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Finding Aid - Henry H. Sibley


10010 John Winthrop Burnham
This collection contains a diary of the Sibley Expedition of 1863.

Henry H. Sibley. SHSND A3200

10011 George B. Winship
Winship recalls the Sibley Expedition, the Riel Rebellion, and the early growth of the cities of Grand Forks and Pembina.  Winship began the Grand Forks Herald

10046 Dana Monroe Wright
This collection contains research on the trail of the Sibley Expedition.

10386 Sibley Expedition
This collection contains copies of letters, journals, and reports on the Sibley Expeditions through Dakota Territory in 1863-1865. 

10387 Henry Hastings Sibley
The Henry Hastings Sibley Papers contain speeches, journals, reports, an autobiography, and maps of the Dakota Indian War.  The papers also cover his time as the governor of Minnesota and his participation in the fur trade.

10691 Roy Johnson and Louis Pfaller
In Box 15 Folder 5 of the Roy Johnson and Louis Pfaller Collection, there are photos and a biography of H.H. Sibley.  There is also research on a journal of one of Sibley’s scouts. 

20007 Theodore G. Carter
This is the memoir of Theodore G. Carter on the Sibley Expedition. Carter wrote about the times he spent traveling the Dakota Territory looking for the Indians responsible for the Minnesota Uprising.

20010 Enoch Eastman
Enoch Eastman was a teamster for the Sibley Expedition.  His diary reflects the way of life in a military expedition.  He wrote about the various camps that they stayed at and what happened at each camp. 

20023 William Rainey Marshall
William Rainey Marshall served under Sibley in the Seventh Regiment.  His journal provides information on the way the regiment reached the Missouri River.  Marshall is very descriptive about the directions the regiments followed.  He also wrote about what happened at each stop on their way to find the Native Americans responsible for the Minnesota Uprising.

20027 H.L. Patch
Patch was a member of the Sibley Expedition under Captain Kimball. He provides reminiscences from the expedition.

20028 Charles E. Patton
Patton was a member of the Sibley Expedition of 1863. He kept a diary of the expedition. .

20052 James H. Cornell
This folder contains a notebook of James H. Cornell’s memories of the Sibley Expedition of 1863.

20074 Daniel E. Williams
Williams was a member of the Minnesota Volunteer Infantry during the Sibley Expedition. He kept a diary while on the expedition.

20559 John Danielson
John Danielson kept a diary while he was a member of the Sibley Expedition.  The diary contains descriptions of the many places the companies camped throughout North Dakota.  Danielson also provides great detail about the battles that the Sibley Expedition encountered with Native Americans.

20181 Oscar Garrett Wall
This is Wall's diary that he kept while on the Sibley Expedition.  

20830 L.B. Smith
Smith kept a diary while on the Sibley expedition.


Wright, Dana. "The Sibley Trail of 1863: Griggs County and Camp Atchinson, North Dakota." North Dakota History, Fall 1962: 283-296.
“The Sibley Trail” illustrates the trail of General Sibley on his way to find the Lakota who had massacred people in southwest Minnesota the year before.  This article provides details about Camp Atchinson and surrounding areas along with the relations the troops had with other Native American tribes.


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