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Finding Aid - CCC and WPA


10589 Civilian Conservation Corps - North Dakota Disctrict Seventh Corps
This box consists of a yearbook for the North Dakota Civilian Conservation Corps for 1937.  There are complete histories of each company stationed in North Dakota.

10630 Martin M. Stasney
This box consists of correspondence and other memorabilia from the Stasney family of Mandan, North Dakota in the 1920s-1940s.  In the first folders, there are many letters from Martin F. Stasney to his family.  Martin F. was a member of the CCC.  The letters contain information about what his troop did, where they worked, and what life was like as a member of the CCC.  There are a few pictures of areas that Martin F. Stasney worked as a member of the CCC.

10648 Civilian Conservation Corps
Contains surveys filled out by men who were a part of the North Dakota CCC.  Questions on the survey ask details about what kind of work the men performed.  This collection also contains the Peavie Press, which was a newsletter of a company in the CCC. 

20300 Mabelle Williams
Mabelle Williams recalls the times of the Thirties in two manuscripts.  The first, Lest We Forget, is about the times of the Great Depression and the use of the CCC.  The second, The Union of the Non-Partisan League and the Democratic Party, is about the joining of the two political parts in the 1930s. 

30238 WPA-Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps Camps – Fargo Metropolitan Park
The WPA wrote these records.  The records contain information about the CCC camp in a park in Fargo.  Information includes record books, memos, and supply lists. 

SHSND 10648-1-02

30239 WPA-Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps Camps - Bismarck Riverside
The WPA wrote these records.  These records contain information about the CCC camps at the Bismarck Riverside Park.  Included in the collection are reports, supply lists, journals, and correspondence concerning construction and progress.

30240 WPA-Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps Camps - South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt Park
The CCC had camps at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park while they were building structures.  This collection written by the WPA contains information about the progress of the building and plans for structures in the South Unit of the park.

30241 WPA-Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps - International Peace Garden State Park
The Civilian Conservation Corps helped to set up the International Peace Gardens in north central North Dakota.  The information written by the WPA on this project includes construction plans, progress reports and correspondence.

30529 WPA-Pioneer Biography Files
One of the projects the WPA recorded was the Pioneer Biography Files.  These files give a short biography on many early North Dakotans. 

30548 WPA-Local Histories
The WPA researched North Dakota city and town histories.  These histories provide information on county schools, churches, towns, and important people to live in the county.

30550 WPA-County History Files
The WPA researched and created North Dakota county history files.  These files focus on the county’s farming and resources along with the towns, religious groups, and the different ethnic groups within the county.

30551 WPA-City History Files
The WPA researched the histories of cities and towns in North Dakota. These files include a brief history about the cities and towns.

30556 WPA-Geographical Place Name Files
The WPA researched the meaning of the names of geographical features throughout North Dakota.  They researched the names of rivers, streams, lakes, buttes, and hills.

30557 WPA-Points of Interest Files
The WPA research points of interest in counties of North Dakota.  The points of interest include historic sites, homes, parks, and geological formations like buttes, rivers, and lakes.  There is a description of the history and importance of the site. 

30559 WPA-Ethnic Group Files
North Dakota became home to many different ethnic groups around the turn of the Twentieth Century.  The WPA researched the various ethnic groups to call North Dakota home.  Some of the groups include Austrian, English, German Russians, Irish, French, Jewish, Norwegian, and Swedish.  The research includes biographies and memories of immigrants to North Dakota.

30560 WPA-History of Grazing
Ranching has always been popular in the western side of North Dakota.  The WPA researched the number of ranches, size of ranches, ranch activities, and stories of early ranching. 

30562 WPA-Folklore Files
The WPA recorded folklores of different ethnic groups who call North Dakota home.  These ethnic groups contain Germans, Germans from Russia, Norwegians, and other various ethnic groups. 


Henderickson, Kenneth E. "Relief for Youth: The Civilian Conservation Corps and the National Youth Administration in North Dakota." North Dakota History, Fall 1981: 17-27.
This article describes the use of the CCC and the National Youth Administration in North Dakota.  Besides the main reason to create jobs during the Great Depression, the CCC and the National Youth Administration also helped to improve various sites around the state.  These programs helped to clean and repair old buildings.  This article describes the help these programs provided North Dakota. 


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