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"Frontier Justice in Dakota" - Visual Evidence - Map

Map Illustration. Medora 1883 and Luffsey Incident

Plat Map of Medora, 1883
Bryant Map
Plat of Town of Medora, 1883
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This map drawing by Samuel Bryant from "Gallery of Dudes" by Marshall Sprague shows several sites related to the Luffsey incident. When the altercation occurred in June 1883, the chateau was under construction. It was scheduled to be completed by July 1883. Some accounts say the Marquis stayed in a portion of the chateau before completion. He did have a private coach car parked on the siding at the packing plant. It is unknown where he was actually living at the time.

Map Illustration Activity:

  1. Compare photo #1 of Little Missouri to the map in the drawing. Place Paddock’s cabin on the map.
  2. Using the map scale, tell how far it is from the train station to Paddock’s cabin, the packing plant siding and the chateau.
  3. Look back at the Marquis’ version of the events. (Reading 1) Discuss why it was strategically important for the Marquis to go to Paddock’s cabin instead of to the chateau or to the coach car.
  4.  Compare this drawing to the modern map of Medora. Can you still see evidence of the old town?

1/8 miles W and 1/8 miles S of
Medora Chimney Park -
west edge of Medora
De Mores Memorial Park -
downtown Medora, ND 58654
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