceremonial
76-01-151 The Holy Cedar
76-01-152 Preparing the Cedar
76-01-159 Smoking the Cedar Tree
76-01-160 Smoking the Cedar Tree
76-01-162 Offerings to the Tree
76-01-165 Carrying and placing the tree
76-01-180 Arikara Ceremonial 1923
76-01-181 Arikara Ceremonial 1923
76-01-183 Entrances to the Lodge
76-01-184 The Camp
76-01-185 Medicine Bands in the Lodge
76-01-190 Crow Ghost Smokes the Tree 1924
76-01-191 Raising the Tree – Arikara Ceremony 1924
76-01-202 Arikara Ceremonial 1924- A Bull
76-01-203 1924 Arikara Ceremony – A Bear
76-01-207 Around the Sacred Stone Arikara Ceremony 1924
76-01-208 Sioux and Bears
76-01-211 Sage Dance in Old Lodge Ring 1924
76-01-212 The Sage Dance 1924
76-01-228 Sweat Lodge 1924
76-01-229 Chickadee, Willie Deane, Little Sioux, Soldier, S. Horn
76-01-236 Little Sioux and Family 1924
76-01-244 Arikara Corn Culture
76-01-245 Arikara Corn Culture
76-01-246 Arikara Corn Culture
76-01-247 Arikara Corn Culture
76-01-261 Arikara Fish Trap
76-01-262 Arikara Fish Trap

Box 77: Will, George F. Sr.; Photo Scrapbook 1905-1908
77-01-52 The Foot Race
77-01-107 Will Family Office Interior
77-01-108 Corn Field
77-01-139 Roosevelt’s Cabin
77-01-155 The Nursery
77-01-156 The Nursery
77-01-325 Slim Buttes
77-01-328 Badlands North Dakota
77-01-333 Badlands ND
77-01-374 Little Missouri Crossing
77-01-388 Richardton Monastery

Box 78: Will, George F. Sr.; Photos
78-01-01 Early Home of Bismarck – O.S. Goff Photo
78-01-02 View of Bismarck from the Northwest – O.S. Goff Photo
78-01-03 Bismarck Flour Mill – O.S. Goff Photo
78-01-06 Steamboat Josephine
78-01-09 Millinery in Bismarck
78-01-19 Fort Abraham view to SE

Box 79: Will, George F. Sr.; Photos
79-01-04 Bismarck – Street View
79-01-05 Union or Anderson Block - Bismarck
79-01-09 Lamborn Hotel - Bismarck

Box 80: Early Bismarck photos
80-01-09 Warden’s Residence State Penitentiary
80-01-10 Governor’s Residence
80-01-15 First Train to Cross the Missouri on Ice 1879

Box 81: Will, George F. Sr. Early photos (Harvard)
81-01-11 Theater group at Harvard
81-01-12 Oscar H. Will & Co. Seed House
81-01-14 George F. Will dorm room Harvard
81-01-22 Harvard Commencement 1906

Box 82: Will, George F. Sr.; (Photos from box 63)
82-01-12 Mabel and Oscar Will with Belle Bird Will
82-01-13 George Will in field of Iroquois Flint and Mandan Yellowsoft

Box 83: Will Family Photos-1900-1940s. (Photos from box 44)
83-01-27 Dedication of Pioneer Park Bismarck July 2, 1931

Box 84: Native American Photos-Arikara, Hidatsa, Mandan, Sioux, Gros Ventre. (Photos from box 44)
84-01-02 Buffalo Bird Woman
84-01-16 Sioux Camp

Box 85: Will (Bird) Family Portraits

Maps, oversize photographs, and other material

1. - 36       National Geographic Maps, 1940s
- 1              Map of Switzerland, 1920
- 1              Plat of Lots 9 to 24, Block 83, McKenzie and I. Coffin's Addition, Bismarck
- 1              National Parks Highway Association, National Parks Transcontinental Highway Map, 1915
- 1              Map showing Wisconsin and the areas west, showing reservations and unceded Indian lands
- 1              National Geographic photo "1st Photo ever made showing the division between the troposphere and the stratosphere...”, 1936
- 1              National Geographic photomap - aerial view of Greater NY
- 1              National Geographic Columbus print by Andrew Wyeth
- 1              Packet of Game Birds and Fishes of North America Prints
- 1              1924 Trunk Highway Map of ND
- 1              Letter to a Mr. Byrne, 1962 from Stella Christiansen
- 1              354 Hudson's Map of Minneapolis
- 1              Fort Peck informative brochure - 1930s
- 1              1926 Colorado Highway Map
- 1              1927 Wyoming Highway Map
- 1              ND Dept. of Agriculture and Labor map copyright 1909, 1918
- 1              1915 National Highway Map, Panama Canal vs. our National Highways
- 1              1910 map/brochure, Yellowstone Park Oregon Short Line Railroad
- 1              Descriptive Map folder, Northern Pacific, Yellowstone Park
- 1              Airplane view of Glacier National Park, Great Northern Railroad
1. 1914 General Election, Hanna vs. Hellstrom, county by county election results map
2. Route of the 1864 Indian Expedition, traced from original drawing by State Engineer's Office, Nov. 22, 1910 at Fish's request
3. Copy of the above
4. Sketch of the Battle of Big Mound, July 24, 1863. Sibley                            
5. Sketch of the Battle at Dead Buffalo Lake, 1863, Sibley, July 26                
6. Map exhibiting the route of the Sioux Expedition, Sibley, 1863
-  1              Official Map of Dakota Territory in 1862, 1930s copy
-  1              1908 Map of Bowman, Adams, Hettinger, Billings, Stark, McKenzie Counties. Stagelines, roads, towns
- 1              Sliced map of gridded area near Bismarck
- 1              1935 Texaco Trip Road Map, ND and SD
- 1              1907 Map of SD, Commission of Immigration Office
- 3              1907 Pocket Maps of Burleigh Co.
- 1              1898 War Map of History of Cuba
- 1              Map of ND regions after Treaty of April 29, 1868
- 1              1918 Foldered "The Literary Digest Library Map of the Western Front"
- 11           Sections of 1891 Corp. Map of the Missouri River from Ft. Benton to Sioux City, Iowa
- 1              Fabric backed map fragment of Corp. Map


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