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Gingras Trading Post - Images & Resources

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Antoine Gingras
Antoine Gingras C0465
Gingras Trading Post before reconstruction
Ox Carts at Like-A-Fishhook Village
Red River carts, 1883
Red River carts and Metis 1858 camped on St. Anthony Hill
Ox cart train leaving St. Joseph
Gingras Day Fur Trader
Gingras Day Post and Tipi
Gingras Day Activities 1
Gingras Day Post and activities
Gingras Day Post, sign, oxcart, and activities
Gingras House with post in background
Gingras Plaque on boulder
Gingras Trading Post front
Gingras Trading Post and oxcart with rainbow
Gingras Trading Post front view
Antoine Gingras's will, page 1
Antoine Gingras's will, page 2
Antoine Gingras's will, page 3
Antoine Gingras's will, page 4
Antoine Gingras's will, page 5

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