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Appendix C:  Illustrations from Will’s Seed Catalog and AES Bulletins

While the covers of the catalogs are colorful and pretty well known, I have chosen for this appendix a few illustrations from the catalog interior which may have escaped observation.  These are faintly reproduced in the catalog and did not scan well on my machine. 

  1. Ladies Bonnet.  This illustration accompanied the copy for a loofa or dishrag gourd in the 1889 catalog.

  1. George Will’s interest in anthropology and archeology was demonstrated in some of the illustrations for his essays.  This photograph appeared several times including 1936.

  1. Again, the influence of the anthropologist in choosing illustrations for the essay.  This one appeared several times including 1939. 

  1. A suggested plan for a North Dakota Fruit Garden.  From AES Bulletin 188, Fruit Culture in North Dakota, p. 5.

  1. Squash Recipes.  From AES Bulletin 258.  Buttercup Squash Its Origin and Use.  1932.