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Microfilm and computerized images
Maybe a picture says a thousand words, but that doesn't seem to be enough to represent geneaology. The graphic represented to the left may not either, yet what is does say is that the State Historical Society's Archives and Library has an enriched collection of information.
This is just plain old microfilm, we have lots. Come explore what we have!
Naturalization Record Book
Naturalization Record Book
image of CD
Half of a CD (Compact Disk) - this is the disk that Dreamweaver came on (program used to make these web pages)
image of Sanborn Insurance Fire Map

Sanborn Insurance Fire Map of Larimore, January 1962.
Color Meanings for buildings:

Yellow = Frame
Red = Brick
Blue = Stone
Gray = Iron
Brown = Fire Proof

FCover sheet for 1885 Territorial census
Cover sheet for 1885 Territorial census
image of Census District Map
Census District Map

image of Cenus Sheet
Census Sheet